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News of Four of the Counties Bordering On the Bay
investigation Shows Young
Society Man Had Fear
"of Setback
Friends of Deceased Will
Testify' as to - •-'tails
of His Career
BERKELEY. July Li.—T he curtain
that veiled in mystery the cause of the j
suicide of l-'rank Deiicws la*t Friday i
R-as drawn aside today and showed )
part of the details of • his career in j
Berkeley society. He apparently lived |
> double life/ j
Evidence secured by Deputy Coroner i
Jameson tends to prove, tuat Bellows)
killed himself within an hour after I
leaving the home of the A. Klein- j
Schmidt family iv the Claremont tlis-r j
trict, because 119 had lifcksned and j
flayed out a game ttiat ca..ed for]
money which he lacked. He evidently
\u2666referred to die rather than to lull from
tne high social circle in which he had
gained a foothold and endure humilla
:ion through such a setback. '
Bellows was an employe of the Ilocb- ;
(ing construction 1 , company of Sau j
Francisco. His salary was not hig.i
md his wWnls were many. He moved ;
In a fashionable circle, whore, sup- i
posedly, the demands . upon his purse j
were such as he could not meet. jl<2 j
R-as a guest in the Klemsehmidt honi*. •
the W. J. llotchkiEs home and oinerj
Claremont residences. i
When the demands that such a so- |
ciety young mun must meet became too i
pressing for his purse to wlthstund
Bellows pawned his jewelry, his trink- j
cis and\at last his evening clothes. |
Then came the end. He &wahnwed mv- j
riatic acid on Friday n!g»it_ IIj«s bouy i
I was found by a milkman e.irly Satur- \u25a0
day morning. He' had endured agony i
before he died and his face was black
ened from the eSects of the poison. j
The inquest tomorrow is expected to j
clear all of the mystery citviehing to i
Bellows' eelf-dtstruction. Tiie Klein- j
schmidt boys, F. H., Walter and Harry
Kleinschrnidt, will be subpenned. There
have been reports that Bellows was en
gaged to wed one of the Kleinschmidt
girls. Miss Bertha or Miss Ellen. Both
the young women denied today that
any such engagement had existed.
Miss Hazel Hotchkiss, the ch-impion
tennis player and prominent in the
Claremont social set, also has been
mentioned as one of Bellows' friends
and as one to whom possibly he had '
given his heart. Mrs. Hotcliklss said j
today that Beilows had not been en- 1
gaged to wed Miss Hazel and that he {
had come to the Hotchkiss home merely I
as a friend of the family. I
Bellows' attempt to maintain the]
gait of a society devotee upon the In-j
come of a clerk, and the dreams he
may have indulged in of an alliance be
tween himself and one of the hish
bred young women with whom lie rain- j
gled on terms of social equality, 'ap-i
pear to have led to another form of J
deceit which he' was forced to practice;'
apparently to keep up the illusion of'
his high standing in the llnancial
world. It is said that hehad told hi 3
relatives in the east that he held a h;g;i i
position in San Francisco. j
Bellows' relatives in Chicago r.re |
wealthy. His family, however, wsil
not be represented at the investigation
whicJi the coroner will conduct tomor
row. Directions have been f orwarde-1
to Undertaker Jameson to ship the
body at once to SlarysviUe, JCodway
county. Mo., where his parents live, and
this will be done.
Conduct Morning and Even
ing Devotions in the
OAKLAND. July 28.— Rev. J. Sher
man Wallace, pastor of the Sixth ave
nue Baptist church of Tacoma, Wash.,
occupied the pulpit of the Tenth ave
nue Baptist church at divine worship;
this morning and this evening.
At the. First Presbyterian church
services were conducted today by Rev.
T. J. Curtis of Sydney. Australia.
Rev. C. O. Steele, a visiting clergy
man, preached this evening at the
. Southern Methodist church. Thirty- :
fourth and Elm streets.
Rev. W. D. Mackenzie, D. D.. of Hart- ,
ford. Conn., preached today at the i
First Congregational church.;
The pulpit of the Fourth Congrega
tional church was occupied by Rev. W.
H. Cooke today.
At vespers this afternoon at St.
Paul's Episcopal church Rev. Marden
D. Wilson of San Francisco preached.
Preparations for. an~ elaborate song
service are being made for the evening
of August 4 at tho First .Christian
church. The service will be under the
direction of Professor Carl Sawvell and
the pastor. Rev. Thomas "A. Boyer. The
chorus choir of 80 voices will be as
sisted by Mrs. Carolyn Crew-Rasor,
soprano; Miss Kittle Webster, violin
ist; Miss Nellie , Murphy, organist, an<l
Miss Elsie Blodgett, pianist- The pro
gram follows:
Processional. " Victorious" (Sawrell); etioral
"Radiant Morn" Woodward); prayer. Dr. T. A.
Borer; hymn. "We're Marching to Zion." Xo.
182; <scrt, "Th* An**>l" (Rnbinstcln). Rosa and
Violet l.amoni; choral. "Praise the. Lord" (Rjn
dejrger): remarks, . Dr. T. • A. Boyer; «oprano
\u25ba010, "My Redeemer and My Urd" (Buckt"
Mm. Carolyn Crew-Raaor; choral, "O Father
Wbo»e Almighty" (Handel, from "Jnsas Ma«
etbaons"!: t Win -solo. "Tramuerel" • - (Schw
rnaan>. MiM Kittle Webster: tiymn. "We Shall
ICikot" Xo. 374; choral. "The .Hearens ire
TpllinK" •< Haydn). 1 trio, Mra. Rasor. A M.
Smith, ArlandWilson; benediction." Dr. Boyer. •
•.Rev. H. L. .. Boardman. pastor of
Tenth avenue Baptist church, has gone
to Santa Cruz. ;He will deliver a course
of six lectures at the Baptist assembly,
which is in session at Twin Lakes on
the theme. "Pedagogy in the Sunday
School.". Dr. . Boardman ; will . also ad
dress the Presbyterian assembly at j
Mount Hermon on x ,"The Pastor's Rela- ;
tion' to the Sunday. School," \u25a0 In 'a' series
of cix lectures. The auditorium of the
Tenth avenue church has been reno
vated and remodeled.
,*The Cause of National Righteous
ness" was the sub'Ject T of Leon L.
l2>ufbourow*s sermon 'this, morning si
the Eighth avenue} Methodist church: *
BERKELEY, July. 28.— Members; of
the chamber, of commerce .whose names
are'«not*. announced at .this time nave
confided to ; Secretary. ' S. . N. .Wyckhoff
their plan 4 to" organise; a, Berkeley, pro
motion committee, aldngfJines f which
the California j Promotion committee ha 3
made ;'; weil known.': \u25a0 A * meeting « for or
ganization ls - to "be : called during; tho
coming ' fortalght.
Willis . C. Witter, a .prominent at
torney, vho died suddenly .in Oakland
yesterday from heart disease.
Former Government Official
Stricken While Seated
. in Restaurant
OAKLAND. July 28. — "Willis G. Wit
ter, farmer assistant United States dis-,
trfct attornoy at San Frar.clsco. promi
nent fh li'.s profession and a man of
affairs in the state, died this morning
while beins taken to the emergency
hospital. Witter was stricken with
heart disease at Milan & Dan's I restau
rant in Ninth street, near Broadway,',
iwhere he had gone to discuss some
business matters with the proprietors.
In the midst of conversation Witter
suddenly gasped and sank unconscious.
The police ambulance was quickly
summoned, but death ensued almost
immeciately after the attack.
Witter wos a' native of Wisconsin,
46 years old. .He was graduated from
the University of Wisconsin and gained
admission to the bar, but for a time
before beginning the practice of his
| profession taught school. He came to
i California about 20 years ago and
! made his home for a number of years
!at San Carlos, near that of Timothy
Guy Phelps. his uncle.
.Witter amassed a considerable for
tune in reclamation work on the Sac
ramento river.' He was also interested
In mining* r.nd wa^ possessed of con
sWera^ple city real estate.
He was assistant in the offices of
I United States District Attorney Charles
jA. Garter. Hi." private interests occu
; pod most of "his I time t ln recent years.
J Witter was of largo physique.' He had
i been under medicil treatment for some
jtime. He was married and leftJa'-Wife
j and five children, one of whom, Dean
[Witter, Ls captain of the University
jof California boating crew: -
i The Witter home has been at 2301
Durant avenue, Berkeley, for 10 years.
Dr. George F. . Witter, a retired
physician of San Jose, is the father
of the deceased attorney and George
F. Witter Jr. of this city. is a brother.
Witter was a member of the- Masonic
fraternity and of the Berkeley lodge
of Elks. *
Company Purchases Tract
between Fourteenthand \u25a0
-Twelfth Streets, •
OAKLAND, July 28. — The Key Route
has decided to invade -West" Oakland,
and to reach out for passenger traffic
in that district west of Adeline street
and south of Twenty-second, heretofore
not tapped by the rapidly spreading
lines of that .suburban ferry system.: ;
Though the officials of the • company
have refused to dlvulgo their plans the
fact has ; leaked out\ that a branch of
the Twenty-second street line is to 3 be
constructed south across the West, Oa
kland district," centering in the neighbor
hood of Twelfth and Union streets."'
Interests closely identified with the
San -Francisco, Oakland 'and San) Jose
railway have bought the entire : double
block known. as the old : Pope^and Tal
bot tract, between Twelfth, Fourteenth,
Union, and Poplar streets. The pur
chase of tthe site has given" rise* to
much; speculation as' to the use ito
which* it will be put. The .best infor
mation at this time obtainable Indicates
that, a' large station and yards, will be
established on the property as .a' cen
ter for the West ' Oakland department
of the ' Key, Route business. „
The. move ' for . passervrer; service- is
Independent of the line for which the
Key Route holds a. franchise in. Wood
street from its Yerba : Buena v avenue
yards ; to; Seventh street.* This • line is
not ' intended ; for; anything . but i freight
handling when the company . - shall 3be
ready to enter the - transbay. freighting
field as an active, competitor of s^ the
Southern Pacific company. :
-,:' .•.\u25a0\u25a0-.--• \u25a0 -*> , \u25a0•\u25a0 \u25a0.'. \u25a0 • -. \u25a0\u25a0
Hoot Alameda Police and Slash the
Headgear of a Patrolman
to Ribbons
/ALAMEDA; July 28.— Having been
placed' under,' arrest, for ; drunkenness
last^ nlght,^ Arneil. Christensen/ia' scow
schooner, sailor, ; attacked | and
fought;' Policeman {Charles ;, E.^;;Koyes.
The ; patrolman T- was ? compelled^ to^use
his Vuponl* the 'intoxi^
cated i tar. and Christensea'--: was
landed in the city prlson^Chief of Police
John ; Conrad,-; Policeman -"'James vf Mc»
Donnell, 4"<i ; Robert 'Xra'da^.' &' citizen,"
were called to \u25a0 Keye3*(aJsSlstance.~"^ t ' ; "[ /;
A large V crowd, jincludingiaf number,
of young hoodlums, \ followed; and'; hoot£
ed the., police. '\u25a0'''jinx the ; mlxup^ Keyes
tcs'.; his hatyandsAvheni he .recovered; the
lie idges.r jit was > in . ribbons,', then hood-*
lunis haying;; slashed i>it l ; wlthvjknlvea!"
Christensen*was*j:harged 'with)drunk
enness of .'having, 'resisted
dn'offlc/r may be'placedyagalnat him." !
.Improvements made ;in j surgery/ have
Ye n • ;'u ; meam " of reducing \ the|mor
taljtjs of.^uraputatloh^operations: -tot 6
Vacation* School Proves
Gratifying Success to
Its Founders
OAKLAND, July 28.— "T0 play;falr,".
is " the keynote of the Instruction which
is ' given . at '.the ' vacation" school, ; tho
happy, institution which has been con
ducted the Tpast month ') by the women
of .the Oakland- club -in the^Tompkln's
school : grounds. ; 'More than V 200 chill
dren have 'enjoyed the;long hours un
der" the care' of, three 1 trained teachers
to whose wisdom 'they.' submit all ' of
their j childish: difficulties "and; nevor
\u25a0question - the decision, i Miss : Margaret
Gleridennlhg; has as her assistants Miss
Dolly Sumner, and; Miss .Flora Miller.
Mrs. C. S. Chamberlain, acting 'for\the
club,- has; had -entire; direction of the
work and has ;been -assisted by a co
terie, of .the : club : members. . >*?it^^^
The children3att^nd ; the school, be
cause they want; tojiattend, for. no one
is compelled ',' to 'enroll .in: the 'school/
Long before, 9 - o'clock, when , the } gates
are. opened," the little band collects and
at :4 f o'clock they :• are " loath \u25a0; to ';> go \u25a0'. to
their : homes which cluster in the dis
trict south , of Seventh street. ATho
mothers' are -finding these-, days -.that
vrhen they l require John;, to % weed;, the
i garden or Mary to wash the dishes s all
they - have to intimate >f or ; the; quick
accomplishment of the task Is that they
cannot go to the vacation school; until
the ; work is done.'- Immediately John
gets Dick and Joe- to ; help "him pull
weeds or Mary gets Jane ' to : help her
'with ; the dishes and the little flock
arrives on time. But their; names are
not John, Dick, Joe, Mary or; Jane.
They answer rto such cognomens' as
Manuel, . Angelo, Jose; ' CarmolitaL or
Guadalupe. There are babjes • imarms
and stalwart boys in their early, teens.
Peter brings -the 'little" sister -and, is
happy : in ; riding 'it in the trlcyclf.
Mamie, y old despite her. few years,
hushes the baby the I while she piles
her busyneedle in^the sewing class.; lf
one of the babies scarcely • able to*toil
dle falls down or/ raises its 'j voice In
lamentation thore^ Is always: an old<»r
boy or an older girl to still the noise
and restore tranquility. , '
. At first the children did 'not know
how to play. It took only a few hours
to make them expert in their, childish
kingdom. The hammocks ; and swings;
the hobby horses and . brooms, the tin
pail and shovel take turns with 'the
• bicycle, bowling alley, croquet, check
ers and parchesa in -standing for par
excellence 'of pleasure. The. lads' from
14 to 16 find th^lr sport on\the' ; foot
ball -field. They, come from "various
callings to take^their place in the vaca
tion school. There are bootblacks wltti
an\ enviable \u25a0 trade. ; There - is f ,a x lail
known to many :on the
stage.' There are newsboys and tele
graph messengers ; eager ; for }, a chance
to play with other; lads at •their." own
games. For. the older girls Mrs. 1 James
Melvin has, with the assistance of sev
eral of the club women, conductedsew
ing classes in the' afternoon, when the
tiny seamstresses" have worked; zeal
ously on practical .garments. l^ 'Even
conversation languishes the while' the
busy needle is plied. -Some of -tho:ilt r
tie garment" makers '\u25a0}, come 'from ; the
canneries after the, day's work: is don*.
"Teacher" is in demand. Whether it
Is a childish dispute -wben-Lena :ha?
carried away Juanlta's doll or whether
Jose, has flung mud in Manuel's \u25a0. face or
Peter's baby; sister :; has v bumped i tier,
h ® ad » ? "teacher" i must— soothe, • '-?. make
peace and heal^ Two hundredrchHdr*n
could; hardly be together "for six hours
a day without a* few disagreements us
to rights;: but they have never:; been
serious and are; always; submitted to
"teacher" for- final The
little monitors, brave \u25a0. with the idea , of
/'fair play," see; that their ; particular
charges have a, chance" 1 and' feel the re
sponsibility of their duties :heavy ; upon
them. It-is a noisy, frolicsome^ happy
lot of youngsters .which the Oakland
clubwomen have taught to , play "falrV
this summer. There are no class dis
tinctions. Spanish. German, African!;
Irish, Italian; Mexican, and ; French .ill
owe their .allegiance:. to childhood and
demand only a. good time.,*
• There is nopuniahment meted out in
the vacation school.; Only in afew cases
has the; gate keeper, been .called; to open
the gate for a pupil \u25a0to be ; passed out.
In' less than^an hour the laughter and
glances of those \ within | and the desire
to be numbered with them has brought
about -.the ; ; change": of .'heart andi the
unasked <for i apology \u25a0 which- like a.
magic key unlocks the kind hearts and
the closed door. : :. : \"t • '.'\u25a0\u25a0' >-, ' \u25a0 \u25a0\u25a0\u25a0
r. If the children enjoy the fun, just' as
surely do the parents who stroll about
the fence 'watching their happy off
springs. - They; might go \u25a0' In 'did r they
wish to.but they are more than content
tosee the games through the fence bars
and , hear the - wonderful tales told over
the . evening > meal. : Every : one .. in ' the
vacation "school iis pleased..- The Oak
land club : women -are pleased 'because
they have | made 200 little lives j happier
during i the': five weeks - of .. the ; summer?
The - 200. : children? are i pleased because
their lives have been made happier dur
ing five weeks 5 of .; the ; summer. y ?,The
teachers are pleased because thoy have
noted: a marked -change in the; lives of
their pupils, v The parents are pleased
because \ the i cl ub i women; ; the 5 . teachers
and ; the 'children \u25a0 are ; pleased." =So i more
than 1,000 persons are happy, because of
the!extra effort of the'clubwomeni dur
ing a- trying season of, the'year.'
. ; Each [Friday afternoon there : Is a spe
cial itreatffor H the! school/;'; A iweek; ago,
through i the ' courtesy f of ; the Traction
company i. and I tho" North 1 X Shore, , cars
were \ provided to i take? the; children", to
Stege on Ia \ picnic. ' \u25a0\u25a0' It y was 1 a { genuine
treat, * for; many* of * the - youngsters \u25a0 had
never seen : so;big,a'stretch of sky, or so
many trees at one time before; > C-I^l ''\u25a0 had
to,walk;from the schoolhouse to Broad
way, 2, a distance not I ,'- short"^ for ('-, \u25a0 the
smaller jof the ; folk. ;.» '\u25a0£••. little ; mite , of f 8
almost decided; that '; she would ! have,; to
give ; up; her [day's ; t vn r because ; hefibaby
sister could \u25a0 not be - left alohel vl" We can
carry -J. herj: between^; us,'// ' suggested a
little \u25a0 friend iwhb : had no ;'cares,'« and ithe
two i tiny.; mothers f got : the [child ? safely,
to Broad wayj ana { returned ) happy .'after
the day; Inlthe country.';; - . f'z'\; ;.- -\ . ;y;;
v.On last; Friday the pupils were -enter
tained *in i royal ; style lby; : the ; manage
ment -of the> Novelty, l and never jdld^the
theater \i- hold* a"^ more ;f enthusiastic^ or
appreciative .^.; Mrs^W: CD.
Smith ;was i chairman ; of \ the" day. M rs.
Smith ; is ; a r.vlce \ president? of i the - club;
and through? her,; her.v son < offered the
courtesyi of .theltheater, to 'lts [members/
Next; Friday 'af tern oohLwill'beTsperiti in
the I school grounds; '.when , the 'children
wiHibetgeriuinelyU'surprised." j "j\ ";.: '*\u25a0\u25a0\u25a0'\u25a0\u25a0
'f^iThls ; Is ! first time suchT»7 work has
been? undeftakeri|lnlOakland.l'i"The' ; ya-"'
cation^ playground",? has^ been ,ii a Itheme*
much jrbef ore * the > club of \u25a0*\u25a0 the
state", ibutlthe^womeh|of>thel Oakland
clv% Have | proved I Itsl practjclbll i ty t wi t!i
al marked s succeAsS this i summer't In ;the
Tompkin>schoorjgrounds. l icFor^an6ther
year ; they^ plan'^a j rh'6re {enlarged | work?
To", those « who/ are i interested ;; in ;^this
ingltheTcomlngiweok.f which". will 'end
the | session:^ ', ;; 'v :;"v ,'\u25a0 i
28.^JnmP^ \ F»rlor, ? a | labornr.^ was I \u25a0 rresttd I this'
j rooming ? on t n", vhartrelof i h*vln<r \ robhed j Michael
I.lmlflrtc f of jitCSO R Poplar v street Viot \u25a0 ?30 l - in > a
Broadway ? «-'yon. ;£}-• \u25a0'-:-' '~\v~ c *""-:.: . t^'-i ?" : \*
Alameda County Real Estate Dealers Report Marked
Increase in the Demand for Property of All Kinds
;; OAKLAND,;: July 28.— Improvement
continues inlthe conditions of the Ala
meda county real, estate market and,
according ..to ' the. statements of local
real estate operators, everything i indi
cates an active fall "and "winter market.
Dealers, throughout Oakland, Berkeley
and Alameda report a marked increase
in' the demand for all kinds of proper
ty, both business and residence, ami
there also is. a" large inquiry for houses
and; cottages; for' rent.
Residence ; property f or : sale finds . a
ready; market. l there being;a brisjkfde
mand fOr.cottages and small houses in
the 1 outside residence districts. The
rapid'- development of the suburban
districts of Oakland since the influx of
new, corners to' this city after the dis
aster 1 in. San Francisco last year has
caused a; rapid advance in realty val
ues- in! those sections of Alameda
county. \ .:.-*; '\u25a0 : ; -. *• v :
> During the last month there has beon
a jmaterlar, increase in", building-:opera
tions in Oakland,', as Is shown- by, the
records of -the building inspector's of
fice, and ' this also' is true /of?; the dis
tricts .outside' the city limits, of which
no official: record is kept. .In all direc
tions. from 5 the district of Oak
land can; be seen dwellings of, all kinds
in >i ; course s .- of \u25a0'» construction,"*; ranging
from;cottages -of fouror;flveirooms Ho
magnificent <\u25a0 residences containing from
15;to''20, < roomß,-'^,- < -.;;.. i lv *'•\u25a0 - : r- '}-':' : '.'"''"
[ic-Onef of^the r ' most?; important of . the
new 'buildings '; for" which ; plans ' were
completed ;last-;week is . the* new sur-"
gical {building ; of -Fabiola 1 hospital,
which~ will be erected as an annex\. to
the * present main structure x of; the ' In
stitution: v Plans | for .the ", annex^.which
is : to cost $50,000, have been prepared
by C. W. Dickey, the ' ; architect, and
the building iwlll be- one of: the finest
of its kind ] on \ the coast- 3 Among ' tho
modern .will be 'a sun
room for patients, which will be locat
ed on the'top floor.; '. '
r The annex- will be "three stories-in'
height, with; a shigh basement and^will
be thoroughly modern in. every partic
ular.; Besides the sunroom, there ;will
be \u25a0 a • thoroughly v equipped operating
room, a sterilizing,; department Cx and
private . rooms;' and -wards Jfor = patients.
Contracts | for .some'of- the work 1 on v the^ ;
ne-,v building have already. been let fand
operations will^be ; commenced; immedi
ately;, ;'X ; ""\u25a0'"-.'.",;.;."\u25a0.;. .'".:..•-_ ;-. ' -
.Plans for another important addition
to ',; the architecture X of .Oakland .\u25a0 have
been 'completcd.rthls being the new
building;pf, the .Young; Men's Christian
association, which Vis to-be 'JerectedVat
Telegraph'- avenue % and r.Twenty^flrst
street.. Architects Howard and Gallaway
designed ;,the . structure.' -W.f A'.* Horn;
secretary;' of the -association, ; declares
that i every,, possible improvement, which
could- be , suggested: 1 by,'careful!)inspec
tion,'.of ,'detalls ;{i of i'slmllar :buildings
have 'been, incorporated in the speci
fications for^tfie ..building.; : '.
j The structure>will'be : four. storlesJin
hclght%and /.will -Vcost about;: s2so,ooo.l
.The: basement- will- be devoted . ; to 'the
gymnasium;; v swimming A pool, ?.jshower
baths -and/lockers,^ arranged ;,'so ;.that
be" separate ' from" the \u25a0 others.: .One the
first ; ,floor; will ibo : installed ; thej lobby/
offices i.and "boardrooms/
"social ; halls,. lunchroom I ; and grill. 'bufll^*
nessmen's clubroom and a the ;'; running
track of .the i gymnasium. Above* wijl be
a i mezzanine *,floor,", floor," on; which; will"; be'; lofl
bated! the", boys' j department," social* and
club roomsiand the gallery of: .the
gymnasium.'.' : - " ;..-".
I .The -educational; department, 'class
and ! study;, rooms .and i the* : ; library , t will
occupy,; the " front ;: of; the J second ; floor."
Adjoining .;: will*! b'e''f the- 'state;; committee
off ces, i the> camera iclubroom ; and *__a]lec*,'
ture '; ; hall- and t in^ the 1 rear .will < be *twq
handball 'courts/ ;..The 'third 'and ) fourth
floor Uwill 1 be 'Kdevoted-toV; dormitories
and ; a ; roof * garden. "; It « is ; that
thejexcayatlon^work for the new,:build-\
Ing will Jbe \u25a0 commenced I within f a;f ew
weeks.- -,v -'.;.*','•/ ;•;•":\u25a0\u25a0 -.' \u25a0;"\u25a0\u25a0 \u25a0 \u25a0\u25a0;':-. \u25a0
*. ; ,The,v announcement has; been .made
thatj as ' soon 2as ? the ißraley-Grote • f ur£
niture r company Stakes i po«sesßlon t of I its
new/bulldlnglinjßroadway; north : of ;the
postofflce ij extensive f alterations are ?- to
be 'madei inUhßTafrangemeht; of^the
Athens "ihoteli^where;; the; '-'coin pah y,£ is
howllocated.i •,* The ;6fflce ? and % lounging
rooms j of: the: hotel." together'wlth'a"; din. 1
ing] room [and fgrlll/i aro ' ; to : be jplaced' in
ther part •of|the|buildlng? now,; occupied
by n thel f urn i tur«| company, ? and Ton a the'
same 'floor, willlbel located; afhandsomely.
'appointed % cafe.','.!: Plans fori the * altera-^
itions;have'-beensprepared|byiS.iß.lZim-'i tions;have'-beensprepared|byiS.iß.lZim-'
mer,^ the? arch I tect.f an d %, th'elwork f. will
be v "comm'?nced''as's6oniasjthesbulldlrigr
is {vacatccl^by^'the \ Braley : Grote com-;
pahy.'_ -'-',',:^ \u25a0 '. :^~l \u25a0':: "'5 '\u25a0\u25a0•\u25a0'' '"^''\ -'.'-.
A?v M;J; SaI! rignr;; formerly v? a j member
of lithe ;' firm *6f |Brothers,\ whose
\u25a0 business i vv r * s»l*pu rchased_J some^time^ago'
by iHalcyßrotiKra^is^corisidering-lthe"
erection 'j'of \ aY 10 s story
»outhw"c*t"| corner v;ofrfßroadway^>Tandv ;ofrfßroadway^>Tand
as firetVbeehi announced is f or,| the' erection*
of v,theV building, t;.;Sallnarer>'sajd^to'day,
that She; would :; announce f his p decision 1
within a, short, tln:o.. "'--'•
I\u25a0• FolloW ing .is*; a .-'.« ummary •of 'the ; per-.
mitV-forTnow^biiiiiJinoS -and! alterations
issued last week by the board of pub
lic: works:
\u25a0;'\u25a0\u25a0 '' .':"'-•- ' .-.\u25a0' \u25a0 '\u25a0": '\u25a0 -No.' of..
\u25a0::'':' "i' •-;\u25a0 - Permtts. \u25a0 Amount.'
One ' ntory - dwellinss. . : . ." .-. . . -. . .10 \u25a0\u25a0 fJ7.81R.00
One, and a half story dwellings.. 3 «. . fi.000.00
Two story; dwellings ............ 3 .; 12.»2:».0O
Two story dwe/linga and stores. 2 : ;. 7,473.00
Two story flats .; . /. .r. .... 3 .19,000.00
Two story \u25a0 warehouse .......... ;- 1 COO.OO
Conereta \u25a0 foundation ........^.. I 20,000.00
Sheds,' ptables, wwrksbopa am} . " '
tank frames ...*.::....... ...25 3.362.00
| Repairs,' alterations, additions. . .39 13,434.*>0
\u25a0 Totals . . . ... . ; . . . . > 03 \u25a0 $100,009.50
First ward ......... ..'..~\'..\\ .27 •: f
Second ward ...;.....:........ .14 14.C9f1.00
Third ward 7 .- 7,9(10.00
Fourth ward ..... v. .'. . ..;;' 1 - 57.50
. Fifth ward ................ 16 37.C4 5.00
Sixth ward .....'.. 0 >• 4.133.00
Serenth \u25a0 ward . ......19 20.505.00
; Totals" . ... ..!.... ........... .93 . $100,C09.50
; -An indication of the prosperity;* of
this city is : furnished by - the following
figures, sent out yesterday by the Oak
land, chamber of commerce for. pyblt-"
cation* in the financial papers "of the
i"Month from June 28- to July 27 —
Receipts from Oakland postofHce,- $29,
139.43. Building, permits— New, build
ings, 182; cost, $314;i55; alterations,-re
pairs,' 166; cost,: ; $58,930.50; total, 348:
Total cost, I $373, 085.50. Oakland bank
clearings. ,510,262,051.78.".
.; Further evidence' of the general ; pros
perltyVof 'Alameda .county is furnished
by,, ther following fsumniary; of -the busi
ness ..'of /the .f county 'recorder's office,
which \u25a0; shows that 3 , during 1 the first 'six
months of ( the | present year j mi?re 'ithan
25,000" documents -have been filed ; for
record, many of;these .being deeds; and
conveyances :of property: ;' :
. - . |No. of| - -; \u25a0\u25a0--, \u25a0\u25a0.-,;\u25a0\u25a0 -\u25a0;.. . I Net to
.^Date. . . | Docu.|, Kecelpts.|Espenses. i County. .
January ... 4.771 $7,172.40 $4.477T93752.C04.47
February... '4,834 7,235.35 5,122.tn 1M12.72
March 7.;V." 4,037 6,004.75 1.01i1.75t l.iU-V.)7
April .\u25a0...'.. 4,271 6.400.53 .'..•UO.'JS! 524..">7.
May .:..... 3,702 \u25a0• 5,472.05 3,944.13 . 1,327.02
June ....... 2,889 4.101.90 , 3,C14.3> 4.^7.32
Totals'.;. 25.554 $37,047.30 |27.7r.7.33;59,25y.07
; Emil Lehnhardt, a 1a 1 well known busi
nessman of i. this 'city,' has .purchased
from S. Arata of : San Francisco, through
the office of John T.l Bell & Son of Oak
land, a three story -brick' building in
Washington street, near Dupont,' in San
Francisco," the 'price paid for the prop
erty, being $30,000.
Vj* George^»W. \u25a0Austin;' in discussing the
present 4 condition;, of the " local - real
estate a market, ; ; said today:
v< I 'have "closed a number' of long term 1.-acps on
dowiiiown business property, have a number of
his i'.cilm iitn.lin;.-. an-1 *old the followisis pniptr
tles during:. the' last wcet: : ; ..•;"\u25a0:
"\u25a0"A^ factory ; site \u25a0on .Mufriiolln street neur. Tlilrd
for A. iW. Johnson of theS. P. -R. R. coaipau.-,
San Francisco, -, to J. J. t McKlroy. - • \u25a0 .- • '
--.v Two,- dwellings *ut Melro«e . for E.; Mooca to
E."| B.- Gibson..-.. 'A': dwelling sin -Tenth -'aVenue,
north " of : East v Twenty-fourth . street \ for .* <}. .E.
Tuman . to \u25a0 Herbert Scott/ price '$3. 750. : A" dwell
ing on Moss avenue -above i tbe San -Leaadro' road
for k E. : \u25a0 8.7 Reed to Mrs. Minnie Mprrn -of ' San
Francisco, < price $1 \u0084VK).; • A large ! 0 room dw«'ll
lng ton * Wayne ' a ven;ie ! east lof Lake | Mpitl tt I for
R.-W. Kinney ; to L: G.t Brattin^for <3,300 A
lot 40x120 feet on Market street south of Fifty
fifth for ; Christian Larsen ta AY. T. . Grossman j for
fI'.COO. \u25a0 ' A' flre room '\u25a0 bungalow on ; Tenth avenne
north of r? East Twenty-fourth f: street for; «.; E.
Tuman to ', Mary ; Simpson 'for $3,750.^; A • lot In
Eleventh .avenne -south j of ' East Twenty-eighth
street : for llattle B." Sawyer; to H. .T. Morrlafor
$750. \u25a0\u25a0 \u25a0;? A '<\u25a0 five = room ' dwelllnfr on .Twenty-upventh '
street near Grove for Ella Hill to' Mrs. 'Stella B.
Springer of San Francisco : for ; $2,500. : -* A* lot oh
Eleventh .j avenue r south Aof - East : Twenty-elchth'
street > for/A. ;\u25a0 V; : Long .1 to .John ' Curtis. ; : Three
lots i In < the * Searles ;' tract, '.two = lots *in : Clifton'
Park-.tract.' and » number of 'lots'; in! Del Monte
park, Monterey. * ' '- \"
\u25a0Si BERKELEY, July •\u25a0 2S.~Real :.'\u25a0 estate
dealers "the- ftown . report
that^there; was a an^easier « feeling ; last
week i in j the ; local I market \, in '•\u25a0 regard , to
moneyjahd 'an i, Increased! confidence ..In
the | stability, l of ,; the ; market.' /, The - en
couraging; symptoms .'inspire %the ; realty
operators Jof I Berkeley, "^of. whom there
are 3 several^ hundred,! with ' faitli., in . a"
resumption , of >ctivlty^durlng, the com
ing >; months which- may,; surpass^ the
operations" of j last V; winter. ; ' The ' de
mand v^f or j suburban^ property Is shown
to/ bef good ; by ,-the {[record \u25a0 made"- In - the
Boulevard* Gardens ! tract. V Nearly \u25a0%75,
000 V worth V/of ; land -was ..sold.;, there in"
the iflrstSthree Idays jof .last j.w'eek. ;.;; C ; . '
;? .The* Warren* Cheheyj company, reports
the; sale^of ithreeShouses,'? aggregating I
in*:yalue^2o,ooo.g;Dy"ringthe\last'-.wcek I
•the i concern f disposed of v a; ;. number, 7 ' of
lots,". which >are^. to be; 'improved -at "once.
ThisjaflrmJ has; lent;, a r great "deal "of
money.?on. improved! \u25a0"property.;— during
the :• la«t r ; month.Tseveral j hundred i thou
sand dollars 'having J been % put;.? In f , its
handsSby.iLios J'Angelec^capitalists who
favor.\Befkcley ; as * the i-place- to ; Invest
their^mbney.X \u25a0:, .;:'•'\u25a0•-.- '.';•:. ';> '- r y,'-\- 'i. \u25a0','\u25a0\u25a0
l ? oß^fA3Berry t & Co.] report ithat anum
ber^of S transfers ? made V,, through V,the
firm's f agency^durlng Jjthe \u25a0 last " montli
haveimadeltherecord of -business quite
,if;The|DodgerVer;rMehr ;c6mpany .has
sold t several iUots; in ;*;Claremoht%: park
and ; Elmwood | park.! and : a jlotsin j Chan-*
nlnsfviway.^near^ College^ 'avenue. l^^§
? '\u25a0 Mrs^ AdelaldeltMarquand?" says ' that
values rareWeingf t held£firmlyj "and
rents'^ inS'some^sectibhs^ are advancing,
instead?; of "^ - ;• - 1 :
4 AIiAMEDA.i July ;,! 28.'4-That fthe"!.'num'
of ; Sanitary • ; Inspector " E; 1 C. c Maillott> '
The number, of houses constructed dur
ing the six months ending June 30,
1907, exceeds that of the same period
last year. During the month Of May 50
building ! permits were granted. Many
of, theV, residences now being erecte-l
are: two story structures and builders
say ; that henceforth larger buildings
wiirbe'tho order of constructionrThe
reason for this is that lots are becom
ing more scarce, and therefore .more
valuable. .In order to derive a larger
, income from theirTealty owners will
cover as .much"; of the land as 'possible
with buildings. . \u25a0
W. H. Pollard is one of the most op
timistic, of local- realty brokers' and
sees a prosperous future -for- Alameda.
In speaking of the situation Pollard
said: ;
' I bare - obseryed ; In my : business rounds and
In dealing with "otber" realty mtn that all fepl
that - there : are Rcud ' times ahrad for Alameda.
The city is now better known than eTer be
fore. _ The disaster in - San Francisco brought
many \u25a0 people here, some of whom had nevrr
been' in "Alameda before : they .sought refns«*
on : this \u25a0 6ide of the . bay. ; "Many of tliese ha»e
bought homes here < and haTe become perma
nent resident^. The newcomers haTe been in
strumental In can* lnc many of their- friends
to locate here. r It ' Is" now before Alamedana
to continue to/ improve this city and maintain
Its reputation as a home place. \u25a0
• The beach \u25a0on the sontu g'.de should .-. 1^
cleaned and ; made popular, for bathers. . 1 would
like ;to see '. the federal poTernment ' put In a
stone . or concrete training wall at • the month
of the- tidal canal to preTent-the tides- from
washing down the, banks «n<t maklu? the chan
nel 'shallow.'-'. The government «irawbrldK»>B across
the tidal* canal are "in need of repair, and -tills
improvement 1 should . not be di-la yrd. ; The tidal
canal ls a fine waterway, and the federal govern
men t and Alameda should sec that It Is kept
in first class condition. '• - >
- Trusses fitted by expert fitter. Os
goods' Dept. Drug Stores. Oakland. CaL
Price $1.90 to $5.00. •
Several Small Larcenies and Burg-
•laries Are-. Reported : -at .Head
\u25a0 . quarters by Victims
OAKLAND, July 2S.— Mrs. Myra Hob
son > reported the police : today that a
purse containing $7,' a lady's gold watch
[valued; 1 at * $50 "and \ a fleur do "lls ptn
; valued. at $5 werestolen from her last
night at the railway at Idora
park. -
Burglars forced a lock at the office
of the Drucker express company in
Second street '•> between Broadway and
;Washington street .last night and stole
two cans. of corn.
William . Gallagher ; reported that
thieves had forced .'an entrance to his
home; at 392 Twentieth street anrl
stolen a: diamond rin*.
. Mrs. S. E. : Mitchell of 1277 Ninth
avenue reported that a buggy robe hail
been stolen from her carriage at Four
teenth .and Franklin' streets.
.The. manager 'of ; the Oakland dock
and warehouse company; reported the
theft ',of; a -water meter from the com
pany's .warehouse at Adams wharf. : .
-Fqf: Your Baby's Sake
: I\6BLCI ' 1 lllS : r^^^^^^^^^^^^^\-
Dr Robert N. Tooker, \-> : '-.'--'- '.-:': 'fg^Lg^^^T- ~^~~~ r ?Z^i'
author of ' ' Diseases of r. '. •'. : .'\u25a0fPz>3&P !l^EM££: — :—:: — : rir#s?kF?
Children" and Professor l':'.V I^i^WTTTToffWsik^^
of the same subject in a V;-.- '.'•':{*> t, aTITJ^^W M Nlilllr^lyfJifc:
: Chicago medical college/ a -X-^l'.'.'ifi^yrP^Z I^!^^"
thority : says in his valuable V.-'.V \fp**X/ ii^-TjXTTTTT T^^^cs I
"After human milk, V jM
what is the beat food for 1 % UWO J H^m^i
"Cow's milk so modified \ 7 P^^SjJ^Efl^f
aa to make it resemble as \ S^/ar^fPllWSiP^i
nearly as possible human \ -^ fe^i||sd^?
. Sanipure Jrlllk « the purest; health-; anything you can "get anywhere It
Jest of cowfs milk— from cows.which digests . easily • without disturbing
hav^sweet.green^grassitoTeat.the J baby's delicate stomach \u25a0
year>round.v. These f cows are "kept - ; .The formula is on every can and
,;; under our own supervision, are healthy our -valuable booklet, "Body's First
.and .milked with clean' hands into. Days," tells just how to giWtheSlk
'-' P r^ wi. „\u2666 r : ai* - i to P r °P? rlv nourish infants of 'differ- /
.; .The milk is strained into clean can 3 ent ages from the first day ud to
and comes to .us sealed.-.^ . \/ . twelve months-and tells miy other
\u25a0^o ithen modify it, take out the valuable things a mother shouSkn^T
excess^of.casemrby a method which :; Tourbaby's greatness of mfcVdand
,careful testsiand^large experiecce . body depend on > your eettinz "^> :
,; have proved to be best for baby:r.: qualnted with Sanfoure fan?
.Sampure Milk is nature's substitute - - .-- *\u25a0
for mother's milk and nearest to it of = ' : P« »* Todays-it is Nature's Way.
-^_ • Sold 'by-thelFoliowlßK Dealer* la Snn FmnrNro r«i ,
1 ; r- J^T r D Tf*2K? <£?«•* l»»m't it, wod us their dumi Vad writ*' Pacific Coa-»
Galls Upon Noted ?. Actress
After the Production
of "L'Aiglon"
Player Settles Debt and
Explains How Account
Remained Unpaid
BERKELEY. July 2S.— After Mauda
Adams had finished the performance in
the Creek theater last night," wherein
she portrayed the tribulations of Na
poleon's son, "the Eaglet." she retired
behind the_scenes and experienced a tevr
troubles on her own account that. In
some respects, were quite*, as disagree
able as those which Napoleon's . own
lad underwent at the Austrian court-
The menacing form. of a deputy mar
shal loomed big upon the horizon at
the conclusion of the "L'Alglon" per
formance. There was a large and elab
orate legal proceeding staring Mis*
Adams in the face. She ; was • called
upon to settle a bill " for automobile
hire. The penalty for failure to settle
was the threatened postponement of
her Journey to New York, scheduled to
begin at 4:17 o'clock this morning, to
say, nothing of Inconveniences which
go with a trial In court when a trades
man is one's nemesis. .. .-
The automobile .bill came all the waj
from Los -Angeles,, to be presented to
the famous actress- on the. last night
of her 'Stay. ln California at the end of
a performance where she had achieved
a | remarkable triumph . under extraordi
nary, surroundings In one of the great
est of modern dramas. - The attaching
of the receipts of the perforpr*J3ce. and
the demand for. an immed'a*.* settle
ment was a decided anticlimax to tha
heroic affairs of ,"L*Alglon." la which.
Miss Adams had appeared to the en
joyment of 5,000 persons ' during tha
Edward Calami* of Los Anseles-pre
sented the bill for automobile * hire,
through -his attorney, "amounting to
$233 and costs. Oscar Barb«r appeared
as attorney. Deputy Marshal C A.
Becker served the papers and attached
the gate receipts. After consultation
with Lee E. Kennedy, business man
ager for Maude Adams, the bill': was
paid, the attachment was lifted and
there was peace.
Miss Adams explained that she en
gaged an automobile of Calamte in Los
Angeles during her recent stay -there.
She agreed to pay $35 a "day .for the
use of the machine during a part of
a week. The bill she received before
she left Los Angeles was not in accord
ance with the terms of her bargain,
she said. .She declined to pay until
another bill was rendered. The mat
ter was not ad justed 'while she was
In the south, and did not come up until
the bill "collector, In the form of a
deputy marshal armed with attachment
papers, appeared back of, the scenes in
the Greek theater la3t night.
Sons of John Tosh of 214
Tenth Street Drop "
" Out of Sight
OAKLAND. July 2S.|-Investlgatlon is
being made by the police Into the.mys
terious disappearance of the three son*
of John Tosh of 214 Tenth street, who
vanished yesterday morning. The boys.
John aged 14 years, James 9 years an;l
Daniel \u25a0 S years old. were . talking J with
their father at Broadway and Twelfth
street and a moment later when.- Tosh,
returned to look for them they had
disappeared. "When they failed to re
turn home last night search was made
for. them, without result, , and this
morning their disappearance was re
ported to the -police.
\u25a0 Mrs. M. L. Joseph, whose home Is la
Clinton avenue. has> asked the police to
aid In locating her' sister. Miss Annia
Silvelrla; who has- been missing sines
July 25. : Mrs. Joseph Is unable to glv«
any. reason .for the disappearance o{
her sister..- .
i, *G. \u25a0E. Bitterlin reports that "William
Esaer, 23: years, of .age. has been miss-
Ing for several days. Esser before his
disappearance lived at the • Bitterlin
home at: 3447 Twentieth street.

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