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Championship Will Be Decided
In or Near This City
By R. A. Smyth
After an almost interminable discussion, Wfllus Britt and Ben
Selig. acting for Jimmy Britt and Joe Gans, drew up a set of articles
last night and opened the bids made for a meeting between the
lightweights. Three bids were received, and one of them will be
accepted tomorrow night. From appearances the managers of the
boxers are inclined to accept one of the bids for a meeting in or
near this city.
Jim Coffroth offered 70 per cent of the gross receipts for a
fight at Colma on September 9. ,
Jack Gleason offered 75 per cent for a fight at>the baseball
park In this city on the same day. In
addition to a percentage, he guaraulaed
that the share of the fighters would
not be less than $25,000.
1 Jim May, the representative of the
;Rer 4 o Athletic club, made a fiat offer of
la J2C.000 purse for a fight at Reno ou
't September 2.
On« of the curious things developed
iby the tiresome discussion over the
Articles of agreement that the men
Eigned was the fact that Britt tried to
g-et away from making a ringside
\u25a0 \u25a0weight. He wanted to weigh in three
hours before the fight at 133 pounds,
ior. If the fight be held at night, to
;weigh In at 6 o'clock. Scllgr held out
jfrota first to last for IS3 pounds,
[stripped at the ringside, r.lthough at
jone point of the discussion lie told Britt
ithat he could take any one of the three
(weights suggested provided he named
It lest night.
Britt likes the substantial meal that
he can enjoy if the weighing in is at
j ringside, but he seemed to overlook the
ifact that every ounce that Gans weighs
lover 132 pounds makes him so much
:inore formidable. Britt appeared to be
•afraid that Gans might be defeated by
I.Memsic at Los Angeles and had a
clause inserted in the articles provid
ing that If either contestant engaged
'in another match before their meeting
'In September and was defeated he
should forfeit $2,500 to the other man.
Britt was anxious for moving pic
tures of the fight, but Selig shied at
these, saying that Gans had an un
pleasant experience with them in the
past and lost money. Britt said that
\u25a0while he received $14,000 for the fight
ers' share at Colma he received twice
this amount for his Interest in the
moving pictures. The articles signed
by the men last night follow:
This agr*enj*nt made and watered into th!s
IMth day of August, by and betww-n Bon Selis.
teprcfcentlnp 3ue Gans, and W. V. Uritt. rei>
rcsontlns Jtmrole Britt. wltoeswth:
Gang and Britt hereby agree to meet In a boz-
Ibj contest, the number of rounds of which te
be determined upon the acceptance of h'.a for
Contestants afrree to wriph la tt 153 pound* at
tbe ringside, stripped.
Soft bandages to be allowed, subject to the
approral of the referee.
Contest to be for the llghtwele'it champion
ship and straight Marquis of Queensberry rules
to gorern same.
Referee to be selected as the club promotlcg
the contest shall decide.
Both contestants to post a forfeit of $2,500
with Harry L*ap cpoa the signing of tbete
agreements, said money to go as a forfeit to
carry out all the provisions of this agreement.
i If either contestant engages in any contest
after the. signing of this agreement and is de
feated he is to forfeit $2,500, as above men
tioned, and the other provisions of this agree
ment will then become null and Told.
. If moTlng pictures are taken of the contest
tbe combined interests of tbe contestants shall
be Toted as a unii.
This contest to take place not later than Sep
tember 30. 1907.
If the parties to this agreement do not agree
as to an offer or pune upon or before August
10 then these articles shall become null and mid.
W. F. BRITT for Jlmmle Britt.
BEN* SKUG Tor Joe Gans.
Witnesses— Sam Berger, H. C Fisher, E. M.
San Francisco, Aug. 10, 1907. *
• • •
The match makers are as busy as
bees trying to bring some of the
heavy freights together. Greggains
has offered Mike Schreck a match with
Al Kaufman, Billy Delaney's big protege,
and expects to bring the men together
this month. He applied to the super
visors yesterday for a permit. Kauf
man is anxious to fight Tommy Burns,
If the latter cannot be sent into the
ring with Jack Johnson. Kaufman be
lieves he can lower the colors of the
lighter who put it on Bill Squires and
has been after him for some time.
There has been some talk of pitting
Kaufman against Squires, but Delaney
Is not giving • that serious attention
nt this time. When Squires landed
.here Delaney tried to get him on with
Kaufman, but the Australian would
not entertain the proposition. Delaney
\u25a0wanted him to prorepse he would give
Kaufman preference if he were suc
cessful In his meeting with Burns. He
\u25a0would not agree to this, so Delaney
•^Brill not go out of his way to help the
visitor to a match at this time.
• • •
Manager Coffroth said yesterday that
_ he had not clinched a m«.tch between
Burns and Johnson. CoffrOth wired
his eastern representative to obtain
'Johnson's best terms for such a match
,and with that Information in his pos
session he intended to "make an offer
to Burns. The latter has placed a high
'valuation upon his services, according
to some of his friends, as he wants
to be sure of $20,000 as his share be
fore he enters the ring. If his theat
rical venture i« not a success he prob
ably will come down in hi* price.
• • •
Kyle Whitney, the best of the boxers
developed in the four round game,
jseems In line for a big match. Coff
• roth has a promise from Mike (Twin)
Sullivan that he will meet the crack
welter weight and It is planned to put
them on some Saturday afternoon In
'September at the Meadows, Coff roth's
place near Colma. The intention Is
to put the winner of this fight on later
In the year with the winner of the
Ketchel-Thomas fight, which is sched
uled toe Labor day. This would be
tan especially attractive match, as the
winner could'clalra the welter weight
championship without any one disput
ing his right to the title.
7 • • •
Paul Martin is to box again on Fri
day night before the California club
In Dreamland pavilion, his opponent
being Tonyny Woods of North Beach.
:Ed Carter has been given another
i match . with Harry Riley. Billy Snail
ham. who graduated from the limited
ronnd fights into the 20 round game,
;Ib back' again where he started. He
has been given a match with Joe Riley.
• • •
The management of the Coliseum
rink is trying to have the next fight
staged there. It is claimed the Coliseum
can be arranged to seat a. crowd .to
better advantage than was done last
Wednesday night. Kfi
San Jose Native Sons Aroused by
Promoter's Scheme
_ SAN- JOSE, Aug. 6. — The Native Sons
ere up In arms against a proposal to
.raise a fund . of $40,000 to bring the
JGans-Britt fight to this city on Admis
•slon day. Tbe order Is planning; a big
[state celebration on that day, and ; an
jenterprlsing promoter thought that It
'•would be a big stroke of business to
p-jll off the mill at Luna park or some
'other convenient, place.
A vigorous taboo has been " put on
the scheme, however. Dr. A. C. GaPtori,
chairman of* the general arransrement^
Gans and Britt Agree Upon Terms for a Match
committee, declared this afternoon that
under no circumstances would the Na
tive Sons tolerate any such thing- here.
He said that the. order was 'planning a
celebration that would be accept
able to the better class of people, and
that a prizefight could not under any,
conditions form a feature of it.
Heavy Weight Boxer Eager for a
Chance to Meet Tommy Burns
NEW YORK, Aug. 6. — Not until this
afternoon did Jack Johnson, the big
negro heavy weight fighter, know that
he had been offered a bout with Tommy
Burns for the heavy weight champion
ship of the world at Colma on Admis
sion day, September 9. It did not take
Johnson long to accept, and he Imme
diately announced that he would start
for San Francisco at once to sign
articles and post a forfeit.
As soon as the Burns-Squires fight
was over. James Coffroth' the coast
fight promoter, began 'laying plans for
a 45 round bout between Burns and
the negro pugilist, but not until yes
terdaj* did Burns agree to fight the
conqueror of Bob Fitzslmmons.
Louisville & Nashville Com
pany Officials Notify
North Carolina
RAL.BIGH, N. C, Aug. s.— Governor
Glenn received a telegram late today
from the authorities of the Louisville
and Nashville railroad saying that
they would put the 2% cent state
rate into effect August 8. This Is the
last railroad to surrender to the state
laws, and on August 8 each- line in
North Carolina more than 60 miles
long will be using the state rate.
BIRMINGHAM, Ala., Aug. s.— No of
ficial statement was issued tonight . of
the conclusions reached at the confer
ence today between Governor . Comer,
Attorney General Garber and the as
sistant counsel employed by the state
administration to assist in enforcing
the laws affecting the railroads as to
the next steps in the case against the
Southern railway.
The governor 1 and the attorney gen
eral left for Montgomery late this aft
ernoon. While the governor would
make no statement, his advisers let
It be known that they were deter
mined to enforce the state laws at
any cost. They said that if necessary
an extra session of the legislature
would be called or troops would - be
called out to see that the state's com
mands were obeyed.
MONTGOMERY, Ala., Aug. s.— After
going over the evidence with regard
to the duty of the ' Southern railway
to provide a depot at Gaylesville, the
Alabama railroad commission refused
to consider It further today on the
ground that, as the company had no
right to do business in the state, the
commission could not tell it to do or
not to do anything.
ST. PAUL, Aug. s.— Judge E. Vandn
vente"r in the United States circuit
court Issued a temporary restraining
order today prohibiting the secretary
of state of Arkansas from forfeiting
the right of tfie Chicago, Rock Island
and Pacific railroad to do business in
that state. .v. v
AUSTIN, Tex., Aug. s.— The railroad
commission today issued a general or
der to the railroads of Texas, their
officers and employes, that the, penal
provisions of the anti free pass law
will be enforced against -all person.*
giving "or receiving free, transporta
tion or free services except those ex
pressly exempted. The commission
also declares that prosecutions. will be
Instituted in every county in the state
through which a railroad runs) of
which an employ© gives free transpor
tation in violation of the act.
Three Men Engaged in Harbor Work
Have Narrow Escape From
SAN PEDRO, Aug. 6— A steam rigged
Barnhart derrick at work near the sea
ward end of the government:break
water on the outer harbor here became
unmanageable this afternoon with tho
weight of the boom and the high wind
prevailing and was carried over into
60 feet of water.
.B. F. McMullin, engineer, was In
jured in jumping, his back being. badly
strained. \u25a0William Hart, fireman, and
Government Inspector Haskell were
severely bruised "when the tender on
which they. were standing,. turned over.
All three had very narrow, escapes.
The loss will exceed $10,000,: which
will fall on the California Construction
company, ' contractors. ".>' There was no
insurance. ~3|258
United - States ' Consolidated Company ,
Is Given Judgment Against a
: • Fresno l County Concern
LOS ANGELES, Aug. E— ln the
i United : States . district ;. court today
i Judge Wellborn rendered recisions- in
[ two cases of similar character,' up
holding the' rights of'a patentee whose
designs were alleged: to ; have been -in
fringed; upon} by numerous fruit'pack
ing concerns^and others in' the> raisin
districts. The , complainant i was ;\u25a0: the •
United States consolidated raisin i com
pany, and its right ,tothe> exclusive
right, of a patent; for; seeding J raisins
was affirmed In Its actions against the
Selma* fruit .company;: and the "Valley
foundry! and . machine works.
< The. court held that the patents were
valid r. and , that both i respondents % had
Infringed. Other actions :of. the -same
import- are still 'pending.
\u25a0 JAKES CAKHOLL OWZtf DEAD— Napa , Anp.
s.— James; Carroll Owen died: ln this city > Unlay.
He; was ia i natl»e ; of : 1 1 limits. 75 \u25a0 ronrs =of * i-cc-.
lie came acres* 'the plrtas to S'lKun In-IKX!,* n'i'i
** a <"arpealcr\bt;lli tUo arm "-aucsc '. Li tSuiTzKi'-
Wins Feature Race at the
Spa From Stablemate,
Running Water
SARATOGA, N. V., Aug. s— The
Saratoga handicap, the feature of
opening day, was, won by McCarter,
while the". Newcastle horse's stable
mate, Running -Water, was second.
Dandelion finished third. * ,
Dandelion was heavily backed be
cause of his recent Impressive :. victory
and also his sensational. race when he
ran Ballot to a nose. •£;
The' Saratoga "steeplechase, 'Which
carries $5,000 in added money, was won
by J. E. Widener's good "leaper."VEl
Cuchlllo, held at 3 to 1 in the betting.
The . Flash stakes, the $6,000 2 year
old fixture of the Saratoga meet, - went
to Fair Play. The Hastings youngster
was | much j the best and : won easily., by
a length yand half. . "
A record-breaking crowd wag at
tracted to the course.' The weather
conditions were, perfect and the track
as fast as human skill could make it.
First race,' six furlongs — Tom McO rath won,
Jacobite second. Green Seal third. Time, 1:12.
Third : race, »the Saratoga steeplechase, about
two miles — El Ouchillo won. Thlstledale second,
St. Volma third. Time, 4:10.
Third race, the Planes stnkns, fire and a half
furlongs — Fair - Play won,*: Jim Gaffcey second,
Sir denes thirds Time. 1:00 4-5.
Fourth race, the Saratoga handicap, one and
a quarter miles— McCarter, 111 (Miller), 9 to 5,
won; Running Water, 115 (Notter), 9 to 5. sec
ond; Dandelion, 117 (Radtke), 11 to 10. third.
Time, 2:05 3-0. Gallivant; Ironsides and Ked
Leaf also ran. .' . .
Fifth race, one mile— Tom Dolan won. Work
maid second, Arabo third. - Time,- 1 :"9 4-5.
Sixth race, - fire and a half, furlongs — Aim<?e
C won. Red Bonnet seconJ, Oaatessa third.
Time, 1:07. '
FORT ERIE, Ont., Aag. s.— Weather rainy.
Track slow.
First race-^-Slx furlongs, selling;, S year olds
and upward: ':
Odds. Horse and Jockey. Wt. St. %. Fin.
5-I— Trackless (Schiller) ...1«7 3 33 12
3-I— Awawexang (W. Ott) ..104 S 42 .22
12-I— Nettle Carlta (Delaby) . 90 4 2 % 3 4
Time, 1:13 2-5. Mary Curtis. Lou Niffen, Dul
cina. Autumn King. Lucy Carr. Austin Allen,
Gladys McConnell, Elkslno, finished as named.
Second race — Four and a half furlongs, sell
intr, 2 year old fillies: .
Odds. Horse and Jockey. Wt. St. % • Fin.
4-I— Whlskbroom (Murphy) .. 93 1 14 18
5-I— Wild Cberry (Shilling) .103 5. 2 % 2 %
3-I— Margot (McCarthy) 96 83n32
Time. \ :54 1-5. ' Kitty Smith. Supine, Pigmy,
Cuscowilla, Lady Handsel, Aromatize, Culture,
finished as named.
Third race— Four and a half furlongs, selling,
2 year old fillies:
Odda. Home and Jockey. Wt. St. % Fin.
\u25a0 8-s— lnauguration (McC'thy) 98 6 1 h 1 y» -.
15-I— Guarda : (Schiller) ....: 883\2 4 2 %
3-I— Baila (Shilling) ...;... 112 3 ; 3 I^3 3
Time. • :55. \u25a0 Blanor Fay, Fandango,.' Lenore G,
' Little Minnie, Gertrude Lee, finished as named.
- Fourth race— Fire and a half furlongs, purse,
all ages. •";•-'-/ - ". ' \u25a0
Odds. Horse and Jockey. Wt. St." «4 Fin.
1-I— Frontenac (J. Lee).. 1 . .104-2 2 b 1 Vt
30-I— Ben Still (E. Martin) . »0 1 1 3 2
7-2— C. Eastman (F.Burton)lls 5 3 h 3 2
Time — 1:08. Light Wool. - Usury, ..Meddlesome'
Boy. Sally Preston, Humorist, finished ::s
Fifth race — Six furlongs, selling, 3 year olds
and upward: \u25a0 . .
Odds. Horse and Jockpy. Wt. St. % Fin.
2-I— Edsely (P. Riley). .. .106 3 IV, 1 %
6-I— Bellmence (C.H.5hi1)..102 0 5 % 2 1%
3-I— Oak GroTe (W. 0tt)..102 2 2 % 2 n
Time — 1:14 1-5. Reticent, Monere. Demurrer,
Haber, Penrhyn. Berryman, Prollflc, Consider
ation, I finished as named. .
Sixth race— ll He and a quarter, purse, 3 year
olds and upward:
Odds. Horse and Jockey. • Wt. St. \u25a0 % \u25a0 '• Fin.
5-I— Woolstone (C.H.Shll).. M 1 1 1 1^
4-I— Uolinda (J. Murphy).. 108 6 2 1 2 n
2-I— Doubt -(E. Martin) .... 84 2 3 1i,43 4
Time— 2:oS. Bernie Cramer. Dorasette. King of
tbe ' Valley, Imbodcn, Ancestor, finished \u25a0as
Seventh race— Six furlongs, soiling, 3 year olds
nnd upward: ; : . .. \u25a0.";/'
Odds. Horse and Jockey. Wt. St. % Fln.i.
10-I— Kohnoflaw (W. Ott)... 09 .8 5 1%
5-2— Hartlne.,(C.n.SbMlnjr).lo2 3 2 Vj 2 1
5-I— G. Mcßrlde (F.Burton)lOO 7 6 2 3 1»£
Time— l:l4 1-5. Royal Lecend. Blacklock. Laura
' A; Melting. Nellette. Lamp trimmer, Cyclops,'
Apple Sweet, finished as. named.
First ' race, seven •- furlongs, * selling — Taunt 07,
Nellie .Racine . 97, \u25a0 St.. Jeanne -97,' Theodocia: 97,
Beatrice H. 102, Dele Strome 102. Little Lighter
107. Deriigre 107, Ayrwater 104, Fire Alarm 104,
Moongold 104; Punky 109.
, Second race.-«teep!echase, short course — Rus
sell -A- IG2. O>ell Leath.lso.-Sam Parmer,l43,
Mall Box 130. Snowdrltt 130, Croxton ISO, Fly-
Injc Plorer 138.
Third ' ; race, ' fire ' furlongs, selling — .Marion
Moore ; 100. Shirley.' R 100, » Miss Mazzonl 100,
Moliere 100, Tourmaletta 108, GilTeUcar 106.
Wlnhetka 97," Alreolar-07. • —
Fourth race, one and a sixteenth miles, selling
— Hnrmakis - 102, Charlie Thompson ,105, Peter
Knight «9, -, Reveille ; 103, \ Light Note : 100, Fac
totum 104, Matabon 93. ;"\u25a0•» • . -
Flfth ; race,;elx furlongs, celling— Wedding Ring
107,, Annie Mack 107, Sweet Fla»la; 107, Plan
tasanet 112.-. Merlingo 112. : Caramel 109. Comic
Opera 109. Brlercllff 109. New Year II 109, Jig
rer 108. Marimbo 104/, Venus 102. \u25a0\u25a0
Sixth race,' flye' furlong*, '".selling— Tomnabat
106, " Bercoo 106, 1 LlMerlne 103,' Orlamlot - 10<?
Toplofty 07, Kitty Smltli 9T, Ena 07. Lattice 100
Herenth race, sir '\u25a0\u25a0 furlongs, * selling — Reactluu
104, Oberon 104, JackKercbeTille 109, Careless
109, Arby Van 109. Alsono 109, , Koly. Poly 10T.
Prince '<\u25a0 Sllycrwlngs 107, i'Apple .- Swept '"* 102, . Don
Fonso 112,j Kricula 107, Era • Clalr 107.: x
..„•'- By : the , New . York Telepraph
. First ' raee-i-Dele S trome.": St.' ; Jeanne. * Deri ijrre.
Second r race— Dell . Leach, ; Russell " A/ Flying
Plover. 1 _:^: .\u25a0'\u25a0.-\u25a0:\u25a0\u25a0\u25a0:\u25a0' \u25a0 \- r \u25a0 , : - \u25a0:\u25a0:'\u25a0 \ ":\ •.
Third race— Marlon >toore.MoMere, Shirley -R.
Fourth race— Peter, Knight, Hannakis, Charlie
Thompson. ~ \u25a0 v .. \u25a0 \u25a0
.' Fifth race^-Merllngo, Vrnus, Jigger.
Sixth race^-Orlandot, 'foranabat, Kitty • Smith.'
Seventh ; race — Prince ; Silverwlnpi, Careless,
Oberon. . -, , .
BUFFALO, N. ,¥., Aug. . 5. — The G rand
Circuit :_i meeting X here ?•\u25a0 opened l-'Cz today,
under - unfavorable
a lights rain "falling throughout! the
four .races. : ,^' The -rain j did not 'affect
the ' track and "• fast ? time ;. was ' made \u25a0\u25a0 in
the 2:12 ;• pace c forithe;; Dominion^of
Canada purse of ; $10,000. ;' Reproaches;
winner, of the . Chamber of: Commerce
stake/ proved ..aTdlsappoihtnient^ being
unplaced. Alice: Pointer 'took -the race
in- straight Cheats/ ; ; -
; ' Beatrice! Bellini, choice In
the ; 2:16 ":trot, J ;>Justlfled -her backers;
winning; in heats. "'/-Results:
- \u25a0\u25a0' First : race, 8 year, elds, >tUe; Preparation, purse
$1,000— Belle : Bird * won i two straight ? heats , and
the race 1n2:12%. i 2:13%.'- .; : v - -
\u25a0 Seconds race.i. 2:12 pace, V Dominion of Canada
pace, i purse ; $10,000 — Alice v. Pointer i won \u25a0? three
straight ; heats . : and : the ; race ; in - 2:05^;h 2:07'^,
-. Third race. ; 2:lo : trot, ! Lafayette \u25a0 hotel,- nurse
52.000-^Beatrice Bellini won three straight heats
and'tbe race In 2:11',i.i2:08%,";2:10.'-:
: :~i Fourth 1 race/1 2:00 j pace.r pursa - $I.(loo— Judex
won, three Btralgbtiheatßilni2:lo, 2:0"U *2:11U:
4 Bodner 1 - Wv Lee^of r , CosjAn'jJreles an>J
Cuyler_ Lee. spent last' Sun Jay in ['. Cuy
ler .life's Cadillac. , J^BHHHBS';- \u25a0. > ;•,,,„
Automobile Road Racing Events Are Planned by
Santa Cruz Motorists for Next Month
Racing Program V. Under
Auspices of London
Club Opened
COWLES. Isle of Wight, Aug. 5; — In
a light breeze 30 boats started today
In half.a dozen, matches under the aus
pices of the; Royal London yacht club,
opening!; the week's yachting, pro
gram. The most' interesting event was
the handicap 'for big schooners, in
which Emperor —William's American
built Meteor started at scratch against
the German yachts Susanne and Clara
and the British yacht Adela.^
The Susanne beat the Meteor by
three minutes. The Clara was third
and the Adela last. ,
The royal ' yacht squadron regatta
will begin- tomorrow and will last four
days. The most important races .%vlll be
for.lthe cups offered by King Edward
and Emperor -William. There are twelve
competitors for the latter, the largest
entry of the whole meeting. \ t \ ,.'".'
King Edward, Queen Alexandra, , the
prince" of Wales and other members of
the royal family, after the races today,
went on. board !the Dreadnought 'and
sailed for.: Sandowne bay : .to\ witness a.
sham 'attack on the battleship ; by sub
marine '\u25a0; boats, i and target practice with
ltSibigiguns. i \^j : \u25a0
Long Imprisonment in Idaho Peni-
tentiary Reduces Miners' Offi
cial's Weight 30 Pounds
DENVER, Aug. s.— William D. Hay
wood, * secretary and ' treasurer of the
western federation- of miners, was; at
his desk in the headquarters of the
federation this morning. A" constant
stream of visitors poured through the
room, offering greetings and their con
gratulations on his acquittal of the
charge of complicity in the 'murder of
former Governor Steunenberg of. ldaho.
Hay wood expressed his pleasure at
his reception on his arrival last night:
He looks well, although he says. he. is
30 pounds lighter than when- he -was
arrested. He expects to remain in Den
ver for some time arid as soon as pos
sible will take up his work where he
dropped it. \u0084
NEW YORK, Aug. ; s.— Mrs. Richard
Mansfield: has telegraphed." from Sar
anac lake to former Judge Ditten
hoffer,- counsel for Richard Mansfield,
stating that the rumor . that \u25a0 Mansfield
had. had a serious:: relapse Is untrue.
She ! says that he: had a badrattck of
sciatica, due to the damp \u25a0 weather, but
that he is improving.
By R. R. I'Hpmmedleu
Automobile events are coming along
on the high gear. One event is no
sooner, proposed than another is an
nounced. From now until the rain sets
in it will be one round of pleasure for
the automobile owner.'. The Lakeport
run -and the Wilier hill climb are mat
ters of history, and as an aftermath the
California-Nevada automobile company,
which handles the Steams I car, has
challenged the White company to race
its steamer over the same course for a
5100 sliver cup.
The White company has accepted the
challenge and. both companies. will use
regular stock cars. This will mean
another, trip' to one of the .most
tiful spots in the country. .-; -
; Next Sunday there is to be a series
of automobile races on the track at
Concord. Reports from those who have
seen , the track at that place are most
favorable. The track is said to he one
of the best, for automobile racing In
the state. Many ; of the local owners
are going to put their cars in the con
Yesterday Ti- was announced that
there was to be a great automobile day
at Santa Cruz September 21. One of
the'main: events. will be a 150 mile road
race. .The races and .other automobile
features are being handled by several
enthusiasts who -are 'forming a new
organization. . It is likely to be the
greatest in the history of the automo
bile game, up to the present time In the
state.. Some very handsome and valu
able "trophies .. are to be offered. ' The
races are Ito be so attractive that every
one v who has a car with any speed will
takefpart. *tThe"' road^ race will be run
withlno limits to speedJVV.
"•^.ThoseHwhoyare handling the eve"nt
have" I ; laid .out a" ,15' riiile course, /which
Is" to* be covered 10 times. A petition is
'the \u25a0 supervisors ' of ' Santa Cruz
courity : asking for permission to hold
the race on ' the • roads there.
. Twenty-five deputy sheriffs, armel
with stop watches, cameras, flags and
any other implements that they may
,believe to be of advantage in holding
up? and getting evidence on speeding
automobiles, will take'the road between
San - Rafael Sausalito' today and
.will : lie in wait' for . benzin^ buggies
.whose .'drivers are " exceeding the • speed
limit. War againstj all auto 3in gen
eral arid .speeding aptos in particular
.was- declared "by the Marin county
board 'of supervisors yesterday and \u25a0the
army of ; deputies was the result.
;Twenty miles an hour on straight
stretches "of 'the county road has been
the, speed limit set by the ; supervisors
for some time. Finding that, this law
was being x violated- by almost . every
auto that found" occasion to ; pass this
way, despite glaring white signs posted
at the roadside ; warning their
against such'practice, the supervisorial
board waxed wroth' and arranged the
special meeting which was held yes
.The cameras in the hands of the dep
uties will be >used;^ to clinch." cases
against- drivers who speed by heedless
of .the call to halt ' arid ; are subsequently
arrested. Each photograph _so taken
will "' become a matter of record and
LOS ANGELES, Aug. 6.— The fight
against pugilistic encounters in this
city was renewed in the city council
today, when Councilman Wallace in
troduced another antiboxing ordinance.
The measure does not prohibit pugi
listic encounters, but if it becomes a
law it will remove all the attractive
ness which the game might have to
those interested in the sport. It pro
vides that all contests shall be limited
to 10 rounds, that there shall be no
third. man in the ring and that there
shall be no decision. The measure is
patterned after the law which obtains
in Philadelphia, with some modifica
This is virtually the same measure
which was defeated here some months
ago. but just now there is a fair chance
of it being enacted, although the pro
moters of the fight game here are
fighting hard to kill it.
SAN DIEGO. Aug.-, s.— Engine 724,
drawing a freight train whichjeft here
over the Santa Fe for Los Angeles this
morning, blew up this afternoon .two
miles from \u25a0El Toro.
Fireman O'Connell was so badly in
jured that he died soon after the ac
Conductor Phillips and Engineer G.
P. Luce were badly injured, -Engineer
Luce losing both legs. The* conductor
was riding on the engine steps at the
time of the explosion.
All of the injured live in Los Angeles.
; TURIN, Aug. 5. — The Stampa printed
an interview today with Premier Gio
llttl in which he was quoted as reiter
ating that the government would not
change its policy owing to the anti
clerical agitation in. Italy. He added
that the strictest orders had been is
sued to prevent violence and protect
churches, convents and other religious
property, but the government would
not Intervene in any fashion.
will.be kept. in a gallery for future
reference in case the same machine
is held iip a second time.
The supervisors explain their action
against the auto by declaring that few
business machines frequent this side
of, the bay and that as a consequence
teams, which are. required to be on the
roads, are in danger from machines
whose occupants are on pleasure bent.
They declare that all culprits gathered
in \u25a0 will .be . harshly, dealt with regard
less of : who they may be.
Edited by
/Detroit Takes Lead in
American League Pen
nant Race
Clubs— Won. Lent. P>t.
Detroit 57 33 .«ttn
Chicago 59 S3 .<WS
Philadelphia 53 37 .53*
Clereland 53 41 .37.":
New Tork T. 44 49 .47;:
Boston 3S 84 ,4i:t
St. Louis 37 o« .39*
Washington 23 63 .308
WASHINGTON, Ausr. s.— Detroit Jumped into
first place today by winnloz -both game* of the
double header. Washington's three errors la tl>#
first same were costly, while- Donovan held
Washington safe la the second. Scores:
First jrame — R. B. E-
Washington 2 -S »
Detroit. .....8 TS 3
Batteries — Graham. Gehring, Heydoa and
I Block; Slerer and Payne.
Second came — K. , H. *\u25a0 B-
Washington 2 -32
Detroit S 12 1
Batteries — Smith and Heydon; Donovan and
, NEW YORK. Aug. s.— New Tort ontplayed
the Chicago Americans today, sendiajr tbe vis
itors to second place is the pennant race. Pat
terson was batted oat of the box in toe first
inning and Whits was relieved by Walsh In the
third. Score:
R. H. E.
Chicago 4 « 0
New York 0 XT 3
Batteries— Patterson. White. Walsh. Bush.
SnlllTan and McFarland; Hogg and Kleiaow.
BOSTON. Ang. 5. — Boston won today's gam*
In 12 Innings. Pruitt's lack of control did not
count in tbe ran setting. Boston saved the
zame by pattlntr Hoey and Grimsbaw to hnt
for Cricer and Prnitt and won in the twelfth
with a batting rally. Score:
n. n. c.
Boston ........3 14 1
St. Louis „-. 2 10 O
Batteries — Prultt. Wlaler. Criger and Shaw;
Dineen and Spencer.
PHILADELPHIA. An*. s.— Philadelphia took
both games of a double header from Cleveland
today by hard hitting. Scores:
Flrat same — R. H. E.
CleTeland .: : 2 T S
Philadelphia 8 S 1
Batteries — Joss and Clarke; Plank and Power*.
Second game — R. H. K.
Cleveland 6 10 7
Philadelphia 12 13 5
Batteries — Bernhardt and Clarke; Bartle*^
Hope, Waddell and Powers.
Won. Lost. Pet.
Chicajro 71 25 .T4O
Plttsbnrjr B» S3\ .«1*
Xew York 55 3S .501
Philadelphia 50 40 .s.*^
Brooklyn 42 53 .44C
Cincinnati 42 - 5.1 .442
Boston 38 55 .4ii*»
St. Louis 23 73 .ICS
CHICAGO. Aug. 5. — After Ames' had el^en
Chicago a Rood lead by his wlWnrss he scttl**!
iltvwn and pitched a fine game The T!sltr>r» hit
Taylor and tied the score and won in the ni:iS>.
r. ii. r.
Chlcaeo 4 « "
New York :. Z 1t "t
Batteries — Taylor and Moran; Acm auit lir:-*
ST. -LOUIS. A«ff. 5. — Philadelphia m-»«!o;f""^
ont of fonr over St. I/>nl.* totla.r. wfinips » *! •"
less game. In which botlt pitchers wore liit f f'r.
ScOre " i:. n X
St. Louis 2 *T
Philadelphia ." 11 ?
Batteries — Lush and Xoonati: Bruwa ai.l
No Longer Doubt of Ability to Kesp
Schedules After the Omaha
OMAHA. Aug. 5. — Motor car No. 10
left Omaha at 9:03 o'clock this morning
as the last of the second section of the
overland limited train No. 1. maninrr
the run. of 290 miles from Omaha to
North Platte in eight hours. The
time of the overland limited as sched
uled is eight hours and thirty minutes.
The run from Omaha to Denver, 55S
miles, was made in 21 hours 22 minutes,
being delayed-west of North Platte six
hours and 34 minutes by washouts.
This car will go Into regular service
between Carr and Denver August 3. and
is expected to perform a dally service
of 172 miles. There is no longer any
question as .to the ability of these cars
to perform the service required.
dr. xiii^a. vjUI jL\l
Tie Leading SpeclAllst. '*'*•• vlt
For over 17 jears I hare confined my
practice to the special ailments of men.
For inch disorders as SPERMATOR-
which absolutely and for all time
CURE. These methods are strictly
' original with ma and knows to no
other specialist.
Weak and nerrooK men, or those suf-
fering from any private disease, should
call on me at once. I make absolutely
NO CHARGE " for it friendly talk, and .
my.^adrlce- win. be Taluabla, whether
treatment Is begun or not. Writ* if
yon cannot calL Hours : l> a. m. to ."»
p. m.: evenings, 7 to 9; Sundays. 10 to
"1 only.
qjL FiSfilSG, -
r^ lV l SPORTINGand
1023 MARKET ST. '
jj^a^i! M£HANDWOME».
\3— Big Ofor annatar»J
fiX£&f blbt <**r»-\£ <ll»eh«r£««,lna»miii»:ion«.
MZ>tf G«»r««u«d M irriUtloo* or qla«raUon«
X- -jf j*X' '* "'}**"• •< aatoti m«Bbrtg^
EFT.!™ Ems CHt.Hiau.Ca." Sl« wViw^SL"**?*
VrtJ^awsiun.o^W^ Sold by Xtrumnml
i-T?THhi -itßrffl b? •*»"»». 9r«s«M jo»'
"*-X^!3^Ky^P S.«-W.«r»!>«>ttl-Wri.Ts
i £3SS' r V. G» CUouSaf nnt oat«a t« vii.t_

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