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J Motorman of Speeding Owl
in Market Street Hurled
Twenty-five Feet '
Removing the Wreck Takes
Hours and Keeps Tracks
Blocked *M?*
Running at full speed down Market
street at 2 :30 o'clock yesterday morning,
oar No. 1746 smashed into derrick car
| No. 0130.
The passenger car was wrecked and
seven men were Injured. The passen
ger car was in charge of Motorman D.
' Shutts. while W. S. Dowdy had charge
of the derrick car. The derrick car
• was' standing still •at Market and,
'. Steuart streets when the passenger car
collided with It. Men on both cars
were hurled about In all directions atid
* all wounded. They were taken in am
bulances to the harbor emergency hos
! pital, where their wounds were at
tended by Dr. Magnus.
i Shutts says he was hurrying down
to the ferry, as he was behind time,
| and that a mist was falling at the time,
| obscuring the platform windows. He
i says he could not see the derrick at all,
i and the first he knew he was being
picked up from the street 25 feet from
; his car. Everybody in the car was
I thrown to the floor, landing In a hu*l
' died mass on top of one another.
Dowdy, who was on the derrick car
: at the time, was hurfed to the pavement
; with great force. He was cut on both
face* and hands and received severe
: bruises on his shoulders, legs and arms.
Thomas Sullivan of 602 Stanyan
' street was badly cut about the face
i and hands by flying glass. Shutts was
cut about the neck and badly bruised
j about the body.
Henry Kruse of 770 Cole street was
i badly shaken up and bruised and cut
j from head to foot.
Nick Bosnos and H. G. Brown, who
are in the company's employ and gave
as their residence the Haight street car
barns, both were Injured by glass and
flying splinters.
Edward Armstrong of 1607 Haight
street also was cut about the N face and
hands and suffered from several scalp
wounds. ' /\u25a0_:>
The wounded men only remained at
the hospital long enough to have their
injuries dressed and were then re
moved to their homes.
The car was badly wrecked and it
j look several hours to remove it from
the track. In the meantime the owl
service on the Haight street line was
Island to Be Scene of Social Event
and Civilian Guests Will Be
Entertained Royally
The naval cadets stationed at Terba
Buena are making great preparations
for a dance to be given on the island
September 13. A new floor has been
placed in the barracks hall and the ma
rine band will supply the music for the
Arrangements have been made with
the commander oft the station for the
use of launches and tug« which ply be
tween Oakland and San Francisco. It
Is expected that many civilian guests
will attend.
The committee in charge of the event
promises a royal good time to those
who attend the dance.
Philip Shnell, a barber formerly em
ployed in a shop at Eddy and Market
streets, was arrested yesterday and
charged with misdemeanor embezzle
ment, the alleged offense having been
committed July 6, when Shnell passed
a. check for $14 on H. B. Ruse, a laun
dryman. The check, which was drawn
on the United States savings bank, was
subsequently dishonored and the mat
ter reported to the police.
Young Woman Found in Awful Con-
dition with Scabies— Body a Mass
of Sores from, Scratching— Tried
Many Remedies for Seven Weeks
—Result Was Discouraging, But
."While I mi doing missionary work
la tbo lower portion of several cities I
found it necessary to know a little of
the efflcacr of a, few medicines and
after a -while I found that a little knowl-
edge of Cuticura was about all I needed.
One of the very bad oases I had to deal -
with was that of a young woman who
had come to us not ceJt broken in
spirit but in a most awful condition
physically.. Our doctor examined her
ana told us that she had scabies (the
itch), incipient p&resis. rheumatism,
etc., brought on from exposure and the
effects of her ragged-edged life. Her
poor body, was a mass of sores from
scratching: and she was not able to
retain solid food. We tried many things,
a good tonic was prescribed and baths
with a rubbing of lard and sulphur. We
worked . hard for seven weeki and you
can lmaeme how discouraged its were
when, after all that time, we could 6ee
so little improvement. One day I hap-
pened to see a Cuticura advertisement
telling how a little baby had beea
curec of a bad case of skin eruption,
and although I had but ninety-seven
cents with me, I bought a cakeof Cuti-
cura Soap and ' a bottle of Cuticura
Resolvent. When I reached home I
was like a child with a new toy, and we
bathed our patient well and gave her a
full doee of the Resolvent. She slept
that night better than she had since
she had been with us and the next day
I located the price of a box of Cuticura
Ointment. I am not exaggerating
when I say that in exactly five weeks
this young woman was able to look for
a position, being strong enough to work
ana full- of ambition. In another
month she left the home, and now has
. a good position in a nice family where
she is respected and. is strong and well.
You may refer any one you wish to me,
personally. Laura Jane Bates, 85
Fifth Aye., New York, N. V., Mar. 11,
Complete External and Tsteraal Trwtßwt for :
Etmt Eraser ot Intents. Cfelteren. asd AdwiM. ceo-
•Uti ot outtecr» Soap (Jkj ta Clean** toe Ski*.
Cctiear* O'lUaret <a6c.) U* Heal the Skin, and Cutl-
•wa llßWlvwt <*oe.>. ( <*r In the form ol CboeataM
CoauTraia. Me. per Tlal oi 60) uthutfr tXUKooS.
BeM teronshont tit world, rotter Drag A Cam.
Ctorp.. SoMProe*_ Bocton, Him.
a**MaSe« Free. CttUrars Bwk oa HHMMMk
"Municipal Crib" Will Be
Arrrong First Dens of
Vice to Close
Members of Police Board
Make Tour of the
Barbary Coast
Within a short time the "municipal
crib" at 620 Jackson street, which lc
one of the vile legacies bequeathed to
San Francisco by Eugene E. Schmiti
and Abe Ruef, will be closed and dur
ing the coming three months "cafes';
in the uptown tenderloin will be eradi
cated from that district, If the rigid
policy of President Charles A. Sweigerl
.of the board of police commissioners
Is carried out.
Sweigert and other members of th<
commission have given much thoughi
to the evil conditions existing In thlf
city and have gone to the"* extent ' o1
making tours of investigation for tin
purpose of studying the situation ai
first hand. Sweigert announced hii
policy to a Call reporter yesterday anc
stated that while it was his individual
view on the matter he anticipated thai
his colleagues on the board would noi
be of a different mind.
The commission does not meet until
tomorrow afternoon. v At that session
much time will be given to the con
sideration of the selection of a new
chief of police. It Is probable that the
appointment will not be made at once,
however. Acting Chief M. O. Ander
son is making a satisfactory head of
the department, say officials higher up,
and in some circles It has been: sug
gested that he will be chosen to head
the force permanently. Anderson, how
ever, has no great, chance of being
chosen. It is reported that a "dark
horse," a man whose name has not yet
been , mentioned In connection with the
office. Is under consideration by the
commissioners, although the Canvass
has not yet reached a definite stage
and the contest is. still an open one.
Commissioner Cutler and others feel
that the best interests of the city and
the department might be conserved by
the appointment of a man who, while
not connected with the force, has had
experience in the management -of ~ men
and whose name will appeal to the
entire city as a person well qualified
for the task. A businessman who has
had intimate relations with the work
ing element and who has the respect
and confidence of all classes may be
selected. John Seymour, former cap
tain of detectives, and General C. A.
Woodruff are being considered favor
ably, but their chances are no better
than those of the dark horse. Seymour
Is not certain that he wants jto relin
quish his present position with the
We'lls-Fargo company.
Mayor Taylor is taking no part in
the selection of a successor to "Jerry"
The .new board will . not wait until
the chief has been selected before out
lining its plan to clean the city. Speak
ing on the subject yesterday, Presi
dent Sweigert said:
"The 'municipal crib.' which, owing
to the influences behind it, has baf
fled grand juries and the decent ele
ment of the city for more than three
years, must go. We don't think for. a
moment that we , can abolish vice, but
we shall make 'the conditions under
which it exists so unprofitable for
those who have been living off
prostitution that it will, have to, hide
itself. No spectacular, flaunting, arro
gant vice, such as is nurtured in the
'municipal brothel,* will be allowed to
exist in this city.
"In the matter of the Golden Gate
avenue tenderloin we will act rigidly,
but not with reckless ' severity; we
shall not be Parkhurstian in our
methods, but -will clean the .. district
contiguous to Golden Gate avenue and
Fillmore street. We will, serve notice
on the keepers of saloons which have
'cafe* annexes that their licenses will
not be renewed unless the rear rooms
are removed. They must "conduct
straight saloons, in which women can
not drink, or they will not get licenses.
"It is unfair to keepers of straight
saloons to permit these places, where
women may congregate, to exist. The
man with the straight saloon. pays his
license of $500 a year and has to com
pete with the business of the man with
the . side entrance and cafe, where
women patrons are served, ' Who pays
the same license, but who .does 10
times the business of the'former." '\u25a0-"\u25a0
"I feel that 95 per cent of the peo
ple of San Francisco are opposed to
the continuance of these saloons with
side entrances. . . •
"The commission will limit the num
ber of saloons in East. Market and
Fillmore streets and in Van Ness ave
nue. Later we may, consider the prob
lems presented by the roadbouses along
the beach, which are within the Juris
diction of the board. .
• "The ordinance reads., that -saloons
may not be within ISO feet of a church
or school and the board -may. take some
action- in ousting bars from" the!imme
diate >\u25a0 neighborhood '."of - ' fire * engine
houses.: While the members of the fire
department : are as loyal ai a: city
employe can ~ be, it is believed j,by
some members of the board 'that; the
proximity of a saloon to an engine
house might have a_ bad Influence : on
the men, but that is a matter in, which
the board will exercise discretion. It
will not; be. the policy of the", board. to
make- new laws and regulations; on
the whole, • the existing laws • are suffi
cient, but there; are. many that 1 will
have to be ejif orced more stringently.
"The policemen may rest 'j assured
ttiat merit will be recognized in the de
partment. ' We ' will rehabilitate j disci-
pline.~ In the past policemen have been
cited to answer , before . the board usu
ally for the" reason that they didn't
Vote the right primary ticket. J All; that
sort of thing Is over; the men ;• are now
placed .upon their j merit as officers. We
only ask that they do their duty."
Commissioner. Hugo Kell was 'busy
yesterday on police work. - He spent
his. afternoon , investigating . the ; stand
ing and efficiency of »ien in! the detec
tive bureau. Certain changes \u25a0 are < ex
pected there.* Some declare > that ,' De
tectives Harry . Braigg ; and < Charles
Taylor are to be reduced to the street
from the upper office.
Last ' nighty President Sweigert and
other members of ; the .administration
made a tour of - the j Barbary,; coast to
see what'condltions'prevalled'there.
Preparations . are .being made for in
stalling : a large \u25a0', sun 'dial -in \u25a0\u25a0 front *; of
the Golden Gate park museum. It .will
be : of ornamental 'design * and , will j oc
cupy \u25a0 the ' middle • of ; : the \u25a0 rdadway.- on a
pedestal.. • i
SANMATEO, AUp. 25.— San Mateo de
feated i Mountain • ViewY at '-baseball | to
day,- by a score of 4 ; to 1: - As _ each] team
has a match to its credit, a return game
Xlii ha.played, ii* jji« JWAT lutur.o.
THE SAN?^MroiSCO?GAL£, : MO^^i;;^XTOST 26^ 1907:
Orphcuiti's Most Notable Novelty Consists
of Citizens Carrying Concealed Manacld;
James Crawford
Houdihl,? lavishly touted as "the sen
sational jail breaker and handcuff king
of the world," - did some remarkable
things yesterday afternoon at the
Orpheum. Not the least , noteworthy of
them was ' his development of evidence
sufficient to warrant - the .assumption
that a considerable portion of ; San
Francisco's citizenry carries concealed
manacles. \u0084. \u25a0 . J ' /":_ '
It came abo*ut through Houdlnl invit
ing, anyone who Uad a pair of wrist
fetters in his pocltet .to convey them
to the stage. The response was prompt
and surprising. No less' than seven
male adults, only one of them in police
uniform, immediately clambered*;; ovec
the footlights and submitted for in
spection "darbiefc" which ; they ! had
drawn from hiding in .their raiment.
The men in plain attire , were neither
private nor municipal but
Just ordinary workingmeh who appar
ently had, dropped; into the Orpheum
with no preconceived, intent' to exhibit
their steel bracelets/ ' But . why : they
should have .' had 'such things in their
possession at all was hardlyless^of 'a
mystery than Houdlni's best trick.
Can- It be possible that handcuffs
have attained popularity as a means of
disciplining refractory households? :
As for Houdlni's performance. It con
sists, of his going 'into seclusion «md
quickly freeing his' wrists = and ankles
from' whatever manacles, have been
used to unite them. It is^iot a thrilling
act, because the t elements^ of suspense
and* surprise are lacking. l ."Every spec
tator i knows— in | fact, . is told before
hand—what is going to ,^ be? done. -If
something else than* the expected were
tojiappen the interest of the .witnesses
would be enlivened. To them, it matt
ters very little; that secrecy Is attached
to the performer's means of shaking off
his shackles.; Only the criminal or idle
mind would, endeavor to' solve the mys
tery.? But -every body would. sit up and
take notice If announcement were made
that. he doffs the. handcuffs as they have
been donned,. and not ""underr r cover.
; '"The -, Geisha's 'Dream" Is presented
by-'a stereopticon operator and;, three
young 'Women in Japanese costume, who
sing In pure cockneyese. fj The picture
machine flashesjcaleidoscopic effects II-
Justratlve of < the land of Nippon arid
"the girls ' : form ..living, -pictures/"? while
the orchestra'exhausts all the available
music pertaining- to 'Japan and is forced
to -utilize *** Georgecohan J ;mixed V melody,
and straightout ragtime. , ' ! . :
But as 1 a: spectacle the act is pretty
Blow on Point of Jaw Heard
for Blocks f and Causes f*
VXry of "Murder" (
OAKIiANDr Aug. 25.— Some* one hit
Ernest Head on the point 'of ;the;. jaw,:
this evening while he. was- conversing \u25a0
with -'\u25a0' a young and pretty _ woman V at ;
Fifteenth . street < and Broadway , and
got" out of slghtalmost before his; vic
tim^ struck ** the ; sidewalk.; Those who
saw,? the blow; screamed i"murder,'.' • and
in r. the" excitement > the i young 'woman
disappeared: -' Head I, was - lifted ; toT>hls
feet ': by employes iof ?„ the * Wells-Fargo
company's office , near,; by arid^ regained
'consciousness l\ after > a \u0084 tevr^l seconds.
Then he .' also * vanished. ." He '\u25a0\u25a0 ran-* as
though \u25a0 he .had hever^been^knocked
down \u25a0by ,'a : blow : that'could-be j heard
forl blocks,: and ; whenHheUpoUce, at
tracted, by the : cries )ot /murder J arrived,'
it: was all"; over." Not^one*of rthe prin-"
clpals couldbe'seeri:;:- v . J Vi. • '-: •\u25a0*'*
* A", search was : l instituted, , and j Head
and the young* woman. ."\u25a0\u25a0" finally .were
found hiding in ) a 'vacant'; lot ; adjoining
the!' Albany s hotel .V They- , were
taken |to- the *;;CltyJ>'Jall, - where. the
Vbman^gave the .name ?of Annie 'Steele. v
,The V, police \ say, t however, X that ' she^ is
the wife'off "Tony" Kalsor, a, railroad-^
man.',:' ... \* .... -.-"; :/:'."\u25a0;\u25a0': • \u25a0\u25a0"'"\.j
'. ... Neither Head^ nor : young, woman
would i give the I name iof \ the ** man \ who
delivered Uhe ; blow/ ;:They; say ; they ;'dld
not; recognize .; hlm. ; w,The* police; are \u25a0 in
clined-to'' think ' that - the' i; man; was
'Tony" *.':\u25a0 Kaiser, ; who f showed i. his V dis
approval, of the friendly^ relations be
tween; Head land .hislwife, and that the
latterjare- shielding him. ; _: . . *. '\u25a0'".
:\u25a0\u25a0:. Head t was '< turned £over,- toV the > city
surgeonj"- who g patched \;. up;" his;. badly,
battered 'jaw, -and f ; the :,womah was ; dis
missed.';.:. No s? arrests -.'.were '\u25a0 jnade, : the
policelsaylnsriit'^wasfentirely'a family
1 %Ssitg' \u25a0 —' \u25a0•"'\u25a0 .".» J '~r~- "." "-*" *\u25a0' ' ''."•:"'.":\u25a0\u25a0- — :--'—" '^
as pretty can be. The posing and light
ing j and "coloring keep the eye enter
tained,', and the ear need not work if it
prefers idleness., For the finale, we are
given a^ flag-of .-all-nations exhibit,; and
yesterday" afternoon* the -banner; of
Japan was greeted with gibes, while
the standard . of Iceland and the stars
and stripes received In full measure the
kind-applause they" invariably provoke
in the Orpheum. It Is probable, though;
that '; more "than one handclap .would
have been bestowed upon the Russian
flag if more people had identified it.
: Recently -there came from Detroit,- a
letter, to me containing. the allegation
that^ "L.eona,? Thurber & : Plck's^is; an
act stolen .directly 'from that . of 'Maynfe
Remington's and Black Buster^Brown's,
the originator of -character change pick
act, f who, visited SaiiJFranclsco one year
ago and madeT a hit. there." ' ThhTstate
ment'.was supplemented with a sugges
tion that Miss Thurber "should be criti
cised for; stealing] other people's i ideas,'.'
and the epistle , ; closed \ with, "I will
leave the rest;to-your good Judgment
for same." \u25a0.•\u25a0:..:"'\u25a0' ... -'/'\u25a0 ' v-^'Pv.r
After sitting through the act pro
gramed as "Lieona ;.Thurber and Her
Pickaninnies'' I .was] inclined to doubt
my Detroit .correspondent's allegation
of theft. »For this Miss' Thurber does
not look like a" "piker" by any means,
and it would be reasonable 'to /presume
.that if she j had 'gone j a-pilfering she
would have "lifted".: something more
valuable than .'she is presenting to us.
Even If convicted T.she \ could be punr
ished only for petty, larceny. - '
: She is tall and buxom; is Miss Thur
ber, and while 3 she sings : with a voice
of ,s piccolo quality a Juvenile \u25a0 colored
quartet, equally, divided as to sex,
dances and .gambols and exits and re
appears In .change* of outlandish garb.
That's \u25a0 all there's to :it — unless . l desire
to mention the" comedy supplied by one
of the male youngsters having difficulty
in holding up his panties with one hand
and; holding -down his^ wig with \u25a0<• the
other: while he is: dancing.". But i it may
be imprudent to /write anything about
that. - ; •• *
- Completing.the list of, newcomers" are
the Balzers, , twoV lusty_^ acrobats, - who
wear Lstreet | clothes : and, Abound from a
stretched; rubber v blanket,';.. thereby
awakening remembrance ;,of , gone', for-t
ever. ; days, - : when , "broken ; mattress
springs "'\u25a0> testihed ' that somebody had
been .trying' to* Imitate lwhat > he saw at
Property Owners Will Ask
City for a Fund ., x
'i of: $16,000
The -\ Sutro Heights v improvement
club, which met 'at J thei<new cairns
house yesterday l mornlrigr, "appointed
"Albert ; : Myer, Frank: \u25a0 Ladd, .David
Hirachler, L. > R. Fulda t and John ' BranV
nen a committee : ; of five to go before
the ; finance committee of the ; super
visors [tomorrow; and / urge that ; $16,000
be' appropriated from' the 'city^treasury
to « grade /; Fulton* street -"- from i Thirty
sixth to "the, ocean. ; -__
I About :' 100 f* property . owners *of - the
district attended ; the' meeting, /and "\u25a0. the
Norths Park •-] and ') Park \u25a0> driving : clubs
sent :-l-. ; . _ " ' 'j
i ; x Owing : I; to ;;;>the ; 7: lack .} of .; roads .and
streetcar,; service ; : there *j are ? but . : few
residents ''on; : Sutra*; height jfc* although ;it
commands^a beautiful ; vieV.:; The" meia
bers tot *the \ club, i however/;! believe jit
,wlll «rbecome|one: of :theVbesti suburban
TesidenceTdistrlctS; of i San -Francisco? as
soon- as \ theyfeatf get'ithe", roaids properly
graded and \u25a0 streetcar, service. ; \ .
. "As 1 the '• Park t driving ? club : has j pur
chased f : lots fat U Thirty-seventh : \u25a0 and , ; C
streets, ? where * it 2 intends : to verect y, an
'expenslveXclubhouse,. it; Is ; working :. In
'conjunction "with, the, , Sutro' heights
people. *? and it -is : hoped ; that! through
the dhfluenoe- of ; these* two ; clubs, '; repre'-*
sentlng^3oo • persons, * the^_ majorltyj;, of
.whom:; areT^ property \owriers, will tie
strong;; enough :to V obtain ? favorable acj-'
tlonlonHheipart >of Uhe icity> ' 0
; : : r Amohgi the^ property " holders : 'of jthe"
heights present iwere; David fHlrschler
of : Lipman j'& ; Hlrschler ; E li."[ R.
ineht'|"club;'>f John* Brannen, 1 ico'mmodpre
of ~ the =' Model "yacht? club ; ,-Alber? Myer
of ; the'' banking. -firm of ', Daniel^Myerf
Charles Behl^w; of \ the \u25a0: Behlbw*- real
estate : cbmpa B yj ; I«oali \u25a0 Lipman, -: Freak.
Whole Question to Be Placed
' inrHaruls of .Garfield .
: for Settlement
People of Modesto arid Tur
lock Fear Water Will
Be Monopolized *
- Engineers Marsden Manson and E. R.
Galloway will return from Modesto this
morning after their fruitless efforts to
persuade the property owners of the
upper "yruolurrihe : that ' San ; Francisco's
proposed 'plan ; to augrment its water
.supply from the Turlock country s would
not work any disadvantage' to Modestbr
Turlock ; or any . other place adjacent to
the mountain ; stream which flows so
abundantly to waste, each year, say ad
vices received' here: yesterday: The
Hetch- Hetchy: project will be vigor
ously, opposed by the citizens of -that
district:- ~ ; •:->..
I','The in' Modesto was the
outgrowth /of - the'; recent meeting .In
this clty^preslded over by ' Secretary of
the | Interior/ J.'. R. ''-. Garfleld, when rep
resentatlves .of the Modesto and Tur
lock contestants to Manson's plan ap
peared with - San • Francisco disputants !
and argued the matter."
.The'Modesto. and Turlock people as
serted at that time that they feared
if -San rFrancistfo secured : water rights
in the Tuolumne river it would be only
a .question of tirnel before this city
would: be using water that was heeded
at" home. ,Man«on, former Mayor Phelari
and other,/ San Francisco citizens fa
miliar with -the situation assured Sec
retary:, Garfleld that the granting of
water- 'rights -In. the Modesto-Tarlock
irrigation district would not work the
slightest • inconvenience 'jot * hardship to
any 'of .the .agricultural , or :'. other In
terests in that country. Manson showed
conclusively that If Impounding dams
were provided to take . care of only the
flood waters of that district— the seas
onal .5 waste— the supply thus secured
would 1 bet ample for this city, or 10
.He pointed out i that the floods do the
country ' in : which . he : proposed to dam
,them- morei harm, than. good and re
ferred, to the loss that 're
sulted from the rushing torrents of last
| year -which 'found their, way; into the
: San Joaquln valley and destroyed mil
lions of dollars .worth t of property^*-.
These and other: arguments so Im
pressed; the secretary , of • the interior
that v he'- suggested that' the two sides
get-together and come to an under
j$ "l& San -\u25a0 Francisco , only . * wants ; what
you do 'hot -want and cannot use,"; he
said* to I the Modesto " people, r; "it ' seems
t6^-roe&that. you 'should get-together
easily and: come to an agreement as to
how. much water shall- be taken for the
use^ of San Francisco, in .case .that. city
chooses : to :, avail itself of . such sup
ply." /
\u25a0 i'ilt; became apparent at the meeting;
however, that the Modesto and Turlock
delegation was suspicious that this city
would i,"hog it? all" and 'Secretary Gar
fleld : urged. that the, conference be de>»
void of ; suspicion . and animated by a
spirit of fairness. . % ' ;\u25a0\u25a0\u25a0. . '/.. •'"•
; ; Manson and Galloway were chosen to
go.; to ..Modesto 7 and" the was
held in .. the chambers ;of the Modesto
district association of property owner's.
'.JEach side stated its position, but they
were unable to agree. It was urged by
the Modesto ( citizens that " while enor
mous* quantities Tof the water: now run
to ..wasted and vdo damage, the. time
would, come "\u25a0 when that district \u25a0 Itself
would need all Its available water, and
while such ,'a time might not como : for
many years it would be unwise to per
mit another section to pipe into tfie
precious water.". - v. •
-i Manson showed; by figures .carefully
compiled ," that 'the .time coujd never
come when the . Modesto-Turlock dis
trict could consume even a small frac
tion ot '. Its • own 'water supply : and that
the'pollcy of the people seemed to bo a
sort of "dog in the manger" policy un
worthy _of them.
/<:; . When it was seen that no agreement
of -a, statement -of facts to present, to
Secretary Garfield could , be \u25a0 arrived ;'at,
an ; effort was made to . effect sonic sort
o/ a'compromise. 4 This also failed and
the : San = Francisco { representatives ; lef t
the ; meeting very much disappointed.
it, It will :be .'necessary now for. the ;
local i promoters of the Turlock water
project; to-: present .^evidence " of . .ttfe
water; supply, available , there, show" the
city's - need and the .enormous waste of
water ; that annually ' takes place ; In ' the
Hetch \Hetchy country.; as ..well : as the
-damage -.such floods accomplish each
year.' , Statistics 'wilp also '.. be prepared
by ; the ;, ; ; Modesto-Turlock" proponents
and the'Vwhole^will-be sent on to Secre
tary] Garfleld fin; September. ' .'
-The issues -will rest with him. If he
decides % favorably to \u25a0 San • Francisco's
contentlonßJthejvoters^of. this Jcity will
have - a chance to decide .whether -the
project i Is ; desirable;! and •if they so - de
cide the ? water v rights will =be ' forth
comlng from the ; federal', government
without the consent of the disputants,
provided Secretary Garfleld approves. :
For | IiOB« 'of Appetite
It nourlches, strengthens and imparts
new. life and vigor. An: excellent ; gen
eral i tonic* - .. - .-,* •..:\u25a0
Fractured : Skull "and : Broken ; Hip Re-
suit From the Sudden Appli
cation of Brakes
Pon »."Wand, r * a "Chinese ; cook ; living^ at
917~ Kearny I street,^ was \ thrown l from a
car Vat ; Sutter i and iKearny..' streets ? yes
terday. ,-i His : right * hip -..was fractured.
'. is/ 70 J years fold , and \u25a0he :is In ;a
serious condition. SK&SSsaBBI
f;-; E. j_O.' \u25a0 Depledge, ; '. a: \u25a0 solicitor, . . was
thrown i trorar'a.] cari at i Octavla and iMcr.
Allls ter streets yesterday afternoon and
probably » was ! fatally; injured." -He was
standing steps ;t; t preparing rto
alight^wh'enithe': accident! occurred..; The
cari stopped! suddenly/causing Depledge
the ; car explained the mishap by saying:
that j his ', brakes « wereTfaulty £ and i that
when he had applied them the wheels
of * the l t car i had * along ' the t tracks.'
Depledge was sent; to the central;emer
gency; hospital and • later, removed • to the
McNutt.;e. He has a family, Hying at 1124
Gough r street. -;/ -
!.£ Harbor; View * hot "'salt .water -baths;
cars itransfer. 3 with ? all. lines.' •.
Ladd,' Robert ' Atkins/ E.- L«. Denizke and
Eva r de Sadla. , 0 .'
Edwin sGodcheati \u25a0Is <|he: acting presi
dent ? of jtb.eTclubr 4 i E.iSt6ltz is secretary
andi"Albert'Myer .treasurer.
itVot all rammer brinks Angostura' Bitters is an
gxgoisltg : g»ToriaK»i PreTenU ~ : chilled itomach. j*
Monday — Tuesday — Wednesday
Zurcherls Swiss Milk Chocolate and, Coffee Cream
We consider this the most delicate and delicious of Imported chocolates
High Grade Coffee...... 1-lb. can .35 Bee Brand Ceylon Tea— X..;-... .40
Next in quality to .. 2 cans .65 Palamcotta Golden Tipped
: our Java and Mocha. 3-lb. can .95 Pekoe-7-regularly lb.
Sublime OUtc Oil.... large bottle .50 Puree de Foles Gras.. 2 cans .45
Our importation and bottling. Fleur de Lis — French pate.
Imported Sardines.^.... JO, doz. 1.20- Curry Powder— G^ B. & Co^— Bombay.
-Boneless -Sardines.... ..large can ' .25 2 oz. .10, 4 oz/^O, % bot. .30, bottle
> Extra fine va1ue......... .d0?. 3.00 Eastern Oysters. 3 small cans .50
Prepared Mustard ..... .... ... .V .20 Good quality ..2 large cans .55
Gulden's ; piquant flavor . 2 bots: : SIS Rolled Oats 2-lb. carton JO
Choice C0dfi5h ........ 2-lb. brick .20 University Brand— Fresh, clean.
Pimientos Morrones *. Jams or Jellies.. .20
Spanish sweet red peppers. doz. 2.30 ; Closing but odd. brands doz. 2.30
Hazelnut Creamery Butter— 2-lb square, 5pecia1. ....... .70
Sea Foam C0rn ..... . . 1 2 cans Cleaned Currants • 2-1-lb. cartons 27,
Sea Foam Succotash;.. J dozen 1.45 Fard Dates 2^a lbs. 27*
Excelsior Baking Ponder. . . .1 lb. Grape Nuts 2 pkgs. 27*
It never disappoints . . 5-lb. can 1.70 Bath Brick *- • 6 tor 27,
Tarragon Tincgar. . * : large bottle .25 Llsterated Tooth Powder .... .20
Dessaiux Fils— Best in the, world. Oxygen Toilet Powder .2 tins 27,
Tea Cakes ............1-lb. can Toilet Ammonia J........ .b0tt1e
Paraffine Tulcan Matches.soo doz. .40 Violet or lavender.
Clam Chowder.. large can .25 Buttermilk Toilet 50ap... 3 cakes
.Burnham & Morrill — heat and For complexion, toilet and bath.
serve. Listerine .... ....large bottle .65
Our New Blend of Coffee in 1 and 3 lb Cans
v On special saie this week—Be sure to try it. Roasted and ground fresh.
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FIRELESS COOKER— 4-quart; no heat, no dirt, no odor price 6.00
• I Sold on approbation — try. it, if not satisfactory money refunded.
. - (Full line Cooking Utensils and Household Goods.)
Liquor Department
*/. - - a r .•. • a \u25a0 .-
Whisky— G* B. & Co. Old Mellow Rje— 1895....... bottle .55, gallon 3^o
Claret— Extra V. V. Zlnf andel . . bots., doz., 1^0 ; bottles, doz., 3JM) ; gaL £7*
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Munich Beer— Gabriel Sedlmayr Spaten Brau.. small, doz., 2.25; large i 2»
Hathorn Water— Saratoga Springs, Kew York.... cases 48 bots., 7.50, d0z.12.10
Laubenheimer-^l9oo—Henk"eirs Hock Wine
: Take advantage of this cut. ...'.'...% bottles, doz., 4^5; bottles, doz. 7.75
Moselle— Berncastler Doctor— l9oo— HenkellY
We seldom cut the price of this wine. % bots., doz., 9.75; bots., doz.l^so
Pride ,of Police Force~"Re
• sumes Duty After Long
*No - more will the Chinese , lottery
run- wide open- in San Francisco's re
built "Chinatown, no, more will fan tan
thrive without the necessity, of an out
side-guard to warn the players of im
pending danger: wide *-«pen places
have been scurried to cover, for acting
Chief of Police Anderson last night re
commissioned tha" Chinatown flying
squad, which was -mustered out
when the \ Chinese settlement . was de
stroyed S by., the earthquake .and flre.
and instructed them to round up 'and
bring. ln all offenders.
'" But two- of .the veteran members of
the squad - which"- for years '\u25a0 was tha
pride, of the. San . ., Francisco, police
force are in the new detail that begun
its' duties last night. Patrolman James
Reade "•- and \u25a0 Patrolman Jacla* Stelzher
will be asked to do all that was .for
merly done by themselves and a half
dozen other men. ; . -
The order .re-establishing tha squad
I Have You Ever Visited Our I
If not, a visit would be both interesting and profitable. 1
We are headquarters for Furs. Our. stock is the largest, I
burr styles are .the smartest, bur prices are the lowest. 1
We have something special on sale every day. Bring in 1
•yoiiir/oM. : Fm>'THlS^^yE£K^d^we'wiU remodel them I
into the newest, styles at* special prices. H
M While on his recent: visits to -New York in search i-of novelties and
II i good values,^ our: buyer 1 picked :up several 'sample • lines of handsome
I . Autumn Suits - at . wonderfully -. llorw r prices. It ~is these suits that we
a place on • sale . this morning/ Here are the : prices— but you will never
B : what ; extra:ordinary values they stand : for until you see the |
; B suits. Come, if only to satisfy your curiosity. ]
1 ;sil4kss, $1 7.50; $19i55, $22.50, $2?.50, $35.00 j
I $12^50 Silk XJiiderskirts^ $9.50 j
I ; Black and every, stylish color and^ shade. These Underskirts have ||
g- been; a; great-success with us. We have sold more of them than of |
P any^^ "other style we ever offered..; «In- fact, we haven't been abteto 5
ra -keep^our' stock. up with the demand. We have just received 200 of C
I - them. You" ought "to see them . before i the assort- gt» f% gf\ I
I $8.50 NeL Waists $5.00 I
g .If-these beautiful-Waists meet with the appreciation they deserve, M
H there'll r be ; lively in our.\\Vaist: Department rfj* U i\^% I]
H^ today. It was never our good fortune to offer— or JH \i
\u25a0 ryours to buy— such splendid Waists f0r ;..... *r *" m Q
was read to the men of tha central sta
tion at the 4 o'clock watch yesterday
and the two men appointed began their
duties at once. Attired in civilian
clothes and with their stars pinned
.well out of sight "the members of tha
rejuvenated squad patrolled Commer
cial, Jackson, Dupont and Kearny
streets, but the word evidently had
h*ri pessrd arouDd.- and ih» JoinU.
which the nlerh t before had been open
to the full view of passers by on tha
streets, had retreated to the cover of
blind alleys. Their operators, like tha
Arabs, had folded their tents and faded
Tonight the real work of the squad
will begin in earnest and the beats of
the two plain clothes policemen will
be extended to the nook 3 and corners
where the gambling houses most likely
have fled. Stool pigeons will be goaded
into greater efforts and suspicious
looking characters will be shadowed in
an; effort to learn the retreats of the
gamblers/ Chief Anderson mada it
plain to the two members of the new
squad' that his first official act of any
significance, the one that had placed
them in their old positions, was mada
for - a purpose and that gambling in
Chinatown must go.
Excursion to Capitals Heifffcts
-September - 1, next Sunday: luncheon
on the grounds: ocean bathing, fishing.
boating,, etc. Electric cars direct to
and from Santa Cruz. Special train
leaves Third and Townsend 8:1 a a. m.
For further information apply to Stan
ford & Co.. 26 Montgomery st. *

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