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Judge Graham Sets Aside
Decree on Learning o£
Strange Collusion
Six in Crew That Came Near
Causing Wreck on Sea
of Matrimony
The interlocutory decree of dlvoco
obtained by Mrs. Eliza Hinters last
Monday was set aside yesterday by
Jud?:e Graham. Thereby hangs a talc
wfaSSb was told by Oscar Htnters. labor
leader and husband of the one day
divorcee, just before the court reversed
"I want to make a statement," said
Hinters. "That divorce was«obtained j
l>y collusion. My wife and I were liv- j
ing together when she filed tuit for!
divorce and we have been living to- j
pethcr ev<?r since. Sunday she told' me
she loved me more than ever. Mon
day she' kissed me goodby. tripped
away to court and got a judgment of
divorce against me by default. Then j
she came home, kissed me again, asked j
mf for money and I gave her %2 after
which she ma-ie a date with me to go
to a Spanish dinner tonight.'.' I
"Why didn't you appear yesterday
when the case was called?" asked
Jurifre Graham.
. 'F didn't know that it was coming
up," answered Hinters. "She didn't
play fair with me. She and her attor
ney — Julian Pinto, and her stepson and
I and my attorneys — I had five of J
them — all agreed to the divorce, with I
the understanding that she was not to]
ask for any alimony. My attorneys!
«said that the divorce .would not *last
more th.in four or five months and thati
fl:e would surely come back to me. \
• "In the face of our agreement she!
Went into court and pot an order for.
I.'O a month alimony. I won't stand forj
alimony. She is a good hair dresser, •
bufi fine health and can make more
:io"ney dressing hair than I can bar
'Did your wife's attorney. Mr. Pinto,
know that y^u and your wife were liv
i"~ together?' asked Judge Graham.
. "Sure, he d!d." answered Hinters.
'Once when h<? called at the- house I
to!d him that Mrs. Hinters was in the
back room eating lunch. Our only
trouble was due to nor stepson. Ilej
agreed to support her if she got ai
divorce. It Isn't trufc that T was drank]
most of the time and was cruel to her.;
She is as good a woman as ever
breatheiL I would do anything fo t r her.
She <-an have a divorce for five or six
months, or for all time, but I won't pay
a ct-nt alimony."
"Don't wurry." said Judge Graham.
"Neitjier you nor your wife can have a
divorce. The decree already granted is
aside. Case continued until August
28. Mr. Clerk, issue a subpena for
Mrs. Hinters and her attorney."
Turning to Hitters, Judge Graham
added: "Appear here on that date, and
bring along your five attorneys."
John M. Shannon Obtains
Decree on Ground That
Wife Was Cruel
When John H. Shannon lived in Chi
cago his friends ur,ed to say of him,
"He has many houses, but no home."
This saying was recalled yesterday
when he appeared in. Judge Graham's
court and testified in his suit for a di
vorrp from Mrs. Catherine M. Shannon,
who is slill in Chicago, where. Record
ing to h«-r husband, she divides her
waking hours between" society duties,
bridge whist and bowling alley parties.
In repj>onpe to questions by Attorney
Frank Burke. r-ounsH for Shannon, the
latter said that- he was married 20
years ago nn«l Fiibse^ijpntly amassed a
fortune in the plumbing business. His
wifp went Into society, but he lik^ri the
pimpl«» life of the old days and enjoyed
•iorning overalls and bossing his work
men. . ;'
"She Fpent moFt of her time at card
clubs and in bowling alleys." testified
Shannon. "She 'tnUl other people she
hated me and that phe was forced to
marry me. Once, as I lay on the bed,
Fhr in and stamped on me. Some
times she locked me out of the house
as rarly as 3 o'clock."
"Dccreo granted on the ground of
cruftltv." rulfd Judge Graham.
Shsnpsri came to the Pacific coast
four years ago. He has two sons, and
when he left home he gave his AvJfe
J27.0M anO the family home. His for
tune IS estimated at $100,000.
Adyson Blair Is Found Guilty of
Murder in the Second
Adypon Biair. who r,hot and killed
Mrs. Mary A. Thomas in front of his
home, 26MA Twenty-second street,
April 27 lat>t, was tried by a jury in
Judge Cooks court yesterday and con
victed of murder in the second degree.
Assistant District' Attorney .William
ll off Cook conducted the prosecution.
Blair will be sentenced at 2 o'clock
this afternoon. '-According to the evi
dence Mrs. Thomas and her. husband
made an evening on Blair. Mrs.
Thomas danced with Blair to the. music
of a phonograph. Thomas became
jealous, the. party broke up, husband
and friend fought on the sidewalk.
Blair drew* \u25a0 a pistol and just as. he
pulled the trigger Mrs. Thomas stepped
in front of her husband and received
the bullet? "
The- new chiefs ofSemlnole tribe of
the Improved Order of Red Men were
Installed .last night by E.; P. Dupuy,
district deputy great .sachem... after
•which all present partook of a feast of
corn . and venison at a popular dining
halL Following this there was 'an
hour of. entertainment -and short talktt
by . P. Castaing; E. P. .-: Dupuy, J. Mc-
Kenna of Wyonflotte tribe. J., Harry
Hutaff of Altahmos , tribe. George
Dastugue of yosemitetribe.andJ. La
place of the • sitting tribe. The new
chiefs are: S. Castalng, sachem; R. St.
Denist senior sagamore; " H. Bozerque,
juniprieagamore;.. J. Nogue," prophet;
J. Arees. chief of.^recorfls; E. P. Du
puy. collector of wampum; Frank
Peters, keeper of wampum..
Tnke Horsf ord'a Add . I'faoaphate
It stimulates healthy liver activity,
relieves \u25a0 constipation, sick headache
'end malaria. . : - '\u0084 .; , • ;
Mattos Is to Succeed Dare
as Appraiser for Port
Alarneda Senator Wins
High Off ice iWith
. Perkins 'vAfa
State Senator John G: Mattos Jr. of
Centerville has been selected to-suc
ceed John T. ; Dare as United; States ap
praiser at this, port on- September I',
when^ Dare's resignation will take^eT
efect. ."The. appointment . "was recom
mended to.:, the"" president United;
States. Senator George C.~ Perkins, -with
United States Senator Frank Flint con
curring. \u25a0 The office carries ' a yearly
salary of $3,625. , . ; . '
The new appraiser is a prominent
figure In the' republican.' politics of Ala
meda county. He is a? native- of the
Azore islands and 42 years old. . He
came to California with his parents
when he was 15 j-ears old. He was edu
cated in the public schools and. then
learned the carpenter's trade. . !
In his young manhood Mattos -de
veloped qualities whicb v made him a
leader among the large Portuguese col
ony. Of high .morals and strict .i in
tegrity »hej forged ahead rapidly,, gain
ing the confidence of all with whom. he
came in contact. "
His first essay in official life was as
a school trustee. in Centerville district,
which position he held in 18S3, and
subsequently in ISB6. 1889,, 1892 and
1595. He was sent to the state'legis
lature in 1900 from the forty-sixth as
sembly district., and was re-elected by
a largely- Increased majority.' His
record was clean and he stood for
decent politics right down the line. He
was elected state Senator in '1904 from
the thirteenth senatorial district with
out opposition! He is a hold over.sen
ator at this time.
Senator Mattos was supreme treas
urer of the state Portuguese society .in
1599. handling $130,000 during his term.
He is president of the Bank of Center
ville and is a trustee of the institution
for the deaf and , blind at Berkeley.
Mattos was appointed a state harbor
commissioner by former Governor Par
dee, but failed, to gain the place on ac
count of legal complications. He is
now a practicing attorney at la,w, with
offices in San Francisco. •\u25a0\u25a0-
Medieval Rome Will Be Discussed by
Member of th c Society
of Jesus
Rev. William O*B. Pardow, S. J., will
deliver an Interesting address at Sacred
Heart hall "Wednesday evening, July 24,
for the benefit of the working girls'
club and women's meetings. The Help
ers of the Holy Souls have the enter
tainment In charge and Archbishop
Riordan Is taking a \ personal Interest
in*the affair. . . ' . \u25a0
Father Pardow was a delegate from
th« United States at the election of the
present general of the Jesuits* society.
The subject of the lecture will, be
"Rome and the El.ection of the .'Black
Pope.*" The speaker Is described -as a
man of great intellectual attainments,
eloquent and original.; As .\u25a0 prelude to
the lecture a musical program of excel
lence will be given.
Violates Law in Franklin
Street Resort With
"Kid" Sullivan, best known as a
pickpocket and intimate friend of Chief
of Police^ Dinan, has coyly from
the obscurity of backroom resorts, to
which he-retired sometime ago. ' He is
again the tuxedoed manager of Bloom's
resort in Franklin street near Golden
Gate avenue, where he runs, as he ran
it before, In open violation of the city
ordinance prohibiting dancing and the
frequenting by women of dissolute
character. Every night the place is
raucous with revel which apparently is
not heard by the police. Only one
other place In the tenderloin enjoys
equal immunity and that 7 i* Pratt A
Tierney's in Ellis street near Fillmore.
Sullivan's "pull" with the chief of
police is well known. The two have
been friends ever .since Dlnan, a
young detective, earned a reputation
as the Sherlock Holmes of ; petty of
fenders whom he apprehended through
Sullivan's efficient work as a "stool."
The "Kid" In return was' overlooked
by the police and was allowed to ply
his trade as "dip," or pickpocketswith
'out molestation. . ' \u25a0
But what the tenderloin is- asking
is how it happens , that Captain Moonr_
ey's "flying, squadron"; does not' wheel
four abreast into Bloom's* dive" and
clean out the place. Dancing'prohib
ited by law and music, such as it is,
go on all night. .There is no flhishfor
the fun until the sun is up. Yet it is
never interrupted.' .
A 1A 1 quartet, of plain clothes policemen
makes revelry dangerous for \u25a0 the \u25a0 other
resorts' in the new \u25a0 tenderloin.' . Quiet
reigns up" and down. Golden Gate ave
nue and neighboring sjreets.-;. The back
rooms, of- the saloons are almost de
serted at night and other "cafe owners,
deprived of the patronage *of the "fair,"
face ruin. -But Bloom's runs wide' open
and no 'one interferes. ,;• !
Bloom's was-closed :up. once. It at
tracted the attention of ; Captain' Moon-^
ey, who was en gaged An the good .'work
of . expelling undesirable " from
the . residential ! section and .he > sup
"pressed vthe2pla.ee." r. -The .'next ?.• time "-.it
opened "Kid" Sullivan was the "owner."
"Wise ' Bloom!" " said . the habitues ;. of
saloon >' night life: "Crafty.': Bloom!"
And so It happens. that the, management
of; the cafe; is as- bad \u25a0 as - ever; It : : was,'
but there, is no. Interference . from '. the
policed . Kid Sullivan. Chief: Dinan's
f rlena, : . Is , manager;. and wi th • Chester
fleldan-alr'waves' the ; 'ladles", to. their
tables, calls the dances and orders more
drinks. . \\;,- \^ : ,: ; - "; •;. ; . "\u25a0" \u25a0 ,'.. : " \u25a0
What the tenderloin'cannot';undef
stand.:la \u25a0 why Captain : Mobney^'doesn't
take ' a" hand and ;. close v up; the " place.
They * understand; why, the chief- does
not-'-'He - owes;.' too \u25a0.much.-t o the-Kld,
but*"^\Tiy.:doesn*t-'Captaln Moonejr Jget
; busy 7? is the; query.- .•y?- ; - -
The following -named {have, been. In-"
stalled "by Deputy, , Grand ; Master
Nichols , as ..the '•? officers of Magnolia
lodge of , the Independent! Order C of
Odd.- Fellows • for the* current '. term: 'H.
S. ;'Alnsworthi noble " grand ; £ J: G. . Mur
phy. \u25a0•?. vice ! grand;* Samuel .' - Polock.Vre
cording secretary; . Herman Stern, flnan
ciailsecretary; ; J.vß;;vMather,' treas
urer; V : Ernst: M. Schlesslnger,'? con
ductor; i.\ F.V Frazee, j warden; \u25a0VJ. ;K.
Phillips,' chaplain; ! Ferdinand- Metrger/
the retiring \u25a0. noble ' grand.ti who served
two. successive terms, was presented a
beautiful regallA T and:^diamond ;stud-;
ded' Jewel'ofihlsl rank.'. vUriderJgood' for
the • order," there were ' responses ; by ; all
of:' the » new .^offlcers Tand ' words **of <"kd
vic* £rem the outsolsy ones, r":-
J7HE ! SAN;^FRANGISGO^ CALL: j^tnst : /iv; 1907.
\u25a0 Slate -Senator John: C. Mattos • of
Alcmcda . county, who: is Jo,- succeed
Appraiser ' John -T. ' Dare. . •v. '\u25a0'\u25a0>
Ceremony Is Conducted by
President Hagerty at
Board Meeting
The citizens of the park police dis
trict, through? the commissioners, ; pre
sented to Captain James Kelly \u25a0 yester
day, a handsome . gold " star as a token
of esteem and appreciation. Captain
Kelly is to 'leave the ,park station,
where ho has . long V served as lieu
tenant, to take command of the new
police district-
The following letter from Captain' J.
F. Anderson of the Mail dock" accom
panied the. gift: "In -this: testimonial,*
the token of authority, of his. office as
police captain, we. testify our approval
and commendation of your; official act
and judgment in his : promotion.. :We
feel, as citizens of this community,
that his promotion. is, a. meritorious one
and that: his. past , conduct as j police
officer. and a mantis a.- guarantee ; of his
future work- of .good .to the city and
credit to himself." v
.. The presentation • of : the . star was
made to/ Captain ;Kelly : by ' President
Hagerty in. a. few well chosen words.^ ;
Twenty-two new :"policemen were I ap
pointed as follows: . H. J. * Tiernan," G.
S. Hawkins. James C._Malloy,, Emra'ett
Moore, E. X Cullinan,* E. -F. - Parquet,
\NTD..OKeeiTc,-F. M. Curamings. M..C.
Higglns.-L". F. Ballette.R. F.~ Foley,:^
E. Llndsey. G. . H. ; . Richards, ". G. - S.> Me-
Collough. W. F. .'\u25a0 Pengelly; , M.l; A. ; Hari
ley, J." J. t:Man.ion, ' G.?SR. : Kelly, f ; F.^M. 1
Cook, Frederick • Lemon. Arthur; p«
Gulre and. Peter. J. Hughes.; 'They 'will
be sworn inf this ' morning. . Tho otfler
12 had: not yet registered. .."When: they
are appointed tomorrowthey will, com
plete . the .additional men: provided
for J in ;the budget. v : ; .: V-V";.
Most of the -new. men: .will ;be as
signedto Company G in the new "dis
trict to ! be commanded,by Captain. Kel
ly and Lieutenant' Shea,- arid the bothers
to Company,-D:in,the Mission!" Captain
Kelly will take v charge *; of ;Jhis -new
station ra't'J 3l lS^ Fillmore street Hoday.
Among, the I assignments already-; made
are * the following: ~ : Sergeant
Eastman to be acting lieutenant;:. Ser
geant Bernard Harter' to be day/ ser
geant: ; ; Sergeant A. "'.r J. ;J. . Nolting: and
Corporal, John 'WsHawes to be patrol
sergeants, and^ Policemen P. H. : Mur
phy. George • Duffy " and .Joseph , Flynn,
station keepers.;' Other assignments will
be made today! '..;•; Several, old and -ex
perienced | policemen;^ will . b«» . " trans
ferred* from -thelr^ present 'districts .to
the new ? district.;, ":. :'\u25a0'\u25a0\u25a0 ••;: j' :
Court Approves Bills for; Board arid
Nursing of - William'; S. Cook, /
. -a Miser :- ,- : ,
* Two claims against :\u25a0 the estate*:' of
William S. Cook,', a^beggar/and? miser.
were /approved > yesterday/ by ; Judge
Graham. ; ; Mrs. ? Marie Galraud,; at^whose
home Cook lived ; for. -20 ."'years. -'was
given:?l,44o for.: two; years* • board jand
lodgi ng and s'W.'J H.f Rhodes ; was {given
• the . same : amount.f or services as nurse.
| When J Cook V died gln "January, - 1 906,
his apparent estate consisted of a,. sack
of • pennies-/ and' nickels.V-obtained - by
begging , in .J the streets,^ and - a"/ key.
Search ' revealed *a % safe l deposi t ' t box
which' the ; key opened . and ; in'' the ? box
was found- $31,000' 1n- cash '•arid -^United
States > bonds.' *."• L\ ,' t \u25a0•\u25a0' . : '\u25a0 "r?. \\i '\u25a0\u25a0•s'
? Byi' a/ will': already^'admlttod to .p'ro
bateMrs/ Gairaud 'and ;hor,:threp." : chil
dren'S get $100 each,' Louise V.Murderi
of i Norfolk,. Va.,; a cousin of' the- de
ceased.^' gets ;5 52,000, ~ and .th© /.residue
goes "to .a /."John S. ; Cook ;of
Petersburg, Va.' \u25a0:'',;'.'%•
? Sidney .^W.'v* Farrell,'.' a v Tco6k.!-f or r the
nonunion'; carmen i at ; the' Twenty-ninth
and Utah- street )barns,-. amused t himself
yesterday,; afternoon.* 1 at*: Sixteenth !'f and
Mission r- streets rby ' knocking^ down • pe
destrians.t !His I fist J was big j and :his
victims > numbered! seven,"! when i Patrol
man ••: J. r Skelly Tof \ the .Mission i station
took fa. • hand 'H and * after V "a* hard sf flgh t
subdued- the 'belligerent *,cook. v v Far re II
was ' takenV;to^the'»emergency*hospltal,
wherei he \u25a0 was \u25a0.treated f first : ; for ilacera
tion 2 and ~ br u ises,~ '. and ;« then *' for ' alco
holism.'Cv „[;'\u25a0}.":-. \u0084"•*«\u25a0.. "•*«\u25a0. ;,:'..V- V" V" --'\u25a0 . :
.7/ Th ejsala'ry^demaiids '-, of , th el members
of/the S board of feducatiorif and ,thejsec
retary- f or ; June*! were (audited rand : paid
p'endhig «the^ settlement /of *i? the | mer
chants'; .^claims, \\whlch?thej supervisors
had i agrjeedito^ pay.WOnlyj.the ; statutory
salaries '"•\u25a0 were v> liquidated,*';, but :.? the >-de
marids Vof l^all i; employes *6f ij the J school
'department, ?r including £''. the/; teachers,
wlllibe'paldinja-few/days. - r
The k charge" of " '.'~i assault
against "John I S. 4 ; Lbwden;ra' mining man
from Siskiyou county, was dismissed
by.2 Police^ Judge « Cabaniss "*. yesterday;
The 'police: hadj been .unable to find
Mrs.l A:? Oaborn;* the *\u25a0 complaining I wit
ness,^ who V" alleged US that J Lowden had
assaulted * her \in j hli "I room fat |1 49} Page
the ' defense Vwerej heard] andUhe ; Judge
dismissed the v casWW*;^';',\, : . ; ' v <, '\u25a0\u25a0/"'\u25a0 : \ ':\u25a0''\u25a0"\u25a0 -^f
£; , Hi | effects 'of ; Iced -drinks prevented by
Angostura Bitter»— valuable stomachic*
Survey ' Reveals Cause; of
Loss vof Cargo to
:; ; the -Owners
Steel vSKeets Are Joined in
Bungling Manner by- ,
The intcrpst of. tlic 'local" shipping
world is'centered in the steamer- Santa
Maria and the revelations that fol
lowed, the survey just made on that
vessel, jwlrich is lying at the Union
iron .works. The discoveries may in
volve J the Newport , News ship build
ing; company in an expensive:;
in which the government, through the
i department of commerce and -labor,
! may- take \z. Jiand. "' ." •\u25a0'
| -. a. The.* surveyors ' found . \u25a0 that '\u25a0 the; rea-
I son • that; the steamer's, bulkheads
leaked ;vwas that wooden pegs and
wedges , had been largely used to .hide
slovenly. .workmanship.V and -that .•: in
many:-, -places the steel -; sheets-: were
merely tacked "together "with /half
rivets.:,.^Assistant Manager :Ferguson
of the Newport News.company= is here
trylngVto straighten matters »out.- ft ,
• The' Santa Maria. *is owned by^.the
Union .steamship company of this city.
The steamer- was built: on the lakes
for a>, general freighter, : but . proved
unprofitable." . The Union ..steamship
company, bought the- vessel and turned
It over, to the Newport- News company,
to (be :corivcrteil into ,an oil tanker
forlservlce on this coast. The work/
was -done and the steamer arrived here
safely,* but with ; cargo .damaged. A
number of -short trips were made,
well'; as one: to Panama with; a cargo
of;liquid>fuel.-j : . '
Woodenj pegs may serve- for a; time
to hold, even steel in place, but- as a
substitute' for honestly driven rivets
they ; proved poor substitutes. Therb
was a heavy shrinkage of the Santa
Maria's cargo during the voyage to
the .;: isthmus., While at Colon.: the
steamer . struck a submerged wreck,
and upon its return to this port was
taken' to the Union iron works for sur
vey and repairs. The damage sustained
byLstrikirig; the derelict proved to -be
small, but the survey of the interior,
revealed a j state • of affairs as serious
as that uncovered when the' "surveyors
discovered the putty .; In ..afgreat" j flaw
in -the -Siberia's propeller "arch. ;.The
blame for that other piece of duplicity
was placed on the Bethlehem .^"steel
works,; where a foreman, desirous of
'saving -a": heavy loss to his. department,
had, plugged, and- hidden a' flaw in.the
great. 'casting upon which the liner's
stability depended.
It was. found that .the ..rivets that
held* together; the sheeted, steel ~ : .or
the Santa Maria's bulkheads had been
carelessly.^driven. •, Those /afterward
found;to be^loose :had ;beeri made tight
by-the use of wooden -plugs. ' In many
cases; only '\u25a0 half-rivets , had been." used,
and jln places .the - usel of rivets
had .been .'.dispensed >, with .altogether
and "a; system of wedges was. used "to
keepltheisteel in place.; \u0084,.':
The Newport News " company was
notified* aiid< Assistant •\u25a0 Manager Fer
guson Chastened to j this , coast. ; He.;, ac-.
knowledgedjthe; jesponsibllity • of |-hls
concern, and; Is riow.f doing "all he can
to-make-.a settlement .with the — Union
steamshipicompany,; ,-;-,-. -' . ' li-y'-Cij \
I bulkheads ~;wlir \u25a0: be .^completely
overhauled/ _under,i, the 'supervision ; ! of
the underwriters, w It ;Is 'said that the
work will cost $20.000.. ; ;.'. "-\u25a0 .\u25a0",.'• ' :
: In^ addition' to /this expense, much
freight, was and lost as the
result of the ; leaking , tanks, .and/.un
less Assistant:' Manager;- Ferguson
reach » some?. settlement •; the ; : story%.of
the Santa Maria's .wooden rivets., half-
rivets- and xivetless - T be
toldiin th'e'' United States courts. •
Lawyers Make : Proposition
to Carry the Case Into /
Highest Court
. Ten^thousand'corpprations in^Califor-
nla that are doing no business, but; are
compelled by the corpora
tion.,: tax law "to ;pay; taxes 'on jthe
amount" of , their^'i capitalization/; have
attracted the attention of attorneys and
an* attempt Is .being ' made>to combine'
the corporations;; in ;a fight to: test ithe
constitutionality of ithe.law. ;i The basis
of .'this, is ;an "'\u25a0^^ offer 5 to -conduct :the ! case
for any corporation at ; the rate, 'of $10.
If all \u25a0 the - corporations^consent' to' this
the; lawyers stand ready to receive
U00.000.-; -;.;./- :,'.;•; ; - ; .-v-- ;; • ,;.:.V->.'' .' : -;
i' : ; State banks are ; liable to pay7thq,tax;
So are' mining 'and oil companies/and a
great .array, " of the corporations. ,- first
mentioned, i that' maintain' corporate ex-"
istence> for; legal: reasons,* but;; are} ln-"
acti've.T ~! v \ \u25a0 \u25a0 '; .'...: - ; '.: .-; 'i\~-'.yiv
.In: the, last : few days local. bankers
have been approached: by, lawyers with
suggestions ; of i legal action.'.f.;^ 7
SA^S^HEWA^iTHRpWN \ \u25a0
Miss; S.'Mayhew- Obtains Warrant for
' Arrest of Henry Kahn, Brother* \
,;^v« of Her Employer
.'.'\u25a0; Miss ; S. Mayhew.i stenographer; for
Sol TCahn (; & ; Co. *i p f ;G0 4 : MeAl 1 1 s te r \
street,"'; obtained :' a warrant from" Police
Judge f Cabaniss \"s yesterday ; for "the " ar£
rest^ of.? Henry ; Kahn;' Ja * brother 1' of | her
employer,; on •.a v> charge\of.disturbing;th"e
peace.",- She said 'i that) when'^ SoltKahn
lef t !> orii* his j vacation t he : ; gave;- her,^ sole
charge Jof business,' .but -put -Henry
lrilthe Tstore. to fassist.her.'- - ,:J- '• , ;T ; . :
' J "On ' Monday," £ explained Miss^ Maj*.
hewiV'l objected' to' the^way -Henry; was
transacting ;'), with . customers'
and ?*he "swore } at, rmeland) ordered «°}e
out (of *, th eTp laceT pI-; re f u s e d \u25a0',_ t o : go \an d
he' grabbed mie.by;the v arm : and dragged
me \u25a0" to " anTopen" wlndowl through iwhlch
hag-threw^ me Vto':: the ":sidewalk.^|He
threatened; my 'life'; If, I re-turnedHo;the
store* ahd^usedl language; thatj shocked
me.V« I i'was 1 humll iated a becaiisei: several
people; saw; him -throw- me out* of ''the
'\u25a0\u25a0 Go to Edwin . Val. • Schmidt's Pharmacy, , corner
Calif ornU and Fillmore sti.. for Cloth Reno-yator;
25o. bottle , Telephone j.West;6s6. ; ;
Vr-The publibf installation -of the f officers
of* Dolores parlor, of ; the | Native JSorisibf
the S Golden *\Wi*tl by J District fDeputy.
Grand i, President^William g Cutter/j as
sisted *; by j a-ji number : Z of I acting^grand
officers, I was | witnessed by a large 'j num
ber', of i invited guests *' and members of
the tbrder."^ The •new^ofßcers : are] George"
)W.*|Gerhard/> past] president; ' : f% James % P.*
O'Leary.rg president ; ' > {Cordelus jS Hoff
meyer, -> Jo*seph jTaaffe and' Edward' Iver
#.€J Frankness in all things, strict adherence to honest values and truthful rep-
resentation, giving dollar for dollar in piano quality, structurally, musically '
. ' and 'artistically, ; making and. guaranteeing satisfaction in the smallest detail, a
V careful consideration -of the wants, the needs and the best interests of each in-
. *^ 4 .^dividual; 'customer -';and selling pianos for their actual worth and at one
price, to you and your neighbor alike, are some of the features that
have made The^ Wiley :B. Allen Co/s stores, whether in San Francisco, Oak-
land, Los Angeles, San ' Diego, Sacramento, San Jose, Phoenix, El Paso,
Tex.,' or any other of. the many cities in which we operate, the most popular
P music houses from New Orleans to the Pacific, from ; SarT Diego to British
Piano selling is \u25a0 a science^with us," founded on thirty years, of intimate
knowledge of piano construction, of piano, durability and of musical and in-
trinsic value. These years of study, of investigation, of the acquisition of piano
knowledge, of policy 1 building, are of greatest value to each and every cus-
tomer of our house. .This knowledge, .this policy of honest values at one
- price, an^ that the right one, is your .insurance, your safeguard and
your guarantee that your money has bought the very best possible at the
price paid. 6 v • • :5: 5
-'\u25a0\u25a0r :;: /• -- "I :: . : : ;sf¥V;.Ki§:/; 5 f¥V;.Ki§ :/ £\ ' ,; n&Sf^ißri: \u25a0 \u25a0
'^Pianos with us, are merchandise, and as such are subject to the most rigid
and-scieritific rules of modern merchandising. In office, in shop and repair
departments, in shipping and salesrooms, only the most modern methods are
: .in force, minimizing the expense of handling, of selling, of details in each sep-
arate department to the lowest /possible -margin. Where we save, you saVe,
hence the character of the piano and the extreme lowness in price.- ;
Thus the reputation, the prosperity of our House has been builded from
v* ; smallest of beginnings to its present magnitude,: the greatest in -the /
whole i^-West. : - These are some of the reasons 'why Aye- are the chosen rep-
resentatives of such great firms as Knabe, Mason & Hanilin, The Cable
. Co., Hardman, ?eck & Co., The .Packard Co., Ludwig & Co., The
Price & Teeple Piano Co. and many others of the world's great manufac-
CJ From every standpoint , we merit your confidence, and from each point of
v vantage invite and welcome, your investigation. Let us show you how a mod-
ern business is run on the latest scientific principles, where frankness, honesty
- and courtesy prevail. Let us talk piano to you, man to man; you will know
"' / '\u25a0»;"- :rn6re/about pianos; paymen^rjconUacts^andjour^metfiod, and you will appre-
ciate the opportunity to gain an inner knowledge of a great industry.
1220-24 Van Ness Ay., s*o 12th St, S^^^^^^^^ I
• San Francisco, Ca!. Oakland* CaL k'^\u25a0^lmJ^BU!BEy^^—"k '^\u25a0^lmJ^BU!8Ey^^— " "^^—m
-—^ _^ - Jose nts* Ross El Ps^o Tfi\3.s \u25a0 t —^"^^^p^w^S^^Smib^^^^j^r
son, vice presidents; -Andrew J. Gal
lagher, marshal; u G. O; M.' Zolliver, re
cording .secretary;- ; De; Guy Simpson,
financial*. secretary; ...Peter McMahon.
treasurer; A. :L». Gerhard, trustee:
James Buckley and Thomas Kane, sen
tinels?' The" ceremony was followed-by
S W\M> vl \u25a0-'.\u25a0• I Discriminating Judges of Champagne
// \\ \illilH • ' ' nvaria^> Specify Clicquot ' 11191 f/y I\\
.v'rSr.^ ' J ' ? ''-i^^^<'' ' \u25a0'" r V> an Francisco Pacific Coast Agents jnWJm
the presentation of a beautiful gold
ring to John .W". Hogan, the- retiring
president. ' Then., there \u25a0was dancing
and .refreshments. , This "parlor - has
procured : the auditorium skating rink
atr'San Jose as l headquarters , for -the
Admission day celebration.
Word has been received from Lu
cerne. • Switzerland, that United State*
Circuit Judge W. W. Morrow's eye
sigrht has Improved materially. TB^l
jurist will remain in Switzerland for
?r>m<» tim*. SSSS3

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