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'-- \u25a0 • (
The SMF£aitiiscoCaill
JOHN D. 5PRECKE1J5. ....... .-.* .^ ..;.... Proprietor
CHARLES W. H0RN1CK . .... ...... . ';' . . . . . General Manager ;
ERNEST S. SIMPSON -; '. i i . .'. : -.-:".' ...V .Managing Editor
Telephone "Temporary 88**— Ask tor The Call.' The Operator Will. Connect
\ You With th* Deyartmeat Ten WUh. ;
BUSINES3 OFFICE . . .*. . .V.T. . MMarkert r and Third Streets, San Francisco
OpeaUntU 11 O'clock Every IQght' ln the Tear. . .
EDITORIAL R00M5. ...... M ..... ....;..... . Market and Third Streets
MAIN CITT 8RANCH.. .................. 1«51 Flllmore Street Near Post
OAKLAND OFFICE— UI 11th St (Bacon block) . .Telephone Oakland 108*'
ALAMEDA OFFICE— I4BS Park Btreet.... ......Telephone Alameda 559
BERKELEY OFFICE — SW. Cor. Center and Oxford. Telephone Berkeley 77
CHICAGO OFFICE — Marquette Bldg..C. George Krogness, •: Representative'
NEW TORK OFFICE— 3O Tribune Bldg. .Stephen B, Smith,' Representative
WASHINGTON CORRESPONDENT.'. . ; . . .'. .Ira E. Bennett
Delivered by Carrier. 20 Cents i Per;-Week.^7s?Cents Per Month. Single
,- \--.. '. ,'"Cqpies"s Cents. ;\u25a0•.*.*--\u25a0;• •/;.•'- V .' *
' Terras by Mail, Including Postage- » (Cash 1 - W^lth Order):
DAILY CALL (Including Sunday), 1 year ... ...;....:.. ......... .SB.OO
DAILY CALL (Including Sunday), ft m0nth5 V1... V.ViV. ;...... :.\'. 54.00
DAILY CALL— By single month ....... ....:;T. / ............. 750
SUNDAY CALL; 1 year .;V; .\u25a0-..:".....'..' ....J2.50
WEEKLY CALL. 1 year ...ll";. ........V:i'^i'.C, ;.'Y. . . .1. .. ..SI.OO ,
FOREIGN ) Dally ....w.*7.V.... SS.OO Per Tear Extra
L Sunday '...*•": IW.'. .".~.V. .*. ,i . . $4.15 Per Year -Extra S
POSTAGE. ; y , weekly, • • r .'i .^V^V"»". r^.V.> $1.00 Per YeariExtra
Entered at- the United State* \u25a0Postomcefafl'Second* Class Matter. . *
Sample Cppies Will;:Be> ; Fbjrw|i'r<l»d' When. '-Requested. \u0084• , .
Mall' subscribers' In ordering change 'of address ?BH<mld be particular to
give both 'NEW AlfD OLp^ADDßßSSXin.orddritO ilnßure a prompt
and correct compliance -with:- their" request. %:j«,'-_% :j«,'-_ iP '
ON August 3— a date made otherwise memorable ; by :; the
heathen Chinee— Judge tandis ''of Chicago vvill impose fines
on John D. Rockefeller'ahd'hisJ^a'ssociates. 'The surniise; runs
that the court will go the -iimit and; impose fines amouhtingf
to $29,240,000. Other against the oil company are
expected to end in convictions that" will entail fines exceeding
5i00.000,000. Y'-*y -}~ : \u25a0 .; ; ?.v; i < - 1 " ;| ; \u25a0•
These staggering sums^might appall Mr. Rockefeller were he
as ignorant of Standard oil affairs and resources as he professed
when on the witness stand recently. On that odefasion he con
trived to convey the impressidff that his business education had
been sadly neglected. He did. not quite declare himself a mere
butterfly of fashion, but he wished the . court to understand that
he did nothing to earn his salary of $100,000 a year. He hadnot
been in the office of his emplo3'er for eight years. He did not
\u25a0know the capitalization of the Standard, oil company, but ,he
guessed it might be $100,000,000. Indeed, he was quite uncertain
about the nature of the business carried on by the company.
Thus we find a« man who grows rich beyond the dreams: of
avarice while engaged in no more profitable labors than playing
r^olf and eating breakfast foods. One wishes that Judge Landis
had asked' him whether he indulges the fatal, habit of drinking
coffee. He would be likely to, know something about that, although
he was quite ignorant whether the Standard oil company had one
refinery or more. < x
For Mr.. Rockefeller's information we may say that he need
not feel alarmed about V $29,000,000 fine. In : the . tvverity-five years
that have elapsed since the:Standardoil company of. New; Jersey'
was organized the corporation'; has paid' more than $700,000,000 in
dividends. Mr. Rockefeller's alarm may be allayed.'- It is' the
people who buy coal oil who should be frightened. Let us pray
mat Judge Landis will make, .the fine as light as his conscience
will permit. The consumers of oil are, recommended to the mercy
of the court : V>^ /•*-.::;-,.' * .-' :
THE formula of eternal youth has been discovered for -this
latitude and proves much easier .of solution, than the binomial
theorem or the rule. in /Shelley's case. We do not mean, the
explanation of that celebrated rule supplied by a recent can
didate for admission to the; California bar. t "The rule in Shelley's
case," he explained to the 'court of appeal, "is the same as in- any
other man's case, because the law is no respecter of persons." He
was admitted. ,
This triumphant demonstration \was equaled if not paralleled
in Judge Graham's court ; by a,.young' .person f who testified "that
her age remained stationary, at. t ?22rf ( because A of^the; .commercial
requirements of her position. ' Being employed to wait -at table
at an eating house, she Has discovered that the heartless and mer
cenary proprietors will not hire^y^oung woman who admits more
than 22 summers. She bids ' defiance to FatHer Time, who is a
disagreeable old -party, an>^"ay, > at|22. ». TKus .the .neat
handed Phyllis who , slings; the <beansj [and] the coffee^is ever v fair
\u25a0 ever young. She draws h'er'coffee^o'a pair of deuces.
They tell us that Jove laughs at' lovers* perjuries, and as the
god of thunder isa person ofatnotoriqusly^loose way : o'filife/h~e is
quite likely, to bring up in r ithc|<Kyorcc ? TO
his unhallowed amusement !to ; the* 'mythology : of that accommo
dating tribunal where woman's '.woes '.are assuaged with alimony
and only man is vile. Judge Graham himself has the brow of
Jove and resembles him - closely;^ except \u25a0in point of morals. Being
a man of sensibility, as welPas a model -to his sex, he 'decides
that a woman's^ age: is not evidence.' salute the court and
admire his legal agility.
A CONTROVERSY in progress in New York ' relative; to the |
use of salt water for extinguishing : fires has sorne^ bearing I
on the very similar^propositiont that has been advanced -for!
San Francisco. New^Yqrk*; City/rhas rpa^jr.^nstilled/aVhigli!
pressure distributing system for thY extinguishment of,- fifes; and '
now the question . arises whetheV; salt or. fresh water shall ; be i used; j
and, further, whether ;the plant can be made -available for flushing
and cleaning streets. The- chief engineer of- Manhattan, Mr." dc ;
Varona, who is in charge i of ;the: work, is ' decidedlyi opposed .to '
the use of salt water; He declares^ that;it\ would; injure the pipes |
and machinery arid leave slime and" other destructive impurities i
on the streets. Some of the objections to the use of salt water are
thus [stated: ' / >,
The adds" which necessarily must permeate ; watery drawn v from the - har- !
bor will- be .most Injurious to parement I dare say that ; they ".wiil, 'eat- vp '
and destroy asphalt as ; the salt mixed Ice used ' by ; Ice : cream manufacturers
does; In fact, the flushing of streets with "salt water) has ' been tried I abroad l
.In Europe, and It has proved a^fallure. iThere^is'*atcleanslng property" in j
fresh 'water, which -is t not .possessed >by any f other: " I- should say, also " that !
the hoofs of horses would be Injured by.thosVsame acids. -You cannot begin!
<10. account for, the harm> they would do. * It'could v be v taken- for ; granted > that !
they would give off; germs of the* most' deadly, and WulentdescrlpUon
Another objection iwhlch , suggests j Itself •Is J that] the floo^ -of :water ''driven !
at high pressure, .would sweep;all the'dust,'dlrt^ard rubbish' in its path r into
'the sewers and most certainly choked them 'badly. * ' / \u25a0 ;;':; ;': j
Some/of these objections l do: no^ apply m - San {Francisco. ; ' It
would not be necessary here to take the impure^ water ofltheharljor.
The Pacific ocean is our natural source of supply. No doubt the |
salt , and other chemicals in sea water would havef certain \u25a0injurious i
effects. . " _ " .;\u25a0'-\u25a0 \u25a0 •-- \r '-\u25a0.'-;:-; ;:\u25a0\u25a0\u25a0:\u25a0';:
, ' The objection of washi^-t^Vstreetsiwith;a^highVpr^s^
supply applies; equally, to fresh: and salt water.^ Either^, way would |
be as likely ; to* choke: the; sewers as Hhe pother/ We vare not ;at; all |
sure ythatV:this : res
\u25a0system; of sewerage.'/ '.\u25a0 \u25a0-\u25a0 \ : JgU-^'-r \u25a0\u25a0'\u25a0.'" '\u25a0•\u25a0' ::\'?:^. "-:\u25a0 ' /--' ; : ' >V "'-\u25a0'• '\u25a0'. '-' ' '' ,' '' '': \
j ; There is stilla third; objection to* the use of any high -pressure !
system : for. washing "streets, and it is that a -:\u25a0 powerful- stream of |
water; directed ? from a > nozzle^; would-be : dangerous in. tl^ hands!
of an unskilled or .careless ;street r laborer.' A' column of water
under 300^ pounds, pressure would ; cut ;a man iniwo. . ;;'*V J•'"lJ •' "I
These -objections : are } notVinsuperable.^ i'^^^wise'ffplan -for !
municipal improvement, \u25a0 including, jthe * reform ; :oi .bur sewerage :|
system, the extinguishment; of .;':.fires --jari'd Itheu.cleaning; of j streets/
might be formulated' for j; SarV .< Franciscol with -the help ; of 'I New'
York's experience. ' ' ; i '." --•- : " { v *.. : ;^ r'T':' ;V: C; "\u25a0\u25a0' '-il'-^TX^T^: '-.... \u25a0\u25a0\u25a0\u25a0\u25a0\u25a0\u25a0' W^'-f-
BRASSEY'S havaic;almanac;> which^ ; is : .'?authb^ty,r^n :i Vthe'; ( sub7.
,ject, 'puts; thetUniteci -States : in{second;piace^ -This country^s
; naval ; force |is .surpassed : pnly^yj^^of : ; Totbe
..\u25a0-\u25a0\u25a0;\u25a0 sure, there : "isj; a 3 long^interval^between thewstren^h of j^ujr
i^ieet and 'that of England,; but, we have lbutlDuilt ail Jthe other powersi
Germanycomes next andjjapan; is /fourth: .'\u25a0 ;^-^^VVit ' ; ' :i ; *^:'\ii
; ; r While'; we have beer^-busyVbuiiiding '\BHips/o^wah^apyn.:has(nbt r
been \ idle, . Indeed, a somewhat ,feverisK"- activity*. Has .characterized;
and still characterizes^ the operations of the "Nipponese^ admiralty!.
The ships under construction are" thys' listed'; .". '\, : \ ' h ~^ : . V-J . : . ; % . .
I.; X' >- ' • . ;: ; ;- ';-•\u25a0 "; y --:: A^"-' «?/>>»•>\u25a0 ' ; : : \u25a0<\u25a0\u25a0:.: V- •; '?,>'ir,&'v .
>: . Aki, first dass , battleship:. r :\K.~;v.'.\\\\-'. r . : . ,V;vh^v: :vn9,o6o 0
\ / ' Satsuma, first fclass^^battlesKip;^/. .'.vvA . ..." v V^Vv;V';t 1 19,060
v Kufama^firstdas's) armored < °
I Tsukuba,:first?dalsVjari^rc^;cruiser;;.V.v.l.wi..;:.^^ - "
.Ikoma^first/"class{arniorcd;;cruiser.v'.Vr.v..^ ' \u25a0 ';
• Ibuki,: first: class farmored bruiser.;. .; . : ;. .. v; . Vv; : :;'.i 13,000 - \u25a0-'
; *Mogami, , small cruiser \ . ;-.". v.'.' '.'.. . . . ..'./. J-Sz'V.^l . . : . * 2,500
\u25a0^iYodo,^ small ; cruiser. :V.ViV ". r.'t :".';.-.. ..;:.; .^ ;•; ; :'•••. '.-Vl* 2^500 -
v - Tone/, small*: cruiser;;;; ;\twr;.r. c .i;';v.^.v.', ; !H! A'^/l 2,SOd \u25a0"•
In addition \u25a0to \u25a0 the '.'above -the - Kashimai 16,430; tons, and ' the' Katori,
15^80 j; tons; i arrived recently from "; England; and /the l following^ captured
Russian ships shortly;: be jreadjr.i for; sea:. Six^battleships,- four cruisers,
two coast: defense : ships;, three destroyers, and two gunboats. The aggregate ''
increase /in tonnage ; represented-by " the ; above : vessels " i 5"226,483 \ tons: ; v ; j
.;\u25a0 We hayef: nothing afloat as":pbwerfur as i the^ huge; Satsuma; ;re-|
ceritiy;launched;;^ich is^^^
is .true^we \u25a0haye^iet xoritracts^foF
20,000 tons; Htit under ,ourV^
five r to eight. years: to I ; build:ar battlesm'p. Itiis time for 'our naval
constructors to ) get a /move' onr The^Japanese build : a: warship; in
half \u25a0tne'timexons^imed^byJbuiv system;:br lack oisystem^ -.' : I
THE people vof /British Columbia > warmly resent -the veto of the
Dominion ;goyernment v on: measures designedto restrict Asiatic
immigration :to [ that \ province. ; of th^l Pacific
,v coast^ are in'fulhagreement^with^mencan^
ridian and -withUhe: Australians WdSbuthfAfnc
ese arid: the Chinese^ are^undes4^bie;h^
of sentiment ampng-allth^: communities; affed^^by thisjimmigration
have: looked askance onfall measures of restriction. Thus we find
the Lbndon^S^ctatbr}v^icKvistc^ mcdiu'mr'ofja^;
symp^thiesj' are i with . the .Arri^r^n^
tralians: The" Spectator fully -recognizes the ;difficulties which- this
question has, raised, between the United "States and Japan, but
fears /that ] Britishf statesmen- may;'- sKdftly;? be|brought face tolface
with yery.Vsirnilar^questions, which may be' additionally awkward
owing to complications arising, from the, English" treaty of alliance
with Japan. , "• ,
Almost all the .British colonies, are joining hands in this move-
Africa; .has enacted more' stringent exclti?
i subjects: *f^-<t^-^^
isn't } mp&mi}&?§mmM
Personal Weritioh
R. C. Mellody^bf: Riverside is at the j
\- John Shepherd of St. Louis is "at the
Majestic / :\u25a0\u25a0\u25a0
. E.J. Mazzuchi : of Reims, France, is
at the" Fairmont.
*: ! F.:,Tieutson and wife of New York
are at the Majestic. ;
V. Paul; M. GrelggT \Ot San Luis : Obiapo
,I.s : at 'th'e.'Jefferson.r ..\ _. ; ->V«-'VJ - i,>?
,;:E.rA-.Poe.and v Mrs^ Poe of Calaveras
are at the Fairmont; ;
H. : Mlller.and Mrs. 1 Miller of St. Louis I
are at; the ' Jefferson. • V T :\ \u25a0
; *M. { Fariba^and family, - of •\u25a0 ' Slnaloa,
Mex.,;are at the Majestic. ,
-" B. ,C..bauphlny, : - atmerchant of ; Eu
,reka,:isat-the;St. Francis."*- J, : - V
j^W.VH;-P; ; Hill and ; Mrs. Hill are?atl
the > Jefferson • from > Monterey.
.V :C:: C: I^rSed'tley-Vrid Mrs. Sedtley. of
Cloyerdalefare at'the;Hamlin.
.'..- F.j- B. : Kriickerbocker.^af Nev'eda i'mln
.lng^man,;is atithe^«t^rancls." ; _, .
<; ; A.V J. :"'\u25a0 Dimond,\a [ merchant
of .New^York.vls ; atUhieiSt.^ Fr'anclsT'o-;
X • '\u25a0 G."; H: -"'And fe ws/.a ; brass "man uf ac tu rr e r
of Detroit,; is a^ gruesfat ] the^Dorchester.
" -.? Dr, | J.i D. \u25a0: Davidson : of . Fresno, ac
compaoJedlby ,'Mrs.^Davidson; ls r at the
Ma jestic^^T-vj^V.^ \u25a0;•..--•; ;'.; > .. - :•
vC-fOlechenr'- a \u25a0 ho telman of" Colo
rado; Springs, 5 : and- Mrs./ GlechenTare at
rthejl|amlln;> ;V>--j-f;M^ »..; , m; \u25a0 : '
*'• Janle^cMGeary, a horticulturist of
Colus«C, accompanied by Mrs. % Geary," is
atjtlreSHamlln;^^. : • -; :
\u25a0vVSa^iLFerryrSmlth-and M.' A. Graham,
real'estate promoters of i San* Diego, are
at 'the St.: Francis. V '. : i ... I •
'^Alexander.'. G. fa
club'man^has returned ! tplthis^ city from
a visit ; to : Honolulu.'A^', -'; '..£s£;\u25a0 '*( \u25a0\u25a0-';-? \u25a0":
,ri/ Mrs. (i T. B. Rickey, *wif©* ; oVi a^ wealthy
min ins man • of JCsrsoh, f and ? Miss Alice
Rickey are at, the*' PalaceJ^rf:/''- :
' Reese; Llewellyn,^ -proprietor \u25a0; of;Cthe
Llewellyn f ironiworks; of * Los v Ahg A ele3,
is/a guest atUheJSi^Francls.^? \u25a0.-\u25a0* •:
' T. M.: Adler, : New iYork ' ; representative
of i, the ; Southern ;PaclflcT, company, is at
the ;st/ Francis ;.withlMra.Y'Adler; .>"-f;*-
;MrsyjohnJi^Holme < ss Jorßeat-'J orBeat-'
tie, who 1 have): beerw touring-: in ; Japan
and' China, ."are at. the Dorchester. - *•
I Denounces Calhoun's Newspaper Organ
W .The . press of ; the .state '] is ; ajraln" being
overwhelmed with marked copies of th©
Los Graphic, S containing this
week,; the i life fof ' Patrick : Calhoun. ? The
virtues of y. the United Railways magnate
are depleted f.withysuch7ahlningr£white^
ness;that anfangel'a i:wingrs: would r»eem
duskyi in ; comparison: :V?Mr>. Calhoun i is
declared?, by^: the jGraphlclto'ibe the •ex
emplification* of, fallHhat Us! jrood.*i while;
on^theTotherihana.'JHeneyj' and' Rudolph
Spreckels are painted •as ff fiends -of
darkness.j.:li:v;"..-. : -"V.;t. : :-j^' 1 -;; i'-\i '-\; L "" \u25a0" \u0084;.--. r « .' -
0 It is chargred," ahdj the reading matter
will^justlfy:. the, ; charge,' that"-*?the
Graphic ;] has i. been i; subsidized • by]: Pat
rick JCalhoiin '\u25a0:. toXv discredit s the \u25a0 graft
prosecution". Jnf;; San t r i \u25a0 Francisco", •?! and i
thousands': ofj copies are "''distributed j
free |! in^San ': Lf Francisco V* every >,week, !
.while; copies iaref sent* to l'every^ news* j
paperiin-ktheTstate^inihopel thatf a* ; few I
may^be"|fpurid'wwhoi;,will?so" farj forget I
thef dutyS they 1 owe % to"; the ) state ? and
to'2 the"; cause decehcyj^as ' to
publish some "* of -'the marked if extracts.'
condemning Kthe'fedltor?of.Jthe {'Graphic
.whojhasl prostituted 3 his I paper * f or^ the"
moneyjof ;Calhoun-andiwhojis]nowitry'r
lng.|toj induce itheKdecent /journals;; of
t theS state *sintb ; - helping Tout s? the>; dirty
; Post-^Both ?\u25a0 the .- • cook and k the
waitress , have ' left.' .
gi Mry* Pos t^Good ! 1 : 1 Now >. i ; bring
someTof^the ; fellows i home f orfdinner.^^
BroeklynTldre^^^MßW^f- *..-.;. :,-*,;-
The!-Smart Set
>V«^j*REAT Interest la being taken In
I *the production of "Lady Winder-
V\T mere's Fan.", which is (to be pi "c- .'
*^T/'Bented \ next month ; at '• Redwood
City by a- number .-of the* clever ;«n>- :
teurs,' who "t" t have their 'summer homes
at: *Menio : Park and Fair \u25a0' Oa*s. v 55 e ~ ,
hearsais'have been going on busily vv f or y
some^tlnre, and "are^ becoming more f re v
quenti-aV'the? time ' for -the ; production
draws T nearerl | Mathleu vwill "; be -
stage Jmanageri and; "the^ following * will
be'i the ;{ca»t: /--' Lady^TVlndermere, - Mrs. .
tWorthlngton' a Axaes ;/» ' Mrs/ _'\u25a0 » Ertynne, \u25a0
Mrs." Fred ':. McNear^duch^esr^f »Der r
wick/ Mr s. : H." McDonald:Spenc6r : \ Lady
AgathaVCarlysle7:2Mlss < VMarylrJ£:eeney: <
tiord ' t "Wlndermere, , Allan*^Dunn:VlLord >
Darlington. - .S. - ; McDonald ~p. Spencer; ",
.Dumby.^ourtneyrFord^-LordXAugus- i
tusT Lorton,'; Rdyden •\u25a0 Williamson ;"- Cecil .
Graham.'- Fred \u25a0 McNear;i Ho tter." Arthur
Hooper,\ -«u»d ;,; Parker,, \u25ba: . Worthtngton_
Ames.: Among, otfiini ;who^wlll be in ,
caaf .will ;.be . Mrs. ; Percy ; Moore. . Mrs. ;
Willard'; Drown « and -'MUs. Gertrude
HydeTSmith^ v ' " ?,•_. ; v.;;:r : :v: v v - :
• The wedding of Miss Lillian Seiz and
Steuart ; will take place Satur- v
day afternoon, and to the disappoint- .
men t ' of ' their many " friends. . they ; hay« .
decided. that it wlllbestheiquietest^f <
occasions. The 'ceremony, which /Twill
be' read by - Rev. William \u25a0 Rader.Cwill ':,
take .'\u25a0 place i. at ' s i o'clock s in -the . prf a- .
ence \u25a0of * the members o f th c two . f am- .
Hies.' Miss , Pearl { Selx. the * bride's sis- ~
ter, .will -I be '\u25a0, the t maid 1: of : - honor,', and
Aylett Cotton Jr. will • be ' the ibest ; man.%
Mr. Cotton and his; bride will \u25a0 leave the
next day for the east, and after travel
ing .there i for,* a.'i' time". will go -to Key _
West, ,. Fla-^'where .their future home
win; be.: V - r . - '
. u William"; ; Fisher 'la; entertaining ,&.*
party> of • guests " '. at >. bis f V ranch : near \u25a0
Mountain f. View, Jthey ~ v having '/gone --'
down /today ;to v remain' \u25a0'. until-' Friday:
Among tho3» . who^are^ enjoying ' Flsh-.
er's' hospitality/, are ; Wra.^William ?\u25a0 M.
Gwin, Mrs. James Potter Lang-horne,
Miss Edna Hamilton," Misses Margaret ' \u25a0
and Martha Calhoun," Miss Julia Lang
horne and -Stanford Gwin. ~- t -..;.-, *
Much sympathy Is'' felt r-for^ Robert '
Oxnard, who was painfully Injured a
few. days since at Tahoe by being: thrown ;
from -his horse. -. He, and THrs. Oxnard "
were guests of Mr.' and " Mrs. - 'William '
in feiivray
r *.T , ' ADLER, city passenger agent of
I the Southern Pacific in New York,
•J -who Is on a visit to the coast, ar
•rivedin this "city yesterday.
"I am confident," he remarked, "that
this year's : immigration into California
will.be greater than In any former year.
Our. New York office is deluged with in
quiries from; all classes. The most en
couraging sign of this immigration Is
that^the : weir to . do ' farmers _ of New
York state, who were so wedded to the
soll^ that they rarely left .the farm, are
talking of selling their places and buy
ing -land , in California. The literature
that has been distributed In the East is
of i the 5 best " kind/ : f or :It enables the
farmer to act some idea of conditions
out here. -In former years the men that
came out . hero on colonist rates came
more to; look over. the lay, of the land,
while "';. the v future * Immigrants will ].he
bona •\u25a0 ' fide settlers," with * small capital
and boundless ; energy. .The ,immigra
tion from Europe is very heavy. Hun
dreds Frenchmen, and their families
are arriving dally," bound for the state
of Sonora, in Mexico. Mexico is proving
attractive to the^French, and all parts
of the. republic are 'receiving immi
grants.? The country \u25a0 around Oakland
will receive large accessions to its Por
tuguese colony. Hundreds are arriving
In," New. York and the only word >in
English they know Is 'Oakland.' " ~-.
. \u25a0-' '• t ». • ;";• ''„ \u25a0'— v -",« \u25a0'.
.. 'The ; cantaloupe Industry around
.Turlock is- assuming i encouraging pro
portions," said a railroad man the other
day. "and it is estimated that' s3B car
loads will .be produced . there this year,
half of which probably, will go to east
ern': markets/ .This, is a brand new
enterprise ~ for this ? part* "of the' state,
for ltl was commonly accepted up to
this time" that* the Coachella valley was
the 'only place.' where .'early , melons
could be .raised : for eastern consump
tion. . : David \u25a0 FJj Loane, who was In the'
real ''estate business, in: this;, city for a
number -,of years."*/*. went to Turlock
Answers to Queries
; PANAMA-—Subscrlber, City. Panama
is in 'Central* America. .*'
\u25a0-"*•'. . '. . '• * •'\u25a0'•
A CLUB— CaII Reader.- City." If a "club
or social organization wishes to enter
tain its members and serves beer with
out-charge'it is: not a violation- of 'the
law any more. than It is for a family to
entertain a 1a 1 number of friends at dinner
and- serve wine. "-\u25a0"
: GETTYSBURG-^G. Q.,' Madera. Cal.
The * poem;"- "High ,Tide r at \u25a0 Gettysburg,"
by Will H.Thompson," Is'to be found in
a . number lof 'publications, ' among them'
"Ballads ; of American ' Bravery," "Bea
con" Lights ' of . ; Patriotism" and < "Ameri
can' Songs and. Lyrics."
In the Joke
"^jTeacher-T-'What rls the future m ot'"l;
love,'^ ; Lulu? '•"'... *, . T • \p
r w Chicago^ Maid— "l Divorce."— The 80- '
hemlan. _
t \ '•'•'.'• -' \u25a0''
' '."What color did you paint' your
house? 1 !/ •"- ' • , \u0084..;
;'^Herringr', ' .: ..
","Yes;;i.live" near a number of fac
tories."...--.; v - .- " \u25a0 -\u25a0, C t , -; \u0084'.,--- -' -\u25a0 \u25a0" '. -• .
; .."Well,\what has that'to do with It?"
,/I'rWhy, I knew herring looked well %.
smoked." r f r Cleveland' Plain -Dealer
'rY'Xi'T'- '\u25a0;\u25a0'\u25a0•: "\u25a0 \u25a0•,'' '*'-''"•-' ; -,\u25a0'\u25a0\u25a0' •' ;
_keep good; honest goods '
here^asked the.fusay.old man. la the
cafe. ;. ' \u25a0•• i( \u25a0-\u0084,. \u25a0 '.. r ji \u25a0_*.-\u25a0 \u25a0 .•_ . . .-:
r- "Well, -i sir," responded the waiter i
,?the .whisky's straight.' all right f but. to :
.be;candldiwith you. I think the pretaels f
are ;crooked.V-~Cleveland : Leader.-
Conditions lri\ : California
. Baa FmncUco ; -'•" - - «•. , , \
\u25a0\u25a0--''vSan'.»!«»•\u25a0..;\u25a0;\u25a0;\u25a0- \u25a0\u25a0\u25a0\u25a0\u25a0*'""'''""T:;vrjj!™" I'.M"«'..lCHJmim"lJ1 '. M"«'..lCHJmim"lJ
\u25a0 -\u25a0;• - "~ \u25a0\u25a0 - \u25a0 .-\.-\ \AJt*fk«imL --- v iv-I Ill ': I-i {I'l^M I ?»^^ v-r^^*s? f -.-* ".V: v-'-^t .-V"- -- - - *r*.«>o.' *- -
, twV'7«r,-W. in:the territory-•aS^T£;s^V-^-^^ M«»«*y:ttto-,ridiat'
\u25a0 wholly^rth, hornS m«k 9t.T^^ ' CTOp °' 'eMst ii l.*»£mid
y accomplUhed Bofrrtt^U^dlay'th.' ii^TteT. !»«•«*• aam«<t )»»• Imw
jMY 16, 1907
S. Tevis at ' the latter**; country place,
and while riding Oxnard'a horse fell,
rendering: ihim unconscious and break-
Ing his collarbone and" ? his arm. K e
was brought to 'town, in a special car
with a physician, who went- from this
! ; city - ; ; / . :;.;^: ;.;^ \u25a0 .:-.\u25a0\u25a0>\u25a0 .-.\
Bishop *nd Mrs. Wlliiain, Ford Nich
ols, Miss. Claire Nichols and Miss Peggy
Nlcholar h»v»%one tor, their homo at
San Mateo.vwherer they, will~spend the
rest of- the ; «ammer,ft«" _-:
, - Mr.f and : Mrs. .William Rodman (for
merly'Mlss:HarriettV.:MasQ«> .have ar
rived from Alaska and awratjthe Hotel
Majestic; for a few/ days>before leaving
for the'eMt/.where they -will visit rela
tives." 'Mrs. Rodman. , has ; a host of
friends .In - San; Francisco. ?; This is her
first, visit to "this -city -since her mar-
; . ;<.• • .- • . „-
John Parrott'and hls i family . came
up last night from their, country place
at Saa Mateo and ".will leave today on
'the overland rlimlted ; for New York,
whence they, wllf - sail 'for Europe to
; Join ( Mrs. Parrott. who went aerosa last
month. : They will* remain abroad untili
'•\u25a0 • •'-!;* ,•*:-'
Miss -'iAicy, Gwin Colamaa spent the
week end In San Rafael as thq gveat
of : Miss Christine, Pomexoy.
\u25a0:i>'V:-- '\u25a0\u25a0.\u25a0'\u25a0'\u25a0\u25a0- '\u25a0'\u25a0r : *'P'*:*--M.
\u0084," Mrs. Mary. P. Huntlngton and Miss
Marian iHuntlngton; hay© ;xeturn«d from
their sojourn ; In the> -Tosemlte valley.
\u25a0'\u25a0-.-\u25a0•'\u25a0' •'• '" - .-.-• '"\u25a0
' Lieutenant -and -; Mrs.' * Arthor^ O.
Fisher. ormerly, '. Miss ". Mary Small)
haveV! 'returned* ' to .California;;. an<i
will •\u25a0*-, be "-'-at *Mohterer' iforj^,»om«
time,-" Since their- marriage last f Win
ter.,Ueutenant and . Mrs; % Fisher v bav«
been at 'Boise, barracks," where the for
mer's regiment. ' the Fourteenth In
fantry, is stationed, but he : haa been
ordered 'to talcs a i: course lnthe school
of musketry; at the Presidio of ifon
•Th©^deepest sympathy^ la belnc •x-.
tended to Mrs. WUllamyH. Taylor and
her family en account of the dsath of
Captain last week,' and ther* Is
also much regret that it' will mean the
withdrawal from the .social . world of
Mr.v and^,Mra^- George -A^nFope (Miss
Edith "\ Taylor); " Mr. . anil \u25a0 Mrs. ' George
Newhall » (Miss Carrie ; Taylor). Me and
Mrs. -"Will Taylor, and Mr,- and Mrs. 'Gus
Taylor, all or whom are popular.
years ago, anid >with the
,"\u25a0 money he had made , In the Nome dis
trict proceeded to exploit the country
around* Turlock, and with remarkable v
. success." %
—- , • • • \u25a0• •\u25a0 - \u25a0 -
\u25a0 R.H. Countlss, agent of the freight
transcontinental bureau, , has' been In
. strucfed by * the Southern Paciflo to
•' publish as quickly as is possible a rate
of .65 cents per 100 pounds , on dam
; aged Calif ornht wine in carloads, mini
• mum weight 30.000 pounds, from New
, ' York to Xapa and San Jose, expiring
i 30 days. after the date on which it be
comes effective. The wine was dam
i aged en route east and will be made
; into brandy on Its return here.
\u25a0•. • •
Carleton C Crane, who attends to the
: passenger end of the New York Central
1 " lines, Is expected to arrive : In. th!s city
this . niorning. accompanied by 150
"school^ teachers*' of New . York state.
*,The/ pedagogues had. gone","; V» Los'Aa
, geles^ln a New, York , Central special
and Crane went .to Lbs 'Angeles 'and
asked them to come and see this part
of the state. Crane and John A. Gill
will be their . hosts while they are in
this city.
..'•l -• \u25a0;-' ' •' •
The Southern "Pacific and the Santa
Fe have decided upon August 20 as the -
date when the new rule for the switch
ing and Interchange of .carloads at
. Fresno and Stockton" will go into ef
- feet. . . -\u25a0*' ......
• • '•'\u25a0*"
7:* Edward Chambers, ' assistant freight
'"traffic manager of the^Santa^Fe, is In
' tbeuYoaemlte valley, where he will re
mam two weeks. ;
„\u25a0'- t~- \u25a0\u25a0 \u25a0 ••. !•: -" •: • - ' \
C. H. Phillips, general, agent of the
El Paso Southwestern, with headquar
ters in Los Angeles, has been on a visit
to this city. MBM - * '
v- .•\u25a0•- •
J.. L. Stanton... district .passenger
agent -of the Rock Island" lines at Los
Angeles,, has been on *a~ visit to this
.city. , ,-. : : ;- \u25a0. • ...
, MRS. FISKE. City. Mrs* , Flsks never
took any part In "Barbara Fritchle."
At one time 'there was a Canadian club .
in'- San Francisco/ but* at thfs time it,
does not appear among the list of local
clubs."; This department has no Infor
mation as •to ."Old Boys* Associations"
in any of the bay cities. - *
GRAFTERS— H.R,.;!city': :Tbis de- .
partment cannot anticipate the decision
of the Judges of the; federal court in
any of , the graft cases. For that rea
f^u 1 ! f* 0 . 1101 answ er. ,tbe.. question:
•What decision \u25a0 would be. given by the
united States federal t court?"
V " ' - ' - ->'-\u25a0\u25a0 \u25a0 . " ' i my
>" He^They tell me that ' Flo' {Hunter
is going to marry young Moneybags.
t> .^ e — Does he know?— London Opinion.
"• \; \u25a0- - I^ > * .•\u25a0\u25a0"•. * -"•\u25a0-\u25a0"-.\u25a0.-\u25a0
farmers -were standing on .th*
roadside talking " over town topics,
when Silas said: "' >. ••
-' linear Mrs. Jones saved her husban.l
rrom a t drunkard's grave." " ;
.-\u25a0 Hirkm , inquired : "Don't say; why
how/did she do it?" •
tiSiS^f^'- :had hlm cVemated.—
Judge s Library.
-."I saw' Jlhx *. yesterday. and he was
running" down your -auto "at a great
. "You should i have seen him day be
fore yesterday.", \u25a0<•-..*
".-'•whyr •;- • -\u25a0- --.' \u25a0;,-/
auto^ was running him down at »
great^rate."— Houston Post.

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