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Wan Humbolflt -05 O6|T»llf>w Hors*.. 05 07'
Man Little Joe 02 O3|VeT. Horse Ex. 03 05
Other IMstrleta
j Alice of Won — 05 LMa Brll — 23
i Ne»t.. IS —Mlna* Pedrat.. —1.30
Frw O Bouldr 21 — Nevada H1H5.. 5. 57 5.90
I-T H «y. stOT »c 00 _ N> T HHIH Anr. 12 —
V^ )rT ? 7l — !*«* Hill* Ex.. -J- 50
. i. Ilor1 lor <» K«I X — 23 X Star Wonder 04 O."
. J lorenee ' l^ns — 40| Round Mt..^. . •90 !>.%
• roldyke Heef. 14 — | Round Mt Ex. — 15
Jack Pot . — Tsjßubj Wondor. 20 —
Johnnie Cons. 13 — [s Val& RM. — 25
San KranrKco Mining Bxchaaee
9:15 a. in. Reculsr Seiwion
HX) GWfliJ Con M.R. 65] 1500 Bine 8e11.... 1"H
j/^> Gt Bend Er 15H| SOW Booth ........ 51
. TO<v> n«\ Hi 11*.... 70! lnno Great Bend... 77
»no Glflfld On M.R.Wft! 1000 Great Bend... 7S '
.1^ I>«. t»1 «...«. «O'J 000 Jem bo Ex I.PO
i^s B a ck Ants - <»H USOO Granny Mln Co 23
1000 Dfld-B B <>m. 27|
11 :3o a. . m. RertUar Session
2000 Nevada Gldfld 2911000 Kerada GoldOd 23
100 Gldfld Con M.5. 601*000 Black Ants.. 05^
1000 Blue Bull Jumbo Ex. ..1.87}*
2 p. at. Session
1000 Cracker Jack. 21|2000 Triangle .. 21
r^J? 0 .™ 1 " B «rt--- ""I 100 GMfld Con M.8.60
1000 Trianpl« 2l| 800 Gfld Cm M.8.57H
2.jm Red Billa, blO <»i2OOO Nerada Goldfid 2S
1000 Trtangle .... 22|
Tonopah District.
Bid.Aslt.l • Bid. Art.
Indiana Ton.. — 02|Mont MM Ex. — 04
Jim BuQer... — OTJOhIo Tonopah. — 03
Midway 73 76| Paymaster ... — 0.1
Monuna T0n. 3.00 — | West End Con 75 80
Goldfleld District
\u25a0*4«as • 18 18| Great Bend Ex 15 —
*ti«=U 60 — JHibcrnia Oft —
Back Ant*. 05 05H1Jumbo Ex 1.55 1.90
B B Bonans 06 07HJKewanas Ex.. — 31
su*£5 u *£* n J7 1»! Lone Star 10 —
Bine Bull S7 — Mayne 07 OR
Com Fraction. 2. 25 — JMdngt Pawnee 04 05
Cracker Jack." 20 22 Mohawk Ex... 03 >4 11
i'«'"y - - 1.<3 l.w! Nevada 80y. . . ns 09
OW-B B Con. 25 2tijNerada Goldfld 27. 30
Dixie 06 «7|Oro 22 —
nomfn'on — 04|Rpd Hills r,S 69
Koapir* io — ried Top Ex.. 23 25 \
Gfld Con M^.B7l* 8.60 Silrer Pick.... 61 63
Grandma .... 16 17) Vernal 15 — .
Great Bend... 76 7£ Wonder 02 03
Grt Bend An. — 12 Yellow Rose... 05 —
Bullfrog District
Big Bnllfroj.. — 02 Mayflwr.B Con 37 89
Gold Bar _ 72 Mont-Shosh Ex 07 09
I-Ire Harris... 02^4 03 Original Blfrg. 0« 09
Little Bullfrog 01 02
Manhattan District
ArrilFl Xx 01H 02H!M«n Little Joe 02 03
Cold Wwlge.. O6 O7]Man.MCoN>T — 07
Orannr M Co 23 24! Man Red Top. 02 03
. Man Broncho. «7 OR|Man Whale..-. OZ —
Man Comb.... O2 O4 MnsUnp Man.. 21 23
Man Cowboy.. 04 or.iPlne Nut — 07
Man Dexter.. — 15:Seyler Umphrv 05 00
ManHumboldt 05 — |
Other District!
South Belle Mines _ 40
Benjamin E. Amd to I>onald Grant, lot In W
line of Valencia street, 185 N of Twentv-flfth
X «5 by W 90: $10.
Henry Helnfmann to Ada E. Retla, lot in X
line of Twenty-fifth f.r.-Dtie. 150 N of Polat
Lohoa. N 25 by E 130: $10.
S. Ducae company to Nick Perry, lot at Kff
corner Vlsltaclon avenue and Spreckela street. W
100 br N 35. fMronrvale; $10.
William E. Palmer to Autnsla Tiliipr. lot In
S line of Waller street. 155 E of Masonic aye
nue. E 25, S 14SH, W 23. N 147:6H; gift.
Thomas L. Henderson and wife to William
Matson, lot Jn De Haro street. S 100 more rr
lew. E 200. N 274 more or lew. SW 27s more
or lew: $10.
Charles S. Barney and wife to James B. Bowie,
lot In N* line of Prtnta arenoe. 274 :s%* W of
Khotwcll street. S 81:l*i, W 25:2»4. 8 83:7' i.
E 2S:8«»: $10.
Abel Alberts! to Lizxi* Alberlfcl. lot in N
line of Pacific etreet, 81 :« Wof Taylor. W23 I
t<r S 60: *io.
Patrick McNclty to Mary Drueker, lot at KB I
artier Tbirtietb end Sanchez streets, N 114 b.r :
Marie Bachelet to Phlllripe Bachelet. lot in
N Mne of Winter lane, 20 fe of Mason street. N
22 by E 25«; rift.
Pbillppe Bacbelet to Marie Bacbelet, ' same;
John r. S'rhutxer to Josephlni* Schutt^r. lot
In SE line of Precita avenue. 135 XE of Coso.
NE 25 by SE 120.
Anthony Flrnn to Mary E. Flynn. lot in S
line of Biley street. 81:6 E of Jonen. E 22:7 by S
Patrick Flynn et al. to Mary F. Flynn. same;
clft '
John E. Hill to Marparct E. HIH. lot In X :
line of Fifteenth etreet, 125 E of Churcb, E 25
b.r Jf 110; *10. .
' William F. Boland and wife to John E. Ander
son and wife, lot 422. r«* map 8: $10.
Abram Goodkind and wife to Wilh«»lni Kaißch.
lot In W Hue of Tenth aTenue;"lso S of Point
Jacob H^man Co. to H. J. Schneidew^nd. lot
«t NE corner of Che.nery and Miguel street*,
SE 25 by SE 100: $10.
Samuel Rosenbeim and wife to Matthew Byrne |
md wife, lot in N lin" cf A street. 57:6 \V at I
Twenty-second avenue. W 50 by N 100: $10.
A crust asd Lnella A. MaussbanH to Berahard
5 Petersen, lot in F. line of Eighteenth avenue,
175 S of H ftreet. S 25 by E 120; $10.
Bar district land company to Jacob .rung, lot
in N*line of B street, 6BEo£ Fifth areoue, E 25
by V 100: SlO.
"Marie O'Donnell to Gertrude Macrarland. lot
in W line of Pierce street, 24:fl N of Pine, N 21
by W 87:6; $5,550.
Margaret Kelly or Maggie Kelly, deceased, by
ex<»cutor. to same; same; $5,550.
John Leckmann to Marie Bryding. lot at tbe
SE corner of Herman and Stelner streets, S 57
by E 90; $10. -\u25a0';\u25a0"- -\u25a0'\u25a0
Pope estate company to Joseph Llnaer and
wife lot in N line of Carmel street, 150 E of
Cole,' E 25 by N 114:4 11-16; $10.
' J W Wright & Sons investment company to
Mabel Jordan., lot at SW corner of W street and
Twenty-c!«bU» avenue. S 25 by W 120; ?10.
B*y district land company to Jacob Jan?. lot
in N line of B street, 85 E of Fifth avenue., E
25 r.r N 100; $10.
C * Mahlon Oeborn and wife to C. P. Hein
incer lot in E line of Guerrero street, 74 N of
Nineteenth, S 24:6 by E 105; $10.
Theodore H. Collett and wife, to Frances J.
White lot In X line of Bush street, 55 E-of
Buchsnan. E 25 by N 67:6; $10
J X Kisfcer company to Frederick Cebner, lot
st NW corner of Greenwich and Mason streets,
W 60:5* by 118:6%; $10.
Ida Golfiblatt to Jake Feldman, lot in W line
*f F.lsle 6treet. 178:9 If of Courtland avenne, N
25 by W 70; $16.
Tense Steinhart to John H. Bosselmann and
wife, lot 28, block 3, Mission street land com
r*B»nr*B»n Francisco Suburban Home Building society
10 Frank C. Klnney et al.. low In W line of
Commonwealth street, 400 N of Euclid avenue,
N 33:4 by W 120; ?10.
San Francisco Suburban Home hnlldlng joclety
to I>otris H. Brownstone, lot in W line of Com
rconwpalth utrf^t. 500 N of Enclid avenoe, X
33:4 by W 120; $10.
E J Zimtner to Helen M. Zimmer, lot In N
lin*' of Green street. 137:6 E of Broderlck, E
Zi-Ai* by N 137:6; rift.
Surf Beach reslty company to American bond
ing company of Baltimore, property out of coun
1J Henry C. Pratlson to Emma B. Mallett, lot In
CM FeUowe' cemetery; $10.
Mary Furlong 'to John Stierlen, lot in N line
«f Parnassus avenne. 225 E of Cole strwt. N
13":2»S' E 2, SE to Parnassus avenue, W 16;
Building Contract*
Theodore S. Holn with William Cronan—Tsal
vanii^d iron, etc.. for fonr story brick building
st KW corner of California and Dupont streets.
6 Ott«> y & l>eon'hard' Lang with A. M. Waller-
All work for a two story concrete and frame
building in N line of Ellis street, 93:6 E of
Fillmore. E 45 by S 120; $2,100.
S J. Therion with M. J. Terranova— lathing
and plastering for four story end basement build
ing In N line of I'.ridy street between Van Nens'
»T»nue *n* Polk street: $3,000..
N P Wyne* wita Fiinn A Treacy and Mac-
Arthnr Bros. — All work for a four story building
In W !ln*> of Fourth street, 25 X of Shipley, W
75 by S 25; $ll.«70.
XEW YORK,. Aug. 5. — Callfornians
are registered at New York hotels aa
San Francisco — O. R. Allen. Grand
Union: S. Cohen, Continental: Mrs.
Friedman, Union Square; H. Kohler and
wife, Sinclair Wouse; N. Meyerfield, Hol
land house: F. A. Ward. Astor house:
T. West, Hotel Baltholdi: H. 11. Tracy.
BrlBton; R. Witlard. Astor house.
San Jose— E. A. Hayes, Buckingham.
Los Angeles — D. Baffa, Grand Union;
Mrs. W. Jj. Banning:, Woodstock; T. V.
Frank, Hotel Navarre: G.; E. Gardiner
and wife, Woodstock:'!* Joseph. Grand
Hotel; M. T. Knapp. Continental hotel;
S C. Richard. GHsey house.
Oakland — W. Bayles. Woodstock:
Miss E. Campbell. Gilsey house; J. J.
Hockett, Hotel Marlborough : H. C.
SUsmon. Holland house; C. Washburn,
Hotel Woodstock. . ' .
San DJegro-^-C. I*. Prultt, St. Andrew.
PARIS, Aug. B.— The following, regis
tered at the Call-Herald bureau today:
Mis* Pauline Wormser, Mrs. W.
Thomas, Mrs. Hartrock., Miss Moyle,
Miss Rene Toleon, all from San Fran-
OYSTER" BAY. N. V.. Aug. s.—Presi
dent Roosevelt appointed today H. R.
lt'a.rner postmaster at Del Monte, CaL
Mining Stocks Decline in Spite
of Encouraging Reports
Even Declarations of New Dividends
Fail to Save Strange Situation
Though a number of circumstances
were favorable to an advance In the
leading shares In the mining stock
markets, the prices declined yesterday.
The Goldfleld Consolidated Mines di
rectors have announced that it. will be
gin to pay dividends in September.
Bernard Baruch lias said that he will
take up his option of ' 1,000,000 shares
at $7.60,- the deal involving $7,600,000^
More than 8,000 miners are reported
to be working In the mines of the
Goldfleld district and its gold output
last week was about 4,000 tons, worth
$480,000. Goldfield Consolidated Mines
alone shipped more than $150,000 in
ore. The Frances Mohawk mine sent
out. its first carload of: ore.
Despite these and other facts Gold
field Consolidated Mines sold lower all
day yesterday than the 'highest level
of last Saturday. The prospect of divi
dends ordinarily does not send the
price of a stock downward. There, were
accusations of "wash" sales, but they
were denied with vehemence.
The Goldfleld Consolidated Mines
shares brought $8.70 Saturday. The
highest price obtained yesterday was
$8.60 and?the lowest $8.35. More than
20,000 shares were sold. If there was a
raid, as some brokers charged. It was
principally directed at Goldfleld Con
solidated Mines. .
Daisy sold at 1V» to 5 points below
the best price of" Saturday. * Florence
was from 10 points to 12 »4 points. off
on the same basis of comparison. Red
Hills dropped off a point. Combination
Fraction was sold 6 points less than
at the end of last week. Red Hills
sold to the extent of about 40,000
shares. In the official lists Florence
Kxtension was reported to have been
sold to the amount of more than 38,000
shares. There were no other large
United. States Senator Nixon, Ber
nard Baruch, General J. C. Hubbard
of Chicago and others of the party
that was expected to arrive from Gold
field yesterday by special train were
invited by wire by A. B. Ruggles,
Grand President Emma G.
Foley Gives Out List
of Appointments
Grand President Emma Gruber Foley
of the Native Daughters of the Golden
West has appointed the following
standing and special committees to
assist her In the carrying out of the
work of the order during the current
Finance— Emma Wolf, Yosemite parlor No. S3,
Sau Francisco; I.mb Williams, bans Soucl par
lor No. 96, San Francisco; Jennie Gorman, Min
erva parlor No. 2. San Francisco.
Appeals and GiieTances — Kva T. Bußsenius. La
E*peranza parlor No. 24, Los Angeles; Kate
Driscoll, Ursula parlor No. 1, Jackson; Emma
Barney. Joaquln parlor No. S, Stockton; Nellie
E. Clark, Laurel . parlor No. 0, Nevada; Mary
E. Bead, Bonita parlor No. 10. Eedwood City.
Petitions — Carrie Roesch Dnrbam, Joaqnln par
lor No. 5. Stockton: Dell Stockman, Esebol par
lor No. 1«5. Napa; Florence.: Lark las, Callfia prf
lor No. 22, . Sacramento,
Returns — Anna Gruber, Orlnda parlor No. f.6.
Ran Fraiselsco: Anna Bello. La Estrella parlor i
No. 80. 'Ban -Francisco: '.Lllla Ledden, Las Tor
rosas parlor No. 131. San Francisco.
Printing, and Supplies— Elizabeth F. Douglass,
Alta parlor No. 3. 'San Francisco: Agnes M.;-
Verry, Calaveras parlor No. 103, San Francisco:
Dome E. Bradlej. Oro Flno parlor No. 8, San
Transportation — JennleM. Greene. Bnena Vista
parlor No. 68. San Francisco; Grace Sherman. La
Bandera " parlor No. 110, Sacramento; Jennie
L. Jordan, Piedmont parlor No. 87, Oakland.
Lang and Supervision — Anna L. Monroe. One
onts parlor No. 71, Ferndale; Nannie Smith,
Alell parlor No. 102. Salinas: Anna Gniber. Orln
da parlor No. 56. San Francisco; Lulu Sbelton,
Woodland parlor No. 90. Woodland; Leota Eus-i.
Verltas parlor No. 75. Merced.
Legislation— Emma Gett. Callna parlor No. 22,
Sacramento; Grace Miller, Cbispa parlor No. 40.
lone; Evalyn Stephens. Ruby parlor No. 44,
Murphy*; Amelia Richards, Dardanelle parlor
No. CO, Sonora: Rose M. Lawlw, Amapola par
lor No. SO. Sutter Creek.
Ritual — Cora B. Sifford, BUena .Ventura .par
lor No. 93. Ventura: Josie Barbonl. San Jone
parlor No. SI. San Jose: Matilda Bergscbicker,
Junipero parlor No. 141, Monterey; Emma
Kaiser. Prebidio parlor No. 14S. San Francisco;
Arista K. Swan, Santa Cruz parlor No. 26, Santa
State of the Order — T>na H. Mills, Joaquln
parlor No. 5, Stockton: Sadie Rlos, Ls Esperanza
parlor No. 24, Los Angeles; Margaret Jones, Oc
cident parlor No. 28. .Eureka: Dora ZmudowsSl.
El Pajaro parlor No. 35, Watsonrllle; Mabel
TVrlgbt, Camelia prfrlor No. 41, Anderson.
Promotion,*- Publicity and Historical' Land
marks — Eliza D. Keltb. Alta parlor No. 3, San
Francisco; Lilly O. • Reichllng-Dyer, Ursula par
lor No. 1, Jackson; Cora B. Sifford, Buena Ven
tura parlor No. 05, Ventura: Mamie G. Peyton,
Joaquln parlor No. f>. Stockton; Lena B. Mills,
Joaquin parlor No. *5, Stockton;. Stella Finkel
dey, Santa Cm* parlor No. 20. Santa Crox; Har
riet S. Lee. Woodland parlor No. 90. Woodland;
Emma W. Lillte, Ivy parlor No. 88, Lodi.
Dormer Party Monument — Clara K. Wltten
meyer. Ramoua parlor No. 21, Martinez: Dora
Ztnudowski. El Pa]aro parlor No. 35. Watson-
Tille: Generiere Watson Baker, Buena Vista par
lor No. 68. San Francisco: Mariana Bertola,
Ramona parlor No. 21, Martinez; Ida M. Kerraa,
Alta parlor No. 3, San Francisco.
Manufactures and Products — Emma Gett. Cal
ifla parlor No. 22. Sacramento: Mariana Bertola.
Kamona parlor No. 21. Martinez: Ella E. Cam
lnettl. Ursula parlor No. 1, Jackson; Clara K.
Wittenmeyer. Ramona . parlor No. 21. Martinez:
Lena Hilke Mills. Joaquln parlor No. 5. Stockton;
O-iM>Tieve VVntßon Baker, Buena Vista parlor
No. 68. Han Francisco.
Revision of Con»titu« ion— Mary E. Tillman,
Minerva parlor No. 2. San Franciaco: Mary F..
Cosprove, Princes* parlor No. 84. Angels; Mollte
B. Johnson. Calina parlor No. 22. Sacramento;
Ella E. Caminetti. Ursula parlor No. 1. Jackson;
Kltxa D. Keith. AIU parlor No. 8. San Francisco.
Grand Parlor Accommodations — Laura J.
FrakPe, Amapola parlor No. * SO, Butter Creek;
Emma W. LHlie, Ivy. parlor No. 88. Lodi: Jet
tora Watkins Bare, Ivy parlor No. 88. Lodl. '
Naming Mountain Peaks— Lilly O. Reichlin?
Dyer, Ursula parlor No. 1, Jackson; Cora B. Sif
ford, Buenaventura parlor No. 95. San Buena
ventura; Harriett S. Lee, Woodland parlor .No.
90. Woodland. >
Visitation of the Sick. San Francisco— Laura
i. Frakes, \u25a0 Amapola parlor No. SO. Slitter Creek;
Mary E. Tillman. Minerva parlor No. 2, San
Francisco": Agnes M. Troy, Genevleve parlor No.
132. San Francisco.
fietfj Hops Monument — Jennie L. Jordan,
Piedmont parlor No. 87. Oakland : ' Minnie NVd
derman. Piedmont parlor No. 87. " Oakland;
Libby Rooney, Aloha , parlor. No. 106, Oakland.
Special Will Bear Survivor* of Perm-
sylvania Cavalry, to General
Palmer's. Colorado Home
From all parts of the United .States
more than 300 veterans of '..tlie Fif
teenth Pennsylvania . cavalry, General
W, J J. Palmer's regiment in the civil
war, will arrive . here on the evening?
of August 20 for a unique .reunion, as
guests of their old commander. •
A special train of Pullman \u25a0sleepers
and diners will bear. tl/e. veterans to
Colorado Springs and from the, time
each man leaves his own door until he
returns to It \u25a0 not a penny : of* his ; ex
penses, will be borne by any other than
General Palmer. \u25a0\u25a0 . '.•
_ WASHINGTON, Aug. Si— Four array,
transports arc scheduled ito leave San
Francisco "during August for,] Manila.
They are the Warren, Crook, l'Buford
and Logan. The trips are necessary to
place In the Philippines the; regiments
destined, to relieve* the commands
whose terms of duty have expired. ) . f ',
president of the Ban Frariclßco stock
exchange board,. to 1 visit Its i rooms. An
answer was ' received that ''Senator
Nixon was ill at' Reno : and that, the
party had broken :up .. there* \u0084 Baruch
and' Hubbard' went east. ' \ \u25a0 " \u25a0
"The San ; Francisco mining/ exchange
began yesterday to post; the opening
and "closing; prices ". at i New.". York "tor
Nevada mining stocks. \, These will be
displayed daily . hereafter.
Ore Worth $157,500 Sent From Con-
solidated Mines During Week
The Goldfleld News says that the
Mohawk mine of the Goldfleld Con
solidated Mines company -shipped 21
carloads of ore last week,\k two ;of
which were hlglv grade. The,- heaviest
shipment 1 consisted of 11 cars, which
were sent out in one train! ln the, early
part of the week. There were also, two
carloads of high grade from the Com
bination mine,, making ' a-'tbtal ship
ment by rail from the Goldfleld- Con
solidated Mines properties for the week
of 23 carloads of ore, aggregating' in
value $167,500. •? .
The ore bodies in the Combination
mine, are proving bigger and richer
than has been claimed f or \u25a0 them, says
the News. The Red Top has several
large ledges carrying high' values, and
these are being developed, as rapidly
as possible. The occasional shipments
give no Idea of the amount of ore that
has been blocked out, as* no r attempt
has been made at large production.
The Jumbo is being developed on an
extensive scale. The big compartment
shaft on the Laguna is being put down
to develop known ore bodies, several
of which have been penetrated- by the
diamond drill, and their location and
extent, have been determined. The
Goldfleld mining company's ground,
which belongs also to the Goldfield
Consolidated Mine?, Is being exten
sively developed, principally by leasers.
Corporal Kimball of 22d
Infantry Leads All
at Monterey,
The Pacific division rifle and pi9tol
competition terminated Saturday at the
Presidio of Monterey, with the result
that a number of officers and enlisted
men have gained records that will send
; them to Fort Sheridan to enter the
S general army competition to be begun
there August 9. - .
The following officers were awarded
marks of distinction:
- Gold ' medal to Second Lieutenant Arthur. G.
Fisher. Fourteenth cavalry.- «
Silver medals -to Second Lieutenant -Burt V?.
Phillips. Twentieth infantry; Second Lieutenant
Austin M. Pardee. Twentieth - infantry. •\u25a0 \u25a0 :,
Bronze medals to Second Lieutenant John B.
DeLancey. Tenth- Infantry; . First- Lieutenant
Parker Ilitt. Twenty-second infantry; Second
Lieutenant Bruce L.:Burcb.. Fourteenth cavalry;
Second Lieutenant- Oacar ' Wftstover, \u25a0, Fourteenth
infantry; Captain John. J. Bradley, acting Judge
advocate;. First Lieutenant \u25a0 Clarence \u25a0 K.r La
Motte. -Fourteenth -infantry; Second Lieutenant
George W. Ewell, Third infantry. •, : . ; :- \u25a0 .
The following officers received- .the
award of distinguished marksmen * .": in
the rifle competition:
Captain Armand I. ' Lasseigne, Fourteenth ". in
fantry: First Lieutenant .William B. Wallace,
Twentieth infantry.
The following enlisted men won
honors in the rifle competition: "_\u25a0
Gold medals to Corporal Chester Klmbal).
Company B, Twenty-second infantry; . Sergeant
Ernest McKachln, Company H, Twenty-second. in-"
fantry. *>-<-.;
SUrer- medals to. Sergeant Frank Brezlna,
Troop I, Fourteenth cavalry: Private Claude \u25a0E.
Lewis, Troop M. Fourteenth cavalry; First Ser-
Boant David Snlway, \u25a0 Company L, Tenth 'in
fantry. ,; .
Bronze medals to Sergeant Albert Hayes, Com
pany I, Fourteenth infantry; Corporal George H.
CralffV Company M. Twenty-second infantry; Ser
geant Charles, H. Miller, Company X.. Third In
fantry > Bergeant Charles Barr. Troop D, Four-,
teenth taralry: Corporal John W. -Lennon, Com
pany. M, Twentieth infantry; Corporal Albert G.
Klebe, Company F, Fourteenth Infantry:- Ser
geant Major Harry R. Lee, Twentieth infantry;
Sergeant Fred D. Leach, \u25a0 Troop G," Fourteenth
caralry; Prirate Nicholas E. Thornton," Troop H,
Fourteenth ctTglry. , ' \u0084: ; -
Private Jacob Faulkrod, Company Lv
Twentieth infantry, was honored ;for
distinguished .marksmanship. ;
\u25a0In' the pistol competition honors were
awarded as- follows:
Gold medal to Second Lieutenant E. Llewellyn
Bull. Twenty-second infantry. ;. . .
Bronte medals to Second Lieutenant Arthur E.
Ahrends, Twentieth Infantry; Second Lieutenant
Bruce L. Burch, Fourteeenth caralry; First Lieu
tenant Guy B. G. Ilanna. Coast Artillery, corps. '
( Gold medal to First Sergeant -Thomas Br Cop
pard. Troop B. Foorteenth cavalry.
Silver medal to Ordnance . . Sergeant Patrick
Fitzgerald,' United Sfates army.
Bronze- medal* to" Sergeant -John G. Grlka,
Company B, Third Infantry; Sergeant William
Ca«t!dy. Company . 0. Twenty-socond infantry;
Corporal George- G. Chute, - Battery B.y Fourth
artillery; First Sergeant Lynn W. \u25a0 Fister, \u25a0 Coffli
panj •D, Twenty-second Infantry. -;
First Lieutenant James G., Hannah,
; Tenth infantry, and ' Captain William
H. H. Chapman,' Twentieth . infantry,
were honored as distinguished shots;
Corporal Chester. Kimball 'made:a.ra-.
markable scpre,, beating, any; previous
record made in' this 1 contest by ..27
. Sergeant W, H. Spree of Troop F,
Fourteenth' Cavalry, who. committed :tb_e
novel 'offense ;of ; trying 5 to make I a. vrec
ord" for his friend in the 'small arms
competition at; Monterey, will .now lose
his chance of going to; Fort Sheridan, ln
the general competition and will prob
ably be dismissed ; from the- army. • : He
has already, received two medals c for.
his ; ; marksmanship and .. his.'* present
shooting. entitled ;him to go. again to
Sheridan, where, undoubtedly, he would
have won the ' : medal ;f or distinguished
markemanshlp. '.\u25a0; He \u25a0Is highly, spoken of
by Colonel Glrard*, .his commanding'of
ficer, at' Monterey, ,who is* unable to'"gc
count for Spree's extraordinary actions.
Cuts Wide Swath in : London and
Frankfort Shopping Districts and
Also Contracts: Malaria
BERLIN, Aug.' s.— King," Chiilalongf
korn of r Slam,; who' has > arrived \u25a0[ here
oh- his -tour of Europe,; has had to call
inj physicians to 'attends him. .-He;: has
been" indisposed [ for,; some H days, 7 it is
reported," 'as- the result »of . an acute
attacklof; malaria. /. >.';., IV -:
, ..The klnff.iwho- has a'fad,'. is i credited
with. -having; jspentz $2,600,000'; for 'gem*
in) the"course of ; his * European itbur."f
: r A \ London , firm \ has" sold jtolthe 'kirisr
jewels ;valued Tat r $625,000.1, ; In" Frank
fort ; the , king ;speht " ' $300,000 I for.
Jewelry. ~ \u25a0;:< '\u25a0' ' '\u0084 ' \u25a0\u25a0'."] .-\u25a0-.' i
\u25a0r MOUNT \VERNON.i Ia.,: Aug.". 5,-f^John
H/I-iozlef,.known*as, the 'V' fighting cHap-"
laln,V,;d!«dJ,here »today,;.aged) 78 > years;
He was the author of several:*; war
Bone's/:"' * ; - : ." \u25a0-•\u25a0;----. \u25a0\u25a0:... : - 1
Shipments Are 1 5 Per Cent
Greater Than jfof Same
Time Last Year
P,. RIVERSIDE. Aug^s.^The'. number
of ; cars of I. citrus fruit"; shipped; from
the Riyeralde and \u25a0;. High; ; grove ; dis
tricts *up to July. 27 was 5,530— -orangoa
5,228: and '; lemons ?802^carldads;yv:Thls
movement: surpassed i^the] year previous
by /about : 15 ; per cent. ' Owing .-:. to 'i the
exceedingly, large size of •; the.' navels,
the -output was vastly, augmented, as
early, estimates Indicated -.' the 'V. crop
would fall -short of the ,year
by at least' 20 per cent. -The fruit was
of an" extra fine quality,'; if anything
better than any others-season River
side','has enjoyed.; . ',' '.':' ' '\u25a0',-
: Prices realized were far better, than
before and 1 brought . growers better
averages -than have been. secured for.
many, years. Atleast; $1.30 a'box will
be realized on an average .by growers
this season. Taking" the 1 crop .up to
July',? 27 '.more;. than 2,000,000 boxes of
oranges alone were shipped 1 fromjthe
Riversldie-High grove 'district, and,
estimating the returns at $1.30 per box,
the total sum distributed runs. close to
$2,000,000. SBSSffiPV^MPSHS!
The "Riverside exchange shipped up
to; August 3 I,s6o: carloads of oranges,
which netted : the growers '.. more than
$1,000,000. . The cars shipped this sea
son; contained an average, of 384 boxes,
but In, many cases, in ; :order to save
icing charges and get 'the fruit ; off,
owing "to a scarcity of [ cars, as high
as 425 boxes were shipped. : '
Up; to August 3 the total, shipments
of lemons' from the combined
were 302 cars, a,nd from [averages just
posted.lt is learned that the net re
turns to the grower were $229,000,
making an average to .'the' grower of
$2.40 a box, a splendid, showing.
. BUEB CAFE FOR- RENT— Oakland. Aug.,s.—
Suit to reeorer $1,050 alleged. to be ' due as rent
for tUree toonttis has been brought by Kohler &
Cbase against Charles Newman, : proprietor of
the. College Inn. __ " #\u25a0*
Toe ; following 'marriage' licenses were issued
In this city Monday, Angust 5:
William Senldmann, 24, Oakland, and Ellen
Tobin, - 28, San Francisco. .
Louis' A. Goete, 32, 1534 Vallejo: St.. and
Adrlenne Guittard. 22, 2600 - Van \u25a0 Ness are.
Fred M. Pomroy, 21, 1695 Oak St., and. Maria
T. Aleescb. 19. 9 Kingston aye.
Percy G. McWhlnney. 31, : Elko, Ner., and
Vesta M. Parker. 21, . 57T Alvarado : St.
Oacar R. Hnstlngs, 21. - 2023- California . St.,
and Anna D. Ward, 18, 2021 California st.
John A. Foster, 21, 2055 Golden Gate aye.
and Mary G. Clare. IS, 767 Halght st.
\u25a0 . Thomas H. Norton,' 24, 207 . Corbett aye., and
Isabella Walker, 20, 2623 Folsom Bt.
Moris* Nlelst-n, 31. Fresno, and Nettle Rose.
j 24. l>os Angeles. .
: Louis Cortopassl, 48, Colfai, and Ellsa Ber-
tolucci, 31, 194 Montana st. .\u25a0\u25a0•:.,;--:
. John Farrell, - 27. 1648 Pacific aye., and An-
nette Sachs, 28. 107 fihotwell st.
Alesta Shefoff, 23. and Autonina Batukava,
22. both of 105 Shotwell st. v
Edward White. 34. 3954 Sacramento St., and
Margaret Lawton. 20, 45 I^akest. .
Edward ' Hageman. 30, 39 Hill st., . and Grace
Phlpps, IS. 1471 Waller st.v
Eglsto Blgonglari. 3.V Stockton, and Filomena
Frsncesconl. 25, 41 Houston \u25a0: st. \u0084 •
- Carl- A. Berner, 44. 3.')45 Eighteenth st., and
Frieda Schmidt, 31, -Chicago.
Edward ' Stene. 29. and 'Tillie Erlckson, 20.
both of Stockton. -. \u0084•",;-."-.
George T. Reddy. 21, 1649 Sltteenth aye., and
HannaHourihan. -18, 3508 Twentieth st. .
\u25a0 - \u25a0">,-\u25a0\u25a0 '-' '-<~'"- T^** ~2~- ', _. \u0084-,-\u25a0
, Birth, maniage .and deatb notices sent by mall
will not b« inserted. 1 They most be handed In: at
either of the publication -offices and be indorsed
with' the name: and* residence of persons author-
ized ' to -have the same published.' Notices '. re-
stricted simply, to the announcement of the* event
are. published once in this column free of charge.
BERNSTEIN— In this city, August 3, 1907. to
the , wife of Louis Bernstein, a daughter.
FARREN— In this city. ' Juiy 20.' 1907, to " the
wife of D. J. Farren, a daughter., i' < '.'f.
KINNER— In this cltv. ; Augnst 3. IW>7. to -the
wife of 0. R. Klnner (nee Pettus), \u25a0 a
: daughter.
MOHR— In this city, August 4, 1907; to the
\u25a0 wife of \u25a0 Joseph : W. hlobr (formerly Rose W.
Zuern), 1 a son.
SCHUPPERT— In tbl* city,- July 31, ,1007. 't0
the, wife. of August F. Schuppert,. a. son. '
COMBRINK— CARROLD— In this City. August ' 4.
1907. by the Rev. James M. Mciilhlnney, i
William Ernest Combrlnk of McClourt, * Oal.,
\u25a0 and Edyth Hawkesworth Carrold of Sau Fran-
\u25a0 Cisco. . , . i -
JACOBR—BERNRTEIN— In r this city, by the
.' Rev.. Joseph Wlllner, Samuel Jacobs and Helen
Bernstein, *. both .of . San Francisco.
MONASCH— ZIEIt— In this hitj, Augwt 4. 1907.
by tbe i Rev." Joseph. Wlllnftr, Mayej Monajch
-', and, Minnie Zlcr.botb of San FranclM^o.
Adams, William J..."— • Lechens. Katherlne. . 51
Comlsky -(lnfant) Leechman.. Catherine 18
Dapelo, Maria ...,r>2 Lelsnef, -Christian.... 09
Duncan. Willis "E.. 00 Linvllle. P. D. ....'OO
French, Ssrah 55 Marsh-Brown. Hannah 67
f^lholm, Victoria ... 40 McSorley, William: .. 73
Escbenburg,' Mari-- ; Miller.' Lew 0r0 '.....' —
qulta M. *...:.... 72 Mltcltell, Catherine... 02
Eustlce", Clias". 1 M... 3 Morgan, Everard M... 53
Frltierdnfanti Murphy. Sargent J...V79
Gobbee (Infant) - - Peehe,. Edlar J..:...;.: 40
Gruber. Prof. F.....' 77 Shea., Michael .. —
narrlngton.Cstherlne — Stivers, Helen I. —
Joyce, Ella G.. ;'...: 42 Toomey, Julia ....;. —
Kent, Catherine. ...* B2
ADAMS— In Menlo Park. Cal., August 2, 1907,
William . I. Adam.*.
• Funeral .services will be held today: (Tue*-,
,'-. d»y>, Anguxt 6,-; at 12:45 o'clock p. ra., at the
.chapel;. In Cypress; Lawn cemetery.' -
COMISKY— in Colma. San Mateo county. .CalJ.''
August 5. . 1907. Thomas ' P.. -^infant- son -of
Tboniss and' Susan <- CoraUkr, , and " beloved
. brother \u25a0of Theresa C. iComisky. a . native of
Colma, Cal., ; aged: 4: months and 26 days.
•- The funeral-1 will take . place tomorrow
' (Wednesday); August* 7,- at 11 o'clock n. m.,
from : the .residence 'of bl<* '.parents. ' Colma. In-
\u25a0\u25a0terment -private,- Holy :, Cross cemetery.
DAPELO— In this i-.otty, 'v Angust 4,. 1907. Msrla :
\u25a0 Dapelo, ; dearly : beloved .wife of Agostlno Da-
polo, " and' loving 'mother; of -An tone and John
'Dapelo, and •\u25a0Mrs. Teresa v Revello and' Mrs.'
Louisa' Benottl.-' a." native : of Italy, . aged "52
,. years and .11 months. '•" v.. ' • .. . . . i
Friends •: and , acqnaintanceß - are respectfully
\u25a0\u25a0" Invited 'to attend tlief fnnernl services ;' today
(Tuesday), August ; 6, at '1:30 o'clock :p. :m.,
at . ber late; residence,- 502 j Bay street. , Inter-
ment Italian cemetery.*;. :;," . , ."..-\u25a0 ../"
DtSNCAN~In \u25a0' Oakland. Cal.. ; August 5, .1907/
:- Willis \u25a0 Edgar, Duncnn.": bejoved husband of
'"\u25a0\u25a0 Marlfl ' Josephine Duncan,., stepfather -Of rMrsJ \u25a0
William CiiUlßon.and the late.R.j.l. Maxwell,-,
and ; grandfather : of i Myrtle . Maxwell, - a native
./.of ;, Vermont,'} aged "60 years. . \u25a0
FRENCH— In? thl* city, August •5. 1007. Sarah,
beloved- wife -" of John ' S. French, aged :05
years.-- ' - . .-. '••-':', . •
Notice : of -.funeral, hereafter. ;,.
EDHOLM— In lito" Vista. 'Cal.f "August 3. ; 1907M
; Victoria.', dearly^ beloved i wife, of Giiunar = Ed-'i
-holm, a . native ; of .'California, .-aged • 40 -yearn
; . s.'montli»;;and 7;day«.." > ..
Remains 'at the : parlors ; of,. H.- F.. Suhr.'fc
: C0.;, 2919 -Mission. street-; between Twenty-fifth
;and ; ;,Twenty-sUth.- •;'-, \u25a0 .\u25a0-\u25a0•'.. \u25a0-\u25a0•'. « v
ESCHENBUUG— In Oakland. - Cal., ..August i 5/i 5/
' . 1907; ;M. J Encnenburg. a native lof
the^Citj- of :Mexiro. •aged < 72syears. >;\u25a0;
, Notice ! : J of 'funeral t hereafter. -..-. ;_
EUSTICE— -In .'"bakland/- Cai.7 ; August : 5,' 1007,*
Charles Manl<>y<Eußtlce,.'s<m:of i John H.T«nd
Nettle W. •Eustlce.- a native of • California,'
* i aged .3 years'; 8 months - t and 7 .days. ; \u25a0; .
KRITZKR— In. this' "city. 'AugnSt 3. . IPO7, 'Ger-
\u25a0•':. hard, beloved - son ; of Hclnrifli and . Elisabeth
\u25a0 Frltzer, and ""grandson- of Frank and \u25a0* Anna
I'Boerner, . a ;natlverof San I ranclsco, CAI.,
: aged .-. 20 -; days.";; \u25a0-''•' .:-..- >':- '\u25a0•'•\u25a0-••l : '\u25a0-..• :'\u25a0\u25a0\u25a0"\u25a0> '-";.:•'.* '.V
GOBBEE— ln^Elmhurst.-V Cal., August 4," ;1807,'-
„'* Lloyd ' Edward,*^beloved \ son T of Joseph ' and • Mayi
-" Gobbee,' . and ;. grandson %of -William x Olley/< and .
' Thomas > %:t and v Libble-E. S Hooper, vr= native
,-- \u25a0 of f Elmhurst,*; aged ? 6 i moutns ; and 6 , days.' ;
•: .: Funeral (Hervicesiwlir take place .today. (Tues-
; day). Ausust 6,^ «t:i':3o o'clock p.; m;,:at Ever-
Krcen * cemetery.'
GRUBER— Entered -r into - rest, .'August 2. 1907/
% s PrpfeSßor^ Ferdinand « Gruber, - desrly ; beloved
husband -of stbcjlatei Clara Gruberaajnatlvelof
n " Saxony,'' Germany," aged '77' years 8 months and
;: 6;dayg. :A- member of the Gesellschaft. Teu-
f* ton la. f.iiiil iUBWIIH wWI fl^, »' *
'. V>^sj friends i- and -- acquaintances - axe ' respectful!/
intlted ito attend the funerßl today. (Tues^
\u25a0\u25a0• day), xat 10 ; o'clock \u2666 a;- m.,'-' from j the funeral
: parlors of Theodor ; Dlerks -tc '\u25a0\u25a0 Co.; J 800 • D«Yi»a-
dero \u25a0 street ; corner , of •; McAllister, and " thence
, to , the < crematorium In Odd . Fellows', cemetery
.:» 'ori incineration. ;\u25a0
HAKniNdf OX-In . this city; Antcust 3. ICO7,
."-.Catherine 'Harrington.: beloved wife of the late
: Dennfg ' Harrtnzton: :;; loving • mother : of <.the
late Mrs.- Louis <• Veaina , and : ; Daniel, . John,
. James: and ;. Matthew. Harrington, 'and grand-
V-: mother ; of : Alfred Verina \u25a0 aud Florence Har-
; rington. :
JOYCEi-ln Oakland. Cal.. August 5, * 190?.' Ella
\u25a0':. G..^. beloved : wife - t of * James A.' = Joyce. .;. and
motherof: Charles 0..\ Lillian F... James A.,
: William'- J.. Ella -G.j and : ; Irene Joyce, a
native - of ' Ireland, aged .41" • years.
Friends ' and - acqualntancen are respectfully
invited to attend .. the ? foneral tomorrow
'"(Wednesday),''; August 7. at 10.; a. '• m.", . from,
her \u25a0 lute residence, ' 810 ' Fourteenth.' street,
' \u25a0 Oakland."- thence "to • the Church . of .the Im-
maculate Conception,-. where a. requiem high
m ass -"for-" the - : repose., of her- «oul ; will .be
" celebrated, - coniraeaclnu at ; 10:30 ; a. •: m. . Inter-
X; ment' St. rMary's: cemetery. ;\u25a0;\u25a0\u25a0.-..::•
KENT— In .this 'city.^August ' 8. ieo7. '. Catherine.
beloved X wife of the '\u25a0 late Edwin , Kent, ; aged
. 8-' \u25a0 years. >aiWßßflPWßtwßjiirtßaßWP»>*B'
" f Friends ' and • -acquaintDHceß . are respectf nlly
invited to* attend the* funeral "services today
(Tuesday)." August o.<s*t I* o'clock p. v m.; at
f 832 Oak street, . Oakland. Interment private. :
LECHEXS— in [ this city," Aufuat '. 5. 1907, \ Kath-
> ;•; erlne, '. beloved wife sof ; the * late John •H ;
Lecheng,, loving mother :' of Mn. 1 Anna Smith
' 'and JKatherine.'Lltileand \u25a0 the late William
\u25a0 Lechens. sister of 'John 7 C." : ! Miller,-' and v Mm.'
• Anna Pink,";' and . grandmother .< of "Edna X;
»; Smith. ja\ native of -Germany, aged- 51 'years
8 months and 14 days.) A member of San Fran-
cisco ..-fraiien vereln and- Eintracht "frauen
-" rereln.V -,-'\u25a0 '\u25a0\u25a0\u25a0;' •\u25a0- -• * " '
Notice ; of \u25a0 funeral /hereafter.. Remains 'at
; 80 jA'icksburg .street., „,
LEECHMAN— In this ', city, ; , August 4.: 1907.
Catherine,' j, dearly ,-; beloved ; daughter of John
\u25a0 and -the late .Mary' Leechman, . and sister of
Loretta ieCChmanr a native •of San Francisco,
aged 18 years 9 : taonths and 16 \u25a0 days. ' \u25a0.-.-.
,i'.:-f Friends . and. acquaintances are r*Bpeotfully
Invited to > attend the funeral today (Tues-
day), August 6, at .8:30 o'clock a. m., from
, the parlors of CarewA English. .1818 Geary
street, thence to Sacred Heart church, where
a requiem mats wlll.be celebrated for the re-
pose her soul: at 9 o'clock's, m. , Interment
Holy Cross; cemetery. ••
LEISNER-^-In the city and county; hospital, Au-
gust 4, 1907, .Christian Leisner, a native of
Germany,, aged ep: years:
LINVILLE— In- tula city. Angust. 4, 1907, at his
late residence. 2040 Point Lobes avenue, P. D.
Linvllle. a'uatlve of Mlvsuiirl, aged 60 yean*.'
5 'off funeral .hereafter...-.
MA RSH-BROWX— In ',- Oakland, Cal.*, i August* 5.
' , 1007, I lanuali Elizabeth Marsh-Brown, beloved
- . mother of Knnald. Edith and I Lillian . Marsh-
Brown and Mrs.'Slathew Lanoowe, a native
of , Kneland. atrefl-67 years 5 ' months and 4
- days. (Placer : County "Herald * pleaM : copy.) \u0084
MoSORLET— In thlscity.Angust 4. 1907. Wil-
liaiu, dearly beloved - husband of Mary McSor-
ley,. a native of. County Tyrone, (lreland,' aged
73 years 9 months and. s diiyB.'.:: ; - .-
Friends : and ; acquaintances : are respectfully
invited : to attend the funeral today (Tnesi-
day), at -9:80 -o'clock a. m., from -the parlors
; of . Mcßrearty &\u25a0 McCormick, 915 Valencia street
near -'.Twentieth,' ; thence to* 1 Mission; Dolores
church. for services. > Interment Holy Cross cem-
etery. . \ .
MILLER— In Dklah, Cal., August 3. 1907.' I.cc
Oro. . beloved wire of W. H. Miller, .loving
mother of W. Polk' and Valentine ' Miller, anil
sister; of i Mrs. L.' C."'Bynum .of -Upper Lake,
;Cal.,.a native of San "Francisco, Cal. .. f
Friends . and acquaintance* are respectfully
invited to attend - the " funeral . services today
„- (Tuesdays, at ''12 -o'clock, at the chapel of
'. Odd Fellows' crematory.- ;. '; . •\u25a0
MITCHELL— In ' this . city, August 4, 1907,
. Catherine/dearly beloved wife of James Mitch-
ell, and mother ' Of John . D.; " Arthur F. and
George G. Mitchell and the late Christine
Quino, aud sister of Arthur D. Nagle, a na-
tive of : Count y, Kerry. \u25a0 Ireland, aged 02 ' years.
. Friends * and ; acquaintances . are respectfully
Invited- to attend the funeral .' today (Tues-
day), , at 8:30 o'clock a. m.; - from - the parlors
- of Monoban A Co., ;304 Gurerrero street corner
Tweuty-flfth. thenceito^ St. I'uul'x church,
where a' requiem mass for .. the . repose of her
soul f will ,. be celebrated, commencing at : V
o'clock a. m. - Interment Holy. Cross cemetery.
MORGAN*— In -this city, < Agust 4, 1907, Everard
Milton- Morgan,^; beloved husband Of Maile K.
.Morgan,- and. father, of Mrs. ' Mark \u25a0 Joseph and
Nettle V. and - Robley ,E. Morgan, a native of
\u0084 Glenmorganshire. i. Wales, aged 53 years '10
months and 11 days. : \u25a0 -'- -
Friends are respectfully invited to attend
• ' the funeral: today (Tuesday), at 12:45 o'clock
p. m., : from the -chapel of Craig. Coch-
ran & C 0. ,: 1169 -Valencia street near Twenty-
' third street. - ' Interment Cypress Lawn ceme-
t erf by 1:50 o'clock p. ra. train from Valencia
street station.
MURPHY— In this city. August 4. 1907, . Sir-
- gent John ; Murphy, beloved . husband of Cath-
erine Murphy, '\u25a0- and father .of Catherine and
Thomas Murphy, Mrs." Elizabeth* Stamm -of
Brooklyn, X. V., and the late -Thomas Murphy,
; a : native -ot Dublin." Ireland, • aged -79 ; yeara.
A „ nM»mber;of ithe -Holy Name > Sodality of . St.
Dominie's; church. T.;--.' • : *" V;. \u25a0'-..-.•: \u25a0-' \u25a0 \u25a0•\u25a0;
'-.$< Friends and acquaintances • are respectfully
. . invlte<l ';\u25a0 to :.:attend*- <.th« ,; funeral :; tomorrow
; (Wislnesday), at S:3O a.t m..' from' the par-
lors of Porter; *: .White, .1831 Golden Gale
av«nne corner. of Scott .'street, thence: to St.
Dominic's ' church,' corner of ; Bash : tud ; Pierce
\u25a0; streets.'- wber« \u25a0'. a requiem \u25a0 mins . for#the : re-
; pose of his soul will be celebrated; commencing
-at 9 «.'m.\lnterment National cemetery.'-
PECHE— In this" city. - August 4, • 1907. Edlar
Johanna - Peche. dearly beloved wife of Job n
Peehe/, loving - mother -of ; Olgt, Edwin. Hasel
and -Mabel Pecbe, and '*isiter tot "Katherina
Gaundlund- and Amelia Kelson. a native of
' Finland, 'aged ; 40 yearn; 9 months and .19
\u25a0 days/ 1 \u25a0 \u25a0 .\u25a0\u25a0-,\u25a0 '\u25a0\u25a0;..-\u25a0. \u25a0-''.•"
\u0084 Friends '•and acquaintance* „ are respectfully
invited »- to -- attend '- the funeral tomorrow
(Wednesday), at 12 o'clock/ from the parlors of
Porter ; & White, 1531 Golden - Gate . avenue
1 corner of -" Scott . . street, v Interment Cypress
Lawn /cemetery,- via-. 1:40. p. m. -train ; from
. Valencia . street ,: depot. > \u25a0 •
SHEA— In this ' city, August 5. l»07, Michael
.Shea, dearly, beloved husband of the late
Catherine Shea, and devoted father of Thomas,
\u25a0 Matthew/: James .-and. "Xellle Shea* and the
late Frank Shea.- a uattve. of Ireland. \u25a0
\u25a0\u25a0;\u25a0 Remains » at - the .parlors- of • Valente. 1 Marini
& Co., 3448: Mlssiom utreet between Thir-
tieth' • street :,' and ;Cortland^ avenue. ,*.
STIVERS-i-In Dimood.'- Alameda. county/ Oal.,
August 6,: 1907,:H«1en-1.,' wife of 'Henry F.
Stivers. . sister Of Mrs. Hattl? Karris. anU
,i mother *of •\u25a0 Mrs/ -Charles; Curtis,- Mrs. Eunice
' Carpenter .and D. / A.' and George L. Stivers,
a native iof Nantuoltet. t' \u25a0 \u25a0
: • Notice of r funeral hereafter. ,
TOOMEY— In ; thli ; 6lty, '\u25a0 August 3. l»07. Julia.
' dearly beloved .wlf* .of Henry Toomey. 'and
loving daughter of - Michael and Bridget
Skelly, and sister *of Mrs. George S. Ames.
Mrs. S/ R." Crooks and Mrs. Nan Chrlstraet
' and Frank J.- Skelly and Mm. F." W.- Hutchi-
•on.' a^nativ* of Cleveland, jO. c ;': .>
•\u25a0; Friends \u25a0 and acquaintances - are respectfully
" invited vto -. attend . the \ funeral ' today . (Tues-
day), at- 8:30 o'clock a. ' m... from the parlon
'. of Carew & English, 1618 Geary. street, thence
to, Mission (Dolores church, where a requiem
high mats for ' the repose of her soul wlll.be
' "celebrated," commencing at 9:30 o'clock a. m.
Interment Holy, Cross cemetery.' ••.-
City" Office," G ran t Bid*.
Market and 7«b St«.
San 'Mateo : County/: Finest-and beat
\u25a0 equipped f Receiving Vault and Chapel.
Masonic Cemetery Association. " Office
1164?O'Farrell st. " :- ._* -, •^Ji.\:--.
Toyo Kisen KaisKk
'\u25a0I'.'j \u25a0 . (Oriental Steamship Co.) •\u25a0\u25a0>•
; \ Have opened, their permanent office 'at -
Room 240, James Flood Building
S? S.V'Nlppon" Mara" (calls at Manila), Thurs-
day/ August, 15,11907. .-'-:'\u25a0\u25a0 \u25a0 . .
8. "S..- '.'Hongkong Aiaru I .'- (calls at Manila),
Thursday. September. 12.11907. ... .. . _
• S.*S.*-. ''America v Maru,"-. Wednesday, .October
2, 1907.J/ .'\u25a0.'''•:.••'.\u25a0 \u25a0 : ;.", \u25a0:/ '•'•••' : -\u25a0''-;;?<• yj .";
'- j Steamers ' will,, leave ; wharf, ' corner . First .and
Brannan': streets/, ?1" p. «m.;'for Yokohama and
Hongkong. .: calling <at • Honolulu, '; Kobe ; (Hlogo 1.
Nagasaki and Shanghai, and connecting at Hong-
kong iwlth : steamers : for Manila, India. s etc. :\u25a0'"\u25a0 Ni»
cargo ;rec*lyed : on- board ; on i day . of - sailing, r/. ' -
\u25a0'• • Round trip ; tickets at ' reduced rates. <\u25a0 ,~ . . -- x . ".. •\u25a0'' \u25a0%
"&> For freight ! and passage apply, at of flee," James
;.:- ;; ; \ w/Jktmir^ -
i . -. . . r Assistant, General- Manager.'.
TAHITI, ; SOUTH BEASTS.' S. ; Marlposa sails 11
»\u25a0» \u25a0 a/* tn.T" Aug fl. "-1 nound ltrlp. \u25a0 first , class,* sl2s. rr,
HOMOLULTJ— S. . 8. i. Slrrra sails Aug.- 24, 11
vj a." m.^ Round ; trip, ! $135. r, ;••';.: • ...- > ?• ;
HONOLtTLTJ-f S. i S.\ 'Sierra V sails • f?ept. 14, 11
\u25a0arm.^ Bounditrln/;|18R.. '\u25a0- . \u25a0 .
Passenger /lVpt.ffi. 8 1 Market -st.:. Freight offic*.
• 58 Clay : st/ ; Phone : Temp. 123 i. -
\u25a0£ssji Ruction Sale i^
Weclnesday, August 7th
AT 11 a. m.
I will sell 35 head of cheap. well broken Horses,
of -all classes:- 8 heavy, teams: 3 saddlers: 3
drivers: 22 Vehicles: 19 sets of Harness: 1 *Ulr«
stallion ; ; 2 Burros;: 2 Cows. : ' Parties desiring to
dispose of their stork. and. vehicles can do so by
entering them In this sale.'
J. ,W. MEDERIOS. - Licensed Anetloaeer.
Auction Sale Wednesday, Aug. 7, 1 1 a.m.
.. We will sell 37 head of large work horses salt-
able, for country "work; 9 head of single driving
horses; ' 6 \u25a0 sets : double harness; ,3 : light " single
buggies; : 4 sets of single harness; one light
driving cart; B dirt wagons. Sale takes place at
Scofleld's stables, . cor. Market and Brady near
12th st. SqOFIELD A McFADIN.
.' Livestock "Auctioneers.
Ontslde • stock 'sold on commission. - \u25a0 -
' XTySSk' Steamers Leavs Broadway
/SXjUt-VC^v • Wharves.
. AhT^ "^>?A LOW RATES. Including
Santa Rosa Every Sunday. 10 a.m.
State of California ... Every Thursday. 10 a.m.
50n0ma....'..' Aug. 20. 11 «. m.
Presluent August 10, 29. 11 a.m.
Omatllla ........August 15, 30. 11 a. m.
round. tUp, Including berth and meaU. |-15.
City of Topeka.:..Aug. 6, 11. 16, 21, 2%,
81 ...10:30 a. m.
Pomona ......Aug. 4. 0. 14. 19, 24, 29,
............10:30 a. m.
Coracao .7th of each month, 10 a.m.
Spokane • Angtuß &
Rrtator Sept. «. Oct. 7
President . : Sept. 28
Montara ..Ang. 13 (freight only)
Right reserved to change this schedule.
SAN FRANCISCO— 3 Market st. and Broadway
Wharf. Telephone Temporary 402.
OAKLAND »fl9 Broadway.
San . FraaclscA Freight Office— Broadway Wharf.
C. D.DUNANN. G. P. A.. San Francisco.
Plymouth— Cherbourg— Hamburg
IG. Waldersee...Aug. 10 *Deutschland ... v Aug. 29
Bluecher . .....Aug. IS Pretoria Aug. 31
Pennsylvania /.Aug. 17 *Kalserni (Bew)Sept. S
•Amerlka (new). Aug. K.Patricia Sept. 7
•Among spMlal features of these \u25a0 vessels tn
Grillroom. Gymnasium. Palm Garden. Kltz-Carl-
ton Restaurant. Elevators, Electric Baths, Band.
Mediterranean' Service.
•tMortke..; ....Kept. 8, Oct. 15. Nov. 28
tHamburg.. .:..Sept. 24, Nov. 6, Jan. 4
•Flas. Grillroom. tHas Gymnasium. -~
2 CruUes of 79 Days* Duration.
S. S. MOI.TKE. from .\rn York, Jan. 2!).
$300 and UP, including All Expenses
SMflsmtgEfirAboard. --csaay»BßßW9>
( 1 8,000 \u25a0 tonn ) , Feb. - I.M ,
9375,' InclutlloK All Expenses Aboard
: and "Ashore..
R. R. Tickets. Hotel Accommodation* ao"d gen-
ersl informatlott about foreign travel. -
: Travelers'- Checks, good ail over tbe world.
Hamburg-American Line
008 Market St., San Francisco.
.. \u25a0 Telephone. Temporary 2946. ..
*-. Plymouth— Cherbourg-— -Southampton
Phlladelph In — Queen* tow n — Liverpool
New' York— London Direct
\>tv York— Rotterdam* ; via Bonlomt
Sailing .Wednesdaysr.as'per Sailing List.'
»vr York— Dover— Antwerp
\u25a0 Xerv York—- Queen* to vrn— Liverpool
Plymouth— Cherbourg— Southampton
Boston— Queenntown— Liverpool
. _ .New York— Asores— Mediterranean
CBETIC ..Sept. 26, noon; Nov. ?, Dec. 11
REPUBLIC ... :..... ...Oct. 24, Nov. SO
DoKtoa— Aaores— Mediterranean
ROMANIC Sept.' l 4, 3 p. ml: Oct. M, Dec. 5
CANOPIC....:.Oct. 1 5, 9_i.;0.:9 _i.;O.: Nor. 16, Jan. 11
G. N. KOEPPEL. Passenger Agent Pacific Coast.
86 'Ellis street near Market.
Compagnie Generate Transatlantiqne
Satlmg every Thursday • instead of Saturday,
at' lo a. m.. from Pier 42. North river, foot of
Morton street. mMMw-
\u25a0First class to Havre, $70 and upward; second
class to Havre. $45 and upward. GENERAL
ADA, 22. Broadway (Hudson building), N«w
York. J. F. FTJUAZI. manager Parlflc Coast.
(530 Montgomery \u25a0 street, fan Francisco. Tickets
sold. by all rallrosd ticket agents. . .
Northwestern Pacific Railroad Co.
May 5, 1807.
For \u25a0 Saitanllto, 3IIU Valley, San Rafael
WEEK DAYS— Every \u25a030 minutes
from 6:15 to 9:45 .a. m.; hourly until
2:45 p. m.; then every -30 minutes until
7:45 4 p. m.: 9:00, 10:16" and 11:55; p.- m.
SUNDAYS — Every 30 minutes from
6:16 a.m. until. B;ls p.: m.;. 9:00. •9:15.
•9:45, 10:15 and 11:65 p.m.
: For Fairfax— Week days — 6:15, «:«S,
7:15. ! 8:16 a.' m., 2:45. 3:15, 3:45. 4:1%.
4:45 and 5:15 p. m. Sundays—^-8.: 15, 9:15,
.10:15, 10:45, .11:46. a. m.; 12:45, 1:43,
2:45,-4:15, 4:45 and!B:ls p.- m.
For ;b'an- Quentin— Daily-i8:15, 9:45.
11:45 a. m., 12:45 and 1:45. p. m. ,
! 8:15 a", m. daily, 2:45 p. m. dally ex-^
cept • Sunday^ and 5:15 p. m. Sunday
only for Camp.^Meeker,. Monte . Rljj,
Qazadero and way stations. .
* 9:15 a.-*m. > Sundayjonly and 5:15 p. tn.
dally except." Sunday -for La^unitas.
Camp. -Taylor,. Point Reyes way
•To Sausallto only. HSU
For Tlbnron,* Belvedere and: San Rafael
.• \u00847j30,'8:00,'9:15, 11:00 a. m., 12:25, 3:10,
5:10,*5:60. 6:30 p. mrdaily.. .".
* 7:30* a.im:" dally for Petaluma, Santa
Rosa.:Cloverdale, Uklah, YWlints/ Sher-
wood." Sebastopol and -way 'stations. '• < •
*.*; 8:00 ?a." m. daily ; for-Petaluma. Santa
Rosa,: Camp "Vacation, Glen Ellen and
way stations. i^atssnßßßQßPßßnN^Hnc
vi3:3op.4.m." .daily for; Petaluma, Santa
•Rosa, :Cloverdale,;iJklah, vOu«rnev!ll»,
Sebastopol and, way stations. '.
-•-\u25a0:> 5 :iOyjp.-,m: daily for -Petaluma. Santa
Rosa,: ulen Ellen," Sebastopol' and way
stations:, \u25a0 ''•'." \u25a0 "
m.-Sunday.only for'Petaluma,
Santa .Rosa; 'Glen Ellen ; and - way \u25a0 sta-
tions. \u25a0"•.-•'
™*To Tibufon only,' ©n.weel" days. '. v
'.Ticket *of flees :.;\u25a0 Ferry and General
Offices, James ; Flood .bnildlnsr. 1 '
. j"-.v \u25a0\u25a0\u25a0\u25a0:\u25a0•\u25a0. ,-JAS.- 1 AGLER; General Manager.
J. J. GSABTi Act. Gen/ Passenger ft Freignt Agt.
JRAiI4WAY_Tn-\yEL ..---
— . — -\u25a0 - "\u25a0 ; T~~ ~~— — — -
.• , Tnkv fc»fe tad trt da* J .
jfo/^^jA San Francisco
I j\-£2jg£-J J FKOM Ju>E U. 1907
\^j tX ; '. „ Foot of Market Street
I^ya ~~ VIA OAKLAND PIER— Arriva
7.M« Kichmond.Benlcia. Solstra. Sac-
ratnento. and Way Stations... IM9
7.00. Elmira, Vac»vtll?,RuDSOT ..%...- IM*
7.0O« DavlJ. MarysTllle. Oroville. -
- Rosertlle. Red Blu2. Duiummr 7.43»
7.M* Hayxrard. Niles, San Jose _ 7JB»
IMm Vallejo, Xapa. Ca"»9to»a. Santa
Rosa, Mirtlnea. San P.amon...- 921*
7.40 a Kilea. Pleasanton; Livennore. '
Tracy.TLathrop. Stockton 1289
MQ» Shasta Express— (Via. ©aril.) . -
WlllUms. . Bartlett Eprinss.
VTlllovs.'.Ke<S BhUT. Ashland.
" - Portland « and East oJap
929* Martlnez-AnMooh Byron Tracy. ;-•«; -•«
Stockton. K«wman. Los Banos. .
Mendota. Annona. Hanford. 4.88»
Vtsalia. PorterTilla.— *•<*»
: L2ta Port Costa. Lathrop. Modesto.
Merced. Raymond. . Fresno. .
Hanford, Vhalia.Tulare. Bak-
ers field — «-**»
&20a Newark. San Jose. Los Gatos.
Wri»ht — - •— -- « •«* 8 »
9.00« Nlles.- Llverraore. Stockton •
(•Milton). ValleT Sprln*.
lono. Sacramento. Red Blufl_ 4.M»
IMm Sonora. Tuolnmne and An gels,— «.»8»
9.00. AtiantUs Expre« — Osrden : *^S»
9.80 m .Truckee. Lake Tahoe. Reno. ]
Tonopah. Goldfield. Beatty — I 7J»p
1.40 a Eichmond. Port Costa, Martinev | :;
and Way Stations ™ — J •• w l
10.00* The Overland Limited— Omaha. _--
• Chicago. Denver. Kansas City »\u25a0«»;
19.2t>« VaUcJo. Mare laland.Nap* Il^f*
10.20« Los Angelas Pwsenser— Port -V 1V 1
Costa. Marline*. Byron. Tracy. .7 ;
Lathrop. Stockton. Merced. .'-
Fresno. Goslien Junction. Han-
ford, Lemoora. Visalia. Tulare. 9 •:.
Bake»fleld.Los Ansrele*—-. \u2666 jJ«»
12J»p Nlles.San Jose and Way &tationB , Z. 45*
1.40p Newark. Ban Jose. Santa Crua.
Laurel, Bonlder Creek, Del
Monte. Pacific Grove :— ••*«»
3.009 Benida, Wlnteri. Sacramento. . y.
Woodiand. Kuigbta Landing, ;
MarjSTille and Oroville. _.-_-. I!>.*s»
3 JOp Yosemita Valley via Raymond—
V.'awona Route.. , — 8 -* sa -
3.20p Eort Costa, • Martinez. Byaon. -
Modesto. Merced. Fresno Hr??'
3JOp San Leandro. NUes. San Jose.__ 9AU-
3.3«» Via Tiboroa, West >apa. St. - - • «.
Helena. Calistoga =r~;-; I9JS *
3.40p Portland Express, (via PaTis). - r
Williams. \u25a0 Willows. Red Bluff.
Ashland. Portland and East • f.4to
4.COp Vallejo. Martinet. San Ramon. -
Napa Callstoaa SanU Rosa.- J-W»
4.«0» Nlles. Tracy. Stockton Lodi_ r - W2U
4.20p China and Japan Fast Mall— •
• Ofcden.Pueblo. Denver.Kaxaas
City. St. Louis. Chicago. :
Martinez. Btoekton. Sacra- \u25a0\u25a0•-
mento. Reno, Sparka — .... — ,»*••*»
4.40 a San Leaodro. "Hayward. Nllea,l;tS^Ba
Pleaaanton. Llvennore » t«.w
S.« 0» The Owl Limited— Newman, Lcs ;. -
> Banoe. Mendota. Fresno. To- -\u25a0\u25a0-.:
lare. Bakerefleld.Loi Angeles M»*
S. 00» Newark. San Jose. Los Gatos. > *,\u25a0>,
Wright .... : -•- YS*-
SL2U» San Leandro. Nile*. Smn J05e..:... 7.48«
5.«p Valleio. Port Costa. Benicia.Bul- - * "
sun. Sacramento __..._. ~ - H.*»»
«.2fl» Fast Mall-O gde n. Cheyenne, \ v
Omaha, Chicago, ~ ." «.«»
«.2«p Hay ward. NUea and San Jose — '•-\u2666 8t;8 t;
IMb Goldfleld Pass.— Port Costa. Be- . .
ulcia. Suiiun. Elmira. Dlxon. •.;
Darli. Sacramento. .Tmckee
Lake Tahoe. Wa da worth.
Hazen. Fallen. Tonopah. Gold- .
field. Beatty. and Keeler 1M»
7.0«» Valleio. Benecia and Way 6ta-
tlons. Sunday only __—.__- UJ3*
«.20p Oregon - Express— Sacramento.
Marysville. Bedding. Port- m -
•land. Piiget Sound and last. ».W*
<J-(Thlrd ftmJTrgnnand StrweU)
».I0« Valencia St.. San Jose and Way
Stations-.: 'J. :.- — - — —- :- •J»
JS.SC« Sunday Excursion— ianta Cruz. .
Boulder Creek. Laurel. Del - •
Monte, Monterey . — — IltUO*
7.M« Valencia St. Redwood. San Jose.
Morganhlll. GUroy. Pajaro.
Watsonville. SanU Crnt— Lau-
rel-Boulder Creek. Del Monte.
Monterey. Pactnc Grove. 11.23«
8.0 a» The Coaster — San Jose. Salinas.
Paso Robles Hot Springs.
Santa Margarita. San Lois
Oblspo.: Guadalnne. Santa
; . Barbara. San • Bu«n«ve»ttara.
Oxnanl. Borbank. Los Angeles IMSm
B.ooa D*l Monte. Pacific Grove. Surf.
Lompoc.^^..-. \~~~ ll.ISj
».«• San Jose.- Gilroy. Salinas.
Pa*o Robles Hot Springs. San .
LuisObi.<ipo— Los Gatos. Alma. \u25a0 - •
.Wright— T re a P'nos— Santa
Cruz. Laurel. Boulder Creek-
Del Monte. Monterey. Pacific
' Grove -...._ - — -~^~ — 4.J0»
10.30* Valencia St.. Bnrllngaaie. San
MAteo. Redwood. Palo Alto,
fan J05e......—.- " 7.4f1«
II JO* Valencia St.. Cemeteries. San
Jose and Way Stations. . v — i. 1.45»
1.40p Valencia St..' Cemeteries. Savn
Jose . ; _^. . _ 10.10*
1.409 Santa Cruz." Laurel. Boulder
Creek™... : - ;.: 7-3O»
3.W» Del Moute Express — Valencia
St.; 3aa Jose. Gilroy. Castro-
' villa. Del Monte. Monterey.
Pacific Grove 12.15*
3.159 South San Francisco. San Jose. '
Tw3 Pino* ; IO.JS«
« Sunset Express— El Paso. Hous-,
ton. New Orleans —
Paso Robles Ho* Springs, Santa
Barbara. Lo* Ac»elM... 12.40»
t4 JOp Valencia St..' San Jose and Way
.'Stations -.-^- f».oBa
4.409 Valencia St.. San Jose and Way
, Stations .. . : - ÜBp
tS.OO». Valencia St.. Burllagame. San
Mateo. Palo \u25a0 A Ito. . San Jose.
Los Gatos. Wright,...— ' f 9JJS»
5.20» San Jose. Watsonville. Santa Cxua s.2op
S.4C» Valencia St.. San Mateo. Red*
wood.Palo Alto. San Jose.™ — 5JOp
tS.OOn Valencia St.. Sau Jose and Way.
Stations .... X....~. r . t«.48«
«Jop Valencia St.. South San.Frao.
cisco. San Jo»e ..,', '\u0084 " . SJOp
7.00« New Orleans Express— San Jose. '
Salinas. Paso RoblM Hot
Springs. San Luis \ Obigpo •
Santa Barbara Los ARgele&__ tJQ*
Pemlnsr. KlPaio.New Orleans — lX44p
7.Mp Del Monte. Monterey. Pacirio
Grov^-Lotnpoc — 11.15*.
I.Mp Valencia St., Ocean View. Palo
Alto. Ban Jose ._: Ji~ T.3«»i
11.45p Valencia St.. Palo Alto. San Jose. tSJOm
ji.909 Bacramfmto River 9teamerq . ti.O^S
• Union Transfer Company agents rolWv
baggage and checks on trains of Southern
Pacific and deliver to residence. Thjy arm
aathoHsed to check baggage direct from,
re|idepfp. \u25a0 \u25a0 - -
(Foot of Market Street) ."*- *
7J». 8X0. 9X0. 10.00. 11.00a. m.'i- * ».j
12J0. 1X0. 2X0. 3.00. -t 00. 5.00, 6.00, BXO. g.OO »M^
A for Morning \u25a0 ' P f or Afternoon -..%.'
t Sunday pxcected. t3unday only. .. *
, Via Samallto Ferry— Foot of Market 81
'-Lv.gaaFmn. tm I Lt. T»m«lp«l»
WEKK SO'- 4&**W\. rCS ~ rr%X
9-43 A "-"A «^^^Sf >-2SA WJA
" 9:15 A 11:10 A l«40 P
*ii«P* » :4 * A :tJ "^BS^ 12-18 P 4:UP
' BATUR- 12:45 P ' yT. 3a<» P iATCTU
•day 2:15 P LetallMMays 4:40 P dat
4:43 P B:4^ P taaOy Tlw *:*» P »-30 P
XAPA noim
Monticelfo S. S. Co. and Sapa ,V*U*f Electrla
R. R. Co. float; conaeetioo*.
" Boats Irite . »ia Franclnco 7:o>\ »»;45 «.* m..
12:30 noun. 3:15, «:0«. # »:30 p. at.
San fraociaco latxllas ma<i offlc*. Clay »treet
wharf., north *n<t Kerry/ bulldlog. Market street
ferry. Mpn!<« « la carte.'
Pbon* T«Bpnr»ry 40fi. \u25a0 1
, *Laod»:yaTy Yard; directs -.- -.- .
. 0C8.1.V TRAVEL t .'
Throofb Freight and I'agsenger Rates. ,
Eicgant Steel Steamer*. . -
Special -round i trip excursion -rates betw#eo
Ssn Francisco and Pwtret mnati point*; also Vic-
toria and Vancouver, -B. C. iwe. July, .August
and September. ;:S^S*mHHH39MEMH
'"SalHajreTcry Saturday *t 1:30 p. m.'

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