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Badly Burned by Explosion
When Preparing for
an Ascension
Two Men Also Injured in
the Accident Near
MARTINEZ, Aug. s.— Pearl Frisby,
«n aeronaut, his wife and two men
were baflly burned yesterday at Fair
view park, a mile from here, when the
srasoline tank exploded while Frisby
•tvas endeavoring to inflate his balloon.
Frisby and his wife were so seriously
burned that their recovery Is doubt
ful. John Martin. Frisby's assistant,
and P. Murphy of Richmond were
slightly injured. The accident occurred
In the presence of 1.000 persons who
had gathered to witness the ascen
The balloon ascension had been
widely advertised " and a large crowd
had collected to witness the flight
through the air. Frisby was inflating
the big bag and throwing gasoline ort
the fire, when suddenly the pan from
\u25a0which he was throwing the gasoline
caught fire and the flames instantly
were communicated, to the gasoline
tank. An explosion followed and
Frisby was enveloped In flame. While
the vast crowd looked on with Horror
Mrs. Frisby rushed to thfi assistance
of her husband and attempted, to
quench the fire. She, too, was soon
enveloped !n flames. John Martih.
Frisby's assistant, hurried to the res
cue and was followed by P. Murphy.
After a battle with the flames the
aeronaut and his wife were rescued.
It was found that they had been so
severely burned 'that physicians ex
pressed doubt as to their recovery.
None of the . spectators was injured
by the explosion.
Colonel Waite Wins in Ac-
tion to (Recover Fee
From C. C. Henion
BERKELEY, Aug. 5. — Colonel Henry
de H. Waite, former commandant at th«>
Btate university and now a member of
the law firm of Keyes. Waite & Martin,
•won a victory in court today that
brought smiles to his face. He had
transferred a claim of $30 attorney's
fees due from C. C. Henion of San
Francisco to C. H. Patterson, -and Pat
terson appeared as plaintiff in the suit.
The court found for the plaintiff. "
The case occasioned a lot of comment
when Henlon filed, a cross complaint
several . weeks ago alleging that his
failure to pay Colonel Walte's bill was
because of > "Walte's failure Id make
srood a lot of alleged promises to
"Waite, according to Henion, had
Baid he could collect a big bill from
the relief committee in San .Francisco
last y«ar, because- he knew former
Mayor Phelan and other relief officials
Intimately. Henion that Waite'a
influence with these officials t had pro
duced .nothing, and so he declined to
pay "Waite.V charge .„ of |3Q for .ser.
vices rendered.
Colonel Waite testified today that he
withdrew from Henion'n service after
he learned that the latter's bill was
padded and that the 530 charge was
made for trips undertaken by him in
Henion's interest before the discovery
of the padding.
MHS. ELLA \u25a0G. JOYCE i)K A T>
OAKLAND, Aug. s.— Mrs. Ella G.
Joyce, 42 years old. the wife of James
A. Joyce, a dry goods merchant of this
city, died this morning et her, home,
SlO Fourteenth street, after an illness
of 10 days. Death was caused, by ap
pendicitis. Mrs. Joyce was one of the
best known members of the Church of
the Immaculate Conception, The fu
neral will be held . from the church
Wednesday morning. The services will
be conducted by Ilev. Father Dempsey.
Mrs^Joyce has been a .resident of Oak
land for 33 years., lravj tig been married
to James A. Royce, Ju,st a quarter of a
century ago. -She leaves six children,
Charles C, Lillian F., James A.- Jr.,
William J^Ella O. and Irene Joyce.
Besides her husband and children she
leaves f opr. sisters. Mrs. James Nolan,
Mr*. L. Kehoe, Mrs. E, Dolan and Mrs.
B. Skalll.
OAKLAND, Auk. 5. — Delegates from
all parts'; of California assembled this
afternoon- at the Ebell clubrooms at
1230 Harrison street to attend the
opening session of the state convention
of California state nurses' association.
The convention opened with a recep
tion to the visiting nurses, and was
Tollowod by a meeting: of superinten
dents of nurses* training schools. Mayor
frank K. Mott will address; the visit
ors at the opening session tomorrow
$nornln.s and hts address 'will be fol
lowed by a response by Mrs. H. W.
Pahl, president of the association.
; OAKLA-VD, Aug. 6.— Willis K. Dun
can, a veteran locomotive engineer on
the Southern Pacific, died this after
noon at his fcbrne'at Ninth' and Frank
lin streets after a long illness. • Duncan
was Injured In an accident at the Web
ster street bridge three years ago and
had been railing Fine* then. He was
a rhember of Leland Stanford division
No. 283 of the brotherhood of locomo
tive engineers. Duncan was 60 years
old and a native of Vermont. His wife,
Mrs. Marie J. Duncan, and a step
daughter, Airs. William Culligan, sur
BERKELEY, Aug. 6.— Chief of Police
Vollmer was presented today with a
handsome gold watch, the gift ' of
Colonel A. Andrews of .the Diamond
palace* In San Francisco In recognition
of Vollmer'B bravery In saving the
lives of two San Francisco girls In the
Russian river, near Monte Rio, last
month. The girls were Vivian Free
man and Cole Hervins. Acting Mayor
Ferrier made the presentation speech.
El Plxmo Beach
Hotfel, camp and cottage.llfe. Finest
sea- beach on," Paciflc Coast .* for surf
bathing. Take Southern Paciflc Coast
Berkeley.,* Contractor Says
She Separated Him
and Sweetheart
Troubles Begin When Key
Route Train Strikes
OAKLAND, Aug. 5. — To the propen
sity to "butt in," alleged to haVe been
shown by his landlady, Mrs. L. D. Tur
ner of 1936 Berkeley .way. Berkeley,
and her supposed ' desire to Separate
him' from his- sweetheart, Miss Helen
Taylor, Howard Mendel, an electrical
contractor, ascribes his arrest and de
tentipn on an, insanity charge.
Mendel said .that since his conva
lescence from serious injuries received
when struck by a Key lloute train re
cently, Mrs. Turner apparently had
been divided between her convictions
that he was Insane and her anxiety
to,, break., up . the attachment existing
between him and Miss Taylor.
: The climax came a few days agD,
Mendel 'said, when, overcome by the
heat of the day and the heavy gar
ments which he wore, he fell In the
street in a faint. . He said he was
given a dipperf ul of whisky and two
injections of morphine to revive him
and then vras taken to his rooms.
The efforts of a fellow lodger to help
him, he said, only hurt the, recently
knitted fracture of his ribs" and to
gether with the whisky and morphins
and the pain, caused him to rave a
little. At this juncture. Mendel de
clared, Mrs. Turner called in Dr. Rob
ert C. Hecktor, who swore out an in*
sanity charge against him.
Mendel asserted that since June 2.
when the accident occurred, Miss Tay
lor had shown her devotion to him
and upon her testimony he relied to
be cleared of the insanity charge.
Mrs. Turner said tonight that she
had nursed Mendel without pay and
given him food and lodging gratis for
many weeks, b«cause he seemed poor
and helpless. She showed scratches' on
her face and arms* where Mendel, ac
cording to her story, had wounded her
in his Insane frenzy during the last
week. She endured his irrational be
havior until her husband insisted that
Mendel be taken in charge by the au
Mrs. Turner denied having interfered
In any of Mendel's love affairs. Sh3
explained that Miss Helen Taylor, mc c
tioned by Mendel, was a recently di
vorced woman whose married name
was Mrs. Helen Martin. Mrs. Martin
had visited Mendel at the Turner home
and the landlady's sole interest in these,
visits was to see that they were con
ventionally correct. Mendel, she de
clared was practically penniless anl
had won thfe pity of the Turners, whicit
accounted for her permitting him to re.
main In the house without paying." - •'\u25a0'-
OAKLAND, Aug. 5. — Arrangements
have been completed by Postmaster
Paul Schafer for the Institution on
Wednesday of an ew carrier: service,
which will cover the retail business
and factory districts with more expe
dition than at present. Twentycarrlers
will be transferred to a. new branch
postofflce, station D,' which has been
established In Franklin - street' near
Eighth. . \
OAKLAND, Aug.*s.-— The city council
officially Indorsed^ tonight the plans; of
the director general and executive com
mittee of the Alameda county exposi
tion and carnival to be Held in -Idora
park from September 23 to October 6.
About the Bay
Aug. 5. — The Lyric orchestra hag rilans In band
for a concert to, be. *iren aoffit Id Washington
'mil. H. G. Roecker Is conductor and J. Coombs
acslstant. Tbe officers are: President. R. DruUe;
vice president. A. B. Klchter; secretary, F. Uain
mann: treaenrer, O. Morfenler.
Aug. S. — Mrs. .Helen; Stirera, 05--.Te.ars of age,
wbose home was at Lincoln and Milton nveiiiii-K,
in Fruit Tale, died suddenly thb afternoon. As
Kb<» had not been attended by a pbysii-l-m tbe
case was"- placed in the hand* of the coroiter.
Mrs. Stivers lea toitr husband nnd family. ;
Ang. r>. — Alfred J. Cbamprenx. a m«?m!>cr of the
department of astronomy, end mathematics of the
unlterslty. a r praduate with the. claw of '04,
w-as married last WVdneßday .to Mattle \hti
Tislier -at " Gtlroy. \u25a0 After a wedding tour iat
rarlouß rOa*t resorts they will make their borne
In Berkeley. >'. .
Aug. 5. — Policeman Bert Kraser left' today for
Sockford, 111., to bring 'back A. E. .Wilson, a
contractor, who is charged by E. E." Lnnib and
othert with defrauding them. Wilson Is said
«o have taken money with which he was expected
to. pay hills. for building material and to have
disappeared with the coin.
o— ner. I. N.-McCasb of De« Moinps. la., lias
wired the trustees of the First Christian church
that he will accept the. pastorate here and will
preach for tbeiii on September 8. He wai a
pastor for .10 years In I>pr . Moines. During the
last two years he has been superintendent of the
antifaloon league ot lowa.
Aug. 5. — It has been decided tbat the new ferry
utearoer, which Is being bull t for. the Southern
Pacific company, shall be. named the "Melrosp."
The new boat will be of the same type as the
Berkeley, but will be • slightly Mnalliir. The
machinery for the steamer Is already in Oakland,
and the boat will l>e rushed to completion. I
S.— W. B. Iximax. who , Is accused of having
forged tbe name of Attorney Abe P. I^each to a
cherfc for ?ZVOO. which he cashed at the Central
bank, was arraigned in department 2 of the
police court tbla morning on a charge of forgery.
The preliminary examinnlimi uns set for August
Cfl. )/ira»i bns been released from -jail tm $2 000
ball: furnished by Leola H. Miller, Mary E B
Elson and W. G. A. Miller.
Three men; all employes of .the, Southern Paciflc
company, \u25a0 were , Injure*! by \u25a0 tbe exploolon of a
chemical engine during- the fire "drill at* the
West Oakland yards Saturday. 11. D. Monroe
suffered a • fracture of one of the bones of his
haiui. and H. Taylor and H." Roeder were cut and
bruised. The accident Is : believed to ' baVe ! been
caused by the denting of the machine as It was
moved about during the drill.
Ben Simon, a printer's apprentice
living at 4913 California .street, was bit
ten yesterday ; afternoon by • a vicious
mastlßV which, attacked him while he
was slttln g 6n\the \u25a0 front steps .of his
home.' . Simon, .who Is IS years old/ was
taken \ to the office of ; Dr. Fassett for
treatment -and i then'.' sent back home.
He stated that he noticed children
teasing the dog, whlchran across- the
street and' suddenly snapped at%hls
hand. '. HI* > wrist .was fearfully lacer
ated. HI9EGHH&
ALBANY, K.y.."Aug.:' s.—ThVselsmo
graphi at .the State museum registered
earthquake shocks at 1:59! o'clock this
morning, >, lasting / 10 ... The
record -wae : not' sufficiently jmarked' to
deterraineHhe i location ".of • the ; disturb-
Professor Puts Peahui as Energy
Producer Above Porterhouse
Berkeley Savant Is
Ghampiori of the
BERKELEY, Augr. s.— Peanut mer
chants, Italian vendors of the succulent
•'goober" and all who deal -In the fa
mous edible of 'the^circus and railroad
train \u25a0' "butchers" afe expected now to
rise up and call Professor M. E. Jaffa
blessed, for Dr. Jaffa, the eminent food
expert of the stat« v university, has ! just
issued a scientific- bulletin- oh nuts In
which he declares, .unequivocally, that
there is more protein in 10 cents' worth
of peanuts than in a porterhouse steak
arid six times as much energy in the
"goobers" as in the beefsteak which
housewives pay a small fortune for.
\u25a0Professor Jaffa/ is an authority *on
the values of foods. He has conducted
elaborate! experiments- during the last
few years, u&ing different foods 6n dif
ferent human 'subjects, and his bulletin,
just issued by the United States agri
cultural department at'.Washingtori, is
In part the result 'of his experiments.
Dr.\ Jaffa discusses the alleged indi
sestlbillty of nuts in hts bulletin and
incidentally gives a knockout blow to
the old fashioned notion that *alt,
eaten with nuts, makes them more
easily digested.
Some of*Prbfesisor Jaffa's paragraphs
on nuts, Including his. declaration that
peanuts excel porterhouse steak in the
matter of energy producing material,
are as follows! \u25a0 \u25a0 -
Wljen ronsldprlnjnuto it Is. readily observed
that 10 cents will Jmij- about the same amount
of nut ' protPlri as animal protein, except in tho
ease of <-hwp and sklra milk. If .spent for
ppanutfe It will i purchase more than twice tlte
protein anil *ls times the enentjr that oolild be
bougUt for the same expenditure for porterhouse
steak. It is of moit> than passing Interest to
note that 10 cents' worth of pPnnUts 'rill contain
niore than fouf ounces of prbtcih and 2, 11T
calorics of enersr. which lo more protein energy
than !s rum tKlied b}' rations regarded as ade
quate for a day. \u25a0 , \u25a0 \u25a0 .
Although peanuts supply proleih and energy
for a smaller sum than bread, they arc out
ranked by dried bcnnsi. which, at 5 cents a
pound, will supply for 10 cehts more than 200
proms of protein and 3.200 calories of. enew.
If more pi-aunts and dried beans were used by
frultvians theif diet ; would be . enriched and
the cost decreased. * .. . . ;
With the exception, perhap*. of dried beans
and ehpese no' food material has the reputation
for iDdifcestifolllty that has been accorded to
nuts. Discomfort from . them is largely due to
Insufficient mastication , and ;to . the fact that
nuts are often eaten when not needed, as after
a hearty meal or late at night, though it Is
undoubtedly true tlint nut protein :as ordinarily
eaten is not so easily or bo completely digested
as meat protein
Very likely the concentration of nuts with but
3 to 5 per. cent vcater, as compared to raeatcou
talning from 50 to 7Q per cent water, is a con
tributing eausrv IT cartful consideration were
jjlveu to this matter,^- and If attention were paid
to . the proper use of nuts and tlielr correct
plac? iv the ' diet, there would be less unfa
vorable oomraent on their dtge'stlblllty.
Results of investijratlonß .carried on with
fruit and nut ctiet at the California agricultural
experiment station afford- tentative . conclusions
rfrarrting the thoroughness of digestion which
slK»uld be- of value, to those' who -wish' to Use
nuts as a "staplo. article, of, food father than an
occasional article of diet. la riew of the. facts
resulting froni the experiments- regarding com
position and digestibility . of .' the diet used by
the subjects In these • experiments, it 'Is . e»i
dent that- nuts .iuuxt. be. rejtanled ,ns the main
sburcf * of " protein •' f of \u25a0\u25a0 the : fruitarian. -' ' -; . .
<? TtoTSttidies tritn- fruitarlang hare alt Indicated
that \u25a0 ivat protein ;ls , fairiy well' assimilated, ''anil
that .'this Is true with, the" arernge healthy
person Is well illustrated by' an ; experiment with
a nniTersity : s^titleqtj.who. \u25a0 thou(rh-- entirely un-.
nccnstohled to-sucll fire, gradually (hanged froni
an ordinary mixed diet, to> one of fruit and nuts,
which he followed for a \u25a0 time without apparent
loss of . healtU ,or strength. - " ;. • v
There is a popular ;belief lhat a little salt
.with nuts .presents the digestive disturbance re
sultine'frflm eating them. To most: persons salt
undoubtedly adds to the pain taliility uf the nUts.
but no investipatlons have 'been found on record
which demonstrate any, actual ' Improvement la
the digestibility of nuts due to salt. • -
Oakland Couple- Separated
and Others Seek the
<! Breaking of Ties
' OAKIiAND, Aug. s.— Leonora (J.
Heynes was awarded an', interlocutory
decree of divorce ".today .from 'Charles
L. Heyties on the ground of extreme
cruelty. She was given 'the custody of
their .two minor children, and allowed
J25 a. month alimony.
\u25a0 A* final decree' of dfvbrcfe :has' been
granted Anita I.*t Humphrdy fromTJ. G.
Humphrey on the ground of willful de
sertion. .'' ' , \u25a0 :"•"\u25a0'
Suits for divorce on the ground .o"
cruelty have*/ been filed by -Etta L.
Thomas •, against Ellis I. , Thomas an-J
by Bertha : Jane. Ballard against Albert
Bloom Ballard. ;/.. ; > \u25a0
Divorce! proceedings' have been in
stituted by. Minnie F. Walker- agalnsf
Launcelot H. for hesertiort.and
by John M. 'Leayitt against 'Olivette
Leavitt. ms£msd(Bt&: \u25a0 \u25a0•;.\u25a0'•;
OAKLAND, A\ig../5.— Captain Fred
Petersert and .Second; Lieutenants Meyer
Hermann of Company A", -Fifth infantry,
natlohal' guard, haV^ ', resignedr^frbm
the. company, and as* soon" as -they can
settle up the affairs of the organization
will ; deliver the I property of - the* com
pany to a board of survey, have
been connected with Company A for. the
lastr : 15- years, \ and have rec*O?ds ; of ex^
Cellent service.; 3h recognition of -their
work for the natjonal • gyard ,they = have
been, offered/positions with "the .same
rank on the staff of Colonel D.' A. Smith,
commanding officer of the Fifth regi
ment., \u25a0" ;-. \u25a0 .-.' ." . .' \u25a0 \u25a0\u25a0\u25a0 : - : - \u25a0 .'-
REN'O, NevV, Augr. \u25a0 5.— -"For various
reasons ; Heno will not be "able to get
the- class \ rates'" which the : Nevada Com
mercial league- rfcQUfeiMsd,:,but:the "com
pany stands ready, to = make commodity
rates ohj every i 'article which jitt is de
sired to; have "^distributed - throughout
the state' and these rateslwillibe on a
parity" with;; -those '* Which Sacramento
and other, outside '. places yiave:to:, pay,"
said District' Frelght^'and • Passenger
Agent E.WV:.Clapp.:. upon« his. 'return
from a; conference with* higher; officials
In" San" Francisco jyeßterday., - ;
Clapp.lias,ibeeh' instructed .toY pre
pare a: list of commoditlea. which" Rend
merchants, wish to? distrlbutejahdTwhcn
thtslls done -Uhe; merchants -Tvlll have
an' equal chance with \Sacramento'mer
chants;, and merchants > of •. other' 'places
who have- claaß; rates." ;;Thls^ Is ipractl-'
cally/'a 'victory > for Vßeno, as It- gives
the result sought, for. $ ."-'-.\u25a0
LOS .. ANGELES, /Aug. 5.— A - freight
train ; was 'wrecked; on the'' Santa' Fe
road "^between [\ this-; city,-; and-» San, -Ber
nardino^ tonight. 'It; is- reported? to 'have
been \u25a0.cdestt-oy^d^byif fire.
Telegraphic^comrnunlcatlbn^hasr been
n-terrupted;'v ' '?*\u25a0'_• v. '"•" ' : --\u25a0\u25a0'\u25a0; — "V-;' *"" ' : :'~ \u25a0-\u25a0';"
Society in Cities
Across the Bay
OAKLANt). Aug.' 5.-— Louis Risdon
Mead and his bride, who was" Mlsa Mac
Sadler',, after* " their Wedding trip
.through Alaska and Yellowstone park
are In" Spokane. They will return to
the v bay. cities in a fortnight, when
they Wlir be the, guests of Mrs. Mead's
parents. Mr. and Mrs. C. M. Sadler, at
their -Home" In \u25a0 Alameda."' A series of
affairs is being planned in honor of
the attractive bride.
. Mrs. M. t>. Merrltt, who with her son
and^flaughter has been In Los Angeles
as the guest- 6f friends, has returned
to her home" in Lino en street.
Professor -I'Vank Soule and. Mrs.
Soule, who . left Berkeley several
m6nths ago for Europe,' have' been
spending the summer in Switzerland.
They;4re plannlngto be in Egypt dur*
Ing the winter season, returning to
the bay cltle9 late in the 'spring.
; Mr. and Airs. l Phllip r E: Bowles are
homeward^ bound after several j months
of European travel. They have visited
most of the places of interest In the
old: world. since leaving Oakland;. Dur
ing their absence the famlljTof George
McNcar Jr.\ have been occupying ith«
Bowles Rome in Boulevard terrade. •
Announcement Is made of the.en
gagement of Warren, S. Osgood, Bori
of F., S.Osgood. a prominent druggist
of this city, and Miss .'.Ethyle, Scott, the
pretty ; daughter of Mr; and' Mrs; Alex
ander §cott *Qf -Por'tlfendi* Ore. -No- date
has been. ~jnzi*i f p r,/the : wedding, . wliich
will "be 'Jsoleradlzed;" In "\u25a0\u25a0-.the "\u25a0 northern,
city.- Osgood 1 is a graduate ;of .thß TJni- :
\'ersity ; of Calif ornia and^ a student in
Cooper 'medical college of San- Fran
cisco. , He Is a member of the Phi Chi
fraternity and -of the Omega Upsilor.
Phi. His fi&ncfee is a girl -of ; consider
able .musical ability and ..is popular.
The Scott family is prominent in Port
land. . •
. Mrs. Martin,, wife- of Captain Martin
of West Point,; is the guest of Mrs.
CM. Sadler at her residence in /Ala
meda.*. Mr. and Mrs. Sadlef : are plan
ning a series 'of nearby trips for-Mrs.
Martin, who Is a sister of Miss Wood,
Mlsß'Mae Sadler's maid of hbhor at the
brilliant y chufch ;Weddlng \u25a0 of, June,
wliich made her the wife of Louis Ris
don *Mead." . *", \u25a0 > ".'-.-
Cards are out announcing the mar
riage yesterday of Emll Ffitsch and
Mrs. Theresa Salisbury. '
• * - •
Mr. and Mrs. Roger Sherman. Phelps,
the 'latter once Miss Winifred Yelland,
are spehding ; tire summer in the!Yel
land. bungalow a't'Brookdale. Since her
marriage the /talented -young' matron
has resided at Wlillts," coming to' Oak
land on frequent visits -to her mother,
Mrs. R. D. Yelland, at her: home in
Seventh avenue. . : '^ :':? vW^^SM
The marriage of ; Miss ; Lillian War--'
rington and"; Grover C. . Elam will" be
one of the notable events of the .fall
in the college [town. Miss ..Warrlngton
Is a gracious girl ;>wlth a host of
friends in the bdy pities. Since the
announcement of .'her engagement she
has been honored with several charm
ihg: affairs. " ; - .;. '\u25a0
- . •»\u25a0 '•' \u25a0; •\u25a0•;. :\u25a0\u25a0':\u25a0 J ': •-^ - , \u25a0 » -.• •\u25a0'
ALAMEDA, Aug. s.— Mrs. K. E.
Johnson has 'returned \u25a0. "-f roin \ a - four
months' tour of the.Brltlsh Isles. Hef
daughter, Miss Ruby. Johhson; who ati
cbmpanied her abroad, stopped over 'oft
the., way home to -visit.- her. brother*
Percy Johnson; at;Calgary,,B.C.'.
The Charles.: Fosters/ of 1011 Grand
street have returned ; from their. sum»
mer-outing, which -was spent at Linda
Vista near San Anselmo. '-• , : T . ~
'\u25a0\u25a0'\u25a0 Mrs. "James E.r Hlgglns- and her .artn
Ward ihkve' -returned .from \u25a0• Redwood
grove, near GHrojv where- they passed
two mortthfc. '. ' c . '\u25a0'\u25a0 - ' ;
j8 Miss Edith and Miss j Edna' Kersey of
2413 r Eagle avenue, departed > Saturday
for a visit of six weeks- with friends
In Seattle and 'Portland. ''.
Captain i K. \u25a0 yon Otcrendorp left Sat- 1
urday on the:'steanicr" : Alameda %t6t
Honolulu, 'where he 'will jbeuthe guent ':
; for six weeks of his 4 granddaughter,"
Mrs. A. Berndt.: Captain yon
endorp : was for" many years •in com
mand of Pacific liners. , \u0084 . ;,
Miss \u25a0Edna'-Schulte' of, 1612 ; .. Chapin
strPet. has ;: returned H- f rohi. Monto : Rio,
tv h « re s h o wa s . t h e '; gu e.*» t o f M rs." James
Hambly ; forX.aKweek. [•;\u25a0 . . - t . , .
!/iMiss Belle- Rosenthal ;t of i^l 410 : ; Oak
street has ?; returned ' f rom .^South Caro^
HhalTwhcre- she" spent: the "greater : part
of sixmonths.. \u25a0 :
OAKLAND, Aug.* 8.-^-Joseph M". Smith,
formefly "e.ftiployedla^ "ft: collector f6r,
the FirbfnatlOftal bank^Vh'6 ift accused
of haying; misappropriated ,f4,'sOO of the
money , entrusted ;to;'hls /care, was; ar;
raigned ' this morning Jnij- the,' police
court. On a .of : felony, embezzle*,
mehtl ; ' As no* complaint^had -been ifllej
by. the \u25a0 bank v t 6fflcials thjer case was'; 6dn-"
tinued : to, AugUßti expending^ the .fljins
of a complaint. .^Sniith - has-*^confessed.
, PITT9BURG', 'Aug.- B.^lt-VMas^'heen
le<if ned 1 . that 'an.; at tempt* was <niade fj'es
terday 'morning Uo'; wreck --"tlijtf f- 'North
Chicago": limited on : the ,; Pennsylvania
"railroad 'just.: outside:; "of *
'SpHce^bars "had \u25a0 been. y nailed^ ;'to.».!a Me
and .; rested ' on .'each Hofj" the" 1
track 4 t^but; : tlTe'<eh6rmous weight ; of
-ths^mogul^englnei:Tdfawing the ;-train
, prevented ] the derailment, ; .' . \u25a0 - ' ':' '\u25a0 : '%
Miss Agnes Lang Loses $8
,-as^Result of Faith Jn
New Friend.
' OAKLAND. Aug. ; v s.— Miss Agnes
Lang, who lives -at 2000 Folsom street,
San* Francisco, reported to ; the . police
today that Walter Connell, whom she
met at "a \u25a0picnic at. Shell Mound park
yesterday 1': and 'afterward *-: accompanied
. to' Oakland for,! supper;' kept her purse.
coritainlng_sß, ( which flhe had given him
i" for. safe keeping.' He had escorted her
• to the -Southern Pacific apron and
thereV disappeared, suddenly.
, Miss Rose. Stevens, Whase home.ls ait
170? -Pacific street, cauned^ the arrest
; this morning, ofOscar Pearson, a Pull
man : ear porter, , whom she charges with
having stolen $20 from a trunk in her
' fbom.v. The money was .stolen while she
wds absent from the hduse. The Wo
man alleges that Pearson Was se«n to
leave • the ;room' shortly before she re
turned. \u25a0;_ . :.
: \u25a0' Ray Canfleld,' who claims to be a
farmer, was arrested today," on com
plaint of Charles \u0084Wald. tvh'o charges
• Him .w^th haying stolen $4.50 from him
\ In a saloon.
Tries to Discharge Corps of
Clerks' and Is Arrested
for Assault
-REJvTO, Nev., Aug. s.— Larry M. Sulli
van, "member of the brokerage firm of
Sullivan & Rice and the man who Is
supposed to be putting up the cash for
the 535,006 purae, for the Gans-Srltt
fight in. Reno on Labor day, was ar
rested today for assault with Intent to
kill. after a fierce quarrel with his part
ner. Graham' Rice, which probably will
result ,In the dissolution of .parttier
*Mp" O .
Sullivan 6wns a minority share of
the stock In the Company, hi* share,
wtth that In his wife's name, amount-
In^itd 38 per cent of the capital stock.
Rlc*e became'dissatlsfled with Sullivan's
actions. bt late and tcld thfe proomtef
that he would have to mend his ways
within U8 hours. A. quarret fensued at
Rice's home, where Rice lies ill with
fev&r. .: Sullivaii went to the office and
attempted to take charge against or
ders; from Rltfe. He encountered insu
bordination •.\u25a0 and -vwhen"' he discharged
theimany clerks they refused to go.
B.; M.TPond, ;Rice'B secretary. . drew a
revolver .to keep' from ' being, ejected
IrwJ h^ M.' He rzigv treasurer of.the/Ne
vadaiMiriMfir News; a. publication issued
by, th<> company, refused to grive up the
keys, to ."his .private safe and\ Sullivan
attacked. .him, beating:, him, severely.
Herzlgr, who is a cousin of Rice, swore
to' a warrant charging' Sullivan - with
assault with intent to kill. V. Sullivan
was arrested and' released \ on his own
recoprnlzanco to appear for hearing to
morrdw morningr. ,v, v !
Sullivan attempted to procure a war
rant' for the arrest ; of Mrs. Rice, who
had given Pond the revolver with
which the latter threatened him.
First Chinese Convert Will
Place Copper Box in '\u0084
Building- Niche
The meeting of the Occidental board
of _ missions of the Presbyterian church
in the ledtUre room of Calvary church
yesterday; was the"- largest held In the
past 16 'rhonthg. ". Durlhg the session
Mrß. H. B. Plnney, the president, ati»
ndunced ' that ;, at 2 o'clock tomorrow
afternoon /the / corner, stoiio of the
;bbard*s" new 'building' at 920" Sacra
mento street; ."which is to replace the
one destroyed by the conflagration last
year, will be laid.' r ;
A^ the clergy^of the city have been
Invited- to 'witness 'the cer^mojjles. The
copper, box Whiclt'.wlll be placed In the
stone will be deposited by ; Ngo Wing,
the board's ; first • Chinese \u25a0 convert. It
Was she .who. 12 yearflago/ placed the
box in the 'corner st one -o( the building
thatv' was •:. deiitfoyed. .After tile cere
mony there will 'be areception^at the
Grand \ Central hotel \u25a0to 'a number ' of
the missionaries who soon; will depart
f or -t stations in the far east, and' to
Mrs. .-Roberts. .. . > \u0084- i • \u25a0
; :'\u25a0\u25a0* The new,buildlngswlll. be larger, than
the dld-onet,. The plans call? for four
stories and. basement and the structure
.will/, be 'ready :; for l\ occupancy -In the
early part' of January. . .:
iAt'^he morning -seaslon Mrs. Hbra
burg? read ah -interesting letter from
Mrs.': Webber \ telling vot ? the* work ; fee
ing donelhindrthern Korea/
There present during the day
three^presidents ot presbyteries, :Mrs.
John Dunston of San J66«v Mrs. 'John
Gamble of Oakland ;and Mrs. H V 'K.
dlrc^oryiof this ; city. • Mies Gllchrlst,
secretary, general' of Arizona, also was
present.-.' r .'.di-i:Ar " \u25a0 -'. •'\u25a0 \u25a0".-: - • :\u25a0:.'\u25a0/.-::
During f the afternoon the^. meeting
was. addressed' by Rev. Dr." Kittridge on
the^corifefence held last May In China
and- by*,- Rev." 'Dr.' Sharrocks,: who
spoke 'Of the "W6rk* In ."-JCorea. . v Fol
lovMngsthis;the kindergarten vchildf eh
sang and -a trio of the ! elder/girls also
Bang-several songs i^ln -English, r c^^ 1
\u25a0The next meeting ' Will be held In Cal
vary , ; > church on the first Monday ;in
.SACRAMENTO, Augr. 6.— Among the
plans /of j. \M9 l - committee ;*6f '; control ; of
the"; national > irrigation congress is one
'for --.a'j grand, t pageant. -Ti Arrangements
«wer« ibearun ; today and • Steps i taken ; for
a\"> military I display i on i ; the arrival .* of
Governor; Chamberlain, 1 president, of; the
congress ; Go vernors ". Sparks *of Nevada,
Cutler i*of itt^ah, -; Kibby ;\u25a0 of * Arizona farid
| others.* 1 ;! It. is -planned UolhaVe a -parade
ari^d magnificent reception,; a'cayalry es
corta'ndi full salute of 19 gjuns
for^theVvisltbrs..*'* -..(".:\u25a0 i. '",":. *:\u25a0,*\u25a0
* ;\lnf addition .' tb^the. ;esc6rt" : it is prd
posed*/toJhave7 a* force **!of ". cavalry <.' and
Infantry; ihf the^parade,^ as well as^Spahi
lsh-'lwar,' veterans,* - : several. , hundred
strong. ' ; v k 3BMBBHHBSBKv v *\u25a0 C -
Securities Awarded to Two
Banks, Which Offer
Same Premium
OAKLAND, Aug. s.— The Oakland
Bank of Savings and the Central bank
have purchased the $992,000 park bond
Issue'which Was offered for sale by the
CJty council tonight. The Oakland Bartk
of Savings wag awarded the entire is
sue on its bid of par value, accrued in
terest from January 15 to time of de
livery and $520 premlcm. The Central
bank's bid was the" same. W. W.
Garthwalte of the Oakland Bank of
Savingr3 said that the bbnds would ba 1
divided equally with the Central bank
The First national bank bid on a 30
days' option on half 'of-. the bonds at
par value, accrued Interest and $5,000
premium. The same, premium was of
fered for the other half.. The council
decided that a flat offer was better
than an option tender. for the reason
that an option might not be taken up.
The council ordered the opening of
Fourteenth street from Harrison to
Alice, but sustained a' protest of Edson
F. Adams and Others against its open-
Inp and wldeiilrtg from Alice street to
To Meet ' Today to Consider
Resumption of the
The strike of the telephone operators
and the linemen of Tocal 151, which
was declared off last week, may be de
clared "on" again, for • the operators
claim that the telephone company did
not live up to a verbal agreement and
humiliated the members of the union
when they applied for work yesterday.
The company officials claimed yester
day that they knew of no agreement,
either verbal or ' otherwise, with the
union, and stfch applicants for work A*
appeared yesterday, were put through
the regular series of interrogations
such- as all applicants " for work are
subjected Mo. The . officials further
claimed. that the company was In need
of no more linemen, having filled up
the ranks from the new union recently
formed under charter of the American
federation of labor.
The members of the telephone op
erators' union reported at the tele
phone offices yesterday for work, but
wefe Informed that they would be re
quired to make formal application. The
nanies lof a number were taken and
they "were Informed that when needed
they would bo sent for." '\u25a0• " •
1 The operators decided to hold a meet
ing this afternoon for the purpose of
reconsidering the action of last Friday
by 'which the strike -was' declared off.
The members Of electrical •workers'
union, local N0.' 151, will take action in
the matter at a special meeting to be
held tonight.
The position of*lsl Is peculiar in the
fact that the union struck against the
telephone company and its action was
declared unconstitutional by Its na
tional officers. The union refused to
rescind its strike action and the na
tional body granted «i charter to the
dissenting members of 151, who there
upon Went to work for the telephone
corporation, under sanction of the in
ternational body, which .meantime re
voked the charter of 151.
Superintendent Phillips of the tele
phone company said yesterday that the
action of the operators' union as a body
was a matter of entire Indifference to
him.' He hoped to see. he said,- many
of the old employes back at the switch*
boards again.
"I made no promise to take one back
or one hundred. We- ccarn r use mor«
operators and would be. glad' to have
our former employes return until the
ranks are filled up again. That is all
there is to it. We will certainly not
take on 'any help without asking the
usual questions which any prospective
employer has a right to ask of any
prospective: employe."
Two Defendants Are Allowed to Go,
but One Is Prisoner in
When Police Judge Shortall held Ed
ward Eldrldge, Edward Turner and
Joseph Ferris to answer for robbery
last April he said: "We had, no testi
mony against these defendants until
Turner t6ok the stand. However, they
will be held' SO days awaiting their
trial, and, of course, that will be some
punishment." •
.\. Judge Shortall's prophecy of "some
punishment' 1 has / been than ful-'
filled. Eldrldge and Turner remained
In- Jail until yesterday, when 'Judge
Cook, on motion of Assistant- District
Attorney Haniey, dismissed the charge
against them. • Ferris !s;not only still
In ,i custody, , but is In the pesthouse.
having caught ;s the smallpox while a
prisoner" In the county Jail.
./•Eldridge, Turner, Ferris and Joseph
McConlsky* were accused : of holding up
Frank Stone, a. carpenter, on April 25.
and robbing him of $15. ? McConisky
was , not- held t6f answer. ' When; the
cases of Eldrldg'e and Turner w#re
called yesterday for trfal Assistant Dls.
trtct 7 Attorney Hanley announced" that
the evidence/at hand would not justify
further proceedings.' The transcript; of
the preliminary" examination contained
little testimony and most 6f, that was
conflicting, v -Judge Cook; granted the
motion ito dismiss.
AADTrb'O! tSe«e T £iUl?PUlaJ
>^lrlf\| fcIXQ Tuey also rcHeva DI3-
WPB& i*7»e>i *> \u25a0 tress Jrom Ir/spepalA, In-
*Kr I \u25a0 TkL dlgesUoa and Too Hearty
I\/£* D Eatlnff. A perfect rsm-
Xl !*.?•\u25a0 JC* edy for rjizanesa. Nausea,
H PILLS, DnnrsUieea. Bad Taate !
Ja'.7 *ff| ta tod UcxXX OcMod
S^'^i^H Tongue, pain la ttoaa©,-
regulate tl)6 Bowels. Purely Vejretable.
ICARTFR^J >V. Genuine Must Bear. .
mirn^ , Signature
Addresses Council in Regard
to His Absence From
VaLAMEDA. Aug. s.— The city council
tonight directed the city attorney to
prepare ordinances to call a bond elec
tion on the following Items: Park and
playgrounds. $125,000; site and build
ing for new school. $50,000; electric
light plant Improvements. $50,000:
Webster : street roadway. $37,000; fire
department Improvements. $25.00*0: Bay
Farm island road, $13,000; free library
improvements, $3,000; total. $305,0(10.
City Attorney 31. W. Simpson was
re-elected by a vote of ?6? 6 to 2. Council
men Noy and Bullock opposing.
-..Mayor Taylor appeared, and in a
brief addres?*presented criticisms of his
absence \ frprrt council meetings. He
said that he took exception to the
statements Which had been made pub
licly on that subject.' The mayor
thought that his presence &t all meet
ings . was unnecessary. He announced
that a mayor's office would be fitted up
in the city hall in due time.
Hotelman Asserts He Was
Handed a Dummy Bar
and Stage Liquor v
OAKLAND, Aug. s.— Peter Flexel.
former proprietor of the American hotel
at Alameda point, who was charged
by Carl Rlchter with having obtained
money by false pretenses, entered a
plea of not guilty in the superior court
today. \u2666 Rlchter, who bought Flexel's
Interest In the American hotel recently,
alleged that Flexel had misrepresented
matters to him before the' deal _ was
made by giving him to understand, that
the hotel had an Alameda. liquor li
cense, when it had not.
In the preliminary hearing .Rlchter
testified that Flexel had arranged, a*
dummy bar in the hotel, and. when the
prospective purchaser visited the place
there was a crowd of thirsty men
standing' in line waiting to be served
by the drink mixer.
Since Rlchter became proprietor of
the American hotel a few months agr^
he has been arrested by the " Alameda ,
police for selling liquor without a/
license and for operating a nickel m
the slot machine in his place. He was
found guilty on both charges and fined.
Aug. 5. — Robert D. Mitchell, a ranker, llviiig
near Spokane, and V«m Wllcot of this eitv.
were drmrned jeaterday In the Coluiabia rlT*r
near Bridgeport. Douglas county.
Do You Think
: For Yourself ?
. . \u25a0 • \u25a0 < .
Or. ca you open roar, month liks a 700x1*
bird and gulp down whiterer food or raedl-
clne maV be offered you 7
• 1 I V \ *** \u2666 • \u25a0
CA-?*oVj.rtSAn intelligent thlnkme woman.
In need ofNttjjef frora weakness, nervousness,
pani and suSuWns:. then It means much to
you tbat theresQftrtg trlfj? and trt»a _hnr,<~t
F*djHn" ot «».-}io cpvypwf^^ sold b7
druggists for I^e core of woman's ilia. '
The makers of Dr. Pierces Favorite Pre-
scription. f»r tho cure of weak, nervous, run-
down. oT€>r-worked. debilitated, pain-racked
women, knowing this medicine to be made up
of ingredient*, •rery. one of which ha.-i th»
strongest possible Indorsement of tbe leading
and standard authorities of tha several
schools of practice, are perfectly willlne. and
In fact, are only too si ad to print, as thordo.
tbe fonnuU, or list of ingredients, of which
It is composed, in plain EngtiaX on erery
The formnla of Dr. Pierca's Farorite Pre-
scription will bear the most critical examina-
tion of medical experts, for it contains no
alcohol, narcotics, harmful, or hablt-formlns
drajrs. and no acenfc enters Into It that is not
highly recommended by the most advanced
and Radius" medical teachers and author-
ities of their several schools of practice.
These antborltl»< ryoamend the Ing-red tent*
of I)r. 'yje'ee's Favorite Prescription for tha
cure^of exactly th>> saTrif BilTncnt> forwh|,'h
Lhh woriU-fnm»»<] rne<ilclne I* acivised.
-'\u2666 \u25a0:+ : * -.\u2666;\u25a0; -r«*» "
Noother medicine for woman's Ills ha* any
such professional endorsement as Dr. Plerce'a
'\u25a0 Farortte PrescriDtlon has received in thenn-
j Qualified recommendation of eich of its
: several ingredients by scores of leading medl-
j cal men of all the schools of practice. Is
such an endorsement not worthy of your
consideration ?
! *•:- + .* * f
I A booklet of ingredients, with numerous
anthoratire profeslonal endorsements by th«
leading medical. authorities of this country,
will be mailed free to any one sending name
and address with request for same. Address
Dr. R. V. Pierce. Buffalo. N. Y. " . .
The Ktovr mtor* that carries \u25a0 I
toad line •( f
Fbwnes Gloves I
in to h# depended on, f^
S. c Los Angeles Times
San Francisco Office
789 Market Street
ARTHUR L. FISH, Representative
Telephone Temporary 2121
timzm&m DR - wong woo

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