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Who shall be the next hostess at the
! White House? An intimate discussion of
the wives of presidential possibilities will
be a feature, next Sunday, of -
The Sunday Call
VOLUME Cn.—No^; 66. ,
Market Street Hostelry .Is
Scene of Daring Crime
in Early Morning
Two Thugs Enter Place and
Awe Employe by Hold
ing Pistol to His Head
Receipts of Establishment
and Clerk's Money Are
Taken by Thieves
- Entering the White Palace ho
tel. Eleventh and Market streets,
at 3 o'clock Saturday morning,
two young men put a pistol to
the head of William A. McDan
icl. a night clerk, robbed him of
all the money received during the
night and then walked away. For
daredevil effrontery and reckless
ness the holdup was almost un
paralleled in local annals. The
place is one of the most popular
of the workingmen's hotels in the
city, housing about 500 per
sons nightly, and its location is
such that a deliberate holdup
there was the last thing expected.
There is seldom a time during the
night when its patrons are not
coming and going; but the two
v°££? rn*n were ajgeg*;^; lock, as i It
happened that no persons other than;
the trio were about "^vhen the robbery
Vsts committed.
McDanlel Is clerk of what is known
as the Ocean Shore, this being the
name of a section of the hotel where
the cheaper class of patrons are ac
commodated. While sitting at his desk
Saturday morning the two robbers
\u25a0walked in and asked for beds. In or
der to show the men to their rooms
the clerk left the counter and instant
ly found himself looking Into the bar
rel of a revolver.
The order to throw up his hands and
keep still was obeyed without a mur
mur, and while one of the robbers
pressed the pistol against McDaniel's
head the other man ransacked the till
and the clerk's pockets, taking about
$25, which represented the amount
taken In during the night, and several
dollars belonging to McDanieL
•Tou'd better keep quiet." ordered
the man with the sun after the rob
bery vas completed. The men then
•walked out of the building end disap
peared In the darkness.
The holdup was committed so rapidly
that several moments elapsed after the
robbers fled before McDanlel recovered
his presence of mind- He then tqld
the chief night clerk of the crime and
the police -were notified, but, of course,
by that time all trace of the men had
been lost- •..*-*
The men evidently had been loiter
ing about the hotel, awaltin£*their op
portunity, because it is seldom "that
the clerk Is left alone. Seeing that the
course was clear, they nishsd the work
through- As neither made an attempt
at maeklng or disguise, McDaniel had
a good opportunity to observe the rob
bers and the police have good descrip
tions of them.
Bowen Hotel on Route to
Yosemite Destroyed
by Fire
FRESNO. Aug. 4.— The Bowmen hotel
at Raymond, one of the landmarks of
travel to the Tosemlte valley, was
burned to the ground yesterday. It
was owned by P. N. Bowen and had ac
commodations for 100 guests. Atfthe
end of the railroad on the route to. the
Yosemite it ..- had entertained many
noted guests. >No one was Injured in
the fire. The loss *is estimated at
I10 ; 000. -*
ROME. Aug. 4 — The pope received
yesterday a pilgrimage of more than
100 Americans from all parts, of 'the
United' States. As a special mark ol
favor the pope permitted the taking of
a photograph of himself surrounded by
the pilgrims. In spite of the great heat
the pope appeared to -be In the best
of healtb -
The San Francisco Call.
YUSTEKOAY — Partly cloodx; southwest wind;
maxiuiuai temperature, 64; minimum, SC.
IX>nECAST FOR TODAY— Fair: not so much
fog; light south wind, changing to fresh west
erly. • Pac« 10
Backs seekinc Market street. Page 6
Important changes In assessment of rail
roads. Face 6
• Collect the £ne against Standard oil. Page 8
Mkcy phases of the craft lnrestlgation will
be taken ;:p in the courts today and the grand
jury will resume Its inTestlgation Into telephone
company's affairs. Page 2
Tbomas Gallagher, brother of ex-Superrisor
Gallagher and bead of tbe commissary . depart
ment of the city, will lose his Job, along with
the abolishment of his department at the bands
of Mayor Taylor. Page 1
Nonunion motorman, son of rich manufacturer
of New Orleans, is shot while on way home. P. 1
P. D. LinTllle, well known special policeman,
dies in this city. - Page 1
Two men hold np eight clerk in hotel at
I Eleventh and Market streets at 3 a. m. Satnr
| day and escape with contents of till. Page 1
Changes in National guard make necessary
new apportionment in brigades. Page 10
Dr. James H. Ilyslop. formerly of Cornell uni
versity, lectures ou spiritualism at Bush street
temple. Par* 2
I. Camera strap catches in limb of a tree when
Mrs. Maybelle Wilson of CMcago falls down a
cliff in Marin county and holds her suspended
ia midair until her friends rescue ber. w Page 1
Angry mob threatens llres fit car crew when
motorman causes collision at Hayes and OctaTia
streets In which a 'woman is seriously in-
Mrs. A. R. Conklin of Berkeley wins salt
against John A. Benson for recovery of 10,000
acres „of land said to hare been seenred by
fraud. Page 2 i
Berkeley schools reopen today with changed ;
districts. - Page 8
Oakland city council jrtil receive bids tonight
for eale of park bonds. . Page 8
Convention of California State nurses* asso
ciation will be opened In Oakland today. ' Page 7
New First Presbyterian church of Berkeley Is
opened. Page 8
Chief of Police Wilson of Oakland recommends
creation of detective bureau. Page 7
President Macnrda of California college an
nounce* members of faculty for coming year, i P. 8
Realty dealers across the bay look forward to
brisk fall and winter trading. Page 8
Antoaiobue worth $1,500, owned by "Dr. G. H.
LHiencrantz ef Oakland, is stolen from In front
of Van Ness theater In San Francisco. ; Page 8
Torn* Talley settlers ask that reclamation srr-
Tice to tlat district be Investigated. , Page 4
Secretary Garfleld'says Lagcna dam Is the key
to the control of the Colorado river. Pag* 7
Stage is overturned near Pepperwood -*nd • sis
passengers are hurt, among them ' Dr. A. ' W.-
Morton and Dr. Boss B. Bullock of San Fran
cisco. Page 3
Army sergeant at the Presidio of Monterey
secretly shoots In rlSe competition to make good
score for friend. Is detected and sent to guard
house.", t.* / r Page 3
Arrangements are \u25a0 completed for the fifteenth
national Irrigation congress, which will be j held
in Sacramento next month. Page 4
Secretary Cortelyoo coolly ignores a ruling
made by Secretary Gsrfiela and an official quar
rel may follow. Page I
Murderous assault, ls cocaciltted on a woman
In New Tork and rioting breaks out afresh in
foreign tenement district.-.; .\u25a0\u25a0\u25a0:i;.^. Page 3
Haywood Is greeted by cheering throng . is
Denver, who block his way- en til path Is cleared
by police. Page 4
Signs of weakness in securities* are oEset by
report of heavy earnings of United States steel
corporation. 'Jj" - i" P*t* 4
Attorney General Bonaparte .', cots vacation
short to begin Tigorous prosecution of E. H.
Harriman. It Is reported. Page 1
Washington hospital physician declares death
will ensue If Mrs. Anna M. Bradley, slayer of
Senator Brown, Is compelled to go to jail. Page 3
, France discards Moroccan excuses and rend*
war fleet to chastise Balsnli's countrymen. Page 2
Bnssian guard at Copper Islands repels raid
made by two Japanese schooners on seal rook
ery. Page 3
Crowded train on French line dives 50 feet off
bridge into river and 41 are drowned. Page 1
Automobile men - who competed in endurance
run to Lakeport return to this city and praise
hospitality of people along the route. Page 10
Representatives of Brltt and Gans will meet
today to arrange a match. \u25a0\u25a0. Page 9
Barney Joy's * star, work saves honor of the
Seals In afternoon contest, tbe morning , gams
being ' annexed by the Cocuauterc. Page S
Lower class men triumph over the experts in
a . handicap tennis tournament on the Golden
Gate park courts. - j Page 5
Los Angeles yacht Valkyrie sustains a -second
defeat, this time by the Neva of the San Fran
cisco club. ' - Page 5
Overdue ., "British ship Waterloo reaches port
after troublous voyage from Rotterdam. Page 10
Millions of , dollars are spent in improvement s
at copper mines In Shasta county. ' Page 7
Subscriptions and Advertise-
ments will* be received in •' San
Francisco at following offices :
Open until' 10.' o'clock every night.
Parent's Stationery, Store.'
Woodward's Branch. „
: Christian's Branch.
Jackson's Branch. -
Halllday's Stationery • Store. -
Blake's Bazaar.
SOll 10TH ST. COR. : MISSIO S * ";**
International: Stationery ; Store .v ; -
The Newserle."
George Prewl It's Branch..
SAN; \u25a0 ERANGISOO^IIffiNMYvr 1907.
Cortelyou Ignores a Ruling
Made by Secretary Garfield
Row Between Officials ;M^|Fbllpw
Secretary) Car field, (upper) , : a> fcose ruling,' regarding -; the \u25a0 filing y:'
of expense accounts 7 by clerks* in his '^department \u25a0yhas<,bcen coolhf'l
ignored by Secretary of the Treasury CortelyouJ&ldviery.y Vv- -v i
WASHINGTON, Aug. 4.— Secretaries Cortelyou and". Gar
field have laid the foundation for. a fine \ official quarrel. fSorne^tirne
ago Garfield issued aVregulation: ; for the officers arid/ clerks of : . his
department which permitted them to file; expense, accounts; without
swearing- to., their* accuracy andi truth. ; iGarfield> figured -that tif?t he
government could •nottVrustlthej meh : : : it^senuout^
business to render"} a true^
men./- Robert J. Trac;e'well^
passes on :. all ..-questions of; law. \u25a0\u25a0 relating-; to»disbureements;ofVmoney,;
and ; George ; B. Cortelyou, ' his official superior,',^think^p'th'envise.*. The> T<
say the jurat is necessary, because they the law* requires
verification under oath. "--Tracewell and; Cortelyou r have {put; out a
new method' of accounting for money disbursediby the/government,
in which they set aside i the Garfield regulation .without crhentioning
it or without having \ consulted the most ;; prominent members; of
the tennis cabinet. In viewof the standing.of Garfield-at the-White
House, this shows wonderful temerity ronVthe 'part bf ; " Cortelyou/
The : pnly way Garfield; can; prevent this- cold; official ignoring of
him and his act -.is -to _\u25a0 appeal 'td.Hhe president^.- : . ; \u25a0' \
Patrolman's Skull Broken
by Stone; Sergeant
Hurled at Him •
A disturbance caused by : soldiers rin
Pacific street last" night- led to; the: _ai>.
rest of two of the number—^orie, of [them
with a serious charge to. face, -the ..re^
suit of the condition' of; Patrolman 'Og- %
den, who was -hit Von the; head] wi(!h
a paving \u25a0 stone. . Sergeant Fred -H.
Rose is accused of having thrown the
stone. . .
The police attempted \to/ arrest I the
men, when one of -them sprang to the
roadway, "picked -up • the ; stone and
hurled it at Ogden, fracturing his skull.
Policeman J. J.; Cameron, "who was
with Ogden, J succeeded •;;! in a capturing
Rose, who was charged', with -assault
with a deadly weapon' and -placed :In
the. city, prison An company- with^PrN
vate Charles- C."Miller,Vwho i attempted
to rescue Rose from the officers.'; Miller
is charged with Interfering withlari of
ficer in the performance : ooff f his' duty. C ".
Plunges Oft a- Bridge :\u25a0, and
the Crowded Forward ;
Gars Go ' Down
ANGERS, France, -Aug. '_;--. 4.— -Forty
passengers in a third ; class . coach and
the engineer ; were (drowned - this j after
noon three miles •; east ; of j here, .-.when
the locomotive of a" crowded local train
J dumped * the bridge - r o ver : the ! Loire i and
dived ;B0; B0 t eet '• into ) the < river. The ten
der, bagage and' third'class cars went
with It.
Fortunately no; others cars l went . into
tbe ! water, as'the coupling betweenlthe
second and third' cars i broke. :: The co'n
auctorVand fireman .were , the only,- ones
forward wlkosel". lives^were : saved.'; They
escaped by. swimming. ;" ; \u25a0 " ;r * ?; . ;J |
."j:j The I third i class* car j was filled
with passengers.'^ Part* of ; the froof , was
; blown" off^ by '%. the '% 'confined -air -as
sank, but not a -single passenger.^es
caped. AH were,, drowned -' . . ; <r~—
Sony '6i{ Rich -Manufacturer
\u25a0;; .Seriously Wourided^ori i
-. ;^ ; Way Home:.: ; ;;:
- I>- ; ;i+ l . Kei ffer. <* a { strike'" Vreakfng
motorman on .the Valencia: street' line,
,waV, shot '[, twice . and seriously TlnjuredT Injured
last~night; by - an unidentlffed man'^at,
Twenty-ninth • : and : »- Dolores." ..streets.'
Keiffer j. was : taken to St.' -Luke's -hos
pltal,;wh"ere Dr. Humphreys pronounced
the ; wounds? dangerous. , At; the : hos
pitalV.it'^was -llearne r tfiat" jKelffer^ls
the son <of •' a ; 'wealthy shoe manufac
turer rof New • Orleans. • He. has ; . been Jn
San ,' Pranciscor for >only \u25a0 a* tevr> : months
and /.resides " ; with7 his "--rcife : " at^iWg.
Church street.;. ' '_: - ' 'r\u25a0 :- '.- - ' "'
ki Keifferi left,' his jcar ', last- night .at; 11
o'clock ~ and * started J up- Twenty-ninth 1
street.,,;,: He? soon \u25a0 became!, aware , r of . 'the'
jt act ,i that".- he Vwas? being ,' followed.' 4' At :
DoloresVstreet}he, turned abruptly'about
to \u25a0 f ace ; man -who -had 'been" trailing
him. -, Instantly /• he \ was ; struck >by"|a
bulietVln \ thej rightrslde. r He i." flired s in
return- 'a'ndv his^ assailant-^hot' again;
striking ;:kelffer' in; the »* right/ hand,
knocking^ the s latter's • revolver to i the"
ground.^.Keiffer. picked- up i the .weapon
and fired at the.fleeing figure." but with
out' effect :.-V-. \u25a0/.,\u25a0'\u25a0'.'•- ;*'.,-' * - \u25a0\u25a0' ,"\u25a0\u25a0•- '
Two^men; In', the .-distance 1 heard* the
shootingV and \ hurried 1 to i Keiffer's :
of 6lf Vaiieyj street and Frank" Krueckel .
of \ 153 Dolores \u25ba street. » ; They^had^ Keif
f er ' taken i ; to \u25a0 St. r Luke's ; hospital,'' where*
an* operation .was ' decided ' on. V...
~i At^the kJ hospital^ Keiffer, ,'gave ', the
name * of ." Edwards, \u25a0 explaining } that x he'
did ; so) inj.order; that his_ pa'ren tVinf New
Orleans learn -of -his iinjiiryC
He asked Jthat { be fnotifled ? only in
caseVof .his r death. Keifferiis ,23. years
of -age. ; . \".- % " ,'. r'V>.', ' . ' "''
pope t'stjspends - .pilgrimages
X ; R6ME,I Axig^ t i^Fope^lMus' has id^,
rected the° suspension * of : the : first' o'fithl
jubilee >pilgrlniagjßsJ.to^Rynie^about to
gflmages - be •\u25a0 received rbyi thefpope
in' the" future wllljbe* decided.: !by-icircum-*
fitaccei- :,'-^jt "^7Mv? : :^
Catfhes oh Limb of "a Tree
l and Checlcs • Her Fall ;
;-; \':'Z 'From; Cliff "-
Miss Maybelle Wilson Nar
rowly' Escapes Death- in >
\u25a0 Black -Canyon
Hangs Head Downward -for
Half Hour Before She
Is Resuced
: A - blood \u25a0 spattered : . trail in Black
canyon,' \u25a0 near - San | Raf ael,--" led to the
rescue ; yesterday /afternoon of .Miss
Maybelle LWilson. a beautiful Chicago
girl, who • hung head downward from
the branches . of^a^scrußoak tree grow
ing half way. down the side of the steep
cliff. * She had 1 slipped as she tried to
cross the' narrow stream *that leaps, at
that point, over a. precipice -to" its rock
bottom bed below.*"* She plunged head
downward,- but. the tree stayed her
f all. i Her ? camera j strap caught : on " a
limb and suspended her 2 's) feet above
the; stony path. A hemorrhage of the
nose; rendered her unconscious "but
saved her' life.-v for her. friends, passing,
along, were stopped by the sight of the
crimsoned* trail. \u0084• She : was v extricated.,
from. her perilous position and removed
to a sanitarium in this- city.-.;
: Miss Wilson, who Is; the daughter; of
a : well - known /and .wealthy,, business
man '; of '-. Chicago,'? yesterday ; went 'with'
a ! party; of; l«os.SAhg"ele'a^ f rlends i fory an
automobile^rjde • ln?Ma r i n^county.'/C-In
'thle' w rSachlne J weVi^MrW^lianMt>Bariie«,
Miss >- Savilia Conway^;^ and .^JHenry
Thornton.'^ ".The '-latter ""drova^his-j:ma
chJne. J .'*' : ' *.t •'\u0084" '"\u25a0'\u25a0 \u25a0/*--\u25a0;'\u25a0\u25a0 "' --.*.- *"'"
. They,,.- reached . Cpppa's villa ; a little
before -4' o'clock and a -trip, to- the»l>o
mlnican r convent\was'*suggested. " Miss
Wilson; complained of _a;. headache [and
remained 'with- the machine ,whlle her,
companions' started off/. She .changed
her mind later and journeyed^up'.the
canyon .after ; her'/j friends., .' By._ : rhis-;
chance she took- the. wrong- trail .and
found •herselj finally^ at Hhe cliff over:
which .the I* water fall hangs rainbows;
She thought^- shesaid afterward" in tell
ing' ofr her . mishap, -.that -she -/would
cross the creek in order" to better enjoy
the sylvan "scene., and "/'snap' it." Step
ping , stones -"across the*: shallow river
inylted-her to try. She stepped gingerly
on -the ' first, stone; which" v looked~ firm
and sure, /though' perilously close to
the edge of the cliff, parting the water
as*lt "leaped-.oyer »the precipice. \ The
stone and she plunged -down
ward," jheadlong^Vover^' the precipice,
into the tree. Its; thick" branches
stayed -her fall and. her. camera strap
caught 'on a branch,". strained." slipped
and then held. Fearful I .that, struggles
would -loose "the /strap, and' plunge her
down: to the Bharp, rocks, 1 she dared; not
move. She' shriek'ed'for help,- butt only,
her voiceTcame "back"in"an r echoed I replyl
As she* grew 'dizzy andTthe* bloodrushed
to' her head," she "says" she' lost the power
{o call any more arid her voice came in
whispers. ' • Then her * nose began •; to
bleed f her temples , throbbed • until V It
seemed ; her head must . surely burst. The
flow) of blood from .her.- nose ; gradually,,
weakenedv her • and • she' nV'longer'"suf
fered. The! -breeze^that. '..sweeps ' down
ithe^canyon swayed - her * body' back ; and
forth. She said?lt. seemedito .hjpr,?curi-'
ously*' ; that : ' she wouli^ be : rocked to Ja
"sleep from which ' she" would not wake.
Vhe watched ,with » bulging," bloodshot
eyes i the crimson '> drops tor. color -on . the
limbs falling^ again 'and gradually.
foVmired puddles- in -the path 'beneath.
Then she losfconsclousness. .
'\u25a0 Meanwhile J her,: friends ) had, paid '; the
convent -a visit . and -.were \u25a0returning* by
the lower trail, chatting pleasantly and
enjoying?; their : outing. ; " ' .'•-.; ' >
v Thornton. topped.: horrified,/ at '\u25a0*' Ht- (
tie i pool thatihad{gatherediln^the-hol
lows iof .the path. VA; red I drop \ splashed
into ; it,. and.> looking sup,, he- and his
companions : saw "\u25a0 their* friend.-. - With
from the tree and'thYn carried her/ still
uAconscious, » to ' the « villa.) where., under
restoratives, she : : gradually 'recovered
consciousness. made ». fly
ing trip"- in' the^ auto"; to " t San Raf a«l -and
from i there ., she' was 4brought .to this
city. -It is hoped ; by her physicians that
she , will i not,- suffer permanent • effects
from '' her fearful '.experience,' .but v she
will ;be : confined {to^her^Tbed.'for^ several
days- 'He r > ankle '\u25a0 1s - bad 1 y"; ap rained and
her ; f aice^and .body' lacerated/ - Justjhow
long she hung ; suspended : InV the "tree
she does ? "not :know,*:jbut 'it /must " have
•been," *say .' her \u25a0\u25a0} f rlelids, < . l uljy ." a „ \u25a0 half
How, a fight for leadership of the high
society -of Chinatown has' been won by a
small foot little lady with an ingenious
scheme, will be told in
. .The Sunday Call
Attorney ' General Bonaparte, vhose
announcement ' that ]he tfiU'cvt his ' *a
calion\ short is'bclieyed to presage the
vigorous prosecution of E. H. Harri
man for giving rebates.
Thomas Gallagher,' Brother
of Boocllerj Is to Lose
the downfall of "Big Jim" Gal
lagher, arch boodler of the boodle
board .of supervisors, and his subse
quent _ retirement ! to private life,
Thomas -Gallagher, his -brother, will
have to go to work. The fat Job he has
been .holding- for the last year and a
month, which was created expressly
for his benefit at a needless expense to
the city 'of about 125,000 a N ye^ar, and
which exists. without standing in the
charter,' "is to be abolished by Mayor
. Thomas Gallagher until a little more
than ': a y earj ago was in no way con
nected ; with' the : city's . government.
About Uhe /time \u25a0;' the trolley steal was
consummated his brother Jim, who had
become \u25a0: one of the leaders of the super
visors -by " acting '- as - the- T go between
with tltuef ,;and -* the • of ,the
board, aaked Ruef to create a position
for •"*. Torrid ' \u25a0'\u25a0 Ruef agreed to-do so, and
accordingly . • the ;. commissary, depart
ment was. brought" Into existence and
Thomas- Gallagher was placed at its
head - with a salary of 1230 a month.
•Four -clerks, 'each drawing $125 a
month.. and a chief, clerk at a salary
of $175 were allotted to the depart
ment. - Besides. 'this, two horses and
buggies, and also a couple of commis
sary ..wagons,.. were given . to Gallagher.
/The commissary department was first
located In a section of Mowry hall, then
occupied, as a meeting place for the
board of . supervisors. Although five
clerks were drawing pay regularly,
seldom : more than three- were on duty
at one time 1 In the office. The duties of
the department were to inspect requi
sitions'for." supplies, turned- In by any
of the municipal branches, with the
exception •of . the ; emergency hospital,
forwardjthem to-tne firms holdingVon
tracts . with -the ' -\u25a0\u25a0 city . to furnish the
supplies, -and, upon receiving the sup
pliesjordered.'-tOjturn'them over to the
different^ branches by whom they .were
originally ordered. . Bach branch was
required to "maintain its own : commis
sary r ; department \ with {'its', .-.clerk as it
had before th e g ene r al d epar tm en t had
been . created, I and 'the - only 'differ ence
,wu /. that t lt 'ijtookrf from" 3^ to^lO .days
longer .to /get than -before. • » •
The was *;created -solely
on the *word?of -Ruef;' with"'the : consent
of . &imlt jC' t wb'o,Vby^th«^way .'hesitated,
probably because :,it .wouid! require ' J his
own " brother;! Frank t Schmltz.f head< of
the .alrashouse^ tol get .the* supplies Jt or
his '- institution through ."'Gallagher.
Mayor. Taylor has announced his- In
tention of >dolngf \u25a0 away • wittf- It: entirely
a t an early^datelV
v> The '• su"pply*;purchasng^ department ; of
the city goy ernment • has \u25a0 been ,the,sub
ject *of ; much"'.; investigation jon; the part
of Detective 1 Burns and- the grandJjury.*
At* any:* rate*,* Gallagher' 3 head, along:
with those of, his subordinates, will fall
at an early. date and the, department of
commissaries wlll.be no more. .' •
Impertinent Question No. 10
When Is a Man Intoxicated ?
For the most original or wittiest answer to this ques
tion—and the briefer the better— The Gall will pay
FIVE DOLLARS. For the next five answers
The Gall will pay ONE; DOLLAR each. Prize
vanning will be printed, next Wednesday
andxKecks mailed to the winners at once. Make
your: answer, short and address it to
- SS^ ; \u25a0 i THE CALL.
Attorney . General
Bonaparte on
His Trail
Railroad' King May Be
Arraigned for Rebating
Result of Standard
Oil Case Paves
the Way '
Government Prosecutor
Cuts His Vacation Short
WASHINGTON. Aug. 4.— Attorney
General Bonaparte has notified his
subordinates here that he will mater
ially shorten his vacation and return
to this city a week from tomorrow-
August 12. During his brief outing
at Lennox Bonaparte has been giving
personal attention to the report sub
mitted by the interstate commerce
commission on the various financial
transactions of E. H. Harriman.
Many leading officials In the depart
ment of justice believe the early re
turn of Attorney General Bonaparte
presages the vigorous prosecution of
Harriman.' They' entertain the opinion
that the manner in which the Standard
oil rebate case at Chicago had been
handled by Judge Landis pomta out a
way' by* which Harriman may" b«
The order issued by Judge LandU
directing the grand Jury to -take up on
August 14 the rebate practices as re
lated to the Chicago and Alton railroad
may mean 'the criminal prosecution ot
the. railroad officials who grranted tha
rebates to the Standard oil, the accept.
ance of which resulted In the assess
ment of a fine of $29,240,000.
The Elkins law, under which thes*
prosecutions are being conducted. Is
broad. It provides a punishment ot
from $1,000 to $20,000 fine for each vio
lation by omission on commission. It
further provides that any person oe^
any officer or director of any corpora
tion of a common carrier or any re
ceiver, lessee, ayent. trustee or person
acting for or employed by It. convicted
of offering, granting, giving, soliciting,
accepting or receiving , any rebate or
concession, may be imprisoned In the
penitentiary for not to exceed two
years in addition to the heavy fine, at
the discretion of the court.
The interstate commerce commission
In the report which Attorney General
Bonaparte is now considering showed
that during the period covered by. the
Standard oil' case. Harriman was la ab-_
solute control of the Chicago an.d Alton.
It is pointed out here* that.. as Judg»
Landls explained, the Chicago and Alton
filed a false rate sheet with the Inter
state commerce commission on oil
shipments from Whiting. 'XnxL. to Chi
cago and other points. There can b*
no question under th« law-as to th*
legality of traffic arrangements, for it
is specifically stated that the rats as
filed with the commission shall b* con
clusively deemed to be the legal rat*
in any prosecution begun under th»
Elkins act and that any, departure from
such rate or any offer to ; depart there
from shall be deemed an offense under
i the act.
' .By testifying under, oath, in -obedi
ence to a subpena."HaiTiman secured
immunity from criminal prosecution
under the Sherman antitrust law.

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