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The San Braneisco Call
| ; JOHN D. SPRECKELS. . . .-.- ...... ... ; . . ... Proprietor
CHARLES W. H0RN1CK. . . . . . V. : . . . ...... Qfeneral Manager
i ERNEST S. .'SIMPSON ; ;^V.: : X':f:. .;. .}-\ .Managing Editor.
< Addre«« All CommniJeidoM to THE SAX FRANCISCO CALL
Telephone "Temporary S6" — Ask for The Call. The Operator Will Connect
; Yoa With the Department. TouAVUh., _L, ".-•
I — a— \u25a0—^«— — a ii _ ii r iin-ii.ii. i.ii I nil — a—a—
j BUSINESS OFFICE... . ..Mairket' and' Third Streets. : San Francisco
- Open Until 11 O'clock Every ICisht in the Year. \u25a0.
EDITORIAL. R00M5. ....... :V V .^ \u0084 • •'•"•"•' ; • • -Market and Third Streets
MAIN CITY BRANCH ...:..;:..... ..1651 Fillmore Street Near Post
OAKLAND OFFICE— 46B 11th St. (Bacon block) . .Telephone Oakland 1063
j " ALAMEDA OFFICE — 1435 Park Street. ........ .Telephone Alameda 539"
BERKELEY OFFICE— -SW. Cor., Center/and Oxford. Telephone Berkeley 77
CHICAGO OFFICE — Marquette Bldg..C. George_Krogness, Representative •
NEW YORK OFFICE— SO Tribune Bldg. .Stephen B. Smith, Representative
. ? Delivered by Carrier, 20 Cents Per Week. 75 Cents Per Month. Single
v Copies 5" Cents.
-. - Terms by Mall. Including Postage "(Cash - With Order):
"DAILY CALL (Including Sunday),. 1 year ..... ............. ..SB.OO
DAILY CALL (Including Sunday), 6 months . .........$4.00
DAILY CALL-^-By single month .........;. 750
SUNDAY CALL, 1 year v. . . .....:........ . : . . . 52.50
FOREIGN ) Dally ..../......... . $8.00 Per Year Extra
on^.pl I Sunday..... $4.15 Per Year Extra
FUSTAUis. ) Weekly $i; 00 Per Year \u25a0 Extra
Entered at the United States Postdfflce as Second Class Matter.' .
Sample, Copies Will Be- Forwarded. When ' Requested. -.' ./
Mail subscribers in ordering. change of address should' be particular to .-.
give both NEW AND OLD' ADDRESS in -order to insure a' prompt
and correct compliance with their request. \u25a0
THE totals shown -by the books of the registrar of voters are
full of promise for the political rehabilitation of San Francisco.
Approximately 60.000 electors out of a total^ registration" of less
. than 61,000 are qualified to. participate in the primary elections
on August 13. 1. ,
The total primary, registration shows an increase of 10,000
over the whole registration for 1906. The fact that this large num
ber of new voters, together with more than 3,000 who have changed
their residence since voting in 1906, enrolled themselves for partici
pation in the primaries is a healthful sign. It is indicative of an
awakened public conscience^an Jntierest in the- primary, the; foun-*
dation of good government, 'jri.;:* '" i**^;. 1 . ...Iv
If the promises held out Sy the large- registration 1 are realized
even in part Boss Herrin and his. understrappers will be eliminated
from the politics of San Frarrcisco. Ajlatrge,,primary poll means an
honest, independent vote. It means a vote against /which no corrupt
political organization can^ hope/to pre\a.il. The political boss is the
creature of popular indifference. Herrin's abandonment. of his cor
rupt apportionment scheme inconclusive proof that' tliik arch enemy :
did not dare beard an aroused public openly. The vote which Herrin
feared .to -arouse, cannot evade responsibility for the governmental
reHabilitation of^stricken .San -Francisco. The republican party must'
accept the duty laid upon it;; j That thousands 'of republicans' are
willing to* assume that duty" ifT^yiclenced by* th"c* facl~tKat fully half'
of the 13,000 _ -voters 'registeredf* since^ April 23 for the primaries are J
rTepublicans.-^heyrtintend to "go to the primary polls. It is 'the duty^j
of ever\ r other horiestvrepublican to go with them. -The; friend of
good government will find a *decerit ticket for'his*suppbrt;in each.)
assembly district. There will^also ibe, Relegate' tickets v composed'of!|
men pledged, if secretly, to redeliver their party to Herrin.' They !
cannot make good their pledge save through the traitorous indiffer-j
ence of the men who are always willing to resent criticism of their
citizenship, but. usually unwilling ,tfc> prove their .civic virtue at" the
primary polls. : ; . . jj : ! cf- ; * \u25a0, : ;_ .
"Republicans, the fate of San ' Francisco is in your hands. In the
manner of your performance of ,you,r duty on August 13 lies the test
of your citizenship, your loy4lty/ta } r our city and ybur party. "
EROM the cool and l.fogfsteepedvslppes of San Francisco^ across
a steaming continent blistere^^y a fiery sunV \ve extend the
assurances of our esteem and regard to Boston, the Hub of
the Universe, and congratulate"., the^
of* that city, on this\ w r or^ 61'' :\yeiF. earned;*; approval, for San
Francisco's . selection . of , an :|jonesi an d_ able * mayor : -
It is one of those reassuring incidents _of American life and politics
ribt without . some, very distinguished ' recent r precedents, that when. . things
seem at the lowest . ebb of hoodlumUrrt Jih'd \u25a0.corruption; in,- our "public : life
the figure of. some intelligent man .-emerges from; the
and disgrace, a'nd^ saves our \u25a0initttutibns"- : jvinnlfjg'.-!by. very -reason ":-. of j
existence of the scandals the.confidenrelQlttheTpubHc in^his power 'to redress
the balance .with' his character; ajidtf a'dmmtstrative ability. ;v. ; Our '.raft*. of «'a
republic may keep our feet we'ttiQ 1 * tH^^l&.e^t but.; 'wV'doVnot'; sink.'^vsi. : 'l^
These are pleasant words, as ; Avelljfas .true,: arid, ; as ; Sah' Efari
ciscb has been .for. some time ;; getting "the .rough, end of' the.- stick
from the eastern; brother, we like .to" note the rchange. -: : Itl-!is;; the
return of the Prodigal City, and they *are, ready to kill the 'fatted
calf and serve him in a jsauce of adjectives. ' -
COLONEL \BIDDLE of;' the United States? engineering corps,
in charge of- river and harbor work in California- is engaged
on " investigation of conditions on the San Joaquin river. ; for
the information of -the national waterways commission and
congress. President" Roosevelt ta'kes/ the, -deepest interest in: !the
improvement of" inland 'navigation and congress is turning to a
large policy of development in this /regard. N Saiv \ joaquin river
shipping is, already. ijnite; important;- as;a- glance at -the figures fur
nished to "^Colonel ; Biddle- by , the Stockton chamber of commerce
will show. These figures are summarized in the Stockton- Mail :
. . In 12 month* the arrivals of; vessels here totalized 1,742, with a com
bined tonnage,; of 511,844. The traffic value was $28,175,000. Seventy thou
sand passengers were carried!-. ' "/; \u25a0;, \u25a0„\u25a0 ...•;• ,
1 River and "railroad t'rafficis' equal along .the San Joaquin between Stock
ton and San Francisco. ...... \u25a0 .
• A *JI c fei Ot channel would save^ $87,750 ariniially/in the > transportation Cof
gram,' s37,soo on lumber and large^sums on other- shipments.
The; San Joaquin:up to Stockton is a tidal canal. : ;- :
* Stockton is the only interior American city. Haying- four transcontinental
railroads." '• / "\u25a0 -\u25a0 -- ; \u25a0 -•' : »--.--- .--.:-\u25a0- •- ,• . ..:.... . .„._ .\u25a0,;...,- • \u25a0•,-.\u25a0
The people : of San Joaquin -county have made 'up their niihds
wKat'they want and their demands are moderate. They ask' that
a^fifteen foot channel be openedj to -the' tay^ of : San; Francisco; i -the
savinglh freights that would rejsult fromthisjimprovementiin faciii
ties^rnight be' moderately capitalized^ at';slo/X)o.obb' : : , * '4}j
npHE price of cotton^ th'reacl has gone up 'from 5^ cents tp 10. cents^
I/ a spool. It is a grave injury, to ; the, poorest and most defense^:
aJL less class of workers— the women who sew on garments arid
find their own thread/- {This is 'one of^^ the 'direct consequences
of:the creation of monopoly."*" - •" V. : • .-. . '• V :r ? H
Charles G. 'Dawes; formerly .-; Comptroller of the
under McKinley and -now a '.banker^ in'jGHicago^is quoted^ in\the A
morning papers \in \u25a0 exposition . of., certain -I. ben efit s j of monopoly, an d
jhe-'calls* for" amendment- of" "On
jthis subject he says: ; \.P :
If real progress is tobe made toward the, solution, of theKvex'ed;indus
trial problems which confront the nation," this law should •bV/arftende'd 'so -s.i
to.- clearly define' Hvhat"shall^c6nsUtute;;ille^
addition; it'. should; be amended" so" .thaJ?aUrade^greement;jwhe|^ei7ah'ragr€e-:
ment Jin restraint i of- trade : or> not;? niay,'. prior touts'. consummatiori.'i be 4cori
sidered \by^ a .-commission , ih^its^relation f tojth'e|public>iirite>est.-j-rßenencial
trade , agreements ?. should , then be ; legaflyj Sustained- and indorsed; andu batl
ones forbidden^ and,; iV consummated, -putii^ed^^^-^'^^^^y'^-^'^yK'^"
y : This jis - very .Vriuch Vof/al piece';" wi&fttie^non se^se n ja!>ou^gowf
trusts an^;;bad';trusts.'C^it^is^akinr- to; 'the VmaxiirfXthfttl ; best
possible •form; of; j^
is that: despotism ; and trusts; arec dangerous^ fqr^the; same- reasoli^:
| tions of unrestricted-power^^hat' is;jthe^se/^br^He-t^ton- thre^fj
trust. ', ;'..-' ;: /-;";'; ! :;.:"'-" ''•"^ r^^#; ;^j-v;M^T-— r-^^- -''"' ; ; : ;i;^
There is no' real j excuse 'for ttife"fcostT of materials i:\tp.
poor women .who } are; already sweatecl down to; the: barest livelihood J
| The manufacturers say that;- the; c^ ; of-raw*Qpttpn^Has advaiKe^
j an d theyj- musjt ; pay "more, F f orv=ihe : wpo.d" from', which '•"\u25a0 th ey^ iriake^ th^
j spools J;b"ut improved proce^|es!;of m^aufacture^and the -larger ; voK
ume of 'traderoffset^the^diff^r^ce.^;/^ -H ;-:-\u25a0•"• "' i: ; : : r;:' ; : l?*
j • It is ; understopdi that the rdepartment- of . and" labor,
j is^ conducting 'an 7 iriyesti^iq^
jit wilibe
matter^than: the "pursuit ; P^the;tpt)acco- mo n^pol^'^N^ody is com^
| pelled to smoke^but we" iniuSt' ali^^ar; clc^
| piece of. oppression^that/ithe make them should^: have
the price of. their^ materials; doubledCat one stroke; : ; : iT;
L" OUISVILLE^is going^hrc^gh: an -experience not yery^di^ 1
. siimjar/tojtHat\^
v a : decision: of :the) Kentucky court -of appeal.^^The court
s^^sideiKe. municipal; elects
returned/at; thatUime/CG^^
brought-in l.\ the tft'e i Fraudulent
elections are; no^usualHlii^
the? bad '"\u25a0 eminencevof ; tHe\^ouisyifcaffair/; but' it is a^rare^and;
i"^?^^^"jost : 'y^^^^4^-^9}^9^^) -staff; of
a :cit)Cshjc^ldlt^
are Jn ; pro^ss^;accomplishihg -the^
buUfor; a^ different Areasdn! 5 - ;•\u25a0 '";}.; .<> \u25a0 ',%'\u25a0 '\u25a0:\u25a0\u25a0:\u25a0\u25a0 -S-; ": : - : ' :, : '
and' designated; the governor, of; the^stateltp make 'the vaiippintmentsf
In; San Francisco^-the^ prosecution -of
necessaiy,' forces and has >' clothed;; Mayor Taylor' -with ?power-t^
change the "official; personnel.' , \u25a0 \u25a0?_? _ \J* . - ".] \ -. " ; : -Z^
;; ;,; , Jn vbpthS oties^a^ corripiiete^mi^ici^l vreyoiution'lis|in J progresii
! with*, the : result:,' that : bfficial;r<^ upset^ •The
| inconvenience: is -temi^rar^, but ;r^ce^
into >the^obscurity: of; a; well earned ;prison.\ : Oi^ hear^of Him occa^ 1
sA O^* 1 - I ?^'^^^ v,*jl:*^^it^"(fcvemm'ent;. = or^^nnlng'f out
not;go:backwafd.; Schmitzjbelqngs; .to- the^ category^extirict^rnon^
sters- ;:Jhe. Louisville ; reyolutipn, is ailittle fartheVaiong'th^n-ours;
but , we are on the way. ' ' \u25a0-^ : Z 't'.< : : i-' : '-:-'-'^-::. ' :. ; •"";.;• " : ~%r
Gossip in; Rail wa^ ; Circles
J« C. STUBBS; /traffic ,^director^ of
; the Harrjman- lines^wlredytq^L this
: . J city last* - Thursday • that \u25a0 he" ln-
r r , »-. tended 'to 1 start for ; San? Francisco
''\u25a0 __ '''--^\u25a0\u25a0\u25a0- ; v*i'.-*-: ~?T<*'r&?4ils> --^'t,*-.\*titf»v*&9*f^w^rt*y**s i
on;* Friday. , and^s to S : make
here/, to^ handle* his] priyateTcarJ^Vy I thlri"
a' half >houf he hq
was/, not ;{cpmliig£ and|that^he B : dld^ not
know,',whe"n^ he Would, come.',. ' '_ " -,;,
. f ' .\u25a0«.-';.' ".:','..;. k ~\~ l - *'' \u25a0-""-'"•i.*j|- '' "-*'"' ii'.'r' ''-' \u25a0 .',; "V*
..'. Julius ' t Kruttschhltt,Vdirector^ofrmaln^
llnesTt^wllli not'^ goWsouthTfas liwaV^hia
nrst'lntentlbn^Djit^wllllleavefdlrectlfoF 1
Chicago Jin' the' near4 future: ' -' '. \u25a0' - -f
\u25a0 ; - : : :'--y: '--y- - ' • • - J \-.,: j -m
\u25a0 \u25a0 \u25a0•;-\u25a0\u25a0;•- 1 i.. \u25a0_:.\u25a0\u25a0'."• ,s»n \u25a0 •";.- "\u25a0;!'-\u25a0:\u25a0-'.:..,;\u25a0,; -,<\u25a0\u25a0* V- -*
1 Epes 1 Randolph;twhqjis^ Bresldenttof^a
score ! of ithel Harrlmari}ll nes | in* Arizona,
J"*?"tfth»Tfiitllroad I work ] bel ng f doneUh"
republic:;: r '.' ;i ; VI -i-v.^ 7 " l '' 7^- \u25a0*'' \u25a0 "'\u25a0' :;."\u25a0\u25a0•; ;*>«*;
u.,',"-ii^'-:i---, ; ;.".-:.*,'-\u25a0;\u25a0• »p/v /\u2666/••', V -'\u25a0
'Si:"' A--. • A'. JPolh'ahius; -whcT' f or many i yea? 9
was •In ' the ; SoutKeYri
Paclflp ;ihl- L6s>^Aiigeles^ahdKwhb^Hs
amojig:ithe|best^like6!j?pfj;thet younger
ell n g: "\u25a0 passen ge"f ' s."gen t^of •' th c | Canad lain
Pacific t; lh^'the *\u25a0 southernT^ terrltb'ry^ to
succeed " F. r a:' 1 Who | has 'been
transf eVf ed ? to ;Sprikan& ; °K •\u25a0 , : : '\u25a0\u25a0' , - : -^ J^'
;:?. ! . > . : ;*.;.; ii ''* vj •":'•'*\u25a0\u25a0\u25a0* • *-•_\u25a0*.* • 1 .; ". \u25a0\u25a0-. \u25a0.'.;\u25a0;\u25a0;*•/
r,:i,T:}^ A. s .; t QrSham,^: a'sslstan t ;" .' general
freight /and passengrer^' ag:ent x -i T of 'the
rived 4! h s this Jclf y,'-y esterday^ tol attend
the)Jlnks;ofithe l ßohemlaa*club;^^; ; yni
S; /Gifibidf Htfe^Rock •islandTFrisc?o'
lines i^wasTtakenlsuddenly^ill iyesterday
and IWas ainableito] leave] his i homeJßWra
* "W. " P*» Catlrtn r of • Sti 'Louis Is at 'the
Hamllri>;? :7 -" ;*->\u25a0>;; *-;>• •.•'\u25a0•-•\u25a0 -;\u25a0>.<;>\u25a0.
;A-i ? *<T.^Bufiie^6"/TMempliiiVfi at" the
;Hamlln. .'.;.\u25a0. ' -- ,*-.;•'*. »v
: .73H:rfFyTfe'<f -of «alt 'Lake Ms- at' the St.
PraaicW.** I'-Ws.v-i-r:1 '- Ws.v-i-r:- \u25a0\u25a0 -\u25a0 . :r \u25a0 •\u25a0:\u25a0, .:',;.•;.-%>-_-.•;
\u25a0 H. " F. Raynor of. New' York : Is* at the
Baltimore."-*--'"' "' ."
" Vsvo?-*fF ss^lng,,of ' Burlington, Vti'.'is
* IVißreslauer.-a merchant of Redding.
l*i at ,-the^BaltlmoreV:- V * . . - '•• -i >. %r :
* \ Ge<sVge ' R. \u25a0 El)lott and ; wife \u25a0 of , Stbck
tonr;;are*at;the. Savoy. 1 *
-•* J °hj»t l). 'Mauser,: a 'merchant of Salt
.L^Ke, is. atJUiejDorcheeter: ; ,
>^"ofg9,ZeUlngiil i 'an'ci)H.* Francisco of
Ti?-?^?! 1 -. 1*;1 *; aj^ej-^tjthe.Hamlin. -> '\u25a0' ... -
,?«E.t.i2. Gooke, ; -a> barrister'of "London
En^^is:a guest at the Savoy/ ':-..-\u25a0:\u25a0 --.
(;.' F.iF.-Pfatt.a well -k nown merchant
of^Lpa Angeles,: is at the Savoy.
"Sutcliff,;.: a'SJnilninß man of
Tonopah, is ;>a; gruest'at;! the ;• St Francis.
V? Judge) Henir'yJ C. Gesford and'daugh
ter^Mlss.MaidllQ L. Gesford of Napa are
at-ttie Majestic: \ • . . s 'j; "
-W. .' V W. Johinstone and . wife of. New
York,; who. are f touring the coast, -are'
at; the? Fairmont.:'* \u25a0 , J •
:;H.. Robertson, a mining man of
nemucca,' New; and- Mrs. _ Robertson" are
at>the l Baltimore: > . * \u25a0; - ; .->>.
,f P.?C ; Tarleton.- of ; New Orleans, and
C.-^.Carson'jdf Denver,"' Colo.; who are
touring , the coast,] are at \u25a0 the Maj estic. • : "-,
V; Grant Mott.'a^cairpeiCraanufacturer of
Chicago^andyNew iYork, and; his^wife,
whoAareftourlng'- the^coast,- are ? af. the
Baltimore.'.' /:•;..;;; ' ; , : -._ .
= ; C % E; (Gilhousen ':; and , L.- a . Gilhoiisen^
representing ; Copper • Creek • mines, '.with
headquarters V-ih:. Los Angeles, are f at
the,St/ T Francis/ :; : * -
• " R. "\ F.'» Paine of; San- Mateo has taken
apartments'for'several days at the Ma
jestic ; 'durlng; : the . illness • of ; Mrs.,^ Paine,
who \ Is ; now i in*- a : ; hospital here.
£\u25a0\u25a0' Clement : ; ->Eienne tt, * ' United : States
official*/, reporter, .-" has returned ; from
Eureka,"* Humbpldt J county, :.where, the
United § States court .'.has 'been
in :'session ? for ; the .\u25a0 past t two ".weeks." .
, A party" composed; of; J.E. Adams and
,W.; '\u25a0 5.% McGu i r e lof .• New .» York ; 1 "W. > B. x
Ctirtls?and''Fredt.Li.y Berry,; of
andJW«|G.*;StoneVdf* i Goldfleld,iwho";have
beerifstaying, at : the*; Fairmont^ lef t -. yes
terday'-ifor; the /Bohemian^ jinks. r^They
.will|return.:to; % town/Sunday^andCbe at
the • Fairmont for 7 several days." "» \u25a0;?'•>' •;\u25a0:
\W: -v Zeile Vi arid * wife,' who
hflLve'ibeen. visiting I the: eastern Estates'
for ithel past I six * week's,^ have!; returned
ajid ; are | at .: the I; Falrmqntfl^The'l Misses
MarioniandvßuthlZelle.iwho'' have been
attending^ schooli lri\^ New?. York,>' have
come \to ;tthe j clty^i to ? spend : ' their |vaca
tloh.^.TheifamilyXwlll» spend the sum-*
mer| touring: thej different, points'^ of Un
terestVinttheistate^:^ \u25a0<' '-•\u25a0'\u25a0 - .
Ahsv/ers^tb Queries f
;j ACETANILIDE^-RvR. H..iCity. ; Ace
tahllide;;;known- In, -the *drugr-.tradeTas
antlfebln,.-cls&Kiven v ? In i medicine Sas'&a
sedative jand'alfebrifugre.^tjltsi
logical' action i la slmllarjto^that:of,'antl
pyr-ln7;buti It* administration; ls fconsid-'
ered|safer.; p»;V." ; < ',-^'-V :•':' v/- '•\u25a0'-
•i"»yi43 "ft \u25a0- -.» ;•\u25a0"-\u25a0 j- • .•* *,-.\u25a0'\u25a0.* *\u25a0* >.\u25a0
laridfdCal.^The"';oversea ;f em
plre^cqntaJnsJ^l 1,193,000 1 square : miles;
iltsf population Us r nearly.,; 350,000,000,i0f
r Whlch ; all;but~ 50,000,000 ; are' to}bei found
in ; India and \u25a0 feudatory). . c"
I , BROKEN JwYNDOWS^C.fjvi Clty.v'lif
a years fold^lireakslwlndows '• and
his ffatherfref uses* to I [payj for J 'them \ you
hadl^ettef^onault * som * ?. reputable * at-*
torne'y.'lwho swill faidvlse 'you I as Hoi you r
rights ; inVthV: premised' : /.rf;;; :•'\u25a0.•'-"•-\u25a0' \u25a0->; \
Oakland.? Cai:^VHeMonolt"fii: not
I^^butiVhe|dldllt^la«sH£H&C '
The Insider
Tells .; of easterh;oifficialis^ exaggerated adea of
graft ttncjitibns^here and of Fie Id's resolve
to \write insurance instead- of poetry;
"BoV 'Harrison Is A S SlSTAXT^. District Attorney Robert W.
nYf M «r*i ». . /AV^Hafrisdnf Is telling the .story of an oc
.^ V«£ red a^ "Bj t 7;'«fV**i currence a few days ago which casts
an interesting ; side light on the eastern view of the extent of municipal rot
tenness in San Francisco, and which incidentally speaks none too highly of the
methods of; the police department* of Detroit, Mich., in conducting outside
business. ' ' •^^BmmmmmmmWSßA
\u25a0 The Incldent'arose tnj connection vwith the extradition; of a man arrested
in this cltyon Information from Detroit, where, he was wanted on a charge of
securing; money ; .; under, .false -pretenses. The Detroit police department was
notified of thejman'§? arrest, ; and Emery /E.'. Brooks, an official of that city,
was sent; to" San {Francisco after him.' The warrant was issued by Governor
Gillett,. and the necessary preparations made i to transfer the custody of the
prisoner. 4 In the ' meantime, \u25a0 however, a petition for a .writ of habeas corpus
had been filed ln^the : prisoner's behalf, and It was necessary -to have this
dismissed before he .could be given into the charge of Brooks. Brooks w^v
in a" hurry to be on;his way, and Harrison was of material assistance to him
in hurrying j the case along and securing the „ dismissal of the habeas corpus
proceedings; vwlthout loss of time.' After the matter had been attended .'to.
Brooks \ called Harrison Into a quiet corner. . "^
"Now, what do : _I owe you T' he asked In the resigned manner of one per
forming a painful but necessary, duty. < -~ •
"Why, -you don't owe me anything," responded Harrison! "That's what
we : are paid for."
. : .. Brooks , didn't respond with words. He simply looked at -Harrison with
surprise on every feature, and whistled softly 1 between his _' teeth.'"
"I think he regarded me as the biggest curiosity he had * struck In San
Francisco," explained Harrison afterward: "His manner said Just as plainly
as words that he had expected and was prepared to "pass a bit*. to every!offi
cial the came in contact with here. I'm wondering now whether, my ' share
was accounted for in Brooks* expense Report, or whether- somebody else- got
a double share on account of my refusal." . ..
Forsakes Muse to J™^ I^L*° ?* *^' * *^
- R the position with the New England *lif9
*??? OtnG .? in A g cn t Insurance .company that was held for '«** bo
many years by his father, the late Henry K. Field. It is a responsible position
for. so : young a man, Pacific coast manager of the company, but young Field
was "virtually^ the manager for more "than a year past, his father being too
ill.tp attend to the business of the office. It wai just a few short years ago, so
it - seems, that Charlie Field . graduated from > college in the same class with
the^rwin brothers,' and "it, wa3 then his intention -to embark upon a literary
career. ;With \Will Irwin he collaborated on a little volume of, college tales .en
titled-"Stanford-; Stories," 'and 'he got quite a lot of breezy, humorous topical
verse in various local papers. But after awhile' he went into the Insurance
office, which by right of inheritance appeared to be hi 3 proper sphere. He still
does a little dallying with the muse, however, and will not desert the lady #
entirely. Field is a clever amateur actor, and usually takes a prominent 'pa' ctT
in the Bohemian club's Jinks.
\u0084 A few months before H. K. Field's passing, the head of the New.Engiand
insurance company, William B. Turner," died In; Boston. Turner was a great
friend of the Fields, and with his 'wife visited' them In thl3 city not so ; very
long ago.; The two families took a trip to the Yosemite in company, and the
Turners also visited the famous Field camp, -now' no moreT- In , Guernewood
park, near Guerheville. \u0084•.•\u25a0• '
Charles He vtrertv Charles -Heggerty, the „ attorney, has, two
doubles m -town;* if you spen pnone&caDy.
}. ; \u25a0'?\u25a0? innocence, and both of ttem high ' poß iti O ns in the
public eye.' -Strangers, the lawyer says, frequently confuse, him with hisi
illustrious fellow fcitizens.'.- Xcii, „;..,.;
.^ " "i'met a "man the *oth*eV'day','*"HeggeHy'H6lcl me,' "who wa? 1 introduced and
then gazed at nieTas If I were a public character. His admiration was
impressive. .. ' ;_. ,". * ' ; ;\u25a0'';";
'"So you are Abe Ruef's office boy?* he gasped at last.
"'No,' I replied modestly! seeking no honbt .which" Is not mine own.
"'Ah,' then "you are the police commissioner?' »~ -U I . Zit.-i.T"G^.«r:
"And all I could say was: 'Guess again." It's sad to be a disappointment."
lie Smart Set
AFTER enjoying a delightful year
of " travel in Europe" at historic
places : and -out" of V the -beaten
pathways, Mr. and Mra! Richard
Watson will return to Berkeley In the
near future. During several months of
their, stay -on the continent .they occu
pied a picturesque old Italian villa.
They will make a'short, visit with rel
atives "In New York before coming west.
•-; ••;*. .-• '. ' • '
..Mrs. Antoinette Steams, state organ
izer .:\u25a0; of ' the /United Daughters of '.the
Confederacy and ": president of ' the " Jo
seph ;Le Conte' chapter- of Berkeley and
Oaklaiid, has ; been visiting friends '; at
Monterey v and Pacific Grove. y' : She' will
soon to Berkeley accompanied
by Miss Duffy of Pacific Grove.
/,Mrs.lFrancls*Brugulere has i,returned
from'an -enjoyable trip through the Yo
semite valley.:.. She will pass the winter
i^ Mrs. W. J. B. Mills and Miss Gertrude
Mills, ;who; have .'a handsome home / in
Devlsadero street,* have left forCarmal^
by-the-Se"a:and expect to; be absent
three T weeks.'. ;-; ' -V
'\u25a0\u25a0*\u25a0 ;-/•''\u25a0-\u25a0\u25a0 • -\u25a0"••,. ,--•: ".-•. '
C" Mr. and Mrs.G. A. Boyerare at Santa
Cruz, where they, will? remain for sev
eral, weeks. '. - x , r . . .; /
;. Mrs. JDixwell Hewitt Is a guest" at -;
Captain Collier's 'at Clear Lake. •
.'\u25a0\u25a0-\u25a0•-•\u25a0\u25a0 . • \u25a0 . ' • , ; .
U. >5... A., will
soon visit the Presidio. V. He has been on
duty Vat :. Monroe; , A'lrglnia, ' and Is
known - r ; as J one jof \u25a0". the ' . most \u25a0 ' eligible
bachelors '\u25a0 of 'the 'army. '
'".- .*\u25a0•"*:.'"\u25a0• •' , •".".* .- ' • '
Commander, Marcus ; I*
; Miller "of \u25a0- the "United States | navy/, a . son
of L the ;late"iColonei;Miller, of , the army,"
received tan {order recently from ; \Vash- ;
lngton* tos Joln^the ;Paclfic 'fleet.
mander.: Miller ; was at " Cairo,' : Egypt,
when the order reached -him and start
ed :: at : ; once V for San \u25a0 Francisco. -^ Mrs. . .
Mlller.% who "is.s well 'known ;both ?here
and;in Sausallto, ;ls the daughter of the ;
late Rear Admiral Fife, , U.lS.-N."
%; Miss 1 Birdie Heath.iwho^ is . popular. • :
among: the'; southern ..California 'society * '.
folk, v. has 'returned •'- from "a - visit 'with *
Dr/ 1 arid ; MrsJ>Wheeler at : Dutch ;Flat.
"\u25a0•..;; , '.-. y"^:-:.^"^ "-:*;.':. *. .' . ' • . [ .'\u25a0
s* Mra.. Julla;Marcuccl, Mrs. Hattie Kai- .'
ser 'and Miss; Lilian' Friedman"' have 'ar-'i
Conditions California
•'.-; , Tha^C^lfornU^Promotien committe* wiredTth^followio* to 1U" eaitera W»n \k »*»
York yoitenUy: - ; - \u25a0.'•-. ;•--.-\u25a0.•.-.\u25a0 -\u25a0- -/,."..
.'lt California Jtempiritarei for tie put" S4 ] liooxi : ' \u25a0
ir ' '*': < E ???^"V:-""V"--"-"-"---->-"-.J«lBliaam- 64 ;M»itonm SO •
.-.*. : ; San JFranclsco ...:..%...... ....liMialmiim M.^.i.Maximim' «l
?;\u25a0-;\u25a0; .T. . **? : r•"••••^•^^v^ Milli ? aJa^ M\u25a0••-•-M«^mM \u25a0••-•-M«^ma 1 i 74 \u25a0
KtporUjreceiredliby: the ; Calif ornla .- Promotion'- eoi^itt«i» aay the"w i- ~i» uaniuanr "
• heaTy; demand for Calif oral* frulti.botlx rr»en"aad"o«uwd,'iii*tS« cist.
v G^l*^^i^P^l'*™?T®^^^^P?^'for;ttiVii«t -week, M« carload*.
; -: vj>^«a^.^jShwU^coraty, : 1. k mcwt«d wtth'th. "eoitmctioa Wvkith i« i*bml£ "
Ulere - 0111 .?."™!*" 'mployed r oa" the- local 'dlviHojC aid : 130 ! man ar«^n«w 1
•working on the lecond track from Dunsmuir to ChettaaVjlflHßH|
piles wu $3 a barrel, or Juit'douWithe prewat '*&£\u25a0 *** **
J©LY;27, 1907
\u25a0 x .... \u25a0 ~ : r
rived at the Hotel Rose, Wiesbaden.
Germany. •".':' ' -":
• \u25a0-\u25a0\u25a0 ' :•:. ;\u25a0•. '~Xi '^X\ '.* °. v
Prince Ponlatowskl ". was among the
passengers sailing 1 from Cherbourg on
the Kaiser Welhelm'll last week. Ha
Is expected to reach here soon and will
be the guest of William H. CrockerVat
Burlingame. The Princess Poniatow
ski anil her children are summering on
the southern coast of France. » . »."
' Among the recent arivals at the Ho
tel dcs Indes.'The Hague, were '. Mr. rand
Mrs. , Julian H. v Biddle and . son •of :San
Jose and Gustav Leasing of tlfls city.
\u25a0"•':_**'.. '•'.*. \u25a0 • ' * * \u25a0\u25a0\u25a0*»'
\S.\Q. Murphy, the well known mem
ber of the "Pacific Union clab, is regis
tered at the Hotel Princess,' in Paris. *
•-\u25a0 • • •
Dr. R. O.» Baldwin of this city Is tour
ing Europe and; will .return be fora
Christmas to resume, his ". prof esslonal
duties." -•" ;\u25a0; p . \u0084 _\u25a0. — . >
> The Grason •" Duttoris \u25a0'- are enjoying
th« .\u25a0 fishing at • Lake Tahoe and expectc t
toi remain there several weeks. " -
In :the Joke World:
. A year had passed, Biuce' they faced
the < parson togrether.' and upon his 1 re
turn home he found his wife In teara. ".
\u25a0•-"What" are you crylriff '. about?**. ~h»
asked. ' .
*Tve J-iust been r-readlrisr the irletter
In'whlch you p-proposed,"-she sobed. .*
"Well. : I don't blame you." he re-
Joined. "Everyx time I -think of that
letter I : feel like swearing/'-^Chlcaxo
Ye w a -
"Yes. Indeed. Mr. Hlg^ins, I was tin *
such a frame of mind that :I .was be
side'myself." \u25a0 " \u25a0-•">L ">*\u25a0
-"If , : I. were^ as sweet as^you are I
would endeavor^to, be In thait.frame^of
mind all ;the t t!me."— Houston Post.'
."The Judgre-^-Well. sir. have you- any- -
thing to^say?;.
;,The Lawyer— No, 'sir. But , If "your
bonor,,were • a \u25a0 mind 'reader. ; you ;would
income -for contempt 'of court,"^—Cleve
and; Leader. • -• v
' , \u25a0 ' • \u25a0 ' • -•'\u25a0•'*"
, MrsV Dash— Mother - ; says that she
arants to be cremated. " '
Dash— Just my luck! I haven't a
natch with meJ— Smart S«t. "" • \u25a0

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