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"The Hand That Riles the World" is \u25a0
the title of the highly amusing and very :
pointed story of "The GenUo Grafter"
series; by O. Henry, tomorrow,- in
The Sunday Call
VOLUME OH— NO. 5 36f
Militiamen Go Into Camp at Big Guns of City's Defenses
Outbreak of^ Republicans
Against Railway Boss
Is Imminent
Servile Committee Expected
to Adopt the Crooked
Decent Element Is Aroused
Over De^p Laid jScheme
to Name Mayor
By George A. Van Smith i
A movement for the reorgani-;
zation of the republican party
will be the immediate result of
a successful consummation of the
Herrin scheme to base the San
Francisco city and county ap
portionment on the Partridge
vote for mayor in 1905.
Daniel A. Ryan, leader of the
opposition to the Herriii coloni
zation scheme, definitely an
nounced yesterday; that in the
event that he and his wing^of ,
the city and county . committee]
were defeated on "Monday night, "they J
would appeal to the.'consciencW^of the;
party. Ryan said: .
"This Is not a question of an inde
. pendent republican movement;, nor^do
•»-c contemplate any schism in the party.'
It is a simple question of honesty- and.
fair dealing with the rank anfi hie of
the party and with the people of San
Francisco generally. The city and
county committee is not the repub
lican party. It may be^ble to vote
the bricks and stones of the burned
district in the convention,' but fortu
nately it. cannot vote them at the
general election; nor do we believe that
the republicans of San Francisco will
permit their nominating convention to
be controlled by the votes of colonized
delegates. If the committee adopts
an apportionment based on the Part
ridge vote, we will make them do It in
tt>e open and compel them to answer
to the voters."
The Ryan wing has but a slim
chance of winning its fight for an
honest apportionment. Ryan may be
able to go into the fight next Monday
nighJ* with a fighting strength of 30
votes out of the 70 or 73 committeemen
who may be expected :to be present;
_With a good working minority the
Ryanites believe that they can appeal
to the honesty of a sufficient number
of committcernen to carry through an
apportionment based on the Gillett
Their hopes may be realized, but the
chances are. strongly against them.
The apportionment on the basis of the
Partridge vote means too much to the
Perrin machine for enap Judgment, and
the committee meeting was probably
not called until the chief engineer* had
grot a high semaphore for clear track.-,
The real value of the proposed ma
chine apportionment is made apparent
by the most cursory comparisons.
Based on one delegate for each 200
votes, or the fraction thereof cast for
Gillett, the Thirtieth district would be
entitled to one vote in the convention.
Based on , a like fraction of the Part
ridgre '. vote, the same district would
have five delegates. But ; comparisons
can be brought down. to date and they
show virtuallj-, "If not' exactly, the
same ratio of discrimination.
The registrar's books show the pres
ent total registration from the /thir
tieth district to be 475._ The thirty
seventh district shows a total regis
tration of 7,097. The machine appor
tionment would give the thirtieth dis
trict . five delegates and the "thirty
seventh 15, or three times as many
delegates for 15 times as many votea.
Assuming that the 478 electors regis
tered In the thirtieth are republicans,
which they' are not, that district would
be entitled to an apportionment" on. the
registration of three {delegates, while
the thirty-seventh would be "entitled
to . nine delegates on the republican
votes actually cast there' last fall.
The proposed machine apportionment
would result In a convention "'* of 143,
with a total of €S votes from the
burned > districts^ If the , Ryanites Tare
defeated, ,* as they probably v will be/
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The San Francisco Call.
SATURDAY," JULY, «, 1807
• TESTERD AX— CIear; maxlmaxa . temperature,
74 1 Tr>fwfmiYTp | : '- t. \u25a0 - ... '
FORECAST < FOB TOD AT— Fair; brisk west
wlnda In tie afternoon. V"' P*r» 9
Have THE CALL mailed to your
VACATION address. Change the
address as often &s you. with. '
If paper foils to arrive regularly
and on time advise The Call's Cir
culation Department promptly.
All. «ttiet bot I*.ack. P«C« 8
Bockcfelk-r's rlcarioug atonement. .. Pay« 6
Panlec co traitors. Pape 8
A newspaper frtod. -P*je 6
Jndge Donne dectfles that Schmltz most not
risJt his home for luncheon and convicted offi
cial'amuses himself with Violin. Fa*e 1
President Small . Informs telegraph : operators
that he believes the strike will •' be settled
before another week has passed. Pac» 7
Labor council has lirelr - discussion behind
closed doors on the car strike. ?ac« 3
Sales of real -estate in San .Francisco daring
first half 'of year, amount to ?21,T74,962. P*se 5
Merchants plan reception to Vice President
Ff.irbanks, Secretaries Wilson, . Straus, GarSeld
and Metcalf and the congressional " party soon to
arrlre. _ \u25a0'.\u25a0!-\u25a0 r «*« **
Pathetic se«>ne "- follows sentencing of yoonjr
offender to three years in San Qaentla. Pag-e 14
Rjran faction of republican partr threatens to
declare open wax againct Boss Herrin becactte
of . bis proposed staffing of the municipal ] con
tention. . . V . Pace 1
• Mrs. - George < Wilklnsjenrprlses , burglar:ln act
isf ; robbing : guest -of. hotel and' assists .-In* cap-.
tnrtttg;'bJaC.f :; % j^:j\;.-\- ' ,1.--Pai«il4, 1 .--Pai«il4
;j; j ; Eefnge« in , tbe ; Jla^lposa -street, ?*nip Is \u25a0
of mysterious attempt, at \u25a0 « ssasclna tion. P««« 14 ;
; : .^.la " th* ' forgery case of *" Jobn ' Arata Theodore
Kjtka", hand : writing expert,', reports/ that; Arata'
Is innocent.": - "; .-\u25a0';\u25a0\u25a0.';.'' *.;:' '-"•?'*•; l *
- RepresentatlTes of . building traces, mechanics
and'empldyers decide to adjust "wages of, the men
employed; in local construction "work. ;-"»«; P««« 7
" Detectlre Sergeant Balnbridge is retired on a
pension after, nearly 40 year«';s«rTlce."n'.4. P*f* V
- /Charles " Bradford.' : 6 year * old \ orphan, Is
killed ;, by ; Chutes car while doing .' . errand for
gnardinc. ,: . ' \u25a0 "Pico 3
. Militiamen , of the state go into camp at the
Presidio -and Fort. Baker for two .weeks' in-,
strcctlon in headline the defense gans. Page 1
Lewis Yore, a baker, snuffs oct fire In fuse of
bomb hurled at him through \u25a0 window and tare*
his life.' * , ; Page 3
George Majruire dies as the result ' of his ' In
juries &ad conflicting stories surround attack . on
young college graduate with mystery. Paye* 14
Frederick B. Glnn, noted publisher, : takes a
bride in "Oakland,, though' he is" 77 . years of
*se.- ' \:. : : •-\u25a0.\u25a0"\u25a0 -'-'V-??***
Number of rlsitors ; to poolrooms of Harreyj&
Daroui In Sausall to dwindles as result of crusade
against the places. •' . Page 4
Josephine ;'. Cunningham ' TThlttell, former
"Florodora" girl, Is gifen final decree of diyoree
from young George Whittell in Oakland. Page 4
Redwood ' City attorney, '\u25a0 together with woman
and three \u25a0 well : known Palo ; Altoans. pelt Stan
ford students^, with stones -because they went In
swimming, and left bathing . nuits homo. Paje 4
Woman agent at Key Uoute station In Pied
mont held up by gentlemanly robber. Page 4
' Army of men and teams work to preyent In
undation ,of 20,000 . acres " as result of collapse
of ' leree at Buena Vista '"lake > ini v,. Kernv \u0084Kern
county. ' '_ B^i&^^^i , .- : Page 13
Japanese of Vallejo - and marines : and \ their
friends grow, bitter In feeling resulting, from
fight .In restaurant. 1 \u25a0 " Pise 2
Prosecutor * Heney in an dellTered *%t
Los Angeles promises to send Calhoim and asso
ciates to the ; penitentiary.' " Page 13
Commercial conditions , throughout the United-
States show, an , improred , tone," ; Page 13
. . John D. • and • William Rockefeller : and " H. , H.
Rogers to appear before Judge Landis today. In
Standard 1 oil ..Inquiry. % - , • ' '.~. , Page 3
"• : Boise court adjourns" because of . failure ', of San
Francisco" depositions ", regarding :. Bradley • explo
sion to arrlre; on 1 time;"defense; Is fall* In; except
this "testimony \ and ; that of \u25a0 Moyer r and..;Hay
wood/J^MpM .'-:.\u25a0•' P»«e 3
Naval *of fleers ± applaud . order of " gOVernment
for. assembling of great American fleet in Pacific
ocean. * 'Paga'l
/.Text of. America's,, proposal; -at The; ; Haguo*
peece . conference ' regarding C debt : collections is
giTen out. ' .'' Page's
" San ; Francisco defeats" Oakland, %».to 0; JPort-.
land defeats ; Los . Angeles, .\u25a0 5[ to 4. . .. \u25a0 " ? Page 9
Miss; Maud ; Bourn '•* nud Douglas' Grant j win;
prize* 'on the" Del Monte 'golf course. "- \ ; Paige 8
Automobile race, meeting 'at Del' Monte MsJ one
of the most successful erer held in^state.'. Page" 8
V Only, one- faVorite,Vwlnsut the Meadows^and
bookio* reap ; a pood^ harvest. .' ;H Page |8 1
: "Champion" Bhrns will' steor "clear, of. Jeffries
while , in the ; fighting gamp, . Page 9
"BUI Squires may try, to secure one more match.
In .America. - „. ' : Page 8
Letter carriers and clerks will enjoy picnic at
Shell Mound park tomorrow. :i^- Page,7
J. 'WaltersV'iinlon^headquarters ' will . be, installed :
in new structure In Eddy street i * next >
week.* :Pa*e 7
MARIXE - .'.;,- -...;\u25a0•\u25a0;. '
• Army ; trani<port Sherman sails ; for the I Philip
pines, with 1,500 soil 11 818 1 on ; board. » . '.;': Page 9
MIJfIXG /\u25a0' . .'' : '' : \u25a0 '\u25a0_ . r ,
."\u25a0ynth d° boardjn session to assist the market. s
the quotations \ on" Goldfleld \u25a0 Consolidated Mines
stook show .gains. . _ TPage'lS
Strike; of Jtelluriom ore. Is reported : . in^'th-T
Tb'aiksglTlcg « mine / In - the i Manhattan ! dis>
trlct. 7 \u25a0'-. \u25a0;-'"\u25a0-,\u25a0 : .Page' 13
SOCIAL, \ /.. \u25a0 , - ,-/*\u25a0
v* Wedding of , Miss" EHrabPth .Van ••<:.*) Horn"
' Hewstoo ; and ;" Frederick .P. Grimwood /will rbe
celebrated ' today at ' the ' Hewston ; ranch': in \ Ala
meda county. '\u25a0'">'*:,/' ' ' ''jjPajfd^
Only His Fiddle \u25a0 Left to
Comfort Convicted A -
- \u25a0 * , \u25a0 "' i \u25a0 ' " -\u25a0 " '
.\u25a0\u25a0'\u25a0 ' v .'\u25a0 -\u25a0- • ; \u25a0\u25a0 -': :'\u25a0\u25a0' \u25a0 ; .-.- V:
Attorneys Plead in Vain to
Secure* Long Leaves
for /Client
Former ? Mayor Plays Violin
to WhUe Away
Time in Jail
Little to alleviate the pain of
disgrace .is how left Eugene E.
Schraitz^except his f aithf ul ftddle/
Judge Dunne having ordered yes
terday that the former mayor be
allowed no privileges \u0084 not .ir'ac-*"
corded ; less s ; notorious convicts,,
and prohibiting : him from spend
ing the; lunch hour with; his' fam
ily/^The court ruled that Schmitz
wo .uld be allowed but "two hours yes
terday; in which to confer' with his atV
\u25a0tornej's, -but ; later \ Increased * theltime
60 'minutes :*after" ; •.Frank'fvC.' ; - DreW
ous; ; plea forVa" mo re^xtendf deleave?
Judge ;\u25a0 Dunne • 'intimatea*tWat*^*ch*mitzV
lawyersjshould visitthim" ml Jail.:..- ; \u25a0
-j w \u25a0 came ; , \u25a0 Into L court.; for "the,; sole
purpose of 'securing.- ,'; permission \ for
Schmitz^to leave' the ! jail. jOn' Monday
sentence ' will probably be parsed on^ the'
convicted official and "the attorneys con
tend-;that Schmltz'' presence : is neces
sary to the preparation of the extended
appeal,' which is "to be', filed in the ap- :
pellate court Jas soon aa -sentence *is
passed. *'
Schmitz, who once earned his "'bread
honestly by his" flddle, " has- now . 't afte'n
back on his Instrument-to secure f peace
of mind.' At the county jail he' sits for.
hours in hi 3. cell playing by-gone, airs
and singing to, the music of the strings.
The guards.! and fellow prisoners listen"
sadly to the plaintiff notes of the violin.
Now; that Judge sDunne hasfreduced the
leaves : , of absence .which Schmltz = has
been enjoying, he^must .rely solely up
on the" fiddle and. the bow to "drive dull
care away.". % . ;
While Schmltz was in. his cell court
ing music yesterday morning Drew was
before Judge ; Dunne. "
"If your honor please," said the at
torney, "in? the case of- Eugen'b " K."
Schmltz we^wish to obtain an order'
permitting the defendant to visit the
offices ; of his attorney >• this - afternoon,
as . we have a' matter of import
ance coming up on Monday,"
"I have no objection- to' the defendant
visiting his » attorney,',' replied Dunne,
"but 4 1- do object to' his'* going to his
home - for luncheon."." : ' '-\u25a0-\u25a0\u25a0 ' " :
''That matter \haa ; been taken up with
Judge fLawlor ' during his ' absence,"
Drew explained. ; "There is no county
jail close enough to' the city to: senfl
the .'defendant there for meals and aa a
matter of convenience , he has been .in
the ;. habit of .' goinsr home .. to luncheon.
It would take"; two *or three hours to
send him "back \to the I county ' JaH - for
his, repast." :.. :-'\u25a0 .^ .: - • -; ; \u25a0'- \u25a0\u25a0•..-. -r : .i \u25a0'
- - "Permission to visit" his home -will -be
denied," ruled Judge^ Dunne -shortly/
"but an order will ; be made
him to visit i the ;oflices of^his. attorneys
for two hours. ; .When that ; period t has
elapsed ; he must* go'iback'to the jail. '.',:' '
;./. "Won't your .l' honor - ; give '-. us --. a, *, little
more tlme?''.'pleaded 'Drew.* ."".fltj wlllibe
Impossible for t us i'to ' finish. the^business
in that .period. : We^don't 'want to go
out .to the county jail '.for} these confer
ences." '\u25a0\u25a0'-': •, \u25a0r J" --_\u25a0:\u25a0\u25a0". . : - \u25a0:. ,
."Why not?", .demanded - the '!._\u25a0 court/
"Attorneys ! for'; all Mother prisoners rg-or g-o
out. there." . *'-\u25a0>'. : : \u25a0\u25a0\u25a0-". '• -- : \u25a0 '. /\u25a0\u25a0
The - force of ,. this iqliiery; caused -Drew
to:flush. He dodKedjthe issue aridi tried
a counter. "I want', tocall-your honor's
attention .t o the 'fact Ithat 1 the codefend
ant fin this case, who is presumed, to
be i in : the custody \u25a0 of van 'el isor, is-.:al-'
lowed -to^goi'abbut; as he? pleases."- .'' \u25a0
Judge .Dunne was exasperated by
Drew's evasion : arid responded hotly:
"1 don't know thaU this; is^true.but^lf
it Is true, there, never can be any ob
jectlon to a transacting -his
legitimate business." . .; \u25a0..*_ ' ;
been irifoVmed -. that^ such*f>is
the fact," declared -Drew in milder
tones. • - ' / • \u25a0
I ;don't y seel that; this has fariy^
beafing^Tolijthe^^^^ljthlnlcfl't^TOuid 1
Ccßttaned •\u25a0 Pa»e ] S, [citlwma. 2
Deep ! Significance^ Attacfei
to Action Taken^ by ;* ''\ ;
permanent ' Fighting; -I^leet
Will Be Maintained " -.'
V .in JraCinC
Great Satisfaction; Expressed
by Commanders, of
'--..\u25a0 \u25a0\u25a0.•\u25a0 .Warships'/
Ira E. Bennett
Deeper.' significance of an; internal I
tional; character than -has -yet beeif \u25a0
uattachcd|vto- trie^sending^or^ the :
I fleet of^American ."> battleships^ to ;»
| the ' Pacific fcoast^ shortly -^ is", now, >
admittedfbyythbse in- -close touch J
l with i thej situation. •: = While it ' has
[been /constantly declared^? by /^the^ \u25a0
i navy department that j noj rnenace't <
i to Japan is intended- 'by v tSe" ? dis- I
t patch" of ithe rleeti'and' Ambassador I
I ] Aoki»o!^that : h£ajjasserted - i
ence of the fleet in the ' Pacific as such;'
it is understood i here 'that the arrival
of ,the ;battleship - squadrons^ in -the ~'Pa-"
ciflc • marks^the • initial ; step toward- the
maintenance 'of ; -a; permanent flerhtlng
fleet -i n \u25a0the i western: ocean. '. - •" .;•
' Whethe'rlHhe * entire* fleet" of 18-r.ves
sels which iß'naw^ destined for the :Pa'-'
ciflc ; remains / there -,*0r,1 not, :\\t '; is * as- ;
serted ,\ on ; , the .{ : ' authority \\u25a0 of ..\u25a0'-:well
informed _ officials \u2666 .that . the,.* American
na-^y, in'; the Pacific ;.wiilj neyer^kgalh? be
inadequate 1 : to -> cope f .with - any emer-;
gencytfoni: that { side the --continent'
unless -there^ is-: a^va'st, changre -in* the
aspect *^f^ international^ politics. *''•'".? ji
',\u25a0•-' " \u25a0? f^O^ICERSp"AjaEi^B^!AXT
NavalJ;offi^«r.sC.wgr.^^ :iextremelyr. fflad
today^th'at^h'et^^nou^ncemen t * iiad \u25a0 been*
was Jto-g'o^to^the^Paciflc^"coastr{^This'
permitted Jtheni^ to^opan'^their«_lipsrand'
theyXwere^p.rompti.to.f express tgr atlfl-'
cation*-'ov<2rlth.efnewß..*lt iapossible'tthat
th'e '' 'torpedo'-squaifiro'n* ".will ' accompany
the fleet.' "/, J 1 ' ;>;' • "•'• \ ' : ''
• -The -armored v crnif,es-s;AVfKt Virginia,"
Colorado,' ' Maryland \u25a0' and
how/at^Chefqo^| i China,>;are. to ibe^r*
expected ";tp-arrlye|b^f ore -the battleship
-"fleet!>"^Th€Jv'wiil_Xconstitute the .first
j- .* •-'-::\u25a0. A y. .-..\u25a0r,'v.- ---.•-,;; -.-•.;,.,•....,. ;_.^.. v >- .- .
; cruiser.Js.quai}ron:: ; "TJie:- 3ocond cruiser^
; will- consist r of. the CaHforrila^
South Dakota. Tennessee andVwasliing-;
) on - ~ ', "- " ? \u25a0 * \
, A member" of the. navy* generaltboard;
saidfltoday that the .plan proposedSby;
the|boards was toihaveVitheJbattleshlp
\u25a0fleet|Bpend the winters 'in thejPhilip
pines -and elsewhere: on,, the Asiatic
station,! sendingithesvessals once atyear
pairs'; *He said the 'vesselsfwerejtojibe'
- " v ~ ,
'.« .V.Th'ere :, is .'no -'intention.: of , ordering i the
general board -does^' not; recommend !
such a irs.jv^.. On the- contrary.! its
pltMisj^cpntemplate^the \u25a0permanent ire^
\u25a0\u25a0'\u25a0 ;\u25a0".'* •\u25a0-;\u25a0\u25a0 In the {center; is a- picture; of '< guardsmen {frpmlChicdJ'djsembarlimg^at-thc Presidio. Above is a portrait
\u25a0\u25a0 'of i Colonel Lundech, '.. the: officer \in -charge of \u25a0 the 'man eireers, " aid bdoia? is a: photogrcpk of irocps cf, the
f Second brigade mcffchihg^through, the reservation. ;" r \u25a0 . : *^ ---
SK^l^lip^lllfas'Svfefn^le'in Baffle With
k% V i Never before -in 1 tKe *Mstory; N of 'f the country was; SanjFfanciscb ; solWelli prepared
.to Tesisti: attach
big^gun^a^tHe^fqr^^ .Atrdusk; thin :c6lud^
veyed \tlie>wafningr out ; ( across Hhe;w
jbteir£caj^ 'that ! skirt; ;the - Golclen ," Militia and : regulars .had
; joined^ tp; ;\u25a0 def encl^the ; citjyy
[a'gaiifst l an } imagmarv ; attacks
?& 'ligHt^breeze: s^tirred at
.mosphere :\u25a0 free y from haze
and '-flecked v with whiter a sea
'as;blue as thetskvaboveir In
jtKe r dist anc e<•th c Parallones
slx>odJguard.read}7to jflush -by
: ; of * the / apf
any -{fleet ( wi tfriost iM intent^
tried to force ; the passage
last night it would "have •< en
countered a- -merciless \u25a0 fire
fromHhe; hills:' ; > ; ; .-•
iForfls days ; the • national
eniardvwill be i drilledv with
the ? regulars at the bisr cruns.
The : second : and •:- fifth regri
ments, .wit h * a total! of- 1;200
men^reacheq|tJ3ef reservation
Co^tlßoe4j^pf^eja,TcoluiS^ S
thirdjinstallment of rare ph.ot6
,^npi^oi"old(S^^T^<^.cp is one show
ingTif-ciyil war rally' at" Market "and Post
streets Fin 1863. v See * it ; tomorrow in «
; | tfie^Siinda)^ Call
jMp]^ ; 6.
jFpr \u25a0 the^ most \u25a0 originator*wittiest _\u25a0 answer, to this ques- \u25a0
;tioh— Jarid rtheibrieferrlhe -/bet ter~-THe CaH will J
X pay §^E-I^Lp|RS:rFor the.next five
: ans^rsTKe^GailJg^yGNEE^
winninganswer^wii! beprinteS next Wednes
day 'arid' checks;mailed to the winners at once.
\u25a0; Make;your.answerslsTiort and address them to
1 ":- :J"-- : -THE^GALL; -
.- Prire Answers to^«sWTint Is"the"i Difference Between a Bribe and a.Fee»
/• vrfsv r f5- prize :to.pr.:Artl»W*^re,^l7K"Parn*«tre«t. lAlam«la". -.
.-.'." A \u25a0 woman's kissed- beforef and jailer'marriage.
.'-\u25a0• $1 prizet to* Ernest 3A;Eracr. til Treat-street. San, Fraadsco. ~
, "At.wink.' .'.'\u25a0-\u25a0' '.:/'\u25a0'• ' \u25a0;.; \u25a0'""'"/ '.'"
:«\u25a0{\u25a0. *$r,priri^'to Mr^ J.iE.-.CliJiai;2Ces,St:tter iBtre«t.,Saa-Franei»co t''
.„• {difference ;botwetjni.a;;raicaJ and a sucker.." '^ \u25a0."
-.^f^ljprlae; to Mr*.%E.»A"? Cr^TenT'- 155055*-'SeTentti;street,";Oailaad.
~-' -Youf'don'tthaye-to'diyiiaeTß fee.- *
\u25a0;\u25a0\u25a0;•' $i;iprl«i?jtd]l>^«E,*lWallaeV.V'AiiS»rn.'rfc«l.*.- '
,; ilnj.aibrlbelyou'idQnUfgetJalrecelpt.;. . .
; . $1": prtxe jto S.~ E.= Colemao.l«TB StxteeHtti' \u25a0 trcfitjfOKMaod. '
Heney, guessed. It flrst. • "jSBff§BBKBX

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