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S p o rt s
Favorites Win in Straight Heats
in Petaluma Harness Races
Special by Leased Wire to The Call
PETALEMA. Aug. 26.— During this
week light harness men will hay* their
inning at Kenllworth park. Some of
the best harness horses in California
are carfled to try for tb«. big purses
that have been hung up by Manager
Harry Stover.
The first harness race on the card this
afternoon was the 2:14 pace for a purse
of $1,500, and a large crowd saw In
ferlotta, always a prohibitive favorite
in the betting, win the event in
straight heats. Pilot, driven by C.
Walker, trailed until the turn for
home in the first heat and made his
drive the last sixteenth, but could not
c*t dose enough to send Hewitt to a
drive. In the last two. heats Garrlty
sent Queen Pomona on about her busi
ness and she was easily second In each.
It required only three heats to decide
the 2:17 trot. Carlocan, driven by Dur
fee. won them all, but had to do his
best." Carlocan was the public choice
and 1 to 5 was the highest quotation
against him. Like Inferlotta, Carlocan
was held out by the layers In the last
two heats.
Stover's Katie Crews won the five
furlong scramble. Some of th« wise
ones passed up Katie Crew* at S to 3
and unloaded on Jack Richelieu Jr.
From 20 to 1 he was backed down to.
12, but he had no chance to beat the
Stover mare.
The master of Kenllworth sent
another winner to the post In the
fourth ev#nt, when Bevenful outgamed
Red Bill In the last 20 yards. . Seven
The Call's Form Chart of Races at Petalnma
OCC FIBST BACB— riT» furloon; selling; 4 jtar oMs ana upward; value to first, ?200.
lnd«.| Horse and Owner. IWtlSt. Btr. Fin. | Jockey. 1 Op. Cl. PI. Sh.
K2 IKatie Crews. 4 (KenUworth faro) 105 2 1 H 1 h Post ..... 7-6 7-5 1-2 ..
(2S2>Bon Vlrsnt 3 (T. A- Dstls) P« 48tf 21H BarkweU .. 8-8 2 „ £ I>2
212 Billy Taylor, a (W. S. Hesth) 103 1 2 W 3 8 Stuart 2 2 8-8 ..
2SB ArnoW Maker, a (G. H. Mtres).... 100 75ii 4 8 Clifford ... 6 12 5 6-2
CT.2 Jack RicheUou. a (K. C. Quick)... 102 3 4 8 6 H Flnnejan 15 12 6 2
;r.2 Reality. 4 (E. Smttbi 104 8 68 6 8 Jackson ... 15 25 10 5
253 Fldla a (C. Blehardson) 106 8 71 7 3 Tullett ... 8 12 » 6-2
... Vignrt»o. a (O. Appieby) 106| 6 8 8 Appleby .. 15 25 10 5
Ttae^ZT-25, -49%. l;01H. Winner trained by owner. Scratched— Troy 102, Ten Oaks 103. SUrt
gvta. Won all drlTen. Katie Crews oufpamed Bon Virant. Billy Taylor retired whea
pinch came. Arrow Maker ran a fair race. > \u25a0 \u25a0
npg SECOND RACE — Fire furlongs; selling ; 8 year olds and upward; ralue to first, $200.
Index.! Horse and Owner. IWtlSt. Str. Fin. | Jockey. | Op. Cl. PI. »SnT
<2r.l)!SeTecful. 8 (Kenli worth farm)... 104 2 2 fli Post 6-5 6-6 ... 77
251 1 Red BUU 8 (E. B. Allen) 103 112 2 2 Stuart .... 8-5 3-2 .. ..
(235) (Seasick, a (W. W. Finn) 103 3 3 2 3 3 Heatbertoa 8-5 6-2 1
.... r.jra. 4 (B. Ransom) 107 7 8 2 4 H E. Hayes 10 15 6 S
Chestnut. 6 (Utc Oak stable) 106 5 64 5 8 Tullett ... 30 30 12' 6
251 Egypt. Princess, a (F. B. WUson). 107 4 4 8 6 4 Appleby .. 10 15 6 8
Alaric. 8(U Care) |10l| 6 7 7 Flnnegan .w 20 30 12 6
Time — :24>4, :4S>4. 1:01%. Winner br. t. by Edlnborough-Beatrlce S. Trained by owner.
Rcratcbed — Azoaa 98, Babe Kelfe 95, Bemay PS, Mike Duley 110. Dr. Sherman 107. Start
fair. Won driren. Second easily. Serenful, away Done too well, stood a long, bard drlre
and just did aret op. Red BUI bad no excuses. Seasick ran a a-ood race for a first oat here.
THIRD RACE — One mile; 8 year olds and upward; raluo to first 8200.
ladex.) Horte and Owner. |WtlSt. Str. fin. 1 Jockey. | Op. Cl. PI. Ba.
2S| lEtapa. 4 (C. Chappeil) 112 2 1 l*i 1 % IStuart 2 2 7-10
241 iChrntiae A. a (T. A. Davit*) .... 109 1 3 h 2 l^]Smlth 1 6-5 2-5
253 Parting Jenie. a (D. C. GraTes) 109 4 2% 38 tHeatberton 8 15 7 8
C 33 Ko*o. 3 (P. Albertsoo) BS 5 4^43 Clifford ... 6 10 3 1'
.... Lazell. 6 (G. Richardson & C 0.)... 11l 3 8 8 -5 » Tullett ... 10 15 6 3
242 Baron Ether. 5 <W. D. Mlllara)..!!! 6 6 6 |O'Connell . 6 6 2 7-10
Time— :26. :51H. I:lT\4. 1:43U- Winner by Take Notiee-Hoolulo. Trained by owner. Scratched—
Georre P. McNear 111. Start good. Won easily. Second the aame. Etapa was best and
was nerer to danger. Christine A ran a fair race. Parting Jenle tired. •
following Is a tummary or today's Trottinr, 2:17- class: $2,000:
Carlocan, blk. b. t by Carlo (Durfee)..l 111
Harness events: Vallejo Girl, b. m., by McKlnney
Pacing, 2:14 class; enrae $1 500: Kefn'etn^ C.*.' * bt. ' "h-V " by" "McKlnney 2 * 6 2
Inferlotta, b. m., by Inferna (Hewitt)... l 1 1 (Chadbourne) ..... 4423
Qneen Pomona, b. m.. by Pomona (Gar- Era. b. m,, by rombro (Williams).'..^ 8 3 4
P^cn:-V"'by-Abb\,Vt;iori--Jr-."(C. 4 * 4 5
M.^r B %:- K .VbV-Ai«n;-(Mo;hier)::::I S J. T^aSiA"- br Nutwood Wllk " 5 « - B «
Mollle Button, b. m.. by Alex Button Autret Baron, blk. h.,' by' Baron Wlikes
OUlsner) 6 4 o (Green) dist.
Ivobengrln. b. g.. by Charleston (Ward).. 7 6 6 p 4n Fxa«ieV,'b."h!."by Sec'rVtary* (FrY-
Lno, b. g \u0084by Aptos Wllkes (B. Walker). s 7.7 jjer) dist
Time— 2:lß. 2:18, 2:13%. "*Tim»^B:iß^4i '"B:l6,* aVw." \u25a0 '
Special by Leased Wire to The Call
TORT ERIE. Out., Anr. 28.— Summary: ,
First race— me furlecps. aeUing, 3 jear old
O<!d». - Horse and Jockey. Wt. St. «jl Fin.
6 2— Marjtot (McCarthy)..... 100 8 2 3 Ih
7 2— Linda Lake (Gauge!) ... 100 113 3 a
6-1- Kitty Smith (E. MartinKlOO 6 4 2 in
Time. 1:01 2-5. Mies Vlrlltnt. Lady BasdseL
E<Jo» Motter, CuseowlUa, Mkkletoa . Maid,
Avrlem, Ptgrar. Mont Lc*. finished at named.
Second race— Six furlongs/ ceUlss, 8 year olds
end upward:
tMds. Horse and Jockey. Wt Bt. »i Fla.
B-l— Harttof (Delaby) M 8 41 12
6 I— Bazll (I. Mnrphy) 109 1 1 % 2 h
6-2— Edgely (D. Klley) 109 6 la 8 1«
Time. 1:14 1-5. Lizzie McLean. . Snowman, Sal
lie Rater, Cyclops. Madden, Duchess of
Dantzlc, finished as named. \u25a0 - ?> ;-" ~
Third r*c* — On« and a elxtetntn milei, trll
lnjr. 4 rear old* and upward:
Odds. Horse and Jockey. > 8t \u25a0% TJa.
6-I— Dorasett* CWaUacc).....Xo2 3 56 1%
B-2— Lltfit Note (McCarthj).. 89 ' T. 3 1 *. S 1
R-l— Dutch Pete <Englander).lo7- 6 I.Mh
lime. 1 :48 1-5. Bitter Hand. R«Te!He, Hamli-
car. Pentagon, Era Claire, finlahed m named.
Fourth race — Fire furlocn; parse; 2 year olds:
Oflds. Horse and Jockey. Wt. St. % Fin.
f-i— Whisk Broom (Gaugel)..lo9 111 18
,C-I— Piokola (Minder)... 107 7 75 2 1
f-1— Kf-trheraike (Powers) 112 8 6n 8n
Time — 1:01 2-5. Hostile Hyphen. Abbacy, GllTe
iiiar, Ben Sand, Montclair, finished as named.
Fifth race— Fire and a half furlongs; seUing;
8 v<f r olds and npward:
Odds. Horse and Jockey. Wt. St. \ Fin.
S-l— Bea Strong (Powers).... loß 2.1 2.11 1£
6 I—Redonda1 — Redonda <Knns) 108 1 22 22
6-s— Webber (McCarthy) 104 7 82 8 2
Time— l :o7 S-5. Sally Preston. Nettle Cartta,
Beatrice X, Eiamesha 11, Tim Hunt, finished
as named.
Sixth race — Five furlongs; selling; 2 year old*:
Odds. Horse and Jockey. Wt. St. Str. Fin.
7-10— Lattice (J. Mnrphy) . .'.IOO 8 S 3 1 n
5- 2— Marios Moore (Minder) 105 1 11 2 n
J'J- I— Saltram (Gaegel) ..110 2 2 2 8 10
Time — 1 :01 4-5. Toplofty, Fantasia, Kitty
Flynn, Alreolar, Etta Loulte, Shirley It, fin
ished ss named. '.
First race, fire furlongs, selling— Paul Pry
106, Trero 106." Sir Cyril 103, Malmaison 109,
Protagonist 103. Bayou Lark 104, Wagner Jr.
100, Oar Boy 100, Bayardo 68, EonlU 101, Giles
101. mumifftmi* s"i i l^ ill' w"ipwiiWs| J T' llll^.
Second race, steeplechase, short coarse, handi
cap—«am Partner,, 186. Tony Hart 138, Sam
CMlton 180, Flying Plorer 148, Ralph; Reese
140, Billy Ray 140. .
Third race, aeren fnrlongs. handicap— Fron
tenac 107. Royal Rlrer 08. Monere 88, Ben Btllle
Wt. Cooney X 00. Ohiyesa 05. Rather Royal 108.
Fourth race, fire and a half furlongs, Iroquols
.Hotel stake — Guarda 104, Greneaqne 104, Grand.
- Dame 120. Sombrita 90, Moliere 10Q,' Aromatize
£2. Catherine F 110.
Fifth race, one and an eighth miles, selling —
WiUis Green 87, Doubt 97. Pungent 90, Mary
Darby 65. Little Boot 95. Jupiter 101, Marlmbo
101, Imboden • 101, Blaze o' Light - 90, June
Time tt). •"
. Sixth race, felling-— Cntli«i CS. L. C. Wldrig
100, Orbe 100. Bed Huscar 110, Soiree 05, Max
ton 1«5. Freacatl 105, GUredear 107.
(By . the Kew York Telegraph.)
\u25a0 First race — Eonlte, Truro, Paul Pry.
6econd race— Flying Plover, Ralph Reese, Billy
Third race — Frontenae, Rather . Royal.
Fourth race — Grand Dame, - Greaesgue, Cath
erine F. -v»i : . - " " ' \
' Fifth race— Jose Time, little Boot, Willis
Green. ' . \u25a0 . .
• Eiith race— L. C. Wldrig, Soiree, Frescatl.
HAKODATE. Aug.. 26.— Seventy, per
cent of thi« city was destroyed by flre
California Athletes Start for the Meeting at Jamestown
starters faced Judge Wood. Stuart got
Red .Bill away flying and stole c big
lead. 1 At the head of the stretch Post
shook up Beyenful-and »he shot to the
front easily.
The last event on the day's card was
at a mile and was won by Etaps, with
Stuart making every post ft winning
one. Christine A, on her Butte form,
was installed a € to 8 favorite, while
the quotation* against Etapa were as
high as 3 to 1 and 7 to 10 a place.
Petalnma Entries
Plr»t tie*— Tear fnr!«w«. MlHn«:
W2 Grace Mftrle.. 1071 250 K»tia Gle«K>n.lO3
498 Crystal Wate.lOT 250 Vanna JOT
84« Reno Rebel ..lOSL 250 Connie M ....101
250 Stefano ....".. 104p ... Sonoma <8
250 Miss FairbnkdOSl
Second r»c<? — Five fa Hoops, selling:
255 Ten Oaks ...104 258. 8 abe Kelfe ..OT
... Paul I- 104 254 Furze 97
251 Bowman FidlrlO4 258 Bemay 87
1075 Elba .102 ... Kay Egan .-.Ji
251 F. K.tbe Bear »9 ... Scaotttiche ...104
619 Peerless Law. 07 ;
irfclrd race — Six furlongs:
<254)51r Brlllar ...117 788 Vlntoa 106
231 Ettpa 112 25481barl 1M
252 Gllroy 109 . 254. Natlv* Son ..101
£63 MU« Duley ..109 254 Tea Tray ....101
Paelnc. 2:14, parse $I,soo— Bessie Badge,
Radium, Hytnettus, Truth. Beulah. Billy Bow
den, Aerolite. Trouble, T D W. Andy Direct.
Trotting. 2:13; puree $2,ooo— Prince McKlnney,
Maritta. Zomont, Cedrie Mac, Freddie C Jr.,
Goldennut, Amado, Ben Bussell. Kinney Rose,
Professor Beald, OUie B, Lady Granard, Fresno
Grapple Wins Amsterdam
Selling Stakes at the
Spa Course
Special by Leased Wire to The Call
SARATOGA, N. T., Aug. 26.— The day
opened bright and , fair . for .the begin
ning 1 of the third and last week of rac
ing at the Spa. The crowd came to the
course early, and kept coming even up
to the end of the first race. Post time
saw probably 10,000 enthusiasts gath
ered to witness the running of what
proved to be a good card. The steeple
chase | handicap brought out such good
jumpers as John M. P. Garrett and Ker
nel, and the race was a most Interesting
affair. Summary:
First race, \u25a0elllng. 8 yearm oldi and upward,
\u25a0rren fnrlono— Mark Anton/ 11 . won, i Secorlty
second. Ed Ball third. Time, 1:20 2-0. .7*
Second nee, ate«plecha»e, handicap, 4 year
olds and upward, about two tnllea — Kernel woo,
Maximilian second, Light*. Ont third. Time,
4:27.' •\u25a0;\u25a0\u25a0.
Third race, handicap, 2 year oMi, »lx fur
lonfs—ChnllU won, Keen MoTlng second, . An-
Unea third. Time, lU4 8-S.v .
Fourth rae«, the Amaterdam, selllne- 3 year
olds mod upward, one mile — Grapple won. Bye
second. Right Royal third. Time. 1:89. :
Fifth rac*. celling, 2 year old maidens, . fiv«
and a half fnrionga — Banxia won, St. Ilario sec
ond, Ml*s Cotesby third. TJtne, 1 :0S 1-5.
, Slrth race, handicap, 8 year olda and upward,
\u25a0all* and a t orlonjf — Oiford won, Calrnxorm nee-
OBd, Main Cbance third. Time. 1:03 4-5.
BOSTON, Ang. 28.— Scores:
First game- • R. H. E.
Boston 1 jo o
Chicago 881
' Second. game —
805t0n............... 120
Chicago ........................... 4 -T-'_ 3*
i'KEW YORE, Aug. 26.— Scores:
First game— \u25a0 R. H. 'E.
New York 5 "13- -0
Plttuburg 8 11-3
Second game-
New York ........... ........2' 4' 2
Plttsburg ....... v o 8 l
PHILADELPHIA, Aug. 20.— Score:
\u25a0 B. H. E.
Philadelphia 4 8- 4
Cincinnati ..3 8 i
DETROIT, Aug. SS.-^-Score:
_ . , R. H. E.
Detroit ...;........ 7 10. 2
Washington irv rr.~rr;"'".v;~.. ;...;. 4 7 1
CLEVELAND. Aog. 28.— Score:
Clereland 8 11 1
Boston ..'...: 5 8- 8
. BAkERSFIELD. Aug. 26—^am Gor
don of Marlcopa, one" of J the ; principals
in a shooting affray in the oil town last
spring, -who ' swore * \u25a0to Z- a."/ complaint
charging C. . V.-; Harvey, his assailant;
with assault \u25a0 and then fled two days
, before the ' trial, was . arrested today on
hls^.- return *"\u25a0 to^ '; r Marlcopa. ".'" .' He : -: was
charged with ; contempt >of court. '\u25a0
Some Wagers Are Laid at
7 to 10 on Chicago
: . -Heavy Weight r.
R. A. Smyth
Sufficient wagerlngwas done yester
day on the coming fight between Mike
Schreck ' and : Al Kaufman "to" show that
the former- will ~ be a -pronounced fa
vorite over the Callfornlan.' ..There
was some ; betting at '1Q : to 8/; but. the
price dropped quickly to 10 to 7. \u25a0:« This
looks like one of those good long shot
bets which .. have- been cashed . here
with great regularity for some ; time.
It would , not; \ surprise Kaufman's
friends if he flattened out the Chicago
man. . \u25a0-','..;:,"- .. \u25a0\u25a0\u25a0-.; \u0084;:,
\u25a0 Schreck can be hit, as has been
shown In the majority of his fights,
and Kaufman Is 7 one of the • hardest
hitters in the business. In his /ama
teur days he. beat all. of his men quick*
ly, and as he has filled out consider
ably since' them, he should {have im
proved his ability in this: branch of ; the
game. It Is two years "since' he 'was
defeated by Jacks O'Brien, and 'since
then he has \u25a0 beaten" : Fred ' Bradley,
Dave Barry, George Gardner and ' Sam
Kaufman nearly put O'Brien out In
the first round of their fight here. The
blow landed a littletoo high' or 1 the
dapper Philadelphlan would have gone
down. Schreck also nearly beat O'Brien
In a fight at.St. Louis with a right to
the jaw. O'Brien' weathered the ; storm
and then. he bit. his rotund opponent at
will, but "could not stop him. -
Billy Roche, who wilL" referee the
fight, visited Kaufman yesterday .and
will go down to Colmato see Schreck
this afternoon. Kaufman understands
that he must break at the coramand'of
the referee and Schreck- will i be given
the same instructions. 'Schreck 1 Is of
the bustling order of fighter and it Is
not likely that hewill want to hold.
The seats were placed on sale yester
day at Wolf- Brothers, 5 1317 Fillmore,
and at the Willis, ; 1515 Ellis street.
They are on sale alp o at .Devereaux's
cigar stand in Oakland. Manager Greg
gains has gained by his experience in
handling the Brltt-Nelson flght in the
Auditorium and will correct . some of
the bad, features of that affair. The
ventilation has been improved. greatly
and additional exits have been ar
ranged. Billy Delaney has^promised
to have the big fellows in the ring at
.9 o'clock on. Thursday night. •
Joe Gans is going along quietly with
his training for his meeting with Britt
and is having a hard time in keeping
up his weight. Alvie King, who man
aged Gans some years ago, ; says the
shrinkage in, Gans' weight seems to be
confined chiefly, to his legs. Gans-was
on the, road yesterday morning and In
the afternoon he boxed with Fred Lan
ders and Antone. la Grave. /Tomorrow
will be ladles' day at Gans' camp, and
he will put .to. considerable
trouble to please all of the spectators
at his quarters. - . '
The moving '[ picture man will visit
Brltt's quarters : today to take some
photographs : of ; v Brltt in \u25a0 training.
These will .be used? to advertise! the
flght. Wlllus, the managing : brother,
has acquired an' automobile-^a
wagon" he calls, lt— and will use it in
transacting i business connected with
the flght. He'claims to have mastered
the machine and that he will serve as
his own . driver. .. Up ;to the present
time he has had ho acceptances of his
invitation extended to friends to ' ride
with him.
Lanagan and Presley, Soon to
Return From Voyage
to Antipodes
Special by Leased Wire to The Call
Coaches Lanagan and Presley are ' ex
pected back from Australia about Sep-
tember 5, and: ori'their. arrival active
football practice will be v begun. Capf
tain Koerner, who ls ; : already/ on the
campus, may call, out the /candidates
early ; next : week \u25a0' f or „' llght^ practice, in
order to get a line on the new. material.
Little Is known -as yet of the 1911 i ag
gregation, but -it seems to loom' up
fairly well in comparison , with former
classes." _\u25a0\u25a0.;' \u25a0.''.\u25a0'. '"\u25a0;\u25a0'\u25a0\u25a0 \u25a0;'\u25a0 ,' .",\u25a0" '-rr\:: \u25a0 \u25a0_;
. Lanagan will "'not ' have a veteran
team, as a' number ,; of , last year's ' Rug
by; squad will • not \u25a0 return this; year.
!'Stump" .- Stbtt and '."Bull" Chalmers, two
of : the best . players developed here 'In
recent -years, 5 ; will ; not be ! seen ;-, on" a
Stanford team i again, and Jlmmle Stan
ford,' another^ veteran, has. : graduated.
Cheda, the; [promising^: freshman who
played: last year, ~,wiir> not; return7.this
year; and | Macf arlane, who , played i sub
stitute last ; year. 'and ] was a strong,
fast . man,' has entered Harvard. .. Ed
wards, another 5 good * one, may not ; ap
pear on; the', field again." ",
To make; up for .this loss Horton ;arid
Vandervoort.Vwho \u2666 played L on' the; 1906
team, may register this week, ahd r thelr
appearance on the field would be more
than ' pleasing ~ to .i; the-- student body.
Both , are i track ; men andJ would be ' a
great addition to'; the i squad," ; though
neither has played the Rugby game.
Entries at Seattle
First race— FlTe and a • half • furlongs :
1408 Roeal ; ; .*. ..:. 1071 . . .-. .Wimple ...... 105
1443 Orello . .::... 1071,1389 Rosy Light- ..105
1 374 Benin i \u25a0 ,r. ; . ; 107 1443 ; Luana >'. . . : . . ;. 105
1450 Gold Ledge ;: 107 1388 Edna Felice, r. 105
' 1450 Weatherford '. 107 1378 Florena -.....:: 105
1443 School Bell t . 107 V. . : .-\u25a0 Our - Anna - . . . 105
. - Second • rsce— One • mile,': seUing :
1472 The Maeer ;*.109 11472 Jernsha ..;.... 107
1472 Jlngl«r .-..;. :109 ;i4C3 Miss Raphael. 107
1472 Taby Tosa :.%109 14C3 Darthula ;....107
- 1 428 John H ; .". : : . 108 1454 : Ishtar : , ; . .'. . . : 107
-1403 Rosl.-Nl.Nl.'. 107 1463; Bonnet .......107
\u25a0 1467 Glenbrler - ... . 107| . 1404 SuaTlta ; . . . . ; .102
i, v Third • race— One mile ' and 50 yards, selling:::
1392 Aralon ...... 112| (1472) 80nar .... 100
1478 Lone Wolf v. 109 1473 Distributor ."..109
1 437 ,; R0yal 1 Red . .. 109 1478 Mldmont ;r.*. .'.*. 100
1319 Col. Jewell .".109 ;1282 Lucrece *:..... 107
•; 1475 InTktus •; . . . .'. 109 1 , 1475 Our Sallie r. ; ; 107
\u25a0 Fourth ' race— One 'mile ' and : 50 • yards, - selling:
1404 Capable '.....109 1429 May 'HoHaday4o7
(1437)Rlpper .;-..~.100 ;1445 Crolx- ; d f Or/ ...104
(1464)Redmont-...~.100 1478 Briers V«r.v; ; .;..lo2
£ J404 Pay ! Me.....109e .....109 ....: Quick Stride; .112
;1444 Marpessa-jW. 107 ];.;•:.;-':\u25a0 -y-- . .- ; I
Fifth ; race— Seren > furlongs,: selling: •\u25a0 '- l~*
(1453) Jack . Adams.-. 100 (1448)Tarp Ci .'. .V . . .'.102
(MOl)MetlakaUa '-'... 107 ; 1453 Silver 8ue V. . .102
1 459 Sea - Lad f". '.t: 107 \u25a0 1470 M. 1 Hollanders \99 1
1471 Bupreme CtonrtlO4 .T.V Big -Store -:':T.i9B !
\u25a0 1454 Chlk Hedrlck.lM 1432 Pepper tc. Salt .lß4 I
•;1478 CoL Bronaton:lo4 '.:..'Sumeyda '/".;;". "..89
Sixth race —^FlTe I f urionßS : - :
Rey del Mndo. 1121 1458 Sidney ;F •....; 109 I
.1465 Pelham '. . . . r. 109| 1447 Meada ',-. : .' .-.'.-. .107,
....* Sir :. Caru there . 1 09| 1 1454 Betsy nv. w.t. 107
i»• 1488 Royal :, Rogue . 109 { : 1449 . Belle % Kinney .":107
(JJsOs) Smithy K»ne..109 (1462)Marlon .- Rose. 1 ., 100
1460 Nattle Bmppo.lool 1293 8. Sunnymede.loo
Rose and Other Olympic Club
Men Are in Rare Form
The team .of. ' Olympic .' club V athletes
which : will; representtCalif ornla In ; the
American. . championship" at ";the" James
town exposition, early; next month, left
yesterday ; for the \u2666 scene -of the compe
tition. The party, is made, up as fol
lows::. \u25a0'\u25a0/ -..v"-. ; v r :.-_\u25a0\u25a0 \u25a0 \u25a0 " \u25a0
Charles) Parsons, sprinter.
P. C. Gerhardt, sprinter.
. Ralph Rose, shot, patter.'
Willlnm GUmore, shot putter. . - \u25a0
Amdrew Glarner, middle distance run
Walter Christie, trainer.
For Its- size "this. Is the strongest
team which .has- ever ; Invaded, the east
, from' this,- state ";'\u25a0 and 'much- is expected
from the athletes. -Ralph* Rose gave" a
hint of his quality' at Tanforan-on Sun
day!, when' he broke the world's record
for the shot put by 11 Inches.'-' In re
cent years, when this record has been
broken It has usually, been by, the frac
tlon;"of an lnclj.** Rose's performance
; will; make khim;a much , talked'fabout
athlete by, the time, he .reaches .the. east.'
| '. Much is also expected of Parsons and
Gerhardt In the.sprints.. {Each is a cer
tain 10 second, man In the'classlo-hun
dred. under favorable* conditions and : 10
seconds will -win; the majority of /the
races 'run at this distance throughout
the.world. :-; . • ..'.'.. ,-.v . .
. In Glarner theiteam has a wonderful
middle distance runner.. .
The % men .were , accompanied . to , the
Oakland ; mole by \u25a0 President William • F.
Humphrey of ; " the^ Olympic club;.; John
A. Kennedy, chairman of the automo
bile: meet of Sunday, and Robert YJ.
Graham of the committee. ; The athletes
were the most conspicuous passengers
on -the ferry, and, they .were surrounded
by persons wishing :to -bid them god
speed on .their Journey.
< ,The:-athletes..will.^ stop, over 'in CM-.
cago i for 12 hours .' and % will take a spin
on the track of ;the\Unlyersity of ."Chi
cago."From there! they! will; go', to Cov
ington, f Va., ' where j they;, will train 'i for
four = days ' before \u25a0 thej_ meet." They twill
reach' Jamestown ithe % : night before! the
Junior;^ championships. S \u25a0. Gllmore ;j? and
Gerhardfare eligible for these.. Trainer
Christie I. wants^.to ;^keep i .}. his' :, charges
away, from the;exp6sltlon",untll the \u25a0last
moment, as *hia ,, does not iwant I them 'to
do too' much walking ; on: the, hard side
walks.:: 'After^the "meet; the/ party,; wlh,
go 'to' New York,- where It /is \u25a0 possible |
the*; Callfornlans ? wlH.compete. •; -.They i
are ; promised a'^ royal X reception when ;
they ; return to^thls' city. v _>
'."There will f be? a 1 ladies' "night in V the
"old ihome ; of . the' Olympic ; club ;; in :> Post
street on' -Friday ;;night.f One ?of
features .will be a ,'\u25a0 s'pebiar face -between
Bromley,': Dawson,"" Pomerdy , and Hynes". 1 -
There;.wlll ? be,f a s polo -game ;' between'
teams representing >; the i * Olympic club
and ltheiDlpsea^ Indians/ .' ? •'..; ; ..
. ; ,^.The ; memberstoff. the club ;. are ". giving
unßtinted praise ;to JJohn? A. \u25a0Kennedy,
for -the - masterly 'in : .which vhe
handled the details of the automobile
"meet. " .' '"'•\u25a0> '• '\u25a0\u25a0 "•%\u25a0"\u25a0 \u25a0''
;,;, Battling: ' Nelson^.wlredi to ; a -friend In,
thlsXclty.;yesterda*y,lthat .Mie?* had y Just
returned- to . Reno , f rom J t his ' hutft j in^the \u25a0
mountains.' He-left jßeno 'last nights for,
his", home ; in Hegewischi, where 'he rhas
some "i business V: to Si transact.'^ He\wlll'
return , in I time HoTchallenge ,thV.winner,
of ; the - Gans-Brltty flght. \u25a0; He > weighs
165 pounds In' his street; clothing, which
Is ;J equivalent; tov'about .148 ;, pounds
stripped. 1 ;": * ' ;r. . * .'?{ * -. '
, ;A , poker": game "conducted*; In s the rear
of; a . cigar storeTowhedi by/ Hehry^Har^
rls, r ' a^ former U baseball I. magnate, was
raided jlastCnightlbyj: Detectives!.; teo.
Bunner and \ John iColenl '\u25a0\u25a0 Four 'play ers
and :"Albert|;Block,^ the ; alleged^ keeper, 8
•wereygatheredilnVand' locked, up j at ithe
cltyi'prisoh^plHarris v.theml;out
:later Vs4 arid -"'stated *:j to \u25a0 \u25a0 j the V* bond \u25a0":. and
/warfapt' Clerk that ihis] game was being
'operatedj'under « at license',; andZdeclared
the'arrests^Ver'e™ an 'o"utrag» : ". '.:.'\u25a0\u25a0 ' ' " 7
' DUBLIN, Aug. h 26.— When" it was
rumored at Kingston recently that Sir
Thonias Uptprx was about to challenge
for : the America's cup through the
Royal Irish yacht club" the story was
not 'believed. The officers of the 'club
doubted .it ;and the secretary was: «o
certain it was not true that he author
ized the- publication of a contradiction.
'Asked whether ; he Intended to chal
lenge for 'the cup, Sir Thomas' said
he, was considering the matter, which
would be decided within a few weeks.
Sir . Thomas /continued ;
: ' "If I challenge I'm confident I'll bring
overrthe cup this time. ;; If I compete
it e/ will ; be..- through the : Royal' Irish
yacht /club. "We challenged twice
through the Royal Ulster yacht club
in 5 the < north. • Now; I want to give the
south ; a chance, to see if my ; luck . will
change. \u25a0» If ; I win; the cup it -will be a
great i thing.; for .Dublin,; as .'; the subse
quent races would have to be sailed in
Dublin bay." ;
•; NORWICH, Conn., Aug. 3«.'— Harold
Bosworth of , New London, ; Conn., .won
the- national racket championship to
*»*>:*3!amaamnm m iflu imtm mini will
Score Jtgain for the
In tlie Tanf oran meet Sunday the
placed; two more victories to its credit.
v:::wbn/itKe-^i>nine.Tacev;f6ri"':toiiring' cars,
equipped, $1' 500 :to $3^ooo.
-"driven by R. Hab^nicht \u25a0 an owner, won
;^the r s^mile;race;f o^members 'of jHe^Oiymr
. / . pic CliiK Illustrating the fact that .you
\u25a0^^^'tlhave to be a professional driver to |
iHc>vey- Boushey Co. I
411 Golden Gate Avenue |
Credited. With Success of
Automobile Track Meet
at Tahforan i
R. R. l'Hommedieu
The main subject of conversation
along automobile row yesterday waa
the. race meet which the -Olympic cluj
conducted on' the Tanforan track on
Sunday. Not an" adverse comment was
heard. All seemed surprised tiiat men
not supposed, to be acquainted with th 3
automobile racing- game had brought
off such a clean cut event. There -were
no lone waits and the drivers were sent
to the line on time. Will Middleton,
who had charge of the paddock, worked
wonders. He had the mm ready for
each event before its predecessor had
been finished. Bob Graham was there
also. He kept in touch with the pact
dock/and the judges*, stand. The Hn
ing up r of the' contestants so that they
were In" their proper places for the
starter's flag was conducted success
fully by Dave Sinclair.. 'President
Humphrey }n the judges* stand kept
that end of " the 'game well In hand.
These. men were the heads of the sev
eral departments.
Jdhn A. Kennedy, chairman of the
committee that- had charge of the
meeting, said last night that he had
not counted -the tickets, but in sizing
them .up felt sure that between 7,000
and 8,000 persona had passed In at the
gates. This will not represent the
sum that, will be realized, as several
concessions ' brought 'In a goodly
amount.* Many of the members bought
tickets which they did not use. When
all the returns are received it is likely
that $10,000 will have been realized.
The Lambert agency has received a
carload of the friction drive cars. It
has on ,th« floor of the salesroom a two
cylinder touring car,. a 25 horsepower,
a ton truck and two seven passenger,
four cylinder, 40 horsepower touring
cars. The agency reports the sale of
a two cylinder. touring car to L. Artana
of. San Jose and a seven passenger, 40
horsepower touring car to Harry A.
Kohl of Oakland.
The Carmlchael-Bray company re
ports the sale of six 190S Elmore two
cycle cars to W. J. West of • San Jose,
who has taken the agency for that
J. B. Hulett of the Pope-Toledo fac
tory is in this city, making the Hovey-
Boushey company his headquarters.
\u25a0 H. J^ Banta of the H. H. Franklin
manufacturing company,' which builds
the Franklin cars, is In this' city. He
received a telegram from the home
company last Friday telling of the
lowering of , the record between New
York 'and Chicago. The telegram
stated: »
"We have lowered the Chicago to
New York record with a 190S model D
Franklin. Left Chicago 3 a. m. Wednes
day; arrived Now York Thursday even
ing 7:53. Time, 39 hours 53 minutes."
The, previous record was more than 56
hours. " ''
The Hovey-Bou'shey. company reports
the" sale of Pope-Hartford touring cars
to" D. Norcrdss," Duncan Davis and Del
Mar Smith.- .'\u25a0•-.
•:.'F. B. Leland is on his way to this
coast from the east. He is r . coming
overland in his six cylinder Steams,
and is expected to arrive in San Fran
cisco the latter part of this week or
the first of next week. The dalifornia-
Nevada automobile company, local
agents for the Steams, hopes" to get up
some match races.
The following" automobile enthusi
asts registered at Hyland Springs last
week: J. D. Phelan, San Francisco: E.
,W. Davies,' Los -Angeles." in . a Frank -
Hn; W. T. Davies, Pasadena, In a Co
lumbia: R..E.Bonsfleld, Berkeley, in a
Stoddard-Dayton; E. A. Brenlnger, San
Francisco, , In a Thomas 60; S. E. Slade,
San Francisco, In a Stevens-Duryea: J.
B. Coryell, Menlo Park, in' a Pierce
Great Arrow; W. T. Wood, San Rafael,
in a Thomas 40; Dr. D. H. Leppo. Santa
Rosa. In a Buick; Tom Brown, Ean
Francisco^ in ' Pierce Great Arrow.
Commander J. E. Palmer. United
States navy, of Plttsburg has Just fin
ished a ,2,000 mile tour through the
southern states in his Franklin -ma
chine. -Palmer has kept a close record
and states the average "consumption of
gasoline "was Tone gallop to \u25a018 miles
and 260-miles toa gallon of oil. This
is remarkable, considering - the condi
tion of the roads , in, the country
through which he passed. One stretch
of 1,772 miles was traversed on one set
of dry cells, and they are in good shape
yet.*i VNo ' adjustment was necessary
and there were no accidents of any na
ture " except \u25a0 two punctures.
Edited by
R. A. Smyth
Home Team to Be Improved
and Bold Bid .Made
for. Pennant
•After dawdling -along- for half the
season in a . happy go lucky fashion.
the baseball - managers and tho
players have awakened suddenly
to the .fact that the big. generous
sporting public will support the
national pastime liberally if it be pre
j»ented in an attractive manner. Co
incidental wfth the increase of speed
In the players hSs come a quickening
of Interest of the public. This in turn
manifesto itself in the box office, -th»
mainspring which keeps the mechanism
The San Francisco club Is within
striking distance of Los Angeles, the
league leaders.- and Manager ""Jack"
Gleason and his associates are taking
steps to strengthen the team- which
represents this city. Melcholr, an out
fielder, who Is a left handed hitter, is
expected to report at once and will be
used in some capacity. _,
Zeider, who bas been playing third
base for, Winnipeg, has "been awarded
to the Seals and will come west when
the Canadian season ends on Septem
ber 13. Charley Comiskey of the Whit<j
Sox wanted him and Atlanta also tried
to procure his services. This is con
sidered sufficient . recommendation by
the coast magnates. '
Portland and San Francisco will play
at Oakland today and the scene will
then shift to Recreation parlc for the
remainder of the week.
Secretary Treat of the New Califor
nla Jockey club announces that the
stakes for the season opening Novem
ber 9 will close on October 23. The
2 year old stakes of 190S will close
December 16. Therewlll be* a total
of 25 stakes this season. Six new ones
will have avalue of $1,500 each. They
will consist of five handicaps -and a
selling stake.; one event to be for 2
year olds and upward In 1907 and flvs
for 3 year olds and upward. .
I -hunter!
{Pi . \u25a0 AjsntJ for CaliioraU «nd Svndm. \u25a0 (Si
TT \u2666t»-»»4 Falsotn St..S»n Fnaci*co.CU. JT
- mSq^^r a>^tj^ '
?r furpd
The Leading Specialist. V.*** **
For over 17 yean I ha»» confined my
practice to toe special aliments of men.
For - such disorders as SPERMATOR-
which absolutely and 'Cor an 'time
CURE. These methods are itrictlr
original with me and' known 'to na
other specialist. ' '\u25a0
Weak and nervous men. or those sraf-
ferlng from any private dNease, should
call on me at once. I ma ka absolutely
NO CHARGE for m friendly talk, and
my advte* wfll be . valuable. wh«ther
treatment ta begta or not. Write U
yon cannof, call. Hoars: 9 i. m. to 5
p? mtT^venlngs, 7 to »; Sandays, 10 to
1 only. V .
Dr. Miles & Co.
/ ~:GEARY, ' 9A?t ? FRAX CISCO '\u25a0
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