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The story of how the crooked ma
chinery of gambling is made aroused
wide interest. More inside information on
the same subject will be found in
The Sunday Call
Call Stirs Police to Wage War on Lottery
Herrinites Now Shouting
for Present Mayor's
Ruse Adopted to Make
Trouble for Victorious
Satellites of Defeated Boss
Hope to Create Strife
in Convention
George A. Van Smith
That the machine politicians!
hope to use Mayor Taylor as a
catspaw to pull their chestnuts!
out of the fire started by the graft
prosecution and fanned into a de
vastating blaze by the popular
vote at the primary election is in
dicated by the developments of a
week- Immediately after the pri
mary elections Taylor was dis
missed by the recognized machine
politicians as an impossible candi
date. He was put in a class with
James D. Phelan, and a sad croco'-
Haile^«aF -*was~dr opped " over^his
premature political grave: •\u25a0 Then
a change came over, the dreams
of the manipulators." Taylor sud
denly loomed up as the man, backed
by a tremendous popular demand for
his continuation in office.
That there Is a popular demand for
the election of Taylor is beyond ques
tion. What its exact proportions are
Is a different matter and one extremely
difficult to estimate with any degree
of accuracy. That the men who have
so recently heard the popular clamor
are in fact with the people or with
Taylor is not so difficult to determine.
They have Joined their yelps with the
cries for Taylor. They are glad to
humor for a time the people who want
Taylor, because it may serve their pur
poses. The nomination and election of
Taylor are farther from their
A row in the ranks of the republican
leaguers who will control the local
convention would best serve the pur
poses of the men who were whipped
cither in person or In their representa
tives at the primary polls. There will
be 149 delegates in the republican con
vention. They will not ail be regular
republican league delegates. The forty
first district delegation, which beat out
the committee's ticket, was not put out
by the league, nor wer% the delegations
from the twenty-eighth, twenty-ninth,
forty-fourth and forty-fifth. Fred Eg
gers elected his three delegates in the
thirty-sixth. There are on the deie
gations \u25a0 from , the thirty-seventh,
thirty-eighth and thirty-ninth a few
who can hear the Esspee whittle. Col
lectively they represent a minority of
about 40 In a convention of 149.
Some of them have said ' nothing.
Their orders have not come "through.
More of them have talked Taylor and
a few really mean Taylor. A ma
jority of them do not mean Taylor at
all. and some have not been clever
enough to conceal that fact. .Taylor's
name has been the most convenient
method of stirring up the desired row.
The lack of sincerity of these- men
is. admirably illustrated by the char
acter of. the sources from which" they
draw their ammunition. Postmaster
Arthur Fisk is for Taylor. iCad Fisk
won In the primary fight he might
not havei^een so enthusiastically for
Taylor. iKit he is neither a delegate
nor a controlling factor in the repub
lican convention. %He is accordingly
for Taylor. g^f
The entire subsidized weekly press
that has «o. valiantly, fought for the
bribe givers and unloaded weekly car
goes of abuse upon . the graft prosecu
tion is for Taylor now. The convention
is a September function! The Taylor
boom? has indeed reached Los Angeles,
where General "Otis and his Times \u25a0 are
for Taylor. The Times is not a recog
nized friend of the graft prosecution.'
The Oakland Tribune is for Taylor. . It
was not enthusiastically for the poet
mayor when' be received his appolnt-
Continued on Tagc 2, Column 1
The San Francisco Call.
j TERTERDAY— CIear; maximum temperatnre,'
64; minimum, 62.
; FORECAST FOR TODAY— F«Jr; light south
rrett winds, becoming brisk in afternoon. Page 9
Icsxne woman steals into room 'of -man at
tendant and tbrows acid in bis face as be lies
•leeping. ; | pa«e 1
- Gas explosion wrecks the business section of
Crtar FalU, lowa. Ptre 1
War among Chicajo gamblers leads to dyna
miting of a resort. Fare 1
Colonel Iranhoff. gorerncr of Viborg prison,
assassinated in St. Petersburg. ' Pace X
Mulal Hafiz, newly proclaimed Sultan of.Mo
rocco, marcbing upon Casa Blanca at the head
! cf an . crmy. Pace 1
| Miss Maude J. Art freed of charge of forcing
Capitalist Eeed to sign $5,000 note and at. once
begin? unit In Seattle courts against him for
$55,000. , Pa*e;i
Steam shorel engineer who refases to bedl^
charged ties yp all industries In the town cf
Carnegie for many hours until he is placed under
arrest. pa Se 3
Reno saloan crowds manifest tbelr ' respect
for SalTation Army and Volunteer* . of Ara«>riea
workers when "latter are arre«ted for conducting
slreet meetings. Page 3
Woman helps Augustus • Heinze to clo*e sn
adrantageous deal for rlcti copper deposit In
I'lnmas county. Page 1
Redding man. beliering first marriage . an
nulled, takes eecoud bride iad may be prose,
cuted ror Wgßmy. . • Page 3
Miss Josephine Murphy, a San Jo»e teacher,'
drowned in Coyote creek when boat rsp
sizw. rage 1 !
•Dr.' de Young's diagnosis. - Page 6
Postmaster Flsk's political activities. • Page 6
The market for city bonds. Page 6
Labor party estimates figure a Tote of 34.000
in NoTemb^r; Scbmitz influence dying; demo
crats look for nun to replace Langdon. ~ Page 2
Kerrinltes eadearor to utliise the .Taylor, boom
to embarrass the republican faction that trl-%
empbed In the primary "election. Page 1
- Call's' expos* of- lottery ' ertl ; brings* prompt
action from, acting \u25a0 Chief . of' Pollc* ' Anderson,
who .Is now etsg aged • in a rigorous crusade;
i b<-«<!<juarter«i of "truat"! raided, but 'promoters
are not to^ be found." *" Page 1
EiecUtiT* ; board «»f the federated^ water -comi
ml t tee -will ; recelTe : today Engineer - Hraer'c ra-;
port on the Spring Valley valuation. " 'Page" 5
Sir, Harry Westwood Cooper loses prolonged
fight" s for freedom and soon will begin serriog
sentence of '15 year* for perjury. Page 2
Police commissioners may reinstate Captain !
Mooney if it is shown that be - was remored for
revenge. Page 14
Supervisors ' in deadlock over granting of • per-,
mit for Geary street road to resume operations;
decide to' submit to voters • proposed bond issue
of $6,000,000 to erect new city hall building;
prepare to call election for 4 per . cent bond
Issue ."to build . county hospital on present site
and for auxiliary' water system; propose 21
charter amendment*, including change in; com
position of health board and regulation of . tele
phone rates; order investigation, into theaters
that do not comply with building laws;. P. M.
McGusbin resigns as supervisor and Mayor Tay
lor appoints A. Comte Jr. to the vacancy. Page 5
Mrs. Krelger, . mother of : navy hero killed
trying to save comradei on Georgia, will be
pensioned. « Page 14
Pacific : Mail liner Acapulco sinks at i wharf
with "cargo and passengers on board. Page 14
Deliaas makes fierce verbal assault ; upon
Judge Lawlor during the trial" of Louis Glass,
accusing the court of neglect of 'Judicial
duty. Page 7
Alfred Schunhoff, confessed forger, who asked
-!«rcr for first offense, faints on- hearing old
prison number. . - Page 4
Oakland woman nrgea court ' to hurry boy's
trial so that she can return home to wash the
breakfast ( <Uabes. Page 4
Daughter of Mayor Overton of Santa- Rosa
weds Cv'H. Douglas after rnuiantlc three -day
auto trip. ' Page 9
Management of the San Francisco baseball
team engages new talent and will . make bold
bid for the pennant. Pag*' t
Grapple wins the Amsterdam ' selling stake sit
Saratoga. . ' • Page 8
Favorite* land the coin in the races at Peta
lnma. _ Page 8
OalHbrnla athletes representing the Olympic
club leave to compete In the national champion
ships at the Jamestown ' exposition. Page 8
Boxer Mike Schreck ; is ; installed a 7 to 10
choice orer Al Kaufman. : Pkg«'«
CapUin'of Umatilla reef f lightahlp la \u25a0 injured
by fall and la , brought here by the collier
Tordenckjold.for surgical treatment. . Page 6
Reports that Goldfitld miners ; are bnying
clocks give strength to market for mining
shares. . . ' . . Pag*. lß
San Francisco typographical . union \u25a0 No. 21
sells \u25a0 its stock in ' "Organized Labor,** the" organ
of the building .' trades council, » to a ' member 'of
that body. , •- ; . Page l
Foe of the Terrorists
Is Assassinated
Special by Cable and -Leased Wire
to The Call
ST. PETERSBURG.'-Aug. 26.— Colonel
Ivanhoff, governor of Viborg prison
and a determinedifoe of the terrorists,
was assassinated . today. When killed
he _ was walking *In a" street of St.
Petersburg. The / assassin was caught
and locked up. It had .long 1 been
known that Ivanhoff = was marked for
death by the terrorists. Viborg prlßon is
atViborg, Finland, which, besides being
noted'for the place of imprisbnmenttof
many political' prisoners and : revolu
tionary leaders, sprang Into prominence
last year when the members of the
Russian duma met there and lssued^a
revolutionary; address.
- This is the house at 20 1 0 Pacific - avenue: that [Louis': Schdehbergi built s for his • home v>ith the \u25a0 dollars
unlawfully lured from ' the ' pockets 'of the, poor through 'the -San Francisco .; lottery trust. <-._ Schoenberg is at ithe
head of the bandit \ syndicate arid is the * richest 1 of; the} four lottery kings \ for irohom \u25a0 the • hand - of: the : lam \u25a0is
noto> i reaching. '-'\u25a0 - L - ••'-! '\u25a0 : ; /- * .' •\u25a0;.'. -=. /•' \u25a0\u25a0' \u25a0''}. ,\'" : V.~ •:; \u25a0'
Yqirn|Woman Teaclpi
Drownei iii Greek
Miss \u25a0•* Josephine / Murphy" Sinks
When:Boat^Capsizeslil)ut =
Swims- Ashore*
Special by Leased- Wire , to- The Call X
SAN JOSE, Aug. - 2 6.-r-A boat ; contain
ing:.. Miss Josephine \ Murphy, a i school
teacher. of this city/and-Mlss Kate Bel
lew, daughter : : of , ; a*f wealthy i Milpitas
rancher,": capsized in ;. Coyote : : creek :- this
afternoon.' Miss ; Murphy* 'was drowned,'
but Miss ' Bellew ;> managed 'to * swim
ashore. , - \u25a0 ' \u25a0
Miss Murphy was the; guest of Miss
Bellew -today/ at,* the i Bellew, -ranch,
which. is situated along. the creek.] Du
ring a stroll ; by ; the banks of fthe ' stream
after ' r luncheon ". they * an .V old
boat ''f moored ?-." In '}\u25a0. the *rl brush. •' tThey
clambered aboard.' and . paddled .-about
In^thefcreek.l which at- this:pblrit is 40
f eet \ wide- arid 16 \t eet; deep. ,' . \u25a0,', f>; '\u25a0"\u25a0•','
Suddenly * the .' young \u25a0 women -noticed
that - the 'boat \ was rapidly i filling,; with
water \u25a0 * and •-; they started •- to \ turn .• it
around to - row * for -the*; shore. TThey.
were .- not r 'much ; ' frightened,'; as :
could \ swim. - -While;. they, were turning,
the craft . tipped ? over. .' itf Is ; thought'
that v Missy Murphy i must < have '.- I been
stunned, 1 ; for; she sank \u25a0at once. \u25a0
Miss Bellew ; made, her .way j to rthe
bank successfully.: : -Her '\ screams -'at
tracted ; nearby^^esidents .to -the , spot
and they.dragged the_ hole with, a long
boat"' hook ! f or Miss ' Murphy. -^They' did
not bring, the body fto* the'surf ace 'until
several ".minutes; had > elapsed. '. Several
hours; were 'spent in- trying; to- resusci
tate her, but all efforts.wefe* unavailing.
Miss; Murphy, was] a (graduate of 'the
Hopkins institute; of art/ San-Frariclsco,'
andV taught i drawing- i and ,; painting >In
thejSunoltHester school iinithlscity for
several > years. >. •' She I also . • spent ' two
years at \u25a0 painting with the artist,'. Rollo
Peters. \u25a0,< ; : - -'r '• \u25a0• > '' rt- ' •'* :\u25a0 '. '-.
CHICAGO, -Aug. : 26!— Nelson Morris,
head sof^a.' great rmeat 1 packing] company
of -this \u25a0city, 'Who- lies critically 'ill aat
his . residence, " was • reported • worse' to
day. V- An' ! attack*6f I heart-disease * has
con fined .lxlni; to; his/bedgforv. the ' last
f our f days.'-lT I • :;
NEWPORT, -Aug. 1 * 2 6.— Fy Ig] a,*; the
flagship; of ""• the '* Swedish^Pf lnce" ; Wil
helm," sailedrfor Newj York» today. '.. The
prince -today visited -Providence ' Jand'i
Chief Anderson Plans for
a Vigorous Crusade
tiasihessi''~Actinf£Cliief -of^Police Anderson.
f\ , -As- one^esult ; of IThe] Call's series?of /articles^exposing
Jbhe \u25a0 lotteryvgraft { inithis^cit^ aridsthel^ievihg;rnetHp<is of
ih-a^fair^way to^;lahd^in:» jail*. J Louis ? Schoenberg^ Lbuis
> Dayid'Bibbero; and * Harry/ Lesser^- lottery^ kings
arid ;;garnblers -who idoV not gamble^^ould" have, been ?aiv
I from: their headqiiartersVat •58 Second street. Besides^the
I four; mil j^aire^n^^ready named,? the
to arrest Dick O'Connor, who has^fpr years been one of ! the
guiding spirits yri^ the^l6tte^swmdle*and^who>has : grqwn^
off theistplen .dollars ifil^edrf rom \u25a0 the^pockets of
the .•'credulpusHieketi buyers: ! . , .. •, \u0084„ . . - ; /. -,
: police -planned^
dl ers^and^hope djto ; take surrounded ;
the evidence^qf-',: :tHeir^o : crimes/ fEyidejitly'thevjpplice. haci
f6und,in6r wa S 3there^
o^es;:;: Buti^tectiyes -Reagan* and-OiGon^l,;whoyyvere
detailed frto^makejjthe'ra^
liisi:persbn. ? :. HeiwasVc^
in; : His-p^sessi<^l^^ -^ '•.
\u25a0'\u25a0* There 'has 1^ 1 " \u25a0**\u25a0
ins Chief Anderson, ! who's c' ;: zeal .for.'
civic- decency^ is as -great
\as .was \ Di nan's • apathy, said : yesterday :
''\u25a0\u25a0 "I ' was I notfawafeYof ) the « extent -qt {.the
, Continued os Page; 2, : Cohunna 5? and [ 6
(jbllege fraternities of no college frater
nities—which should it be? Eminent uni-
QBH a 4V aa V l^ l 4
versitjr. lights Miscuss President Woodrow
Wilson's : attack -in
W-The Sunday Call
Woman Helps Heinze
Gain Copper Field
Rich Deposit^ in Plumas County
Acquired by Magnate After
a Spirited Contest
Special by Leased Wire to The Call
. RENO, New, Aug. 26.— Through the
agency of Miss Adele Schroeder, Au
gustus Heihze has just secured posses
sion of ; the greatest deposit of copper
in',the state of California. The claims
are located in Plumas county near the
Nevada line and Miss Schroeder has
given a bond to George Goodhue to
pay him $200,000 for the. property.
JThe race to' obtain this property de
veloped a bitter scene between Miss
Schroeder and Mrs. Rawles Reader,
the woman diplomat who was mixed
up" in the Santo Domingo .revolution.
They had met in several deals before
and; Mrs. Reader, has .several victories
to her credit, but "Miss Schroeder
turned the tables on'- her in the present
instance. i
Miss Art Adds to Woe
of Capitalist Reed
Special by Leased Wire to The Call
SEATTLE, Augr. 26.— Miss Maude J.
Art, -who was. accused, by" Colonel-"Wil
liam J. Reed, formerly of California,
of -forcing, him at' the point of a re
volver-to. sign : a promissory note for
$5,000, was released by Justice John
E. Carroll; today.
--Immediately after her release Miss
Art r instructed "her attorneys to file a
suit against Reed for $55,000 damages.
The. young lady; asks for $25,000 from
Reed ' f or \u25a0 attempted •', violence. $25,000
for, defamation* of character and $5,000
for. false imprisonment.. :
"On-^the .witness stand Reed testified
that 'he'; owned realty -in Seattle worth
Dynamite Hurled Into
Gambling Resort
Special by Leased Wtre to The Call
• CHICAGO. Aug 26.— Another chapter
in the Chicago gambling war. was "added
early- yesterday morntng when a saloon
and gambling house was shaken by an
explosion of nitroglycerin or dynamite.
"Windows - In three . large buildings in
Kinzle street were shattered and three
men were thrown down and injured by
the concussion.'
v- It, ls the opinion of the police that
the men .who threw 'the explosive were
the \u25a0 same ,who have been using . this
method.to force themselves back on the
payroll of the big gambling syndicate,
from which ; they s were dismissed a few
months ago. . ._.
Throws Acid in Face
of Sleeping Man
Special by Leased Wire to The Call
/LINCOLN. Neb., Aug. 26.— Jay Gallog
ly, an attendant at the Bailey tsan-
Itorlum, died 'today from the .effects of
carbollo acid thrown In his face by an
insane female patient in the night while
he slept. She; had been handcuffed be
cause of her 'frenzy,: but .grained'- her
freedom in some way and took the- acid
from the medicine chest. •-\u25a0.- •'""
Gaining entrance . to ; the man's room
she threw a large quantity an his eyes,
nostrils and mouth. .He died in great
agony. " The, woman has a' delusion that
he had been trying; to kill her relatives.
lowaTpwn Is Wrecked
by fias Explosion
Special by Leased Wire lolThe Call
, DES *MOn^S, ; - lowa, , AuBT.-:26.~The
business section of Cedar Falls, lowa.'
was wrecked last nlßhtJby'ah explosion,
presumably rot gas. , The loss is about
$100.000. \u25a0\u25a0'yJTo one is reported killed.
Impertinent Question No. 13
WhatWouJd}Yqu Most Like io;Khow? :
For the mosl original or wittiesY answer to this ques
tibn—-aniiLthe • briefer the better— The Call will pay
JFor the next five answers
GNE^EL^R^acn; Prize
. Iwihning; answers will be printed next Wednesday
and checks -mailed to the winners* at once. Make
yourVanswer short arid address it to
•impertinent questions,
; /thexall
Newly Proclaimed Sultan
of Morocco at Head
of an Array
Members of French Colony
and Other, Foreigners
Are in Flight
Removes Caid Maclean to
Remote Prison Place
in Interior
Special by Cable and Leased Wire
to The Call
PARIS, Aug. 25.— An official
dispatch says that Mulai Hafiz,
the newly proclaimed sultan, is
marching on Casa Blanca with an
Premier Clemeniceau conferred
today with President Fallieres
and with various ministers con
cerning Morocco. No statement
was issued. The cabinet wfll
meet and Saturday.
TANGIER, ; Aug.* 26.— -The
members -of the -French -colony.
and the other 'foreigners left Fez
for. El Arish, on the coast, on
Saturday. The situation at Fez
is critical. Agitators are proclaiming 1 !
the new sultan. Mulal Haflz. and when'
they are arrested other* take their
Imperial troops are expected again
to attack Kmass tribesmen. Reinforce
ments and ammunition have been sent"
to Caid Meballa. It is reported that'
Ralsull, fearing the rescue of Caid
Maclean, has removed the prisoner to
Boolhalshln. east of Kmass. ' j
ORAX, Algeria, Aug. 26.— The steam
ship Shamrock sailed for Casa Blanca
yesterday,' after embarking a battery!
of field artillery, 65 spahlj and threat'
sections of a machine gun battery. It*
carries a large quantity of provisions
and ammunition.
MADRID, Aug. 28. — The Correspond
'dencla de Spain says it has been de
cided at a cabinet meeting to respect
and carry out the Algeclraa convention.
Should the news of the proclamation
of Mulal Haflz as sultan be confirmed
officially, a note will be sent to th»
powers setting forth the situation with,
respect to the adoption of a new Una
of action.
BERLIN, Aug. 26.— Jules Cambon, the
French ambassador to Germany, re
turned here today from Norderby. sat.
lsflad with . the results of his visit to
Chancellor yon Bulow. The ambassa
dor had three long < conversations with;
the chancellor, covarinar the entire field*
of international politics. Most off th«
•übjacts were touched ' upon somewhat'
lightly, nothing in -the way of fresJi'
proposals or ' serious suggestions beinjfj
made. . |
Possibly th* most tat area ting subject
to the j French government . at present
was the Moroccan situation, upoa
which the chancellor talked fraaly, re«
peatlng and elaborating what had- *!•
ready been communicated to . Fraao#
through the . foreign , office at Berlin,'
namely Germany's ' " w.llllngness , that
France should, use 'her own discretion:
at Casa Blanca with the knowledge that
Germany , would not raise embarrassing:
questions -or^ in any. way place difflcul
ties in the way or hinder the French!
work 00. restoring order and securing
the future safety of Europeans in

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