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At last extremes have met and the
Indian, has conquered the automobile.
Some very interesting pictures of the en
counter appear tomorrow in
the Sunday Call
VOLUME \u25a0 .CEL— NO: 92.
Louis Glass Guilty, Jury's Unanimous Verdict on the First Ballot
/ TpHE verdict of the Jury vindicates the city of San Fran
'•• cisco in the eyes of the world and demonstrates beyond
question the high standard of citizenship that here, prevails —
Statement of Assistant District Attorney Francis JvHeney.
Friends Besiege His Home
Kand Shame Him Into
King, of Confidence- Men
Fears "Reputation" Is
[queals" on Metzger, For
mer Associate in Crim
inal Business
Louis Schoenberg, head of the
lottery trust, has resigned from
the management of the notorious
M. & F. company. Jle says he
has sold all of his interest in the
swindling business and claims he
Is not now connected, directly or
indirectly, with any lottery oper
ations. He' confessed last night
his former connection with the
fraud- His confession was full
and complete. It was, in fact,
more of a "squeal" % than a confes
sion, and as he ran to cover out
of the reach, he hoped, of the
dragnet which Chief of Police
Anderson was drawing around
him, he shouted the name of
"Metzger" after him and laid the
blame of the business at his secretive
doors. Scboenberg was willing to tell
all he knew of the M. & F. company,
which he abandoned after having
been made rich at the expanse of
10.000 swindled dupes. He admitted he
"had made enough." and that pie pres
ent campaign brought about by The
Call's exposure and the actfvlty of th«
police were making the business un
profitable; he admitted, also, that
•"drawings" based on the numbers of
the: Honduras and Mexican lotteries
had been held after those foreign con
cerns had EQne out of business. He
admitted that not later than two weeks
ago such, a drawing had. taken place
in this city, and he said that, so far
as he knew, another drawing, would be
pulled off again In the near future If
the police did not confiscate the tick
ets and property of the Illicit business.
Nothing could have been more arro
gant than Schoenberg's frank admis
sion of tils former connection with the
M. & F. company. He freely admitted
its unlawful character, tacitly con
fessing himself a criminal, and de
clared that his principal reason for
getting out at this time was the fact
that the exposure of his associations
with the vicious gambling concern. was
hurting his credit as a real" estate
dealer and his reputation as a business
man. The' time had come when he
could no* longer pose as a decent mem
ber of the community; and he stood re
vealed as the lawjess dealer in phony
lottery tickets. Besides, his friends
had been importuning him to quit.
There were 15 at his home last night,
he said, urging him to get out of , the
"dirty business." He conceded the truth
of the rumor that the exposure of his
relations with the octopus like trust
had worn on the nerves and health of
his family, in short, he was shamed
into quitting by his friends and fright
ened into quitting by the. police.
But' he would not say to whom«-he
had sold his share *In the company.
"It is not a corporation," he said, "and
I will not tell who bought \me out.
Neither will I telKwho are the others
Interested with Metzger in the game,
but it is" going on Just the same, and
there will be another' drawing; within
a few days." >
Schoenberg's experience with the
tempters of chance was euch as to
convince him that there would still be
an army of "suckers" to go against the
game and ; scan the lottery lists 'with
eager eye* for approximation prizes.
The fact that he had confessed that
Continued ob rase 2, Column «
The San Francisco Call.
SATURDAY, AUGUST 31, ;i 9.07
YESTERDAY — Cloudy; maximum temperature,
60; mialmuxa, 52.
FORECAST FOR TODAY— Clonfly. powlhlj
showers; fresh conth wind, changing, to britk
northwest. / Pag» 11
news" by telegraph
Ex-Gorernor of Indiana «ays \ that he ' w«
offered $33,000 to surrender W.H.-Taylor, Ken- :
tucky's fugitire srorernor. Pare 3
Bradatreet'a agency reports tbat fall trade
shows lmproremeat at many large centers. F. S
Fifteen die and fifty are ' Injured In crash of
electric trains on curre near Mattoon, 111. P> S
Richard Masafleld, world famous player, dies
at his summer home at New London,. Conn.,' as
result of liver disease and breakdown of. system
by overwork. «. . Pipe 3
Ringling . Brothers may boy Barnnm & . Ballsy
show and become circus king* of the earth. P. 1
Rumor circulates that President RooseVelt lms
arranged to get control of New York Tribune
after be leares the White Bouse. , Page 3
Eed coated Cald leads 12,000 Moors against
French spahls, who form in hollow square .to
beat off tribesmen. • . Page 3
Chinese empress fears attack on throne and
summons all her advisers to Peking for - con
ferences. •. Page 8
.* People of Stockton prepare to "give •welcome
to Vice President Fairbanks, who will j arrive
there tomorrow. Pa<r» 1 ;
Conviction of Glass ; means that . there L ls rotw
• la-* 'or-Wir *v<l "ifiJi'V '•«ifn»»'s»»f "feurJ^!p»l**or
niptloo. t ' I" ~" ' '-Par* '•_.
!Owcapltall«atJo»' o*4 street rail waysi Pag« 8
Sulphur la, practice. 1 end .theory. Par* 8
Booserelt and the' butterfly. ' Page 8
The Berkeley postofflce affair. Page. 8
Louis Glass Is conMcted by Jury In 10 mln- ,
ntes on first ballot. . . Page 1 ;
Small mayoralty boomlet Is launched. for
former . Congressman James G. tfagutre. Page 5
President Jordan of Stanford unirerslty says
that all Inferior ' aliens should be barred from
coming into United States. Page 9
About 100 delegates of Brooklyn league of New
York arrive here and laud pluck shown In re- 1
building. . Page S
Confronted by ' corpse of friend and shown
g&plng wounds, suspected barber stands unmoved
and rolls a cigarette. , Page 9
Contractors who failed" to keep agree
ments on building ecboolhoutes may be sued ' by
the citr. - Page* 9
Members of law firm 6°f Campbell, Metsou &
D/ew are" made codefendants with their con
victed client. Benson. In suit brought by govern
ment charging land grabber with fraud: Pag« 18
O'Conoeil Polito suit : stirs Langdon to ' brcat
silence; be calls* Ilearst a cur and lasbes bribery
convict who Is doing his bidding. Page!
Louts Schoenberg admits guilt as bead of'lot
tery, trust, but declares he has sold bis Interest
to a tnj-stertous purchaser. Paa-ejl
SUBURBAN, \u0084
; Twenty thousand « union , men - will celebrate
Labor day with ' parade - In • Oakland. Pc*e 4
'Youth robs Oakland probation* officer who be
friended him and then flees to New Mexico.; P. 4
.First- $1,000 -Is subscribed toward proposed
Oakland ' museum. • - Page 4
Mrs. Arthur C. McGill .- faints [In court * whin
jury adjudges husband ' guilty of manslaugh
ter. • ?ir«4
Emll Hearther. ' famous bicycle racer. r ;- kills
himself in Al ameda'\u25a0 by < drinking add. . -, Page 4
Mrs. Fretwell wins contest with relatives over
banker's estate. Page ,7
Redwood City i society ; folk . are unable '" to : buy
rood seats for play, pwpl* of other ; 'places' 1 haV-"
!bc. purchafted'them. ' "J" J Page 1
. fWis ranilj- win g«me from Portland toam;Jiy.
a"«>orc'. of 3JO.Q. . " , - I>ar< l]. 1 ?
Boirmtn tbo \u0084 FMdirr win» flr*t of \ runnln*
races at retaluraa and "•peculu tors cash. Page . 10
n»rlns at Tb<* , M^ado-wg' Is lirought: back'; »o
form basii and favorites' make, good :kJjow-': kJjow-'
Ings. • p ««" ,1°
Entries for tennlK tournament : at Del . >lon*p
are. closed with 32 In'" men's ulnjtlfi". •; * ,' Page" 10
•\u25a0'"\u25a0 Wise bettors fall when Kaufman . defeats
Schreck.' ", Page. lo
Gans will do no more boxing In training, aftar
tomorrow^ . '~-T. ' i Pa«« 10
. : .Small -. field "fntered- for clastic': futurity- *"at
Sheepshead bay; today., * - -Page.lC
V- Automobile club will have a run. to Del Monte, 1
beginning September 20. '\ 'Page^lO
Two American . ships , arrive from • Australia
and 'each has an eventful " run across \u25a0 the > Pa-^
clfic> - Page
\u25a0 ' Goldfleld li Consolidated Mines stock Is bsitn
me-red:down ;tx> $7.03 byjneans of telegrams anJ
manlpulatioiu i " : Page 16
Society \u25a0 folk *bow .much ; Interest ; ln ; announce
ments of \u25a0 the , engt^ment of Miss- Elsie);Whlt»
aker and Xavler - Jiartlnei and of Miss '\u25a0 Gertrude
Josselyn , and' Gerald Batlibone. , Pags 8
Unique feature- of Labor day , parade : will be
blacksmith's .-\u25a0 shop -on wheels,, from /which red
hot horseshoes ;wlll s j be passed : : out i to ' the .spec-"
Utom as ; •ouTeniat. . ~ • Pake; B
SSd-FRA^CISCO, 'BATTJRT>A¥;?&VffiST-' 31, .1907.'
is i merely dmtheTistepivv^
•* ing: df^niFrmcisco's^fhun^
Statement of 'District A ttorney William Hi Langdon:
District Attorney Breaks
Silence to Wield .His,
Bludgeon' on r Heelers
Polito Injunction : Case : Is
Result of- Turning Down
Dwyer for Mayor •
I^Sl^ : E^COkvi^
Daniel O'Connell; Party in
Action, Deposed Lawyer <
and Briber
: "This action is -nothing but an
attempt on the, part of "the \u25a0inde
pendence; league to defeat my re
nomination for district attorney,*
because I refused to turn the city
government \u25a0: over to \u25a0 the .league.
This 0 \u25a0former convict, 'jDanifjl
O'ConnellKwhois one ofthestars
in the ; firmament '4 of the '? league;.*
came to me at the: time' the situa
tidh had;* so developed' that 'the'
city, government .was in my Hands,
and said, in substance: \u25a0\u25a0'\u25a0\u25a0-\u25a0
" 'Fill up every office ; with in
dependence ieague : men ; appoint
an independence league • mayor ;
throw out all this crew and put
in league men everywhere, and \
the league will go ahead with leaps and
bounds.' i
"I refused, telling him the one .'thing
I was interested In: was the proaecu-'
tlon, and, I -vvanted^to'-do nothing but
run my' own office. "Therefore, -the
:. - . - \u25a0- -- -.- '•- -.. . ' . - • \u25a0\u25a0'.'\u25a0
league is out to. beat me for . renomlna
tlon.'.' -'.-'\u25a0.' r * ' / -'*:'•'
This was part of a" sensational reply
made} 1 by' District Attorney Langdon
last night to; an; attack >y ' WiJliamvß.'
Hearst launched yesterday ; under the
guise of .a suit filed: by Daniel O'Con
nel 1 and John L. Polito, two of Hearst's
heelers, to restrain Auditor Hortori and
Treasurer Ban'tel /from paying, the sal
aries of /some, of the employes in Lang
don's'office. ': Hitherto,' Langdon has not
opened" lils; lips for publication on the
subject of- his renonilnatlon. '*' The filing
of jthls' suit ended, his "silence.
"I- had been advised- that '\u25a0 this attack
.would-be, made," he .went. on. *,*This
is • only -one -of \u25a0 a ; thousand -attacks I
expect .for the next* six : weeks, .and
they will • come • In '; various ;\u25a0• forms, ;; be
cause i every; cur . , that v barks - on the
street* will snap at your: heels ln'fcam
palgn: matters. "The; remnants of the
independence ' : league/- as "represented! by.
such ; ca\Vie^as|O'C6nnelliand:Pollto,,arV
evidently -displeased \u25a0 at; my ! conduct .of
affairs as , they , hay el developed ' in, the
last several -weeks/ and -this -is:one of
the '; ways' they have /of j attacking the
district attorney. . That.'-: is:. 'all - there
is to the suit. ;'"' v . ' '
"And -'what ah instrument "my. enemies
have* chosen: to .open,- thef attack! This
Daniel; O'Connell served six -months in
jail'in Lynn,' MassY fdrj bribing fa coun
cilman, lie- was : disbarred" in that stale
and- canno/. practice there today. . Me
appealed to the supreme j court- against
his conviction- forj bribery," but 1 the 'de-i
cision "was 1 sustained:' • The case can; be
found- reported ir in- ;the,:-.ninety-nini.i
volume of l'the Massachusetts reports."
His name then'-waifVisernard^D.-O'Con
nell. v- So he ' is underi an alias 'now;
masquerading 'under i the .distinguished
name of the/Irish Miberator,
O'Connell. . The only, thing;;, this ; "man
O'Connell" wilU'llberate is iyour \u25a0 money,
from ,you, as' evidenced; by . the; case > of
a -widow t whose estate-' ; he and
who cam« to|m«" for- relief. -' •'.. -
'.'No^wonder -' he lias van ..aversion \u25a0 for
me. Having L worn;the|stripe*s-'he^*must
have an aversion for ..; all^ district 1 attor-;
neys. They .rm'usti'b'e abhorrent to him.
unquestionably,; and -I 'have' no ; doubt fhe
would have every, district-attorney
abolished.-'-both* in fCriliforniai and [Mass
achusetts? and] in every; state;Jbetweej^'^
Continued on Pace i 2, ' Column S
\u25a0•\u25a0' '; Louis Glass, • vice' president aid general [manager of the' Pacific
'\u25a0' States j telephone: company, con v'icted '^last f night} by^a. ijiiry jikftcr.
Lonergan. On afp/V wus-jrijil 'oft.Glass . on . another,, indictment •\u25a0
'. libe}juryldisagreed;'l''J/-^^\^-^ -'\u25a0'\u25a0". . : -:"v:\:;'.. -y'^'^''.'/ 1 --.- \u25a0 : -' : -- : ' : -"' \u25a0\u25a0':'"'-'. \
•5» — . — -^ r~r~rr :r — ~—:~ — : ; — r* — . , r-nrr — — — •$•
RingliripMay Be tti|
Project on Foot to 'Gain the Con\
trolofßlgiShpws All
OvertheWorid -
Special by Leased Wire to The Call
NEW YORK, Aug.'; SO.— A report was
current' today y in amusement circles
that Ringling 'Brothers are aiming. to
control^thejprincipal circus business of
the .world \u25a0 and , are" negotiating: \to ', se
cure;,the ! majority ; of stock \u25a0.'\u25a0. in \u25a0 the
Barnum' and Bailey; show. *..;_-i' .-'•
Besides * the;: show "underi their .own
name ; .the},* Ringlings '•\u25a0 own :\u25a0 the Fore-!
paugh-Sells {circus.* - y - The : Barnum "and
Bailey circus ownership -carries with; It
a -contract- with '] Colonel r,W r . i'F." Cody
TBuftalo -t Bill) /; to. '.present ' him.--' in this
and 1 other .'countries.. , . .-.;« *. i
/With: the /acquisition - of •'•the* Barnum
and '; Bailey ; show ;the ( Ringlings -.would
control ' theVclrcua .business of the "globe
and thelr|;. holdings V-V would .represent
one 'jot . ' the i; aggregations .of
amusementfcapital; everj known. ,'
Welcome Fairbanks
SpccialibX) LeascdlW.ircto^T 'he Call
' \u25a0*' STOCKTON. r Aug. CaO.—^The Stockton'
, chamber,' of coihinGrco" arid- other: bust^
nessincn / 'of 'the -oily.; are- preparing: to
receive; Vic<> 'l'Tesident "; Fairbanks, '>yvho
is ; tou ring, 1 the". v.'cst.y-. ] t:^s, proposed V to
enter taiiiUiini; at. a'banciuet' during- Sun
day; and , 'also £to^arrangVfor v 'an>'autOr
mobile : party' to 'afford I the distinguished
visitor " : 'an l^ ; opportunity^ "; to -'view -the'
grVat'jVlneyaVds^ofjthe'courity.: : ;•,../.-!:*? -,
/:h itTwas I hot^knownl until late ;this;aft T i
erndon^that^Vice; President* Fairbanks
would -.visit* Stockton.^Poptjnaster.iFrank
E. ; Ellis freceiyedj the, -following -telegram
from » Fairbanks,^ "dated ? v \\ r in3l«>}v, rlA.rlz. : :
' '. Vl ' lfad,Mhteh(iedsto"speiid:^unda.y:Tat.-
PaloVAHoffbuL (ttie>trahi '; being"; so^ late
it ; is "jmpractlcable^\Probablj\' stop" off.
toiariMvo'"KtiKtocktonjati3:sr'yp.'} r m.*Sat-:
Kindly- ; ' reserve .::*li'6tcl. •Jicco'minoUat lons"
for' three." ; \ ; -. . -
-: N A PIiE S, ; • A ug. J J ; 3 O.^Om 1 n o us ?\u25a0 rumb\
lih^»TareTcpmlng^rom.;Mount ; tyesuvlus
? AsTa .1 resul t,^th e^inhabltarits] of I thelyil^
state;bf\u25a0great7alarin..' x " "1. MB
FolkiGrowfled Oiil
fttqpleof\Qther!Plaees Buy All
ilie Oopjd Seats fforr r Plsy,
:^yWindemere;sF^h' f
Special ; fep» Leased: Wire to ; : ThTCall
v^REp_WOOP"CITYr Ausr.T3o.— A- great
calamity is; piling up : iri^thls/city; and
will \u25a0descend; upon -the ?; performance of
"Lady: Windemere's Fan," which ia to
be -given tomorrow ;; night by "society
"players. So. .far : asl; this 'city:: is .con
cerned', LadyV Win'de'mere : wlir hide /be-
Ind . -something.: more C opaque* than her
fan ; an d i the *gl t tter lng': epi grams iof i the
iPscar^wyide'^play-wlthout-'action will
twlnkle'i unobserved.^ ' Redwrbd City will
| not attend. , It is not • that 'the socialistic
immoralities -fwhlch 'Wilde; lilted ; to . ci-
I plolt :- would Ibe ? offensive ; tot suburban
I tastes, ' but -because; Redwood City" «o
ciety:fefusesj to :^ take-'a^back * seatl \u25a0 All
the '"good ; seats 'are Preserved • -.for "more
[ f ;avo r ed 'commu niti cs, { and ithe!only : sec -
jtions selilng.here-are I those close to "the
door* or-- next (to^the celling.' > Redwood
Cit>v refuses; to get^iri 'the i draft -.'of the
one 'or : perch : p'eriioi'/sly • in ;• the \u25a0 Vther.-
:v'Hardly.; had *the; ;' box;, office", opened
hefc^wircn-:socicjly,jstart?d;'for its tick
ots.'>^Mrs.;-iyor{liiiigt'on-: AincsCwasVto
tako :^art.vi!r3:^^r^l^rcNoar';ims;'a
sneaking V: role ! ; and", the \ Hoopers'. are
hille«l';to : appear nvith "spoeches" in
their - mou ths7-'." They';: arc ..' as
neighbors', and ; lielpcci* swell ;the throng
tha't;v.-chdedlits-,way to'buy.tiuiiets .
r^ljavcn't JyoujKot; a -better sVat*; than
that?'.', n sked l .;_th'o^ first ' v/hon -shown' a'
seatjin.V.!se(:tlonlsixy; .Thiat Was .the best
tliat'.Redwoodr City.; sot— section .sLx—
and^ lUwasi^t good^ enough.' The'otlier
-sections -'-are "]t reserved '\u25a0• f or^ : qther^/ com -
niuii^i Vies.'- and "^s*o-.'"Ladyi',WindemeVe:s
FanVr.wi 11 7 remain-/ closed:: for*' Redwood
City", -the, .socletyj^menib'ers i "of /which
place "j assert ; their": admiration S for the
vvit^of Hheppiece.^butv declare j.that '.\u25a0the
management 'was; stupid. V \u25a0
GRO\\EU,«Bi ArrACkjltAlLlioAb
rj?LosjF_AN!ijnLES,VAug.^3o;r^The ? ceiery
g v 6 \\crsT6t j,Ora n ge), c o u n t y > h el d [: a m a 5 s
lme^tiniß7tVat^*Sm(6ltz^rs-^last''.i/nisfht7_' at
Syji'lch^addresses twefft^madf^' 'ilntj^c eso
1 v tii>h sV ad opted |p ro tes tin g ;. againsti nst v t!ie"
ftctioiil! of u"j tie r W^Pacific. an'd'j?an ta*
Fop rai ljroad f cv mpkri 1 es fe. i ri * "mal n ta i f» i n g
excessive "if rates; 1 ofi.vejfe tables
toTe'asternipoints.v , ) '' '. r ; . ..
30.— Anthony J.
[ wexel l^of hliadelpHla^en tertain'ed
King '^Edward's atfdinhe"r4tohiglit"iat/ one
jthelclocaHliotelsrr; "-' ' : X'^, \u0084
IX-H' a^dici^asthis, one bespeaks the justice of the
system a^ tried, nor man,
hqwev&rteHpw^ty be, is above the taw. —
Statement oj Speciatt^A gent William J: Burns.
Telephone Manager Is
Convicted Quickly
by His Peers
FiMtfJjPfMthy Bribers to Fall in
ifVdr ort^qriwption Is Unmoved
as He Goes to Jail
The Twelve Men Who Declared Louis Glass Guilty
Dr. Phillip M: Flood
Niels C. iMortenson
Johnson W.ieillott
James Glassford
a©org;©.\V. Paytioh
Louis : - Glass— : (xiiilty \
Sucliis^the yerdict of 12 sworn jurorsin the case of
the first of 'the^accused bribe givers ; brought to^ trial by
tfcmenvpledged to redeem San Francisco from civic
; Ruefj^the'boss, and Schmitz^the^puppet, already well
]pn^their;-;.my-^tp\ ; San r ' Quentin, have been joined by tha
dictator F of \of :ilie \ city!s greatest rpublic service cor
porations. crime^ of bribery" has been proved,; against
lumji &ndz Lpj^^(^s^ml^pnaire^and clubman, beholds
Me^doora "of iths^state p^te)itiary -yawning -before him.
The| Vßrdict^caine^ith ?a ; suddenness thaV;made its
effect^ more pronounced -than * even ; Qie ' prb^cutors
thenjseives-ha<i anticipated. - On the first ballot, taken the
nuntte^therjurorsvwefe left to themselves,- the unanimous
vote ; was recordejd:
'I Tliere was no need of discussion. As the jurors them
selyes declared, evidence of guilt 4 was overwhelming, and
the -result was' registered from the moment the last -bit
of -(testimony -was taken.
yViih the calm, serene nonchalance which has marked
hisattitutf c during the progress of his two trials, the aged
defendant head the words which may send him behind
prison bars for the rest of his life without so; much as a
change; of -expression or quiver [of despair. With his head
sligntly-bowed and his eyes raised questioningly toward
the clerk of the court, he listened attentively, but he-had
nerved himself for the fatal words, arid -when they had
feeen uttered he settled back in his chair as though they
Had but decided some point of legal argument.
In Judge Dunne 's courtroom in the Temple Israel,
occupied by Judge Lawlbr during the evening session,
the scene was
ittpmey ißeney was deliyeririg- his closing argument the
room was thronged with a.soUid'wedge of men and women,
straininglto catch ] his '-every utterance.. Not a seat was
vacant. The aisles were packed. Through the transom
over "the door -several 'women, perched Jon a ladder, were
Impertjnent Question No. 14
What Is ah Automobile ?
F(^ te to this ques
tion^-rand the briefer the better—The Gall will pay
n%E-DOIiLARS> For' the next five answers
The Gali will pay ONE;DOLLAR each.' Prize
winning answejrswill>be "printed next Wednesday
and checks mailed to tjie; winners at once. Make
- your-answeir short' and it to
' • - C THE GALL
-- FrlEe"a««<Tcr»ito*f i"\Vhat do x«u moat waat to kaowt*
«j« j • prlec \u25a0 tf> Mary*K."' rarinar, Bealcl*. Cal.'.
That dark secret,, the Chronicle's..circulation.
$1 prUe to,Iil»:e Scott. l"Elujbum, Alameda |itountj, CaL
-The worst. '""•". :
' ; : v*l prl»»''t«"F.;vW.^Atkiasoo,' « CnltniaUcit. SanU Crw.' Caj.
/ ; \u25a0:.-..To•,know?be^t«r. '.'\u25a0
.';-. ?1 pVlJie to Rot»rt Kot*rison. 13 Soqoel awnoe,. Santa Craz. Cal.
'"What others are fgoiiig- to tlo^-before they do tt.
-• $tipilze to.Li>u I>o»*pe, San Jo*e. Cjl. - . ' ,
As muchas.r thoughtrL-krievv when-I left schooL .
_Y. ' : HprUe.to J..A. AniJrui,"San Jo*e. Cal. >
— When {the fool killer gets his sleep. « '
\u25a0-I/. Everybody* in the- catuitry N »riows about
f [LangdoiQ TEyetybody^ : .wifl w&jt\to • read
'Vbft^story of his days' as/a rural r school,
\t^K^/^indiJt' 'Xovaofro w"ir>f:
James Gaily
, Joseph C. Queen
John B- Knudson
Ed>varcl \V. Stria.ng*>
Franklin Riffle
Richard M. Collins

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