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\u25a0 A wave of prohibition is passing over
vtbe • United States. And the \u25a0 southp
"home of whisky," is leading the reform.
Reaji the article about it in,
; The Sunday Call
VOLUME VCtt— NO. 94.
Farmers Demandi Inquiry on
Reclaihatiqii' Service
: > Operations o . ' . •":\u25a0
Forrnef Secretary, of the Ih
• IJp
Ugly Charges •
Friends of vLippincott and
Neweii- Say -Holt and
Ludy Are Dishonest
r\u25a0' ""v '•\u25a0'"\u25a0'' j : '\u25a0':'* '•'-'\u25a0' '"' : - - : : :""-•
By Mitrtlri Madsen f. \ _
SAC^MENTO, Sept. 1. —
Fonricr Secretary of the Interior
E. Al Hitchcock owes it to : the
go vemment's reclamation service
.and to the \u25a0thousands of settlers
affected by the irrigation projects
to come to Sacramento and take
the witness stand to clear up the
ugly accusations that are being
made by the "kicking** farmers
against the federal officials, par
ticularly against J. B. Lippincott
The men who are crying for water
for their crops have issued about
two tons of "literature" in setting
forth their grievances, the friends
bf : 3LlppJhcott and Newell are; ranting
:^with. 'Indignation and abuse, and. out
;«.f .ihie . mass of recrimination . it |is lm:
: jjijssible ..for the uninitiated to form
;sipy. /conc^ueions- as to the merits : of
\u25a0 the : c -bitter, controversy. Ex-Secretary
H«chcock. because of. his familiarity
With the situation, might set right
jitiotisah.ds of delegates who feel them
selves ii6peless In any attempt to mete
©ut.lustlce. \u25a0';: \u25a0 :.'-.•:'. .':'-. \u25a0'-. '\u25a0\u25a0\u25a0\u25a0 :
:. It would be lroportant to know if the
Charge niade/by the Tuma f ramers Is
true that the former head of the in
tferioif department was on the p6int of
dipmtsslng Llppihcbtt from the gov
ernment service when the latter, hav
ing beeil warned, nastily sent in* his
resignation! and accepted lucrative em- .
pjoyme&t in th« Los Angeles water :pro
;ieet.° "\u25a0;!:; \u25a0\u25a0 :\u25a0• '..' \u25a0\u25a0": ;: -it : t<V-V ' '• "J.-"" \u25a0'\u25a0\u25a0-'- : \u25a0\u25a0
\u25a0;^The;^^.^clckere-, assert that W. Scott
Smith, ; . who was Hitchcock's private
secretary, is their authority for the al
legation "ithat . the man who mlsengl
.rieered; as they say, the Tuma Irriga
tion enterprise, barely/escaped the dis
grace of dismissal for alleged mlscon
dueL: Director F. It'-Xewefl." who° was
L.lppin£Qtt's superior, is said to have
notified iilra.to getottt v of Tuma. as fast
as lie could goi jHltchcbck is : thbr
ctighly. conversant with the" irrigation
•rows and;he could doj much to prevent
this- battle' in .the ..national, irrigation
congress. that now seems inevitable.
An attempt will be made; te. prevent
the.. "kickers". Xrornv jsalning\ a hearing.
before the.coogrepvbut the disposition :
i&^gro^ing among the delegates to -give
, the Si'hoJe- jnatter. a.rery thorough alf-
Jng^. 'They have for. the most j>a-rt a
d eep regard, Jtor Newell . and high ire-J
fipect'tQr the engineering abilities of
IJpplncott-and.are loth. to believe 7 all of:
;<he.Btofles current.. .They- say r - hqw
.^ei'er, that smoke is- risjng In. so many
. quarter]? — in Tuma, '. Imperial, : Owens
.valley. Nevada "and • Klarnath— that it
V-otild'- be* better, for an ° concerned :to
.aiayie a. searching Investigation.' . .
\ All that^ the jfarmeva are "aekl n g is an*
investigation , by a committee from the.
national" Irrigation congress and many
<>f the friends 'of JLlppincott and Newell
c tere taking! the •position/that this is "a
.- consummation to be -wished as devoutly
= -by the proclamation- men as by any one
°«lse, r -.The'."klckers*'" have been.p awing
, up -dirt rot a .long thne, It- Is. reasoned.
and if ibeir cbarges : continue to go un
°y«futed tjie" omission in action would
begin; <_ to .convince the public -that
•Ke^Wcii dbd;lilpp!lncott really are crooks.
'/Op' the other; hand, -there Is a. strong
Element/" r of • the reclamation -men's
'friends here that wants to Jcick the
"kickefs- <jnt' of = the .congress. E. T;
..p.eTk'lns, one .or ttie government en
.feineer«u Is* credited with having told
e>Tuma. farmer. tbat"t*e \u2666'mulish Cbl
'oradp . river crowd wouldn't -be given
.at chance -of the floor,'* the reason he
assigned being that ' the reclamation
'-Vgrrlce. had too. many friends among
.th.c delegates to the congress: "But
wis are going to keep on kicking and
•hjollcrlng ' till we do get a hearing,"
declared the bellicose agriculturists!
\ "We can't say how, for we are not
down- on the official . program,' i»ut- we
are going to get a hearing somehow."
Newell' and Lippincottare not with
out intensely loyal friends. The,pub
lication in The Call of "the charges
Couttnurd on Page 2, . Column ' 2.
The San Francisco Call.
TESTERDAT— Clear; maximum temperature,
CS; minimum. 6S. '_.."'* •
FORECAST TOR TODAT— Fatr, warmer; light
north wind. *'•»\u25a0'.'- Pag* XI
EASTKRX "-. \ -I. .V,\. -/
Relic hunters loot warship of SweflUh prince
to the harbor of-7Cew^York. " Pag* 8
SeTen persona Injured severely In "collision of
auto and boggy near Mlnela, L... I. Pag* X
Panama canal chief duties " report that plan
would . hare to i»e charged to. a 80' foot
level. : ' ' Pag* X
Sea of Mrs. Eddy complains bitterly over the
treatment accorded 7 him at the hearing \u25a0 to .de
termine mental condition of Mi mother. Page 4
\u25a0 Nebraska will test new primary law tomor
row by which all state end' county, officers will
be Dominated atpoHs. Pay « 3
' President Roosevelt preparing a series of
speeches to be delivered In the west and soath
early. In .October; Pago 3
Bishop Johnston, of Texas . speaks . directly ' to
President Rooserelt ; f rom pulpit." -Pag© 8
Secretary of; the. Interior Garfield says the
government will proceed vat once to smash the
lumber trunl. and show no mercy where crim
inality Is repealed. ' Pug* 4
"Francis J. Heney. among those mentioned. as
possible successor to ""Attorney . General Bona
parte. Page 1
koreig?T: : ;r;,
. All windows in. St. Petersburg are closed and
troops throng -city to protect' cear as he attends
church ' consecration.' . ' . Page 8
Congregatlonallsts fear British governor of
Natal will bar their 1 workers ' from Zululand, ,
alleging too great \u25a0 uplifting of natives. Pag* 2
.Japanese officials discharge Chinese laborers
working • on . government " railways and minister
from' celestial kingdom \u25a0 files protest with mika
do's government. ' . . ' - .- ' Pog*> 4
.'The. federal' commission .which has been .In-'
veatlgatlng sources of Immigration in Europe
will- recommend ' that \u25a0 deportation powers be
granted. to Judges. . \u25a0' ' Pag* 4
\u25a0 Chinese residents of Kantao, oa the borders
of Korea, demand that Japan withdraws of flcl*l
protector who refuses to leave. , Page 5
'" 'COAST/-' ' -*. : ' ." . .'\u25a0 ". -• •\u25a0'
Quarries of high grade marble are discovered
near San Bernardino.' and stone can be delivered
1b San ' Francisco at' half ' rate from Ver
mont.' .' '[\u25a0 ' \u25a0\u25a0\u25a0\u25a0 " Page 8
\u25a0 - National : Irrigation congress £ wftleh will -be
opened -:1a Sacrama&to' today faces a .battle of
delegates over charges, made by farmers agmlnsjt ,
Llpplncott and NewsII. -" ; Pag* 1
Hecry E. HuntlnRton of Los Angele*. \u25a0 recent-
Ing municipal Interference, • stops " work on»ei
\u25a0tenflons and hettermect of lines.'. - - - Pag* 2-
Mca who own their homes will make the new
San Francisco, great, \u25a0 \u25a0 ' •"• * ~ Pag* •
.Pullman company tiix dodging. . . Pag* 6
\u25a0; Hearst's ex<cmvicts. . \u25a0 ' - Pag* 6
Foraker loathe wrong box. \. ' '.'',•' Pag* 6
political . ;\u25a0 :;
Friends! of. Taylor And Xangdon secur* . sign*-'
tnres of people Issuing" from' churches to petition
for nomination ' of antlgraft. crusaders. " Page- 4
CITY: : '.;;•./.-,•;•_ .; - : ; ' : c,-^ . .
\u25a0 .Four persons are Injured and an automobila
demolished when 'hurled by Thomas flyer Into
trolley- post..- .-'•• ' \u25a0 . '•.\u25a0•" ' . • Fag* 2
•\u25a0BslloocJst' Price falls • with ' parachute Into
network cf ' high current • electric \u25a0 wires ' whicli
buirn • his writhing .body tin he'. ' f alU ."to- ; tb*
ground. ' " . v \u25a0\u25a0\u25a0 ' . '. . Pag* J
'\u25a0 : Local poolroom men refuse to pay off on. Peta
luma race, claiming they were Jobbed. Pag* 14
-Largest malting plant in the world Is. being'
built in San' Francisco. •: .• ' * Pag* S
!Thugs- rob arid beat Dr, C ; Harrington Schnltt,
n dentist, and are' attempting to brain -their
unconscious victim when a woman's screams ptit
them.tft flight. • '-. :- Pag* 14
. Dr. J. .AJbertpg, .founder of. Utopian colony In
Axgentine . republic. Is pursued . by, j disgruntled
follower who' .wants h js mon'ey returned. . Pag* 1 '
. Militiamen discuss ; plan, to form regiment * of
state artiUery In this city.- \u25a0' , Page 4
•. •Surreyor general of -South Australia. ; studies
American system of dry' farming.. ' Page 7
Congregation Emanu-El rededlcates Its. temple
In ' gutter street - sear . Powell - with Jewish "; and
Gentile : divines .on the altar. „ .Pag* **
•': Ber.' de Rondea-Pos • preaches . on orthodoxy
at oew church temple In O'F« rrcll street. Pag* 4
Clever swindlers ' secure \ thousands'' of r d!mes
from Masons by ns# of chain letters. soliciting
funds to erect monument to William Me Kin
\*T. . '\u25a0 • . . \u25a0\u25a0*«g*.14
I : FlirtatloBS whale takes mean reTeage and tries
to* drown boatmaa when girls sail, oat of
ten. ' . \u25a0 . ', ... P«c» 1
Warring tongs cower to escape police dragnet
which Is gathering gan fighters in Chinatowns
on. both sides of bay. ' Page 4
Telepboo*' girl . swears to felony » complaint
against mac who ' twice , failed tb • keep \u25a0 promis*
and: marry: ber.' .\u25a0 : '-: ' '.:?':'• " ( ''';Ps4r*".3
- Large improvement work .being done in Oak
land stimulates the realty, market.';'' -•» Page 8
"Scotty" of Death vTalley, "captured byjhaxlng
collegians,- pays $40 ransom "and gives pollc«
rescaer, ; TsJnaWe^rlfle/r; :—'' ~;[ ;''\u25a0\u25a0 : • '• Psjt* 8
\u25a0' Oakland unions will begin march In Labor day
parade at 10 o'clock tfcli morning. " 'Pag* 8
; Shattnck ; avenue - Methodist congregation' 3 ajr a
cornerstone . of j new edifice - in \u25a0 Oakland' with'; im
presslve ceremonies. 'StsS^SS^Ij *•*»'•
; Party of explorers "Just home ; from Aleutim
Islands • reports discovery : of . newest mountain
peak . on . e * r f b^SR@Bffi^^^^P . ?*C0 4
SPORTS ' '" \u25a0 _ \u25a0\u25a0'•;-.•-: .".-"•'
.- Portland" and San ' Francisco coast : league
teams play « twelve ' Inning ; tie In the ; morning
and .^the : northerners win the afternoon ' gams,
1 to O.yigSflflSjSPqpjgil Pag* 9
- PUylng;of - a park Juvenile is the ;"of
the a'l .' comers* tennis tournament ; at - the Cali
fornia • club. \u25a0 ";/ ' -' - \u25a0 ."; \u25a0_;-; Page 9
Alameda and . Stockton /state .' league. ; teams
break even oa: a double header. ' : -Pag* 9
Sloop Alert wins match race, against the sloop
Perhaps. . , j' . '-'i' }'.'-' } : .' \u25a0'\u25a0 '.'•*\u25a0»* 9
Boxer ; J«e Thomas and -\u25a0 Toong ' Ketchel f. Will
meet this afternoon In 45' round i bout. .. Pag* 9
c Chicago Americans take a game from Detroit,
the league leaders. ilSJlB&BBSJtV ; "\u25a0 fag* 9
- steamship Acapulco will be raised from"; jand
bank; on -Thursday.- ~- Pag* ill
\u25a0'. Large i number. of^.California";' mines that- hare
been Idle to resume search for gold.' 1 ' . Pag* * 11
' Extension of •' smelter \u25a0 facilities \u25a0\u25a0 , for - Shasta
county 1* mad* upoa large teal*. Page 11
Leviathan Is ; Lonely When
; Schoolma'ams -^Depart
and Vents Spite
Flukes Miss Reporter in
Whitehall, but Nearly ! \u25a0
Capsize Craft
Flirts With Damsels on the
Eureka and -Is Scorned \u25a0
by Lady Mine
A /Ofhale might broiftim a cohif.tee,
. Of 'a whale < might, Ihe en pearls;
Bui dill, li\e other 'gentletnen,':j : - \u25a0 ;v; '\u25a0',
[ He lik** to flirt jiiih girls. , ;; ; . ; -;. *
| He- ham 't'.the beard[of ths^catfish gay, . \u25a0: -;'\u25a0'\u25a0
r The nc3( of^iht'agilelclam;- .
The .repartee- of. the . stingaree?, • ' '
But he i carries 'a] grand 'salaam— ;.
And '- he \u25a0 naves' his '. tail ' when'( hex maizes
: And. the girls are r i»on- by ihelfellov, \u25a0
\u25a0As the \u25a0 maiden, Desdemona -ttas . • .' •".",
B}f the tales ; of (the; dark Othello:: *
. ~From.\The "Tails of .the Seat -.\
Seventyrflve feet *of,; giddy 'whali
gave \u2666 the water front a. treatfand Mlk«
Fitzgerald of the Merchantg',, :"exch'angi
a sudden bath yesterday /morning. :\u25a0 Ha<
the whale : been 7 7 1 feet In 'length; Mlki
would have lbeen : handled'" more ; harshl:
and the water,, front \ and . shipping •. gen'
erally might ; have lost an v efflclen t ; an<
energetic marine*, reportefr but .. Fitz
gerald .escaped a* fluke's breadth, s<
the docks and .wharves viewed ', the ba:
boulevardler ; -. with ; glad .. "amaze , - an<
waved the merry hand to the' leviathan
! \u25a0';•,. The ! :_whale,^^ whose nickname Ms, BTui
. Beard— |-he has such. i.ltllllngiway
the ladieß— has been the sum
rner ln^the vicinity of .Bs.nta.Cruz, rais
IDgV / oid--*hol>XyHth^th_e''.meraiiM«^i^
Cottage ; City.
now over, and . the place became dull, s<
the little boy Blue Beardplayed heoke;
last .; Friday* and' started or"; this Vcitj
and 'bay.- .' \u25a0:r ; \u25a0 : A--' \u25a0yij'\^u
Testerday. morning 'the/enterprlsihg
mammal steered his pompadour through
the -marcel .waves with 'which; nature
had ; - adorned the - Golden date, ,\u25a0; out'of
compliment -, to - the j Sabbath . and the
smiling sun, and gently steamed up the
bay. '-; The coastwise"; "\u25a0teiam'er'^ Eureka
was 'steaming, down the- bay about . the
same time, en route to the seaport town
from which It deprived. its name. : .
\u25a0'\u25a0 "Eureka!" cried Blue Board, seeing ft
bunch of Humboldt ;-'^'couhty;V school
ma'ams abaft. -"' "Howdy, \ girls?" f
;si Then : he plunged . his ebony> brow_ Into
the emerald . face i o f the bay and .waved
his tall langulshlngly'at^ the .damsels'on
the, boat. This' whale vras quite a wag
In his way, and «o he wigwagged gaily.
The \u25a0 girls liked the subtle charm! of ; the
marine' monster* a u \u25a0 blandishments I, and
waved back passionately, v; One^ex-'
coed, threw 'the gentle 'creaturVr a box
of ' panoche; ; another, sent* a boquet . of
flowers floating toward , him and a third
.tossed a book of Ella Wheeler Wllcoz's'
alluring, verses .Into -.the; crotch of : the
waving \ tail. :•/.;.': :.\- '\u25a0'-.: : ' i _\
'"But' the . Eureka passed f©n ; .lts'- way,
the purser* growing! jealous of : the \wln-^
nlng; ways* of ; Blvitr Beard, (and Tordered
full «team" ahead, J much .to vlAe/chi«rin
of - Captain - C.^ Noren, y who*{wasf amused
.by^the 'old "sport of . the'seW-.. ' ;,;'..': ''^ •'/,'-'
; ' When' the coaster had gone the whale
looked ; about ; him ;. wittT^ttmjnfln | his
eyes f or . something to \u25a0 flirt Cwith. Then*
he saw - the Tpilot .boat' I*dy~: Mine. ? The'
name looked ? good . to f him.^The\capers
that ;creatiire J cut ; to] win *th« pi]
the;t lAdy" Mlnei were « beautiful i to < see. 1
He dove t and I spouted :', and blustered,
now, asterri//nbw : aport; ?*nbw,; doing a
larboard watch, again - holding a seance
with; the 1 bowsprit.".;,-; '':* \u25a0 -y- : y.y :; ' : ' :' \u25a0 . " ; .
, But Mt\was glove's -5 labor -lost. - The
Li&dyj Mini : was true % to; her * first t lor«
aod"th«i'phUanderlngof ; the ; whale went
'for^naughL^v --\V ; /-~' .'^''':^ \u25a0/\u25a0 ".'' "'--C-' :''.'
- In a fine ; frenzy^ the j whale sank to
the boUom of thebay. Abouf^thlsrume
Mike : Fl^gerald : started \ in ) a; Whitehall
boat to-board some Inbound" shlp.tSuid-^
denly ' "the '\u25a0 /wh^Yflippedyhjls'f^lvouT^of
the water Just two feet away, f rom|th«
whitehalL:. -The \u25a0 flip} caused a* commo*
tlon fand C Mike a ;yery |systematlo"
shower : bath; and lost Ji^two^o^sXThV
"conditions; looked .""serious -. tof^a. ;few
minutes, but the chagrined' love^ floated
awajrj and I .let ; Mike recover. hls^ars'i'and
tha.t : the whale gave him the most
thrilling* experience '\u25a0; In ; his i life. " .\u25a0 . -
I Ringing t three : ; bells .< in \u25a0--; his m engine
MMM^rL-*- 'lj# m <*~^>yiiiiim Hgm winy 11 TITT 'lii i 1r -%
room the whale j put|_on :f f ull^Bteam
ahead and -steered ; for" Hunters '\u25a0 polntTto
goon • an oyster cocktail 'spree.
Fitzgerald - had •: a] narrow,, escape, T. for
the escapades -of whales'fj in v itheY«
waters frequently /end: disastrously.
Co» tinned on Page 2, hottom CoY 4
Aeronaut Writhes in
High Tendon Wires •
Balloonist Fallsllritoi Network of
r } Watch
/ •'-' Thousands j-: of f- spectators y in ,- Golden
Oats park j shuddered '/yesterday after
noon as they .^ watched , J. : M." Price;
the Chutes Jballoonist/r writhing across
the 'i tangle '\ of ,- high jr current , wires ;S at
Haight and Stanyanl streets. * ; His para-;
chute with which". he f. had
from .his' soaring dropped' him
in \u25a0;; the - network * of , electricity charged
llnes__and "| the •witnesses » to Vthe '. : horror
turned ;awaysthelr'th"ea^ds7^slckened tat
the" sight.
Patrolmen ; who hadifollowed , with
watching 1 throng: ? fan from; Chutes "and
parkjaa the_ balloon': carried': ltsTaeriv
naut' along managed Vo.shake' the man
tree •before the r life -had '^ been; burned
out -of; him.?. He -fenVfrbm«"his; perilous
position, to - the Btreetfand! was : 'carrled
uriconsclouß to ;a" private hospital/; HIS
fall upon; the wires : broke; many of
them': and. caused /the park (section of
the city; to, be^in^darkhessC during: part
ofaast-nisht:;:^;-:-: :. ' . - • . •
. That Price 'will: ? recov«r:\isT'regarded
by, (hose who witnessed his st«rjal: flight
and Its sequel; little short 'ot a ;miracler.
' ; He; went; up" s with hialballooh' shortly
* f i®T r2 -f! cl ock.'> v Tjie-- perfect : weather
and \u25a0 the _. crowd i ; inducted '\u25a0 ' him ' = to -; sail
skWard'i farther'^ than Vusual. A;A'lhlkh"
current of . air, carrled^nim at Vgfeat
\u25a0height f oyer . the. treejT : ot; the park.":.i He
could ?see^ihevfoHo^nK^th^roh^^like'
movihff* ddta.^ Spectators: on- foot, \ln
automobiles r: and ..'private rigs .and
streetcars were^r watching -rhis r flight. 1 '
Then -he ' out v himself : ; adrift I f rom , the
•balloon,' which, ; liberated: of . its T weight,"
shot .' upward Ca«; he ; shot 'C&ovrn. :-\ \ Then
came \u25a0' the fall - Into \ th« \ tangle of
anij* .theViinf ortunate ;Vrn^n illost ;. con
sciousness ; as , the • heavy, cur rent surged
through his ; bod^and^burnedVhis. flesh,
while every nerye twisted "Vthe : muscle
to T whlch it ran- into knVts: -'/-. : x
-\ Price i'waa_- severely) burned -."wheriy ef
his -body had "come iltivoontact '7rith~ the
;^rl res"; and" in \u25a0. falUii g ) to ' the Aground *he
y*f* /rJ!*^i7.r- : b rulßed,'.rtho'ulß;h'-;W^boneß
-,werej broken. ' : He\was'S taken- to*a}prl
pronounced r : serious^ -thoughljjot ;crlti
c'air-:.;V.'.'•f..'.--,"'V'-:-'^': .'5.-< '^-Tl"":'•:'\u25a0'T I "" :'•:'\u25a0' '•'\u25a0'\u25a0\u25a0'\u25a07\u25a07 \u25a0
U The f : wires "on *^ which';' Price " : landed
d »li»^^wjoo^thj6cl|ght^'and'
power : company^ llTopoVvoits,- and had
hQ : oom e*i n \ contcat|with Uhemjdlr ectly
of; beenf aHoVe'ii t^
SeveraJ .;'of|^SXwir«Bj wer«)broiien''smd'
as •> a \u25a0 reiult(the _?ehtlre*f pAnhaltdl* -, seb-'
during; theVearly "^ : ; ; r
Statue # Liberty
Special 6jj Leased Wire to)fhe Cad.
I NEW -YORK, -Sept.. 'H— -jVlThen the
37 • members : of the; Chinese Yerew *•-; of
the Vßraemar;;-; ar Htramp \ steamship;
; found themselves Sunder the^shadow ot
1 the . statute \u25a0 of ; liberty .'yesterday morn
, Ing:, at } sunrise ;\u25a0 they,. rushed \u25a0•: pellmell
, below- decks;- returned^ in solemn state,'
j and while s their .^braids i.wlKgle|d '"in
i the \ wind ? and i burned >; In-;
cense \ before J the l slant \u25a0flgu r e.V? It ; was
the biggest^ Joss they- hadVever; seen;
they) declared? afterward,? and; they felt
that they. f owed \ it;; reverence, l{ despite
the; fact- that _' it .was r»ome> thousands
of v miles J from rf home_ and^wa» •? •: some
what" different from ? the ,d«l ties *, they
had ; been faccus VomedX to see^ngf CV t' ;
;>Whlle '; Hl*Wen^- the; leader,! wa« v ex
plaining - \,i. this . \ :y historical '-^ worship
to ; the ; captain i7}'chlnes« "I passed
through , ; the I forecastle Tga^gway. '\u25a0\u25a0 like
a .< funeral .*- proioessloiu"; eaoht carrying"
Joss :, sticks i .*=: ' andp.ttarnlna' '.-vl his f t.eye*
towardiheayem.^.'.';All^i'rancred' i }ltirem<>' k
shadow r of ' the I goddess {of » liberty/ • \u25a0 ? : >
fleney Mentiopeil for
Attorney General
Special by Leased] Wire, to- The Call
v WASHINGTON, J Sept. ' I.— Regardless
of official fdenialJ\tK'e]xesl^atleh'Jramor
concerning^ Attorney/*' General > t Bona
parte continues \u25a0' to -•'circulate. Along
"witbJthls rumor, let that fof Judge i Frank
B..Kellog^siappolntment ; to|th«^ place.
Among Uhe /other 'fnames ; mentlonedfis
that Tof ; F. \u25a0 J. '< Heneyjoi £Cail f orn!a^| who
exposed .the \ Oregon * lumber frauds.
\u25a0\u25a0>,'-. There also]. Is ; a' persistent report that
Secretary^ Metcajf [fs7to) go '"and -that jhe
Is i being «, disregarded * ln'^navy <depart«
ment?xnatters.7' ,/' v .•~«.-l^ -'\u25a0"-..'-V^ \u25a0\u25a0>.'-\u25a0!.;-.
y- BonapiiTte'sl friends' ; sayj all ;\u25a0 the Jtalk
concerning | himr^is , inspired byjflnancial
lnterestsAwhlch^afe? bitter toward^the
foundation.- •.\u25a0..i;'.-7 ;: -'.j;':'»".'' •'?•\u25a0\u25a0 -'V:'- ~!:--x?.' l-J~L
U i l^A^sblemri^te^ "deum
sung I In c the ; Greek church ; today
Jn ; . celebration ., of - the V betrothal ; of
prince /George^of
Mary - Bonaparte. -.King ; George "•'•' of
Prince ;* Roland^^Bo naparte i'i and
'other notablef I wer^f present.^' '-\u25a0-,';\u25a0'\u25a0; ; -' \u25a0 c i-.
IS ST L v^. liOUIS.^I Sept^-: IT— Rev.f f; John
Mat lie wi.'^the^ oldest Jniln Ist ef,2 1 n '£ pom t
of jservice^ln^the^Methodlst^EpiECbpal
Founder of New Utopia Hunted by Irate
Subject Who Wants His Coin Returned
ISTS,%WHO MJNFURLiEPj.THEIKrFItAQ 'IN JEFFERSON \u25a0' SQUARE Mt JaaTiUKD AT .' "" -T>' "-' .r .^'^— *~:
Cft/efJDen/esg ßeport JhalPlan
\ Would 'Havelii^^Chatig^ 1
* JotaThirtfFodi;Leyei:\
Specially ' LeasedrW^ire'tto The Call \
PANAMA; y, Sept^/l^^ew '' borings
around \ San \u25a0 Pedro? Miguel: to') determine
whether It .wouid'be'best' tb^iise dredger
steam ; shovels 'tor : removing^the; rock
gave ; rise" to '^anVe^cltlng 'rumor/ that "the
canal \u25a0; plan '- would '*. have \u25ba to^be % changed
Colonel v Goethals • said \u25a0% emphatically
today that ;)nothlijgr : ha4l*arlsen^to
change the present- plans;* but ,that more
menVand > machinery *. would \ be*concen*
trated, at , Gatun. 4 '; \ He]»< ealdj that* the
work-could ibe. stopped profitably.'af.thei
La Boca7erid"|for*a^yearA,t6« .'give «tha
Gaturi' : operatlonßVa\ctiance,to< catch up
with ;thV' rest ;bf.the>,wbrklf ' ,> f. ,;. i '
;•-';; •-'; Part Vof f rom * dl
visions r curtailed! recentlyAwJU-Jbei used'
at- Gatun. /'Bxcayatlbhsj'atithe r Culebra
out ' $ during -"..August .; exceeded 'J 800,000
yards and ; the total excavations \u25a0 for, the
month 1400^000; yardi^ This
ts , the ;besV*wet^ season & work t on [ record.'
• Theentlre canal oommisaloni met yes
terday • at Th'e i tprtnetpsl^ busi
nees; considered fwsi the ; publication , of
Secritary^Blßhop t siJournaJ. 3 vWhlch'*i»^to'
be a?ca«iljreoo~rd.T-\ i ; in"'^'.''/-''' 1 * \u25a0;";
I Bridgeilminediately;
Spccial-b\f Cableland -Leased'' Wire
'-' 7/ : '; . • /laiThe : Call ~- : : [\u25a0[ \u25a0/:
; :-. Sept' -\l;r T Annou'ncement
,was \u25a0imade.ttoday^lby -* ; ofßcla"ls^of } the
Phoenix Abridge Vcompany'/6f > Phoenix
»ing^the> j great ; bridge St.* liaw^
\ rence'J/ 1 river,, •; :; collapsed / last
.Thursday, 1 ;; killing'iTS ? workmen, rjwould'i
• be , commenced -at (once .and,, rushed /as
rapidly] asjposslble.' y .;\u25a0\u25a0- .-' \u25a0 -. .
1 ,};„''?: No feTmore s^bodles Miad /, been \u25a0" taken
s from ithe -ruins i-fup|to» a Mate (hour, to
i night.-... T^T<»rime?«^ f jury;< i composed
fof jwellVknownimen,^ viewed the - bodies
ilylng|at^tfie/nvjrgi^;and^the foVmal'
I inquest -- t was \ad journed % until •>' Tuesday. 1
; rAt :the '. morg^Uherscene -was : pathetio
| as .friends; andi relatives* \"of .'•; missing
J ribly, : being mangled ! so : great
\\iiasV to ibe^junrecognlzable.V ]: ; : - - ; : ' f :';'.
;U pebsiawipremierTshot';
; TEHERAN,; Sept.- l;— MirzaYAli; As
gh w^Kn^F|p^'mier^ was ?? t i shot jf» and'
:COuncli:last r nighin>-,7";'. ! 'v.; --^ ",' V-
::;^"THctStonlach of Paris," Dumas called
ritrifThexHalles is the official name. How-
»\u25a0» \u25a0 evef: named, the illustrated story of it us
: well worth wliile. See it in
W^r^e'^Sundajr. Call \
— —
"^^A^^'CZ* a inlander,, hurled: a shell yesler
-dayinto the camp of Dr. J. Alberius, who is organiz-
iin&an colony to be established in the Argentine
j Republic ;^bkt when the shell burst in Jefferson square not
\ one'- .of-;, the faithful soldiers of fortune ran away.
Pah'kewicz, the doubter, wanted returned to him money
which he had paid * for the privilege of Becoming a subject
-oftheldreamy kingdom of Esperanza. He declared he had
\u25a0} investigated fAlhertus and his dream\ and found the former
to ; be a ; traveler 'with la: record and the latter the. worst \ind
of a nightmare. He insisted on. withdrawing from ike, broth
erhood and 'receiving his money; but Albertus demurred
[• and fled,: withiPankewicz at his heels. -The doctor .escaped -
\u25a0in a bus^but later rallied his followers, who decided to stand
\u25a0}yy]him and his projected Utopia at $1,000 each..:
; Brotherhood^ . whic3f,has an » eye on
trie - northeast c corner of .-Argentina' and impatiently abides i in ' ; Sari \
Francisco or its Dr. J.~ Albertus/ to sayj
Lw"l ' slarV{trie t (exodus -to Esperanza, the' future Soutri 1
American; home 'of 'the colonists, a ;\u25a0 great day yesterday. .
S- : In- the morningi the founider lwas assailed in front of-Jefferson ;
money? back and itheischeme:a "bunk", and the promoter a'
swindler; I in{the>aft^
taken >in < Jefferson ', square • park; Awhile '.the dying: l summer breezes I
spread the? folds io^ffA^
fthel late"; afterriopn i-the^members met at 727 Hayesfstreet-.to'listen to;
their .{president's/denunaation ?bf IPankewicz,. whose; criticisms were
disposed 4of to. the : subscribers .present^^ and ~in.thei
evening,' a > lecture ;by J. ' de ,C. Hathaway,- who . is . a . fellow: colonist* !
was \atterided; v by' (the : members,' Svho listened to : an exposition: of I
"Woman's . rights from - a. y new ; thought l<fr-r—, — \u25a0 — \u25a0 — ; . a ;
standpolnt." 'And 'then 'they. went home
to ' dreani of the mahogany • forests In
South which ; they 'are going
toif ell ; and float down the^ Parana ; rlver
to I". the • confluent Rio do . .la . Plata.'
whefe^.buoyed on ' the broad • Atlantic,
the, product fof ij the*, primeval
will ..become . the . cargo -of ,; great , snips.
\u25a0\u25a0 '^NoUilnif '; can : break '^the j f aiti" of the
members j^of < tee '; Co-operative Brother
hood, •/ not eren < Pankowlcs, r and *It Is
claimed ? by - Dr. ' Albertus :\u25a0 that \as . the
dream "j' would • cost ?no - more than -' $10
at^the ; outside < the . Joy ; Is ', worth 'the
money. /;-\u25a0"\u25a0 ;' '- ; •.-;..- '\u25a0\u25a0' .\u25a0'\u25a0.; 4-\u25a0\u25a0 \u25a0L'
'. Pankewlca, -who Is ". a' Ftnlander, was
.t_he'.*'oniy.. feature.' of the day which
disturbed ; the chimerical 'dream of bliss
and i ease -in a \u25a0 far « off land of plenty.
Pankewlcs • met the promoter/ in \u25a0 front
of . , • Jefferson square f hall '. yesterday
morning. - Pankewics 'has . been" dlscon
Impertinent Question No. 14
; What is an. Automobile?
For thenioil original^ or wittiest answer to this quw
' tion^aiidi the- briefer tKe^better^-The Gall will pay
?EWE ;^LCARS. For the next five answers
"Pe]|glK^ Prize
) answers will be Sprinted next Wednesday
- ;;andjchecks^ mailed^to; the i #inners : at once. % Make
-iyouf^a^we^shortlanH address^it to
V§§" :IM
tented about the affairs of the brother^"*'
hood, and said so -to "Albertus. The,
latter," Pankewicz says, fled when *hevf
asked for hts ' money. Pankewlca f ol- "
lowed and the chase • led • through thai" |
corridors of the building. Albertas,'
nnwlllner to give back the money, /says
t hls accuser, emerged- from the OctarUf.
street entrance with Pankewlca In full
puraralt. Tbe^ doctor^ tried: to clamber
Into a passing auto, .but the chanfftte%
not knowing: him. declined the patron- j
age and chased and chaser faced each j
other. "I want my.mone;* back.** said
the latter. "Get It? legally," said the
former, > who thereupon clambered into
. a passing bus and disappeared. -'\u25a0 Moan- J
time a crowd had gathered and Panke- j
wlcz told his troubles. . |!
He said that he -was a subscriber
to .the funds of the brotherhood and
had been looking up. th,e founder's rec
ord. Hedeclared that Dr. Albertus had

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