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Renewal of HostUities Is "j
* .Threatened by \u25a0 Dissat- f
isfied Operators
Charge Is Made That Terms .
;of Strike Settlement * "
. ; Are Violated
A -renewal of hostilities is threatened
between the telegraphers and tlieir.em
«plovers. The local union served notice
yesterday on the Western Union Xhat
In its belief the spirit of the agreement
*r r hlch settled the recent strike was not
being observed by the coporaUoni Reso
lutions were passed expressing the In
tention of the union to take the mat
*tec up with the higher 'officials of thq 1
/TVestern Union. It is claimed by the
men that, despite stipulations to the
contrary in the agreement, the oper
ators who went out on strike are be
.!ns discriminated against. Complaint
is also made that the operators are
•. forced by the Postal and the Western
union to work from 12 to 15 hours a
cay. .President Small of the Interna
tional union has been requested to re
.-.\u25a0rnain for the present in San Francisco.
•\u25a0"The resolutions passed at the meet
ing of the union in West Oakland yes
.• ter^ay are as follows:
V y her^* s « J - v - O'Brien; manager, and H. J.
. Jes«, ,c^lef oper*tor of the WVstcrn L'nJon trfe
•tr?ph oompacy In the" cUIm cf S«n Francisro
\u25a0 ana Oakland, are oslns methods of Intimidation
•;«aa .thrcttt end showing prejudices, and In
\u25a0totbW ways eTlnclnp a disposition to disregard
-the tpirlt and the letter of the agreement en
-tered into by and between Assistant General
rßttfwrintendent Miller of the Western Union tele
• rra pa *, company and Commissioner of Labor
Charles P. Keiil on behalf of the tele^rapbern
v employed by that company; and
. ." . Whereas, evidence has been famished by a
.namber of telegraphers employed by the Western
. .Union telegraph company and also by those, who,
i-.when the strike was declared off made appllea
;. lion- for their former positions, showing that tbe
\u25a0 said- Manager O'Brien and said Chief Operator
• J.e«rfc are rescrtlnir to tactics in direct rlolntlon
of aaid agreement, as based upon the general
apTeemect entered tnto by President and General
• Manapcr Ilobert C. . dowry and Commissioner
<#• Labor Charles P. XeUL dated Kew York.
.June 20, 1&07; and
•;;.-'• \u25a0WBpreas, 6ereral telegraphers who were not
. -paTticipants In the recent strike haVe been
•*l'ren employment by the Western Union tele-
VSraph company in San Francisco and Oakland,
-.\u25a0tapt withstanding that a'Tiumber of strikers hare
\u25a0-;ljieen refused employment; and
;.-•. Whereas, a number of members of the union
•bare-. been £»Ten to enderstand by M ana per J. V.
, 0-Brien that It wonld be to their adrnntupe
•to' -withdraw their affiliation from tue organ iza
?%i6n-; and
\u25a0\u25a0.\u25a0.Wherejts, the aald O'Brien and Jeffs clearly
• fchow by their actions a disposition to dlscrimi
/ sate, against several of the women telegraphers
[ who- were on strike by. transferring them to un
-. desirable positions, which discriminations work
an /undue hardship and greatly inconvenience
thfrn ;. and
.•' '\i"hereas. the teleirrapbers In the main, of flees
. of Oje Western Union in San f ranclnco and
.OaYland are compelled to work from 12 to 15
. hours per <!ar In onier to more the business.
• while a number of the striking: telegraphers
have been refused re-employment: and
j ' Wljereas. the said Western Union telegraph
J cCompanj- is extremely short of teleifraphcrs,
' •«t«ti so ranch so that proper lunrh boor and re
. lief hare been time and acnln refused, since
: ". the srrike was st-ttled; therefore, be It
..• Unsolved, that a committee of .Western Union
..- explores be appointed to wait upon Assistant
\ QllHiaT Superintendent I. N. Miller, and that
; : be Instructed to p!sce any and
:f'.alK--s««ch eridence a& hrrrin mentioned before
..-.bJiii: -and be it further
",'t.iTfSOiirfl. that Nntlonal Prrsldcnt Small be re
.'-^ni'RVd to rouiain in San Francisco until such
: .--'tiiH»" as amicable relations hare been folly re
\u25a0". ;«r>r>d between the Western Union telejrraph
\u25a0-.ctoiripany and Its te!errai>lirrs. and Aat he be
! \u25a0.urjred 4n erent <liscrlialnatlon»/6tc.. do not
\u25a0/-.eVajse:' tha t t rhe department of W^mmerce and
' 'lkivnr be esked to srnd a representative to San
1 fraflds^o to enforce the terms of the a£ree
• -inent entered Into between that company and
.\u25a0'tkifcimlssioner of Labor Charles I*. Netll. .
V*A- second resolution passed by the
/•telegraphers follows:
* •".-Whereas, the Western Union and Postal tele
•,iTei»h companies are reqnlrine their telegraphers
• to-, .work from 12 to 15 hours per day, and
are subject to censure if tliey rsk
"foir' relief after their day' 6 work is finished; uc\r
•there«ore be It
- -Resolved, that members of this local fio here
by agree that at the end of their day's lat*>r
\u25a0 they request to be relieved from further «lnty
\u25a0*. for the day. and In case -of refusal of such re
" Jlef. that each member make a record of su'-li
! refpsal and file suc| report with a pcneral
pie va nee board for further action, the purpose
'.'. ci' tfaU resolution belpis to pather such lnfor
": .-rc&tion for submission to the department of
. \u25a0commerce and labor.
• " In discussing the matter. President
' Small of the union said:
'" The terms of settlemefit of the recent strike
provided that no employe was to be refused
• employment without a . full opportunity to clear
himself should any charges be pending against
blm; and, farther, that there were no more
than "two or three men," against whom
charges had been filed, and tUat tbe two
companies would reinstate the strikers "wlth
ont prejudice."
The action of . Manager O'Brien, an 1 Chief
Operator Jeffs of the Western Union since the
strike was declared off proves the Insincerity of
that company. In one Instance, at least. <mi
' tit the • strike™ was told by Manager O'Brlm
that unless he dropped his memJiershlp In tl>e
union he would uot t»e re-employed. In several
other Instances lady , telegraphers have been
"transferred to "offices" far distant frora wU^re
• they reside, maklusr It necesscry tiiat they
remove to i other part* of , the cliy or pay twp
carfares to go to and from their work.
- Nofirlthstsnfiing the terms of asr*-emcnt pro-
Vlded that the etrllars be reinstated ss rapidly
as possible, there are still a large number of
them out of. work.- while U»e. Western Union
' company Is pntting outsiders to wort- ewy
'\u25a0 fiay. This !• ft - violation of tbe spirit, of the
agreement which prompted «s to call the strike
eC The treatment of the women who went «>ut
on strike J>y the petty officials st tie West
' Oakland office of th* Western Union deserves
. severe censure at .the hands of their superiors.
I cannot believe tUat Mr. Miller, is a party, to
It nor can I believe that he trill permit a
continuation of tbe discriminating . practice*
cganst these women once his attention \u25a0 hau
' been called to It. '
. * In answer to -the resolutions, passed by mir
San Francisco local. I wlU v »nalfl In' San
Trencisco some time. If uecessary. • and en
eesvor to straighten matters out. The agreo
ment wblcb terminated the , strike cannot re
man In effect lons If the parties ; thereto are
not* willing to ctlJe by Ite terms and make
\u25a0n effort to Maintain harmonious relations lx>
tween the two coicpanles and tbelr telegraphers
'in the futare. \u25a0 / \u25a0•- i ?J
\ Presidio Soldier Is Run Down,, by
Machine and Receives Broken,
Arm arid Many Bruises
\u25a0 First Sergeant HennvA.; Smlts, one j
of the highest noncommissioned officers
at the Presidio, and, connected with the
hospital corps, was run down by a bi
cyclist at Fulton and Steiner streets
yesterday and Injured severely. He
was removed to the central emergency :
hospital. "\u25a0 - _ . '
Smlts. was crossing: Fulton street
when" C. A. Johnson of 1618 Sutter
street started down'l- ulton from. Fill
more on his bicycle. He ,lo»t controT of
the machine and it struck , Smlts; with
heavy force, hurllnff him to: the ground.
Smite' right arm was broken and; he
Si, cut and bruised severely, about >e
bead" and body/ Johnson, also was
bruised by his fall from the wheel.
O \KIiAXD. July 26.— Detected ln^ the
act of -attempting to hold : up . two Chl-
Jese at Seventh, and .Harrison streets
'this morning. Charles . Powers, a . for
butcher, ran . away amid a . fmllW«^ of
btillets fired by ; Policemen Dame > and
Wood and Special Policeman -Murdock
'Both were captured .later, and were
taken to the city prison: vPowers? : waß
found hldlngin the batement.ofia;cot
tage at Fifth and •! Alice , streets^ and
Swißy caught, Jn ; the . rear^of
Sr*iih'M jcrocery. near, the* s«n» corner.
Evangelist jFrancis - " is
Given Important
Rev. James Francis, who is conduct-
Ing an aggressive 10 days' evangelistic
campaign at the First Baptist church,
is one of the most successful evangel
ists In the Baptist denomination, of
which body he has Just been appointed
general evangelist
Francis is a Nova Scotlan by Llrth,
but his early ministry was In New
England. He has held responsible pas
torates In Boston and New York, where
for some years he was pastor of an
east side church near Dr. Rainsf ord's
great St. George'^ parish church.
His afternoon expositions of scrip
ture have attracted much attention. He
will continue his services at the First
church, 1620 O'Farrell street, until
Thursday, when he will- leave for, an
evangelistic campaign ln^ Maine. /
The service of song is a notable fea
ture of 'the meetings. The choir is as
sisted by two cornetlsts, one of whom
is a lad of only 13 years, who has been
playing in public for four years. The
song service tonight will be of special
attractiveness. Miss Helen Colburn
Heath, the soloist of the First church,
win sing at this meeting.
Francis will preach at the church at
the usual hours. 11 and 7:30, : and will
also speak at the Sunday school at 1
p. m. Two street meetings will be
held, one at Twenty-^second and Mission
streets at 3 p. m. and one at O'Farrell
and Flllmore streets. at. 7 p. m. In ad
dition to these services Francis will
preach at 3:30 In the Emmanuel Bap
tist church in Bartlett 'street near
Mexican Authorities Accuse
Them of Being in Smug
gling Plot
EL PASO, Texas, July 28. — Implicated
In wholesale smuggling operations re
cently uncovered .by the . Mexican cus
toms authorities, an American . engi
neer and three" switchmen employed on
the Mexican Central railroad were
arrested today and are In Jail In Juarez
incommunicado. It Is said that it has
been discovered that large quantities
of goods were smuggled into Mfexlco on
switch engines. " s •%
Three prominent businessmen of
Juarez were arrested yesterday, mak
ing six of the most prominent mer
chants of that town who are now; In
jail charged with smuggling.
BERKELEY. July 28.— Duplicity on
the part of "double stars" in. the fir
mament has been one of Professor W. J.
Hussey's troubles at^ the Lick observa
tory, according to a bulletin" just is
sued by the university: press. -Dr. Hus
sey is one of the Detroit observatory
staff at Ann Arbor, Mich. He took
many observations of double star 3at
the Lick observatory last year. Des
cribing how double stars have fooled
him and evinced apparent duplicity Dr.
Kussey says in- his bulletin: .
So' manj-, dlfncnlt double, stars are. included
In thJs eata'o:-np:that ' I may. perhaps.' be par
doned for ocl'las \u25a0 attention -to an rri>er!<»nce. in
connection wlth*ome of them. It was. my cn»
tom to jsearch . for new pairf). and. ', whenerer
practJcubic. to make the first measnre* of them
on the best nights. . In this \u25a0\u25a0 way isomc pain
wero found . which could be" !>epa double ' only
under -the mrot . farorab!e circumstance*. . Some
pairn harp glrea nip, tauch - trouble.' It would
itoraetlnies happen thßtn^stsr would; be mcas
wed at the time of discovery and a fterw»rd .be
examined repeatedly :on eood nights ' wlt'aoirT
showing any indication of duplicity. '\u25a0\u25a0;:\u25a0
TbiM experience was bo perM»tent'for a few of
the stars that It Fomotlmrs almost seemed tlint
the orlplml ohFcrTationß mtwt be nt fault. * Such
stars . tw kept in mind nnd examined when
ris'nts of really excellent *eeinc came. Confi
dence wa* then generally j restored, -duplicity be
came apparent, end meaßur»« • wire obtained
acaln, often without particular • dlf (lenity. ":
Says That Reputation of City Has Be
come . Bad "Throughout World
- and Tells of Remedy
Roy. George A. llouffh addressed, a
large congTejration in; Grace; Methodist
church. la.st evening on ''Present 1 Prob
lems In San Francisco." He said there
were 2.600 licensed saloons In the city,
which tended to lower- the standard
of citizenship, and that /he reputation
of the city hadbecotoe bad throughout
! the world by reason -of Hts } political
corruption and Industrial strife.; He
contended that a proper < solution of
the Industrial difficulties 'meant pros
perity * and -plenty to ; every man, -and
that the 'capitalists,' laborers/ and gen
eral public,should"set' : aside lprejudices
and' work : toward jthel future gpod^ of
th<* city ;and- Its people.' :v'* - ,
Th<» speaker. 1 who returned on \u25a0 Tucs
day,from a tour through Europe, where
he attended the world's "Sundayischool
convention at Rome, 5 spoke of ? his- visi t
to -Westminster Abbey, !ahd- made spe ;
clal reference, to^he Inscription beneath
the statue Jn the. abbey of ; John>Wes'^
ley,' 'XJod, buries the : workers, i but con
tinues the;. work,',' afterward .applying
the sentiment ,- to ; the^; future " and '- the
upbuilding of Sa.n Francisco.
BERKELEY. July, 28.— Professor
James.jH.' Hyslop, ;the eminent '> psy
chologist of \u25a0, Columbia, university,; who
has .d elved .deeply . into i the ; .mysteries
of , the : occult; "arrived' ln r ßerkeley; to^*
day. ' He ; Is 1 the"^ guest of ) Charles j Kee-i;
lery? the poet. Wednesday^ night
Dr. Hyslop ; will* lecture jln \ Hearst* hall
on Jthe^ subject, -."Science and the Fu
ture 3 Llf e.'i>-/A"; second 1 lecture / onVpsy^"
chicalv matters ; will 'be \u25a0 delivered Iby
Hyslop" on AFriday ; night. ; The" public
Am' lnvited', to attend,'
Services Are Conducted Ac
cording to Rites- of
Lutheran Church
Professor Q. E. Brandt of
Minnesota Preaches '; ,
the Sermon
The Trinity English ; : Evangel leal
Lutheran church'in Howard; street near
Eighteenth was solemnly consecrated to
its sacred ' purpose 'yeßterday/accordlng
to the; lmpressive rites of; the Lutheran
church."; V The ': dedicatory^, sermon V. was
preached lbyrProfessorjO.^E.jßrandt; of
the theological" seminary,: near; St.; Paul,
Minn, v He \ was v assisted in ' the ; serv
ices by the*; pastor . of the church^ Rev;
E. M.\ Stensrud, , Drr' V. ' Koren i of : De
corah.' lowa, -the": president of ; thej Nor{
wegian i Lutheran :• synod '\u25a0.¥ of >^America^
with which the church in Howard street
is affiliated, and *by several visiting
pastors. -^ " '\u25a0' \\'-~--/ -'A'".- \u25a0\u25a0\u25a0;--
The Introductory address .was given
by «JRev. H. A;. Stub iof b Seattle, \who
briefly : reviewed, the 'history » of , the
church. U ltj was a daughter,: h<* said,' Of
the i Scandinavian/L utherans church >,of
this city and '.though the; English- lan
guage ;; was used" exclusively, f most :of
the members were of Scandinavian de
scent;! -V - '\u25a0'• . './ . '. \u25a0 \u25a0";.._\u25a0•\u25a0:- . ;: -
Professor Brandt spoke; on. the 1 theme
of Christ as. the true corner; stone : and
on the , necessity,; f or.l building fbf^ prec
ious material , a spiritual temple on the
foundation which; is laid.' ; '
He said in part: "There Ib'a-possi
bility, of setting; up a tower.- of Babel
on the foundation, such -as Is done ;by
setting up the . golden rule Instead v of
the cross of Christ.' 'There is a possibil
ity that the. pastor may 'devote his! time
to sociological questions, of the solu
tion of political ! problems or minor ' and
outward -matters, such as bazaars 'and
the' like, or .to inventions; of \u25a0- his ?own.
Not that the church should- be- alien
to ; this, but; it should devote| ltself to
creating the atmosphere in '\ which the
solution of all : problems, is : f6und. -It
should not be 'allowed, to become • a
social club." ,'; ; ; . ;
"Professor Brandt then solemnly pro
nounced the church consecrated alnd set
apart to the glory^of God;.'
vThe following pastors'^tbok part; in
the reading of the scripture passages
that are a part of the: dedicatory serv.
ice: Rev. ,E. M. rStensrud; • ' Rev. 5K P. ;
Borup, RevJ Ove Preus, -Rev. S. B.
Hustvedt, Rev. H. A. Stub and Professor
O. E. Brandt: An address in the Nor
wegian language was delivered by Rev.
L. Carlsen of this city. Short speeches
were also made by* Vice President
Thelss of the German Missouri '\u25a0> synod
and by Dr. Koren. The choir; under,the
leadership of the organist; Mrs. ; E.> M.
Stensrud rendered appropriate. music. .
The -church. Is a handsome brick
structure built in the Gothic style and
has Tseen' erected r at a cost 0f ; 522,300.'
The members of the church .building
committee are: O. A. Tveitmoe.- chair
man ; Otto Ottesen, K. M. Dahl, Ai ] Son-"
derup.F. Miller, J. J. Olsen and the
pastor of the church.
A sacred concert was given last even-
Ing under the direction of P. 1 , Oksen.*
Thomas Veyner, at conductor, on the
Eighth street , line.^was arrested last
night ; by Policeman, J.: Smlthratj Eighth
and : Folsom streets .f or ; carrying a 1a 1 con
cealed weapon. Veyner was .locked Tup
but later released on $50 bail.
Actress Denounces Tyranny of Money
and Orpheum Audience Is Responsive
James Crawford
Impersonating an actress; other than
herself, Edythe Chapman >Nelll vehe
mently hurled many, sizzling platitudes
in the teeth of her husband,. playing a
captain of high finance, yesterday aft
ernoon at the\Orpheum.
Her -preachments?were 'denunciatory
of ? tyrannical wealth.' L- As :a - self ap
pointed champloness;:of plain; peo
ple she said; things ? that! have i often
been • proclaimed,'; in Jthe^platforms ., and
by : the spellbinders; of Ja ; certain /polit
ical party, , but she voiced ithemiwlth^an
lmpresslveness of 'diction that Colonel
W. \u25a0 J;'.' Bryan > himself \ might ferivy,? and
of course; they brought : down v. those
parts of the \u25a0 house. which were not rep
feseritatlve of predatory i capital. ;
"The Actress, andlthei Devil", is the
title of the, playlet ln'.whichMrs.'-Neill
declaims ' sociopolitical i. doctrine. 'It is
a badly built .vehicle, I because] lts ; story
Is . illogical ; ; : It 'contains?. too"?, much; talk
and -not enough- action for- vaudeville
use and sit. shows -Incongruity, of i char
It* informs." us /thatva\, railroad ;_ and
mining magnate Is so- infatuated [with'
the dharms of a stage lady i that- he has
written .; a Y play ' for.':; hen ':: Now^ such '\u25a0 a
jpan would not be" likely -to (do -such~ a
thing 'even if .he -were "possessed ;of
ability to .'do it. ,"" The : - Coreys Tand i the
Goulds "..woh'.their wives becom
ing f plnywr^ghts.'; Nor j Is" It v likely "that
at working.; \u25a0 actress '^would i. be* equipped
with the arguments . that| thelwbman i in
this . sketch fires Tno glibly. 1 at the s direc
tor ot vast.- Industrial *reriterprises.
Actreses • have -no t more "time j to « spare
from their professional 'and social j f uhc-v
tions to study < political % economy^ than
the Harrimans and the -Morgans .have
time \u25a0 to "i write", plays Vwlthout: neglecting
their regular business i\ of piling up dol
lars. "; -._\u25a0-. .".:\u25a0;.•:..;.-;/\u25a0 , \u25a0['-?: \u25a0\u25a0 \u25a0/
. "When :' this exceptional , actress i learns
that this -unusual, money-grubber^ in-"
tends .to -shiitioff rallroadicommunlca^
tlon '" wlthr a certain ;: mine \\ somewhere
in ' the {west; -, she * refuses % to , act ? In : his
play;., unless \u25a0he "abandons i his ; purpose.
He refuses '=.; to {do - so;v> boasts %of .;. his
tremendous .; power.v; threatens i. to have
every stage •: In \u25a0 New.^YoTkV- barred
ngainst her {and otherwise", intimidates
her. ' until : she- consents : to f lobkjfat) her
part' lriithe play.'l; Reading it' r aloud, she
becomes : so : lndignant^over^the j'char£
acterlstlcsjwlth ' whlcht the | author (re-*
veals himself '- lnV the C'dramatls*.%per
sonae ;» that % she casts ,; the B book f- aside,
and .' improvises % the >v accusatory,' :,: \u25a0 har
angue j that 1 : provokes Uhe *upper|tler,j to
thunderous; .manifestation" of approval.'
: : : "Equal ' f rights ! , for all and - .special
privileges' ?f or > none*"; is iher^:text. : / So
charmed' ls > the' magnate^byihe^r^e'arn^
estriess i and that j ho s accedes
to ;.her^ alternative,^ and|thus|ithef mine
owner J. is ' saved ; ; from ;»: ruin— provided
that the : magnate's •? of £ honor^ is
worthS anything, "^ which* his' previous
bragglngihasi ledVusHojdoubt. ' x:^ \u25a0 ;. ;
\u25a0":; "But,"," he*. says ; to 'her,:- "why "do you
take^ such I an * interest! in * t this man?U/; »\u25a0
M' "Because,? ° shelreplies,%with|alllghtr
some v laugh," Vhe ! is % my* lover-^my !; affi-,
ancedH husband."-'^ Exit; } : ; ,y - v \u25a0
to [the : audience ; the magnate
remarks; "I'm I not such! a 1 d-~— d [smart
fellowf after •; all." ; ; /f
> Mrs. "\ '• Neill >ls>eoual : i'sto]i &\\% require-; |
mentslof ihefjpart? and ? Nelll 5 playsl h is
withy a"; German] dialect that is \ not* al£
waygi intelllgible: T i His [makeup ; is ' strik--
Ing 'andv : hisf acting fs appropriate. ''::/\u25a0-.\u25a0 -^ r-\
- \:4r;y'A::A- \u25a0,:•-; ';\±.x<;\
? Of lthe- ; other;hew/offerinar«ithe',best
Is a knockabout act performed - bjr
wmmimu* Prefer the same beer — that is true. vm^^p^
ft They are glided by taste; and tastes differ,
I -3ut taste can be cultivated. And absolute purity 1
i Judged by likes; the few best beers may riot differ 1
B enough to matter. B
1 Judged by purity, there is a vast difference in beers. # i
And purity means healthfulness, cleanliness, freedom |
from germs. It means a beer that cannot cause H
Ccmtrnonbeeris r someH . •••T" * v* / -' t fi if
To avoid being ''imposed upon; see that the cork (or crown -is branded "It IS pUOty,, aDOVe all, ||
Frank. Seymour; and :, Emma Hill. - It Is']
largely^ made .up of noises -created oft I
the \u25a0 staged accompanying: the clowning. I
The > man ' tumbles';. frequently and. Pin |
ludicrous 'ways and \ the, Lwomah has T an
individuality which is distinct In acro
batic comedy. '•\u25a0;'\u25a0\u25a0.' " ;
- Those .reliable old performers, John
WA World and- Mindeir,Dreyfus Klngs
tpn,} squeeze much S variety.' into - their
20 ; , minutes .*/on the"; staged ."repeating
aomejofi their -former business, and In
troducing/ some. new; ; features. , . Miss
\u25a0 Kingston's „; soprano';. ls '.'as > good- as : ever.
— -which j Is 'not* saying Hhat it [ever, was
good ' enough ''for /grand ? opera of -the
Conr ied ='- s tandard~and \u25a0• .World's ' abi lity
tolook'and act amusingly remains un
impaired.;' " . . /
v^Flve': colored young men play various
musical instruments iwlth a precision
reflective (of r ,palnstaklhg: practice. •
Proposed Ordinance Will Insure Pure
Milk Supply Residents
, of -Berkeley >
BERKELEY,; July": 25.-^-Health;Offlcer
J.'-J."' Benton has • completed" the;.,work
of drawing.iup aimllk ; ahd dairyiordl-)
nance \u25a0 designed • to , insure -purefmilk- to
Berkeleyj:/:iti2ens/HThe,: town' trustees
are% expected \to \u25a0 adopt the new - ordi
nance V, tomorrow"; night. :>:';. \u25a0' ' > .. "_' ."\u25a0_*;" . >
\u25a0-I Dr.; Benton has H provided jin J the" mea*
sure :. for y the '-\u25a0„ payment"* of . licenses i\ by
dairies, .rio'dairy,- to -be; allowed itooper^
ate"...without/at.llcenseY and f no~~ license
to ; be .given, unless^' sanitary regula
tions be '/'\u25a0_-\u25a0'' :l' . -• ;.''\u25a0\u25a0,
i'AIL miich :cows';are*>to: be examined
and passed "upon - for;. signs . of tubercu
lous ailment. * The "dairies ; are -,to r ;be
'subjectijtof; inspection; ;"»,>'. Milk ; have
; to show.f at !• least i 3i 3 *. per,; cent of • butter
fat before ' being;* olTered J for, sale.' . .- '
The^. Automobile ; club of England,
founded 10; years ; ago,' has 2,900 mem
bers.\u25a0.'.''; \u25a0' "'•'•'=: -V- '\u25a0';"': \u25a0\u25a0\u25a0 '\ 'C - '• \u25a0.''
( There is ; noj need iof anyone suffer-.
. ing r long | with\thia; disease," '-for'; to \u25a0.
: i eftect a quick 'cure] it ; is' only, necei-
ii'saryjto'take'a'few doses of ;; - *
)'.-.-• ••.'• \u25a0.'.""-\u25a0-?• rvj •-\u25a0 ' \u25a0?!> •'-'>\u25a0-"- .-'-\u25a0 •'\u25a0 -' '\u25a0'.'-- '"
Colic, Cholera and
Diarrhoea Remedy
;\u25a0.' In :i: i fcict, in most I cases • one . dose ;is •>
sufficient. - It never,' fails 'and /can be},*
f Telied'upo^n^thVrnost] ievereTand^
dangerous caseltj^ It is ; e<juallT>al- \;
« forchfldreitt iiid ; is the ratkaiE
"of saving \u25a0'tbie HyeVof many children ;
,v;esch^year.;;;fi^^^^^:C : -.*i r ;:.' : ':-.,'; ,
Iy s In ;the yorld's hittory no medicine t
'-'\u25a0 has ever met with greater 1 success. l^
„ ALAMEDA, July 28.— Robbed of
$1,000. In ;gold^ coin, -that," v/as hidden
in a closet' ln his horned Peter de Mees-"
ter, _a v ;reti«ed\rnining: man' living a»
2301 Clinton avenue, : appealed "excited
ly; tonight; to- the. police for help i ; 'in*
finding -his > stolen: hoard and the thief.^
\u25a0 I De Meester "^ said t that ,he had \u25a0:_ not
discovered^.the- loss; of ; his money/ until
late i this .afternoon, when ; he happened
tOvfro ,to "thejehtding y-place.- "To ; ; his
amazement - the' cache\was- empty. . " ,
•yiThejcoln ;had* disappeared/ as \\it-':- on
.wings, .'for,. It ; ,was; safely -there at 7
o'clock this^.morniriff.'r . ; :
;V'De\Meester t - rushed • to -the .police
as-, quicly^as \u0084h e^i could -and -told them
of t the thettJSmjBBSBSaSS^SSt^---:: -''^ '*;'.
He ; also "told r the' : oflicials that : ; L.
Hendrick, , a jroomer^ In i his' house, -had
disappeared." ; He requested that -search
be - made -• f o r | . t h e -. % m i ss i n s >j. rria n .':;.; De
Sleester ; said : Hcncrlck 'had been
working \.a.t v.the^Unlon ' bar/; Twelfth
street r. and ": Thirteenth." avenue, -East
Oakland. : „ '
\u25a0 /"Ass soon '- as hej had,. related*, his
bles; Dei Mcestcr made ; for Oakland .to
enlist "the ; police .there in his search
I : after- the /stolen {treasure. :;,:\u25a0\u25a0/:
Sari Francisco Beg and Mortgage Coeipy
. CAPITAL $10,000,000
\u25a0i •-\u25a0 -.\u25a0: ;K \u25a0' ' \u25a0 \u25a0'• ' k: '"\u25a0\u25a0. '\u25a0•."'- '\u25a0 .-
%Z^rs?iis^*™M ' VicePresldents^^^^^gll
| Secretary, RUFUd X JENNINGS - \ ;^\ ' _-.., . .-\u25a0 - \u25a0;-•\u25a0
'"\u25a0:. ';•'•-•-'-* '•'• -\ \u25a0.'-*/'\u25a0 "-EXECUTIVE ' COMMITTEE- f-'.-;
mHiciTOTT) '\u25a0 \u25a0 - T. DALZEL.L." BROWN -". .\u25a0'", > :DAVID: DAV1D F. -WALKER
y HN -^!uFUSt>C JENNINGS,; - : . B- GUNN ,
ioooosharesJof: the capital stockiof f his^company are
"- This Company' has been organized to « loan ..money -on ir.come property
in San Francisco ; oh lwhat 'is . knownV as, the bond . and mortgage , plan. This
.involves ? the?issuance^of; bonds' secured by.i f irs 5; mortgages on' income prop-
'erty'andrthe^sale^bf^guaranteedCmortgaKes. (v ../ :^
t ' '"<-. TKereHs v no im^stmisnt safer; than: that . cficred\by the SAN FRAN-
CISCO f BON*D r AND i MORTGAGE \u25a0 COMP AN Y.^arid omng to i the excep-
tionalt conditions vthe "net yearnings n of: its capital stock should considerably
exceed 12* percent jperianhurn.^ v ; i£.~k :r ?::i'' ; ,^''---. '\u25a0 "• ; .
threeTsources^of^profit:; .". . ' -
117I 17 i Interest "earned l on.; its -paid up capital. ; \u0084 . .. \u0084,*
;- between atlearris' on mortgages? and jwhat, it; pays ion
:bonds^whichlisTusually|lj4|pef;cent. T . :*:\u25a0. , , /:'l:r, '; ?." -, ~ . \u25a0": , '*;
,/' 3. "Differenc^injinterestson^guaranteedf mortgages S9ld by it, which is
usually I. per ccent/^-^ :.'\u25a0';* \u25a0 .- r~...; '\u25a0 .;:\u25a0." "V ;;"";...;.. . v
'Similar^ companies in the iEast foreign (countries "have had-phenom-
' ; Stbclc'subscriptionsiwill^beireieived in?SAN ; FRANClSCO^atthe^oflices !
of : thnC6mpany^3orMontgornery-Street,Tandj.untirrjul^
~ Sair! Francisco 3 National -Bank; Merchants'.. Exchange .Building.
- T^'CrockeriNatlonaUßank^MarketfandtPostStreets. ;;.
' E. H^Rollinsf&lSons^KohUßulldlng^u: ;,/ --i-'^ r- .^C '\u25a0^'\u25a0'i-^\ „ \u0084, ,
'* Calif ornla^ Safe fDeposlt? and sCompany.-*' at j its : i head ; ofiace, • California
>;PortuicueBe-American; Portuicue8e- American ißankfJ 8 fJackson r Street.;';* -
State Savlngs s and;Commercialißank; 1013 FiMmore, Street}^ 7
Unions National JBank^Oakland.^v- - '\u25a0> ' • }\_ : ,'. r /-
rafASS" ( tail NeW'aYork^city-r--;-;! <'";\u25a0\u25a0'••: - \u25a0: :: s . •\u25a0\u25a0\u25a0 . J- - : >- : ..- w --\- r \u25a0' ''\u25a0-\u25a0'
j^^aw United; States Mortgage? and ',TniBt Company.^ 55 iCedarjStreet.
\u25a0Interboroißank^of iNew*York.-U9AWall|Street. -
£L F.Hutton and Company, 33 New Street.
;^^^i&Sßs^te^iS^^m-WRITIQ i FOB.I BOOKtKTS .
\u25a0 • Ernest E. Howell; Propr. \u25a0: and Manaper.
Market : and Sth ' sts. - Phone Market T77.
Herschel . t Mayall
In the • Tbrtirlng Melodrama. .
I ' ..'_*> Best ' Det»ctlT?' Play .on the Stage. ,_.y.
:PRICES-rlsc,2Scand 'SOc
| / V Matlneea t Saturday - and : Sunday. .
\u25a0 Coming— '.'FOß*'. lliiU : VciIILDnEN'S ; SAKE."
v y . \u25a0 \u25a0•\u25a0-... '-'•-. ' - \u25a0 \u25a0 \u25a0 . \u25a0- \
[Mission St. Near 21st. Always Crowded
I\u25a0: THIS -.-WEEK— II Star Numbers. Inclndlng
the Mj-Bteriom<: DONNELL'S ELECTRIC . NOV-
NES i CHAMPNEY ; - Sj>eclal . Motion lectures of
BURNS-SQUIRES Fight; "... lUuatratedr Songs. . .
Seats."- 10c. ' 20c, " 30c. . Matinee Daily.
;KXTRA— Ncxti Week. .Direct from Hammer-
I steln-s Roof Ganl:n: N. V.. "THAT" <JUAR-
~TET,I Sylvester.' Jones. ; Prlnslc and • llorrell.
Market and 7th Bts. Phone Market . 3SI.
San Francisco's Safest Flaybotiae. \u25a0',
25c and 50c
Tonr Last Two'Chancw to Hear
- America's Greatest Stager, v
In Conjunction With, the Chinese Mnslcal
' -.xNorelty.
: ' 25c, SOc . and 73c
Absolutely Class "A"^Thtater Bulldlnij.
\u25a0 SEYMOUU t and - HILL: - WOULD - and '- KIXCJ.
TURES; lust -.tr*rk and Enthn»lHBtlc Reception
NEILI..: prrsemiirt/for tti«» - first .time ETXSAR
ALLEN WOOLF'S otM«aet play. "THE ACT-
RfSS AND THB- DEVIL." -. t. .
PRICES — Ewnlnas. 10c. , 23c. 3flc. "3c. Box
oeats. * $t.OO. •..? Matinees -, (except * Sundays : and
-.Van Ness. and Grove. Phone Market 300. ..
;fIiAST-WEEk;^-:V; f IiAST-WEEk;^-:V
Tonight— Mat. Sat^— Last Time S.it. Night.'-
\u25a0 I^WltiiiYfßlOOK^TßZ SAM^
1 1 You M!*j the Opportunity to Enjoy
In the Genuine I^agbfest.
; Sjats.-~r>9e -to". 51.50. * . -
. .'P»eelnn!hs neit Miint!ny nlcht— The London aid
Absolutely , Cliias "A" Structure.
Belasco A-, Mnyer .'. ; . . .". . Oxt-ners and Manager*
1 . SuppcrtPd by . tl>>? ? New Alcti^ar Stock - Cora- _
pany .- In : C." Haddon * Chambers" - Society , Stt>R<"
, A PUy of Wondertal ivurt-^-
. JUtinewi Saturday- and SSjw^^ _^ -
Prices— -Kveolnzs 25c to $»; M«tln«f»» £H te V**. .
NEXT— Mr." i; Herbert Kelcey v ant} g MUs EM«
Shannon -In i William Gillette'** ortfinaj .»•».
,' slon of - SHERLOCK « HOL3IE3. - ; - * - ' -;;; -
Comiac - DE2O3 ] O'SUXJJVAS.

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