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Shipping News and Gossip
of the Water Front
Harbor Commissioners Will Compel Hay and
Lumber Dealers to Move Their Freight
The campaign of the harbor commis
sioners for clear wharves Is being
w-aKed earnestly. Freight not moved
will be charged for while on the dock
and after a certain short interval will
he warehoused at the expense of the
owner. For «ome years the lumber
men have been allowed to use the
•wharves as lumber yards. The hay
men ar« taking longer than anybody
rise to realize that the new board is
•n .earnest and some trouble is expected
before they are brought Into line. At
yesterday's meeting of the board Presi
dent Stafford announced that the state
riid not want the extra t wharfage, but
that it did want the space. The work
of tearing down old wharves' and build
ing jaew ones restricts the available
space, to a considerable extent, and to
fc»it the most good out of the area and
jrtve everybody an equal Bhow sum
mary action will be taken In every case
of delay in moving cargo, from the
wharves. . » ;:
The Santa Fe and the Key Route
have exchanged slips and waiting
rooms at the ferry depot and -will re
arrange their bag-gage accommoda
tions to suit the othec readjustment.
The commissioners requested the com
fanies to make the change some time
rko. for the reason that the Santa
Fe boats. In order to reach their slip,
I:ad to cross the track of the- Key
Route, steamers and vice versa. The
commissioners thought that this ar
rangement invited disaster In foggy
weather. The board's request was not
heeded and co a few days ago the com
missioners ordered the companies to
make the change, and the order will
bo obeyed. .
An invitation was received from the
Civic league asking the board to send
delegates to the industrial peace con
ference on July 23.
The H&s!*nt warehouse company
asked the board to build a shed in
'"little" Main street -wharf to be used
5n connection with the barge service
that the Haslett people are operating
between Main street and Mission rock.
The American-Hawaiian steamship
company was denied the privilege of
operating a roller for straightening
ir.on oa piers 23 and 25 for the rea
son that such work would involve wir
ing the piers for electricity and the
commissioners feared that this might
invalidate the insurance on the prop
erty. If the company is able to get
the consent of all the insurance com
panies interested the board may re
consider its decision.
T. Flaherty was appointed wharf
inger to succeed T. J. Cunha, term ex
.No Time Wasted
Time Is money -with the Standard
oil company, and nothing that can be
figured Sn dollars and cents Is -wasted
by the Rockefeller corporation- -When
the tanker Winnebago arrived here
Wednesday from Mororan It was de
cided that the vessel should be dry
docked to have Its bottom scraped
before making another trip across the
Pacific. Arrangements were made,
and at 1 o'clock yesterday afternoon
the big oil' steamer was placed on the
basin at Hunters Point. As the water
was pumped from the dock men on
rafts alongside the steamer scraped
and scrubbed the hnll as the receding
\u25a0water gradually dropped the rafts
down the steel sides. By the time the
water was out of the dock the Win
nebago was clean. As soon as that
part of the hull that had been sub
merged was dry an army of painters
went to work. The Winnebag-o,
scraped and painted, will come off the
drydock at 2 o'clock this afternoon,
end st noon tomorrow will sail for
the orient with a cargo of oil. Dur
ing the three days' stay In port Rocke
feller's ship will have discharged
ballast, loaded cargo, paid a visit to
the drydock shed, had an armor of
sea grasses and barnacles taken off
and -will have received a new coat of
Caps Urn at Vallejo - Street Wharf
John Gain, who operates a two seat
ed surrey for hire, was treated at the
harbor hospital yesterday for a dislo
cated shoulder. . Gain had conveyed a
party of sailors to the Vallejo street
wharf, and, after discharging his pas
sengers, had ffolten under way for his
anchorage at the ferry depot. He gave
his horse a cut with a whip before the
turn Into "East street had been com
pleted, and the sudden Increase ol
headway caused the surrey to capsize.
Gain- \ras thrown out. and when' he
reached the harbor hospital the sur
reons found that his shoulder was
Stabbed by an Old Enemy
Charle* .Wilson, a longshoreman who
lives at 73 Hartford street, xvas taken
to the harbor hospital yesterday suf
fering from a knife wound In the ab
domen. In explanation Wilson said
that a few minutes previous, while on
his "way to work, he met his old ene
my. Bill Grant. Wilson said:
"We had words. Bill lost his temper.
He outs with a knife and slits me
In the belly. Wen old enemies, me
and Bill."
The, doctors say that Wilson's wound
is . not dangerous.
Laborer Fatallr Injnred-
B. Flaveo. a laborer who lives at
SI B Broadway, was struck on'the_head
yesterday by a piece of casting' which
fell from a building in course of con
struction at Kearny and Post streets.
At the harbor hospital It was found
that the man had sustained a compound
fracture of the skull. His recovery is
Water Front Xoln*
The liner Alameda, CaptaJn. Dowdell.
will sailtomorrow for Honolulu.
Receipts of lumber by «ea yester
day,, amounted to 1.520,000 feet. Twenty
two thousand ties also were received.
The new steamer Yellowstone was
launched yesterday at Eureka and will
be used in the. coast lumber trade.
The schooner Resolute, bound from
Bellinfcbain for San Pedro, went ashore
yesterday half a -mile west of Dun
geness spit on Puget sound.; The ves
sel lies in an exposed, condition, and
three tugs . were unable to haul it
off. Part of the deck load has been
jettisoned. •
Items of Interest to Mariners
of the Pacific
" CXS PEDKO, Jnly II. — The yacht Vaiyrie,
r.hallettger -for the Kan Francisco challenge cnp.
•ill b*' si*nt Borth. July 20 on the . Bteamshlp
Hanalrl. Oscar Kreltag. «n expert rioter and
Mllor, will accompany the .yacht. Walter Fol
•*>m. owner, and Fulton and Densbam. members
of the crew, will go tor train on July 22.'- Several
«!t»rati«ns will be made to the rhallengcr before
the date of th« race on August 3.' -
A body floating near the Long beach pier wa«
revered last 'night and Is bellevM to be that
«f Harry Hcndrickson, mate of the barkentlne
Amazon, .who wan bUrwn to sea In an open boat
and loft <« May 12.'*
The North Pacific steamship company's steam
ship Roanoke, Captain Dunham, cleared tonlpht
for Portland, \u25a0 Wa San Francisco and Eureka,
with frelpht and passengers. -
The Ptf-am nchooner , Norwood, Captain Martin,
U out two days from Aberdeen with 'a full cargo
of lumber consigned to wholesalers at tlii« port.
The passenger aad freight steamship Bon ita.
Captain Nicholson. Is due to arrive tomorrow
from San Francisco aad way port*. ,
The schooner 'Alerts at 'Aberdeen: the schooner
<"Vimmeree,-«t Port Townsend, awl, the schooner
Bepeat, at Marehileld, - have r been ; charterwl *to
JL luml)( w cargoM for San Prfro wholesaler*.
The wbooner Queen, Captain Olpen, OniohH
«lscUrtrins • lumber canto and sailed today In
ba ll^ st '•"•\u25a0THUmook to reload.
k 1? c bark Heckla, Captain Nelson, and the :
narkentlne James Johnson wer« towed to the
outer harbor today. The Heckla isncheduled to ,
jail tomorrow in ballast for'Taconia to reload
ior tni» port and the James Johnson will so to
, Y ur * k »;. "here «be,wiil load a lumber cargo for
Australia. There were do arrivals at this port
tcmay. •< -\u25a0'\u25a0•.• \u25a0 *
-Jk*! steum wchooner Charlea Nelson. Captain
irenel. finished dljrharfflflg a lumber cargo and
reWd 1 tonight for Seattle, Tla San Francisco, to
The barkentlne Jame« Johnson. Captain Den
neeke, got away, tonight, bound for Eureka, in i
«T. ? tbe 'team schooner Charles Nelson, and
iiJ 0"0 "* 1 \u25a0 ""tiro carjro of lumber for this port.
PORTLAND,; July 11.— The German \u25a0 steamer ,
Alesia- an-ired at Astoria tMay from Hongkong
h "-B 311 ** 1 C «P> and will arrive here tomor- :
""*\u25a0• Two Bhipa which hara been at sea for!
c'e ' r * r * l Months ere expected to reach Astoria
\u25a0hortly. The German ship Slam sailed from
ixmdon for Portland on the 2d of February.
bb * wnies with a mixed cargo and la under
«i r . to **• Portl «<i lumber company, which
win ship a heavy csrgo of lumber to foreign
markets. The British ship Conway Castle
sailed from Antwerp on January • 9 with a
c "fS° °t cement for this city. She will prob
*hlL tate K l *' ll •«« discharging here.
. c , Bte *nißhip George W. Elder sailed to
night for Urn Antelea.
ASTORIA. July 11.-^The steamer Elmore ar- '
rtTed today from Ttllamook with a cargo vt
' pr 25 uce and passenger*. .
The German steamship Alesia arrived -today
rrom Toitofcanj^ after a qulck p4ggßge o f 1G
\u2666h ys V> , th general freight. She is chartered ' by
we Portland Asiatic steamship company to . run
retrniar between this port and the orient.
The steamer Alliance sailed for Coos bay
Wlt * \u25a0 fre'Rbt and passenger list. She had
on board several heavy pieces of machinery lor
« i/l* wmUl i*" 1 * buut at North Bend by C. S.
smith, a Minnesota lumberman. In the shlp-
m r< nt X. ls » By- w»»«l 20 feet in diameter and
weighing: 16 tons. The sawmill will be one of
we largest on the Pacific coast, with a monthly
: capacity of 26.000.000 feet of lumber.
The steamer Kedondo arrived today from
Sound ports with coal lor Portland. Th« Re
dondo is now running regularly between this
port and the Sound.
The ©II tank steamer Argyll of the Union Oil
company arrived from Port-and today and
sailed for California.
The Benson log raft arrived today and ««
soon as the tog Dauntless arrives th« raft will
De towed to. th« Benson logging company's mill
at San Diego.
As one of tha Hammond log rafts was being
taken out of a slough at Stella last night
preparatory to being started for San Francisco,
It was rnn on a bank, and while the raft itself
hanl l^off * nSer> il 1S consi<lcre<l dlf a c "'t t«
rr Ttl « C J nl , t , ed Stat * s engineer stetner Georco
a. Mendell was engaged today locating the
buoys of the south channel that were placed in
pos.uoa a few days ago by the pilots. When
the buoys are located accurately the inspector
will Usae a chart for the use of mariners.
. Tfae Overdue I.lst
British bark Criffel, out HO days from Sydney,
for Queenstown, 25 per cent.
British ship Desdemona. out ns days from
Newcastle, Australia, for Callao. 60 per cent.
British bark Dundonald, out 145 days from
Sydney, for Kalniouth, 60 per cent.
French ship Puguay Trooin. out 122 days
from Tchio, for Havre. 6 per cent.
\u25a0 British ship Loch Tay. out 133 days from
Geelong. for Glasgow, 6 per cent
Italian ship Orealla. ont 128 days from Walla
roo, for Falmouth, 6 per cent.
British bark Pharos, out 143 days from Ade
laide, for Falmouth. 6 per cent.
w^f™^ 1 " 11 shlp Sterling, ont "147 days from
Melbourne, for Falmouth, 45 per cent. .
Army Transport* , :
The Burnside is at Seattle.
The Buford is due to arrive today at Nagasaki
from Manila. •
_ 77 h * Crook arrived at Fort Llscum, Alaska,
July 7 and departed July S.
The Dlx; left Honolulu June 2S for Seattle
The Kilpatrick is at Newport News. Va.
The Logan arrived at Honolulu July S and de
parted July 9.
The Meade is at New Torw. Out of commis
sion. , , . .• • i , • ,
The Ingalls Is at Newport News, Va
The Sheridan is at Mare Island undergoing
repairs. ,
The Sherman sailed July sfor Manila. '•':'•- i*i
.'•""I? Thomas sailed Trom Quam June 26 for
Manila. \u25a0 -
The Warren Is In port.
The Cnracao'i Cargo
The steamer r Curacao, which saUed on Sun
day for Guaymas. had cargo consigned to the
port of destination and to other Mexican cities
valued at 563.325 and Including the following:
C3O bbls flour. 2,030 train wine. 68 cs whisky,
• 2 cs mineral water, 20 cs champagne. 5 cs cider,
1 1,423 lbs and 2 cs dried fruit, 1,312 lbs nuts,
1.5.2 lb« and <0 pkgs table meals, 45 pkjrs gro
ceries and provisions. 2.013 lbn bread, 2,317 lbs
and 7 cs butter, 2.792 lbs and 1 cs cheese. C 2
cs baking powder. 12 ctls barley. 309 lb« codUsh
1.315 cs canned goods, 245 lbs cocoa, "20 cs ex
tracts, 741 lbj glucose, 767 bales hay. 20 cs
olives. 295-pkirs potatoes, 123 pkgs onions, 40
cs pickles, 6.385 lbs and 38 cs paste, 2,247 lbs
Tier. 236 cs salmon. 7.502 lbs and C 5 cs spices
47.868 lbs sugar, 6.561 lbs sago, 34 cs table
preparations. 8.964 lbs tea, 884 gals vinegar, 120
pkgs paints. 32 bdls wire. 21 pkgs wagon ma
terial. 7,641 lbs tallow. 5 cs tar, 458 lbs tobacco.
*>8 pkgß tank material. 5 cs typewriters, 6 pcs
sod 3 cs steel. 200 bdls shingles. 2,802 lbs
coda. J. 549 lbs sheet sine. '1,178 lbs sheet copper.
25% bdls shook*. 245 flasks quicksilver. 180 pcs
and 88 bdls pipe. 7.382 lbs pig iron, 74 lbs opium
112 cs oil. 10 bales oakum. . 68 pkgs nails. 27
pkjrs machinery. 500 bdls laths, 76,449 ft 114 pcs
and 7 bdls lumber. 16.336 lbs pig lead, 100 bdls
and 42 pcs iron, 11 tanks gas. 20 cs fuse; 15
pkgs riectrlcal goods. 16 -. pkgs dry goods. 27
pkps drugs, 16,220 lbs cok«*. 37.590 lbs coal. 12
cs coal oil, 19 colls rope, 20 bales bags, 12 bdls
brooms, 639 crts bricks, Cft cs axle grease, 21
pkgs add, 13 cs arms and ammunition.
\u25a0 . Thursday, July 11. '
Stmr Weetport, Moreno, 16 hours from Union
Stair Samoa, . Klinker, 43 hours from San
Stmr Excelsior, Erickson, 55 hours from Co
lumbia river. • \u25a0
Stmr City of Puebla, Jep«fn, 40 hours from
San Diego. . .
Stmr Coos Bay, Zch, 72 hours from San Pe
dro, etc.
Stmr Eureka, Nwen. 24 bours from Enreka.
Stmr Pasadena. Kalnin. 14 hours from Albion.
Stmr F. A. KUburn, MeLellan, 33 hours from
San Pedro. . ~ . .
Slmr J. B. Stetson. Bonlflcld. 64 hours from
Willapa harbor, bound south. . Put In for fuel.
Stmr. Porno, -Mat son. 14 hours from Albion,
via Point Arena . 10 hours.
Stmr Cascade, Rorvlk, 40 hours from San
Pfdro. * t
Stmr Meteor. Wright. 3 >4 days from' Seattle.
fctmr Norwood. Martin, 61 hours from* Grays
Harbor, bound south. Put in to lafid passen
gers/, • \u25a0 *\u25a0 | ) •. \u25a0-
Stmr Olympic, Hansen, 35 hours from San
Pedro. . . •
Stmr Helen P. Drew, Gunderson, '43 .hours
from San Pedro. --.'.• . -
Stmr North Fork, Nelson,2 4 hours from Eu
reka. \u25a0 \u25a0 : v "
Stmr Svea." Allen, S8 hours from San Pedro.
£chr Sehome, Madsen, 6 days from Colombia
fiver. ". ;. -'. ....\u25a0.:.
Schr. Ida A, Campbell, 5 boors' from". Point
Reyps.' . .. ..-.-\u25a0 ; . ; -\u0084 \u25a0 ' ,- . -. .':."--\u25a0-\u25a0\u25a0 >;-.•
Beer Santiago, X^arsen, 10 hours from Monte- :
rey; In tow of tug Fearless; : • • \u25a0\u25a0„.\u25a0
Power nchr Washealore, . Perry, 08 hours from
Siuslaw r rlrer. . • >. • • •••
Wednesdsy. July 11.
Stmr City of Topeka, Hannah, Eureka; Pa
cific Coast steamship company. " ;
Nor Etmr Hearik Ibsen, - Reinertsen, ' Portland ;
J:: 1.~ Moore &. Co.' \u25a0-- \u25a0
' \u25a0\u25a0••\u25a0\u25a0• SAILED"
Stmr Daisy Mitchell, Smith, Willapa harbor.
Stmr Santa Barbara, Zaddart, Seattle.
-' Stmr Arctic, Olsen,,Fort Bragg.;'
Stmr Point Arena, Fagcrstrom, Monroe '.- land
log. •\u25a0:. '\u25a0•\u25a0•.;'\u25a0 ''\u25a0-••- •\u25a0 '\u25a0-,; -\u25a0. \u25a0, . •\u25a0'- '-.
Stmr Santa Monica, Olstn, Grays Harbor.
. Stmr M. F. Plant, Nelson, Coos bay. . •-
Htmr Norwood, Martin,' San Pedro. •• \u25a0 \u25a0
Stmr J.* B. Stetson, Bonifleld, San Pedro.
Stmr Svea, . Allen, Grays : Harbor.' \u25a0/\u25a0\u25a0'\u25a0\u25a0\u25a0
Stmr South . Coast.v Paalsea, : Caspar,
Stmr Ooalala, Kjellen, FJsbennanS bay. ~
. Strar Cascade. Rorvlk. r Astoria.' 1-'1 -' : \u25a0 ?
Stmr. Nome City," Han sen.: Astoria.;<^*-s',
\u25a0.. Stmr GracA Dollar. Johnson. ; Gray* Harbor. .. -
Stmr State of California, Gielow, San Diego.
Stmr. Olympic,- Hansen," Belllngham.
Stmr Newport; Hansen,' Eel. river. • :
. Stmr Tiverton, Johnson, Port Hadlock. i
Bark Kalulani, Colly. - Kahulul.
Bktn Gleaner, Schmehl, Coos bay. •
/ fichr Forest Ilome, Hansen,- Port Townsend.
Schr Gamble, Knudsen, Port Gamble.
Schr. Norelty, Krani, 1 Coos bay.. ;v/--
Schf Okanogan. Mather, Port Gamble.
: POINT i LOBOS, July 11, 10 >p. - bi.— Weather
thick, : wind west:. Telocity 11 miles per hour. ,
. -TATOOSH. > July 11.— Weather cloudy, • wind
south: velocity 18 miles'por hour.'-' - i ..;
-. .. SPOKEN \u25a0\u25a0\u25a0'\u25a0\u25a0\u25a0',-. . '
: June 24. lat B N," long ; 25 1 W— Fr bark ' Mare
chal do Turenne,from London,' for Oregon.'
' July 5, lat 49 N, j long 8 W— Br bark Alexander
Black, from . BottenUm, for San Diego. -
July '8, . lat \u25a0\u25a0 47* N." long • 8 .W — Br, ship \u25a0 Crown
of Germany,* from ; Rotterdam, for San Francisco:
"AT^^kKg^SWS^jMciO : . .GALE, FRID&Y^ FULY T2 f "; $$UK
Weather Report
United States' department, of agriculture—
Weather bureau. San -Francisco, > July. 11, 1907.
\u25a0 ,• RAINFALL,, DATA (j; \« ;.
"\u25a0" . - -i •, "' : Past - Seasonal
Statlons-f 24 hours, to date.l Normal,
ftureka ....... .....»."..." 0 v Tr. .02
Red81uff. ........... ..;0 , Tr. .00
5acrament0,............'.' .0 •",'•\u25a0 '-'\u25a0\u25a0\u25a0 0.-; ; ; /,"•\u25a0 .00
San Francisco . . r. ....... 0 ' \u25a0 - Tr. ... .00 -.-'\u25a0
San Jose' ::....;....... 0 : 0 ' . .00
Fresno .'....:./. .;...... O- •-• -,'0 ..-.; .00 .
San Luis Oblspo..'. .;..'. :. 0 ' " 0 \? : .01
I/is AnjW#«' ...-.\u25a0....'... fl . 0 • '.00v:
Sun Diego ............. ', 0 ' 0 .00 ,
;| ,? i? |---.. .8 -:'\u25a0. jfj[
STATIONS. § ' H : « or
rfcr fe -: ,-,:r • !/,
\u25a0'.. ' - •. ' :-"3 .\u25a0'•a •.-»\u25a0.\u25a0•:\u25a0•\u25a0• •\u25a0\u25a0\u25a0'\u25a0 • \u25a0
Baker ...' 29.82; 88- 54 N > Cloudy . Tr.
noise ....:. 68 :... .......
Fureka 30.02*60 64 W Pt.Cldy .00
Flapstaff . :...29.94 SO 62 NW Thunder .44
Fresno .29.82 102 68 W * Clear ; ;\OO
Independent. 23.84 02 82 NB Clear. .00
Kalfepell :.... ...... 50 .......\u25a0.:..,...
Los Angeles ..29.92 88 . 62 W Clear \u25a0 .00
Modena ...... .29.88 86 52 "N ThnnderTr.
Mt Tamalpalfi.29.oß 52.69 NW Clear, c- 00
North Head..:30.12 08 ,86, NW,. Clear • r.OO
Phoenix .... ..29.72 106" 80 W - Clear .00
Pocatello .....29.94 88 : 52- NW Pt.Cldy ' .00
Pt. Reyes Lt.29.05 58 51 NW Fog -; . .00
Portland .V., .80.00 78 ' 56 "N W ' Clear ' .00
Red Bluff ..'..29.82 9« -«6 SR Clear .00
Reno 29.90 88 54 ;W - Clear .00:
Roseburg 29.92 90 54 VN Clear .00
Sacramento .. ,2!).58 92 60 ' 8 Clear .00
Salt Lake ....29.90 90 : 60 8\u25a0 •• Clear .00
San Plego ;. ..29.92 70^66 W Clear - .00
San Franclsco.29.94 62 62 \u25a0\u25a0\u25a0 W \u25a0'. Pt.Cldy .00
San Jose ... ..29.94— *0 5« ' NW. Clear .i .00
P. \u25a0 U 0h1«p0..29.9S 74 50 N Clear .00
S. E. FarallOD.29.9H f>« 52 NW Cloudy .00
Peattle .......30.06 74 64 NW Clear .00
Spokane .......... . .' «2 ' . .r..... ...
Summit . . ....\u25a0 72 67. NE ' Clear - i ».l>o
Tatoosn . .80.10 56 52 S f Cloudy. .00
Tonopah ......29.82 86 «6 W Ptl-Cldy .00
WlDnemucca ..29.90 92 50 SW Clear . .00
Yuma .... ... .29.72 106 ' 62 W- \u25a0 Clear .00
•Arerage depth of snow on ground 4 inchea. . '
".* There ha* been a slight -rise in pressure "along
the northern coast, but otherwise no change*
hare - occurred. .In the great ralley of \u25a0; Call
fornian afternoon temperature* are near >; th«
100- degree point. No rain ha* fallen, except
thunderstorms In eastern Oregon and in northern
Arizona. At Flagstaff the rainfall has -been
bear.r. Conditions are favorable for fair
weather with slowly rising temperature Friday.
FORECAST. \u25a0-;\u25a0\u25a0\u25a0\u25a0\u25a0'
For San Francisco and vicinity — Fair Friday,
with fog in morning: light west > winds, brisk
In afternoon. .» •
Santa Clara Talley— Fair Friday; OTercast in
morning; light south , wind, changing to north. '
Sacramento Talley— Fair Friday;- continued
warm; light north wind.. \,' . -• • -\u25a0
San Joaquln valley— Fair Friday; continued
warm; light north wind."
Los Angeles and Tlclnlty— Fair Friday; light
west wind. A. \u25a0G. McADIE.
District Forecaster.
MomnentN of Steamer*
... ' TO ARRIVE • A
From ' ' ' 1.. 'Steamer . (Due .
Or«ys Harbor '.. G. C- I.lndauer. Jnly-12
Coquille River .... Eliwbeth ...... July 12
Salina Cru» ..:.... Mexican . . .'. ... July 12
Port Los Angeles.... . Newburg ...... July 12
Eel Rirer P0rt5........ ArRO . ..... July 12
San Pedro & Way Port* Coos Bay ...... July 12
Portland & Astoria...: Costa Uiea Inly 12
Nome Tii Victoria.^... Indiana. ..(July IS
}Vattl* ............... Delhi ...... :.v.|Julyl.T
Crescent Citj ........ Del Norte .....July 13
Humboldt Pomona .X : July, 13
San Pedro Roanoke ; ;..".'.:. July 13
Seattle Kureka \u25a0•'\u25a0• . : . . . V. July 14
Humboldt ..:.. Vanguard ...... July 14
Portland & Astoria. .. .(Voiemite :::.'.'. July 14
Hemburg & Way Ports! Anubla ....:... July 14
Mendocino & Pt., ArenalSta Foam .....July )4
Grays Harbor .*...... Tamalpais :*..'. July 14
China k Japan........ Siberia . ........ Julr 14
Humboldt City of Topelta. July 15
Conullle RlTer :...'... Mcnterey .'...... July 15
San Dieifo Jt Way Ports State of Cal.:.. July 15
San Pedro ...:....:. . . Hanalei ....... July 15
Portland & Way Ports. G.W. .Elder... July 15
Humbol.it . :..;... I Kureka ........ July in
I'nfet Sound Ports.'.. .(Sonoma .'......". July 16
Seattle & Tacoma... .. Buckman ..July 10
Grays Harbor ;..'..... Ccntralta ...... July It!
Portland & Astoria. ... Columbia : .'. . . .. July, .7
San Pedro & Way Ports lloiilta . .. . July t7
Japan Tia nonolulu.. . Am: Dupfrre .. July 18
San Diego & Way Ports City of Puebla. July IS
Point Arena -& Albion. Poino -......;... July 18
San Pedro: ............ F. -l A. Kllburn. . July 18
New York tlh Ancon.. San Jose . .. July 19
Destination . | Steamer | Sails | Pier
July 12— | - \u25a0\u25a0' • - .-•'\u25a0\u25a0\u25a0 !
Willapa Harbor ...... D. Mitchell.. .... ..
Grays Harbor ....:.... Acme ....;.. 12; m 2
Astoria & Portland...; Casco . ..::.. 2pm 2:
1 Astoria, A Portland.... Nome City.. 10 am IB
Bellingnam ..;:...:. . . Coronado . . . . 4pm 10 ij
.Seattle direct •.;.'...:.'. S. {Barbara.. 4 pm -2 \u25a0
Grays Harbor -;v."v. '..'.''. S. r -. Monica.'.". *4 pm 2
! Coos Bay' ............ M.-X. Plant. 4pm 8'
i Hnmboldt City Topeka. 10.30 a 9
Grays Harbor '. Newburg ... 3 pm 10
July IS—
Seattle & Bellingham.. Tullac 3 pm 10
Humboldt ............ Norths Fork. Rpm 20'
Eel RlTer Ports..... i- Argo ....... 11 am 10'
Humboldt .'..." Eureka .... 9am 13
Portland & } Way Ports. Roanoke .... [1.30p 13 -
Honolulu Alarteda . .. 11 am 7
Piiget Sound Port*..... I'resident .. Spm 9
Hilo ... .» . Enterprise . . 12 m 10
Seattle & Taeoma..... Watson .... i.3op 20
Los Angelos P0rt5...... F. iKilburn.. 4 pm 10
Point Arena & Albion., gomo ...... 6pm 2
I** Angeles Ports.^ . .".I Vanguard . . »pm 2
Lo< Angelea .Ports... . Yosfmlte .*.'. 12 m 2
San Djepo A Way PorUlCity Puebia.. 10 am 11
Jaly 15 — - - . • .: .. .' :
Seattle & Tacoma.../. Delhi .....; 4pm 9
Grays Harbor ........ Lakme ..... spm 20
('<x)nille RiTer ........ Klizabeth". . .\u25a0
Humboldt ............. Pomona .... 10.30 a 9
New York ; Tia Ancon . ". Peru ' . . . : . .. 12 m 40
Astoria 4- Portland.... |Cr,»t» Rica.. 11 am 24
San Pedro & Way Ports Cook Bay.".. Qam 11
Lo« Angreles PorU. ; ... G. W. Elder 0 pm 13 '
Nome k St. Michael... Indiana .:.", 5 pm ....
July 17—
Point Arena .......... Sea Foam..'. 4 pm : 2 -
Lo« AntrPles Ports..... Hanalei .;.. 4 pm 10
July 18— \u0084 :\u25a0-.".- .
China & Japan.......: Amer. .Maru. lpm 42
Coquille: Rlrer ....:.:. Monterey*.. \u25a0 •
Grjys_ Harbor^... .... G.vLindauer.J 2 pm j'st
.San Diego & Way Ports State of Cal. [lo am 11*-
TO SAIL FROM SEATTLE. ?;-\u25a0-.;
, Destination | .Steamer | Date '
Nome & St.'. Michael;.". Olympla ..:.... July 12
Skagway & Way Ports. Spokane \u0084......; July 12
Skagway & Way Ports. Cottage City.-; July It
Nome * St.. Michael.:. Pleiades ;..... July 15
Valdez iSeward. ;.'.;. Saratoga ....... July 10
Skagway & Way. Ports. Santa Rosa JulT 16
r*ome ................. Umatllla ;...:.. July 17
Skagway k Way Port*. Farallon .;..;.. July 18
Nome & St; Michael..-. Victoria ...... .July '>0
Nome & St. Michael.;. Edith.. .......;. July 21
Valde* * Sewardl'. \u25a0.*.-. Yucatan ....... July 24
Nome '&' St. Michael.:: Mackinaw ,:.... July 25
Valdez . & Seward. '..';", Kortba v . . .:.:..'. July '.as
Valdcg & Seward..:.. Jeanle ...... .". . July,' 25
FRIDAY. JULY 12 : r-
Sun* rises ...... . . .4:66|Snn sets .>... .... .7:34 :
Snn'nnd Tide ;
United States "• Coast ; and Geodetic Surrey— Time
.. aud Heights of Tide: at Fort Point, j For city
• front (Mission street wharf ) add 25 minute*."-'
•\u25a0*' Time '-."\u25a0\u25a0•\u25a0 Time Time '- .\u25a0- Time
Jly Ft Ft — «— Ft ——Ft
: (l w| h;w - l w hw .
12. .1 6:35—0.4 2:15 4.8 6:20 3.4 :... r~~"r ~~"
|H W -fy LXW . HW \ , L W*""
13.: 0:00 -15.0 7:09—0.2 2:45 -4.9 7-15 8 3
14.. 0:35 5.0 7:42 0.0 3:12 : 4.0 8:06 80
15.. 1:20 4.7 8:24 1 0.4 3:44 P.O 0:00 27
18.. 2:14 '4.8 0:05 ;0.8 4:14 5.1 10:00 2*l
17.. 8:30 4.0 9:48 \j 1.3 4:45 5.1 11:02 18
Time ' Ball
TJnlted States Branch : HydroKraphic Of flee ' aier
chanU'_Bxchange,\ San Francisco,, Cal., July
. The time ball "on- the tower of the Ferry build-
Ing was dropped * today exactly! a t noon, Pacific
Standard Time (120 th Meridian), or Bb. 00m. 00s
Greenwich Mean \u25a0 Time.' . \u25a0 \u25a0 -- •. \u25a0:\u25a0 :-•<; \.--~ ;t
'? .'. -C"^ C. BURNETT, '
' , ,Lieutenant,^U.'S.'N., In Charge.
U. S. Hydrographlc Office
A: branch of the United States ? Hydrographic
Of flee, \u25a0 located • at '. the * Merchants',- Exchange/. Is
maintained | In San Francisco for i the benefit of
mariners, without regard to nationality and free
of expense. Xarlgators ; are cordially ;lnrlted ; to
Tlelt-tbe office, where > complete \u25a0 sets * of charts
and Balling directions i of 'the : world are kept at
hand, for comparison \u25a0 and ' reference, - and the lat
est Information can always be obtained regarding
lights, i danger to navigation and all; matters of
Interest to ocean commerce.: :\u25a0 .•„.••\u25a0-, .--,,.._;,,-
Lieutenant,: U.; 8. N., 'ila Charge. .
. PORT. HARFORD— Arrived July 11— stinr Bo
nlta. honro July JO,: and galled fnr San Pedro. -•-
ABERDEEN'-^alled July ,10— Stmr Fair Oaks '
tor-Ban Pedro. -=\u25a0'•"\u25a0•: '. \u25a0\u25a0 .: . , '
- ST USLAW, RI VER^-Sailed - July, 9— Power schr
Sotoyomp,- for : San Francisco. . \u25a0
./.•. SANTA v BARBARA— Arrived July -11— U S
stmr 'Alerts from < Santa iCrua. -'\u25a0 :: ; \u25a0 -
TATOOSH— Passed In July 10— Stmr I Santa
Roea,". hence ' July. 8, : for Victoria;' Br stnir Lons
dale,; from ilqnlque,^ for Victoria. : ."- .
: Passfdi out 'July >1G— Jap stmr. ,
SEATTLE— Arrived *.-i July -. 11— Stmr Santa
Hosa, "hence July. 8:. :-, ! ' ; ..•\u25a0: \u25a0;,..-. •
• ArrJveil: July' J ll- : -8tmr ; Cottage'" CHy,'" 1 from
Skagway. '\u25a0'\u25a0'-\u25a0'' , -]"\u25a0-:\u25a0• \u25a0•\u25a0:\u25a0\u25a0\u25a0.:* \u25a0' .\u25a0:.-. \u25a0;-.-.. \u25a0 \u25a0\u25a0% - .,•
\u25a0'•> VENTURA— A rrtved : July . 11— Stmr James - S
Hlpulns. hence July 9.-,-." \u25a0' -- : i---\ • -. •\u25a0'..
<\u25a0'". ASTORIA — Arrive July 11 — Ger ' stmr Alesla,
fromiHonKkong."',."- . : .'..,- ..< .-. ,; :-\u25a0.— ...'..
; Sailed * July-; 11— Stmr ' Alliance, "i for : Coos ; bay •
rtmr f Argyll,- for 'Port: Harford;. . - ., t V. \u25a0..•.'•,
\u25a0 r Arrlred \u25a0• July > ll^^Stinr ' Redondo? from . Seattle* i
\u25a0 ti SAN PEDEO-TSalled July 11— Schr Queen, for
Tlllamook."-- .'\u25a0 '.\ 'n.;-.', -. -.\r." .":.•' ''i> • X \u25a0• - ; ; -
\u25a0 • Sailed : July . 11— Stmr . Roanok#, for, San - Fran-
Checks President , Hagerty
for Not Calling Him
Angrily^ ,, Galls for Defiant
Subordinate After He Is
; Beyond Reach
'.'.. "John , Mooney,;.you.. are .. for
twoweeks/'-^Presldent Hagerty ot the
police comunisslon. , ;^/
"Captain. <M6oriey,,- If you' please."—
Police Captain. John; Mooney.
\u0084 "Captain Mootiey, f you are excused for
two weeks.V^rPVesident vHagerty. '"./:
'\u25a0:-. "Call Captain \u25a0' Mooney back here."—-
Chief Dinan. • , ,
But the angry Command, of the;chlef
was not to be obeyed,' for * Captain
Mooney and his J attorney : had . hastened
away.- \u25a0'-. \u25a0\u25a0\u25a0 \u25a0 '-,-.-;r : \u25a0\u25a0\u25a0 -Nv.'-' \u25a0. \u25a0 . ..- : !
The "terror, of . tenderloin"- had
been -guilty of Insubordination I again;
this time displaying fth'e haughty. spirit
right before the, president^of • the; board
himself; but-. Dlnan "* ,was^*tob slow;; to
act, his command not | being" given -till
Mooney had made ; his "getaway." , ,
. The chief- had intended to : suspend
the captain then and . there for- unbe
coming : conduct, but .after - a .^whls;
pered, consultation; wlth ; the ; commis
sioners he decided tor regard the-Inci
dent as closed. ; ::.t: :.t \u25a0\u25a0-:\u25a0.- '
,"When the case of Captain Mooney
was called Attorney Roche- said; that
he had obtained from Judge Sturtevant
a writ of prohibition \u25a0;\u25a0; on the "ground
that.'Commlssloners 1 Hagerty,' Finn" and
Wallen were prejudiced; and? had par
ticipated in ' framing the charges. - The
writ was made .returnable ,6n : July 19
and the trial was continued for two
weeks.' '\u25a0•.'" \u25a0 : -..- / '•" , .' : ;;.-\u25a0.\u25a0, '-} \u25a0
Policeman -WWiam .: J. i Downing,
charged with being absent from duty
without excuse; '. and; Policeman; H. M.
Smith, charged with .neglect: of duty,
pleaded -guilty. Downing was fined
$25 and Smith was reprimanded. Po
liceman Thomas }Naylor. charged with
being absent- from <iis beat, . pleaded
guilty, but >as there is another; charge
of a similar nature against him, which
will be heard next; Thursday, : no action
was taken. "•" Special Policeman 'AY J.
Swift, who raised a disturbance at the
White garage In Market street and
flourished his' 'revolver while'"lntoxi
cated, lost' his , license. Special Pollce
'man Hugh E. Smith, charged with un
officerlike conduct *; for assaulting ; hls
brother in law: lrij. October last; „ also
appeared for. 'sentence. It was- shown
that since' that.] time Smith had be
haved hlmstlf, and the case was dis
missed. , \u25a0 \u25a0';. \u25a0'* ... ' \u0084.'.;%.\u25a0\u25a0 \u25a0, '?.:[ \u25a0- -}\u25a0
Andrew Briggs; \u25a0who was dismissed
from the department over 20 years ago,
applied' to be reinstated \u25a0 on the i ground
that his ,dlsmlssal\was not justified.
The board took the' matter under '\u25a0\u25a0 ad
visement. . , ;• , . .
Henry W. Rugg Is Elected Grand
Master and Frank Pierce, Oak
land, Grand Captain General
SARATOGA, \u25a0N. Y. - July 11— The
grand encampment ; of r Krilghts >% Tem
plar voted today/to \u25a0 hold its rnext; tri
ennial conclave \u25a0In * Chicago ""in" 1910.
The conclave concluded todayiwith tha
election of jthc 'fdllpwlng 'officers:
Henry W: Rugg,; Providence ; grand
master; William; B; Mellsh. Cincin
nati,; deputy grand master^'-•'Arthur
Mac Arthur,r thur, Troy, N. V.;; grand general
issimo; Frank . W. Pierce, .Oakland.
Cal.V grand captain general; H." Wales
Lines,*, Meriden, Conn.; grand trean
urer;: John' A-.Gerow,' Detroit,,- grand
secretary. '\u25a0 ~ '"/
, Grand : Master Rugg appointed
George C. Rafter, : Cheyenne, v-Wyo.,'
grand prelate;: William H, Norris, Man
chester,; la.,' grand standard ibearer;- J.
W. Chamberlain, St. Paul, .grand sword
bearer; Frederick C. Thayer, Portland,
Me., grand guardian^ y -
It was. announced; yesterday by; the
officials "of :. the steamship = com
pany' that the steamship | Sierra twill '\u25a0 be
placed -on* the Honolulu run for/; the
sailings; of^August -.24: and. September
14, taking the ; place of the steamship
Alameda,.;. which ; Is "to remain in port
to undergo an -overhauling.
W. . S. Falrbrooks fell down si flight
of ;stalrß^in a; lodging house, at Sixth
and Folsom 'streets : last night ? and his
jaw.' 5 - right arm and three ribs were
broken. :.
Cisco; bark Diamond Head, for Newcastle,"JX. S.*
W.: bark ' Heel*.', for Port.Townsend. ' ;\u25a0 >*":*-'
1 COOS BAY —SailcdJuly 11—Stmr Breakwater,
for Astoria.- '..' >:V -. • :.. ,'. . . \u25a0, / .
" EUREKA—Arrived July ',11—Stmr ; Pomona.
hence«Julyi 10; stmr Vanguard, Whenc- July 10;
launched, stmr Yellowstone. \u25a0* \u25a0 -'•\u25a0•?
PORT LOS ANGELES—Arrived July 11—Schr
Americana,^ from Grays Harbor. • •\u25a0.'.•
Sailed* July • 11—Stmr Alcatrai, for, San Fran
cisco."-'. -\u25a0"\u25a0"!\u25a0 -i :\u25a0-'-'\u25a0 \u25a0 '\u25a0'\u25a0-\u25a0 .\u25a0',:.\u25a0\u25a0\u25a0\u25a0 \u25a0 ' \u25a0 \u25a0 \u25a0
SANi DTEGO-^Salled July. 11—Schr Spokane,
for Port Gamble. . -.-••;,..- aa^TOfeSteßHaa
' FORT z BRAGG —Arrived: July 10—Stmr ' Co
quille River, hence July 9.
• Sailed July 11—Stmr Coqullle River, for San
Francisco.. 1 »"•\u25a0; <:'\u25a0•\u25a0 -" ' ,-,•>•.;'',.\u25a0 -r- \u25a0' -; '[\u25a0\u25a0\u25a0\u25a0-:
'\u25a0 Arrived July 11—Stmr' Brunswick, •- hence
July 10..- • .\u25a0.\u25a0.,\u25a0'..'.\u25a0\u25a0' ' \u25a0_\u25a0\u25a0\u25a0 ,-\u25a0'-\u25a0-.\u25a0 - \u25a0- - ....
; HARDY:" CREEK —Arrived July 11—Stmr
Marohfield. hence July 10.. .-'•\u25a0' ' '\u25a0'.;\u25a0 .
\u0084WESTPORT —Arrived July :• 11—Stmr PhoenlxT
hence, July 10. .• i \ - r .\u25a0\u25a0...-.\u25a0 ---.\u25a0-\u25a0\u25a0 .:\u25a0\u25a0\u25a0\u25a0
\u25a0 NO TO—Arrived: July 11—Stmr Nitlonal'City,
henesJuly 30. -'- i : •. .
:\u25a0- POINT LOBoS—Passed July 11—^tmr Tam
picor from SanPedrOj-for Seattle.
>^-t>^«'" EASTERN PORTS . * . \u25a0\u25a0'\u25a0 \u25a0\u25a0\u25a0'\u25a0
"\NEW YORK—Arrived:;July 11—Stmr Orego
nlan, - fromt Philadelphia;' *tmr . Finance, \u25a0• from
Colon. ' •';\u25a0; \u25a0 - '\u25a0'\u25a0' \u25a0"\u25a0 *." \u25a0 • \u25a0\u25a0-;: '.- \u25a0 • \u25a0\u25a0 • \u25a0
....;., ISLAND PORTS - : -
-'. HONOLULU—SaiIed > July' 11—Bktn . Coronado,
for San Franclsco^stmrjMasßachusetts.-for Ka
hulul.\u25a0--'. >-- -":• '.•-\u25a0:." '.' :'-'.\u25a0:'-'.\u25a0 \u25a0 '. \u0084. . \u25a0 .
; HILO-r-SaiJed July 10—Stmr Texan, for Salina
Cruz.-;- :;.'.'\u25a0•\u25a0\u25a0•;• -\u25a0.\u25a0^\u25a0•-••' \u25a0•••• '. \u25a0 " -.-•\u25a0 \u25a0\u25a0 \u25a0
,- 1,.,:.r;,.,,. FOREIGN, PORTS
SALINA - CRUZ—Sailed July 10-^Stmr Ncbras- •
kan, for Honolulu.*.-' .' • !
r- NEWCASTLE.'.' N. S.! W.r-Salled July" 6—Br
\u25a0tmr Cralghall," for. San Francisco., » ,
- , VICTORIA—SaiIed 'July . 10—Oer * stmr : Wan
gard; forsGuaymaß.;""i t-r »V-.' \u25a0 ' .: , \u25a0
:•«YOKOHAMA—Arrived July; 10—Stmr • Mlnne
\u25a0ota,'.from Seattle; Nor 1 stmr Sark," from Oregon,
via^Vlctoria.-" -V • \u25a0.•\u25a0\u25a0.: •; :\u25a0'\u25a0 -.\u25a0\u25a0\u25a0\u25a0,-\u25a0.\u25a0.•.;;.-. \u25a0_<\u25a0-\u25a0
\u25a0-"*>Arrived' Jaly 11—Jap ;stmr Tosa 'Mara,"-'from'
Seattle." - v----: \: •\u25a0!!-'-\u25a0-- >.- \u25a0 ; \u25a0- \u25a0 ..- \u0084_.,-...,
: PORT. SAlD—Arrived June. 25—.Fr stmr Ami
ral \u25a0 Olry,* from "Antwerp,', for: San • Francisco, j via
Hongkong.tetc.:-r""-, 1 '1 :: /\u25a0 ; ; ': •• -'.*,-;•\u25a0
? > RIOiGRANDE DO.SUL— Arrived off July ft-1-
Gerj stmriSanta",Lucia," 1 from*. Havre,:* for- San
Franclsco.'r-\u25a0---'\u25a0 *.V:-'- >-\u25a0'\u25a0\u25a0': '- j :. \u25a0 :;•\u25a0• . .': -\u25a0'\u25a0\u25a0. •\u25a0\u25a0;
-, ST. VINCENT—SaCed June 21-Br strar In-
Terenk,"' for. Manila."' \u25a0"- ' . .... •;
'\u25a0\u25a0;'• Sailed June 13—Br,stmr Pinna,:for BaD:Frad
clsco.'.:\u25a0«'';\u25a0•: :-*-'jrK'?i-:: ---***£:"\.::* ;•\u25a0..-\u25a0\u25a0 •-. ,':\u25a0\u25a0 -;.\u25a0-.". _„\u25a0'
... SANTA' ROSALlA—Arrived • July . s—Schr i Ma
nila.-from Grays harbor.' -\u25a0-.':\u25a0 \u25a0- \u25a0t. ; . \u0084
VICTORIA—SaiIed July 10—Nor nhlp" Mashona;
for Valparaiso. ,T. *!;\u25a0\u25a0"\u25a0"\u25a0 ': \u25a0 '\u25a0.': :\u25a0.-• -'
- *i July «11—Br.V utmr '- 11.onsdalp. from
i Iqulque, vTla . Guaymas;\*tmr:; Pleiades,,: from
: Nome. <\u25a0_*,'. "ri^-j- \u25a0\u25a0'\u25a0\u25a0\u25a0\u25a0\u25a0-"'\u25a0'•:"• \u25a0<\u25a0\u25a0 -\u25a0««'-\u25a0\u25a0• \u25a0.: ; \u25a0--.-.,:..:; . ;•=
;: \u25a0tt-,-i,.!>:,<>V>KoCEAN-BTEAMBBS • ; I,
"; NEW*YORK—Arrived July 11—-Stmr. Adriatic,
from? Southampton.-' ?*.;•,'. \u25a0 -~.-».\u25a0»!\u25a0•\u25a0. s \u25a0. _\u25a0\u25a0, . \u25a0\u25a0.
\u25a0- -. SOUTHAMPTON—Arrived , July,.., 10—Stmr
Oceanic, from New, York.:;.' , '. . .-:, •
•\u25a0 — - • \u25a0\u25a0 I \u25a0
Memoranda H
•-."• ti-'.-'/ .'.; -r.^,, './.',
••*'J. -;H.V" Price's -^'shipyard ?\u25a0 at'^Bandoni^Tor'e.^'
burned * yesterday.;«'At ? the" time: stmr * Daisy:; for
S. i Br; Freeman $ and % stmr j Fiefield: for i A.* Ester
brook I& i Co/sand t keel f Just i laid; for f McKay A
Co." werei totally destroyed.;/ :• \u25a0 \ -\u0084,.-.*
\u25a0. \ PORT i TOWNSENDj-* July > 10.-^Schr x Resolute,
from' Belllngham,. for San Pedro;- la. ashore half a
mile I west iof Dungeness \ spit. Vessel lies -in an
exposedposltion. . Has Jettisoned a part of deck
load. JThrea. tugs unable to haul j vessel off
thla'evening..":.>; \u25a0t,-:"*-.;i';';.;"-;,. \u25a0-;.:-."v;)i;. , «\u25a0\u25a0«\u25a0 ,; \u25a0\u25a0•
Mrs -E. Weiss Testifies Tha
Meri^Tried to Gain
; Heri Fortune \u25a0:\u25a0';
Wilson and Treat . Declap
They Acted Only on r
Good Motives
. - The alleged abduction *of "S Elizabeth
Weiss, aged < 78,. who' has ' $19,000 In
,barik,\ was investigated •, yesterday, iln
Judge Graham's court. Mrs. Weiss,;who
.was declared anvincompetent]last.De
cember and' placed under the guardlan
'ship of Mrs." Emily Winter, had charged
that "; she was [ V. lured away from her
guardian's; homo •-\u25a0 on . June' 27 '; an d'•• kept
under restraint for three days, at the
end of which time she escaped and was
picked ;up : by, :.th« . police,'- ;., Whil e; Mrii
Welssiwas away.-from her 'guardian's
home ; R. B. -Treat, attorney, and ; Frank
B>Wilson,'alsb'ari~ attorney, sought to
have her restored » to competency, and
Edmond . Latour,* an Alsatian fruit ped
dler,- made a --j vain '•' attempt • to "» induce
Mrs.', Weiss to ; marry him. of
these ; proceedings *J. E.; Harper, . attor
ney; for.: Mrs. Weiss, and -Frank .Burke,
attorney for.: Mrs. Winter, her guardian.'
charged Wilson, ; Treat and Latour with
having conspired to ;Obtaln : possession
of the.aged.woman's'money. ."•> ... .. - :
: Mrs. ..Welssiwas^the^ first .witness to
'glve\ testimony' | yesterday before Judge
Graham. . She \u25a0 told a straightforward
and definite story; of being taken first
to the home, of Mrs. : Belle Lee on Green
wich street; near • Baker; then to the
home 'of '\u25a0 Wilson.', the 'trip . being made
shortly- before 'dawn, and finally- to a
hospital, from jwhlch she'escaped. j The
old lady laughed heartily, as she told of
JLatour's j proposal. I When asked about
the \u25a0 petition to* restore 'her to . compe
tencyjsheldehledieyer)haylhfir heard it
read before she sighed It.
Frank • B. Wilsonwas the next wit
ness..' He testified in a nervous way
and .plainly was "ill at .ease. "He.s aid
that ' Mrs. Lee \u25a0 had ; informed him that
Mrs. : Weiss v being \ illtreated and
that he took up the case out of kind
ness of ) heart. -'As ' f or ? the petition* to
restore , her to it had not
only been, read 'to her by Mrs. Lee and
himself, he said, but she had borrowed
Mrs. Lee's spectacles. to' read It herself.
He : ; had his own. physician. Dr. B. A.
Modis examine, her as to her, mental
and physical; condition and' after get
tinglhls diagnosis had her taken to the
St. Francis hospital. ;, . •
R. B. Treat affirmed 'that he had act
ed wholly on information given to him
by .Wilson' at whose request; he drew
up. the petition to restore Mrs. Weiss to
competency. >
Mrs. Weiss,' on being. recalled to the
stand, declared that. the paper present
ed to her to sign -was almost entirely
blank. , - Wilson told her. she said, that
if she would sign the paper a big house
would be built for her and she would
get a lot of money. ..
; Judgre Graham ordered the Issuanc
of subpenas for .Mrs.* Lee, Dr. Modis am
Edmond ' Latour ; and continued- th
hearing until 10 o'clock this. morning.
Extension to McKittrick
District Is Begun by
Standard Company
BAKERSFIELD, July 11. —Work on
the 'Standard ' oil company's new pipe
line to the Midway field "has been- com
pleted; and men; are ;at work dlstribu
ting:the pine for the' extension into the
McKlttrick district.: Under the terms
of ; the^ contract made with the inde
pendent , producers of -j the Midway field
last '•; February,' the; pipe line was to
h'avejbeen in: operation .within 180 days)
from the- contract - date, : but '.from ' the
present '? condition ;'" of affairs it Is cer
tainthat the first oil will not have been
transported?: through; it : in ; the . specified
time.' The lack of water to be used In
the pumpirigiby both the Standards and
the ". Independents T'is the 'cause of
the y'delay: \. : The ; Standard Is . drilling
a ,well ? near the \u25a0\u25a0 site of * the
line's .pumping -.station. A depth of
550 feet has been ' reached, but ; water Is
stllHto; be encountered. . "When the 600
foot ilevelis struck : a flow is expected.
Should the well prove* to be a success
the \u25a0; machinery;' for the station '\u25a0 will be
set up immediately, ! but; ; otherwise -fur
ther 1* delay .will' be % experienced . In J the
arranging, for the piping of theVwater,
which ?must -then- be done. The Inde
pendents ; are ; also drilling for ; water,
to Vbe'used '\u25a0\u25a0. in ': the-, pumping/ so , under
the j. circumstance- that .clause.', in '"". the
contract is not!belrig«llved,up;to.' ;
Comparatively, little ;new development
work", is' belng':_dope' in j this district.
The washing : : away 'of v the* Southern
Pacific's "x tracks 7, by .': ' the' - Buena "•'." Vista
flood Shad:;, af depressing \u25a0: effect on v the
fleld s arid. but little' activity; is expected
for? a! month. .• ." lt • Is \u25a0> impossible to.' get
mail? to jthe ; district V.wlth:" the 'accus
tomed '. regularity, and .until ; an : automo
bile dally.stage line service now. In 'con
templation': Is , Inaugurated • the r mall ;will
be~jcarried<lbyj.way. :, of : McKittrick and
then teamed Across.; The Tulare oil com
pany,: however, continue *tO' direct; and
has its well in sectionj24 down*3oo feet.
The ; Sage f 611, company will have -a' rig
River Foreman and His Crew Thrown
'. Into the Swift Current of
. the 'Kootenai . .
.WARDNER; B. C. July ll 1 — An acci
dent this r - afternoon In the
Kootenai "rlver.^whenV- two"; men i.were
drowned. v? 3 The* river foreman 'and "his
gan gr/of ; six : men ! were jworkinir fa" mile
up i the f river *: and iwere '\u25a0? climbing ". Into I
their ; boat' to; return" when It {capsized
with 1 , five ; men, • throwing .them '\u25a0 Into ; the
swlft^current: - ' :7- '\u25a0 - .
: ; ! Earl?Gibbons;was4unable'-to swim
and 'I js'ank '; immediately .*«.;.-• Another man
named |Hlgrgrlns swarnjabout^OOi yards.
His companions?^ shouted «•; hlni^; to
awlms to;. the | logs ?. which '.were passing
In 1 ? larget, numbert.'flS HeY did not heed
\u25a0thelf,tcrles?andrsank;? benumbed -by -the
'cold; water. *^The jthreeTothers managed
tblswim,to;the?boom and were rescued
.by >'a\ party \ln'% a canoe." "''/'[
. LODl,tJuly ; 111-^Clovis-yA.j'Farns
worthi'"' formerly. ; a ; newspaperman , ; of
San |Pranclsco,l; Sacramento -; and { Stbck
tori,*lhaß]acqulredfa s half Interest ) inuhe
L.odlS'Pally« Herald??and > in^company
iWithf; pilsel Hopkins ji,wlli;7 enlarges^ the
;that % Dr^ J: ?; P.": Sargean t %of /Stockton;
who i formerly ' owned^a ') half ;• Interest
\u25a0worthi and , made^hlm a vi present ', of »'a
half Interest' in- the plant %ad business.*
Great Serpent Seen
in Walker Lake
QOLDFIELD,- XeV^ July 11. —
A' report ; from Walker lake
\u25a0 ays that a monster serpent
has beeifc ateen In the northern end
of - the " lake. Dam ; Cornell«on, a
mlnloK man of good reputation
f or \u25a0 Tneracltr, brotißht ; the «tory to
Goldfleld. - Comellaon «ayi that
both he and a companion named
John McCorry Mir the reptile
while flahlncr from a boat half a
' mile from the ('northern shore of
the lake It yvam then ma tin * Its
way toward the east shore of the
lake. .•'. Cornellson ' says that on
first sight he took the serpent for
a man In a skiff and that when
it disappeared for . a moment he
thought ,' that ; the boat had cap
sized anil rowed toward the spot,
when It suddenly reappeared, giv
ing them a good view of Its pro
portions,, which they, estimated, to
be about 30 feet In length and
6 feet, across the back. Another
resident of that vicinity, a man
named Peters, Is said to hare dis
covered the serpent some time ago
reposing In , shallow , water near
the shore, .and', on being aroused
it . disappeared In deep water.
There' Is also said to be a ! legend
among, the Plate Indians near
Shurs concerning the existence of
a great serpent i n Walker lake.
Project Supposed to Have
Been Dropped Will . Be '
' Pushed Through
OROVILLB, July 11.— It has been
learned from authentic sources that
the work of developing the French
creek power plant will be begun short
ly. Nearly. . four years ago a large
amount of money was spent in surveys,
road building and in purchasing water
rlght3, machinery, etc.. with the object
of establishing an immense power
plant at French creek, a tributary of
the- North" Fork, about 25 miles from
Orovllle. >*" . \u25a0 ,'
The Pacific gas and electric corpora
tion, which Is a ; merger of the Bay
Counties- power company, was behind
the proposition, and after a great deal
of preparatory work had been done the
project was; given .up and it was
thought abandoned.
-The plant as originally "proposed was
Intended to generate from 16,000 to
20,000 horsepower, but; the new project
is said to be of greater magnitude and
it Is thought may rival the "Western
power company's plant at Big Bend, as
the promoters have. ln thelr'possesslon
water rights s whlch will give them fa
cilities for furnishing unlimited powsr.
All Transportation to Fields
Is Accomplished by
\u25a0 BAKERSFIELD, July 11.— Although
the ' Kern County, land company. Miller
& Lux, and the Southern Pacific offi
cials are busily engaged making plans
for the handling of : the flood waters
over the Kern lake and Palonja terri
tory no definite arrangements have as
yet been made public. It has been
stated on good authority that the plan
of Installing two high pressure pumps,
having a capacity of 4.000,000 gallons a
day, at the levee may be ' adopted for
the returning of some of the water
into. the reservoir. ' -,
\ , After ;the break In the levee is • re
paired—work, to begin so soon as pos
sible— It will L take some time for the
refilling, of the reservoir with its capa
city of 3.600,000.000 cubic feet.
It Is reported that the. grade of the
road .may, be changed so as to bring
the line out of the; swamp line. All
transportation to the fields is by teams.
An 'automobile stage line will be placed
in commission within a week: "^
Busy Day Is , Spent by the
; National Convention
> . at o cattle
SEATTLE. Wash.. July 11.— After..-*
debated lasting f several hours, in which
the merits, of three -were heard;
the 'board \a of J trustees ,» of tha United
Society of Christian Endeavor decided
today that* the next convention In 1909
should.be heldMn-St. Paul. Minn. Kan
sas City, Mo., and Atlantic .City, N.* J.,
were the j defeated aspirants. .
vl-Thla^ was^. the. 'first ;day s , of work for
the ': convention/ L Sunrise prayer ; meet-"
Ings i ;were held at' every church In' the
city.. and ; the program concluded with
services ', in several churches at night.
All ~ day, long "meetings of. delegates
f torn Yevery.; state In the 'union . were
held .for ; the djscusslon- of topics ' perti
nent ito" the -. society [ and . many," proml- 4
nent- men f delivered ' addresses, ° among
them .: being Dr., Francis ; E. Clark of
Boston.!; president of '' the^Unlted soci
ety; WilHam Shaw of Boston, general
secretary of the Amos R.
,WellsT of; Boston.'.' managing- editor \u25a0 of
the g Christian Endeavor EWorld; . Hi
ram I N.\Lathrop of,'* Boston,' general
trcasurerof : the - society. . . .
>;" SAN. DIEGO, July 11.— Otis \ Trumper,
6\u25a0-. year,6 \u25a0-. year , old; son "of , O. A. : Trumper, swas
.badly^burned ) last \ night '"; by .the explo
sion ' ; bf ;a';mlne'>left. over -from s the
fourth.'; LThe* little* fellow' \u25a0 found . the
mlnem ln e ' an d , \u25a0 1 1 gh ted . :_th e v f us e. ;.:-\u25a0; .:-\u25a0 Its hung
fire andUhe.'.boy'vwent'to lookijust .in
time vto\ geti the full force of 'the" ex
plosion; In his face. "
VSALINAS.; July; li;— City 1 Councilman i
Philip^Steigeleman,^ proprietor -of kthe
'Monterey^ County^: soda ;". works, %: while ',
feeding; his horses" this 7 morning, slipped
ffom[&":ladder.»in" the.barn.v Three fribs
were 'broken and^hel was" badly /injured
otherwise. Hlb condition Is serious.
Route Will Be 300 Miles
Shorter Than That of
Main Road to Be Connected
»; . to New Orleans by
September 15
NEW ORLEANS, July 11.— The Pica
yune will say tomorrow:' Plans of, tha
Santa Fe system for entering New Or
leans and establishing a new trans
continental route from the gulf oi
Mexico to the Pacific ocean were) mads
known today by the visit of the of
ficials of «the ' company to this city.
General Superintendent Maxon. Chief
Engineer Felt and General Freight
Agent Hershey of the Gulf. Colorado
and Santa Fe. made an inspection pre
liminary to effecting a traffic arrange
ment with the Gould line which will
put the Santa Fe Texas line Into New
Orleans by September 15.
At the same time plans for the trans
continental route were revealed. Tha
Santa Fe proposes to build a connect
ing line from its San Angelo road trt
Texas to the main line to the Pacific
coast. This connection is projected be
tween' either Coleman Junction or
Brownwood." Tex., to Texlco, which is
on the dividing line between Texas and
New Mexico, and wilt "make a route to
the Pacific about 300 miles shorter
than the Southern \ Pacific's. Mean
while the Santa Fe will construct its
own line into New Orleans, using the
Gould connection temporarily.
Parties of Two Go Into Abandoned
Stope One After Another
and Perish
HAZELTON, Tfi. July 11.— Seven
Italian 'mine workers -are believed to
have been killed by white damp in an
abandoned mine stope today. One was
rescued alive.
Two of the men were sent Into the
mine to measure the water. Then two
more went to assist them. It was be
lieved that the force was Inadequate
and rhe others wete ordered to help
them. When the rßen did not return
an Investigation was made and" the
presence of the deadly white dam?
was discovered.
Superintendent of Local Mint to As-
sume Directorship at Washing
• ton in Few Days
OTSTER BAY. N. V.. July 11.—Presi
dent Roosevelt today appointed Frank
A. Leach of Oakland director of, the
mint to succeed George E. Roberts, who
resigned to accept the presidency of the
Commercial national bank, of Chicago,
made vacant by the death of James H.
Leach \u25a0Is at present superintendent
of the San Francisco . mint. He will
assume his new duties at Washington
late in the present month.
Accused of Having Executed
Kidnaping'of Alleged
DOUGLAS. Ariz., July ll.VOn th«
charge of having kidnaped Manuel Sa
rabia. alleged -to be wanted , by the
Mexican government . for murder.' from
the city Jail of Douglas on the night of
June, 3o, Antonio, Maza. Mexican consul
at this place, was bound over this af
ternoon to the territorial grand jury of
Cochise county under a bond of (1,000,
haying waived preliminary hearing.
Charged with the same offense Con
stable A. S. J. Shropshire. Arizona
Ranger Sam Hayhurst and Policeman
Lee Thompson jwcre bound^over. All
gave bonds. f"
The allegations are that on the night
of June 30 Sarabia was taken out of.
Jail by Shropshire and a special guard.
Dowdle. 'The latter. It is charged, was .
engaged at the request of Consul Maza^
who wastbjiave paid him. Sarabia was
placed forcibly in an automobile, and
choked as he cried out. "You're taking
my liberty from' me." He was whisked
across the line, a half mile distant. •
where he was turned over to the Mex
ican authorities of A§rua Prleta and th»
Mexican rurales.
The evidence throughout indicates
that Maza engineered the kidnaping.
Action Occurs While Battery
Is '". Saluting Governor
of Washington
PORT TOWNSEND. Wash.. July ll.—
One man was killed and two were se
verely.^ burned during the ceremonies
marking' the v reception to , .Governor
Meade and staff at Fort Worden today.
\u25a0 As thtf visitors approached the dock
in the United States engineer's boat
General • Wilson, a . governor's salute
of 17 guns was flre'd from a rapid firing
battery. One gun became overheated,
and as a charge was dViven home it ex
; * Private Tobassen, ' Sixty-second com
pany, received the full force i ot ' the
charge, -.which', blew off one. arm land
badly, crushed . his head. He ; died on
the way to the hospital. Privates Gil
bert; and McCracken, also of the Sixty
second company, were seriously burned
and McCracken lost one.eye.'
-The firing squad was , under command
of Lieutenant John Olmstead.
IKETCHIKANV Alaska.' July 11.— Four
men j.wereT torn to . atoms '\u25a0 by \u25a0 the jblow
ing iup~ of^ a*, barge ; laden with dyna
mite last nl?ht. , The barge belonged
to \u25a0 the"! Brown. Alaska company of Had
leyr> It-was in tow of a tue: and was
being taken .to the property of the
Brown Alaska company.
y ; LONG BEACH, July 11 A body
found 'floating in' the .water off the pier
here >;' yesterday .was identified ';-. .this
morning as that of John Gallagher, a
San Francisco barber, who is . believed i
to. have committed suicide la * flt »f

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