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Schmitz' Office
Force Is Given
Notice to Quit
Boxton's First Act as
Mayor Is to Oust
Four Clerks
The first, official act of Mayor Boxton
was the Issuance yesterday by him of
an order discharging the employes of
former Mayor Schmitz for falling to
report for duty at -the new mayor's
office in the city hall. When Boxton
made a descent on Schmitz' cftfice on
Wednesday he notified John J. Doyle,
secretary; Marcus Blum." usher; Miss
H. Botcher, stenographer* and John
Spencer, messenger, to report yester
day morning for. duty at the city-halL
They failed to report up to- 10 o'clock
and Boxton ordered them dismissed
from the service of the -city govern
Boxton later In the day, appointed
Harry G. McKannay as secretary -to
succeed Boyle. It Is understood . that
McKannay's appointment is : only temp
orary and will be subject to the ap
proval of the new mayor to be selected
by the committee of 30. McKannay
is an attorney, a native of San Jose, and
has lived five years in this city. \u25a0
The following was the notice of dis
. missal sent to the attaches of the may
or's office: "<\ r .
Ton are hereby nottfl«i tb«t, owing to yonr
failure to report this morning as ordered at the
office of the mayor of the city and county of San
Francisco at the city hall In McAllister street,
yon are dismissed from the service of. the city
tad county of S*n Francisco.
Mayor of the City and County of San Fran
cisco. .\u25a0-*•-
Mayor Boxton also £ent the following
notification to Auditor Horton of his
action in dismissing the four attaches
Please take notice that the following named
persons have been dismissed from the perrice of
the city and county of San Francisco from July
10, 1807, «nd you are nereby directed not to
bonor or audit any warrants for Falaries after
that date, to-wtt: John Boyle, formerly eecre
tary to the mayor; Henrietta Botcher, formerly
stenographer-clerk to the mayor: Marcus Blum,
formerly messenger to the mayor; John Spencer,
formerly messenger to the mayor.
Boxton sent a letter to Chief of Po
lice Dinan to detail Sergeant Peter
Fanning, formerly attached to the may
or's office; that Fanning*s services were
no longer needed and directing that he
be assigned to other duty. The letter
You are hereby notified that the serrlces of
DetectiTe Sergeant Peter Fanning, heretofore as
signed for duty to the office of the mayor of the
city and county of San Francisco, are no longer
required In said office and you are hereby di
rected to assign said dctectlre sergeant and such
other police officer or officers as may bare been
assigned to duty in said office to ether police
duties. • \ ,
Boxton also sent formal notification
to H. M. Levy, owner of the building;
at Post and Franklin streets, in which
Schmitz had established the mayor's
office at a monthly rental of $250, that
the ' quarters were no longer desired
for the purpose.
All notices were personally served by
Edward Burke, sergeant at arms b* the
board of supervisors.
Boyle asked President Duffy of the
board of works to provide a new sign
"Mayor's office," to replace the one
taken by Boxton which now graces the
McAllister street wing of the city hall
but Duffy refused to comply with the
Action in the Halsey Case
Is Put Over Until Eonday
No Decision on Motion to
Set Aside Indictments '
Decision upon the motion to set
aside the Indictments against Theo
dore V. Halsey, who Is charged with
having bribed supervisors In the inter
est of the Pacific States telephone com
pany/will not be announced. until next
Monday. When the Halsey cases were
called yesterday Judge Dunne an
nounced that he was not ready to give
•a decision. He thought a continuance
of one or two days would be sufficient,
but D. M. Delmas, attorney for Hal
sey. said he would be very busy today
and tomorrow, and the rendering of
a decision was continued until Monday
morning at 10 o'clock.
Judge Lawlor continued his decision
concerning the motions pending in be
half of the United Railroads officials,
the gas company officials, Schmitz,
Ruef and Glass until ' next Tuesday
morning* at 10 o'clock. He said that
Judge Graham had . returned and had
the matter of amending the incom
plete minutes in his court 'under con
Signature of Boxton Added
to Schmitz' and Gallagher's
Auditor and Treasurer Are
Cautious in Payments
Mayor Boxton affixed his signature
yestefflay to a demand In the sum of
$270 in favor of J. J. Dowllng for
street work. As the demand was pre
viously signed by former acting Mayor
Gallagher and former Mayor Schtnitz
City Treasurer Bantel will cash the de
"Both Auditor Horton and Bantel will
continue to require the signatures of
both Schmitz and Boxton before pass
ing any demands which have__ to " be
signed by the mayor.
It would take 10,500,000 acres to
produce the amount of grain which
England yearly Imports from abroad.
1 A VICHY Standard |
j DeligHtful Tt ~~'??£*' :; 1^ 1
Table* ' O]^ 1
Water Dyspepsia |
Medicinal - ®*±& I
'.. : Mrs:. Mamie - Peyton of Stockton,
grand outside sentinel of the grand par
lor. N.D. G. W.. who : *>ill probably
be advanced to the office of grand
inside sentinel. .
Delegates of Grand Parlor
; Adopt Resolution by
•Large Majority
&\u25a0• \'jf P. - — ,
WATSONVILLE, July 11.— The Na
tive Daughters of the Golden West by
a decisive vote in - the- grand parlor
have indorsed the woman" suffrage
movement in California. The matter
came up for action today as the result
of a resolution which had been \u25a0 re
ceived from the California woman's
suffrage association, asking that the
daughters indorse the proposition.
Genevieve Watson Baker' and Eliza
D. Keith were the oratorical . leaders
that were pitted against each other
this afternoon in the discussion of . the
resolution and each had an able force
of assistants. The former opposed the
adoption of the resolution, while' the
latter was strongly In favor of the
same. When the vote was counted it
was ascertained that the suffrage reso
lution had carried by a vote of 96 to 56,
thereby placing the Native Daughters
of California on record on this im
portant public question.
At the morning session nominations
were made as follows: For grand presi
dent, Emma G. Foley; vice president,
Emma M. Lillie of Lodl and Anna LI
Monroe of Humboldt: grand secretary,
Laura J. Frakes of Sutter Creek; grand
treasurer, Mary Deinpsey of San Fran
cisco; grand marshal, Susie K. Christ
of San Francisco and Mary Swason^
borough of Placerville; . grand inside
sentinel, Mamie Peyton of San Joaquin;
grand outside sentinel, Josie Barboni
of San Jose and May Barry of San
Francisco; grand organist, Agnes Troy
of San Francisco.
Miss Mary'V. Farley of .El Pajaro
parlor, "Watsonvllle, ; "wag , r nominated
for one of the "grand trusteeships 'and
will be elected tomorrow by. acclama-'
tion- For the other six grand'^trus
teeships the following 15, candidates
were named: Louise -Delz of San
Francisco, Harriet S.. Lee of Wood
land, Ella Flaherty of Seylpha
Beck of Livermore, Tersa Muldoon of
lone, Agnes Lee of San Luis Obispo,
Mamie .Carmichael. of San Jose, Miss
Jordan of Oakland, Lou T. Hall of Sa
linas, Margarent Hansen of Visalia,
Helen M. Nidever of San Buena 1 Ven
tura, Mary. Piratsky of Hollister, Anna
Lacey of San Francisco, Hazel Mc-
Farland of Folsom and Lena Redding
of. Downieville. The election:. of .all
the grand officers wiir be held tomor
El Pajaro parlor No. 35, N. D. G. "W.^
gave an exemplification last evening
of. the secret and ritualistic- work of
the order, for the inspection- and criti
cism of the grand par«or. Grand Pres
ident Eva, T. Bussenius. was given a
surprise -when~-Mrs. Clara ( Jessen,
president of El Pajaro parlor of this
city, presented her on behalf of the
local parlor with a costly and hand
some cut . glass bowl. The ; delegates
and officers of ; the' grand parlor/ were
then* invited to the; large reception
hall^ln the Odd bellows' building,
where r deft hands had prepared a
tempting repast. The decorations, of
the tables and^the room were beauti
ful. ' .-. »': "-::' - ;
At each visitor's plate was ; a taste
fully arranged basket, the handle of
each being wound with., golden colored
ribbon and heaping: over with large
Brandywine strawberries, picked w^ith
the stems left on them and served to
be eaten as fresh from the vine..;
The delegates and^ officers "of the
grand -parlor attended a grand ball
tonight, given under the auspices of
the'-'native sons, -assisted by the.nat
ive daughters of Watsonville. "
THE HAGUE, .: July 11.— The sub
committee 'to -"which . the question of
eubmarinertnines\was. referred met;to
day. General v Horace Porter said that
the American 'proposal' on. the: subject
corresponded * several oth.ers/ no
tably that of Great; Britain, andltherer
fore would; provoke .little; discussion. ;
B At the suggestlon-of^General Porter,
Rears'/Admiral .. Charles ; ; S. - Sperry ' was
appointed to /represent the* United
States On a special -commission which
will examine. the whole subject of sub
marine mines/>V.v" "".',' v . :
THE SAST /PRAyCISCa GALE, [ mttiAY^-m^^^A^
Supervisors Set
Aside Quarters
for New Mayor
Special Meeting Is
Galled by Boxton
for Purpose'-/-;
The "board *bf- supervisors held ; a
special meeting 'yesterday afternoon
for' the purpose -of officially designat
ing the Quarters to "be occupied '."by
the ? mayor "• in" the ; rooms \ adjoining \ the
auditor's office in the city hall." ,; ; f
The meeting was hurriedly called for
the . purposed the supervisors belag
notified'by phone that there "would be
ah important meeting ; of . the : board at
3:30;p.:m.\ -> >^ .\u25a0\u25a0 '\u25a0 .-'..:.:-'\u25a0 v \u25a0•". \u25a0''"\u25a0
Mayor. Box ton presided, and'the fol
lowing resolution .was "adopted: \u25a0\u25a0 ».;/»*iS
• .„\u25a0 Kesolved; - that [ the " two rooms ,. adjoining . the
a editor's office " on ,:, the . flret : . floor of— the east
wing; of the ; city hall be- and are hereby desljr
... uatfHl'. andaet' apart, for.; the, use. ofltUei mayor
j of - the city and', county* of : San- FrancUco, ' aivl
are hereby ofncUliy . deslgnatrd as ' the J mayor's
office ; of , said \u25a0 city and county for , his use \u25a0 in
the transaction ; of bis • official' duMes. _
'i Mayor Boxton Immediately signed.the
resolution and 'explained that* the board
of supervisors^ alone had^- the :power,
to set , aside : rooms for r the use of "citY
officials/ He had 'previously issued the
following ': call ; for /the meeting to
Clerk.Ryan:" ::.'
Mayor's Office. :
. - / SAN FRANCISCO, July 11." 1907..
Mr. -John H. Byan, . Clerk of.the Board-of
Supervisors — Dear Sir: ..Thig.ls to Inform you
that there will- be a ; spectal meeting 'of. the
board of supervisors on" Thursday, July 11, »1907,
at ° 3:30- p. . m., at the .ohambers/of said board,
for^the purpose of setting aside and : deslgnat-.
lnj certain rooms in the city hall for the une
of the mayor/of the : city ' and county lof | San
Francisco, to be hfereafter ; known \u25a0as • the • offi
cial headquarters' of sold mayor • and wherein
all : official ; business of said mayor shall '- he,
transacted. ' '\u25a0 . \u25a0 • '•' '\u25a0":. ~ ;Z:
\u25a0 You «re hereby directed to notify the ' mem- 1
bers of the board of: the'ttae and* place, of,
said meeting. Yours truly.' - \u25a0 \u25a0 ; - ' •-,
Mayor of the > city : and county of aan Fr»n
" Cisco. :
PreviousHo, the meeting District At
torney Langdon scanned the, resolution
designating the place to be used as^the
mayor's office and expressed his ap
proval of its "phraseology. .-
Boxton Indignantly Draws •
Bribery Line at Beer Checks
Declares He Never Had a
Drink Ticket in His Life
"I don't deny the big thlogs that I
have . been accused of, " but^l ;do deny
that I ever took a bunch of beer checks
for^ a prize fight permit." -\u0084-\u25a0'' .. ,
| The j foregoing statement -was made
yesterday by Mayor Boxton, who ap
peared to be lna jovial mood" after he
had; been on the witness stand : In the
Glass -bribery case. C
"They : have accused me .of all sorts
of things," continued Boxton; "from
eating the paint ; off : a house \u25a0upj to stak
ing tainted money.- Now I'll stand ifor
most anything ; they ; say" l \u25a0'*\u25a0 have i done
wrongful, but Jl^km^after. 'the ; fellow
that said I took a bunch of beer checks.
"Why, I never had \u25a0 a , beer check jln
my possession ; in ; my j life .and t further-:
.more, j I^don't^dJ^nlc : be.er.',;. I .believe Ut
was " Mr> Ruef who . said . that we supei*
visors wouldeat .the paint, off : a';house.
Now. I: want to" say that" l>:don't care
particularly .for paint ' as an - article \of
diet.. He Is probably the man I who* said
that: l sold myself. for arbunch of ibeef
checks and. l want to deny the allega
tion as being not founded on facts.'.';-; C
: Mayor- Boxton grew serious as ' : he
continued his vigorous '. denial .Tof the
beer checks annexation story and:talk
ed as though he j thought , that (was;thei
-most ..-serious ; accusation .' Tever*. made
against his character and reputation; In
this community. -
Father Yorfce^ in Mwatikee
r foterview r Defends Schmitz
Says Prosecutors " Are x the
.Men Really on; Trial * :
; MILWAUKEE/ ; July }. ii;-^"President j
Roosevelt was the , guiding, hand In the I
prosecution -and: 2 convictions of -Mayor i
Schmitz," declared \u25a0 Rev. - P. '. C. f Yorke of ;
San r: Francisco,' who ;is - attending", the I
convention of <the Catholic educational
association, in .session 'here. -He con
tinued: . ~ ~.
The president. In his almost vindictive desire
to obtain criminal evidence against E.-H/ Harrl
man, president of the. Southern .Pacific: railroad."
is forcing the prosecution of the : alleged > grafters
in San ' Francisco.";: hpplnij. to \u25a0 unearth ""some ; eTl
dence of wrongdoing with which. to connect Har
rlmau. iThus tut he hns been: unnuccessfnl," not
withstandinic the \u25a0 searching, examination "of ' the
chief counsel of ithe ; railroad,- Mr.'* Herrin.-;
„ Judpe Dunne.V, Rudolph • Spreckels : and : on* -or
two . others are } more on : trial ', before j the \u25a0, people
of \u25a0 San - Francisco, r Judge \u25a0 Dunne ,l» a- dyspeptic
young - lawyer '= bat < recently • graduated i from . tbe
law school, s and :. the Sebmit2 . case : was the first
criminal -trial-he' ever presided orer/?', ''";'- \u25a0•,'-;.'
•",-, The whole . thins ; out .there : 1b ; politics, r» ldeter
mination iof f certain wealthy men "to get-Mayor
Schmitz out of office and make It Impossible for
him; ever;to be _\u25a0> candidate a^aln.'. Schmiti \u25a0 Is
popular"' in \u25a0 San .Francisco— of that' there': is .no
doubt.- He has been: elected three 'times. -. " - '
\u25a0\u25a0 Who is : Ruef 1 : He -Is J the ; accfedited, boss fof
the Republican party; in ithe city, a' small,, weak.
nerTous" Jew- wh?>, managed to Ingratiate himself
into ; the confidence' of Mayor Schmitz. y. When 'he
was arrested he was placed In charge of Rudolph
Spreckels',- la undryman.;«; v \u25a0--,\u25a0-.-»--.- »- ,
::\u25a0, BUFFALOv;;N.Y*Y., July Peter
and? sportingman, -; and \ Marie ' Smith.'r 32
years* old^waitress 'i In'i his .'saloon fries
George ; Hodson; 'i aW painter, "*j is accused
,bt I the > crime? f SThef; Smith Vwoxna'n ; f or
merlyj lived? with j Hodsonrrandiherj re'r
f usal ; to - leave. Forresters place end \ re
sume ''j her|s relations;! wlthf: Hodson*j are
alleged Uo ..have libedni lthe 'l cause; for? the"
doublei murder.';* •'{ Hodson 1 was? arrested 1
a' : ,]few^ minutes^.'after^the?- crltne ti was"
committed. 2 ! He LL w»w »s £ covered '^wlthiblood,"
but declared '.that he had no recollection
of r'whati occurred. *\u25a0\u25a0'_ . • ;\u25a0', .^; r '-< : ; ;";
was "sitting s ! in front iof, his
saloohr; it , is : 1 alleged,*" when ,]vkHodson
rushed up k and »>• stabbed v himli. with'Sa
bujtcher.iknlfe.^iFoiTestel (sanki'to the.
ground f and' his \ again'pluaged
the i'nihe^inch'iblade"|6fX the t knife S Into 1
hlslbodyi S Hodson^then) rushed upstairs
to: Marie jSmith*stroom.7,She T ,was;in;.bed
asleep^jbut? was^awakened^ *by/f the
bursting]; open (of /the.'door;- " . ",-/
As r she: sprang? from | the bed? Hodson
stabbed >. her^twice.V.lrifllctirig 131 3 wounds
in^her'-breastlandf abdomen^ tForrestel
died •: in ";. five I" minutes." The
taken \u25a0 to , a^ hospital, v.where V; she ?• died
upon ithef operating |table7t4Hodßon*de?
clared VndJ had y teen Jdrinklngfand! had
no recollection i of^what' happened.- :*;
,~j Forrestel Iwas 5 602 years Jof | agev|§His
tain of pollc*. 4^£|B&fl
/\u25a0'.!,\u25a0\u25a0..!»\u25a0:\u25a0..,.,." "^~" \u25a0 \u25a0"'»'-. ' ......,\u25a0..\u25a0 ...»..'... .! . [\u0084^ '\u25a0\u25a0J. 1 . 1 ..., --...,.. \u25a0,',,-. ..,.,-. """,-, ' ..... ' ...."•\u25a0".." \u0084\u25a0\u25a0\u25a0\u25a0 ' j
_ L J__|_________J_____ __!\u25a0— \u25a0\u25a0« \u0084 \u0084 '_ "_ ,_ , ,|* '||| *T ' ' * > '"' I ./\u25a0'' I "il 'll ' lIHMMIII^ MM "-I ' — ' — -— ——^^ '
» Special Train Leaves 3d and Townsend Streets 9:30 a. m./ Valencia Street* Station 9:40.
Tickets Obtained Only at* Leland Company's Office. Open Evenings and Sunday Morning
•\u25a0 $2^,000 VALUE IN CHURCH SITESDONATED^ Balloting for best site. $15,000 VALUE W\
LIBRARIES GIVEN TO SAN FRANCISCO and Bay Cities Schools. Most N popular school secures best
library of 2,500 volumes.
"part owners of, the city— a sharer in all profit arid realty* advances.- $S,OOO,OOO. IMPROVEMENTS TO BE
A Grand Oceanic" Canal, Esplanades, Floating Fairy, Gondolas Among the Certainties '
Lots $300 ahd 0p Stocks $50 Per Share
Values to Advance Rapidly. A Word to the Wise Is Suffidentr-BUY NOW
GET IN^ON THE GROTJISTD :^ open evenings until 8:00 and Sunday corning until 9:00.
For All Details, Maps, Booklets^ Etc., Call Leland Company's Offices. >
Qontinncd from Page 1, Column 4.
Post and Franklin 'streets ' he";, replied
in the negative, Fanning,, the
chief; detailed ,: Detective \u25a0? Bell and Pot
liceman i CullirianeStb ?\u25a0 remain, '\u25a0 at Post
SnaJFrahklin"; streets, Twlthf instructions
tofsee^that no property belonging to
the ;clty was takenjfrom ? there; without
an order ; from a "- superior ; Judge::/ Not-'
withstanding \u25a0;•;"? Fanning's|.*: 'statement,
Dinan eaid that^there. was
there belonging ;,to the f city,' and 'he
did s: not ; propose ', to"? allow.; Boxton • and
they district attorney^ to' • repeat ~ their
performance of Wednesday.
State Ms- Expected to Be : Benefited
to the Extent of s Half Million
."' Dollars ;
r SACRAMENTO, ',-. \u25a0\u25a0 July 11.— Secretary
of " State" Curry > has* already 'collected
overj fIOO.OOO from corporationsr ; under.
the -new. tax ,law,'= which£provides for
payment \u25a0of • a tax graduated : in \u25a0 pfopbr^'
tion"/to capital | stocks." • Corporations
whose 'capitalization > does f *hot : exceed
JlO.OOOtmust^pay^a^llcense. of .slo"; and
the amount of tax | is' lncreased | by, grad
uation! until corporations^whose | capital
stock 'equals or exceeds. J5|000,000 are
required; to pay^s2so^;; It tls 'expected
that ':,the s corporations taxesfthis^fyear
will; net; the >tate l nearlyj ssoo,ooo. '.-.-. -.
~£. One .'. of > the 7 results \u25a0".; of .'the '\u25a0' new; --"law
has been to'.caase many corporations to
reduce the amount of ! their : capital
stock.' / J% -; '";.- '-\u25a0",.\u25a0 .;' : -.
\u25a0 ;- BOSTON, July JllJ-^May : operations of
L th«',- Pacific ; coast company ' were re
ported k today!!- ass'follows: - Gross :,earn
ings $660,529. '. increase |202,281;' operat-^
ing/ expenses : $566,585; v increase^ $193,*7'
853; net'fv earnings^s94,o44, / increase
$B,72B ;Xf rom 'July; l,*/ : gr055 », 56,676,224.
increase i; $865,857 ;~- operating, expenses
$s,B63,B6B, ; increase; $802,317; :net. earn-'
ings; $1,812,866 -increase jsss, 540. ':: ~; ..- \
Gas Hbt Furiiafl
;\u25a0 > ; . Furnishes I the- most^perfect; system- of .; heating;;
: for :; ! Residence's,' j Churches Vor'-i; School'-. Buildiriga'- -'
HEAT- the moment^^6u want it,' perfect reg-
ulationand^'absblutelyrno ''fumes from gas.
4Xn • abundant' suppiy^ofj Pure, :VHealth*ful,*> : : /
;^Springlike'*sair,>.cbmfbrtablyl heated; : V•/
\u25a0 \u25a0\u25a0\u25a0'<.: No dirt- I—no1 — no smoke— no asKesr— no labpr-—no
y -7 gas^rno sw^ting-of.waUs)and.win'dows'
|; X GAS U'tWCh'eape»t'Fuel'on'the market '
Gas^ Fumaces-.51~25;QP.Y
\u25a0.'\u25a0--\u25a0\u25a0 V ;'\u25a0\u25a0:. On- exhibition An\^ our; 'display,' rooms
"f": .'- \u25a0' -\u25a0;.;.:. r: r - Send ' ',' for" •.-'desmptivei , literature. . - .-.\u25a0; ._:.,.
Taft's Plan for .Change -of
i Commission V Methods
Made Public
. WASHINGTON, : July 11.— Secretary
Taf t's ; plans ;' for the • reorganization of
the .s administrative.; methods of
Isthmian ';'\u25a0 canal :•„: commission; v; as ~ap-'
proved jby : President '\ Roosevelt, were
made ; public 1 today. They | take the form
of, three orders.
v; Briefly, 'they provide, for the transfer
to /the chief ;of engineers of ;the-army
the supervlsion'of the purchase. of ma
terials \u25a0} and •; supplies; 'the ;• maintenance
of offices within the. United- States by
the commission i for.- the - convenient ex
ecution; of .-its business;^ the. appolnt
ment^iri: the-Urilted • States ;of the. com
mission's H employes,*', to be made by;;the'
general "under ; civil
service rules/ and the abolishment afteri
August of the provisions for, general
audi tors '? and \ the • appo l n trnent :. f or.l the
commission -upon the isthmus of an ex-"
amiheriof accounts and! in Washington
an assistant examiner of accounts.'" V ;
-U These /duties * are indi
cated, having... in;; view thorough ; in
spection *of ; account's ( of 6 the ; various^ of -i
•flces,V the"- periodical/ accounting .-of "the
cash *in « the % hands of the disbursing,
"officers • and ',' examination . of the : book 3
of .-the commission ''kept by -the \u25a0 dis
bursing officer. ' \u25a0 - \u25a0 . •', ;\u25a0-'\u25a0
Hotel: del -Monte Excursion
: Sunday^ Excursion to Hotel del Monte
(July -14 th).' -Round trip ticket, lunch
at hotel, > tally-ho ride, " all t included - for
%2.§Q. -For 'tickets 'apply at- once- . tr
Phelps-Lewis Co.','- Room. «02,' 110 Sutter
street.-; •"".\u25a0 . ; ; \: -\~ \u0084 "'' ' ." , ."*- \u25a0'\u25a0
\u25a0. SALINAS, July ll.^^-GustafC i G". Son-;
"niksen,^district v grand 1: deputy- of n the
Odd i Fellows, 'dropped [dead; thlsV.inorh-J
ing while'about «to proceed >to Soquel to
installfa ; lodge." ;: He vwas ; hitching -up! a
team^wnen's stricken:'^ SonniksenV.had
been fsextoh f of '\u25a0 the 'Odd » Fellows'- cem
etery;! 1 4 1 years J and i was ;" a'- member."" of
several' fraternal ' orders. " >* • " / ! \u25a0•_", ".
Grand Canyon and Return
From July 15th to August 31st we will
sell a special excursion ticket, San
" i Franc is co -v^lfflß^v ran(^
Canyon f W%& an(^ back,
q ay s • |3i^y| i^s B^ rate
f r ? m^^S^^SM^^ ot^ er oca^
points in §^|1 ~J Northern
;, :/ California. \Bl // This is the
mo sts t i^^ggsm*^- deligK*tful f
season at the most delightful mount-
ain resort within easy reach of San Fran-
cisco,and in addition to the marvelous V
scene, its hotel accommodations are
\u25a0 iexcellent, and varied in price to suit all. -
Ifyou are fond of the forest or of rhountain climb-
ing— if you :are a geologist, a hunter or a natura-.
list— or if you just love the sumblime in Nature,
:.\u25a0.-..': = ; .v ,here ; you find ,it. Write, phone or call. i*
F. W. RRINCE, 673 MarKet Street
•Phone TemppraryV3is -f I
j Savings Bank
The French Savings V Bank has ,ii-
, . \u0084Clared J a Dividend of
'on all ' its ; Deposits .
t Cor. Sutter and Trinity Sti
y Above; Montgomery/ St. r
|Call Want lAds^Bring Results
: . - . - proposals"
'\u25a0"-•PROPOSALS '.WiII fee received at the Bureau of
Supplies and Accounts,' Nary; Department ,. Wa«h-
Ington,-' D.', C"; s until ' 10 ; o'clock :a.-- m - inlr ; "3.
1907,^ and r publicly a op«ned •• immediately Uiere-
after. to: furnl&U at the.naTyj'ard, Mare laland.
Cal., - a : quantity of naral-^uppltea, as ifoUows;
Sch. 46 : Broken ; stone; ! sand,- hsrdirare, : Oregon
pine. T corrugated 1 steely steel t shapes and plates,
rails;.. Sch.-47— Broten istone. * Portland comeut
brick;* ' lime;: »and, J rlTets.> spikes,- wire •: nettrac.
lnmb«r," j i platinum, *.bar .. Iron,"? corrn?ated \u2666 ateet
steel s shapes :\u25a0 and plates, -< rails,V asbestos. mV l-
board; ; Sch.! 4»— Steel* plates; : Scb. 40 — Bathtubs
lavatory | flttlugs." Oregon \u25a0 pine. -; tallow. 1 * wood, 4 Iron
ors steely pipe., steel Unbine.- copj.»er \u25a0 pipe;, lense*'
Sch.^'so— Pea \u25a0 boans, tinned vettetablfs. « rice, salti
*alt- pork." tinned- I . bacon '. and* s i»inl;^tlnned" pears*
prunes,^evaporated r and ", tinned : peaches, - evap*>
rated ,>applea, ' tinned,- aprlrots. > condensed .- and
evaporated > milk, tinned Applications
for.- proposals ; should designate: the 'schedules »1«-
sired t by % number. « lJiank - proposals -; will"; be - for-
nished ' npOn " application i to " the navy \u25a0 pay ' of 2ee
San 5 Francisco, c Cal.; , or • to* tJie ' bureau.^ X . r'
ROGEBS, -Paymaster General, •- U.~ S \ ' '
Assessment Rook of Real and PenonaJ
I ;*';\u25a0;• Property,' 1007/
Board of Supervisors of the "City and
County of San Francisco*" New HalV ol
J . u *«Sf.*' N *°- 70 Edd >" street. July. 2, 1307
: Public notice is hereby given In acl
cordancevwith section 3*34 of the Pollt.
leal -Code,-: that the assessment book ol
the City and County of- San Francis^
for- the year 1907 has-been completed
and delivered to me as Clerk of .^
Board^of Supervisors, together .with th*
map, books and statements, and w i
be •. Open tor * Inspection ,in this offlci
from 8:30 o'clock a. m. to 5 o'clock om
and that said -: Board -of . Super vHori
will meet -to e.Taralne -the; a«Sessn-en
book .and^equalize the- assessmeni oi
property -thereon on ;. MdSaday. JulY • »
l»07. at 2:30 : ©clock, p.: m.. andt^wtu
thereafter, as * Board of Equalizattri-i
continue lr» session from?tlme T to tlmi
until-the business , of equalisation ni^!
sented to them-ls dlsposed-of. b t no
later: than th» 15th day of Jujy isor -?'
•:- Notice Ms also Riven that the assea*
ments.ofiail^iiorsons who- have h^«B
arbitrarily assessed by tbeTAssessor is
accordance with 3*33 ofjh
Political Code .will bn increased »snm
vided In said section unless said n«r.
spns file with the Board of Supervisor!
Applications -for assessment of reai
estare and personal property are tZ
quired to be verified by oath - -
Sv: ' JOHN H. r>YAX.q«rk. ;
IW.L BESS, Notary Pnbi
A*-' Residence.^ 14S0 'Page; Street. B*
tween 6 and BP. U

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