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Supervisors Arc in Discord Over the Geary Street Railroad Petition
Elimination of Politics Is
Aimed At in New
Supervisors to Consider
Charter Amendments
Today '
A special session of. the board of
supervisors will be held this afternoon
for -the purpose of taking action on
twenty-one charter amendments which
it Is proposed to submit to the voters
at the general election on November
8. The amendments were recommended
for adoption by Chairman Murphy of
the amendment committee, who also
advised that no further amendments
be considered, with the probable ex
ception of one affecting employes of the
department of electricity, which Super
visor Brenner rigorously championed.
Among the amendments recommended
was one changing the composition of
the board of health from five physicians
to two physicians and five laymen, elim
inating the president of the board of
works and chief of police as ex-officlo
members. The term of office of the
board is to be fixed at seven years.
The committee reported that It
deemed the plan presented by charit
able and civic organizations to place
the management of the county and
emergency hospitals and the almshouse
In a board of trustees was unconstitu
tional and that the Institutions could
be taken out of politics by the change
that -was proposed in the personnel of
the health board.
Another amendment authorizes the
board of supervisors to fix the rates to
fee charged for telephone service, and
also to prescribe the quality of such
service. The other amendments were
as follows:
Increasing the rate of Interest on municipal
bonds, whether term or Ferial, - from 4 to 6 p«r
re.at. these to run for 75 years Instead of 40
j-curs end to be redeemable In other cities. '
Providing that of the tar lery 85 cents than
bf> lcTied for the current expenses of tbe city
government and 35 cpnts for street improvements
«ii«l re«?toratiou of public buildings, making $750,
000 available yearly for the latter purposes on
an *-stinisted assessment of $500,000,000.
Providing for tbe distribution of th* surplus
mruinps of public utilities Jn__tbe discharge of
any bonded Indebtedness.
Providing for the deposit of public funds In
banks at tlie rate of 2 per cent Interest, as au
thorized by the state law.
Authorizing progrpsslve payments on public
contracts, not exceeding 75 per cent of the entire
contra cl price.
IrKTwising the bond of the city treasurer from
$100,000 to $200,000 and providing for the pay
mcDt by tbe city of premiums on official bonds
>o -xcpss of $10,000.
Increasing the urgent necessity fund from, $36,-
Oft) to $100,000.
Providing for increases In salaries of members
of the firo department ond fixing their vacations.
Providing for an express grant of power to
Ox board of supervisors for the municipal owner
ship of public utilities and the purchase of land
fur vs-eter supplies.
Providing for tbe sale of lands belonging to
the city not necessary for public use, except the
jiarks and children's playgrounds.
Hegulating grade changes to make the charter
comply with the state- law.
limiting- the liability of tie board of works
for a^vidrnts due to defective streets and sewers.
Authorizing lease of school lands for 35 years
instead of 20 years.
Aj!il>*riEing th« board to grant spar track per
wnit*. -tfc«Te-t>rt«r o» express -power la the char
ter on .tie point.
requiring a circulation of 3,000 Instead ef
£.000 for the official newspaper.
. Providing for a children's playground commls
> •\u25a0:. of seven, two of whom shall be women.
Koqairing signatures to petitions for charter
amendments to be arranged by precincts, co
tlmy may be properly authenticated by the regis
Providing steps toward the recall of city of
ficials oo petition of 40 per cent of th« voters,
as provided in the Los Angeles charter.
The petition of the police department
that charter amendments Increasing
their salaries be submitted was referred
to the amendment committee. The de
partment also asked for permission to
withdraw Its previous petition, which
lacked the legal number of signers.
Superintendent of Schools Roncovlerl
pave notice that he would insist on the
Fubmlssion of amendments fixing a min
imum levy for school purposes and
other regulations.
Street Lighting Contract
Is Awarded by the Board
Prices Are Established for Various
Kinds of Lamps
The contract for street lighting was
awarded to the San Francisco gas and
electric company by the supervisors
yesterday for $275,000. the amount of
Jhe budget appropriation. A condition
*was exacted that, irrespective of the
number of lights Installed, the city
should not pay more than 6.548 cents a
night for each, 15 cents for each triple
cluster light, 20.713 cents for each all
night electric arc lamp or 13.81 cents
for each electric arc jamp lighted at
The matter of the relocation of the
lights was deferred one week.
It 'was decided to ascertain what
municipal employes were .serving In ca
pacities not provided for In the charter
and to do away with them. The 'board
Instructed the finance committee to
make the necessary examination Into
the conduct and management of every
offlce end department of the munici
Supervisor D'Ancona's resolution re
quiring the board <ff works to present
all salary demands under the bond Is
sue to the supervisors was adopted.
The following petitions were referred
to committees:
From tbe Soctb End Improvement club for 100
tire ll£bts In tbe district bounded bj Army street,
Ber&ai beigbts, the county line and the bay;
fromrtbe VisJtadon ralley club for 15 arc lUthti
in tbe district and for tbe appropriation of $55.
000 to repair tbe Sao- Bruno road. Railroad are
nue and Fifteenth t. venue South; from refugees
in tbe Mission park protesting against their re
moral . therefrom on tbe gronsd that many, of
tbem hare bo fond* to meet the expense and will
lose their rotes at the next election if. they
change their residences now.
Firetrap Theaters Are to
Be Made to Obey the Law
The board of works was directed by
the board of supervisors yesterday to
transmit a IJst of the theaters and other
places', of amusement conducted under
permits. . and to . report whetherj their
construction and. maintenance were In
compliance with th« building laws. The
tax collector was ordered to ..file a state
ment of the dates on which licenses
were Issued to the theaters.
. Supervisor Faymonville stated that
he had been informed that many so
called theaters were not built. In ac
cordance with the fire laws and were a
menace to surrounding property.
Action was postponed on the award
of contract for the burial of the Indi
gent dead to James Hagan f0r, 53.50 a
body. Sullivan said that decent burial
could not be given a dog for that
amount, and the health committee was
directed to prepare a plan for the burial
*of Indigent dead by the city.
The ordinance restricting the. use^of
fresh water supplied by the Spring Val •
: ley water company " to domestic con
! sumption and to building and flre' pur
poses wag finally ; passed. \..
Board Decides to Submit
the Proposition to
the Electors
Contends One Building Is
Sufficient to House
A resolution was adopted by the
board of supervisors yesterday declar
ing its Intention to submit propositions
to the electors of the city for the is
suance of $6,000,000 of bonds for the
construction of a new city hall of class
A construction, and of $750,000 for
erecting a new hall of justice.
Supervisor Sullivan vigorously op-"
posed the building of a hall of justice,
on the ground that there was no neces
sity for It, Inasmuch as the depart
ments could be accommodated In the
city hall. He succeeded in having
action postponed for one week on a
rseolutlon to purchase additional lands
for the hall of justice and county Jails.
The board ordered bids Invited for
the removal of the Larkin street wing
of the city hall and the taking down of
tbe dome.
The sum of $95,000 was set aside to
rehabilitate the first floor and basement
of the east wing, the McAllister street
wing and the central wing of the city
Bids were also asked for the removal
of the hall of Justice ruins.
Action was postponed one week on
the resolution providing that all
charred, bent and useless poles should
be removed from the streets within 30
days, and that the size, shape and loca
tion of .poles should be regulated. The
report of the adornment committee on
the subject said in part: "The poles
placed In the center of Twelfth street
and Van Ness avenue, which break
the lines of the roadways, show that
the contemplated ornamental trolley
poles for Market street should be
placed on the sides and not at the cen
ter of the street."
The board granted permission to the
teachers' annuity commission to with
draw Its bid for $50,000 worth of
school bonds. The reason for the with
drawal was that the rate of Interest
was too low.
The following appointments in the
offlce force were formally made: John
EL Behen, chief clerk; John H. Kyan,
first assistant clerk; T. B. McGinniss,
second assistant clerk, and John Finn,
stationery clerk.
.The petition of the health board for
appropriations of $122,600 and $91,490
for supplies for the county hospital and
almshouse, respectively, was referred
to the finance committee.
The Ca^stro Heights Improvement club
was permitted to withdraw its petition
to blast at Twenty-sixth and Douglass
Patrick McGushin Bows to
Supreme Court and Resigns
Comic I Appointed Supervisor, to
Fill tbe Vacant Place
P. M. McGushin, after a month's de
lay, resigned as a member of the
board of supervisors yesterday, and
Mayor Taylor ' at once appointed A.
Comte Jr. to fill the vacancy. The
resignation was brief and contained a
request that it be accepted Immediately
on Its presentation to the clerk of the
, McGushln's communication differed
from those of. bis former colleagues
In that It was entirely In his own
handwriting. The others were In type
written form, having been prepared by
District Attorney Langdon.
McGushln refused to resign with his
associates, insisting that he would
await the supreme court's decision as
to Mayor Taylor's tenure.
Supervisor Tveitmoe attended the
meeting of the board yesterday for the
first time since Mayor Taylor took
office. He had also questioned Mayor
Taylor's election and subsequent ap
pointment of a new board. The su
preme court having removed all doubt
Tveitmoe was willing to serve with the
new members.
The formal notification by Mayor
Taylor of his removal of the Schmitz
police commissioners was ordered
spread on the minutes of the board.
Expert Williams Makes a
Report on City's Finances
Balance of 51 84,543.50 in the
Surplus Fund July 30
Cyril Williams, expert for the super
visors, filed a report yesterday on the
condition of the appropriations on July
30. 1907, which showed that there was
a balance of $184,543.50 in the surplus
fund. There was also an unexpended
balance of $277,000 in the bond interest
fund and a surplus of $71,678.87 In the
bond redemption accounts. The report
The estimate for license fees was made by the
tax collector, at $1,600,000; the receipts for
1906-07 were: Liquor licenses, $984,760; other
licenses. $219,603.50; total. $1.206,558.50.
The number of saloons on June 30 was 2,277.
The police department reports a great falling
off in applications for this quarter and believe
that this year's arerage will not exceed, 2,000
saloons and $1,000,000 in licenses.
The courts hare drawn for 1908-07 directly, on
the general fund, $23,309.90. Fortunately there j
was a surplus or some of the appropriations
hare suffered.
The amounts at the credit of tbe 'bonds ac
count were: Hospital bond fund, $248,687;
sewer. $213,057.03; school, $764,745.31; street.
$416,170.77; jails, $277,301: library, $133,068.50;
playgrounds, $518,570; Mission park, $347;
Golden Gate park extension bond fund, ex
The sewer and street bond funds are Ylrtually
exbansted. as the claims against tbem for work
being performed will fully corer the amounts
at credit
Of the Issue of $17,160,000 bonds
the sum of $5,152,600 has been sold,
leaving: $12,007,400 unsold.
Santa Ana Official Shot as He Is
Taking Captive From
a Dance
' SANTA . ANA, Aug. 26. — Deputy Con
stable Jetan . Orosco was shot and
killed by : Cholo Boregd at , a } Mexican
dance at Los Alamltos.at midnight last
night. - Orosco went to; the dance .to
arrest' Borego, and as they were; going
through the door, the latter turned and
shot the deputy through the heart. /:•:
The dead man had a reputation as a
gun fighter and had - been in several
battles In the, last year. In one of these
he killed a man." _r. \u0084
PORTSMOUTH, Ohio. Aug.' 26.-^Con
ductor Robert" Gllmore and ' Engineer
J.'C.~Purdy were killed and a half dozen
trainmen seriously.. injured' by. a headon
collision; between Norfolk : and ; Western
freight tralas'near Harden,
THE \u25a0\u25a0•SAN- 'FRAyGISGO^OAMA TUESDAY; 27;
Brandenstein Says Oppo
nents Hurt City's ,
Resolution Favoring Com
pany Goes Back to Util
ities Committee '
The division of opinion in the -board
of supervisors as tothe petition of the
Geary Btreet; railway, companyi;fo'r a
permit •to resume operations reached
an acute stage yesterday. Heated dis
cussion developed on a resolution in
troduced by Supervisor Sachs to grant
the petition, and in the end the op-,
ponents^were victorious, their motion
to refer the matter to the public \utili
ties committee again for a second, re
port being carried. The resolution will
be taken up again at next Tuesday's
meeting, by which: time the committee
is to make Its. report. ';>. - 17,.;
Sach's resolution represented 'the
views of the minority of the utilities
committee and '• provided for the pay
ment; to* the city of 5 -per cent of- the
gross recelptSL of the road and: the re
pair of theiGfltrVet. >• ; /^--'' ;:
D'AnconajSffchairman of the utilities
committee, Objected to the granting of
the permit unless the company . con
veyed¥to the city its title to the rails
and*, roadbed and \u25a0 to ' any franchise
claims it might possess. > Sullivan sup
ported D'Ancona and opposed taking
the . consideration of the matter from
the hands of the committee. •. '
Sachs, Brenner, and Brandenstein
spoke In favor of giving transportation
facilities to' the Geary street residents,
for which they had urgently petitioned.
"It Is time for us to stimulate com
mercial enterprise and not to retard it
by objections which will not stand the
test of inquiry," ' ,- said Brandenstein.
"Let us get behind the city and not
stand in the way of its progress."
The ordinance authorizing the pay
ment of $1,060 to J. H. Stut for engi
neering services In preparing the plans
of the proposed municipal Geary street
road was finally" passed. . ,, r _ .
The petition of several hundred Sun
set district property owners that a
street railway franchise be awarded to
the Parkside transit company In Nine
teenth avenue and other streets in
Parkside was referred to the utilities
Special Bond Election to
Be Held About October 31
Board Plans for New Issues at
Higher Interest Pate
According to a resolution of inten
tion passed by the supervisors yes
terday a special election will be called
for October 31. 0r thereabout for the
submission to the people of the pro
posed cancellation of the outstanding
3 % per cent bond issue for a county
hospital, and issuance ..of a new series
at * per cent for the erection of a new
hospital on the present site; "also of
the contemplated issuance of bonds for
an auxiliary water system for fire pro
tection, for the acquisition of Tele
graph hill and Fairmount lands for
park purposes.
The resolution asking the governor
to call a special session of the legis
lature to ratify the propositions in the
event that they were carried was de
ferred one week.
At the request of Mayor; Taylor the
resolution authorizing the holding of
the next election under the Australian
ballot system Instead of by voting ma
chines was laid over one week.
The board allowed 9600,000 for the
repair of streets and sewers under the
plans prepared by the Merchants' street
repair association.
The works board was directed to
furnish an estimate of cost of the
street work mapped out In the sched
ule of the association and also of the
work that is to be done, ln California,
Seventh, Ninth, Brannan, Jackson,
Kearny, Battery, Howard, Folsom,
Post, Front, Market, Geary, "Eddy and
McAllister streets.
At the morning; meeting- of the
board of works 'Commissioner Eagan
took exception to the Irregular manner
In which the board' of supervisors was
proposing to repair the streets. It
was finally decided to comply with the
charter by Inviting bids after the esti
mates were made and to request ' the
supervisors to set aside the separate
amounts for; each particular Job. It
was estimated that $1,035,625 v square
feet of bituminous pavements would
have to be repaired.
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IU^US STREET, Between : Polk and Van Ness
Intimates That $32,000,000
Valuation on Property ,:
Is About Right - ,'
• - ~ \u25a0 \u25a0 • \u25a0 ;-.v. \u25a0-\u25a0'\u25a0.'.'.:.
WiU Be Submitted; Today to
Federated Water Com- '
; mittee Board
The executive board of the federated
water committee will meet this after
noon at the headquarters of .the Mer
chants' association in the Merchants',
Exchange building to review : the reT
port, on the 'valuation of .the Spring
Valleys water- company plant, .as, esti-^
matedV and'; adduced by Engineer -W.
H. Heuer, chairman of the .executive
committee: The meeting will be im
portant In many ways and -much Inter-,
est in the outcome of the deliberations
is being shown.. .' t
Engineer Heuer, who was, requested
by. the -committee to make a
Investigation: of the water » problem
confronting this city, discusses ; in ' his
report ' possible - sources 'of :-";. auxiliary
supply,' the value of the ' Spring .Valley
plant, which, It has been,: suggested,
should, be .purchased,, and \u25a0 all other
phases of " the ? water question. \u25a0\u25a0
While-he declined to make ;the con
tents of the ; report . public before its
submission' to the executive committee,"
Heuer consented to give' Sjome: ldea . of
Its scope. All of the evidence* taken
in, the suit' brought by the Spring feVal-:
ley to enjoin the- board of ; supervisors
from imposing water rates |in *1903 . has
been .reviewed: The conflicting: esti
mates of .the several experts who were
called by the city and by the corpora
tion > have been }, examined: -; -> • ->
"Strangely enough,** Heuef said yes
terday, "if you take the average of all
the varying figures on the. value of the
Spring Valley plant, you > get a figure
surprisingly, near the tentative figure
of about $32,000,000. at which the com
pany offers its plant. I -cannot^ say
whether I have recommended. the pur
chase of theplant at that^or any other
figure. Spring Valley wants, in any
event, to retain its Merced properties
and offers to deduct from the asking
price $4,000,000 fot. the Merced plant.
The reason is that^an offer has been
made to the company « by .which It
could realize aboHt $13,000,000 from
Its Merced holdings by "disposing., of
the ; lands • for surburban homes and
villas. \u25a0 Should the city deem the, offer
of the company to sell \u25a0 the .entire
plant worth accepting, and except the
Merced property, with a "corresponding
reduction of $4,000,000, the- company
offers to permit the city toluse the lake
In Its water scheme until the Sierra
Is tapped by paying^! interest;- 1 on
$4,000,000. According to": Engineer
Grunsky's recent estimate, the .Merced
plant separately was held to be . worth
about $2,500,000. -•
"I have not considered, to any extent,
the merits of the Hetch Hetchy project
In my report. In my opinion. It would
take nearly 10 years to; make .! that
source available to the: city.;; During
those 10 years San Francisco! surely
would demand , a .temporary addition ; to
the supply available from" 'present
Spring Valley: sources. An addition^ of
at : least ;i.0,000,000^gallons; a, day ; Is
needed even" - now.'^,! ,tibpe 'the " people
of f^he. ; city," however, will .be* given' an
opportunity to pass upon "the .merits
of, the Hetch Hetchy or any " other
project which may Insure an adequate
supply of water. :.^3P^g3
"An additional'" supply : could 'be : ob
tained I from -the Alameda county hold-
Ings of Spring Valley./ These I have
considered in my; report. From one
source, at a cost of about $l,000,000,;a
supply of 10.000,000 gallons dally could
be procured- and from ;another In the
same county 20,000,000 "gallons a day
could be tapped' for. -about $2,000,000.
The whole could* be Joined ln-> one sys
tem, If It were deemed t necessary, and
a volume of 30,000,000 gallons of water
a day added quickly to the water sup
ply of-thls city, pending the time when
the Sierra streams- will" be tapped, as
probably they : . will jbe ultimately.
"The problem is-a; serious one and
should be looked atlsquarely. The
very existence of the! federated water
committee -is,. an .expression '• of the
gravity |of . the situation, because the
committee was formed for the purpose
of bringing- all" Interests of the city
together in concerted action- to bring
about a- prompt" and wise solution of
the question." ,r : >
i Engineer Heuer was doubtful wheth
er the report to! be: submitted today
would be made public' "until \u25a0 it was
thoroughly" gone^ over and perhaps re
vised by the ; . executive committee.
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WEEK.' ?
To t>« bad at Ticket Offices. Ferry Bnlldln*. foot
of - Market ' street, \u25a0/ and Room 988. s James
Flood Building (General Offices), San Fran-
cisco. - Inquiry by MaU will bring aa lm-
. mediate) response..
Gen. Manager. Acting Gea. Pass, fc Frt. Agt.
• Twentieth -' annual - tournament of • the Pacific
States Lawn Tennis Association, from August 81
to September 8," Incluslre. Championship eVents
On the new • courts. Golf tournament September
2 to 7, lncluslTe..* Parlor car Trom Sao Francisco.
Special round trip rates fromall points; one way
round ? trip V rat« - for partieifants and families.
Inquire i 780 ! Market st. phoi* Temporary 2751 ;
or Southern Pacific Information Bureau; or,
H. B.? WARNER. : manager. Del ; Monte, Cal. .
\u25a0 Formerly. Hotel El Carmelo, Pacific Grore. - •
- \u25a0 Under the , same j ownership >as i the Hotel • del
Mont«.\ ' A- > quiet ; resort.t with i eTery, comfort, at
most reasonable rates. ; In close touch with San
Francisco, ? Saa i Jose , and i Santa ? Cru». - Through
chair car. and parlor car ierrlce.to and from Los
Angeles and San Francisco daily. -
•;'.'\u25a0'-. ':'\u25a0'- •\u25a0\u25a0\u25a0 BUROPBAN \u25a0< PLAN.
.. Most, Modern:- Hotel In; Santa Crus.. '; .
• >\u25a0: \u25a0"-;-. . •- • :'-•• Rooms from 50c up. • " > *\u25a0 . \u25a0
" HEDOPETHJ BROS., -Props. ', .
And : cottages In ' the ' mountain* ' near Santa Crus.'
First class I table ; I ciab I room ; | dancing parlllon ;
bowling ; j croquet : v - rates "• $9 *; and * 110; * carriage
fare ' $1.35 round trip. Send for booklet. MRS.
TONT PHILLIPS, Prop.;- Santa Cru», CaL
: Pritate home among' the" trees; big yard; "warm
sunny • rooms ; \u25a0 graduate > nurse : la » charge. Rheu-
matism l cured ; j confinement . cases | taken ; I nothing
refused "' but I contairtoua f diseases. I LAURA \ THI-
N IUS, . 59 - Ocean ; View aT., Santa - Cru«, Cal:
September ,Is the i - Ideal ', Month
: ;. at Lake'Tahoe. > -. "
' :\u25a0-; \u25a0 Delightful r - Weather— Fishing
\u25a0 - \u25a0 Excellent. 1 " : .?••; -•
100 Acres^ Forest,^Meadow and Garden Land. |
* ; F jrnished J log ' cabins," $1 i per day each ! person ;
special : family * rates.*; t Central? grill. .; European
plan," genuine I home I cooking,'! reasonable | charges.
Here you are expected to wear plain clothts and
lead a- simple lifejsKfroßreaßHidoithte.Tdon't
come. : Address M. W. HARLOW.' Mua|er, Gag.
l U* Crtg i (Via/ rhynmalr^ Cailfonuk ' - \u25a0_ , ;
SPRINGFIELD. Mo', Augr. 26.— Mrs.
Mary J. Boughman, who was born In
Dayton, \u25a0 Ohio, died today, aged 105
years.'. -
I AH I i
The' land of breadfruit, cocoannts and flowers.
Clement Wragge, \u25a0. in -"The Romance of the South
Seas.". says: .\u25a0-\u25a0 '
-• "Tahiti is the Island of the gods. People don't
know, they hare no conception of tbe glories of
these Islands. • \u25a0 The globe \u25a0 trotter follows : the
beaten track ahd leaves out this fascinating spot.
One : should go not only for the short stay that
the ! steamer remains In - port, but stay orer . a
steamer and: become acquainted with the natives
In their plcturesjue : Tillages."
• S.V S. MARIPOSA sails September 11. Book
now for . this sailing. Reduced rate, $125 for
round trip. Office 673 Market st Tel. Tem-
porary 1231.
8. S. SIERRA, sails September 14; $135 round
trip. x . /
Xj vf Minutes From Sao Francisco
Half hourly serrlce. European plan. $1.50 up;
American plan, \u25a0 $3.30 up. ' Reservations may b«
made for • August and September.
FRANK N. ORPIN. Lessee-. and Manager.
First class bottl accommodations. Tents, cot-
tages and . family ' grounds unlimited. Boating,
swimming and fishing.' Grocery and butcher on
tbe ground. -Terms most liberal. Send your
family. Apply ADAM BREHM, Prop. . •": <
Open entire . year. Ten miles from Cbtco, CaL
Send for pamphlets. J.. H. RICHARDSON.
Fox rates and particulars apply
' C. F. CARR, ' Prop., . Monte Rio.
First -season; ' entirely ' renorated; beautiful
scenery, boating,' bathing, fishing, hunting, danc-
ing,- bowling, croquet,: tennis.: Rates, $9 to $12.
By . the day, . $2. ~- Special rates to families: Ad-
dress iLA B. SELENGER. Prop.. Camp Meeker.
NOW OPEN. . The most beautiful mountain
health and : pleasure resort' - New i skating rink.
Address JOHN JACOBS, : Proprietor, Napa Soda
Springs,' Cal. :-";' : - .' .
Peaches, etc., ripening In August; figs, grapes,
etc.. In September,* at • Woodworth's; residence
82 years. Address WOODWORTH A MULLER,
Bt ; Helena. , Cal. \u25a0\u25a0:. -. ..
The'waters cure rheumatism— the enTlronment Is
perfect — the hotel comfortable and supplied with
an unexcelled table. See Southern Pacific Infor-
mation Bureau, ground floor.' James Flood Bldg.,
Peck-Judah Co.. 789 Market St. or address boteL
Ready for guests. '\u25a0 Ample accommodations." New
annex. -, Prlrate baths: fishing, bathing., boating.
The Largest and Most Popular Summer Resort in
. California.
LAKE . TAHOE,"' M. Lawrence** Co.; Props.
September > for s rod fishing , and : hunting.
At Summer Resorts
f Or; Other Out-of-Town Places
Will please notify office, giving city
] address ' and length : of ' time , desired'
sent to neiv address. . Ob returning,
please] 1 notify "offlce, _In order : that
service by . carrier may be promptly
' resumed. ";\u25a0--\u25a0; •- : : ; ' . '
NEW YORK, Aug. 26. — The French
line announces a reduction In Its cabin
rate "to Europe to meet the reduction
of the German lines.
»tt 'OWatershlp aid Maaaicemeat.
Grandest and momt accessible of all
Resort*. Only seven miles of beautiful
! road. Hither, by auto or carriage.
Fine antomoblllnsr.
Waters awarded First Prise at St.
Louis Exposition.
-- Natural hot soda, sulphur, pluugs and - tub
: baths. 104 to 116 degrees, for rheumatism, mala-
ria, llrer, kidney and all stomach troubles. Iron
and arsenic. Altitude 1.400 feet. Swimming,
hunting, fishing, bowling, tennis, orchestra. Ei-
i pert masseurs. Round trip $3. Rates $10.50 to
; $16. Baths free. Trains leaTe Third and Town-
'send at 9:00 a. m.: First and Broadway. OaS-
1 land. 8:25 a. m. Returning arrive in Frisco at
4:00 p. m. Information at S. P. Co., or Peck's,
or H. H. MeGOWAN. Proprietor, Paralso
Springs, Monterey county, CaL
Improred and renoTated. On Sulphur creek.
Colusa county. Hottest and strongest water oa
the coast; ; temperature 148 degrees. Will euro!
rheumatism, dropsy, salt rheum and skin disease,
neuralgia, lrrer and. kidney complaints, paralysis,
mercury In the system, dyspepsia and catarrh.
Natural mud baths. Board and lodging. Including
baths, SlO to |12 a week. Furnished or unfar- .
nisced cabins. Stage leares Williams dally, es- ;
cept Snaday. Information at Peck-Jndah Bureau.
789 Market St., or address A. A. Giiaoa," prop.
Aqua Caliente Springs
Send your family to tha nearest Hot Sulphur
Springs to Saa Francisco. First class accommo- ;
dations. Special rates to families; no staging: '
four trams dally; fare, round trip, $1.65. Tibnxon ]
ferry or Oakland: two hours' ride. " Address I
THEODOR RICHARDS, Aqua Calteats ! Springs, ]
-Sonoma county, Cal.
A Trip to Mt. Tamalpais Tavern |
For a day of recreation, a night of rest'
and a morning; ride down the mountain!
on the -Gravity Car. take the boat via;
Sausallto and Mill Valley. Sunset and j
sunrise as seen from ML Tamalpais ar«:
beautiful. The . accommodations and:
service are superb. See dally paper for!
time card. ALFRED H. JOHNSON. Mgr. \u25a0
Leares Williams daily on aniral of northbound :
train , for Bartlett, - Allen's. Hough's and Cook's j
Springs." Dally , except Sunday for Wilbur Springs.
Jones . Springs \u25a0 and Sulphur Cre«k. . SeTenty-fIT9 \u25a0
pounds of bagarage allowed with each ticket. -
QDIGLEY. Proprietor.
15 different mineral springs for health and
pleasure. Write for booklet.
J. MARTENS, Bachelor P. 0.. La*e Co., CaL
El Verano, California, near the reugwned Boye* -
Hot Springs. German cooking. Rates — Koum and
board, $7 per week. Take Tiburon boat. Henry
Koerner, prop.. El Verano- P. O-. Sonoma Co., Cal. '
GIANT FOREST \u25a0\u25a0 (Sierra VCamp), de-
lightful mountain retreat for summer Tacatlon.
$13 a week. Key to high Sierra*. Mta. A!ta,
"' S ill iman. Whitney. Kings and Kern r^Ters.
Finest fishing.' 3.000 big trees. Book now -for
. August \u25a0 and .- September. ; Address Broder - *
.', Hopping,- Kaweah, .Tulare ; county.- CaUroraia.
NEW ENGLAND Ho3CE— Camp Meeker, about
40 rods. from station. B.raatifuJ waits, grand
- scenery ; hunting ; and . fishlag, \u25a0 boa tins, bathtnsc
and' croquet grounds. All 'kinds of rrosh fruit
'In season.-; Adults. $6.00" to S7. p«r -week. Spe-
cial rates for children. Address GEO. HAR-
RISON, Camp Meeker.* Sonoma. Co.; CaL
; AT, FACTORY; PRICES. - \u25a0
.! Tint ' and Franklia Sts., Oakland.
: 115-117 PatraOl STREET. Saa rranclsco.
i DR. C. ; : C. \u25a0-.'O'DONNELI/S
MINERAL SPRINGS at Glea Klea, the greatest
remedy for, lung diseases, liter and stomacb
trouble, rheumatism ' and catuKo. S. P. or S. V.
& :N. P. Ry. direct.. Thirty cottages and tent*
furnished - for rent. . ,me . fishing. .Apply Da.
C £k~(¥2X))fl(aLL, »13 : Dertoadero strceu

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