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Failure to register is voluntary surren
der to Herrin and the corrupt machine.
The unregistered republican cannot vote;
for honest delegates to the local conven
Republican* Register Today
New Regime for the City to Be Inaugurated Today
Insane Seaman Shoots Twice 'at President Fallieres of France
National Fete in Paris Is
Marred by Attempted
Fails to Display Any Emo
tion When Mob Sur
rounds Carriage
Baffled Assassin Relates
Some of Imaginary
PARIS, July 14.J
The national fete^
was marred "today
by an attempt en
the life of Presi
dent Failures by*
President Fal
lieres ef France,
at t-hort a sailor
fired- ltt>o shots
Leon Maille, a
naval reservist of
Havre, who \u25a0 it is
believed is suffer
ing from the
mania of persecu
tion. Maille fired
two shots at the
president, but did
not hit him. He
was placed * fc und.Css
arrest at once. 7
On account of
the activity of
the antinrlitarists,
who trici to or
ganize a demon
stration against
the army through
out France today,
exceptional pre
cautions were
taken to safeguard
President Falli
eres. The attempt
on his life occurred
on the Champs
Elysces, while the president was re
turning to the palace from Long
champs, where he had revievyed the
garrison of Paris in the presence of
250,000 enthusiastic people.
Premier Clemenceau and M. Lanes,
the president's secretary, were with
the president in his landeau, which
was escorted by a squadron of cuiras
siers. The carriage had safely
emerged from the Bois de Boulogne,
where the antimilitarists had \u25a0 been
stationed with the intention of hoot
ing the soldiers, and was descending
the broad Champs Elyseesamid the
acclamations of the crowds thronging
the sidewalks, who were shouting
••Vive Fallieres!" "Vive I'armee,"
when at Lesucur . street Maille, from
the curb, fired two shots in quick
succession at the president.
No one was hit. President Fallieres
was cool and collected when the cor
tege stopped. The diplomats who
were following the president's equi
page alighted from their carriage and
hurried to the side of M. Fallicres. ;
Finding that nobody had been in
jured the cortege moved on by the
president's orders. In the meantime
two policemen seized Maille, who
made no resistence, but the police
with difficulty prevented the irate
crowds from lynching the prisoner.
A cordon of reserves conducted him
to the station. There Maille refused
to give any reasons for his act, say
"The revelations I have are so
grave and serious that I will only
make them before a 5 magistrate for
transmission to the chief of state. It
is a matter between the . government
and me. I am the victim of many
Some of the witnesses of the shoot
ing said.Maille fired in the air.
is believed the man participated in
the recent seamen's strike . and . that
his mind 'had been unhinged by
fancied grievances.-
It is also believed that he. aided, in
the revolutionary agitation of the gen
eral federation; of 'laborjand; the anti
. c«OMud nFact 2. Caloma 8
The San Francisco Call.
MONDAY, JULY 15. 1907
YESTERDAY — Clear; maximum temperature,
60; minimum. 52.
FOBECAST FOR TODAY— Fair; fwrt-west
wind. . Pag« 10
Tbe Harriman report. P««» 6
A psychomanw examines Orchard. Page 6
An admiral's strange defense. Pare 6
.GRAFT ..-:..-..
Successor tn Mayor Boxton to be chosen ] today
and -the sew regime for the city lnacpo
rated. Pa* e 1
E. J. Zlmmer and Miss Ryan, stenographer,
will testify this week In- trial of Lonls
Glass. *•«• *
Strike of telegraphers grows more serions and
may be extended to eastern cities today. Pace- 1
Russian, gunboat Mandjur overhauls three San
Francisco fishing , xessela in Okhotsk J sea, seizes
their ' papers, threatens j their crews with chains .
and orders them vto lea re those waters within
seren days. \u25a0- Pa?e 1
Young woman stranger, j who Inhaled gas in
panhandle residence, is found dead in bed. P. 14
. Boyconrtct In San Qnentln prison learns -art
of clay modeling during leisure time and "makes
busts of Ruef and Schmltx.- . Pa^e 14
Woman of 65. despondent because of financial
trouble, takes her life. " Ps*« 2
XaTal militia returns, from Its 15 days- cruise
In the' United States ship Alert. " • Pa*e 11
( President Tveltmoe- of Japanese-Korean Exclu
sion league cays. that, fight for world supremacy
will be waged In- Pacific ocean. . . Paj* 11
Anxious mother endearors to locate pretty
daughter,', supposed to .hare eloped' with
plumber. Paj« 14
Legislative committee on Investigation of har
bors of the state will be organized here at noon
today. , Paje 14
- Baron K. Nakashlma, member of house of
peers of -Japan., arrives from orient and 'decries
rumors of prospective war between his country
and United State*. \u25a0' _ / •. • ../Page 3
SUBURBAN-. .'\u25a0•".-. ••;;.•"'\u25a0,'
". Railroad 'policeman runs smack j in . Oakland 1 *
Chinatown, and- takes a shot, at- flying /ori
ental. , . ' - P*C» 10
4 ., James I;/, Gallagher, late mayor of San J Fran-,
.<fteco,; falls" into'Oailaad.poUeemea'B hiaaa^taip"
plying ball" fox arrested 'chauffeur. ""'\u25a0:\u25a0"'"\u25a0 Vf t
COAST./" W^& : ~^'-'"' '- r - \u25a0'\u25a0 "^'-'^
To win a bet. Cattle King Joe Mass of Sanger
\u25a0 woos and : wins 'the fcaiid 7 of a widow within a.
.wtik.f : ;\u25a0 ; *\u25a0- r*.-7">' : * .?*S* !
Reports of the discovery of vast mineral de
posits - cause a * stampede . of • prospectors >. to the
Minaret country of Madera county. , Page 1
Illinois banker arrestei in San Diego with
bride says charge of poisoning first wife is a
plot. :-!?\u25a0,>•\u25a0. p«o'a
Twenty-thousand rlsltuig Elks already regis
tered In Philadelphia, where the grand lodge
will convene oa Tuesday. ' Pas* 10
Experts present Interesting reports favor
ing private and municipal ownership of public
utilities. , '• . ' Pa«« 7
Exciting events of the week are keenly felt on
the. New , York stock exchange. . ' , Pa*« *0
Haywoo<! trial Is fast coming to a close and
*otb sides rest tbelr cas«. , Pa«« 7
State department forms oriental bureau . to
dral with all '. questions relating to Japan and
China. Pa»« 3
Peace is restored In Roanoke after a series of
attacks on Greek vendors. Fa** 7
FOREIGN . \u25a0
King Edward is kept very busy- with state
affairs, social functions and race meetings. P.. 3
Argentine's delegate to The Hague peace con
vention says he Is sorry he accepted the
caH. Pa«* 3
- Insane naval reservist attempts life of-presi
dent' of France during celebration of national
holiday. . V.. -.» Pag. 1
\u25a0Many sporUmen will tie afield today when
tbe deer season is opened. Page- S
Melville Long and Carl Gardner reach final in
championship class In tennis competition for tbe
llammoud trophy. ' . -Psf* 4
Joe Gans is here seeking a match with the
winner of the Nelson-Britt bout. t P*g» 6
Sloop Yankee wins the handicap regatta. \ P. 4
Ssd Francisco wins two baseball \ games from
Portlaod and Los Angeles defeats Oakland. P.' 4
San Francisco's orphans to be given automo
bile ride and an afternoon at the Chutes to
day. ; , '] ; \u25a0-,• . Par* 4
Pacers Little Dick and Charles J are matched
to race for $1,000 a side. . . ' , Pare 5
.-: Henry -. Harris of - the Shell Mound '. rifle , and
pistol club wins tbe \u25a0 National' rifle \ association's
revolver "competition at BUIQf Eng. Pagi I
' Members of San Francisco fly; casting. dub are
barred from national championships In the j
Ancient gravel channel : is i discovered j after
long search and promises to cause revival of
activity at tbe Forest Hill divide. Pao »
Steamship Siberia celebrates two fourths of!
July while crossing the riciflc. . ; - >'\u25a0*•*• 10
Subscriptions and Advertise-
ments wfll'be received in v San
Francisco at following of i ices:
Open until* 10 ' ; o'clock every » night.
Parent's Stationery Store. , ":
. "Woodward's Branch. '\u25a0_ ';
Christian's "Branch. ;
• /Jackson's; Branch: ;:
Halllday'*!, Stationery Store.
"Blake's "Bazaar.* "
r > 3011 16TH ST. COR. 1 - MISSION ,
International « Stationery ; ; Store, y
/The; Newserie./
1531 CHURCH: STREET - ' ..
(George -, Pr ewjtt I *^rancb. ,•
Death Steers Auto
a Quarter Mile
T/ALLEJO. July, '\u25a0''. 14.—
X • Death rode- at the wheel of
an automobile' this morning land
steered the' machine > with the
hand of Charles Boylen, a
paichmakcr employed' on Mare
island, whose heart was stilL He
had been'out in i his machine with
a friend and was motoring along
the Sulphur spring road when he
suddenly pitched . forward and
died almost instantly . from heart
trouble. Unversed in the mechan
ism of the aulo t < Boylcn's com
panion Was unable to set. the
. brakes for some moments, and
meanwhile, Boylen,. his dead fin
gers clutching the wheel, drove it
' for a quarter of a mile.
Assistance was hastily sum
moned \u25a0 and the body brought to
this city and taken to the morgue.
An autopsy will be held tomor
row. '\u25a0 Boylen leaves f a widow
and was one of the most promi
nent men of this city. *
Cattle King Joe Nass
of Sanger Wins Bet
and Hand of Widow
flakes \Good /His Boast as
to , His^;Slall- ; ; as : a ;
' ;\u25a0 ;; Speedy /Wooer
ajFßESNO.^July'l<.^Joe.'Naßs;a jFßESNO.^July' l<.^Joe.'NaBs; a'cattle
iklhgr;oi klhgr;of > Sanger^.l5 < ; mileßteut]of*FW' | mo;
' Mrs.- Augusta-' Stelri v were/married
today ;by. Justice , of the. Peace Walton
'of "Sanger ' after a unique courtship.
Incidentally^ Nass won a'large sum of
money' to boot. , .' ' /'
Nasa had no thought! of marrying a
week ago. Hewasrichand a bachelor
and had the reputation. of being a wo
man hater? He' had . no social aspira
tions untile last Sunday., /. . - / : ,
While discussing matrimony with
some frjends7 over a : social : glass or
two Nass* bet '\u25a0 two '.to one .that if ; he
wished to .do so he could .win a wife
within- a week- -•\u25a0 The bet was taken by
George Arnstern ;and\the two put -up
a large figure— its size has been kept
secret." • ?\ ' ' . \ . .... ; --/'"-/
Nass developed some , misgivings
later as to his skill as a beau and did
not know whom to ask. : He- finally
decided upon "Mrs.- Angelina; Stein, a
widow with whom he" had become ; ac
quainted years -ago,, but unfortunately
he did not know. where she lived:
/Through an /advertisement In /a
morning paper Nass found ' that 'Mrs.
Stein lived three cmiles west of Fresno!
After; a' short courtship she; accepted
him, but balked' 1 at,- a hasty marriage.
Nass explained ; his 'predicament,' ,'" and
she . agreed to".; win';: the bet for him."
They, were married today by Justice
Walton, Just within the time limit.
Vast Mineral Deposits
Attract Prospectors
to Minaret Country
Mining VMenßusH; In and
Claims Are Staked in
the Snow
FRESXO, July 14.— Prospectors re
turning:; from the y Minaret ' country of
the : hi grh Si erra of Ma'de'ra county|af
firm that : that. section is; an extension
of the mineral deposits of Neyada. John
C. Moore, who With s Thomas ; Smith of
Los Angeles and other prospectors "\u25a0 has
completed a' trip; to? the ore bearing
country, said that rich' specimens 'were
found on *the: surface.'- •\u25a0 \u25a0 \ x , \u25a0, ;
"". Many mmmg 1 .men* of Tonopah * have
gone to the new fields and large areas
have been staked out, In ; many.; cases
on the snow. "Travelin that section Is
hazardous. . owing to the rugged . coun-'
try," th© deep snow and the' danger, from
snow ' slides. '- ; i)og; : : teams have -to \u25a0be
utilized in many 'localities.*. *; ' ; •
While no^shafts have been sunk?- rich'
specimens ( of /various \u25a0 minerals ;;'; ;' have
been \t oiind on the , It? is] al
leged that ". there is a mountain iof al
most pure : iron \ and copper ., In that' sec
tion; whiles lead .f and -: zinc *i have f* been
found' In encouraging J quantities. " One
hundred claims . have been J located al
ready.' i* ._/; •.\--... :^ \u25a0-//././ ,- /.;, ; v;"^-' .--.
: /ORAN.' AlgerlaT- July^; 14.— Fire jbroke
out* today.' with % such .violence on- board
the British l .^steamer ;; Canada. £ lyingS in
the ' harbor, rthat^aYdelstroyer(tow*e*dTher,
out \u25a0: into ' the}- roadstead § and
her.as. the/only/"means * of J saving^her
f rom 1 destruction^ wiThe |Canadascari? be
raised LwitbbutTdifftculty, aafsheUieslin
shallow -water.- • *V. "* • f
Situation.- Grows More
Serious: ;in r San
Francisco ; \u25a0
Western Operators Are Not
gSatisfi^:|Witfc;^^k -3
. in the^East
Men May^Be ; Called Out
in Chicago or -New
York Today
A serious crisis: has been reached
mr the - telegraphers' : strike. ->/The un
dertow''of discontent" has" 1 gathered
strength and /yesterday - broke > the
banks of reserve. • It has been* deter
mined that:xuiless a' settlement of. the
strike is effected ; by tomorrow • satis
factory -to the 'members who are out
on' strike the /executive.: officers will
be asked *to take^drastic j action. ' This
means" that a general strike , .may be
declared."-' The request will 'be. in the
nature of :a~ demand,", for_ the imen'feel
that .they, have'; the"; approval of : Presi-'
dent|Smail j^as J;-well^3^h«j,i^dlvlduai
lndorsem en t 'f'j'ci "& thf- me mtrts VishVprlfof
the t ; ; commercial ,, telegraphers* union
'throughout .the country/..*. "-.,;,. .- •
. .Tli*^ statement . Is ;mad« thai- If the
national : . executive board should -at-,
tempt to foree T a settlement displeasing
to ; , the /strikers. ' President Small -will
call I out,, the ; Chicago : employes . a3 l the
flrst^move in ,the : extension of" the
strike \u25a0 zone. ... / . - -, ' »"_
David. Allen,; chairman of. the .local
executive !i strike board, 'announced "to.
the. members' j r esterday : that^ the local
board. had ratified a request t addressed
to" Small to, call out: brokers* operators
except those /working on leased /wires.
This '. move .._ will ! be placed before ; the
local, union /today; for., further ratiftca-*
tlon, which,; if granted, ,wlll_ mean Uje
tyrng up of enormous business deals all
over the country [arid the paralyzing
of commerce. . . . . '..•\u25a0>\u25a0.'
The members of. ! the local union .feel
that ;the*jy'ist6rs from the east are tak-.
Irig their ]task-t oo easily, and" Deputy
President. ;Korienkamp! and Executive
Officers 5 M. : J.^Reidy and ,M. J. Sullivan
have not impressed the strikers by the
.vigor : of} thei? work.'/ .\u25a0\u25a0P^-_y. : . 'r'i'W^ \ '
••V;^ Labor Commissioner .Neill Is ; not ex-[
pected to be: able to accomplish much,
as he; announced' he' had come to look
over, thej situation for, himself and had
ho -definite i /ultimatum from - President
Clowry. of the' Western Union to stib
nilt .;";/y/ .';;'..': '•''- '-\u25a0 .•.'•/' :^' \u25a0\u25a0 " '•\u25a0 -\u25a0 "
/^President Small.- and, s the executive
officers >held' a" long "'.conference last
; night,'" but' would ' not divulge -the", na£
tare of their- discussion. .Commissioner
Nelllv made jno visits , yesterday, r but
said'he thought, a- settlement 'was I yet
possible with concessions on both sides."
*Small/said4tne . time - for .talking had
ended and: would not discuss the'situa
tion '* other '* than to say that hope * for
peace had not been ; abandoned.
; Advices from Chicago, twhich, next. to
this 'city, is* vitally > interested t *in f ; the
\u25a0trike, indicate / that' Labior f : Commis
sioner j Neiilrt has /failed 'in .reaching, a
settlement of the difficulties 'between*
the ".'\u25a0triltersX^andJMhe^; \u25a0western: Union
and; Postal companies.,- A. dispatch. says
thatVafstVikV'ls expected > /there :orjin
New *Tork^ by -s Monday nightie iFurther!
'theidlßpatch^Bays: \u25a0/ ;, - /„- , -/ \u25a0'\u25a0"\u25a0 v
'-; , *'It is known/ that . nonunion^ .operators
are \u25a0; being' moved about . r'th'e * country
and 'that *„; several » hundred -a re J 1 oca ted
in ;.Chica«o.';, '-I.The llocaiy uniohvhasXa
searching \ committee I in -, the ! field - v and
thefloci.tion:of every.'one known? toibe
able' to/wcTrk a^wlreT Is reported at head
quartersC / ; The si tuation 1b hourly^ grow
ing; worse in Chicagb.i General Secretary
Wesley > ; Russell •\u25a0 of " the - international
unloni'sald^^ this /afternoon that;; h'e.-exV
pelted word ' tomorrow that all further
negotiations had} been ' broken 'off and
that*? general^ strike ? would result.','/ /\u25a0
- MANCHESTER, N.; H.V. July^i^—Ben^
jaminf Corey • ;o£^ San 'Francisco : was
kllledlhere late this afternoon' by be-.
ing( thfb^n|from* a carriage. '/ He was
60 ' years of \u25a0 age ' and^ a brother, of \u25a0 WIIK
'lain 4 Corey,':: aVn'eedle' manuf actiifer^of
thlsj clty:^: The: latter" wag also^Jn^the
escaped ' '•serious injury. , Benjamin
Corey, was U. well v;- known, in 5 Phoenix,
'Aris. '. - \u25a0" „/. . .-. ;•;. , .. r >
Russian Gunboat Seizes San
Francisco Fishing Craft
r Captain A, ' Pedersen of the San Francisco codfish'er 5. N. Castle, one of three
vesseh' boarded* by .Russians in Okhotsk ''sea, relieved of, their papers and given
seven days in tshich la leave Russian waters, with the alternative of their crews
being sent in chains Jo a .Siberian prison. \u25a0': .'
From Okhotsk Sea
;; ,v/, v/ ! Captain* A}^ Pe'dersen,; commander of " the cod : fishing > b'arkentine
,S. -N."". Castle, arriyedjn^this : port .yesterday ; afternoon, and, hurrying
to the Merchants'-; Exchange ,' fije'd^a -report of his voyage into • Asiatic
-waters,';; tliat :; may^ develop ""'jstra jne'd \u25a0' relations ' between -the^United
States . ancl 1 Russia.' He .reported that three, fi shine\ vessels— -the S. N.
Castle,\the;John| p: Spreckels : and the\Frembntr^ut from^San : Fran-
Cisco r and^fishing in the '.waters' of '\u25a0 the > Okhotsk' sea, had been 1 over
!hauiedib'yVthe^Russian. gunboatiMandjur/ commander unknown,. and
[ their, papers They' had . then beei>Tgiven - seven days of -\u25a0 grace
in : which, to , 'lea yej Okhotsk with,' the, alternative *of : seizure of
I thc"'shii!)S'. and the xrews."" .'.y.-/' x . . ;.
I ;';* The' first named two vesels, Rafter, waiting until the eye of the
sixth ; dayi* for the ; Fremont, set sail and were not further molested.
•Part' of /the - Fremont's ere w, had gone ashore and that vessel was
forcedftd stay> more, than the] allotted ;time: V^As .the Castle, which
waited 1 until the Returning, gunboat hove in' sight, was leaving,Vthe
bfficersTbf the gunboat were; boarding the Fremont, which; still lay
at anchor. Its fate and that of itscrew are a matter of conjecture. .
.The fishing vessels were not poaching, as they understood .the
fishing law, ;but with their .papers gone and -their crews confronted
with' a> Siberia prison: ;'the captains,;aftera;c6nsultation, decided to
return to a; home port-^Two of -the yes-,
sels belong ' .to : A- B^PondVPondVflnan
cial> affalTs/ have been very much en
tangled lately, and, it is said, he r.was
'depending;'^ largely"/ .'upon this seasoi^a
catch ; of ; his' boats.; Their failure . may
mean the 1 ruin; of; Pond. •
' . The.S.; N- v Castle i dropped ; anchor; oS
MelggsV wharf i at . 5 [ o'clock \. yesterday
afternoon'; / Captain A; PedeVsen
hurried ; ; ashore; to /file, his; report.' Th«
John' D.;Spre'ckeis'; had been outstripped
in< the horne \u25a0 trip ;by4 its 3 sister; ship' and
is^exp'ected to? arrive > today,, or j tonight?
It- isiunder: command; of Captain^Durt.
/ ! Both boats "sailed from San -Francisco
bay :on^AprlKiß,(the^nrst' anniversary
of , ! the! earthquake ; and .{fire-/ The voy
age;to the : farVnorth'- wjais ,f ull' of mcl-;
dent^an'drmishaps: delayed -both* vessels
until were fjrnanyi weeks 'i late 1 in
gettingl^tof"th^flshirig*_grouridsAwThey a
arTlvedfthere. ? facc6rding:t6;the*Castle;s
log.Yori j May" 28 j and ;began .fishing ,' oper-;
Contlinedrbii Page; 2, Column-a
* -Nobody has a' more exciting calling
than the daring man who captures sea
lions alive for r the* animal trainers. Read
his'story next Sunday in
The Sunday Call
Impertihent Question No. 7
Why Do You Work?
For tKe most original or wittiest answer to this ques
tion—and the briefer the better—The Gill will
pay FIVE PPM^RS. For the next Five
Prize winning answers will be printed next Wednes
day and checks mailed to the winners at once.
Make ybiir answers short and address them to
1 liHt V>/^\l «i <»
Phelan, Le Breton, Rjran
and Others Say' They
;\Will Not Be Mayor
Will Rename Men Whom
Prosecution Intends
to Oust
Municipal Housecleaning to
Take Place at Ses-
' Although it was stated
last night by members of the
graft prosecution that in all
probability the new mayor
would be chosen today, they
refused to reveal the identity
of the citizen selected for the
position. Rumor connected
at least half a dozen well
known persons with the
office, but were made
on -behalf T of '.James D. Phe
lan, Daniel , A. Ryan, E. J. le
Breton, H. U. Brandenstein
and F. W. Dohrmann.
"All preparations for a
grand . municipal house
cleaning have been made.
The plan agreed upon by the
graft prosecutors provides
for the election of a succes
sor to Mayor Boxton by the
supervisors at their meeting
today. / The resignation of
the supervisors and the nam
ing of a new board is to fol
low in close succession. A
cleaning out of the various
municipal commissions is
also i planned. In short, the
new chief executive is to so
change the administration of
affairs that Eugene E.
Schmitz, sometime occu
pant of the mayor's' chair,
will suspect the seneschal at
the county jail of having
given him a flagon of Rip
Van Winkle's cure for in
After the. : change _ will
come a fight for control. The
convict ex-mayor, who in
his Napoleonic dreams, can
not distinguish between
Elba .and ; St. Helena, has
employed some of his hours,
of compulsory ease in!

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