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. The honest republicans of San Fran
cisco can insure an honest ticket ; by. at
tending the primaries. Failure to register
is voluntary surrender to. Herrnv
VOLUME Cn.— NO.- 47.
Dr. Edward Robeson Taylor Elected Mayor of City
Eminent Lawyer Chosen New Executive
6& A NY man requested to take the place of
-**\u25a0 mayor at this crisis should take it— no mat
ter what sacrifice is entailed. But had the place been
offered to me on such conditions thai pledges were ex
acted, I would not have considered At for the thou
sandth part of a second" — Mayor Elect Taylor.
Discover Loot in Destroyed
Part of Albert Pike
Memorial Building
Bricks Used by Thieves to
Build Lair for Goods
Stolen From Stores
Detectives Find the Hiding
Place of Rich Plunder
Lost by Merchants
Xi-ar the heart of one of tbe busiest
khoppliu? ejection* Ib tbe city the police:
j.fseovered a. lair of thieves jr«-»terdsy
.* .wtTjjßs-. ... The den \u25a0n-ais _ m fotia^ |< * fp the
i lined part of the Albert Pike! memor
ial temple. In C.rarr *t reel near Klll
r.:«i», >;od «s« partljr ' f.llrd wit h stolen
; nod«. Tne, temple is TTftbJn a stone's
throii of thr thousands of passersbj"
in Fl!l!nor» Ktreet.
Poltcearß Brown and Harvry discov
ered tbe robbers' rooat and seised tbe
loot. eonsifttlniE' of jewelry, clothinK,
bolts of flat b and an opium smoking; ,
lajoat. Tbe patrolmen were invest!- {
cntinc a robberr TvbJeb oecared early
ye«terday morning In tbe tailoring;
xtore of Gordan &. Co. at 1535 Flilraore
'treet when thry made tbe unusual
tii A. Tbe robber* bad entered tbe
«tore from (he reor door of tbe nbop,
*' bieh is separated from the den of the
thieves hy n board fence.
In inspecting the store of Gordan &
Co. ih* policenien noticed a plat
form between the fence" and the half
<iemoJished wall of the temple. They
clambered to the platform and were
surprised to find a rope, which, run
ning through a pulley, operated a ;
crude elevator by which the robbers
pulled themselves up or let themselves
down. Thoroughly mystified the . po- j
lice let themselves down cautiously \
Into the chaos of brick and broken
stone below. Here they found a den,
made from loose bricks and large
enough to hold a gang of robbers and
considerable loot. "The place gave evi
dence of having been recently deserted
by the thieves and the jewelry and
other valuables were apparently what
was left hurriedly by them when they
became frightened by fear of ,capture-
The cloth stolen from Gordan & Co.
apparently had been carried off by the
robbers when they fled, but a consider
able quantity of plunder was left be
hind and this was taken to police
headQuarters by Brown and Harvey.
A cordon of patrolmen In plain
clothes patrolled the block all day,
waiting for the return of one; or more
of the robbers, but they apparently
had heard of the seizure of their
stronghold and none of them appeared.
Tbe April earthquake completely de
molished the rear portion of the me
morial temple," leaving the front partly
standing. Tbe front section of the
temple was rebuilt and is occupied by
the Masonic order. The rear part. was
left a heap of brick, .stone, twisted
girders and, broken stones and this
was the section tbe thieves chose.
While the occupied portion was busy
with life and activity tbe ruined section
was habited by rats and the robbers.
The thieves could eneak \u25a0 through ; the
fence in the shadow, and once inside
were at liberty to dispose quietly of
their loot In the den which they let
themselves down Into by means of the
elevator which they had.bnilL Proas
the' lair at their convenience and as
opportunity afforded they carried ; their
plunder out and pawned it or sold it
to second hand dealers.
The discovery, explained a mystery
which had bafSed * the police for some
time. The iyfccl«*ale thefts of stores
where the robbers took: their plunder
away by tbe cartload were explained, !
I for there was room in the' den to hide
'a. gTeat Quantity of loot. .
The San Francisco Call.
WEDNESDAY,' JI7L.T 17. 1907
YESTERDATr-CkKidy: southwest «-iid: *n»sl- |
mam temperature, 60; minimum tresper&tsre, •"\u25a0-. j
FORECAST FOR TODAT— Fair; light tr M t j
Triad. ; Pa«« Jl j
Mayor Taylor's election tic first actual step of
j cMc regeneration. r [ Ttgt 8
. Stnpid cttenpt to ta^e tbe telepboop
brfbens. Pare 8 \
Tbe faelJe Mr. BryaD. V.'^- Paje S
The arasy »sd tte doctorn. Paje 8 >
Dr. Edward R. Tarlor, tfce choice of the dle
trirt' «ttorney'« office. Is elected mayor of S*a
Francisco by the Euperrlsors. . Page 1
MUs R-fcD aod Jobs Krau;e. : te!epbone en-
I p!oyes. becoase e^aslt-e oo stand -in' Glas s-trial
jus'd Hcaej is mored to maVe ansry appeal ; to
Jar. ?»«e 1
District Attorney L»ds*lob describes efforts
jof prosecution to select ?ood man for mayor
j and bow Pr. Taylor, tbe tblrd . a.-ked to tserre.
! was prera lied . upon to do f>. Payo 2
Efforts of Schmitx. and "his friends to bindei
new- admislKtratioo v^Ul be Mocked -without 'dlf- |
ficultr. isay prosecutors. P*ja 2 ;.
j Dr. Taylor stys be »*UI not alJeir parti^tosblp
to enter into city's goTrrnment and declares he .
«rt!l do bis <Jsty. Pa«e 2
Fr»nci« J- H«ipj" declareg. man selected,. to ?
direct city idminlstrstion. is ak?rr reproacb r ooi
\u25a0well able to perform duties of executive? P&r« 2
Scbmlti Bim»4 -T.^Sawrer; a i#nper-.™:
Viiof^to" '^tseceed BostoD. \u25a0 but. lioardj-. denies i*liini~'
*-''f**t. '\u25a0 \u25a0 : . - '\u25a0,'\u25a0 ' - \u25a0' \u25a0';-:\u25a0'\u25a0-. Pt « 8 1* v
crrv' , ' _:\ ' . : ; . . • •' '-^ '
/Police claeorer ' !a!r -of \u25a0\u25a0 thleTes la * reins ?d£
Albert Pike . memorial temple. * '\u25a0 ' ; ,:P, :Pl * c x H
Rich plcsiaer , -wbo tad many hoases but.to
borne obt-'ns fiiTOtce from wife, who \ras fond
ct eocUty. . Pa«e 16
Wife Usses husband goodby before ; going to
eocrt to ask for a di-rorce tnd Vlsp-s him agxm
after decree U granted. Paffe 16
Civic league Issues prezram for tbe industrial
peace conrentlon. ' Pace ; 9 ,
\u25a0 Execatlve committee of .the Frnit protectl-re
association of California orgasizes by elccUns
officers. Pa«e 15
Surreyors find \u25a0 steamer Pasta Maria's bulk
heads ' fastened with -wedges and wooden
rlrets. ; Pa*e 16
Senator ?r&n G. Mattos r-t Alameda coanty to
succeed Appraiser John T. Dare. Pa*e 16
\u25a0 Kid SclliTan presides o-rer" rerels in Franklin
street resort and denizens of under world won
der wby Captain Mooney does not interfere with
Chief Dinan's friend. . Pace. 16
Tog Interrupts practice snooting with big guns
.at tfce Presidio. Pace 4
. President Small of telepraphere* union to
leare for. Chicago today, presumably to call gen
eral strike. . Page 9
Alsmeda city council in-rltes Mayor Taylor to
stay where public can see htm. Pare 7
Oakland city coaacll passes ordinances ! reor
ganizing street department. "Par* .7
Alameda " auto parly plunges with big car
Into 50 foot gulch. ' Page 7
Safe Mower.« secure $3,000 in cash, stamps
and other - valuables from South ' San ' Francisco
postoffice and escape. r Pag«'7
- Charles Henley causes arrest of Police Chl»f
Carroll of San /Jose, who ga-re hlm'a seTere
beating . for- paying attentions .to Miss Car
roll.' . Page 1
Prof. W. of the Lick obferra
tcry.Bay* that aew comet has length of sere ral
million mU>«- . , Pa«« 7
' Portland press club ( entertains Vice' President
Fairbanks at dinner, bat otherwise dlstingolsbed
Tiritor's reception is cooL * • P»»e 5
\u25a0 - President Rooterelt is aorioas to force E. H."
Harriman. into court.. ;. Page 4
Witnesses called by. the state In rebuttal upset
testimony of the Haywood defense. , . Pace ,4
Father of JTora'" Popejoy, young woman my»-*
tertonsly asphyxiated,^coming here -to inTestl
gate.daughter's deathl ; ' "; Page's
Illinois state authorities • fear that people of
Cliatcn may attack F. H. Maglll, "alleged slayer
of wife, when he arriTei from- city of; San
Diego. Pace 5
: Bnssian general, wife of friend and coachman
are 'killed by . bomb ~ burled at carriage by rerj
latlonista. . ' Page 6
Visit of Visconat Hijashl . to. Seoul-, to
straighten out : tangle in Korean affairs heigbt
eas •. unrest In that cona try..,. \u25a0;.* Page 9
. Reports ; from , plague . districts ;in India show
that: 1.060.067 J died dnrlng I first six. month* Jot
this, year. , Page 5
Disarmament I. proposal ,1s presented, at The
Hagne T by Britisa^ enw>y. . Pag* 9
Charles ' Edward lowers .world** record for «ac
aod an eighth miles at Brighton beach. Pace 10 *
San ; Frasclsco and ' Oakland wla ' coast i league
baseball games. . Pajro 10 .
:- Seattle \u25a0 stewards suspend Jockey Borel - In
fieflaltelyi ', ' \u25a0 ' .^ ; > Page' ll
Party of . 100 hunters slaughter .'deer An': Bant*
Clara motistains regaroiess of law. Pace 10 -
-.. BlUjr . Kolaa pays his respects to Joe Gans ana
dares ; fciai ; to post^ 55,00p forfeit ' . . 1 Page" 10
Shipping . world '\u25a0 awakes "• to \ realisation ?of \ fact
that^retseU * tngaged * la r carrying ' Calif ornla i 'oll
now constitute a- great fleet. . « Paje " IX
MixixG : . v-i
•*. Daisy * and * Flerence i mining stocks ; rise, ~bu t
Golfifield CocsoJida ted slic-ws slight drop. Page 15 -
LABOR ... " ' ' ' : '; L ! \u25a0 ' '
llejciers of waltresse*' cnion are locked on t
and icae I are locked I in— rbecaose. of
miaUAisiijsTttrmeeUag'i place.- . ; "^Page 8 -
&6 :¥ WH*L not 'submit to any no, one
•* could dictate to me: I shall use mp opn judg
ment if it falls to me [to appoint supervisors, and J.cer-r
tainly shall appoint the "best^men . I will do the best I
can for the- city, without the least 'reference to partisan
politicsl"— Mayor Elect Taylor.
. Mayor Elect Edward' Robeson Taylor, dean of < the' Hastings college of .law, ,~a>ho has been chosen, under
the direction of Rudolph Spreckels and District Attorney Langdon as the man to piloiSan Francisco out of the
slough of municipal corruption: r V* .: . * \u25a0 : ' - \u25ba;:**,
\u25a0 \u25a0 \u25a0 ." '•- '/ , '. \u25a0 '~: I- \u25a0'•'.\u25a0„-.,'\u25a0. '\u25a0 ' \u25a0\u25a0', \u25a0 \u25a0 \u25a0"• . , \u25a0-."\u25a0-. '->".— t.AJ^; \u25a0"- " - ." ; -- . . - : .\u25a0Vi ,' i • 1 < \u25a0\u25a0\u25a0\u25a0 ' '. '\u25a0"
Assault Case Takes; New
Turn^VVith Girl's Atti^
tiide in Doubt
SAN JOSE, July 16.-— Charles Henley,
the singer who disappeared
lsst : .week • after .hayings received'- a ter
rific beating at ; the ; hands of ' Chie f' of
Police ', Carroll ) tor: paying attentions to
Miss ; Mac } Carroll, \u25a0. the chiefs ? asuightar,
appeared before ; Justice I S.'-W.\ Charles'
at Palo^Al to this morning and swore. to
a~ complaint charging^' Garroll * with as
sault^ with :._•," deadly>.weapoh. \u25a0: Carroll
was Arrested here uthls "afternoon ..and
later ; released^ on; $500/ bail. \r
The -chief (charges Lthat his political
enemies^ have . offered Henley ~''a.'c large
sum \u25a0 of money to : take fup \u25a0 the case \u25a0 arid
declares, that; hej: r will flight i' itTto--:the
bitter" end. i In a communication -to >the
MercuVyJ; tonight .^Carroll • ' submits f ; an
affidavit from". 'George', Crowjey^of (1007
Market; street, ' Sa n: Francisco.^inXwhlch
the. latter /-recites \u25a0\u25a0; that Henley- while
serving^ as ' organist in _ Grace • church"
in c that^cltyllTTilMS.'iwai .named as * co
Continued oa ru*e s 2, Column %
Miss Ryan and John Krause
Evasive in Glass Trial
Telephone Employe-Cause Heney ;to
Make W^
- ; What^yice • President E. -Z. Zimmer. of the Pacific \u25a0telephone
and -telegraph /company .succeeded in Idoirig ..toward thwart-1
ing.; the case of the prosecution ; in;, the Glass trial on Monday ;< by
refusing jto ;• testify was • accomplished .with - some ; degree •of success
in a (manner^ by ; two^ witneses \u25a0 called^by statej jester
day^ " There " was ; no"; refusal ; to jitestif y^Hutl thererwas •an * unwilling
ness on the .. part : of John t Krause, : : special' age£t of > the telephone
company, and Miss i Mary Rya^, f former stenographer,: of Halsey, ; to
give ) free - and unequivocal f answers; which seriously embarrassed
Assistant District : Attorney Heney > in > his .endeavor to bring out
the complete j facts fco^cerningitHe 'telephoned britery. \u25a0';"
~ : ? kraiise,- who r was ;- recalled r/toithe .s^d; when, the , case was
called >mqrning, } : rep ? eate(i/his^tactics ; p^ evasion-adopted
the; preyiousjafternoqn; and' Miss; Ryanh whose" testimony was /ex 4
pected;,to be -of .---the most: important character, failed to divulge
many of , the important facts brought *6ut ; when she ,was examined
before ;the^^
:&6?JfT;is -too far- ahead Ho hay {if 1 shallipca candi
- -^ date for, election.' I believe it is the major's
\u25a0duty; if he- finds the member oj '\u25a0 any commission is. cor
rupt or incompetent; :io -remove. /ifm. I believe in du
tonomy .in \u25a0 city departments."— Mayor Elect Tay-
' ; VHefc's'a new kind" of rancher. He rtms
a;,rattlesnake ranch. Maybe you'll "want
fto'tgo into thet business when you read
profits in
Jf' DON* T care to discuss labor. I abominate
--*, class^distinction* and so far as I am concerned
in doing things as mayor any man is as tall as any
other man. In time of riot or trouble I will use every
arm' of : the law to restore- order.** — Mayor Elect
Taylor. ,
Pledge of Prosecutors
Is Fulfilled Through
Action of Supervisors
Dean of Hastings College of the Law
Accepts Task Refused by Two
Other Prominent Citizens
Dr. Edward Kobeson Taylor, known as California's
most Versatile ; citizen, distinguished alike as attorney,
[physician and scholar, was elected mayor of the city of
San Erancisco last night' by the board of supervisors.
The selection was determined upon yesterday afternoon
by District Attorney Langdon, Francis J. Heney and
Rudolph Spreckels, and, after Dr. Taylor had expressed
a willingness to accept the office,- the boarid of Supervis
ors was called together, received the resignation of Di*.
Boxtbn, and by a vote of 12 to 2 formally named Dr.
The new mayor, : w^o is 68 years of age, took up his
residence .in San Francisco 45 years asro. He is at pres
ent dean of the 'Hastings law c^Ujg^^djactingpresident]
He was one .of the freeholders
wKo framed : the? city charter and has gained some renown
as a, poet.
It was frankly admitted by the prosecution that Dr.
Taylor was the third man to whom the position Vas of
fered. Dr. John- Gallwey and former Justice Ralph p.
Harrison declined to accept. District Attorney Langdon
said -ne did not know Dr. \ Taylor's political affiliations
and that the prosecution had chosen a man who was rep
resentative neither of labor nor capital, but one who,
he believed, was eminently fitted for the place. Dr.
Taylor said last, night that his leanings had been toward
the democratic party, but that he had been an advocate
of nonpartisan movements.
'Although burdened with. onerous cares and respon
sibilities, Dri Taylor when approached by District At
torney Langdon^ said that he considered it his duty to
accept. All the books in the. large "library of the new
mayor bear a plate on which is the inscription, * 4 Labor
and serve." It .would appear that he had determined to
live up to the motto. .
Dr. .Taylor will assume his. new duties. this morning.
Just when the general civic house' cleaning will be inaug
urated he was unpreparpii: last night: to say. The fifteen
supervisors under the i domination of the big stick will
resign as soon as Dr. Taylor is prepared to name their
successors. Then he will take up the work of cleansing
the various departments. *
Although; labor leaders interviewed last night with-
Impertinent Question No. 8

For the most original or, wittiest answer to this ques
bon-T-and the briefer the better-—The Gall will
pay FIVE DOLLARS. ;> For the next Five
answeWTTiejCall w^ll Pay ,ONE E)OLLAR each.
Prize winning answers will be printed next^Wednes
day and -mailed: to the winners at once.
Makeiyouriahswers short and address them to
.95 \u25a0 priae to Charles Li - Bloyd,; 819 FourteentJi etreet. City, j.
• H«ney*s'ln,town. .. •"- \u0084 * .
Jl prlie .to R-ill Lea*. 5U Fourteentli street. OakUai CaL
- .-Because-1-was,? not enough In-the selection of my parents.
\u25a0\u25a0'\u25a0.; Hawkia*:,Tlp'toi' CaL '
, J. 1 \u25a0^nnt' t l^ eally 7work—l:Just cook and wash" dishes.
> . $1 prize to Mrs. 4 J. Haya. 594 Thlrty-acta street. Oakland. CaL .
Forgot to ask for alimony. BißAfe
fk Si'prize;to Harold LeaTy."99l Valencia «treeVCJJy.
- Have. ? y®° - «een ;my ;• wife's new' hat?
: CaL . s
I inherited. "/ \

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