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FRIDAY. JULY 5. 1907
YESTERDAY — Clear; ninximum trmperatur^.
T2: minimum. 52.
noriheast wind. Paje 5
Have THE CALL mailed to your
VACATION address. Change the
address as often as you wish.
If paper fails to arrive regularly
and on time advise The Call's Cir
culation Department promptly.
The Herrtn program. P«*» 8
A fugitive cbieftsia trapped. P«*« 6
The astoslshlßS Lanek. P*ee 9
An Australian rlrw of the Jspaaese. P«« 6
Labor cocncll 'will take up consideration to
r.'ptt of campalgs committee* statement that
ctx strike w s« called 'In rlolatlon of onion
l»w». I *•*• 14
Conunlscloner cf Ltbor N^lll got* to Chicago
and begins effort to mediate In telegraphers'
•trite. / *a*« 1*
Vote cast fox Bell will be the basis for ap
portionment of delegates to the democratic city
\u25a0snd cocntj eeitentlon. P»O S
.. police filsprore tale cf robbery by Mrs. Wanda
Starrett, wt»(I» Bnlnj for dlTorc*. Pa»«" IS
• To lit* a little boj-'s life ChanSenr Carlos
TT. Marine E*r.ds his car crashing throngh a
Cortsfe sUad|aßd a millinery stare. . Pa«re 12
Transport iberman will sail for the Phllip
- pir.rs' today lladen with troops to Its fall
capacity. j ?•*• 6
. Owtcg to fee nearness of earth to Mars, as
\u25a0 troßotnws tr^ bending energies to solrlnp mys
tery of the canals" and "oa»«." Pap* 7
'. All of San Francisco give* day orer to cele
"tratlon of *\u25a0 rth of nation; thonsands attend
"exercises bell In the park stadiam and hear
•airrlng era ton by Jndge Frank J. Murasky;
f r»t? throng enjoys hospitality of the nxval
ctatlon -on vrba Buena end the program
ttf-epcrts; Qbtdocr Art league holds Cag raising
ceremonies ta crest of Telegraph bill. Fags 16
\u25a0 MiMtia (*mpanies arrive here and begin en
campment pt Presidio, where joint maueuTers
with repjlfr troops will be held. Page 7
Secretari Metcalf, who is at his home in Oak
land, adults that Uncle Sam is to hare more
• w«r tpssJs in Pacific waters. Page 1
Fourtb/cf Jnly celebrations in Oakland and
\u25a0 r.rlgbborig cities are notable for stirring ad
dresses./ ?*«e *
. TbeJqof wedding cake mars celebration «if
luarris* anniversary cf C. S. FUzsimmons and
wife itfAlainetfa. Pags 4
Oaklnd hospitals hare busy day treating in
jnrics/r young patriots. Pago 4
Wofen bettors flee poolroome at Saasalito *n
v, ild /alarm when Sheriff Taylor comes in
eight/ Page 4
ifb at Camp Wonfier, Ner., puts tar and
.festers on innocent man and he will eeek re
trm in courts. Page 11
so Jose, Los Anseles and other cities c*!e-
Ijdte In<fependence day with elaborate programs
( {'M-rrJscs. Page 2
field fires break out at time of bursting
d Bueoa Vista leree anJ add to tbe dam
{ John D. Rockefeller will reach Chicago to
ciorrow to appear as witness under heavy
/guard. Page 9
I I'lreworks in New Tork kill seven persons,
I injure six others fatally and wound hun
arr&i. • '\u25a0 '. P*g» 2
Fifteen J:vif lost and rosDy bouses demolished
dartas storms In western Wisconsin. Page 2
Americans in London snd other European
<-ities hold exercises in honor of nation's blrtb
. <Uy. Page 2
Miss Hazei Hotchldss retains women's tennis
rLampionsbip of California and Melville Long
wreits tbe even's championship from bis brother,
Herbert. - Page 10
Chicsgo champions retain American league
leadership by taking both holiday games from
Cleveland. Page 11
. May Sutton wins all-England tennis tourna
ment and will compete today with Champion
-Mrs. Chambers in challenge match for the
Jtitle. Page 10
. Pe.ter Pan easily outruns high class field in
she Advance stake at Sbeepshead bay. Page 10
- -Miss Cornelia VT. Armeby defeats Mrs. H. U.
Warner in competition for the Del Monte golf
•cp. Page 10
Burns defeats Squires in less than one
.round of Colma fight, which proves to be
a fiasco. Pages 1-8-9
Record crowd attends the fourth of July races
lo Seattle. Page 10
. Oakland wins two games from San Francisco
trA Portland takes a double header from Los
Angeles. Page 11
Max Rosenfeld wins Del Monte cup with 190 C
model Peerless automobile. Page 12 i
Joint district council of carpenters sendt letter
to General Funston. condemning him for bis
statements regarding people of San Fran-
Sherman's passenger* arrive ahead of time
>ad go Into qtrttters on transport at Folsom
street wharf. P*ge 6
" Miss Jennie Crocker Is hostess at dinner and
tfi*play of fireworks at her home, "Uplands," at
\u25a0San Mateo. Page 6
tnter Convent of Mother House of
Sisters of St. Francis
'\u25a0' of St. Mary
A beautiful ceremony took place on
June 16- in the chapel of the convent of
the. Sacred Heart of Sant ISnea, near
Perug-Ja, Italy, th^ mother house of the
\u25a0sisters' of St. Francis of St. Mary. A
number of young\ girls received the
holy" habit of the border- and several
novice* made their holy profession. His
grace the archbishop of Perugia was
represented by Rev. Jfather Bernardine
IboldVO. F. M., assisted by Rev. Father
Joachia 1 !. O. F. ML. of\St. Mary of the
Angel?. Assisi, 4 and Bey. D. Tomaso
'i'ermfiena, parish prieftt of Sant Enea.
'fh^chapel was made very beautiful for
the \occasion by being 'decorated with
white lilies. A
Tie sisters of St" Frantisof St. Mary
ban two institutions in palifornia, the
. St/francis girls' director^ in San Fran
cisdo and the St- Francis^ orphan asy
luna In West San Leandro.^
SOFIA,' Bulgaria, July 4i— The court
rnartitl this morning sentenced, Pet
reff., the murderer; of Premier Petkoff,
U death. . His -two accomnlices were
cfndemne'd respectively to\ life im
p-isonraent and 15 years' penal - servi
tsde. * The" premier 'was assassinated at
Sofia March 11, while walking in Bora's
rarden with other* ministers. . .The
tssass!n fired three bullets in ti the pre
aier's Vody and tlie latter Idled In
itantly. !
Telescopes of World Are Trained
on the "Canal" Mystery, of : Mjirs
Rose O'Halloran
The red tinted
planet Mars, so con-,
epicuous In - the
southeast at dusk,
is now eliciting pro
found interest and
assiduous scrutiny
from astronomers
thro v shout the
world. It Is close
on SO years since
an Italian observer
discerned numerous
features on its di
versified surface
that had previously
eluded general ob-~
eervation, though
three or four of
them had been
dimly or partly seen
toward the middle
of the last century.
The newly discov
ered features were
narrow, dark lines,
dividing: and subdi
viding the extensive
buff colored areas
with a straightnes*
not suggestive of
the winding river. .
As several grayish
green tracts on the
disk had long con
veyed the Impres- tj, •• — v
sion of seas. In contradistinction to the light areas supposed" to >.be-' land, 'the
streaks shared the watery classification, and from channels the term .canals
became established. Artificial watercourses were at first only tentatively sug
gested. . -\u25a0 \u25a0: ,; v- V ;_*\u25a0 \ ' \u25a0-'
Satisfactory opportunities for further evidence were long delayed. Mars
travels a very elliptical path round the sun, and it was only during the favor
able oppositions of 1892 and 1894, when respectively within 35 and 40, mil
lions of miles of the earth, that its linear topography, was generally discerned
at the large observatories. With the desired confirmation, however, also came
the perplexing revelation that the supposed seas^were streaked as well as the
continents. , -. v
Thus Martian topography, on the whole is an unsettled branch of astronom
ical research, many competent observers regarding the surface as ' a scene of
Intelligent engineering and cultivated vegetation. Photographs taken of a
few of the canals by an observer at the Lowell observatory at least; refute the
charge that they are all visual or optical illusions. •
At that favored site for elusive planetary detail It has been found, that
as the whiteness round the pole of the planet wanes the canals appear, and
in some cases become double, while round dark areas, expressively named
oases, mark their crossings. But when Mar's summer time passes they be
come indistinct or vanish, and the polar cap of snow or some other frozen sub
stance gains in size. • :
The five unfavorable oppositions that have occurred since 1894 were
utilized as far as possible for details of changes, but approaches varying from
61 to 50 millions of miles afforded little chance of decisive". observations. At
length another opportunity for receiving the evidence of opposing theories has
arrived. On the 6th of this month the earth -will pass directly > between .the
sun and Mars, when the latter is nearing the perihelion pokit of its orbit,
and seven days after this opposition its distance from the, earth will have
decreased to somewhat less than 3S millions of mile.
There are no larger telecopes now than In 1894, but they are more numer
ous, skill In using them has advanced, and Martian tracts will be explored as
never before. "\u25a0>."*., - .-.- ; -
It Is not easj' "to, forecast the result. Nature's handiwork is often sym
metrical, though such outlines as. those shown in the accompanying illustration
are certainly suggestive of design and motive, .i _\u25a0£?•\u25a0
Companies Arrive *in City
From All Parts of
the State
The entire state militia with the ex
ception of six companies, three of in
fantry and a like number of cavalry,
\u25a0was transferred to the jurisdiction of
the United States government yester
day, where It will remain until Jul>%2o,
when the joint maneuvers at the Pre
sidio will have been concluded. Some
outside companies of the Fifth regi
ment "arrived In San Francisco* 'last
night, but the greater part of the
guard will reach the city, today. The
seventh will come up from Los Angeles
and be transferred at once to the Pre
sidio, where it •will go into camp. All
told 2,000 guardsmen will take part !n
the encampment. Most of them will be
Btationed at the big defense guns and
will co-operate with the regulars in a
sham battle with a hostile fleet. At th«
same time a detachment of infantry
will be Instructed in the art of active
The maneuvers will be the most
spectacular ever held on the Pacific
coast, and for the first time the pub
lic will be allowed to observe at close
range the big gunsvin action. Once
before at Atascadero the militia went
into camp- with the regulars, but the
maneuvers at that .time were confined,
to land operations. For two weeks, be
ginning today, the regulars and guards
men will work out the solution to
military problems on a big scale. The
climax will come on July 17. when the
entire- force will co-operate in re
pulsing an attack from a hostile fleet
The enemy- will be represented by a
flotilla of tugs which ;will attempt to
Steal up under the guns and through
the Golden Gate. The sea will be swept
by powerful searchlights and the bat
teries will bark all through the night.
San Francisco will get an idea of the
sound of one end of a naval battle.
The maneuvers to begin at the Pre
sidio" today will be similar to those
recently "held at Boston and New York,
but will attract a wider interest, in
view of the war talk reflected In the
Japanese press. The maneuvers were
planned some while before the school
affair and the restaurant incident came
in for public attention. The operations
were provided for by an act of con
gress known as the Dick bill and were
decided upon because of ' the; lack of
men to man the coast defense guns
throughout the country. It was recog
nized that In case of war the country
would be seriously handicapped through
its inability to man the guns. As some
experience is needed in \u25a0 this line ;of
work the bill was passed providing that
the militia: in the coast states be In
structed in gun handling.
All the state troops were transferred
to the federal jurisdiction at theff
various stations and will be mobilized
under direction of the regular officers.
Colonel Lundeen, commander' of f the
forces at the Presidio, will be in com-:
mand of all the troops \u25a0•; the
maneuvers. He will station the guards.
men at Forts Winfleld ; Scott, Miley and
Baker. The men will be encamped in i
the. trees back of.' the guns as in, time!
of war. The infantry will be in camp ;
near the marine', hospital. The forces \
will be on practically a war footing
during the '.maneuvers.
Adjutant General Lauck of the' na-"
ional guard had held three' companies
of lnf an try and th ree of cavalry, in re
serve. The three companiesYof, infan
try belong to the 'Fifth regiment; and
were marched through: the streets of
the city^ yesterday. * They, were well re
ceived. ,The cavalry companies are sta
tioned', at- Los Angeles, Salinas "and
SacramentOs and have, already been? in
camp this season at Santa' Cruz.]' .,
: At* the" same time that troops are
coming, here from;, the south, a portion
of the Fifth : regiment will be en route
to Fort . Rosecrans at San Diego, where
it will be given practice with the coast
artillery.; \, \u25a0'.-, \u25a0 . - \ '-"' "' \u25a0'. /.: :' \u0084\u25a0"\u25a0
The mobilization which began last
nigrht \u25a0 will be $ continued J today; arid •by
nightfall ; nearly- the, entire guard' will
have reached ; the Presidio. It wili ; be
Hunter's Poor Aim Results
in Serious Wound to
Citizen Resting
- . . - ... ... \u25a0 \u25a0 - - -
While out hunting near Silver and
San Bruno avenues yesterday afternoon
William Mack" espied a gopher ana
shot "at it. The gopher ,was unhurt,
but the bullet from the huntsman's
rifle went through a fence and shat
tered the bone of Carl Wilson's lef:t
] e§r. '
Wilson, who was a barn watchman
for the United Railways before the
strike, fives in the, refugee camp at
Franklin square. Vile was . out for a
stroll and, becoming tired,- sat down
beside the fence to rest/ The gopher
on the other 1 side was frightened and
darted away. As ir sprang up Mack
saw it and fired.. Tho badly aimed
Khot struck Wilson midway between
angle and knee and so shattered one
of his legs: that surgeons fear
thej- must amputate it.
Spend your fourth o' July at Del
Monte— golf, automobiling and sea
bathing. Round trip railway-rate, '-$4. •
A crowded Sutter street car crashed
into a wagon at Grant avenue yester
dayafternoon and threw Michael Nave
and his family, who were riding in the
vehicle, violently : to, the ground. \KaVz.
with his wife, two little children and
sister in law, had left'his home at 503
Union street but a fewVmoments be
fore for a family picnic at the beach.
The car was driven by, Motorman ' D.
Monroe, and >as it crossed Grant ave
nue struck the wagon -with great f orco.
Although the wagon was almost
molished none; of the occupants Vwas
seriously;hurt., - >-'\u25a0
Tom Dillon's Kcduet ionn
$2.50 Straw Hats $1.55. $3;50 Hats $2.30
$5.00 Hats $3.15. Van Ness-McAllister.*'
divided into two general divisions, in
fantry and coast artillery. -Two bat
talions will compose the, infantry/ arid
with them will be stationed; the signal
corps.' The coast ; artillery.^ will be dis.
tributed among three forts, Miley near
the beach, Winfleld i Scott: "along ,the
south shore -and Baker on the north
shore opposite the Golden gate.
Six companies of the Second | infantry
will be stationed ;at ; Fort' : Miley, six of
the Fifth regiment at- Baker land the
entire Seventh : regiment-' and ; six- com
panies of Ithe Second* regiment at Fort
Winfield Scott.-. .• \u25a0 .
Today will 1 betaken up with arrang
ing encampments; and' most of tomor
row will be devoteoV to; acquainting the
men with their -surroundings. Thej'
will be :taken about the reservation to
familiarize^ themselves : -with •} the
grounds and will- be" instructed in the
mechanismiof the guns. '
On*; Monday ; the ; real ; maneuvers twill
begin., -The -most- interesting (.work"; for
the infantry, will. >be the! construction' of
trenches and' breast : works. '-. It; will
prepare • the ) reservation against a sup
posed :.eriemy. and {over by ; the "golf
links v/ill ; shovel . the isand -. into , in
trenchments,'from,behind which it will
open fire on the.supposed.foe. r .
.;~At-'.the same-: time ';.the ;:\u25a0' rrillltla. 'and
regulars,' iri : equal \ numbers; will '\u25a0 set the
big .-suns to .work. They .will 'fire at a
moving ; target", on the ;bay and {drop* oc
casionarshells'atsea." ;- ;:" '
The.improvod method or.securing, ac
curate, aim 'will be employed. I; Experts
In -'the firing; 'stations twill calculate the
angle and' the elevation and 1 flash it to
the gunners. \ : . :
]'} It. is not? generally; known k that sthe
coast; 'defense giinsi at San -Francisco
arel regarded Jas X models ) of I their. 4 kind. 6
Foreign powers '!_hayc-, studied'! the' meth-;
ods^used ; here and ! have] imitated : them
in their coast defenses. '..£ '{,;: ; / ' j
The r regular^jfncefsM n command will
be 'Colonel * Marsh I arid {Major _; Ruckman
at i* Fort {.Winfield \ i 'Scott; X" Lieutenant
Colonel Slaker at Fort Baker, and Major
Benton^at '\u25a0\u25a0 Fort; Mile jv'-'";. '•'..'\u25a0<' {- .': ; 7'-:."-\*.
"i \u25a0'-\u25a0 The J commanders {of the regiments {of
national^ guard { are ;Colonel\H.; I. Sey^
rriour^of the" Second,' ColorieliD.' Al 1 Smith
of,' the ; Flf thTand \u25a0 Colonel S.{ H. Findley,
of tlie Seventh.
Joint District Organization
, of Unions Sends Letter
to the General
- " ' *\u25a0 ' ; "\u25a0:\u25a0.-;\u25a0 "\u25a0 '-, :
Members Present a Dia
mond Set _ Match Box
to G. M. Lippman
'v^rtSnSEjTayi^'v-^ .The .Joint - dlstrlot
:^TWAD6»^^ouNc;L>';- : c6uncll','-:. ; of car
. \u25a0 penters has ; sent- a
"'\u25a0'.- .-. v ' " * letter r to ; Brigadier
General Funston,. in which- is
the 'communication -* which .he*" sent';, to
the- fourth • of ; July- committee. : ; ln | its
letter the council-; excoriates - ; Funston
and charges ; him; "with* being ; ; entirely
unfit for the office .of v commander ;in
chief of . the department of j California,''
and declares" that the ' "city ; is ; not | made
up 7of 'mobs,' but^ Is| composed 'of f law
abiding people, and • any- 'effort ; on ! your
paVt. to -incite : mob rule ' : will not be
tolerated." V
, At.the meeting of the retail clerks'
association Wednesday night George
M. Lippman, ex-presldent;of the 'union,
was, presented a. diamond set gold
match box as a token of the services
he> rendered the union while Its pre
siding officer.
V During the meeting of machinists
-lodge. No.' 68 in Eagles' hall last
Wednesday night IV} applications "for
membership .. were/presented i and , these
referred to ' the committee on': investi
gation : with'; instructions to report 'at
the next meeting.";-; Six candidates : for
"admission into the t lodge , were * Initi
ated. The- business^"; agent -'reported
that .'all the members were employed.
The international "'ladies',^garment
w^orkers' association wlllmeer In Bos
ton, next year: for', the election 'of, "new
officers and the rdiscusslon 'of sugges
tions for the advancement of the or?
ganization. .' \u25a0', ;
The.New England. convention of car
penters' unions held ..a'- three' days', con
vention in Boston, last week- and
elected the 'following' officers: S. J.
Griffln of ' Bridgeport, president; W. E.
Burbridge ;of Newport.i.vice president;
W.^R.; Miner of Springfield, secretary
treasurer, (fourth term)",, A. G. . Mc-
Arthur of Cambridge, : reading , clerk,
and M. I. Hayes of Dover, sergeant at
arms. -, --
John J. Haynes of local No. 17.
sheet metal workers ; : of Boston, has
annou'need himself as ; a candidate for
president of the- international or
ganization. ~
Mrs. Mamie Folsonv Wynne, who for
3ome time was in charge of the labor
department of the Atlanta Constitution,
recently severed her connection with
that journal to go to Dallas, Tex., where
"Dr. P. A. Wynne, her -husband,' estab
lished a new home for her. Prior to her
departure the chapel "of, the. paper
named presented her a sat of engrossed
resolutions expressive of appreciation
of j the manner in which she conducted
the labor department. The Constitu
tion says:-; .',"" :
"Mrs. Wynne enjoyed the distinction
of being.the only woman editor of a
newspaper . labor department in the
United » States,, and : her 'in this;
venture; made herjlhe^reciplent-of many,
compliment's "from i he'wspapers conduct--"1" 1
Ing a' similar department."
It is reported in the east that there
will be strenuous times In labor centers
if Simon Burns carries; out his inten
tions. * As*. master workman of the; old
knights of labor .'\u25a0 Burns is' one of tlie
leaders in the united labor league. Tlie
Iron City: trades 'council has succeeded
In inducing "several allied With
the; league to; affiliate, with it.-. At the
last meeting of the Burns orgranization,
it is said, there: were only,' seven dele
gates present,, and -these represented
the total strength. The street railway
employes . and ;the \u25a0 painters and deco
rators withdrew, ashort. time ago. -All
the . members'- of the old | grganizatlon
are affiliated with the knighta.o* labor.
Thej' are; in fact.the remnants of what
was' once; the. militant; and controlling
labof^body in Pittsburgh "Those who - arc
allied; with thelron City central trades
council are members? of the f America a
federation, of 'labor,', hence ".' the - clashi
Burns is reported to have threatened.to
organize*dualjunions for every, one al
lied-with 'the f council I and;' the: first he
will .start '.will "\u25a0 the machinists, and
so pni down: the line luntii there; Is an
organization in his league for every one
in the 'other. '•\u25a0'-' : . -"•
-•On June 22,'t1ie members of the local
union of \u25a0:-. the.llnternatiorial '-union of
operative plasterers, who are , located in
Pittsburff., PaJ, enjoyed the first Satur
day half holiday. The members of the
union had tried; for.a long ;time to ob
tain this and. ir. was. conceded to them
the ; week ' bef ore/ r The men \u25a0 are. receiv
injr 52^2 cents an hour." .-vi J'c'A
' It- is said that Cleveland, 0.. stands
a groodchanco of: being selected as the'
national headquarters of the stone cut
ters'lunlon.> \u25a0 ' . * - \u25a0
The American society of | equity, also
known " as the farmers'* union,x recently
I! an appetite that won't wait I
To sharpen a poor appetite M *
tiiat doesn't car> for meals— ij
1 [email protected]@da Bisgo it \u25a0 m
H So nutritious, so easily di-
W N gested; that ii^liOTeObecome ( i?
I the staple wheat food. s I
V-rf \u25a0>- — --<-.;:\u25a0\u25a0\u25a0''\u25a0 • \u25a0 \u25a0 - -"*•.:\u25a0?'/-.... -,-=\u25a0;- \u25a0-;- :.'.js-'f''-- ; -v-^. -\u25a0-'\u25a0- \u25a0-•\u25a0',-: ' • '\u25a0: "\u25a0 ::<: :< :v s '>?.'
\u25a0oniiuiiniiiiiHiiiiiHi^ a j|||||||l|l|lp Ifln
I The most popular cigarettes ever put jjji l|!y||fS|B||S||i|H 111 l
§ And they have nothing but their individual, \ 5
g uniform excellence to thank for it. 4 They have | llliiiillii*^^ lliil
" - "' ' -tf ' W *jB -S 2 S its. ijpyS «R j! [1 ~1 , S i
S piece that has built around them a fence of favor • j fi iililPy lllfi
g which other brands have been unable to climb. «f| m | §|||^^ ill Isxffiil
g helps them smoke that way, too. And no matter | \ W&W W |] I |
g how many Imperiales you smoke, there's no "after \ 11^ Vll ! a
g The Men of the West Smoked 100,000,000 Imperiales in 1808. \ li teV* il h\ ||
&uiiiiiiiiiiiiiißßifiiiniuiiiniiiiiiiiiBi»uuiuißiiiuii k&*^ %*?'
made :a : demand of the*; trades council
of .Cleveland, ;0.. to establish an ex
change In that city.. The request was
denied, but the equity people were not
discouraged," "for! they made a second
application, which has \ been referred
for '-'further. .investigation. The farmers
are organizing, rapidly in' Ohio anil
many other, states. The American
ciety of equity -is reported as having
more than -1,000.000 members. The ob
ject. of ithe-' organization is to abolish
the middlemen and speculators J and; to
sell directly to. consumers through ex
changes. For the" co-operation and sup
port of .organized labor the farmers
pledge themselves to purchase only
goods bearing. the. union label.'
The electrical workers in the'employ
of 'the Illuminating company of Cleve
land., 0.. have:: been' granted an In
crease of 25 cents a day and some minor
improvement in conditions.
jj Carpenters. of New "Westminster have
had their wages Increased, from 35 to
43*4 cents per hour.
- Sheet metal. workers at Toronto have
been . granted an 'increase of 2% cents
per hour. * .-.-. \u0084 'if- \u0084: ...-\u25a0. .. -
By 1 a rearrangement in schedule the
earnings ;of jinotormen and conductors
at Hull,: Que.," have been . increased
110,000 per month.
* The photo engravers of Toronto,
whose agreement with their employers
expires on June" 27,' are asking that the
present agreement be renewed. :....... . .
\u25a0\u25a0 -Employes of 'the Hamilton iron and
steel j company: at Hamilton, Ont., have
received an ) increase in wages from 15
to 16% cents, per hour. 1;, "
\u25a0;• Journeymen' tailors at Calgary : have
recelyeil -an increase; In.jwages dating
from' ; the: first of April.' The increase
\u25a0was.from*2B:cents:to J35 cents per hour."
Fifty employes were .'affected.
The New South Wales railway.com
missioners ;have : established •""seventy
three t'rest houses" on the various lines
for.the convenience and comfort of en
glnemeh" and guards when away from
home: :• /' ; '
The annual convention of -the trades
and labor congress of -Canada will be
held ,in .Winnipeg,"; Man., from the
16th to the 21st of September/ A large
number" of, delegates J from labor organ
izations throughout- the dominion is
expected, at the^annuar meeting.
At Ottawa / and , some 3.000
mill. hands have had their wages raised
from an average of $1.35 per day to "an
average of i $1.60 j per day, representing
an' annual: increase" in the payroll of
more ;than1?100,000r ~
The brass "workers' conference at
Birmingham," Eng.; : has asked trades
unions: to ,' join "in choosing, an "old age
pension' day,''" on" which; national-dem
onstrations could ! be' held.- "
.\u25a0\u25a0-\u25a0\u25a0 ':\u25a0\u25a0'--: 9 \u0084 :*' .-.. \u25a0-'•"-.. • *. . \u25a0
•A recent report -shows that co-oper
ative; farmingfis making ; great head
way. in -Germany. At the close of 1905
no less than 17,912 co-operatlvo farm-
Ing associations" were In full swing,
with a. membership of more than
1,000,000 farmers. \
The wages offered to Immigrants at
Toronto for employment on farms
throughout the province are about 10
per cent higher than last year.
The national conference of the
teachers* union was held ,at (toford,
Kng., some 2,700 delegates.' being
present, representing: a total of 60,924
members. A few years ago the notion
of a trade union for teachers would
have been laughed at by them, but they
are now as eager in its support aa me
chanics, artisans and laborers.
•One . thousand \u25a0 dollars has been
gTanted to"th« dominion trades con
gress, which will meet In "Winnipeg In
September. The grant was made on
the application of the local trades: and
labor council. This Is the largest grant
ever made by the city of Winnipeg to
a labor organization.
gS A proposal to introduce female labor
at certain collieries In the mining, area
round'; 'about Edinburgh and In- tbe
Lothlans, Scotland, generally is report
ed to be under, consideration." .The work
on which they would; be I employed is
the separation of the" good coal from
the bad while it . is being "screed" at
the pit head — a task at present per^
Test Your Baby's
Food In in m
MILK |j|jS:
A Natural Food \§/-^l*W
acts like mother' 9 milk— breaks up Into
small, easily digested flakes when pepsia
is added— same way it does when, it
gets into \baby's delicate * stomach.
Plain cow's milk curdles into an indt
gestible chunk.
Most infant foods contain too much
sugar : and < too little fat and protein,
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ud we will seed you a free staple c»a and tis frea bookfiH
Dept. 33 Seattle. Wuk, U. S. A.
Special Care Tak«a With Depositions
\u25a0 " and AH ' juegal - Docnmeato. -
1 ' Xerthwent {Corner.* of : Satter. and
. Stetner - Streets.
\u25a0 - • •': PROPOSALS -j :
I PROPOSALS will be rweiTed «t ithe BnreWof
Supplies and Accounts/ Nary Department.' Wash-
ington, :D.= C. - nntll 10 o'clock a. m.. July , 23,
1907,- and ; publicly opened . Immediately * there-
atler, to furnish at tbe navy yard. Mare Island.
Cal;, . a * quantity >of • naval i supplies," as follows :
Scb.\.46: Broken '; stone, *and,~. bardwere. . Oregon
pine, •. corrngated \u25a0 steel. - steel - shapes and : plates,
mils; \u25a0 Scb. . 47 ;=;: Broken ;" stone, * Portland cement,
brick, : llrne, » sand, .;rjTet», ;: spikes, wire nettlntr,
lumber.* platinum, bar Iron," corrugated * steel,
steel ; shapes - and 1 plates.i- rails, ; asbeatos. = mill-
board: Sch. "4S— Steel plateg; ; Scb. 49— Bathtubs,
lavatory fittings.'. Oregon pine, tallow, wood. Iron
or ; steel I plpe,^ steel t übln?. copper pipe, lenses ;
Sell.' 50— Pea beans.* tinned vegetables, rice, salt,
salt pork, ; bacon and >, lard; tinned pears,
prunes, - evaporated and \u25a0 tinned peaches, evapo-
rated „ apples, "« tinned :. a pricots, . condensed • and
evaporated tinned .-biscuit.*;.* Applications
for proposals" should designate .* thp acbedviles tie-"
ulred * by;; number, x Blank i ptopoaala will *be fur- !
nishtd i upon I application jto \u25a0 the ; navy pay office, I
San i Francisco. „ Cal.V ; cr " to : the . bureaa. . K. B. !
ROGERS* Paymaster - General." . U. S.fX; ;';-"; j
San Francisco,: Cal.; July 5,~: 1D0T.-^Sealed propo- '\u25a0
salsi in triplicate. 'will, be received : at -, office , of
the; Quartermaster, Depot of > Kecruits , and Casu-
ala. J Angel : Island,*; Cal.. ; until H' a. " hj^ 1 - July : 19.'
1907," I and then • opened. > for furnishing 1 , all ; mate- .
rial t and % labor i required • in .% making % repairs •\u25a0 to
wharf of iron standard piles at that post, accord-
Ing to plans and •peclScatlons," ", Preference given
to articles of 'American i production, '\u25a0• condl t ions ' of
price. and quality .( lncluding In: the price. of for-
eign^ productions tthe dutyi thereon) being : equal. .
All i Information \u25a0 furnished '\u25a0 on - application to . the
Quartermaster, "t Depot I of »- Recruits I and Casnals,"
Angel ; Island, ' Cal. J NO. L.' CLEM. Chief Quar-
.termaster. -. -"..- \u25a0" .' - "-.\u25a0\u25a0 -"-:-> \u25a0 :..- -'- . *\u25a0 : - !
BENICIA 'Arsenal.! Benicla.' Cal.. July" 2, 1907.—
\u25a0;-f Sealed * proposals.":' In : duplicate.", will ; be ; re-
,<l< ceived • here > until , V 2', m.".- August - 5. ? 1907,', f0r
'Asale of condcmne»l; ordnance property. Foe cat-
A;* alog i apply to- commandin - ; officer, " Benicla 7 *r-
"- ••\u25a0•I-. \u25a0'.' .<v \u25a0\u25a0 .\u25a0•.".".
Ellis st. near VUlmore. " I \u25a0
Aosolntely Class "A" Theater Bnlldim.
VIRGINIA EARL AND CO~ In their Mn»lc«l
Comedy hit. "A Midnight Mistake": LAIXA '.
SELBIXI. th« Bathing Beanty; ARMSTRONO
and CLARK; THE GREAT F.ERNAR. Klnff of >
last times of JULIA KEINUICH and MAR-
NAME: and EMI L lIOOH and CO. In their ,
great success. "Love's Tonne Drwim." -
Prices — Evenings. 10c. 25c. 30c 75c. Box '
Seats — $1. Matinees (except Sundays and 801 - '
days)— loc. 25c. 50c.
Telephone Market 500.
i \u25a0 \u25a0 V ;' . -v "a- - ; .. - " \u25a0 ,-
Saturday Mat. and Night, Farewell Perfonttanc«
Loverlcb ft Lcbttlskl, Proprietors aad Maa*x«r«. '
la th.9 Oelebnted Oom«d7 Soceco, _ '
The Private Secretary:
Matise« Prices — 23c and 80s.
' Evening Price*— 23c to $1.
=== rlLvrii.rull id. wot «3s>
Absolutely Class **A** Stracttrr*.
. Corner Satter and Stetner Stre-eti, ---."'
Belaaco > & Mayer— — — Owners aad Mkmjew
, Coramenciai f Monday . Night.
Mr. Herbert Kdcey and Miss Effic Shannon-
\u25a0 Supported by Alcaaar Stock Company ia
Prices— Nljtht, 25c to M} MatlaWs. 2Sc.' 33a. W.
Martet and 7tb sts. Phone Market SSI.
Tonight, Tomorrow Matinee and Night
Toe New Tork, and London Musical Success, *
No trouble abont gettlns home. Any , number
of conveyances going In all directions after eves-
Ins perf onnancem.'^pHpmfMßßHßßiGHl
Special Summer Prices — 2."c, 30c and 75c
Commeacinsr Sunday Matinee. July 7,
Geo. R. White's Original Production,
I 'at the Musical Comedy Success, \u25a0
ERNEST H.HOWELL. Proprietor and Manager.
Market and . Bth sts. Phone Market 771.*
Herschel Mayall
- ''. In the Thrininc War Drama,
" PRICES— IS«. 25c and 50c.
Fre« Bo» : Service to and From Central ' Theater.
Next •_ Week— "The Great Express ; Robb«y." %
Rrereatf on Park,*. Valencia * sit.- bet. ? 14 tla -
& I." th. : Oakland v».". San Kranef aeo ' - ...
Reserve! Seat* at Orwinds and U. " UARKU 4l >
CO.'S, 1343 t'lllmore st. '

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