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i~~ - \u25a0--\u25a0\u25a0\u25a0
The San Francisco Call
JOHN D. 5PRECKEL5.................... Pr0priet0r
CHARLES W. HORNICK..,. .General Manager
ERNEST S. SIMPSON:...JV.;..^..;."::ManagIng Editor
J- Addre— All Communication* to THE SAX FRAJfCMCO CALL.
.-. Telephone "Temporary S8 M — Am* tot .Tlie C«IL The Operator Will Co«-ect
Yon With the Deportment. You Wish. C . n
BUSINESS 0FF1CE... ...... -.Market and Third Street*, ' San Francisco .
Open Until II O'clock Every Night in the Year.
" EDITORIAL , BOOMS Market and Third Street*
MAIN* CITY 8RANCH::... ............ ...1651 Fillmore Street Near Post
OAKLAND OFFICE} — 468 11th SL (Bacon block) > .Telephone Oakland 1083
I ALAMEDA OFFICE— I43S Park' Stree'i. ........ .Telephone Alameda £S»
I BERKELEY OFFICE— S"*£ Cor. pen fer and Oxford. Telephone Berkeley 77
\u25a0 CHICAGO OFFlCE— Marauette BMgv. .C.. George KrqgrneßS. Representative .
"|. KEW YORK OFFICE~?OTribu-.e' Bl3g. . Stephen B. Smith, Representative '
, _ subscription, rates
• Delivered by Carrier. 20 Cents Per Week. 75 Cents Per Month. Single
Copies 5 Cents.
S u " 'V : Terms by Mail, Including Postage (Cash With Order):
DAILY CALL (Including Symlay).. 1 year. $8.00
DAILY CALL (Including Sunday),. 6. months ; *ir
DAILY CALL— By single month :.... v .. < &C
SUNDAY CALL, 1 year '*- ' 280
WEEKLY CALL. 1 year ' 1 - 00
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r POSTAGE. \ weekly $1.00 Per Year Extra
' ~ Entered at the United States Postoffice as Second Class Matter.
\u25a0 Sample Copies Will Be Forwarded When Requested.
Mall subscribers in ordering change of address should be particular to
give both NEW AND OLD ADDRESS in order to Insure & prompt
and correct compliance their request. : "_^-,
THAT sturdy beggar among the corporations, Spring Valley,
carrying its hat in one hand and a club in the other, is now
swinging the club. Publicity spoiled its plan to fill the hat
with city money by whining mendicancy; now the beggar
threatens. The latest move of the water monopoly has been to
reduce the pressure in its mains in certain districts, chiefly the
.Western addition, and to serve notice on the consumers of these
sections that they must be economical or they will have no water
at all. The beggar corporation, .refused alms,, is turning ugly.
Give it $160,000 of public money or it will force the public to go
without water.
The pretense on which this impudent beggary is advanced
has not the slightest foundation. The company has. an ample
water supply. -It has so -declared. On the "testimony of the cor
poration's president there is now on hand a sufficient supply for
the consumption of IJOOO days. The plant may or not be adequate,
but .the deficiency, if any, is not serious and can be readily met.
Quite possibly this may require an assessment on the stock, but
the amount cannot, be- .large,,. even if we accept the statements of
the corporation officials. .. .
\u25a0 The demand that the -tax payers should supply this money
is preposterous and .not to entertained for a moment. The
merest- statement of the nature of that demand is sufficient to
demonstrate its unjustifiable maurey-. Here is a company-declaring
on; oath; that its property is worth, upward, of $50,000,000, .. and
yefc iJ? cebnes, hat in hand, asking the tax payers of. San Francisco
to make a gift of a considerable snm^to be invested for the com
pany's benefit, to add to its plant and improve its facilities. That
is to say, the tax payers- are asked to increase- the investment on
which they must pay interest in the shape of water rates. Jn
other words, the public is implored to give $160,000 to the com
pany'and subsequently to pay interest on its own money forever.
It is an impudent and unconscionable demand, backed by threats.
Of course, the. city will not accede to any such imposition,
and "the owners of the water plant, must get out of their difficul
ties Ijy their ov» m efforts. Other people lost money and property
by r .tfie fire and have had to make up their own losses.; Spring
.Valley, must do the; same.
From the beginning of its history the water, company has
,been' a "positive injury to San Francisco. In former years it was
the, clue"f. Corrupting influence in local "politics. Always its charges
liave ...been exorbitant. Now it comes alternately begging, and
threatening. It is time ; that these unsatisfactory relations .were
ended by getting rid of this corporation forever as far the water
supply of the city is concerned. San Francisco should '.own its
water and will, doubtless, be willing to pay a fair price
for- such part of the Spring Valley plant as may be needed, but
the buyer and not the seller will fix the price.
VIRTUALLY* unanimous concurrence will be given to Super
visor d'Ancona's proposal to rebuild the city and county
hospital on the old site or on almost any other site than
: the calnrshouse tract. ; There js a very general agreement
among all ~who have given the matter attention that a mistake
was made when the almshouse tract was chosen as the future
location of the hospital. That neighborhood is the worst possible
choice for hospital purposes. It is damp and fog steeped. Trie
suiftmer trade winds, are harsh' and there is no shelter. Above
all;, the place is distant from, the center of population. It would
be almost inhumaa to insist on transporting sick people Ho such
a distance-over .high. hills, and bad roads. Altogether, no worse
locatiori' for a hospital; could be found on this peninsula.
'•^ome -money has .already been raised on bonds for the con
"truttioh ;of a hospital. There may be 'some legal difficulty about
tHeriuse.of.that money for a location not contemplated or specified
in;"tW- -vote for bonds, but;presutnably this objection, can be overr
com^-The people, doubtless, have the power and right to rescirid
their former 'action by^flie*". same method of election. /There \u25a0 can
not be any doubt that when tlie question is submitted" to "change
the location the vote will be decisively in favor of 'the'bld site.
The place is convenient in , every and we do 'not believe
thaf the "residents of the neighborhood .will make objection. A
hospital 15 really a good sanitary neighbor.
We' hope that the proposition will be pressed. Present condi
tions "are disgraceful. . TheyJ would have been reformed long ago
had it. not 'been for .the .worthless and incompetent administration
with which this city has been cursed for two years: It is: a
pleasure once more to find men in control who take hold and' do'
something for the good of San Francisco!
' ?*'•\u25a0\u25a0 \u25a0•* - . - \u25a0 -
IT might seem.^as' if ', irrigating, communities;^ were a^ quarrelsome
•folk. We heard isomethingof 'this in connection with the Truckee
project, but the Nevada people were peaceful when compared
- -with the bristling belligerence of the communities on the lower
Colorado river. Yuma and the Imperial valley are as busy as fan
anthill in an earthquake.. Knives are out and tongues unsheathed^
The protagonists of .this unlovely squabble invite the public
to attend and ; participate in -the free fight which they- propose to
\u25a0 pull" off in [ Sacramento at - the_ end of this month • by; way of • pre
Two Views oi ' Langdon by Perfidious Willie
liminary to the national irrigation congress. ...Ajngry.. charges, are
made, involving the integrity of the_ rQCjamation^ service and its!
officials. Waste and- favoritism are alleged in the prosecution of
the work. ? It is probably true, that the government work is 'more
expensive than it might be if done by private enterprise. ' On the
other hand, it will probably be done in a more' thorough and sat
isfactory fashion. Yet as the. settlers are partners. in the enterprise
and will, in the last resort,- foot the bills, they 'haye'the undoubted
right to be heard. The slightest acquaintance with the methods
of bureaucracy shows how difficult it is to get such rights recognized:
This dispute, however, is by no means one sided, nor is* it alto
gether a wrangle between the bureaucrats and .tlie settlers. There
is a third party, whioh assumes the name of .the Yuma County water
users' association. This .body officially declares that the objector's
are merely a lot of disgruntled soreheads, nqt^at all^epresentative
of the real sentiment of the cpmmunity. We shall not pretend any
knowledge of the merits- of the ; controversy, but will -rejoice to
keep a ring for the~scrappers when they come together at Sacramento.
THERE seems to be no good reason! why people residing along
the line of the Geary street -railway should be denied the
use of that road pending the installation' of a' municipal plant/
The present denial of these facilities causes^extremel conges
tion 'oh parallel lines in the rush hours. Doubtless .it suits trie
United! Railroads t very • well that the ;Geary; street f road .should
continue to be tied up, but the board of • supervisors- is- in- no wise
concerned 1 to fatten tlie balance sheet ', of that corporation^ "/ ;
;The supervisors 'are apparently "committed'; to ;-the :\u25a0: constructipii
of- a municipal railway on this .line, although theTexpenditurebf. so
niuch^pubHci.money.on -an experiment^^ seems injudicious at a .time
wheq;real ii6eds]pr^ssj so;hafd-bn;thejjtr^
work "is undertaken'at wilH be^s^mertifiievtijbfore a pick is driven
iriltlie'ground; ; /Tlie-'engirie;erii^ departments' of the city
gQvernmen^ they are getting ready
trie, people along the . line should not be deprived of transporta
tion.'. It' is three years now since - the ;fir§t moQey^ fo» '^his' purpose
was from the city treaguryj ;ani-^thc*-'plaps are not
muchi faTtherVadyariced^than
/.--' : f -- t .--. . . :\u25a0•=••\u25a0• \u25a0;\u25a0-. '•;• \--[r- : ; » i: " ;\u25a0: > ' '\u25a0\u25a0;.,
S^EAKlNGof'the^cbming^isi^to^ Gapps, v
. chief; naval constructor, :and^K^rnifa,V\
bureau of /equipment,^
• idea of a ; San Diego i. naVy yard is "an 6ld,- dld^story and not
ahl emergency^ scare^"^ That- is'vyery^ true.;^ ThWidlr!ull| a^outwar
neyef had" either; basis* or " accepta^
imperatively, demand- incrieased- facilities-on itliis: coast. X- Speaking
pf^the copsiiderati6nß-:tliat^goyerh
navy; yard site and;. coaling \u25a0 station :tlie\TfanscrjptJa^dsT:i' . "
It' is;^^the:^^ southernmost of , the ' goo^'-- Pacific -"poTts-'df Cthe .^UnitVd/'States, 1
holding 1 the same geographical 'relation to San Francisco'; whrchy isV held' by;
the" new navy, yard; at • Bremerton on I Piiget sound. -^ Its importance will :. be
enhanced by; the : of: the Panama'canal.:; /If Japanldid;' not' so
niuch; as t exist, v and"; if I there \u25a0 never * had \u25a0; been any i friction'; witH \u25a0 the niika^b's
goVernrnent;Ut¥would f still\- remain^ true "on general f prinqples v that;*n ade
quatej naval station at ; San Diego 'would 'be "a T4T 4 wise 'investment 'for the ''.tJnited
States, .looking . to broad considerations of the national* 7 defense jon the
Pacific'ocean. • San Diego ; possesses one of the best" harbors in the world.'
The equipment of a. navjr yard ;'at Sari Diego is no war 'measure;
It^ould; probablgt^e hajf a dozen^
in^or^r; 'but^the^ork jhould w^^
Panarria:'canal'.is:ope*ned..-.7 J.;— -trr-^-r-r-^"-" \u25a0'"\u25a0 t -- : --"— >---- : -"'^"'' l^--^ ::i . J-L-"v:^'^J -L-" v:^ '^
When Hearst Thought He Controlled "the Prosecuting A ttorney; and--'
whentnerfrosecutmg:'AttQmetf.K^ lcufi the Hearst Program
In Railway Circles
THE Southern Pacific has a big
force of men grading the "road
from Redwood' City to the bay, and
... at Newark the road already, has
been graded to the water's edge and a
pile driver has commenced driving the
piling for the Dumbarton bridge. From
appearances it look's 'as 'if '.there ..will be
no' time lost" on the construction of
this line.
A meeting : of the \ California associa
tion of traffic agrents has. been called at
the rooms of the Transportation' club
for Saturday evening, when the Impor
tant project of holding a ladies" night
will be" discussed. George G. Frase'r
also announces ; the following baseball
events: August 11. Southern Pacific
freight claim department at Freeman's
park, "Oakland; 1 ' Saturday afternoon,"
August 17, Pensacolas, at Goat # island;
September 8, '< Los .Angeles Transportat
ion club; September 9, Santa Barbara
Elks. | Also a half mile swimming, race ;
50 -andNlOO yard fdashes, open to mem
bers fof Los Angeles and San Francisco
transportation *\clubs." Several ' entries
are in. All must' be In the hands of the
secretary 'l byi'September 1. . Th.ere also
.will ; be:: a T game on September' 15 with
the Santa Rosa team at Santa Rosa.,
: , A : new . rate has been put into effect
bylthe transcontinental lines' for. honey,
which, it is believed, ; will have the ef-,
feet of inducing ; farmers to enter more
largely ; lnto . the. raising, of NN _ bees. For.
some time past the Califorriian; lines
have carried a' carload 1 of strained
honjey \u25a0 tor. 85 cents per 100 pounds from
terminals ; to ; eastern . , territories, ! and
frpm'tnterioV "points to7the same. terri
tories .the irate v has ; been 1 11.10 per 100
pounds. i' The *• differential in favor of
the 'made'; It 'necessary for the
producer^ of honey to , sell his product
<o|*the '.refiner, at "the; terminal. .
, 'It "now; has .been determined ' to can-.
qel : ' both ' of ; the '. rates ' and substitute
theref pr Ltne": rate of $1. per" 100 pounds,
whiehj will \ apply : from both terminals
airt? Intermediate--- points." 'This will
ha:ve the'eff ect of .putting • the . producer
onithesame basis' as the refiner at the
terminals.-- "'~ \u25a0/.:.;," v ' '\u25a0
I -FoP'Bome 'time -past the ' Southern Pa
dlflc has been experimenting with a va
riety? of: coals Ito secttre^argood burning
cQke;and -has fsolved the prob
lem. %i ..These > experiments have been
rnaae at \u25a0.tne ; 6venfplant^which- has-been
installed at "Alameda' point. /A flneTcoke
has ; been : sent to the general .office for
approval,^ which,' it r ; is thought, 'will
prove 'ah ' admirable ; substitute \u25a0 f 6r_coal. %
On '• and .{ Ohio": road , coke
19 extensivelyTused lon :,the; locomotive's
and: bejtter" results hay been" obtained,
it.'ls|Baid,:thanlwlth*coair..being cheap
*r'and'bufnlng";rn6rer slowly. -
•> J. , H. -'Crpoker. . an Textra ,'\u25a0 brakernan
Iii T the; employ- of C the i Southern ;: Pacific',
has v confessed^that- he -is v responsible
fori the '^derailment -"of "the ; passenger
trajnjin- the ißoseyille^yards ; last^week,
whehitwo"or,three persons were'sllght
ly> huftT .;.' He '", say s ? that *he ' believed \u25a0•\u25a0 th«T
switch- was :' being.isplit : by v train
and* threw? the : switch. There was "no
malicious intent pn~ r his part.
.i \u25a0* E. E. : Calvin, ; geheralj manager 'of the
Southern : Pacific,'; Is I making a; tour *of
inspection of the lines In the north. .
; . <i J. ; H.l Griffin, ;who ; attends; to * the pas
senger,; Interests r of .the"! Canadian Pacific
Is in British Columbia. . HBHB
Reproduces missives written "By Secretary' of
State Root, William Jennings Bryan and the
American Minister to Spain, W* M.:Cpllier
_\u0084,_. \u25a0 • - • yr\ XE of my friends;:a-yoting man 'of; a 3 ;
Ehhußoot Scores ( \ !iterary t^n -of mind,^bought, a iype
the Hearst Papers Vi/ wr i te r some time ago. , One day, while
he was trying to master the art of manipulating *tnVfce£tto«d; it occurred
to. him that he could put his practice work to an interesting use by inditing
letters to some of " the \u25a0 world's Stable "irhea. pn' themes .of pubfovimpprt.
Among Others- he wrote' to ' Sc'cfeta"ry :
Bryan .'and William; MilUr^CqJirer* ~. Anitrtci^^n^gsaddr ;Tt o jKSri^*He^
received replies toialhof? his -missives; and- wfi'^ '.l ifsited hirfif at _pi^spjnj£,
yesterday he permitted me to '• of* the* coniintimcatforiS|9i».-te.s
three .distinguished 'men- 'iam«d^^CT«tarir.*;l|^^.^^i»^elf^sS^y
tory Jand" is giveh^ herewith r A •- ""'•[ [\u25a0_' \u25a0 \u25a0•* / '"'' -•<-•'• \u25a0 *\u25a0-'•*,-*:.-»*-:•* •*-i:-*^ '\u25a0<\u25a0\u25a0\u25a0
\u25a0Department of State;^ Washington.— pW/Sirr'.l^h'fYe^d a|khdwle^d^e;'
your* letter and to" thank for your kind -;ex|)rc«si»a':^egarain;g..the r at-^
tacks upon me in. the . Heafat. neivispapers. \ : Of^coufseV when rl*-aaid 'What-"
I. did about Mr. Hearst's unfitness- to b^^ayexnoc^i'^Jt^.YPl^M^^^^
at Utica 'in the campaign 1 of X?o6^ I ;k*ne>^fiat^;;shdutd,be*:-pj^SU** ff bj*Mn. r f
Hearst in his newspapers... L- relieve my self v-frcmanno^^
ing his papers. I really know of :rl 6; idequatje r r enaedy-' for ..s'ac^*?i6iuiiiss,j \u25ba
Our law of libel, as it is, administered, affords practically^ nc»"'Te3'ress. "Tfte '
only* thing that a man can rely upoti apparejitfy -is" the knowledge of A !iJi'
character and' conduct which.- exists among the'-people -of the^Cominunity'-"
in . which he has lived and ' their \u0084unwiningn.e;ss' . to '. believe! '\u25a0'fß'e ; 7. > "f^]t^r : and .,
defamatory statements of stich ne.vfs papers- as ".Mr-", Hearst gublishei.
truly yours, . ... . v !- "s" s .".. y'^ELLHU-- ROOI^v :;:/
f fhn '\u25a0' C€ive - d b^ my :Tri^ d frtim 'Wimaw-"^^;
Of the Democracy nings" Bryan aroused much curiosity "in {hi* T
mind, for it seems to have been made with-arrubber stamp. Is.it-i>oi9ibfeV
that the great chieftain of the democratic party uses .a"' die- to., affix his'''iig*v
nature to his letters? Bryan's letter 'is as follows: c
Lincoln, Neb.- — My Dear Sir:' "I; find .your fayorV.upoh my* rettrtii" tp^
the city. It is difficult to look very., far -ahead in politics} but- at . prcaenfr.i
the outlook for the democratic party seems td" be' growing brighter/ parfljr"
because of a growth, in public sentiment to. democratic prjnciple3r
and policies and partly because of the fact that the- fepublicai>- party "}s*
divided and the democratic party practically, united. Very, truly
t ; ' "W.J. BRYAN,; "^
Spain's Royal Babe Whe " my riend wrote to Amb a^or:col
r' M + n i*u requested him to send. with the let
1S M OSt nealtny ter of reply , a pijbtograp.h- of the 'newly >ofn ,
heir to the Spanish throne, if it ; were convenient .ta d 0..50... 50.. Minister... Co W
Jier's answer follows:. ; -.. \u25a0 -"•'• ' ' -"-' : :j .-;.\u25a0—.. \u25a0• :.• \ii *••:
American Legation,*Madrid— Dear Sir^'ln ariswer^-^^^
of inquiry, I would.^say.jhat diplomatic- regulations' as well -as proprieties.'
make it improper for niej:to discuss thef jdyaf \u25a0family .ex cfe^t m'rhy ijisi"
patches to 'the secretary of^state:' I think, vhpwever, it -is perniisiible for.
me to tell you that the. prince of the Asturfcisy.ihe newly born heir, 'is *"
most healthy child, 5 weighing j at the "time, .of his .births-four kilog.. lifVlja's"
blue eyes and' a fair complexion.*: : No : photograph "oi the'liifant- prinxjc'ha*
yet- been- published, in- Madrid. *-I am, £?r,'ve*ry i-espectTqlly. yours, '\u25a0' -'"""-' \u25a0J
The Smart .Set
: : mi i CHARMING surpri?e.;.^aa ' \u0084ffjY€yi;
j\ \u25a0\u25a0'' to i army" circles". around, the -bay:
A-\ > .seVerardaysago when" Mrs; Pick-
TT erlng, ,wif§! ".o£ .MajprJ Pickering',
announced the ; engagement \u0084 of -tjielr
daughter Yeteve to " 'Captain \u25a0 /Kirby
.Smith of the." Fourteenth "cavalry." -The"
announcement wa3 made at a . regi
mental tea given at Mrs. Eiekering*a
honie at the Presidio' of Jlooterey. For
more than a year the Pickerings were
stationed at Alcatraz island,, and this
charming, traveled - and , well -read
daughter of the house endeared herself
to all of the Twenty-second Infantry. \u25a0
The wedding, which will b* a full
military, affair, will be celebrated in
November. • » -
• • *
r Miss Eastman of Sacramento, who is
well known and popular -in society
circles in this city, will leave todajr for
the east, and. upon her return in about
a month will spend several weeks with
her cousins, ex-Governor Henry T. Gage
and his wife, at their country place near
Los Angeles.
'.:*, - * •. •"\u25a0;
Mrs. Silas Palmer (formerly M 133
Olive Holbrook) returned yesterday
from an eastern trip. She was a guest
of Captain and Mrs. Robert McMillan at
Moultrle near Charleston. After a bxtef
visit here with her father, Charles Hol
brook, the remainder of the. summer
:. Personal Mention .*.
John J Hay, a London merchant, la -at
the Fairmont.
C. P. Balrd and wife of Santa Maria
are at the Ilamlln. 1 ; |_|l^^S_i
.R. ( A. Rogers and wife of Sto.clcton
are at the Imperial.'
• T. \u25a0 . M. . Sloan of .Los- Angeles a.
guest> at -the -'St. Francis.. \u0084:-..
J.- 0.. Wade and wife' of ' Kansas- City •
are guests at ; tho Hamlin.- - •* \u25a0 ?*';.*•< :
N.P. Cummins arid wife of Chicago'
areguests at tlie ' . " ; : . % ; '
M.: S. Hagar and. wife- of New.*: York'
city are staying. at the. M"ajestic, :..
Cecil Anderson and wife of Chicago
arrived at the Majestic yesterday.- -.- •
\u25a0 JA-iJ. and John^ lUli.;6f Anaconda^*'
Mont., are registered at the Jefferson. ":'
Peter Lefnngwell and wife of New '
York city: are guests at the Dorchester.
* E. r L. "Wilson, wife and daughter of
Reno are guests-at' the Majestic -an-^
nex.'rr.V-:v ?-''• : - -': ' ' - . • »,
James .A. Ginson, a Los Angeles' at- 1
torney, arrived at the S.a'voy yester
day. - ' ;\u25a0. -'\u25a0 \u25a0... I • - - -.->'•
C. G.;Patrick and L. B. Curtis.\Den-'
ver businessmen, are ..guests *at the*
Hamlin. r^ffiMKHfe . ....; . ;
J. F. Ricks and wife -arrived from,
Eureka, yesterday "\u25a0 morning, havins
made the Journey by -automobile. They.,
are 'staying: a Y the Baltimore." - •
-. Conditions in California
-;T_» California Promotion committ««' wired the followlac to \tk «t '">- " "
- Calif craia temperatures for the past 24 hoars: \u25a0 •4. - . . '." *". -~\
V - : Mlaimuni, «2 Maximum 63
»*n £ ranciaco. .-..*...._... i_»; ft, " ' y; > ___ .- \u25a0, . . . .- .-..
;t-i&b to Halleck" £V££. Jos £St^!^ l " t"**"
AUGUST 8, im
\sP>* «^C 2** s fAi -at sb^r.x home \. a,t 'iritr*
\u25a0y^tf-i'"i\j>%» *.«:».•* .1- >»\u25a0:-\u25a0--..;.•- z. *3>. 3**-»t.:
'. ' *r* ',•.*'££>> "^r- £.*, » .\u25a0*-?'?-.\u25a0• ?.~rt'>-rzn s x i
; Jiiss Estell Stevens ;<*£,
,who has been the recipient of much
.ftospitality in the ctiy X 1# spen4lns^a
, few ' wet«ks "ii* - tr/e nelshfcoTh6od7 : Q.f
.Lake Tah6e s '.*"' i> '' • : » : " *- J ~
;. Mr. 'Pred 1 " Bergin. "i'ho has. been.*
spending: the past few weefts at Weber
.Lake wKh" -hfs elder siiter. laifn'the
city, but will return to the lake within
a few days. \u25a0-.-«.-!• ;'•*.' "- : : '~
Mr. and Mrs. Henry 'Foster Duttoh"
will sail next month for their plantation
home- at Honolulu. The Duttons have
. been enjoying -the fishing at the Mc-
Cloud .Country. *club andJ motoring'
through the southern- part of the fftatev
Much entertaining has been done -in
their honor, both here and at Santa
Barbara. , , ....•«..—
• -. • :•\u25a0-• ,-. *-.- \u25a0-." vi .-• >-!-\u25a0
Jlrs.* James* King. Steel*, la apendin*
a few days at Sacramento. *.r? ;;j \u25a0 ,
;;';\u25a0-*•• -• - •• -.;•'- ;•;:'-\u25a0 i; t'i
' Jlr.'anil Mrs. • Jamew I_-»PJppd 'and
family motored from IriterrlakeiHTe
cently over the Brunlng i pass "\u25a0> to "' Lu
cern. P€_H_MHl
\u25a0 •.-\u25a0'* »\u25a0 •.• p \u25a0 . •'•
Miss Florida Hunt, daughter.v-of airs.
Karadallllunt and a prejtjr debutante'
of last winter,- has gone to Fort,Br«^K:
to make a fortnighfa visit- with- Miaa
Emily Johnaon. -- v --, \ > >\u0084 .«
\u25a0- '\u25a0\u25a0 •...\u25a0'•-.>:.. : \u25a0\u25a0\u25a0. •:, .U . ..*.-!.. ylz.
\u25a0 W. \u25a0 Gc Thompson. and <ffdo arrtv%*
-from Napac yesterday. Tn*y*are>at l&V'
\u25a0Baltimore;". •- - .\u25a0•;.- r*?«-i»*
H. M. ; an'^r T. a° Coffin \u25a0arrlved/rrcim
Los AngeTes* yesterday and registered "
at the Majestic.
F;' 'JT. , U r heeler of, the" San^Peldrp li*_ 4
Los Angeles railway arrived" at ttxfs sf'
i FraiTc|s_yes.terday.,; i- . ..V^', ' ' '. ' ..".'1
\u25a0 A.' R. Simpson and .JfamUje ; atr^ved v
-from Portland yesterday and afa '
r guests a^t^the Imperial.
.G.-li. "-Hayes, &J. j; Alonnette^nd^ A»-
D. Myers. QoLlfle ld mining op^ P ator» r
•arrived at the Fairmont yesterday.' .'•'
.- \u25a0A - GslUAs.and.TS-Jfe ,a^» h.ere-on
a . pleasure., . trip, f rona-V jSost' Angelija,
r They are -staying at tW Si,.F rancis. - -•
I Answers to Queries ;;1
iCtty; - -The resting plaee^of th»
•remains General • Custer> >Is; West-
A Point, N. Y. r- - . ',-•:— -•
• '•-',«.
FISHEILiIAN~S. tf B*rkftl«y, CaL One
.who-goesflsiiin^is riot'requlred ta take
out a hunter's^llcenso. ... - ,
.. City." ".Enctn3_j:i^Span-.
OSO S k a mean - srove .-.° f -'_-«ve.rjfr«n-

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