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It is the duty of every honest rcpiib-'
lican to assist in the election of anti
machine delegates on August 13. . Reg
istration is prerequisite to participaion » in \u25a0
he primaries.
VOLUME OH.— NO. -42.
Prosecution's Plan for Selection of Mayor Is Rejected
Boxton Confesses in Court His Acceptance of bribe From Halsey
Bonaparte Throws Light on
His Novel Procedure
in Prosecutions
Uncle Sam Not Going Into
Business of Running
the Combines
Attorney General Says Sher
man Act Alone Would
Not Avail
WASHINGTON, July 11.— At- ! ;
tomey General Bonaparte de
clared today, that the government
had no idea of going into the busi
ness of running the trusts through
the medium of receivers. Inci
dentally, he discussed the effect
of prosecutions, under the Sher
man antitrust law on prices . of
commodities..' ".'^^«,^
'*What is the significance of the
policy adopted by the department
of Justice. of receivers for law.break-^
ing monopolies?" Bonaparte was aske><3.'
"It must be understood In the ftrst
place." he replied, "that the prayer for
the appointment of the receivers as
part of the relief prayed in . the ' bill
Rgrajnst the socalle<l tobacco trust is
not an application for relief prior to
the final decree in the case. To use a
technical term, it is a 'prayer for ordi
nary and not for extraordinary relief.
"The theory is that if a' court of
equity finds a.' corporation or cluster
of corporations engraged in an unlaw
ful business It will utilize all of its
accustomed agencies to put an end to
this unlawful business. Such illegality
of the business, however, consists not
merelyin the fact that .It ifi carried on
but in its being; carried on under clr
' cumstances which make It an unlaw>
?ul monopoly, or an attempt to attain
;in unlawful monopoly. The court is to
be asked to appoint an officer who will
temporarily conduct the affairs of the
corporation or corporations involved so
as to eliminate gradually- the, unlawful
features while preserving, so far as
possible, the legitimate interests of all
concerned from injury during the
process of adjustment. - *
•The prayer for this relief. If sus
tained by the courts, will, it Is hoped,
prove a practical and effective method
. »f insuring obedience to the law- In
cases where there seems to be much
danger of evasion. Its embodiment in
the bill Just filed has no other signifi
cance than to show that the subordi
nates of this- department are giving
• . their best time and .thought : toward
makfbg its work effective in attaining
the ends of the law.
"The government' has no Idea of go
ing Into the business of running trusts.
The receivership application is .merely
a means of relief, a temporary means
of relief. Just as any receiver might be
called upon to administer a corporation
in the Jurisdiction of the court for the
purpose of attaining certain temporary
ends. It is true that it is a new de
parture In equity, practice, " but there
are analogies which sustain It. Still
there are some interesting legal ques-"
tions involved." '^
"Do you' think that the Sherman law
is adequate to enforce competition?"
"I do- not/ -was. the emphatic reply.
"I think that the . Sherman law^ is one
of many different means working: to.
this end, but standing^alone and with
out any; other . measures of legislation
or administration tending to counter
vail the tendency ;; toward combines
both of capital and labor,' for the Sher
man law applies to both ; the a.ct Is . not
sufficient. I may add that r I thlnkjthis
is the general- opinion; among all well
informed persons."
May Advise -That the Government
Purchase Railroad "^Shares \u25a0
WASHINGTON*. July 11.— President
lloocseveit is - considering * the' ad visaoU-i
Continued on 1 Page 2, Column 8
The San Francisco Call.
FRIDAY. JULY 12, 1907
'TESTBBDAT — Cloudy; maximum temperature,
62; Tnlnlmntn, 82. \u25a0
POBECAST FOR TODAT— Fair: feg v ln morn
ing; light west triad*; brisk la the after
noon. -\u25a0- • *«*« 11
Have THE CALL mailed to your
VACATION address. Change the
address as often as you wish.
If paper fails to arrive regularly
and on time advise The Call's Cir
culation i Department promptly.
Appljing the new antitrust law. - P»re 8
x Bocten Is swing things. \ '-. '.\u25a0-':[ '_.. \P«*e 8
"\u25a0 Unhappy .futnre of. the Berkeley boy. Pae« H
A fictional' real estate transaction. Face 8
\u25a0 Chief of Police Dlnan refuses to take orders
from Mayor Boston and details DetectlTe Fan
ning to remain at old esecutire office. .Pare 1
Mayor Charles M. Boston confesses In open
I coart his acccptajjce of a • $5,000 bribe Trom
Theodore jV. Ilalsey of the . PaclSc States ' telv'
phone iinil telegraph , .company j and forges tie
first link in the chain of evidence against Louis
Glass. .. . Pag« 1
Mayor Boxtoa discbarsea enip!oyes of Schmitz
because they fall to report for duty at new head
quarters. ' Pipe 4
Superrlsors officially designate, quarters for
new mayor to make \u25a0 Boston's . occupation
legal. ' .-,... l;n.-'.l-- .'..'.. P»T».4
Cmnmprcial bodies and union : labor ' leaders
reject plan proposed' by ":• graft prost-sutlon lor
selection of new mayor by i a committee sof
thirty. - - . - » - — \u0084-. Pa»e 1
STRIKE SmiATlOlir^ : ; .- • . '^fil
Chicago • officer* jof telegraphers* ' onion J call
off mass . meet int. ' fearing * statapede ', would ! r4
»ult, «n<! action «t Commissioner Nelll is uwslt
' -SuperTlsorßV. street coniinittee. recmnmends that'
permit - be . graateil t»'; the^SooUiern : Pacific] foj
spur i track ~ - along ' ' iiortiV', Point , and!:-- Beach
rtreets. - • \u25a0 .' _ , : . . , Pag* IS
I Soldiers j of coast defense barn much powder in
mock defense, of Golden gate. * \u25a0\u25a0 Pajre.l6
Court inTcstljrates charge 'that' agefl "woman
whp. bag $19,000 In ~ bank was abducted' anl
held a prisoner 'for three ' days. : \u25a0 Pa»« 11
_ Captain Mooney .'. "calls .-"down" . President
Hagerty . of the .police - commission for sot., ad
dressing him by his _. title." '\u25a0 .; Pare 11
- Wife, of . Lieutenant • ti. ..E. , ITanson of . the
Twenty -sixth .^lnfantry, is j granted. '.dlTotce': anJ
rumor -connects her name with that of Captain
Daiton of the i quartermaster's department in
new romance. . Pago IS
Widow of .Dr. l Nicholas Richardson is marrldl
In secret to ; Lloyd - Bowman, . ' a . cItII , engi
neer. \u25a0 \u25a0 ' . ' Page 1
- L.. C. Pistolesl. is expelled from San Francisco
yacht-club because of unkind statements' lie
made. . . t Page 16
' Robert Watt, . leading " plcnecr capitalist 'anJ
banker/ dies suddenly at his borne in California
street. ' ' \u0084\u25a0 v t Page 16
SUDtRDAX '•\u25a0
. Alameda county, automobile j association plans
campaign to secure legislation to regulate ' mo
toring. . Fag* 7
" Coroner's jury finds • that Captain Walston of
the 'whaler California ' was alire^ when " thrown
into Ute bay by thugs and that death was due
to drowning. - - \u25a0' '• " i Pag* 7
Mrs. Ilenry^ W. • Deminj* of ' Oakland - seeks
dirorce on ' ground *j that husband Is untidy in
personal habits. \u25a0'"\u25a0 \u25a0 Pag* 7
coast" ' - ••V--.'^ :
Japanese spy .captured while making drawings
of - Fort ' Eocecrans. . Page 3
Warm contest* are i expected In ' election', of
Yousg Ladles' Institute ;\u25a0 at Stockton and ''many
candidates : are In the, field. '.;' .-' „ - . . Pag* 7
' Monster serpent . Is - seen In ', Walker - lake \u25a0 by
two flshermea. •'. " -^ . \u25a0 •- • _ - Pag* 11
Educators *In * session in Los Angeles : launcb
moTf ment to - form |an j \u25a0 international rassocia
tion. • • : Pact 9
\u25a0 Grand parlor ; of \u25a0 Natire . Daughter* -of • Golden
West" In "assembly \u25a0at • WatsonrlHe Indorses
woman's \u25a0 suffrage^ • ' . . - Fag* 4
bOBIESTXCV, '••;\u25a0
- .- Hay wood calmly > takes ' stand \u25a0at his trial la
Boise and • emphatically denies -that he plotted
the . death .. of ' Steuninberg . or . any ; "otber
crime. '-^ '....".' . . '.Page 6
\u25a0 Santa Fe to build branch making a direct Jliie
from New Orleans to_San; Francisco. ' Pag» 11
Attorney Ccneral Uonaparte explains that gov
ernment does "not aim to run .trusts through.
receiTers, but \u25a0 merely; seeks -temporary control
to"' stamp out-, unlawful methods. • ""Pajrel
SPORTS / ' '.' \u25a0 ' .'-^
San*- Francisco defeats -.Portland lin: 12 - Inning
baseball ; gatae and . Oakland ' wins from \u25a0 IJos
Angeles. ." - .- '• . . . . -' .- \u25a0«• : - ' Pag* 1O
Seattle racing officials suspend \u25a0 the mare , Net
ting and ; her trainer. : B. F. Clark'.'-' after } Netting
had won the third race at odds Of 50 to I.'; Page 10
• Lady Ance, winner of the Jamaica Mike :it
Brighton bearh, runs six furlongs In 1:11 4-5.7 P.lO
' Many * sufprißes Mn ; the national *p»lf champl6)i
cbip- tournament ", at «* Page -IP
; : Brltt , and . Nelson ; are^ the latest exponents
the outdoor training ; system. -. . .Page" 10
-.- HeJpers* union decides to obtain new. meeting
haIUV '\u25a0<\u25a0 -'\u25a0~£BSg£lßS&m .' Page 9
j Printers -will carry American \u25a0 flags in ; parade
on- Labor; day. '; . , ,r : ;.\u25a0 ?.'-, ":,-?\u25a0 Page' 9
:"7 Gas , workers meet and \ issue - denial • of /«tory
that . they contemplate strike =In sympathy j with'
carmen. . ' " Ptge 9
: .will- compel : hay an-1
lumber dealers to \ move their" freight from
wharves with' little .delay.' ' .'. \u25a0<• Page 11
\u25a0 Only., feature, of -the ; day i at ,. local stock ex- J
changes 1h rise , of %40 \ points \u25a0•• in ; Consolldatei] |
Mines; shares.' Page' l6
r-Weddlng^of .Miss Alice ;B o r^l; and AyJetf Cot- j
ton Jr. will b« celebrated . in ; this "- city; .iv |
October.' " ' ;\; \ s Pag« 8
Snapshots la^en^citei day at x the Temple -\u25a0 Shedth'--Ijfael<fduring /the\He^mg'-bf..tKc Class case?] In the group picture^ redding from left to right,
are: D. M. Dclmas, of counsel . for : the defense; 'LouisJ Glass, ]i»h6 is on trial \u25a0. on an accusation ; of: bribery \u25a0 in , the telephone -cases, and a detective
named Daily, .xeho is ac tive in . behalf of- the accused. xC The- portrait ; is that of.. William Thomas, one of the attorneys of the Home > telephone company.
.Tvho'&as a witness at the trial yesterday. ,-J' : \u25a0 I', -' ' , *"«„ . "'' * :\u25a0 \u0084 ~*~ '' " v * -rJ : \u25a0' ; "\W>-^.—
Mrs; : -Nicholas ; Richardson
; Weds: I^o^^Bbwmari"
\u25a0 '. ' . : \u25a0\u25a0\u25a0- : - \u25a0•\u25a0'\u25a0.--.\u25a0•.. -. 4 - .\u25a0\u25a0-.'. \u25a0'\u25a0:>: ":\u25a0 \u25a0- '\u25a0\u25a0
\u25a0 ' Secretly,- at" some ! town within:
a ready,- rddiusi of ;thel '.bride's' home at
Soquel; the i beautiful "young- widow • oif . |
Dr. -. Nicholas '.Richardson, -whose:- first
marriage? was! performed ( at 'the death- 1
bed, other: husband, became the -bride
of. Lldyn Bowman, a University or Cal- *,
ifornia^ graduate -and a civil. -'engineer,
whose' 'employment, with., the 'Southern
Pacific 'coiiipany took him. into {Santa
Cruz." county. , Two- months^ag-o' - Mrs.
Bowman was married for the second
timein her brief span or life. This sec
ondlyeriturc will greatly, surpt-lse tlie
bride's ; friends, ,w_ho .'have -yet to Uiear
sheiis ; won from her ; •. .'. .-,;\u25a0.' .
', The! bride ; before 'her 'first marriagre
was Miss Elise 'Gr'e;ro!'y. A "a~ daughter ; of
t Mrs.i H..K... Gregory, _ofj Oakland "and a
§franddaughter \u0084 of;;"; Rev.. Dr. McGlure,
assistant' rector of, Trinity-; church and
formerly . head of ; McClure's.' academy;
near .Oakland.^ She isva sister.- of' Mo-
Clure' Gregory,- who • marired ' Miss : Anita
Lohse" of Oakland.^; >. ' ./: . . "£i '•\u25a0'*% .'.
,As^ &' girl .Miss Gregory, was. popular,
In San' Francisco ;arid^transbay< society."
About ' two} years 'ago - her? engagement
was, announced' to/Ur/v Nicholas
ardson- : 'of- the tUnitedv States , /marine i
hospital "corps." Shortly^beforethe date'i
of their marriage * Dr."; Richardson *:be-"
came, ill. .He was taken \u25a0tb,th'e, Gregory,
home . and 'there ;his fiancee i was ; his de-,
voted : nurse for several',.ihonths^biit-de
spite the' care, he it: was ap
parent: that;his ailment was a fatal one'
When-: Richardson's ;\u25a0< physicians j* '. ? an-.
nounced that .Ihere'- was no.hope- for
theit\patlerit,Mlss .Gregory'v insisted that
amarriage ceremony, bo performed, and
early.'in' April of; lastVyear they 4 were
married. -Within^a- fortnight- the' bride
was-. a widow.-;. .. \u25a0, , . : ; \ •
.She -was iand-. with'her.
mother traveled 'for time. \u25a0 Later
the '\u25a0-- suriimer v she went .to' visit her ; hus
band's -family,in "the southern : states.
Since* the ; early{ spring. Mrs.- Gregory
and her "daughter. 'have'been^at 'their
ranch -near Sbquel,- where;th'e* latter for
a. .tlme^busied herself * within the many
household duties, of .the, ranch} in J order
to '•. divert *.her; mind froni her grief.
Bowman was -stationed: at ! a . surveying 1
camp, a few-;mile3. west, of Santa "'Cruz
arid near" Soquel,' however,,- and * he", sue-,
ceeded in ; porsuad ing j the *.'; beat! tlf ul
young -^vidow 4 that .' slie ' ; vra \u25a0 not 1 ncon
solable.. , ; :'..'.",: '..' .", — ". .: " r
J ust - where the - ceremony., took ; pla*oe
they! refuse to divulge,* and lit "was only!
by a' chance meeting 1 with 'Mrs.-4Bow
»-jii-.-*'v*T-r~'<»-i!»*---*"-.— «i •-»\u25a0 fr—^armebiar&Mgtir'f-ttsla
man and her husband that sonio of . her
friends .; discovered :: the t fact/* that "slie
was" no , longer,-! Mrs. i Nicholas! Richard
"•A-'cVi.:.'-U;-., ''in^V^H^-;^. -,\u25a0.;\u25a0; \u25a0\u25a0•\u25a0
Mj|f of: Police \u25a0:
|efies tangdon
arid M Boxtoh
Qinaii/Ref uses/tp ; T^kfr
-:Orders;;^rom,Vthe -; J
\u25a0'~~i 3 EatesfcMayor r ; . ;\u25a0;-'.\u25a0
' -''.Chief. /of ,: Police ,Dlrianagain% placed
himself \u25a0 on 1 as -^recognizing; none,
but Eugene -E.^Schmitz as ; the ; mayor, of
this.* city .when lie, refused yesterday.- to j
act •upon', a '-..letter,.; sent .him f-by.*'Mayorf -by.*' Mayor •
Boxtpn^ to*' assign -Detective*; Sergeant
PeterVFannlns.-to:'some other; duty than
Attendance; ati the; mayor's f * - j
vlThe" letter r from- Mayor i Boxtoh . was
as'follows: *' v : ; , : \u25a0''\u25a0>;.-/« ;;'. ; -'VV ':' ; -v'' ; * \u25a0
\u25a0 ;v_Yolu'}'aro'; v_Yolu'}'aro' hereby ">.notined.:that^ the
services of. {Detective. Sergeant '-Peter
Fanning, ';. heretofore^ assigned N for/duty.
\u25a0to the " office "of \u25a0; the /mayor of the city
and .county,;. of ; ; Sany. Francisco,} are V no
longer^ required '.in' said office,":; and* you
are:hereby..dlrected H to assign "said de-;
,tective sergeant „. and, such \u25a0 other Jpolice
officer "or/; officers V as : . may : havc \ been
\u25a0assigned; to- duty; in said office ito\ other
police duties." A-;.'", i. "..-\u25a0' . ''.' .'".
\u25a0 /The 'chief' instructed r Fanning jtor re
main at :• they building *at. Post; and
Franklin' : streets', ?. where . Schrnltz r had
his .office, andton/being. questioned* as
to. Boxtoh's/, letter -and,: lii6 ( refusal£" to
act ,upon-it,. said:. .\u25a0-'. •%--.:'; * ; --.-..-;'Vf* : ."
: "I pnly'jrccdgnize.\THE mayor rof
.San' Francisco' arid his office is at; Post
and Franklin; streets.' -Besides I have
complete' control of; -'the police de
partment, had \ the • mayor "cannot X di
rect \u25a0me what ; I :; shall do witn ? ; any
officer; .The rmayor^ can x only 1 ihter
fere in; case of » tumult or riot.; Then
f any orders he may give .1; would have
to obey." V "','* .
-'Fannins:' (ailed at police' headqiiar
ters;later,land|when: asked af(there^was
vCoii«imeaj"oij|P«jßV^4,'i^liima^«n"v Coii«imeaj"oij|P«jßV^4,'i^liima^«n"
Mayor Forges First Link in Chain
of Evidence Against Glass
Heney: Sweeps Aside; :t^
• ' The new mayor of San Francisco, has confessed in
open court his acceptance of; a $5,000 ibribe from Theodore
V. : Halsey of the': Pacific* telephoneand telegraph company.
\i V - 'He handed me an envelope; -\u25a0'. iHe" said^lie was. sorry
iat-the way things j had /gone ; t arid^tHat\it\.was-the"best.-lie
could dp for me. rl put it in my. pocket and opened it when
I •? goV home. There was $5,000, in currency in it.". .
}\u25a0. .>. . These : were -the "",• damning^ words : in I which - Charles
Bbxton,>f ormerly dentist, 'recently „ ; supervisor, present
mayor, lemblazoried his own -.sharrie on ,the , records of I
Judge -Lawlor's court yesterday, at -the "same time thrust- 1
ing : Halsey's name into the mire; witH; his own; and forging j
the first) incriminating Hnk^m Louis
Gks^'the- defendant injtheicase^on.trial.. . '.
. When 'Assistant . District^Attorney * Heney ".turned
to ; DelpHih • Mv P^^rms* \u25a0 ; \u25a0fH e !.Vl^I^S-/^jj9roey^.fory,tteVdt^
fense, a rnomait)later ' and^sai^jy^akelt^^witnesSj-'he had
fulfiHedi the \u25a0 first of
Boxtpn; hej had; traced t^
|coinpany ? s;application'f6r*the^ : sale.
i of a franchise, :Step;by step, from
'the ; time '; it.- .was",- first,; filedV to j" the
date'rbf* its passage: ;H e -had shown"
the ' interest '•",takeiv : bylvHalsey , in
its : defeat ; ; had disclosed ; the * de—
tails/iOfj-many;- of v Halsey's^ claii-*
destine /meetings with the' various
supervisors ; 'had brought \u25a0 forth a 1a 1
.picture; of, the,; final j'meetirig \in
Halseyjs office, - and ; as :; a J climax
had/ drawn- out • the> admission of
the paymenb- and. -acceptance \6S
ilence '.already^ obtained 4 -and tq :
show . that : H alsey , was acting uh
der the \u25a0 orders : . of -Louis i Glass in
paying - the £ money -to ; Boxtoh -is
the' : r task -vthat^ remainsv- for tHe
State. \u25a0 ••' .';;\u25a0\u25a0\u25a0:\u25a0;\u25a0' ';\u25a0 '.;:: : ': "."\u25a0'" '? ;' " . :''" . \u25a0 ' >
\u25a0 Boxtoh \u25a0."tookVthe" .witness } stand ;
att 2 :40 - o'clock ' yesterday.; after
slater 'tKat* His {direct exariiiha'tion,
teeming." \vitlr rr absorl)ing \u25a0 interest
at every o'point/'vvas^coiTipletefl.
all^outwafdjajipeafances collected
andfself ;'possessed, anclwa^aAwill^
Continued on ]Pa«e]2;[Colnnui;i^ ; ; -
sunder the vague titk of "Conscience in
rArt," O. Henry tells , a clever story next
) Sunday/which is one of the best of "The
Grafter" series appearing in j|&
Imp^tiiieDit Question No. 7
For-tKemost original or wittiest -answer to this'gues-.
£ - and the: briefer the better—-The Gall will
1 pay!; EFVfc" DOpAF^.v'; For the next Rye
yanswersrThegall will pay ONE DOLLAR each.
Prize winning answerVwill be printed next Wednes
day and checks;mailed to the winners at once;
iMakefvpur answers short and address them to
_;.' \u25a0'-__ w^_ *-- , \u25a0" , , - <^\''l''.;';
t-. $o prize to L€e E. Wallace, Auburn, C&l* / *
A good joke on^our^ grandfathers.
$1 prize to Ceta Ryan. 3lio Clay street. Saa Francisco.
A bubble with a hole^in it.
i $1 i>rlze to' Mrs. Fred; Kemllns.'272 South Second street. San Jose. Cal.
A consolation-prize* to women—-for.:matrimony.
, .$1 priie'to-D. S. Wilson,.C32:Guerrero street,;Sani'-Francisco..
\u25a0x ;Heaven for-a -woman —the tother,place for her,husband.
":: -;?1 prlre' to AIE.; Wilkinson, C 37 First street. Saa Francisco.' "
Much on" earth; \u25a0 little : In' heaven. V t ",*"^
- $I'prize'! to Mrs. E. * Panlee/, Presidio of Monterey. 1 CaL "
" , Society's a mig'hty-horde^~SjHQ9^Bß
The\borers andltheirTprey, the bored.
Directors of Commercial
Bodies and Union Chiefs
Refuse to Act
Business Organizations , De
. mand Inclusion of Pro
fessional Men
Not Ready to Advance Fur*
ther Ideas for Munici
pal House Cleaning
The plan of District At
torney Langdon to call a con
ference of 15 representatives
of labor and an equal number
of delegates from the. com
mercial organizations to se
lect a new mayor received
its .death blow yesterday,
when toth sides repudiated
the pro ject. "The result came
as) a- surprise to » the graft
prosecutors, who believed
that they had offered a fair
/means of solving the difficult
problem which confronted
the city.
At a caucus held yester
day afternoon, representa
tives of the commercial or
ganizations indorsed a letter
sent by the , merchants' ex
change to the district attor-
j ney, proposing that the mem
bership of the conference be
increased by 1 5 members to
be selected by Chief Justice
Beatty, Judge de Haven and
President Benjamin Ide
Wheeler of the University of
California. This modifica
tion was construed as a re
fusal to co-operate. In- the
evening the building* trades
council rejected' the invita
tionito send delegates to the
conference on the grounds
Cou tinned on Paje :, Column 4

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