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The Sail Francisco &tfl\
" JOHN p. 5PRECKEL5...... :...;........; Pr0priet0r ,
CHARLES W. HbRN1Ck... . . . . . . . ;'. . .v..\QeneralM*n*ger
ERNEST S. 51MP50N ... .... ... . .^. . . . . . . Managing: Editor
Address All, Conuan»lcatUMS<»; THE lAJT FRAJ?CISCQ N CALL ; 1
Tclrphone "Tempornry 86"— AkIc for The Call. The Operator Will Connect
'."- • Yon WltkjtlieDepartniemt Y^ifWUlu i /./\u25a0"-"\u25a0
BUSINESS 0FF1C8.. .-. . ..... . Market "and- Third " Streets, San ' Francisco f
Open Until 11 O'clock • Every Kieht lnthe'.Tear.
EDITORIAIi ROOMS. .Market and Third Streets
MAIN CITY 8RANCH......... ....... ..\. 1651 ViUmore Street Near Post j
OAKLAXD OFFICE— 46B 11th St. (Bacon block) . . Telephone Oakland 308?; ,
ALAMEDA OFFICE— I43S Park Street .Telephone Alameda' E59
BERKELEY OFFICE— SW. Cor. Center and Oxford. Telephone Berkeley 77
CHICAGO OFFlCE— Alarquette Bldf.-C. George Kroerness, Representative V
7CEW YORK OFFICE— 3O Tribune Bldff. .Stephen B. Smith, Representative
WASHINGTON C0RRE5P0NDENT; ...................... .1ra E. Bennttt '
Delivered by Carrier, JO Cents Per Week. 75 j Cents Per Month. ' Single :-
Tertns by Mail, Including Postage (Cash With Order): ; ; y
DAILY CALL (Including Sunday), 1 year ....................... .19.90
DAHiY CALL (Including Sunday), « months ............... ......84.00
DAILY CALL— By single month ...............;.;.........:.......' 750 ;
SUNDAY CALL, 1 year ...............$2.50
WEEKLY^CALL, 1 year :.„....................... |L«O
FOREIGN ) Dally BS.OO Per -T«ar Extra
T>nc-TAric h Sunday *4.1S Per Year Extra
" )t 7~*; ) Weekly .....;...... $I.oo. Per Year Extra
Entered at the United States Postofflce as Second Class-Matter. " -
Sample Copies Will Be Forwarded "When" "Requested."
Mail subscribers In ordering change of address, should be particular to
. give both NEW AND OLD ADDRESS In order to insure a prompt
and N correct compliance with their request. . • , \u25a0 ' '<,-'\u25a0
IT appears that Fairbanks has been tried and found wanting. It
may be that the people do not care for vaudeville politics, even
when mixed' with a suspicion of melodrama • and . the limelight.
A mixture of buttermilk and cocktails, complicated with the
rescue of a damp, unpleasant damsel from a watery, grave, was
.very by way of entertainment for .., the silly season, but the
people, by and large, could not be persuaded to take, seriously
v the persevering activities of the , press agent. -The only r result
. achieved was that people began asking, .What has Fairbanks done,
and what politics does he stand for? And ans/er seems to be,
in particular, or, at least, nothing of which he cares
to boast. 'SHi-l '-- •"'
.Within the republican party there is, .of course, a division
\u25a0of sentiment of the sort that always exists and must alwayscon
tinue to^characterize the opinions of any strong and important body.
One iaction-— we . use the term in a parliamentary sense— favors
advanced and progressive policies of the sort that Roosevelt advb
• cates. The other is conservative and very welK pleased with exist
ing renditions. Their opponents call them "reactionaries," while
they retort that the «Roosevelt followers are revolutionary, or worse,
and would pull down the temple about our ears.- ;
Fairbanks was first put forward by the conservative wing, just
to see how he would take with the countryA He has not taken very
welL ; His; active enemies riddled him with shot, while the indiffer
ent public were only amused at the absurd activities of the press
agents, of whom Mr. Fairbanks maintahte a multifarious staff.
In this situation the conservatives are v »turriing to Philander
Knox, senator from Pennsylvania. Senator! Khox has not made
himself ridiculous nor as 'yet afforded game for/: the . American
humorist It may be that he showed a certain lack of originality
when he announced in a recent address that he chiefly favored -a
"return to the constitution." We would not impute plagiarism,
which is odious, but it might seem that Goloner Henry Wattefsbn
had copyrighted this sentiment in the more pungent shape of "Back
to the constitution." \Ve greatly doubt; .'whether the plain people
.will work up any considerable enthusiasm over any of these "back
to nature" platforms? ' f - .
Politicians who watch things at the east are saying .that the
.real contest in next year's, convention will be- between :Taft 'and
i Knox. A tremendous effort, "backed by unlimited motieyv will \u25a0 be
I made to take the. Ohio delegation away from'Taft, and if it ''should
, eucceed that would . be fatal to his ambition: But it will' fail, in all
jprobability, notwithstanding: the activity of Fdraker. Knox will
;6tart in the race with the big Pennsylvania delegation behind 'him,''
.and allxthe conservative influences in the several states will be
employed to drum up delegates.
An odd factor of the situation is that the conservatives find
themselves in, some degree handicapped by their ,owh ; past activiT
ties. They, have .contrived, through the pervasive assiduity of
their press agents and led captains, to create a -certain body %t
"Fairbanks sentiment." \u25a0'•'' Now that'^ they find Fairbanlcs xvotfttdo,
. they- are compelled, to undo " their own work \ ari\l replace it with
an equally fervent form of affection for Knox. The situation is
embarrassing, because simple minded people do not relish being
asked to accept two distinct and separate gospels in one twelve
month. It is greatly feared that somerofUhe "Fairbanks senti
ment" may g^o astray, now that its object is* no longer considered
an eligible suitor; ',' Besides^ the "Fairbanks; sentiment/ cost fa lot
of money, first and last, and muclr perspiration of the brow. Unfor
tunately for the promoters, it cannot be handed over on a clean,
plate .to Knox. ./:' " ' . ' , / -
ELLIS H. ROBERTS, formerly treasurer of the United States,
' writes" in the North American : Review on "The Wrong/ of; the •
Great Surplus." The existing surplus ,in 1 the treasury is nearly
$90,000,000, and Mr. Roberts" contends that the people could
use that money to .better advantage than letting the" government
spend it It should be left to fructify in the pockets of the people.
This is the argument: ' V i
At a bankers' state convention, two. or three weeks ; a go/ a i general, panic |
was predicted' unless: the as"; a J.\vhole^> 'should * be ; paid? directlyito i
the banks instead of; passing through the treasury' as : ' now.;- The /argument I
js that business .cannot afiFord to have; its'life? blqbdydrawn'away. more
obvious is it ! that the peopleTshould 7 kecpUheirfownjmoncy.' and the govern l
rnent extort the least possibleyamouht; Jln ; that "\u25a0' course* is^thV 'surest guar
antee of safety, • the " chief - bulwark of protection: ; * Probably, fdisaster,". when- 1
ever it. shall come/will : be : local /and" transient,<and -in ;sJngle 1 classes^ not i
covering the \ continent \u25a0 or , all f consumption and commerced- .The > ninety for
a hundred million dollars : a! year kept-b usy; by; the? citizens will bear richer
and betterfruit^thanifrpiled'up'inbaiiks^or/treasury^ y, \u25a0; v
There is a great Heal of ; force in^ this j reasoning, but -it ; will
scarcely commend itself : to the standpatters, are : ever ofi : the
watch for v any movement that threatens 'even 'remotely the- pain^
fully, constructed edifice of ; the tariff/- ]At revision ;of; the/ tariff §vili
not be . had for; the; next two vyears/; and^iny the ; nieahtimel the^suir- 1
plus .^Ul^pipmng-uplatithel rate;;oJEi:nearlyysloo,ooo,(^sa;yeaV;
Doubtless y congress 'will find : means "\u25a0 to spend -l;it; but" ;th'atV. means"
extravagance ' and probably -waste.'.'. . - "".'-^ '".'>
PERHAPS; it's; a way they have; in -the army.
Colonel Ayres finds his; services 1 dispensed^itli;^ HeT isretifeti^
The army surgeons say it is Bright's jdisease, butjt}«^lart
, some; who suspect;' that Colonel Ayres got- himself lfdislilccii
he called his brother officers
The Vacation— A Continued Story. Chapter 5
case of: the^ Keokuk, schoolteacher.;; "I •uhdersjtood/'^remarked'the
visitor; "that *;Mr.: Blank ;-^as^d^
cious." J "No; sir,'^explainedytHe Jscho^iJtr^e^TlJy^^uns - allowe^
it were because^ heftalked_tw^uch^^ y
The retirement of GolorieLAyres^ for pliysieajt <lisabijity,is the
sequel of (a I ; somewhat confused military 'episode [that began at' West
Point; when Mrs: Ayresj criticised
bk ordered that the; cadets'i overcoats be remoyed^ffom tHe* shoulders
of certain youngyladies,' who wore as protection "from r? the
rain during /a' parade at ; the post. Mrs: Ayres; who >is jl y lady of
nimble tongue <and!facile. pen,; tookeoccasion thereafter^Hiorsas^: the
commandant^ She^wa^ prdere^ v exciudedVf^
ened to sue the staff "and the secretary of ' war; for' damages;
Colonel Ayfesyvery ; naturally 'took" his wife's I part i and f said \ some
pretty Jiard things; about-^ court martial 'methods/ s | ! *" ; '...--.-vV- : --.. '
yThis is -not by ' anyy means ;the -. first \ time^ that r\ Colonel Ayres ;
has had ; with his military^ superior^. While hey has v aa
unusually .brilliant s record- for- gallant: service inythe. field; yetr'Hej
has^had a wayy of getting^ into -h6t : wa^^
there 'j[s any f relation Jbetwcen^thescVt^
by MajoKGuy Edi^
Ayres. This is the "diagnosis : x " ;? '
v Amon£, the physical, ailments mentioned specifically ';, by; the* surgeons
was; chronic ißright's fdisease;> a* hardeningfof ; the 7 arteries,* andh in the '-. way
of motor> action,*; ah; accentuated rmotibn '"of !the : - elbows ' an d ; knees. v;--^ •;
, ;^The circulatory; tfouWe,V;siid;MajqivEdie, -^would soon'resultin physU
cal p. breakdown •; if Colonel I Ayrea '\ remained ' in • service:*/ Apoplexy 'is /almost
sure to intervene: vTor prolong, his! li£^? the r 'colonel; must liye: very .'quietly
and save himself ;' absolutely : fromy excitement ;andy exposure." : r
\u25a0 . These, are; impressive/^^mouthy filling words, but there Will be
some to say .that the Keokuk schbop trustee : might have sized Hip
the- situation more closely. . . y : ; r , -
IS the white = fly dead ?; /Apparently^ it is officially \u25a0 dea<l{ arid; there
: is war oyery; the - remains; rbuV/Pfof^
I '.Hifically yd«d J and ;: m^
shoujdb^ explamedCthatthe jw
I threatens the ; orange crop arid; has. effected a lodgment at; Marysvijle;
that; the insect < hast beeru eradicated by ]i hisilabors'': at SMarysVHle;
! chiefly in the ; "way of^/defoliation.y ; Asya ;<^nse^enc^*^of -this
process plucking v^heVt^
baneful \u25a0 insects} die of starvation yor - ajre^c^sumecl|byv fire \ along
with; the; leaves.', '.But' Professor Woodwprth : remarks;. with some
asperity/* thatythe t plucking^ wasy done\at I tlie^wrong_ Itjme.-R? Pease
should have attacked \u25a0 the 'insects 'they;" had {grown iegs'Vand
wiiigs^ In that defenseless t > condition . of ; they enemy victory
theTstate .would have beefeeasy. y ßui Pease ydid, not; know- enough;
say s I; a\V oodwbjth , 'ancl proceeds to ' |make^ a*(ppt 'l roa st yof ;• the coni
missioner. , ' -\u25a0 ' ' ' '* S , :
, - "The management oi ;th'e \u25a0 past ycajiipaigni" ;^a}^|tlie 'professor;
"h'as/ibeen fundam^iitaUy: bad; anil its^iiistory is chiefly fin
pointing: out, how hot to : do /the work," He; characterizes the' work
Of Pease -;&>'sire^
coarse, yHe speaks ywith i fine 7 contempt ' about 'fighting- flies ; with • a
saw and; a whitewash; brush; and addsithat "we 'shbuld^begmVall
the work : anew,|aypidmg/ the omstakes of the past campaign."""' 1
;' : We ' ; mustKttfiS^3S§aci<lity;> of • f Professori Woodworth's
remarks to a severe. and" exacting, scientific £cpnsciengj^j|^at'
all to any feelmgJdue^^thelcommissioneriS^^ that Wood
timefPeaseis sorryihecSpoke.v^He waked^up-the'wrong^prbfessor^ 5
PS£h#Bpoctoj^ToV ;,ttiak« y my .point
clear,-* l«t I tri« | 'irivel you £ tbls £ sentence ;
trom; Henry; Ja.me»~£i^g^^p^^j
I*' jThe | Prof e»sor (interrupting)— -If I you
In the Joke World
o'Athemfchauf -
.f9ura|aa srunsTover Jxhe'ir|be| sorry 1 for
ut. ; :. \u0084r • \u25a0- .- .
ijThomasf-Anc^why'B that? j
Western l^iomSlowness
: Receives Another^ Rap -
EDITOR Call— Dear; Sir: In you
issue y of .." the"*; 24th^' ii n st. I % notici
that • A. ;R. * t Kanaga complains -,o
• the -We^eni\TJnlon'a i* siowtdeliv
cry.". -lie i says ; thatjwith an;ox tearr
which can .travel three to five miles
an ' hour" ; he : can beat a -Western Unioi
telegram.'^yvy .:\u25a0:-\u25a0;..\u25a0 y.;v . .-> -. -y. ; - :: ~
\u25a0 I very -much doabt; his assertion. :
claim-. that\the ; Western; Union rcan'd*
and 'rdoes '; much '.'- better^ than < that. - y :
filed -'a. telegram tat lndio.Cal., Sundaj
at $ 11 j a. * m.,1 notifying :my) people <tha
I i would ; arrive "' on ? the i f olio win g; Mon
day J morning. Sitting rat J- my . L .honie : ot
Union * street, \. Oakland, % the : i olio wins
.Tuesday at 5 p. l mTlhe telegram 1 arrive<
10 Scents. for,:dellvery.^lt\took; the itele
gramis4chours * to f travel ;610.;miles. i^.
'**>! k db^ not ':, believe ! ,Mr.i Kanaga coulc
beat tthis: record vwith;\a^ mule ; team
much ?< less '•with \ oxenr; yit^is strangi
how-- some,' people ; are;- so ; fond of ':\u25a0 find
ingt fault- v andV* always ; : complaininj
about :; trifles. J. ;R BARATA. .
\u25a0^Oakland; Tju1y.25.^1807. . .;
Railroad v
JULIUS director
'"% of maintenance^ and for
*-the Harriman lines,' left yesterday
"afternoon"' for home : by. special
train, going by way, of Niles canyon'. to
Tracyiand.tlien on east. ' - - ,
;. ~. \u25a0\u25a0-•\u25a0.\u25a0,-;" \u25a0•' \u25a0\u25a0•'"\u25a0'.• "'"" '" " : *-i_i '''• ' -^ \u25a0' \u25a0- \u25a0'•'•'
; :•'• George Fraser, .not •\u25a0\u25a0 disheartened \ by
the r * ucc ®?sive i:! and * • crushing •* defeats
;the'!Trans : '
club . it has encountered, has determined
to Jtry Jconclusions ?\ with «$ the ; : embryo
Deweys"; and .Paul Joneses < that flourish
, oh \ Goat »' Island.^ Fraser { has "\ sent ; the
team, of the^tralningTschool a \ challenge
; to ~t play.3Jlt.7oni Its % own^ grounds.*;::; Itjis
understood) that ithe^chaHengel has ;beeh
accepted/ibut as|the' i fefryiboats'do'!not
make , Goat island ! a «port f of f call ' Fraser
1 is? negotiating secretary £ of
' the'Tnavs^td; have'a: man {of [war detailed
j td; carry-over > to Uhd VislandtthelTrans
por tation ? i club \u25a0« : -l bas eball. ii\ teamr '^ tha
mlrers»Tl,There |is an impression abroad
that Fraser intends to make this base
: ballf game^one sof I the| most ; exclusive
"soctalf features 1 of "the summer, season.*!*/
..... ?;.>-; t;-; \u25a0;-:-' •.";."\u25a0;»...•'\u25a0;;\u25a0"•:•".'\u25a0•_"• ! ..-.;• '\u25a0. ;\u25a0 •-: '~ \u25a0
3vß_ruc€r t Norton, "-^traveling", 'passenger
agent* of 'i thelUnionVPacific/at i Fresno^
is -|iril thej cltyj and * says ? that \u25a0; the :? San
\Joaquln"jyalleyj;/wa3 % never J: more ":pros
perous.^.y-^i' '\u25a0;£\u25a0: y : -^1 yx ; ; v"v-'N'y" ' \u25a0 : ' , 7 r . v 7
•fej^Why,\do " you T know," ,. he ; remarked,
« that fas janTevidencelthat l.we I'areVfich, 1
; ing] the ! laTst^ 60£ days foh! automobiles i n
;the^cjtyJof|Fjesno?^^Eyery.fman* who
: has~a,40 I, %cre, vineyard '^now^buy s ' a' "run"^
about,'^a,',mantwith*Bo ( ; acries^purchases a.
- $ 4,000 H touring "g car^and jj one with']? 120
; acres (has] a'i runabout^ and Calso a" tbur«i
ihg Tear."?" i-*-?f": S ' '\u25a0•'- K"J-^.'':.;' ',-• ?\u25a0"'; '\u25a0}¥ ,'f \u25a0 ; \u25a0.-'\u25a0.;/.\u25a0\u25a0 ' r
.'/\u25a0•\u25a0:\u25a0."**;\u25a0\u25a0\u25a0 y. \u25a0\u25a0;:'/"\u25a0>-:[•:-\u25a0' -.-. •\u25a0'\u25a0/•-\u25a0 .
W./S. yG.: Harris^ ya. locomotive ten
gineerjon|the 1 Southern^ Pacific,! has] In-*
.vented! anfautqrniatlc tsaf etyldevice t for
! iboiiers Iwhichl^wili 'i Berve|as fa
itirigllow^H.- J.^Small^ and- other) offl
;cials'^£^thep Southern WtrPacificl think"
installed ion -all;, the", locomotives, used; oh
thelHarrimanTiirbes.-^.Thel^ frequency
\u25a0j withliWhlchv boilers \ bio Tw \ up Jqnl accountn t
'of I low| a water^i makes |^ Harris*,! devise
he^lU'acquirejarßnugjfoftuneTfrom'his i
M.C.\MA Redfernit chief ; clerk r of ; thejgeo
logical- departmentrof (the * Southern 1 Pa- |
; clfic, « intends : to ; spend ! hi^ vacation' , In
strangel lands ~& andg will i go T into a the
tYaqui3<;ountiy?g Sonora,*| Mexico." * He lls
taking; many^weapons V of : o tf ense • an<3
o«Xen»aJalongi i wlth'< him ; - ' -.
The Insider
an anecdote of I:Ke late George Knox,
showing how he-rose; from digging ditches
to affluence as an established linguist
v'rj&Zii: 'il \u25a0'-' : ' : '.» -* \u25a0' \u25a0'*'* : " V~VEORGE ; T. _ KNOX, for many years
Incident inLife, ( T a ;no tary^f this city and at one time
OfGeorgC\DrKnOX- >-* captain of -'the : McMahbn*. grenadier
guards, who recently passed away, was one those who came to San Fran
cisco; in '49. He had not^^ denmtelyVdeterrmned^what 1 . sb.he tried
his hand'at everything which brought him an 'honest 'dollar.'.. One day, while
digging "a trench' in; Clay \u25a0; street, ; near. Kearny^he noticed. two men. trying'to
engage ;^in ,J, J - It was utterly, impossible^ for -them .to \u25a0 understand '
one , One spoke English ; . but : no French, and ; the • othier French but
nb'Englisii.: Knox'^gbt.^ »ay
ing, "If ;;yoii will permit; ine I wiHlheip you out;"as ! I am-a linguist.'* Aid
he idid; help 'them. [['.' : ' ' >;. ; '"'
;J V '-The English speaking; man; who", was one of San -Francisco|B early days*
lawyers, then tu~rned ; to answers
.to; which satisfied, him that the man with, the shovel "was. a linguist and a
scholar. : - •'/. . : ' \u25a0-" '••; .'\u25a0'.. •-•\u25a0'' .' \u25a0 * \u0084"*-,.' " -'- "'"•" '-^'-HHE
.; "I'm: astonished; to, see 'a man-ofyour'attainmehfat this kind* of work
AVhat ; are you working here. for P^asked^the lawyer. . -V
i Knox replied, "An ounce a day"." An otihce in. those days was equivalent
to'sl6,\a, day's i wages f or; ordinary" laborl"; „ J
lawyer told^ Knox : to leav«<the trench, and added, "I . want you to
work ; for me . making" translations^ It ..will pay y on better."
.Knox. accepted, and 'in time . formed an acquaintance with . the French
population, which, as the; city.; grew," was of great advantage to * him. More .
than once Knox ' was heard to v say, as -he related the incident, ."I never
regretted getting out' of that hole." SBHBI -
Jossefyh \u25a0 IF Californlana had been 4 asked: to con;.
-,- A -.'\u25a0\u25a0\u25a0 . ' «. V» -'.''l- tribute for a fund to ease the declining years
Admirer Of Ouida of Oulda> to^ wnom the British government \
has Just awarded a {-pension/* I know one man J who,, would be ready with' !
his mite. / Thi s: is Charles* Jos'selyn, who .has often expressed admiration for
Mile/ de' la Ramee's 'writings. • When < Josselyn^compiled '/his book, of quota- j
tions, which y/as published about two years ago, there were a number of ex
cejpts from Ouida*s novels included. Few people read Ouida nowadays, but
except that her style fa somewhat verbose and old fashioned, 'sheis a thou
sandjtimesJnearer~wor^twhll«;thu^fibme\of the "best sellers" that it Is the
fashion^tb rave about. She is a philosopher, and love Is to her an open book
iv many- volumes. r . / \u25a0 ,
r/nfflif Dflv fni. A NETW. industry ~ for child laborers has
'S^ia' been discovered by a little girl who,
a Cfll/d Laborer though she has rich" parents, lftea to
earn an honest nickel with her. own chubby hands once in awhile. ..The In- ,
dustry would be impossible outside. this city, or this state anyway, but it may
furnish an idea for the kids to work upon. ; LJtUe Mary Jiad been playing In a
neighbor's yard 7 all the morning, and when she" returned home she showed
her mother, fifteen- cents. *%. ".
"I earned it, mamnia," she said.
y \u25a0 Wten 'questionei farther, she eiplalned : '.'I took the fleas off Tip**— the
neighbor's black spaniel; ."Five cents a dozen; I removed three dcaen."
The Smart Set),
MRS.-; YNEjS \u25a0 SHORB WIUTB . has
f arranged'.-'; the^dates \u25a0 of her as
semblies ' for •this coming., winter. 1
. o_. These' popular dances, will Itake
place on the evenings of the following
Fridays: '[, .', November^22,". December + 13,
January 17, \u25a0 February." 7 \ and February
28. v . They; give; promisa "of being .'very
gay. . A number of. bachelor. officers will
be stationed . at the Presidio - and from
all accounts ".the 7 whole navy 'will' be on
deck.V This Lwlll'be very "cheery news.
Indeed,*, for" the charming * debutante.s.
. A delightful bit of news has reached
the '; friends rjof " Miss '^Claudlne ': Co^zons,
whose engageiaehtfto; Charles. AlWar-r.
fen* Jr. 'Mrs.', Al R. ; iCozzpns has just^an
nounced, i I For/sorae , days ; past *, the ' En
gagement \u25a0" of * this '\u25a0{ interesting \u25a0 ; young
couple !; has : been , an . open j secret. Miss
Gozzons Is a, bright, clever college girl,
belonging. to the Kappa Kappa Gamma
f raternityl of ' Stanford, t '£ Charles" War
ren' 3t.\ is 'associated with his* father \in
the -Warren improvement -* company.''. He
is"-: a; particularly >nlce: chap and -well
known * and ; liked .among i the t Berkeley
fraternities.^ While: no: date has been
set* for.* the-". wedding : It ; wil ' prbbibly bo
an ; affair of the early ; fall. . r
, C. /AIC Gillette, wife of Major
Gillette, f formerly^ of :the"arnTy/, is ; now
enjoying/ all J the; delights of camp 1 life
near,; the } Mammoth Hot \ Springs \u25a0 hotel,
lri ? > Yellowstone ; park^ accompanied- by
her, children/? Major, Gillette, before his
resignation^ was . , forwarded 'to "Wash
ihgton/p/C, was'constdere4 one of the
ableSt~engineers 'In' the* service. r.^lle
was "stationed .""some '% few \ years ; ago j at
Fort -Mason- andj later at .Philadelphia,
and sis v now .\ engaged - in 'construction
work-in the* City, of .Mexico.;.; They, may
visit' this coast before :s ;return,ing "to
their 'jhomV; in' Philadelphia. *?, '...? •*.:
T: Rl' Metff, and s Mrs.; Mead,- well i known
both^ here] and . along ;th e ' coast.-, are 'en
joying their bridal trip. at Yellowstone
park. ; Mrs. . Mead .was ; May - Sadler 3o f
this clty.*6KHß9pngSy&jHHEßsßi
Lieutenant Commaader^lrvini -V/.GU-
•; < Personal -Meritidn
. John ; Hay of London ,' ls at the Fair-,
mont-7 '\u25a0'\u25a0.-\u25a0\u25a0-7 ' ' .\u25a0\u25a0'-:'.\u25a0"\u25a0' - : -.';" :
,' E. C. Roberts >t>f ;.. Treka Is . at . the
. Dr. H. Hunt of Los Angeles is at the
Majestic..; :.-,.;\u25a0 . • ; -> ; :^\:'^ "";'" v'"-!." T '.]
r -'Carl C. * Schroeder of .Cincinnati 1 ls =at
the ; Hamllru : ; , :
'I i Henry "f: Wlezmann \u25a0of Seattle \u25a0*\u25a0 Is \u25a0 •at
the ' Baltimore. ' :\u25a0'\u25a0\u25a0:''.'"\u25a0 ;'; : .:;- \u25a0:-'•- •'.*"
It. - r J.'; Field/. a .Montebey; banker, ls^ at
the : St. iFrancis. . \u25a0:.:'\u25a0 yy . ./".>. ~ : ?r' '"-
W.*, H..; Foster Jbf ; YonngstoWn, O.V-ls
at . the Fairmont.' ; .v-'—.T.V- \u25a0- y, '~.\.'. ' t
: '\ Hennr-WV; Field', of : San Luis Obispo '
Is ; at *the> St. Francis.' . * \f „
f :.'>WaiterV knight and' Mrs. 'Knight of
Napa arejat{the' Fairmont-- v* : •. :
ilDr. iC.\ L. Rion.'^U. , SJ^ A. r , •: and Mrs.
Riori fare ; at \u25a0* theyjefferson. *- > .
_ ' W. E. Bo"«rden^and wife . of Leadvllle,
Cclo^are^at',the*Jefferson. '
: Ai> L. ; ; Ware and ; Mrs? -Ware of Los
Angeles * are : at ' the^ ImperiaL^ 7 . ; .*\u25a0
Conditions in California
: . -J Xh» Calif orni* Promotion committM wimd.Uia foUowin^.t* Its Matera tawaajia-xi^''
York yesterday: .-'_ -~ \u25a0_. «\u25a0\u25a0, '-.~ '"-"v "J**- -\u25a0;'-;•\u25a0- \u25a0-.- .-\u25a0\u25a0 ... — \u25a0 - - *-\u25a0--. \u25a0-\u25a0.
;.-': Calif orni* tempminres^ f oir th« put 84 houn: v :
,w«i«d Calif o^a'Pr^otloir^^m^ V^i^^^t acttritr -to rail-:
r- Dutte. o^io^i-riwiredJit^^^rrancUc. «utoin h«i« for tlw pa.t wwk;|M^ "
62 j p«r wit."-' 7 **•\u25a0'\u25a0'\u25a0\u25a0'\u25a0\u25a0 -\u25a0-\u25a0'.:•'\u25a0\u25a0 - .
'^^^^^^ivTr^MW^t^ j.ar. g«m« «f th>
JULY 30,; lM
\u25a0 " \u25a0 " - \u25a0 .-...-\u25a0 t :
Us' of 'the navy, accompanied by Sur
geon James C Pryor. U. S. N^ and Mrs.
Pryor and Commander James H-^ears,
U.^R'N*..' sailed Thursday for Honolulu
on the- Siberia. ' • '
'": Louis Carrlgan and Miss E. Carrlgah
have sailed " for' Hongkong. They are
on a pleasure trip will visit many
Interesting places before their return/
• . .- » - *_. - « • .. . • -
• "Among those sailing on the Siberia
for the orient .were : Commander
Richard M.~ Hughes. U.S. N.; Assistant
Surgeon Andre E. Lee. U. S. N^ and
Lieutenant Charles M. Tozler,'U.'S..N.''
..Dr. "W. A.' McEnerny and his sister. :
who :\u25a0 accompanied ; the remains ©f the
late Mrs. McEnerny to Salt Lake City
for .burial, have, stopped for a few days
of ;rest at Tahoe before \u25a0 returnln* to
this city.
\u25a0 Mrs.^ W. ; G. Murchison. accompanfed
by Mis/ Tayntoivhas arrived from thi
east and w:il await the coming of Capy
tain ilurchison from Manila, who is ex
pected on the Buford.
'; Mrs. , John McGaw, entertained . a few
friends one afternoon last week In an
informal way at , bridge. - Among '• the
players: were Miss May Rels. Mrs. John
P. Hopkins. Mw.r J. ,H. Jennings.. Mrs.
Lynda Bryan.; Mrs. A. &: Baldwin,; Meg.
John ; M. Hammond. '- Mis» Maxl» Coyle,
Miss Angela Coy I*. Mrs.O.Di.>BaldwiiT.
Mrs. Sharon.? Miss May." Sharon. Mrs.
John. Clayton and Mrs. Hogue. .- «
Mr. and Mrs. E. IL Snell of San Fran-,
clsco were the guests • last .week of.
Mrs. J. F. Ford at Redwood City. '•'"
'\u25a0'•'-'" -'.'\u25a0 --• '•" \u25a0" •." - ; ; •.'\u25a0\u25a0.--\u25a0\u25a0\u25a0\u25a0 .-./" \ :*
Mr. and Mrs. Wilfred. IX ; Chapman.
Miss Chapman and Sherwood Chapman
are visiting at Del Monte.'' %v -
\;Sumner. Hardy -and 'Prentlss' v Gray
have been enjoying the tennis courts at
i"\u25a0 Mr* and", MrV I- W. Hellman. I. W.
HeUman^Jr.'Jand Frederick M. Hellman
are passing the weelfc^at \u25a0 D«l ' Monte.
. James McLachlan of
Paeadena Is at the; Majestic. -*
T. Harvey Devoe. a steamship minuet
Seattle, ts:, at »,the JHamlln- with Mrs.
Devoe}- " \u25a0 \u25a0 ; ;\u25a0: *i : -" ••••"•\u25a0'\u25a0•.. -^ \u25a0 \u25a0
;.£ IV* C. . Standwvia2bo©k\'piiblistier of
r ßoston, • and '.MraL^Staßder. ans at the
Hamlln. y ~\~ .t *.'.;• >: • $"*';. -.\u25a0
\u25a0^^vX^^asW.^o. *s .TMJtha* lawyer
and, a hotel man of Goidfield/uiarat the
' St-s Fraricl*." ~ \u25a0.;. -'».•;. ; >.^v. v .; ... . _ , ; \u25a0
'\u25a0''. ilChar lea";Walter? Geddes; Vl£ra. Geddea
; and Mis* Ruth Geddes;of Gold field are
*atvthe?St.*J*ranclft. :• :-.5« -.. \u25a0.••.\u25a0>•*<.;,*
V MrsC/HaWklns/ -wif e'pr Captatji , Ham
; ilton>.Hawlttna,V.is. -a;; and ;b4r Vthrea
f chnaren^haTe 'arrfaeiTfrom ManU»"and
tfcc^at'theralrmpnt. ;**-*;*:" \^.
* At the I Savoy ,1s registered "a ; party
of; Missouri .: travelers: including ',W.\K.
MooTe.aDr.rHarry', L. , Alartln and -.Oil P.
-Hdrdesty \u25a0<. of Kansas \u25a0. City "and ' George
"A. Thusber,: B.7F.-Samsi James *A> Ker
n: per;~S.~- E: ; Scott, ;G. W. "l^atton and G.
P. Schooling of .Warrenburs.' "•" -..'-• -\u25a0;.

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