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Mrs. Kelly Says Her Trou
ble With Relative Is
16 Years Old
Well Known Charity Worker
Will Air Quarrel
if Pressed
OAKLAND, Aug. 25. — Mrs. Helen I*
Kelly* a real estate dealer and former
secretary of the Associated Charities of
Alameda county, told the story today of
the troilble which led to her arrest last
night on complaint of Dr. E. Lv Kelly,
her brother in law, a' physician, who
lives at 1527 Tenth avenue. According
to Mrs. Kelly her arrest was the se
quel to trouble with her brother in law
which has extended over a period of 16
years, during which Dr. eKlly has lost
no opportunity to harass and annoy her.
Mrs. Kelly said that she went to the
home of Dr. Kelly last night to deliver
some papers to a person who is visiting
the family of her brother In law, and
that when she had started to leave the
house §he was accosted by F. L. Kelly,
a son of the ..physician, who angrily
charged her with having Insulted a
guest of his father and berated her for
calling at his father's home. Mrs. Kelly
informed the young man that she did
not wish to engage in any quarrel.
Young Kelly, it Js alleged, then loud
ly declared that he would cause the
arrest of Mrs. Kelly, and his father also
joined in. The latter entered the house,
saying he would call the police. What
followed is described by Mrs. Kelly:
"After I had completed my business
with the party whom I went to Dr.
Kelly's home to see," she said, "I start
ed to leave the house, which I had not
entered nor attempted to enter, when
Dr. Kelly's son accused me of having
insulted a guest of his father. He said
he would have me arrested, and Dr.
Kelly also threatened to call the police
and entered the house. I told young
Kelly that if he wished to cause my
arrest he was at liberty to do so, and
, then walked away from the .house.
* After I had proceeded some distance
the patrol wagon came up behind me.
Kelly was in the wagon and he pointed
to me and said to the officer, 'Arrest
that woman." The officer told him,
however, that he would have to place
me under arrest himself, and he then.
placed his hand on my shoulder and
turned me over to the policeman. *
'The statement that I resisted arrest
is entirely false, nor did I create a
seen* when I 'was arrested, as I knew
the uselessness of such an action.
"The trouble last night is simply a
part of a difficulty of 16 years' stand-
ing, during which Dr. Kelly has used
every means in his power to annoy me.
I do not care at this time to say any
thing further, but may have more to
say should Dr. Kelly swear to a com
plaint against me."
Check Method for Civilian
Employes Is Com
plained Of
MARE ISLAND, Aug. 25.— Officers and
civilian employes in the navy yard are
complaining of the order Issued by the
department providing for the payment
of salary warrants by check. The'of
ficers object to the new regulation be
cause of the additional work it entails
in drawing checks for at least 500 men,
and the laborers are kicking because
the paper is worthless to .them until
they go to Vallejo, and to do so is to
lose time, and hence money. Checks
are lost, difficulty Is encountered in
converting themjnto coin, and the men
like the Jingle of the cash in the pocket
on pay day. \u25a0
Formerly the employes ranged them
selves in line on the sth of each month
during different parts of the day to
draw their wages, which were paid in
cash. Some actuary and statistician
connected with the government service
interested himself with a pencil In fig
uring out how much working time was
lost to the navy yard by the waiting
employes, who stood for hours some
times for their turn to come, all on
Uncle Sam's time.
The result of his figuring startled
the frugal navy department. It was
shown that the aggregate of each man's
lost time counted many days each pay
day. If 500 men lost one minute in col
lecting his wage, 500 minutes were lost;
but when some of the 500 lost as much
as an hour and over a crisis was
deemed to^iave been reached In the
navy repair management, and so it was
that the system was changed. The
clerks in the office were instructed to
get busy with their pens. The checks
were ordered distributed among the
men, with scarcely any loss of time.
The system has proved satisfactory to
the department, but officers and men
alike condemn the economy that : puts
them to so much bother in the giving
and taking of wages.
WASHINGTON, Aug.* 2s.— An exami
nation on the ground of the estimates
for the appropriation for continuing
work* on the Panama canal, submitted
by Secretary Taf t for the fiscal year
of 1909, is to be made by members of
the next congress/ who will, have in
charge the preparation of the sundry
civil bill in which the appropriation
for the canal is Incorporated.
Subscriptions and Advertise-
ments will be received in San
Francisco at following; offices:
1051 KIIXMORE STREET "''\u25a0 - r : ;\u25a0
Open until 10 o'clock .every night.
Parent's' Stationery Store." . .
Woodward's Branch. ' .
553 \u25a0 HAIGHT STREET
Christian's Branch.
Jackson's Branch.
Halliday's Stationery'; Store.
\u25a0 1108 VALENCIA . STREET
Blake's Bazaar. ;..
International Stationery Store.
Councilman Pendleton and
Ex-Councilman Thurs- ,
v/ ton Appear Today
Expected to EstablishVFact
That Glass Had pharge
in Phone War
111 s. . \u25a0 " . ,* \u25a0
OAKLAND, Aug. 25.— 1n' 1 an' effort -to
connect Louis Glass and > TneodoreV.
Halsey directly with some of the, lnside
operations of the Pacific, States tele
phone company in' the fight in Alameda
county against the Home telephone
company, the graft prosecution In' San
Francisco has subpenaed Councilman
B. H. PendJeton and former Councilman
B. T. Thurston Jr. of Oakland. :
These gentleman will appear "at
the Glass trial tomorrow \u25a0 morning
as witnesses for - the prosecution.
Their testimony is expected to bear
strongly, upon the- theory of the
prescuolton st. .ouiaMaSonods
pros.ecution - that Louis Glass was
the head and front \u25a0 of the Pacific;
States* campaign both In San Francisco
and on this side of the bay. N . \u25a0 f
It is said that Pendleton and Thurs
ton can give an interesting story of the
attempts of the Pacific States to win
their votes against, the Home company
In the hard fought struggle which was
made, in. the Oakland; city council to
block the new company In Its efforts to
get ji foothold In Alanuada county. * i
That Detective Burba has full and
accurate knowledge of every move that
was made on both- sides of the bay is
known and that such. testimony as may
be considered material to the prosecu
tion will be forthcoming appears to be
assured, judging from the action, of
Heney and Burns in summoning the
Oakland contingent. *
Councilman Pendleton /voted for the
Home telephone company's | franchise
and he at all times, in public and In
private, was ready with what^e de
clared were reasons sufficiently "strong
to warrant him 1n the belief that a
competing company In Oakland would
be a public benefit. He made an,lnde
pendent Investigation of the operation
of the two companies in Los Angeles,
and, as he announced at the time the
franchise was voted upon, made other
inquiries as to the mechanical \u25a0 and
financial sides of the question. In the
course of his explorations;- for light
upon the telephone situation, it is said
that Councilman Pendleton was given
opportunity, to know, who were the
moving spirits in the Pacific States
camp at the time and that his testi
mony will disclose facts of importance
to the prosecution.
Pendleton, when questioned today,
refused to throw any light upon the
possibilities of his connection with the
case. He admitted that he had been
subpenaed as a witness in the Glass
case and would be in court tomorrow
morning at 10 o'clock in response to
the summons. He added:
"It is matter of public knowledge and
of official record that I voted for the ,
Home telephone company's franchise..
It is also a matter of public knowledge
that Mr. Heney and Mr. Burns have
Interviewed me concerning the tele
phone franchise matter. I do not con
sider that it Is my duty at this- time
to anticipate the testimony which- I
may. be called upon to give In court. If
the prosecution (or the defense, for that
matter) has any questions it desires
answered I shall try to answer them to
the best of my ability. * I am not
.ready at this time to say anything fur
ther." • **\u25a0
One of the attorneys who was re
tained by the Pacific States telephone
company at the time of the franchise
fight in Oakland was State Senator G.
R. Lukens, who was a close personal
friend of Councilman Pendleton. An
other of the attorneys who was also on
the Pacific States staff was the late as
semblyman, R. H. E. Espey, a warm
personal friend Ibf former Councilman
Thurston. The votes of both Pendleton
and Thurston were registered against
the Pacific States. Thurston was sub
jected to a terrific pressure In the ef
fort to win his vote against the Home
company. "Whence came that pressure
Thurston has never made public. In
official circles and among his former
close friends In official life the story
has been well known that he was
threatened with all .manner of dire
trouble In a business way unless he
stood for the Pacific States. 'So serious
did the situation become that men' high'
in the counsels of the old company were
given a "tip" that an explosion would
occur unless the methods which were
being exerted were changed.
Thurston has not indicated .whether
the story of his experiences will or will
not become a part of the court record
in the trial of Louis Glass. Oaklanders
who are more or less familiar with the
conditions that obtained during,! "the
franchise contest watch . the develop-^
ments with Interest.
Wheat and Alfalfa Crops
of Umatilla County
Are Ruined
PENDLETON, Ore.." .Aug. 25.— The
hardest hailstorm that' has ever oc
curred in Oregon, accompanied by a
cloudburst, visited {two sections of
Umatilla county last evening, causing
thousands of dollars' damage.
Hundreds of acres of wheat and al
falfa are. ruined, : while bridges, . farm
machinery, outhouses and some! live
stock suffered.
hailstorm struck the wheat belt
about 'ls miles east "of Pendleton,
swept • northward J for a distance of
more than 10 miles, . covering a \u25a0 path
three-quarters :of a mile wide. Hail
covered the ground to a depth of three
to four Inches. Some of the hailstones
were two inches long. ,•
The dam forming the reservoir of the
Athens water works '•; collapsed and the
town is threatened with J a water
famine. v . •.
While , the amount of damage is well
up in the thousands, It is impossible to
form an accurate estimate.. A cloud
burst occured "at the head 1 of Birch
creek, several miles south of Pilot
Rock. It washed away *< much \u25a0 soil in
the valley, as well as several bridges/
Av J?, ld the 'tfust as good article" or
the kind I .make : myself';, remember
the dealer *is working for, an extra
profit. Protect your •\u25a0 own intersts . and
insist on getting the advertised article
which has merit.
\u25a0„ VALLEJO. Aug. 2 5.— -It was reported
here ; today that the . building committee
of the grand. lodge of Odd Fellows was
about' to \u25a0 purchase the .Tucker tract,
near L^rkmead station, lii Napa county, 5
for: «.! sit© for.' the : Odd Fellows', new
home for aged' members.- The ' purchase
price I* said to be $85,000 V
THIS /S^vFKAJNIJIHOa-yu^liy. MOKPAr, AUGUST 26, 1907^
Elaborate Plans Made for
the County Exposition
and Carnival
Churches, Fraternal Orders
and Farmers to Join
in Exhibition
OAKLAND, Aug. 25.—A host ./of
pretty girls in: gay attire will; preside
over the booths and. operate the 'conces
sions of:the variouscharttable societies
at the Alameda county exposition ami
i carnival -In Idora park next-month. The
West Oakland home has already se
lected 15 girls for this purpose. The
names of the ' 'little ; workers" are
Helen A. Mehrmann," Lucia Smith, Pau
line Chamberlain', , iLilUan Gard, | Bessie
Broadwell. Florence y Matthews. , Leslie
Hutchinson. Sarah Thomas,^ : Etta.
Schrock, Alice Bickley; Eleanor Mul-:
vaney, Dorothea and Alma ' Meese ' and,
Helen Martin, v Following the return
of Mrs. 1. .A. Beretta, president. of; the
home, from out of town,' many details
and innovations will ( be'a&opted "and,
active work commenced.; •' \u25a0 . .. j
The Oakland "club^will have a • booth
near the Telegraph avenue entrance. to :
the park, r The I Ladies':. Relief.^society
also will have fancifully, attired young
women presiding at Its booth. * \u25a0_"\u25a0 , ; : :
The Good Cause club "of Alameda, to
gether, with, several, churches. of; tha.t,
city, have applied for space in.- the park
and are engaged ! busily^- in j preTtminTEiry
work incidental to "their -displays.
Ladles _of St. . " Matthew's V Episcopal
church of Berkeley, co-operating with t
Rev. E. A:' McGowan,' v> ,past6r. of th e *
church, will strive :to "win the prize
for the most tastefully decorated booth..
The church, -committee. vplannipg, : fioir!
the booth Is composed .of .the, following:
Mrs: •J. • J.^ Burt, * Mrs. -George E.^ Oxley, r
MissVA. Leaf, ? Mrs. E. Fairhurst.'iMrs: ;
W. J. AUhowei' ijrs. '"Wells Dirury, s ,Mrsi.
Rankln. ; Mrs. A.. C. .Wall," Mrs. - W. VH..
Oxley • and Mrs. :Fred Otis. »\u25a0.\u25a0\u25a0' . i • 'S. -. V,
Mrs. •y. Chlotfpek' Ts chairman of a'
committee f ron? the Pythian | Sisters, ,
which will co-operate" with the Knights
of Pythias In a : dlsplay. ' , l '
g Not to be outdone by other, frateraat
societies, the Odd .Fellows and the -Na
tive Sons of the Golden Weit have an- '\u25a0•
nouncfed 'their intentions "of participat
ing In the exposition ah^parnlval. Each'
of these organizations will select *
day for its- own ant}. endeavor -to outdo :
other ; similar -events. \u25a0• The rW.oodmen
of the. World apd ..'the'. Knights ;.bf
Pythias are already^ far advanced. with
plans- for their 'respective, days, but
the Native-Sons and -the, Odd ".Fellows
are trying jto make : up. in etiOiusiasm
what they missed in the -matter of
priority of time. .\u25a0 :. - ,:.-, .\u25a0\u25a0.'; •./
The Fraternal Brotherhood and .the
Tribe of Ben Hur also arc -in the race
for first honors . amonglthe : societies.
Director Generarßernard 'Miller has re
ceived .letters; from .more r than a hun
dred merchants and' manufacturers.an
nouncing a desire ..to/ : partlclpate ln-'the
industrial displayeo a :\u25a0\u25a0\u25a0\u25a0\u25a0\u25a0'\u25a0 . \u25a0 '
Many letters hg,Y*r arrived -from out
side-districts' fronnfrermers and; produce
raisers, and". the calls: for space -by this
class of exhibitors indicatea the prob
ability of «an agricultural show seldom
surpassed Irf the state. \ - V : ; ; , - - .
The Jamestown exposition" &% Nor
folk, Va.^rin- its completeness, "is, .\u25a0 in
deed, a handsome . spectacle.. Located
as it is, overlooking Hampton, roads, a
short distance from. Norfolk and Ports
mouth, near Old Point Comfort," Hamp
ton and' Newport' News, -in a region full
of historic interest-: and '.plages, ! In^'a
state which*, has. always, been a battle
ground, " emphasizes the . wisdom of Its
projectors, who, knowing .the patriotic
fervor of the' great American ; people,
also knew that they .would' generously
patronize this most unique' of exposi
tions. '\u25a0\u25a0 .\u25a0\u25a0;\u25a0-;•....'.<"„":\u25a0\u25a0.
This is the first great exposition- to i
be held at the seaside, in a beautiful
country and/ within the ; center ,of , a
populous civilization. The potency, of
the combination is : obvious. .- Delegate,'
soldier, sailor, diplomat and civilian
meet ' there |to commemorate c the three
hundredth . anniversary of the nation's
birth. v s :->.", -. ,• •-.-
The -Erie railroad! offers to the. expo-.
sition visitor an excellent .train ser-"
vice, with close connections at^ Marion/
O. ; Peorla, ' O. ; Mansfield,- O. ; Youngs
town, O.; Olean, N. Y.,-:Elmlra, N. V.;
,Waverly,..N. ,Y., and New York City. .
A daily, through sleeping-" car line Is
operated from; Chicago on- Erie -train
No.'B.i leaving at 9:30 p. "m./. to Marion.
0., via Hocking- Valley to Columbus,
thence to Norfolk and,- Western ; train,
leaving Columbus ; B*a. v m.," arriving
Norfolk 8:30. following :,mornlng. r <
.The Erie equipment < Is < comprised of
comfortable high back seat day coaches,
the best Pullman drawing room sleeping
cars and: Erie dining \ and ' cafe - cars,
operated ; on 'the European plan; you
simply pay : for what* you-, order. \u0084 ; -
.Tickets can be purchased going. one
way, via New, York, returning direct,
or \u25a0 reading .. going .and • returning, via
New York and rail or steamer.
The routes embrace . trips . via Balti
more, and Washington,' thence- various
steamer lines.- *.' \ ; '..... » ' -,\u25a0". ;, .
-.:." In y addition 1 to - stopover." -.privileges
now permitted. at Niagara Falls; Chau
tauqua:Lake, until October 15 tl lf ticket
Is deposited on or.before- September. F 3O
(Jamestown « or Lake wood), > Cambridge
Springs and Saeger town, stopovers are
permitted at -any station, on this com
pany's "lines," including- . stopover ~: at
New York, at the latter .point: for 10
days if- desired. • \u25a0 . - -: •.:
\u25a0 Stopovers are permitted - only -within
final-return limit ot ticket. v-. - :-.-,
General Allen Outlines New
Plan jfoT -Winning .•\u25a0\u25a0,
' V Victories
WASHINGTON, Aug. c 25.— Brigadier
General James "Allen,! chief "signal
ficer ;ot \u25a0 the army,*; in *hi s t report
urges J a considerable i strengthening fof
the arm 'of the service In ! his charge. He
says It is \u25a0believed. thai'.bjr,: the "develop
ment j of . the power i of 'accurate "control
upon the fleld;of battlelthrough' perfect
lines of ;informatfoh lt'wquld ; be 'possi
ble' for, the commanderjwhb first utilized
It" to the limit itefci tactical ? purposesy to
gain- as 'decisive jvlctorl es j in"* the , f uturo
as .any; that* have eyer," been; gained" in
jthe"pastr: /:' " \u25a0;''\u25a0'\u25a0 "-1; '<{':: T '\". \u25a0":''-' -'\u25a0''\u25a0:- : -
r-"vr -"v General , Allen ;' points with . regret > to
his Inadequate forces.^saylng.; that there
la " a shortage \ bbiti'l ln ; officers ; and ' men
throughout the" servlce,Tand<heTßubmlts
a scheme . for, a'; general ' thcrease ; In ;the
corps : so , as to ; haveC l;soo privates 'and
a propdrtlonate s 'number4pfi officers, : se
cured ;ln part s by. detail from. the line.
The Kind You Hays Always Bought
Signature of L&d&f. /-CUCf&bS
mIJL' : A few days ago we had a dealer arrested and are now \ jpl
I M proseGutirio: him for putting: another— cheaper— beer into our wm
H bottles and selling it as Schlitz. BH
Substitution robs you as well as us. Wm
iH Guryeasit is distinctive; no other brewery's is the same^ Mm
§f It is deyeloped from an original mother cell brought to this I
111 country by one of the founders of our business. pa
pM Our grain and, pur hops are selected from the best that ||p
: -- ; " s g vown ' We pay more than our "just as good" imitator | ;;|; ;|
H to get a quality better than he thinks is "good enough 93 for (\u25a0;
H The theft of our name— giving yoji another beer when •
S you think you are getting Schlitz — is what robs us. C
111 Y° u think you have had Schlitz— are disappointed and M
fel * *nay not ask- for J itt again—therefore, we 'are most anxiou^ p^J
.''\u25a0'' ; .v
ISIANA. on the 31st day of December. A. D.
1006. for tbe year ending on that day. ' Pub-
lished pursuant to the Provisions of Section Oil
of the Political Code and compiled from the an*
nnal statement filed with the Insurance Commis-
sioner of the State of. California.. '.
: -' 1 ./CAPITA!. .
Amount of. Capital Stock, paid up in :
Cash $200,000.00
- I. ,'\u25a0' . \u0084;' "'.;'\u25a0: ABSETS \u25a0 ,'\u25a0 ;«/
Real Estate owned by Company.'.. ... $70,000 00
Cash Market Value of. all Stocks and ' ~ - <•.:;
Bonds owned by C0mpany... ....... 607,060.00
Cash In Company's Of f1ee............ ; • 306.52
Cash in 8ank5.... ...........;.;.. t.. 108,152.89
Premiums In due Course. of Collection. 84.022.94
Total Assets :...:.;..;........;.. $839.841.88
yi ;! liabilities; "
Losses adjusted and unpaid. . . . . . ....'. $3,350.49
Losses ;in process of , Adjustment or - -".
In Suspense .. ..•..\u25a0.-;. r.. .......... , 43,048.00
Losses ; resisted, j lnclnding ' expenses;. . , - 2,600.00
Gross i premiums : on : Fire \u25a0 Risks ran-
% nlng. one . year or less, $512, 799.60; .
reinsurance, 50 per cent. . . . . . . : . . . 238,399.75
Gross 'premiums on Fire Risks 'run.
nlng more than 'one > 'year." $319, • \u25a0
.': 573.1"; reinsurance pro rata: .". ..... 174.228 BS
All other, liabilities ,4,241.00
Total Lifbilitles ........ .'..'.'....: 5485. 766. 20
INCOME .. \u25a0 \u25a0
Net s cash > actually" received ; for . Fire
preminms '.;.-. . . . ... . . . . .... .$700,591.04
Net : cash ; actually received . for Marine , .
" premiums ..... .V. rrvr.".".'.'. . . ..;... 22.658.50
Received from Interest : and dividends
- * onv Bonds, \u25a0 Stocks, j Loans, . and from •
f \u25a0 all . other sources „';\u25a0.-.-. ........ . 22,508.21
Assessment, on Shareholders. ......... 125.000.00
Income from all other -sources ...... 16,567.10
\u25a0 Total Income .................. ...$887,355.65
.. \ ...\u25a0';/\u25a0' EXPENDITDRES
Net amount paid "for Fire Losses (In-
'\u25a0 : eluding . $58,786.00 losses Of previous - .
years) . .'. ....:.;..;:.... . . .... ... .$649,233.48
Net amount paid for Marine Losses.. 4,707.68
Dividends ' to 5t0ckh01der5 ....;....... \u25a0 . 9T5.00
Pafd -or allowed for \u25a0;-. Commission or -
Brokerage \u25a0....;\u25a0..:'.:;.*..•......; 7... 150.821J18
Pa id ¥ for \u25a0„-, Salaries, \u25a0 Fees and ' other \u25a0
' charges for of fleers, clerks, . etc. . . . . 27,553.23
' Paid'- for ; Btate, National ; and • Local
taxes •...;......:,...-...........•.;.; 14,808.60
All other payments and expenditures . 60,460.61
Total ' Expenditures ............ .V. $897.086.08
'=-\u25a0'-[ \u25a0.''•"\u25a0 ' ' ' ' : : \u25a0'\u25a0•\u25a0"\u25a0•\u25a0\u25a0\u25a0'. Fire. v : Marine. -
Losses incurred during. the " . . ! - r
- year .... . . ... ... . . .$641,335.97 « $4,707.58
, .RISKS AND PREMIUMa //.- ;' -,; '\u25a0/;}
-\u25a0 \u25a0 • \u25a0; ;.• . \u25a0 ." '\u25a0 ,v- ' ?" - " Fire Risks. * Preminms.*
Net. amount of risks writ- - '\u25a0< \u25a0\u25a0 \u25a0"\u25a0 ' "-'- : ' ! Y'^ v .
\u25a0 i ten. during the year..'.. $65,180,197 $938,246.41
Net amount of risks «- " ; "- "> '-^J —•-•'\u25a0•.
v pired f durtog the : year. . 61,205,981 951,637. 9S
?Net amount In force De- -\u25a0-\u25a0•*: -.^-" '\u25a0\u25a0-\u25a0\u25a0\u25a0\u25a0 '\u25a0
.cember 31, 1906....... 57,038,003 832,373.67
•••\u25a0\u25a0\u25a0,-\u25a0\u25a0 \u25a0" \u25a0•.•^••\u25a0' ; ' -;.-•-.;\u25a0 \u25a0" Marine -- . ' - -^
\u25a0/:.;\u25a0\u25a0\u25a0;-.\u25a0- ;>\u25a0'\u25a0•;. v .;(.-'- 'Rlsks.^ Premiums.'
Net amount of risks writ- "'\u25a0 '\u25a0\u25a0"\u25a0'- '\u25a0
: ten flaring the year..V. $4,875,540 $24,640.65
Net-amount 'of > risks* ex- > —\u25a0-\u25a0\u25a0••>• --.%. \u25a0;
pired durlne the year. . 4,875,540 24,640.85
Net. amount in force De- ; : :' • ;\u25a0"
?\u25a0* cember '3i, s 1906. J r.'."T. : .:'. . . .V. ... .... r. . .". \u25a0;.-'\u25a0
;\u25a0\u25a0:-. \u25a0/..:. .. ALBERT \u25a0: P.-i NOLL, President. ~
FRA>*K LANGBEHN, " Secretary.' :
5 Subscribed ' and ' sworn - to . before . me, this 24th
day 'of! January;; 1907.- * '^ «. - ••
•\u25a0;\u25a0\u25a0\u25a0. V- : ; . . : j ANDREW HERO JR., \ ;
•. . .: ' . •*; -". Notary JPublle...-
r .;*\u25a0•;.' ":san : j Francisco,' .cal.:"..' ; ' '; I
-'cAll- ;: want ads
brino reswts
\u25a0 "'\u25a0 xi ..'.STATEMENT -
TICUT, on : the 31st day of December. A. V.
1906,* and for the year ending on that day. Pub-
lished pursuant to the provisions of Section 611
of the Political Code and compiled from the an-
nual statement filed with the Insurance Commis-
sioner, of the state of California.
Amount of Capital Stock, paid up
in cash $500,000.00
"" ; .. ' j -ASSETS ' \u25a0• .
Real ' Estate owned by Company. ;... $9,450.00
Loans .on Bonds and Mortgages. .... 1,047.720.00
Cash Market Value of all Stocks and
• Bonds owned by C0mpany. ........ 2,677,226.00
Cash In Company's 0ffice... ........ 6,724.99
Cash in Banks.. -137,227.22
Interest due and . accrued on Mort-
gages ..........:....... 28,448.03
Premiums in due 'Course of Col» \u25a0ass « om> sesa
lection .173,449.47
Total Assets . . . . .V. .$3,078.245.71
LI ABILITIES , « \u25a0
Losses In process ! of \u25a0' Adjustment or
in 5u5pen5e:.................,:.' $26,250.80
Gross premiums on risks running one
year -or leas. : $82,448.26; reinsur-
ance, 60, per. cent. ............... 31.223.18
Großs premiums .on risks running \u25a0
more than one year.' 53,597,695.35;
. 'reinsurance pro rata 1,900,624.16
Commissions . or : Brokerage due -or -'
to become due. 84,689,89
Total Liabilities . . ... .......;. ..$1.992.787!08
"..'\u25a0' •\u25a0 ,, • income ; v :; ' ' '' ~
Net . cash ' actually received for ' pre- * -
miums .$1,340,435.90
Received for Interest on Mortgages. 49,200.78
Received from Interest and dividends
: on Bonds, Stocks, , Loans and from
all' other sources. V..VV....;...... 111,827.28
Received for Rent 5..:....;........ 208.85
Income, from all other, sources. ;.... - 29,491.98
ToUl Income ........:........ ..$1.531,162!t9
Net amount paid for L055e5. ....... $127,168.22
Dividends to 5t0ckh01der5.......... 60,000.00
Paid ior \u25a0 allowed • for ' Commission or ' : r -
Brokerage ....................... > 294,671.30
Paid for .Salaries, Fees and -other '
,-- :• charges for officers, clerks, etc . . ' 175,884.70
Paid ; for i State, 1 : National • and Local
taxes ....; ...;..-.... ........ :\u25a0> 44,438.15
All other payments and expenditures C04.962.6S
Total Expenditures ..... . ... .$
Losses Incurred during i the year. . . . $102,540.18
sgHgSßggT: \u25a0 'L. B. BRAINERD. President
Y. B. PIERCE. Secretary.
'• \u25a0 Subscribed > and sworn - to j before ;me > this 23d
day of January, 1907.-' • " - ."'\u25a0\u25a0\u25a0< :-•••
. - L. H. MIDDLEBHOOK, Notary Public. ;
H. R. M^NN & CO.
credentials !are i attested : by the 'Chinese : Ambas-
sador at Washington. San i Francisco office hours
Mon., ; Toes., Wed., Thurs. \u25a0\u25a0 Stockton ' office, 1 122
North Hunter St. — Friday, 3at, Sun. -,' •
Special Cetre Taken With Depositions
: ; \u25a0• «nd All LeKaliDoonmeattsjtv?;^;^
Northwest Corner of Sntter aad .
•'..- >.-'y-,""^.f-ft«ißer T Stre«ta. ; '.".' 'A;;/
Metropolitan Casualty
YORK, oa the 31st day of December. A. D. 1906.
and for th« year ending on that day. - Published
pursuant to the . ProTlslens of Section '6ll of the
Political Code and compiled from the annual
statement njed with the Insurance Commissioner
of the State of California.
Amount of Capital Stock, paid cp in
Cash 5200.000.00
Cash Market Value of all Stocks and -
Bonds owned by Company 612.850.00
Ca«h in Company's Office 5.448.9S
Cash In Banks 48,134.34
Interest due and accrued on Bonds.. 4.304.13
Premiums In due Course of Collection. 83.532.8*
Total Assets 196M.480.f13
LIABILITIES. v \u25a0— — — "
Losses in process of Adjustment Or la
Suspense $13,088.27
Gross premiums on Itlsk« rnnnlnx on*
• year or leas, $522,833.57; reluiar-
\u25a0 nee. 50 per cent ..: 261.419.1S
Commissions and 8r0keran. ......... 30.193.16
All other liabilities 1.967.03
Total liabilities 1306.664.6S
, INCOME. •.
Net cash actually racelred for prem-
iums 1E19.147.52
Recelred from interest and dt-ridenda
. on Bonds, Stocks, < Loans, and from
all other sources 19,455.38
; Profit on . sale or maturity of . ledger
assets 237.60
Total Income t33W.BTft.is
EXPENDITURES. """" *"*" ""
Net amount paid for L055e5. ........5202,047.68
DlTldends to 6 tockholdera .......... 20,000.00
Paid or allowed for • Commission or
Broksrafe .....'...•................ 188,043.12
Paid : for . Balarles. . Fee* and other
charges for officers, clerks, etc . . . 73,692.90
Paid - for State, National and Local
Taxt5v. ..T....................... 14,442.83
All other, payments and expenditures. 32,719.90
Total expenditures .$.130.P46..<W
Losses Incurred during tbe year ....$204,430.37
E. H. WINSLOW. President.
• Subscribed and sworn to before me, this 24th
day -of January, 1907. ,
.-,:\u25a0. A. H. LAHT. Nj)t*/7 Public.
H. R. MANN & CO.
-Ll«b^i*L I « b^i*' in v ßilnir i?* tCM « t " *«" ln«oninia. w«h
whteh I hare been aQteted for over twenty roars.
and I can say that Caseants h.ro tlttnmVßot
; relief than any other remedy I haTe erer tried, fl
eball certainly reoomrnend them to my friend* is
tetnf all they are represented." ~-™ J -™ " aa * .
r — _- -*kos.Qin*rd.lltla.ni.
ff %*Jr 'The bowels
- ; '.^»jj2: \u25a0 CANDY CATHARTIC • i __^^^-
wfi****."!' «*»\u25a0»\u25a0*»«>*•. *°*>*h TasVsOood, Do6<x»a
jKerer Sicken, Weaken of Grips. 10c »<• ifto" viimi
sold in bnlk^The cenaine lib I.l i*»ispid CC C !
Onaxanteed to care o» your money baekT^
;, .SterHne Remedy Co., Chlcajo or N.Y. s«
La Fonciere Transports
OF PARIS, FRANCE, oa ti*3lJt d*y of Dereo-
ber. A- D. 1006. and for tbe year ending on that
day. Published pursuant to the Provisions of
Sectton 611 of -the Political Code and compiled
from the annual statement filed with the lnsor*
ance Commissioner of the State at California.*
Amount of Capital Stock, paid op.' •'\u25a0\u25a0
to Cssa n77.... Ii.2BO.ooo.9C-
Res) Estate owned by Company.. ;.. 690,392.31
Loans on Boads and Mortgagee .... 05,000.09
Cash Market Tain* of all Stocks and
- Bonds owned by Company 9,923,770.98
Caah in Company's Office.. - 106.122.12
Casn in Banks 104.877.14
Premlnma la due Coorae of Collection 6&9.05L35
Bills recelrable, not Matured, takes sMsmMMG
for Fire and Marine Risks 2V0.*0
Real Cstat* and Vain** 17.992.31
DlSerent Accounts of Debters ..... 120,429.28
Total Assets ..J4.31T.933.0t
Losses to process of Adjustment «r
In Suspense |687,602.M
Gross premiums on Marina Time -
Risks, reinsurance 80 per cent... 407.00T.6t ,
DlffeTrat -Accounts of Debtors M3.&94A7
Commissions and Brokerage do* or
to become dne .................. . 42,733.00
All other UabUltles 13.307.44 .
Total LtabUltioß .....|1.a«4.9f15.3S
INCOM3 • ' \u25a0""^"\u25a0•;
Net cash* actually received far M*-
* rlne preminms H,688,855.5l ;
RecerVed (or Interest oa Mortgages. 373.00 -
Reeetred from Interest and dividends
on Bonds. Stocks. Loans, and from ' • - ;
ail ether sonrces) U0.069.53t ;
Total Income' |1.809,2C0.»1 :
\u25a0- KXPSSSITDXXS '.. j
Net aaonat paid for Marine tosses. 1324.53X54 '
Paid or allowed for Commtsslno -or lay >i— j— jg
.Brokersxe ...i. 232.746.9t;
Paid f oriSalaxiea, Ftes. and other !
charges) tor officers, cterks, «•>'•• 558.525.39 [
Total Expenditures ...11,432.703.76 /
GCSTAVS ROBERT, Aetms President. >
ECOBNK SERIS. SecreUry. \u25a0 :
Subscribed and sworn to before me, this 28tk .
day of March, 1907, .-'- • ': -= - s \u25a0•\u25a0:-\u25a0- !
Vice Consul General of C. 3. A. [ j
H. R. MANN & GO.
'(Orgnnlzed 1002)
" PROMOTION: 'The "act of promoting; ad^ ;
Tancement; ENCOURAGEMENT.— Century Die- °
tlonary. HSR
The California Promotion committee has for
its object the PROMOTING of California as a »
whole. r^OHMVsMBsisMGK
It has nothing to sell. W9l
Its energies are deroted to fostering all thlass
that have the ADVANCEMENT of CaUforola as
their obtevs*mmKpQgaj&tg^atmKMSf>*'*xaf&
! It gives reliable lnJormatlon on every subject
; connected with the industries of California,
i'ilt gives ENCOURAGEMENT to the esrabllsh-
' ment of 3 new - Indus trie* sad Invites desirable) .
It la not an 'employment agency, although it ;
give* information regarding labor conditions. (
It present* the opportunities and aeeda In all ;
fields of - bastnesa and professional activity.
\u25a0\u0084\u25a0 The committee •is supported by popular sab* '
scriptkm and makes no charges for any servle« .
rendered. - <jmmpmUßKKto**SQtßl&&S!W& a &*
Afnllated witb the" committee are 160 com. ;
mercial orgaaisatiama of the state, with a meta- .
berstip of oter 20,000. -\u25a0 " , ',
s Meeting* • *r« held • semiannnally to different '
parts. of, California, where ma ttsrs of state la- >
terest are . discussed.
Headquarters of the'eommittee are matntabi#4 '"
to San Francisco «v California building, Ualca •
Square. " bBbI

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