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t£ I I°^ Can * kee P my feet com
•• I I fortable and In good condl-
I I tlon during the summer!"
Is a question that has been
asked- by so many contributors to the
woman's bureau suggestion contest
that It has seemed advisable to offer
them a practical and really helpful set
of answers^
To keep a woman good tempered her
feet must be made comfortable, but so
few of the sex have any idea of how to
avoid trouble In this direction that one
Is forced to the conclusion that this
particular part of the female form
divine Is sadly neglected. There Is no
doubt about It; women abuse their feet
shamefully. They treat them as they
would never dream of treating any
other part of their body. They dis
figure them and make them tender;
they wear shoes that are too short and
heels that are too high, and to make
things worse they walk improperly.
Walking is responsible for«more ir
regularities of the feet than anything
else. About one woman in 500 knows
what Is the correct position for the
foot in walking. This well Informed
person keeps her feet practically par
allel to each other when 6he moves
them and when she stands. She never
toes out There was a time when toe
ing out was quite the correct and
smart thing. Children were told to
keep this position of the feet at school,
and the wider the angle between the
toes the better the position, they be
lieved. But science has already started
» crusade against this angular toeing
out position, and it backs up its state
ment that the parallel foot is the cor
rect position by saying that broken
and displaced arches frequently result
from toeing out
There is nothing more painful than
&n arch that is beginning to drop. It
makes walking almost impossible and
standing excruciating agony. And the
trouble is that bo very few persons
have any idea of what causes the pain.
If you have weak arches or arches, that
give- you trouble, and you have not
adopted the supports recommended by
-specialists, walk for a while with the
feet almost parallel and notice the
difference. In toeing out the. strain
comes in the wrong place. It should
fall through the center of the foot, and
•with the feet spread apart at an angle
of from 45 to 60 degrees, the weight
and Etrain are thrown on the inner
Elde of the foot and particularly on
the arch. The bones of the arch are
being constantly pressed downward,
co there Is no wonder that In time the
arch disappears and the foot becomes
a ts*pical flat one, painful and ugly, or
else the bones of the arch become dis
placed and make little knobs on the
Instep or at the side of the foot
Straight Sole the Thing
The shoe recommended by orthoped
ists is supplied with a straight sole on
the inner side, so that when the feet
are placed together the soles touch
from heel to toe. While this may be
the acme of comfort to men, it is not
a choc designed to enhance the smart
ness of a feminine costume, so few
women who understand ita value have
the courage to* wear It However, the
ordinary shoe answers very well if it
is worn properly.
Not only do flat feet look ugly and
give a well shaped shoe a sloppy look,
but they take away all fhe natural
spring of the walk. With a Kttle ob
servation you can easily distinguish
the flat-footed woman by her walk,
even if she disguises her flat feet In
French heeled pumps. Thera^is very
little, if any, elasticity to the flat foot
If the arch Is beginning to break down
or the feet bulge on the inner side
they may be greatly helped by avoid
ing standing In one position for any
length of time and by using the great
toe more in walking. This feature of
the foot Is too often neglected.
There are excellent exercises recom
jnended J>y specialists for the Improve
ment of the shape of the foot and to
strengthen the much abused arch. One
j T is more of a cross to have hips
I that are too large In proportion to
I the rest of one's figure than the
comely members of the fair sex Im
agine. And it is doubly hard,, now
that the straight front has gone out,
depriving women of a very easy and
satisfactory way of evening up any
discrepancies between waist and hip
. The corset produces the most magi
cal change In the feminine figure, and
under the straight front leglmo hip*
were made to look smaller, because the
Tjitist was larger. Then fashion , de
creed that the email waist was the
thing, and bo women' began -to- pull
themselves in here and then to worry
about the marked and not altogether
becoming Increase in their hip circum
It is commonly believed that the
only way to reduce the apparent size of
the hips is by lacing them up: in very
tight . corsets. This helps sometimes,
but; more often It makes them look
larger. In reality the ways to give a
smaller circumference to this part of
the figure He. through many other,arti
cles of the feminine costume, articles
by no means closely associated' with
corsets : and lingerie. Other lines are
related to hip lines, and there are'ways
of arranging and adjusting these 'bo
that they make one look almost sylph
like. It Is a study, however, requiring
much thought and careful attention
to detail after a woman has learned the
real' vajrwi \u25a0b*'tbe"f! 1| »»' ' '•~ T »eJ"aJ _sug
ad vises women to practice tiptoe exer
cises every day/; He suggests that they
stand with their bare feet flat on the
floor and, with them parallel, then to '
rise to the very tips of. the toes slowly
and gradually sink back, throwing the
weight of the body on the outer edges
of the feet. This exercise tends to give
elasticity to the muscles of the feet, to '
work some that are usually neglected,
and to teach one how to use the feet
fn walking." Of course, the exercise
exaggerates the movement, but it is
practically the same motion used .in
walking. If this exercise is practiced
Bay 50 times daily, in a few weeks there
will be a noticeable improvement in the
walk and carriage. It is a good thins
for women to remember that elasticity,
of the muscles, especially in walking,
suggests youth.
Heels were origlnflly adopted for the
purpose of rendering walking easier.
They served. to throw the body slightly
forward and to facilitate the muscle ac
tion of the leg. AVhen the heels are
high and small enough to insufficiently
support the foot then their object is
defeated and, insteadof assisting, they
interfere with the comfort and freedom
of walking.
• The perfect or normal , foot has
straight toes that are separated slight
ly and the great toe. which is slightly:
shorter than the second .toe, stands
away from its neighbor in a very
marked way. 'When placed side by side
the feet should touch from heels to
toes. The test for a flat foot or broken
arch is very simple. All one needs to
do in order to learn the exact typo of.
foot she possesses is to dip the soles
of the feet in water and then stand
on them on a clear surface, which will
show tlie footprints. If the toes, heel
and outer edge of the foot make a dis
tinct Impression, while the. arch itself
leaves none, then. she may be reason- .
ably sure that her' arch is still prac
tically normal. The flat foot makes an
entire imprint
Soft but Not Tender
The skin should be soft but not ten
der, and the normal foot have a good
healthy color. Blemishes are usually
best treated by a professional. Ex
amine your feet and see how near they
come to being perfect or normal, and
then look at them carefully to see what
sort of treatment they require and be
gin giving it to them both to improve
their appearance and to Increase their
comfort Even the carefully groomeal
woman devotes too little time and at
tention to her feet. They would soon
grow as soft and flexible* as her hands,
if she treated them properly, whereas .
the foot of the modern woman Is a
cramped, shapeless and ugly member^
of which she may well be ashamed.
In warm weather many persons suffer
from burning and swollen feet Even
the ankles get puffy, and are some
times painful to the point of interfering,
with the rest at night : Walking on un
yielding pavements will 1 often cause
the feet to burn if they are tender. If
walking Is necessary, then a little
toughening of the»feet Is advised. There
are simple skin;pr?paratlons which will
take away extreme tenderness and
make the skin firm enough to with
stand the friction caused by exercise,
A little boric acid in the foot bath will
work wonders in. this direction. •". Some
specialists recommend the addition of
tannin to the water, and a nightly, bath
in this solution for several weeks will
make life worth living and walking a
The feet need refreshing just as
much as the faco and hair de. And
when they are bathed care should bo
given to the drying. Any number o*
ills .will result from carelessly dried
feet When they ache and feel tired a
good rub with cologne will make them
feel almost as good as In the morning,^
while a brisk massaging from toes to*
ankle will tone them up remarkably.
If the circulation is: sluggish, the feet
should be rubbed; and massaged thor
oughly night and morning. A good,
cold cream, olive oil or cocoa butter
gcstlons and rules may oe. given, nui
each woman/ burdened with more. than
the average size hips must work out
her own sal w aiion, changing lines here
and there to suit her individual case.
She must be as rigid in her observance
of hip reducing effects as though she
were on a prescribed diet'
The corset works wonders in getting
rid of bulging hip^ and it is always an
excellent plan. for women with large
figures, to bet well fitted to this boned
article "of dress and to always have an
eye to Its balancing' properties. Never
choose a corset that produces a good
waist line at the expense of the hipe, or
a good hip curve", to \u25a0 the detriment of
the waist;. It is just as easy to, have
all' good lines if a woman is. particular
enough as It is to lose some of them
through not knowing what lines to pre-;
serve. A corset ; coming well over the
hips will servo to keep down too pro
nounced plumpness, and it gives a con
tinuity of line that is most desirable in
the case of large hips. '''/-'\u25a0\u25a0-
Next in; Importance to the corset
comes the lingerie worn-over them;
and to the credit of the French women
be'it said that a perfect * combination
has been , evolved "which adds '\u0084n ot; ; so
much as a fraction of an inch really to
either the; hip or waist measurement.
The combination fl ts ) the figure - 1 ike a
glove, and it may be had In such an ln
iinite variety of styles and cuts that al
most any figure:" can be s . fitted "without
alteration. - It is only; lately, tbat'Ame r
; lean women have adopted the couibiua
tion," but it already bids fair. to become,
exceedingly popular, and to have its ac
cepted place in the lingerie wardrobe-.
The combination' most ; in favor. Is tho
princess, one which provides corset cov-.,
'er or. chemrse : and drawers^ all in' one,
fitting: from" bust to bel6withe,curve:bC:
the hips '• without 'a .wrinkle.'- The ; gar
ment" is : fashioned ; inf several ; pieces set •
together, with Kcam.beading.i Some biit-^
ton in < the "I front, 1 ' though" raos t • of ; them '•
fasten : in : , the*' back.'-; Next to UheTprin^
cess combination 1 the ' one \u25a0 most *in def
mand Is roadewlth a'deep hip yoke,ifih~
ished , ".with T very' wide \u0084fluf, fluff y.;. circular;
drawers ; and ;• with ; ! a*.well : cut t; corset
cover set on' the narrow ,-, beading ,1-belt/-
There ; is .everything in the ; cut; of these
; garments. s , \u25a0?;•).\u25a0;;•'\u25a0'\u25a0. \u25a0\u25a0.»:>>,.*\u25a0 .' '.-V.\u25a0 : • V- -'-' :':l '•<
. Their; prime object is - toY get : rid ;: of
wrinkles and \u25a0 unnecessary ;bulk ; around
the i figure.^ viV-/' " ; V';;\V. .\u25a0;, \u0084/.'' '. V,
\u25a0 ' So ; ; many women ,' possessed ;of • large ;
hips K cllng?tosthe/;qld;' fashioned^ garf
ments, -which cannot* fall nb^make^thenv
lookt buhchy.7* They,* have] atf least] three
thicknesses fat, the walst.i while ;puckers
;' and' gathers ? make] ridges j^wli ere £every£;
thing-should' ba'Bmoothlanditrim.lKven
ifa petticoat; is] fltted\to^a;yoke^it addsi
to the * thickness jof I material^ over j the
hips. •; "A chemise ; increasesHhe hip .- cir ;
cumferenco jby. atileastja"n;inch, r iwhiio
a ; corset i cover" ending|Justi above or, at
the ; curve ;of 'i th ej hips '{ add ;-, eVen ,
\u25a0 more. ,- \u25a0-, If } one i can \ gain i two"; or^threo"
inches, 5 or. possibly, more, ]byj the 'careful '
adjustmeritiof*the|uiadergarments^it is
\u25a0 Infinitely £.worth 5 :.whlle,"s and + then -the
rest Us j bo"' much I easier.';,,- \u0084. i j
;/ There sis J another^ advantage in Hhe
comblnation^-one does not need'to, wear
a J petticoat v with rthem;>thelr.rfullhess
\ making j another \u25a0 skirt % quite \u25a0*\u25a0 unneces
sary. '\u25a0[--':\u25a0, \u25a0\u25a0:v : -;;.. v; v.->.-.;;.-\:.;; ; .' '.;.-'--':
It. has -: always >* been t> a i mattery for.
speculation Vwhyithelwomanfposs easing
very :\u25a0. large " hips! should t have ? suchl|un
evenness:in the curve, below. the waist.
Usually this is due to. badly fitting, pet-'
tlcoats -or othery undergarments. ;i The
wearers \, overlopkV* the 'f i importance -of
having ; an* unbroken (curve: at; this i par-,
ticular^ par t 'of , the figure/- fora' smooth-,
ly/ roun^ednine,; rio \ matter .how. much
It; curves, ;makes^one; forgive. a number
of , other, defects;, ">. ;
;. With..; 1 ingerio ; ! gowns " combinations
r are 'c really : essential; and .they ?are - ; the
oneUhing. that* makes: this -fashionably
cut'eostume possible ito' f women;?; with
pronounced t hips. ; ?;.There> ; are \u25a0some ( flg-*;
.ures . to .which princess ; gowns < are most
.unsultecl.T: but Si no .woman ;^ need ? : think
"that her. 1 hips < are ; larger ; than
the'rlaverageiiv she;, must:, 1 forego; the
pleasure of "wearing, what ! Is- fashion
able, v. If :< she is - short * andialso ; ; broad
in the ; hips.^then < she ;,would \ do ; well;to
choose other 5 style.Hbut- if 'aheiia
of } fair j height i and i- possessed v of *; more
. than ; averago^hip « she £ need A not '£. de V
spair. giThere 1 ; are "many 'ways (whereby
[additional); inches ? can be ; taken jott I the
ihlp '^measurement '->" and their; contour
vastly* Improved. v-lOne> of
; ways&ls by/ equalizing jthVrbreadthtoC
hips and shoulders.'*.; Every^ lnchithatUs
i added r-itol the* width* of .'ithej? shoulders
takes -t just v that ? much '» away i f rom p the
wldtbiofithe hlps.^- A- good dress maker
\u25a0 manages to f do > this ,* for! you S.without
your/uaving! toi bother,; aboutptAbut* it
! is fan^excellent ji<Jea ; to , the
"reason^ for^heri" doing s U-"Y. \u25a0 ;?" >\u25a0" .\u25a0;
is ? Fortunately 5 for J: the «, woman .^ with
i large i hips lit 5 isifashionablelto^ have
lwlde|shouldered i .'gowns.-€ l The| popular
kimono % style j provides £ a iway # to;;i de- ;
crease Uhe ; hips ! considerably, ;\u25a0 but -.there
I is I a! chance [with j this i novel < sleeve Jand
'shoulder^arrangement V, of %; shortening
;to j^we^r^ Bhoulders £ that Care? so i broad
they : leave \no j lines'! of i relief.^.'
:T2AccordinggtbgthesP erfect^ fißfure £ of
woman. ; the s breadth *of hips i and \u25a0should
ders should \ be exactly^ thel same. :Tho
curved of the * shoulder J should fall . in a
line \ directly..' above \u25a0 the points of the
h!ps.li.ln= nine: women : out. of they: do;
notfmeasure',up<thls* H way, and the dis
crepancy .; Is xof tenest ; due rto i shoulders
that '\u25a0 are too; narrow for \ the^ hips. v^The
torso r should" formlan Isosceles trianglo,
having Uhe ; base f brme'dy byla' line from
shoulder i to ; shoulder; and the ' two sides
slantlngilnwardiandjtouching the;hlp3.
The •: difference : between ? the of ,
shoulders ;' and ; hips i need ; not • be great,
[though lthe;> greater:, the"; width « of Uh*
shouldersithe^narrower- the, hips {will
look:'- ''.:•':\u25a0.\u25a0\u25a0\u25a0'\u25a0:\u25a0:\u25a0''\u25a0 ..'\u25a0\u25a0:\u25a0•'\u25a0\u25a0",\u25a0 \u25a0-'".. •'•'"•-\u25a0;'\u25a0.\u25a0 ; - -' \u25a0'\u25a0,'-. ." \u25a0 .
:. :The size of. the hips is only, relatively
large ; They' may; be .large on
one /woman'- and } yet -she * may > have ;. a
perfects modern figure, il while ;on
other^woman, Lthoughlher. 1 hips :are : the
same* In'*' circumference,'* they; may ' look
all'out^of proportionito her slze/U When
the /triangle is'reversediand'the' r base;is
Iformed^byJ at line IJdrawn ithrough? the
hips ? from ? sldo ! topside »'and \u25a0 the apex ; is
above jthefheadeWith; the r slanting ;sldas.
touching] the 3 shoulder3, H ithen the; flgur*
is : all^wroiig/ and -the' sooner/the owner,
studies ! how \to make! i» 4 ; conform 1 to 1 tha
correct uines:and'angleSjthe'sooner. she
willl'; become^ physically more present
able) and ? attractive." -I v"- ' ;, -' " : -
s -c?lt' is r«asier;tof reduce ;the ; slze of the
hlps^byi broadening) the! shoulders jthan
:by y * any f other \way,'^ and *:ye t* there : : ; are
hundreds 'f of d r . women '*: who P have " ; not
thought i : of j \ doing * it : iwbo '* worry \u25a0
oyeritheir, unattractive ibreadth without
i understanding^ how ;*;> to j;decreasej.flt.-
Never j have .! your blouses ; or • gowns ; cut
j.wlth ? short t shoulder.- 1 seams, * no \ matter
; howj plain\they ; may i,be.*/ilnslst havf "
i lhg I as t ; much* length^ there J asl possible
and^make7thei shoulders* look r square
withoutlmakingrwthemf seem-'exagger
"ated!and!aggre3siye.';.v: v "V. ':," '-. ." \u25a0' H - \u25a0'
i tofher I ;letithe
.wpmai)' with 1 lArs'e' hips .wear, large hats.'
Small ? hats i make | her I haxe { a ? pointed
The San Francisco Sunday CalL
will assist in the rubbing,, and at the
same time Improve the texture of the
• skin.
r .In warm weather it is an excellent
Idea to spray the feet with cold water
Just -, before going to bed. It cools the *
body all over, just as It does to dip the
wrists In cold water. If you'have been,
on ybur^feet a good deal a vigorous
massaging should be given before the
spraying, otherwise the water will Ir
ritate: the skin and make, the feet even
more "* uncomfortable.
s Swelling ankles are : due to . several
causes. Sometimes they come from the
weight of the body or from standing a
long time In a single posture. Often it
is necessary to bandage the ankles or
wear.' a strong support of another kind,
though in ordinary cases a little of the
proper care will In reducing
the; swelling/ '-V-When It Is due entirely
to "the overweight -.of the body, then
.the best .way to ; prevent the swelling
is to get rid of any superfluous flesh.
Large i Stockings Necessary
-More ; women wear short .stockings
than short shoes." , Sensible persons do
not ; pinch their feet -to an^uncomfort-'
able ; degree _with shoes,' but" very few
buy. their stockings long enough. They
should extend quite as much beyond
the foot, as the shoes, and the shoes
should extend, at least half an inch be
yond the end of the longest toe In order
\u25a0 to ! give; room for the spreading of the
\u25a0 foot and ' the pushing forward when
effect at- the top^ and- emphasize the
\u25a0 width : below the waist, while a larger
hat. takes away from this width. < If the
hips are .wider than' the shoulders then
thye are; the widest part of the whole
figure, and when 1 aVwoman possessing
' this ?. extreme ; width below.: the waist
'narrows up to a small head, crowned by
'an equally " small -hat, she presents, a
contour that Is nothing short of ridlcu-.
;lbus. And Invariably it Is a little
: woman who • has : such wide - hips and
who "wear 'tiny hats.: Naturally it. is a
great" -temptation to any woman,
whether her hips are large or small, ; to
; wear a , small :hat"' if small hats are the
fashion^ but there are', always chances
to^ change 'and "ways 6t modifying any
* mode to make it suit the - individual.
and'it is the woman who\uriderstarid3^
\u25a0 how^to^db"; this : for herself "who always
':\u25a0 makes '.the best appearance, and .who is
able^ to s adapt any? fashion , vagary to
: herself f and • make > it ; becoming • without
the world knowing;her rf secret. a
The study.of lines and ( thelr valuesas
well ? as ' their [relations 'to", each "other" 13
one^of 'the^rhost'lmportant features of
belng v a successful dresser. \u25a0;'
* An idea' prevails "among .women' wbo?o
are^dlsproportionately ' large!Jforl
i thelr^ size . and the »rest -of ; their ! flgurs
.that l: if stheyjlpuin their .waists :in^ they
\u25a0 are \ in! some t way ; improving '. the ; general
\u0084 effect— at least If theyYannot have sllnv
] hips"> they;'can^ have J a| thin .'waist— anil'
fso they "proceed to' make sights of them
';selves"and": to add I to*, the*, size jof their
• nips.i already 'largel far beyond Uhe size
; they ; ought- to "i be 'under.: proper.icondl
•;tions.;': -In; % making* the .walaVsmall { the
.difference v; between ~J. Its "j clrcumferenca
\ and that of the hips Is emphasized, and
{ the? smaller "; the ", walst N '\u25a0 becomes : the \u25a0
larger'the;hips appear' to be. _
J.: ; A f tlghtly'rpulledl'lh ; :\u25a0 corset^, and
tightly adjusted belt should be avoided \
\ by.',women |wlth ; , large - hips. ~ Instead of
drawing the belt as snus as it can pos
walking. Tight stockings hurt th«
toes, and Interfere with the perfect
freedom of the foot movement On th«
other . hand, stockings that .wrinkle on
the foot are almost as bad. for they
cause and sometimes cal
louses form where the creases come.
Not only for the sake of cleanliness,
but to keep the feet in good condition,
the stockings should be changed dally.
»t least, and they should not be put on
in a careless, haphazard way. but
should be drawn on the feet to get the
best possible fit The same shoes
should never be worn two days in suc
cession. %
A change relieves tha foot and gives
the shoes a chance to rest Many
women " labor under the mistaken im
pression that it is economy to buy ono
pair of walking shoes at a time, but it
is economical neither for the shoes nor
for. the feet. "A general rule to observe
in selecting shoes is to choose a last
that fits the foot, 'regardless of style.
but there are few women who care to
forego the pleasure of being up to date,
and so they too often sacrifice comfort
to ' smartness. Low shoes* and pumps
are apt 'to Increase any pro
pensities of the ankles, which high
shoes serve to prevent, but where is the
fashionable woman who could be per
suaded to give up her trim pumps for
buttoned boots In summer time?
Powder is a great aid to comfort in
warm weather, when even the shoe of
correct size feels a little snug and tha
feet seem at least two sizes larger than
they are . ordinarily. Powder dusted on
I the bare feet dries them thoroughly and
prevents irritation- . When dusted in
the shoes It keeps them from rubbing
and makes th^m go on easily. Powder
is cooling, too, and it Is gradually tak
ing its place "of importance among mi
lady's toilet requisites. Those who
have used talcum or any similar pow
der and have fouxrd out its benefits ara
never without it
The feet should be given a rest and a
chance to get air. as well as sunshine,
occasionally. Did it ever occur to you
how seldom the feet of, the. average
woman are touched directly by sun
shine and fresh air?
Some specialists advise sitting with
the feet up so that the legs are hori
zontal and the feet placed where the
sun can filter Its rays between the toes.
While In this position \u25a0 a good exercise
to "practice Is one which consists in
stretching the toes as far downward as
possible and then upward, to twiddle
them, in fact, and then work'the ankles
in a circle until they seem to be un
usually flexible. This exercise increases
the circulation, too, besides imparting
elasticity to the muscles of the feet
sibly be worn, it should be left a little
bit- loose so^that Its lines -help to fill
out the waist and make the contrast
between, the waist and hips. less strik
ing. It is a great concession on the
part of any woman to allow her belt
or girdle to be lower than is absolutely
necessary, but" when it is the. case of
having a small waist and large hips or
moderate - waist and moderate hips, if
she is a wise woman she will choose .
the latter and be glad to make the sac
rifice. She need not go to the extreme
of making herself look straight up and
down, but let her by all means avoid
any - sharp curves at the- waist In
variably these mean correspondingly
sharp curves at the hips."
V There •Is another point for woman
with large hips te> remember' in their
efforts to make their.hipa look at their
best and to improve their contour.- So
of ten one ' sees women who curve .out
suddenly from the waist to the point of
the hips, and then the line appears to
go . in again, giving the figure \u25a0 a pecu
liarly rotund look. This effect is due
to careless dressing*, to an ignorance
of 'i the • important problem of hip redu
cing : lines and to an altogether inar
tistic taste in the matter of dress. No
woman who knows anything about
lines win permit her, figure to bo
'spotted -by this Inward ' curving one.
Neither : wil she wear , her skirt so
tight > : that such an effect is brought
' Short skirts are not becoming to
women ? whose hips ' are ; very large.
Skirts that touch the floor and are ex
tended iat. the .bottom i '.very slightly
serve to make the size of the hips less
\u25a0 noticeable. ; Long 1 ; lines 7 are the salva
tion of - large hips, and ' the ; secret : of
making a good appearance and of hav
ing !a ; good •\u25a0 flgur e ; when burdened with"
too great : size at this • point is to find
.vertical lines In 'the costume to coun
terbalance the exaggerated huriaontai
on*. • »

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