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The registrar's office in the city hill,
McAllister street opposite Hyde, is * open
from 'B:3o a. m. to 5 p. m. daily.'
Mayor Taylor's Bond Approved and He Assumes Office
Grand Jury Probe Reveals Plot to Influence Jurors in Graft Cases
State Will Learn the Cause
of Death of Illinois'
Banker's Wife %
Former Sweetheart of Ac
cused Husband Takes*
Prosecution Says Notes Tell
. ing of Intended Suicide
Were Forged
CLINTON, lIL, July 17.— The
body of Mrs. "Pet" Magill, first
wife of Fred H. Magill, the mil
lionaire banker under arrest in
Los Angeles, charged with her
murder, was exhumed tonight.
Guards were placed in the ceme
tery and no one 1 -except officials
was admitted. Assistant State
Attorney Mitchell, who is in
charge of the case against Ma
gill, said that the stomach would
be sent to, Chicago for an analysis.
Another sensational develop
ment " tonight "was an attempt
made by Mrs. Myrtle Parrett, an
old* sweetheart of Fred Magill, to
commit suicide by taking strych
nine on the grave of Mrs. "Pet" Magill.
She was found by the officials who had
come to exhume the body and physi
cians were hurried to the' scene. It
is expected that she will die.
Assistant State Attorney Mitchell
decided today to quash the verdict of
the coroner's jury "that Mrs. Magill
committed suicide," and a new jury will
l>e impaneled to Investigate the case.
Simultaneously with this decision
Mitchell announced for the first time
that the state had in its possession the
letters alleged to have been written
by Mrs. Magill Just before her death
and it was said that at least one of
these had been discovered to be .a,
In making his fight for the ex
humation of the body of Mrs. Magill,
Mitchell was opposed by a large num
ber of residents of Clinton, either
closely related to the Magill family
or personal friends of the accused man.
Relatives of the wife, Mrs. Fay Graham
Magill, have rallied to the support of
the woman, who also is under arrest
on a murder charge, and it is said that
even the relatives of the dead woman
refused their consent to the exhuming:
of the body.
Attorney General Stead tras appealed
to and advised Mitchell to proceed, re
gardless of the objections of interested
Arthur D. Merwln, the rambler -who
was arrested Monday as an accessory
after the fact to the murder of Mrs
Magill. denied strenuously today that
he had any knowledge of the affair
or that be' was In any way connected
with thai tragedy.
Arrangements have been completed
for the employment of a number of
secret service men from Chicago' to
protect the county jailin Clinton after
Magill and his wife are Incarcerated
there next week. It Is the opinion of
' tiie . police that public feeling is so
strong against Magill that it would
be wiser to swear in special deputies
of the sheriff than to trust to the local
police force.
SAN DIEGO, July" 17.— The letters
which are to figure in the defense- of
Fred H. Magill and Fay Graham Ma
trill, if they are ever brought. to a trial
for the murder of the former's" first
wife, were written on official! paper of
"Colonel Fred It.'- Magill,"- aid' de camp
to Major General Arthur, J. Stoddard,
commanding Uniform Hank, Knights of;
Pythiag." The letter, which was pinned
to her dress was undated, like the rest.
It was as follows:
"Clinton. 111. — Fred: (I have used
chloroform or. strychnine.) I want you ;
to know that the cause of this, act' of \
mine Is your mother fMrs. E. L. Mag-ill) 1
and > your sister "< Mrs. O. X. Pond).]
From their . slanderous 'tongues theVj
Continued on Pas c 3, Column 2
The San Francisco Call.
. . YESTERDAY — Clear; maximum temperature,
G2r minimum, 50.
FORECAST . FOB TODAY— Pair; moderately
warm;, light .north wind, changing to
west. Fag« 0
Hearsf »'\u25a0 spite against District Attorney Lang
don and ; Mayor Taylor. " P«J?e 6
No serrlle { class ' for California. - ' Pag « 6
Hard work getting up a war. F«c« 6
Halsey pleads not guilty to charge* of bribing
supervisors after ' rain I attempt to delay ' his
case. Pars S
; Mayor Taylor's bond Is appro Ted and be takes
charge of office with all teat goes : with - It, In
cluding the - big red automobile claimed
bySchmltz. . Pace 1
CITY \u25a0
Alrln Edfiy • and Ady son Blair • are sentenced
to Ion? terms of Imprisonment by ' Judge
Cock. . Pare 5
State committee Inspects • water * front and
planii extenclre Improvements. • Pare 9
Honest republicans will present antl-Herrln
delegate tickets : to . the TOters of each assembly
district. Pa^e 1
Officers of army transport Logan declare that
only a small Quantity of the ' flour * and " other
eupplies sent to ; China reached the '\u25a0 famine
sufferers. Pas* 14
Japanese floor millers attempt to compete with
American manufacturers In by products. Pare 14
Peace conference committee announces that
the . formation of a branch of the national civic
federation Is not the object of the- coming in
dust rial congress. Far* 1*
-Captain Purnell, U. S. A., makes thrilling
escape with woman from hotel, where irate
husband had found them. - Pace 14
Oakland, husband : alleges .in dlTorce suit that
his wife pawned jewelry and kitchen utensils to
pay for automobile rides. Page 4
Oakland's board of public works Quickly, turns
down an application ' for . a permit -to erect V a
flretrap. theater , of Darls type. . . • Page" 4
Brother . Potamlan,' '. an ' .European
scientist, to" dtlirer ; important fconrse of public
lecture* ' in St. < Mary's "college.'*; Oakland. '? Pa**"; 4
V , Discharged coachmaa : of " J.-~ B.- CoryeU 'sent""io
Jail for 40 days for disturbing clubman's peace,
bat iccawd [ comrade is > tcqultted.^- V• * F«lf« '; 4
r\u25a0; Southern. Pacific ' and » Key \u25a0 Etopte , aetlTeiy^ bo/-'
Ing up •, property 'at l Twenty-aecond . street • and
San Pablo arenne, Oakland,^ ln" »' right?"*?' '"fir
Ilarry Swipart. slayer of aged- J. E. McCul-'
non, breaks down while on way to Visa lla' jail
and confesses \ crime. : I Page 9
Newfoundland fisheries -problem'; Is again
giring the United States state department much
concern. ' V,. -, • ,- ; ' p^ga 6
Testimony In Haywood case" to be closed ; today^
and arguments will be begun ' tomorrow. • Page : 3
Chicago telegraphers indorse President Small's
strike course, but condemn ' actions 'of esecutlre"
board. . ' Page 9
Captain M.cCrea of the battleship . Georgia
tells of the many acts -of heroism at ' the ' tlma
of Monday's explosion. Page 1
Body of first wife of Fred H. Magill. of whose
murder the Illinois - banker " is ." accused. • is ex
humed for analysis ' and ; former sweetheart \u25a0of
Magill attempts suicide on grare. Fag* 1'
Karl Han ' takes stand In trial on charge .of
murder at Karlsruhe,' Germany, and denies \u25a0 that
he killed his mother In law. Page 6
Japan seems . determined ._ to - take : absolute
possession of Korea and that country's em
peror may be deposed today. Page 9
Olympic club members \u25a0 will ; meet • tonight \in
tbe clubbonse at ' a "boosters*. " dinner.' ' Pag* 8
Whitney's Fancy and : Adrtana \ fight \u25a0 It .. ont
through tbe stretch for tbe rich .Venus stake. at
Brighton. Page 8
San - Francisco and Los Angeles win in eoa*t
league baseball. '\u0084 Para 8
Fire beartly backed farorltes beaten at ..the
Meadows. - Pag* £
Jack Johnson stops • old • Fltislmmons in tbe
second round of their bout. - \u25a0 Pag* 8
' • Battling, Kelson 1» due today .from. Lake Tahoe
and will train at ' Colma for Britt fight. Page 8
C.;w. Conlltk? and N. Sheldon '.wHl' be
named, to fill " racancles on Olympic : club'.' dj-'
rectorate. 3P*g* 8
. Musicians* • union holds meeting and denies • re
ports" that' members -were r lgnoring i boycott on
streetcars. Sb^Sh&Wß^2SS^" Fag* 7
' Box workers' union gires $100 a week -to tbe
unions on strike. : Page 7
Army transport Logan arrifes from the . Phil
ippines with more than 1,000 passengers. ' Page 9
San. Francisco .. stock and exchange, board«de
cides to return "to ; the .old f rates \u2666of commls^
eloes. BSBs^SBSm Fage 13
Subscriptions 1 and Advertise-
ments will be received in San
Francisco at' following offices:
Open until 10 o'clock every - night
Parent's .Stationery/ Store. <
Woodwards-B ranch. - '
V Christian's ; Branch.'. :*: *
'• -Jackson's ; Branch..-",
Halllday's * Stationery \ Store. V*
' Blake's Bazaar. '.
| 3011 IeTHrST.^COR^ MISSIOX"/
International ;. Stationery : Store.' \u25a0
. 2712 MisSldxTsTßEET'.'"" ; A
] \u25a0 The Newserie^ "-• '.[
George; Prewitt's", Branchl .
: sMlfffi^
Every Assembly District irv
the City Preparing for ;
Citizens Become Weary of
Boss Rule .and Show
Struggle Will Be Carried
Into Burned Section/::;
in August: r
George A. Van Smith
-' Herrin's control of the repub
lican organization will be con
tested at the primary election in
every assembly district : in San
Francisco. The polls on August
13 will definitely decide whether
the honest republicans ;of San
Francisco or Herrin will nominate
the municipal ticket. , *
Forced to abandon fiis infamous
scheme^ to ;, control TtHe ; convention
through - coiom'ied delegatel^ap^
portioned « top trie) b'urrie'd' districts
| on? a \u25a0partridge ; yote'basis' ! Herrin
! and -his - committee. : agents hoped
i their.' surrender would /chloroform the
i opposition. The ; contrary; effect • resulted.'
The backbone of ;thV-oppoßitlori to boss
rule' has been stiffened. The Herrin
utfl^^?'; t ? S et a run for its, money
all the/way down "the line. ; The scene
°.'.. the .fi*»ht" : fora clean convention' will
not be confined \u25a0to the \u25a0 populated v^dis
tricts which r Herrin : failed to ' deprive'
of their fair proportionate
tion.in the convention.^ it will be car
ried into the burned districts. A fight
will be made for the insignificant num- j
her of delegates accredited to the-dis- j
trlcta * Herrin desired '\u25a0 to* place in con- j
trol -of ;.thei convention. . l<
The antl-Herrln movement is bein?
engrlneered by .the forces which.. stood
up. for an r honest apportionment.^^ At
tKeir head are /Daniel A.'Ryan,f Fairfax
Wheelan and • Perry H. Newberry. Ryan
Is the recognized leader:of "a •'minority
in the city and countycommittee; which
musters a total strength, of , about one
third of the -committee membership.'
The, movement 'is in no sense to be
confounded with - ; an attempt to ''{or
ganize a new or so called independent
Republican V party, jt iis simply and
solely, to wrest the. control of the party
governing body '; from Herrln and '-place'
the affairs of 'the party/ where: they
belong-— in the -hands of the ; people. , J .:
The men at the head; of. the campaign
for an honest • Republican '.. convention
are -; the "men » who -beat; Ruef Land his
organization atU^e; primary "polls two
years ago and : they / believV they can
again turn , the trick.: They have- not
assumed 1 the task of . naming delegate
tickets in, opposition to those ii that, will
be. natried by the 'organization. 'They
have not presented and i will not present
candidates for ' nomination byi theJcohV
ventlon. ; : •-• -'• '\u25a0"•[-
Their; fight, "well under . way. now;
will end at*' the ' primary polls. **' in
seven of vthe; - populated ' c assembly dis
tricts, they have; succeeded; In securing
the organization of vigorous clubs com
posed'of republlcans^who are now more
concerned /'with H securing V iionefct » defe*-'
gates, thanj'wlth;, the ,i question^of,:,what
candidate? ;'or l ' shall^ r /be ?ise
lected,: t>g /represent r the .party? at VthV
polls, in .'November. \u0084" : " ~ /.. ' : .' " '
: will^be' augmented
duringMthe?{week^byj. the^for'mai--,"or'-' i
ganization' v ofi those ("men ifwho"; have i been
and' none *of trie burnt districts; wilf. be
permitted' to go • by/default, though" the
leaderV'ofUhe^oyementUenrme'ifranki 5
ly -enough} that they >do> not f expect? tK
win i" out iin t tlietburned ;' districts! ' -
The efforts of _^ these- clubs ::\viUSb?
centered , flrsf, upon ' securing the v regis
tration \u25a0.; of ; all republlcansi'andVin) fact
of all \u25a0 elec tor s ! of ".whatever ;i party. , As"
soon as the reglstrar^g|^o^BTjE^| c^g ss rer ce t j!
July '24 the^ clubs^wlir>'tuVn\^thei?lalt^
tentions •to a.rousi_n BT J^t hel^Jtere«t|ofjajh e l^Jte re«t|ofjajl f
republican's ;ln7se^^ting;delegatejticketa'
in o p'p o s l^^^^^f^lffi^^^ftlclte^S
ConUnaed &JFmin) jj^J£^^M
: "Di\:Edji}^d'R^e3on'=T^lor.fthe-nei>Tma}for of \u25a0Sari; Francisco, in the library at his home.. is "shown in
the photograph inthe accompanying, illustration. The city's new executive taking the oath of office is the subject
of the sketch by'a Call artist. :" *- "'^^P : ' - * SSHBSGSHBBH
": •" - mander fpi^Disast er| on &
Battleslii^GeorgiaV v"; ':
;" BOSTON", rJulyj^lT.— On; .boarij^the
Georgia Jn Boston.harbor this 'afternoon
Captain Henry .itcCrea told' the "story
lof the . disaster on t2>e battleship*; on
j Monday, "which cost - the lives of- nine
I men of -the \u0084 -United States navy/and
, caused injury, in some cases' probably
fatal,": to ;13 ;\u25a0 oth ers. [ Captain / JlcQrek
\u25a0said: :r .. \u25a0\u25a0 \u25a0 . . ; \u25a0 \u25a0'.;_ .. '.-.'_ \u25a0/'
"I was on the' bridge making: the run
for the ' ; - practice! /. ( . I ""was taking obser
vations of, each shot. As. shot after 'shot
was a hitr from : the \u25a0 eigrht-inch ;g-uns; g-uns 1
saw that -we were . beating ; the • records
of the other, ships. of the"fleet. : Onthe
brJdgre ; l ; cpuld : hear the command from*
the after -turret. '« So '\u25a0 I • knew ' when \u25a0 the
next -shbti.wa.B coming-. '\u25a0 .-'-.
.-.'- r "I A heard» the : shout, Vflre,V : but-* there"
was.no": shot,' and ; then I. saw .men run
nlng--aft^to-g-et the flre. hose,' 'that? is
always ,*laid - *out ; Mn readiness when
theVelis, firing, going on..^.v
"I-.rushed to the after' bridge near
the turretHo; see what was the "matter.
-The.; water >.was. already being, poured
into-ithe. turret. - :_: _ The;'boatswain-vand
Midshipman. >Gravescroat lea ithe^way,
for. thelfjmen with- the', hose. ,v I • tell .you
there 'was 'courage. -.No man knew.
what' had s happened/ and ; no ; man knew'
into what'daiigerrie. might 'be fushing.'
ButCthbse*men- never", thought /of « self ,
or danger! f \u25a0 That -br ave fact- will'; look
weir on! tiieir 1 records/
"Thehlttiey ? began \ to bring outv the,
men; ;> One; of the; first was the gunner,
in . whose'}; hands was ' the ; powder j when
it*flasi^^He\wasJ k laid;.ori top (of 'the'
lowerlturretawith ';\u25a0 a blanket 'under 1 his
head. -\k Itwent Ito jhlm.*;. 'I'could •nqt'^rec-' '
ognlze^hlm. v/Hlsi'hands '.were .-bufned :
to the .- bone: : v The \ flesh i i was f g-qne.~ With'
those 1 hands praised? above' his chest ; and
the vtips^of "his! fingers -bynt towar'd'ea.ch''
qtherVVr"couldthearih!m^whispeV:y v
God.^oh; ; God, \u25a0 oh, .God ;' He could \u25a0 not
move his Hip's ,'. enough : tbC utter "other
words. 1 -.-\u25a0'\u25a0\u25a0'.- '_r,'-:. \u25a0'"\u25a0'.'\u25a0';•*•'*'\u25a0 --..:;:;\u25a0\u25a0\u25a0'
V^.'i - bent'closer , and ', said to', him : ; 'My.
deaf-fellow, God; has h^ard . your'pray er.'.
He :- was ] breathing, '. but n ' short -? gasps."
arid' soon.; died. . :\u25a0' ~J'7.ii \u25a0 \u25a0 ~\ <"- \u25a0' *
: /""The . men '/were .brought ; out ; as i fast
asUheyi could. be! taken jffon^thejtufret?
MostTof '! themjf elt^ relief jajs r soon fas] they*
got.to the! open^air.^ :.The l gases'; i'fronV
smokeless ipqwjder./areUerHble.-. vThat/s"
h'ideous7v'butV to >breatheMtliatl;stuflr ; :"is
fatal; * •J.f.^.-J'.*^";'.'--' \i ";'"." ?"-;i" : - •'.!:• - ,•?
v "One man \u25a0 !n" that . turret was ? not
hurt— Midshipman 'I X I mball-^and "Jl "r" r do
not understand' how < he" could ' haveTes
caped: ; l He' helped '> take Z out the; men.
He, to, : showed^ grit; after, the shock; he
courageous * officer * could|setffwrAe^ he
• "I told his father, Rear.AdmiraliGood
irich*n^^i^^pm"g|^S!^ers tha t[made
tflr^aWna^y^Hll^xaraple^m|noll be
forgotten:" v Af ter \ he \u25a0 .got 'to u the Trieck
h'eg thf ew- hi nisc 1 f g overboard.^ If gourj
launch hlnl not b«-on-npar"' by on* its
return ' from . its .exajnination*bf
he vwould! have, drowned. \u25a0 \u25a0 "<
Coatlined fsifl PajeTj^cSaSnn'* «
Charges of Jury Tampering Are
Taken Up by Grand Jurors
Prominent Attorneys; Are in Tales
* ;, ' :,.' -Related by' Witness? oir'the Stand '-
it; Charges of'tampef ing /with -the 'two juries already impaneled
tojtry*graft cases were investigated tyester^y'tjy the grand jurj'
at, ah(all . day .'se^ssion.^
were : in^possession of evidence \u25a0whichdirectly or indirectly involved
WUliam^H^iietson' of SchmUz; cminsel ; <H:v t McPike, ' Glass'
attorney ; ; HowardVVernon , f on-y ears •at police ; court "steriographe'r ;
H. J C: Goopef^tlie: stationery -dealer ;*; Mario iBoilol" the^Schmitzf fire
commissioner 1 (orp^Vil-;
bur); Knox, "the -man :of > 'rriys-i
tery" ;^D/-Gapelli- an: employe ;{6f
RoyalvW.; Cudworth,- a- juror- in
the iSchmitz ; case, /and otliers^whd
seemed * more than properly inter-;
esited inV the '-trial . juries. ;
I Royal - W.- ; Cud worth;, . the
Schmitz jur6r.[',who,- after-, the
Schmitz ; jufy ".was)discharged, was
arrested ion- a charge*, of f mistreat-!
:ihg*h*iSi\vife^,^d ; -ChaVles v H;-' r Gisn;
another -. Schmitz •' j uror, -".were ,\the
; rN6rth^a^JOTqr.>;.in':^th^^
'case, , on' \u25a0 trial; -f.was ?. the '^ talesman
whonirit .wasjdesired tb^reach: .
V^lt;.- also the
'day -that ; Ruef, .from 'the _time.; He
assumed political^cdritrof vof;ithe
city juntil June^3o^ was ; in' receipt
p f fran^annual^retaim
tHe ' lSputhern'- Pacific v. co mpanyy
$10,000 -hay in g n i pai d' h) mj the'
"first > year.; of fhis^soyereigntyiv'and
$7;5OO a ; year -;after "J-. the:', novel ty*
:had;worri'offj''.\\V]illiamfF-.',Herrin :
evidently;' valued , Rue f s L »: scry ices
r cSrtto»e4|>g PiM^ytColoSPalgi
artist has created a new
field-arid a new product by reviving the
ancient art of illuminating manuscripts.
Read of his work in
impertinent Question No. 8
VjjßontKe: most original or wittiest «inswer to this ques
tion—and the briefer the better—The Call will
pay mm: '^j£o^\"Fx)T the next Five
; answers The Call will Pay ONE DOLLAR each.
'Prize winning answers will be printed next Wednes
. day and: checks -mailed to the winners at once.
Make^ybiir-answers short and Jaddress them to
I*l Ir. v i . i ..
- ;$3 -. prise" to I Charles' L^ Floyd; 810 Fonrte«th street. Ci^.
• ' 'Heney's In .town*; . . • '
.. f1 -. prize to • R.: i L.:, Lena, \u25a0 5U ,Foorteentb stre«t. Oakland. Cal.
', - ..Beca^use; lrVaSj not?careful enough" In the selection of my parent*.
. -\u25a0:.! $I'prize^to:Ml.« Xellit^Hawkins**fFptoii. Cal.
--I< don't really,.work—^l: just .cook and wash dishes.
, $1: prlie tr>( Mrs.""J?JiijiC StHvfiiirtyafth street. Oakland. Cah
Forgot to ask off; alimony." ,
. rSI. prUe\to IlsxoJil'Leavj-.' 901 Vatene'a «tr««t. Clfj.
.'.;, vHave* you" seen my-wife'V-new ;hat? ;
/$1 prize;: to 'E. Vao j. Etery,^ Edenvale." Cal. ...
; It's-a;failing-il-inheritedL*-« '
New Executive Says
He Will Name
Clean Men
Supervisors to Be
First Appointees
Mayor Is Indorsed
Schmiiz .Relieved of
the City's Big Auto
duty will be the selection of and
appointment of sixteen super
visors to succeed those on the
present board who have expressed
their .willingness to retire when
ever called upon so to. do. I
firmly believe that the city is en
titled to clean and upright offi
cials, and it is my intention to see
that it gets them. This is no light
matter and I do not pretend to
say just when I will be prepared
to make the appointments."
The foregoing statement was
made yesterday at noon by Mayor
Edward R. Taylor, shortly after
he took possession of the may
or's office in the city hall. Early
in the day Sergeant at Arms Ed
ward Burke of the board of su
pervisors presented to Dr. Tay
lor, at his residence, the certifi
cate of his election as mayor, to
succeed Charles Boxton.
Mayor Taylor, accompanied by
his legal associate, William B.
Kollmyer, went to the office of
County Glerk Mulcrevy, with
whom he filed his oath of office
after presenting his credentials.
The mayor x and His attorney then
went to the city hall, where they
were received by Henry McKan
nay, secretary to former Mayor
Boxton. Mayor Taylor at once

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