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The Sunday Call
Stage Tumbles Into Gorge; San Franciscans Injured
Pinchot Dictates Nominations for Office at Irrigation Congress
Oath His Reply When Asked
if He Can Serve S. P.
and People, Too
\u25a0::.. — r l
Defends Aiding Railroad to
Grab Sacramento's
Water Front
Federal Prosecutor Cools
and Asserts His Con
nection Was Known
Are you or Is th* firm of which you
t-rf -a menbtr employed In a legal or
other capacity by the Southern Pacific
company or any other public service
corporation which might, under given
conditions, be subject to prosecution
by you In your official capacity?
•• T« It consistent with good legal ethics
for a federal district attorney to be
In the employ of such a corporation or
to be a member of a law firm accepting
or enjoying such employment?
r« there anything In the federal
statutes or In the rules of the depart
ment of. Justice prohibiting United j
States district attorneys accepting or!
'CDntlntilr.g" In such employment? \u25a0
•If you or your firm. a« attorneys, are!
in the~- •employment^ C£ the" Southern}
, Pacific company do you not think that
. '.he public would be justified in doubt
• thg: the sincerity of your prosecution j
*nf tre cattle shipping or other cases In
which the railroad company is a de-
Tendant or is Interested?
The foregoing list of questions was
submitted to United States District At
torney Robert T. Devlin yesterday by
a representative of The Call. Devlin
flushed hotly as he read them, and when
he. had finished he was agitated an.
"Who sent you here with thoseT' he
. demanded.
: "The editor of The Call." was the
' r*p!y.
VYou can tell the editor of The Call
, to go to h — W announced Devlin.
- After his passionate outburst the
federal district attorney calmed himself
'I don't care to enter Into any con
troversy about tire matter," said Dev
.".lin. • "I have a right to engage In law
cases outside of my office. At this
'moment Assistant United States Dis
trict Attorney Clark Is trying an In
.fringement of patent case in the Unite
States circuit court, which he has a
. right to do. I have opened a law office
In the Crocker building with Stratton
and Kauffman. where I shall take pri
vate law business."
aids iiariuma* <;a&n
The question which stirred - the dis
trict attorney's anger was prompted by
his participation a* a. Southern Pacific
attorney In a case In the United States
district court la which the city of Sac
ramento has been trying to keep the
Harrlman corporation from gobbling
.a lar#e part of it* river front and ex
cluding the Western Pacific X)n Tues
day last Judge Van Fleet denied the
city's petition for a temporary Injunc
tion against the Southern Pacific. As
was stated in The Call of Wednesday, j
United States Attorney Devlin ap- i
pcared in the superior court of Sacra
mento county in behalf of the Southern
Pacific when the case was heard at the
"capital city some time ago..
Later In the day, when his temper
ature was back to normal. District At
torney Devlin volunteered a further
statement, not desiring, he said, to have
his refusal to answer the questions mis
"Before I was appointed to this of
fice," said Devlin. *"I had cases from the
Southern Pacific company, and some df
these cases are yet pending. But I was
never under salary. I received a fee
for each case I took. That matter. of
my acting a* attorney for the railroad
company was thoroughly discussed-be
tween President Roosevelt and the at
torney general before my appointment.
They had been advised that I had re
ceived fees from the railroad company'
for my services and' that I had never
been under salary Co Aat corporation.
That Is all I desire to say Ton the sub- !
, These assurances from . Devlin that
jhis superiors have no . objection to his*
(appearance Jn the courts as an attorney
/for the Southern Pacific take away none '
of the edge of some comment that is i
Con Uau ed on Pare ' 2, Column t
The San Francisco Call.
telephone: temporary so
TESTERDAX — Cloudy; rnnTirriTiTn temperstnre,
CS; minimum, 56.
FORECAST FOE TODAY— Fair; fresh wwt
wlod. Pace 9
Eenolt Booserelt rarrlTes rleora cf marcb
with regulars, but fie«s from onsUcsht oiAMu'
6ewing circle. Wtg& I
Coadjutor Archbishop "WTHUm H. O'Connell of
Boston Is reported to be In line for promotion
to cardinal. Page 1
Fiftj" persons reported burled by an a-ralancbe
of enow on the ' Argentine frostier. Paga 1
German traders in Morocco suffer ruinous losses,
and will claim indemnity from France. Page 1
France now fears complieationsOTer Moroccan
situation, which Germany is watching to see
that limits of Algeclras conrentlon are not
orerEtepped. Page 5
Stage OTertnros near Santa Rosa and 10 per
sons are Injured, six of them San Francis^"
cans. Page 1
Eleven men, women and children lose lives in
hotel fire at Shelton, Wash. Page 3
Whirling fiywheel hurls young engineer to
death and his sweetheart j makes pltif ul scene
orer body. Page 1
CISo-i Plnchot dictates nominations at the na
tional irrigation congress. Page 1
Harrlsian and Oregon. Page 6
He beat the battleships. , Page 6
Plenty of time to bury wires. P»*e 8
Hearst doesn't count. Page 6
John J. Tansey, charged with the murder of
Policeman McCartney, is confronted by George
Bell, bis companion, and the prisoner shows bis
discomfiture over the weight of eridence against
I Mm. - Page' lS
T. 3. Kennedy, district manager of d?e Uni
versal adding machine company, .was arrested
* yesterday on a charge of felony embezzle
[ meet. Page 7
Ordnance experts frora-Fresldio will man ob
serratorles in Golden Gate park to be built by
fTOTt-rnniont as an aid for £.t'.n~ bis P&BS on &ny
hortUe fieet. , Page 13
General Morteu Khan, minister from Persia,
j arriTes on a toor ~. to Cad the ' true American,
whuta be baa ' failed to ' locate ' in . eastern
cities. Page 3
\u25a0 J. A. Cha&slor and C. A. Can&eld. millionaire
oil operators, are charged with fraud and ' tlo
latlng antitrust . law In suit brought to fore«f ore«
Santa Fe railroad to relia'juish lease of 40.0C0
acres of Midway. land. Page 14
Wife whose husband holds her beauty , dear
at $2 is granted dirorce, alimony and restoration
of maiden name. Page 14
Supervisors consider- appraisement *ot Spring
Valley water company, which is offered to city
for T27.000.000. Pare 14
Geary street directors , accept proposition of
supervisors and cars will be running In 10
daye. Pace 7
Deputy sent to rescue stoker eald to bare
bees shanghaied on British steamer cows armed
special policemen before being allowed on board;
captain disappears.- Page 7
Hereral riots, which the police ended in their
incipiency,' were started after the funeral 'of
Iron Worker Peterson, Who was killed on Labor
day. Page 2
Albert Sutton. architect and clubman, files
suit for divorce from wife, who fled to Los An
geles with W. E. White, a chauffeur. Page 14
. "Go to h—l,"h — 1," reply of United States District
Attorney DeTlln when asked if he can serre the
people and at the- same time the Southern
Pacific in cases like' the one In which be ald?d
railroad to .grab Sacramento's water front. P. 1
Lottery trust member caught by police, who
pursue him in his own house. Page 2
Lieutenant • Clarence Carrigan testifies In
Grindley courtmartial proceedings that .the'
general character of Lientenant Jones, the chief
prosecuting witness, was not good and that that
of the defendant was excellent. J Page 3
Oakland city council ' ordered \u25a0 Into court to
a&swer suit which opens park land fight. Page 4
Wife of Tsuderine singer obtains dlTorca in
Oakland ca testimony that husband deserted ber
ob fourth day of tone j moon. > Page 4
Sophomore and \ freshman classes at Stanford
university will clash in mild rope rush to
morrow. . \u25a0 Pag* 4
Southern Pacific company asks for permission
from city council to electrize its Webster street
line into Oakland. . Page 14
Japanese residents of ', this state insist j upon
Inserting "war clauses" in \u25a0 leases of - prop
erty. \u25a0 \u25a0 Page 4
Four men . blown to atoms by explosion of
gelatine packing boose at the. Hercules plant "of
California powder works near Pinole. Page 4
Former State Champion Herbert Long, defeats
Hal Braly,- champion of southern California,. in
tennis match at Del Monte. Page 8
Cleveland . Americans hand out a shutout- to
Detroit. Page 9
Frank X. . Brown's - stable, including Montgom
ery, Keator, Faust and otter high . class borse*, :
will be raced at Oakland. - , p»^e 8
Golfer R.;V. Uayne of the Burlingame' country
club wins the Del * Monte etip. f- *. Page 9
San Francisco . loses to Log Angeles in a 14
Inning baseball game. ,; V . ; Page~ 8
Faint hearted Alba-a stake horse at 'the: Peta
luma meeting." *'\u25a0' Page 8
J loamy ' Brttt** ruggedness and strength ; appeal
to his admirers, are supporting him in; the.
betting. .\u25a0 \u25a0 \u25a0 Page 8
Book binders fix upon October 1 as the date
<m \u25a0 which .they will demand an" eight hour
As -t-*-ME& pp * f c 7
"^ Steamer " r Xebraskan, bound from * Elcele ~ for.
Salina'Cna, is seven days overdue and is quoted
for ; reinsurance at^2l per cent.-"" .Page 9
Cablegram receiteo!* here *ays that ship;Kenil
worttu; from Philadelphia for Saa Ffanctsco,"" has
pet in to Bio de Janeiro in distress. '.Page 3
MINING ' ; ?
Market, grows • stronper and prices . for; Gold-i
field itocks \u25a0 show ; marked advances A . '. \u25a0 Page 1 13
social j&WjBl ; ?:K ; . : :1 ' '
Miss Frances Stewart ' U> be the sruest ,durins
winter r of '- Mr:i and t Mrs. /T. T.\ Williams , and
Mlas'.WUllams lnNewVrork.', \u25a0 Page 6
Sketches of the Irrigating C Cartoonist Ewer
President's Son Flees
From Sewing Circle
A tier Surviving Rigors of an
Army March Kermit Shies %
at Pelting
Special b}; Leased. Wire. to ;7*/ie Call
. CHICAGO, Sept. s.— : Kcrm!t; t Koose
yelt. eon of :.the:presJdent,oX the United
States, reveled for height days in
"roughing it" with a United - States
army'camp on the march, and. then ho
was .routed by; the repeated onslaught
of the "ladles" 6ewing. circle" and'kin
dred";organizations and- forced to desert
at Joslln. 111. The petting and pam
pering; by women at every/ stopping
place became Intolerable six 'days ago,
but the news of It became public .only
Young Roosevelt, for the novelty of
the experience, joined^the first squad
ron of; the Thirteenth United : States
cavalry on Its "hike" from Fort Riley,
Leaven worth, Kan., to Fort Sheridan,
111. The story told by his route has
leaked out. The officers tell- another
and more dignified storyl They say that
the ; president's son left 4 the march at
Joslin to" keep a: hunting trip engage
ment with friends. In/the; Dakbtas.
-.There is no. difference of opinion on
one thing,.' however. .'-.Kermit* Roose
velt disappeared, and" his whereabouts
today was not known to any. one; sew
ing circle devotee* or other. : The 'offi-
cers 'said they believed he was in Chi
cago. The . men said they bel ieved '; he
had ."taken to the tall weeds.".
Coadjutor Archbishop
May Receive Red Hat
Special by Cable and Leased Wire
to The Call
ROME, Sept. s.— lt; is; reported;' that
Coadjutor/^ Archbishop ,^llliam";H. "
O'Connell, who succeeds the .late Arch^
bishop' John: J. Williams of Boston, wUI
come "to J Rome to see -the; pope. \ ; The
rumor is insisted that O'Connell '.will
be ' proposed for; election as a cardinal
ato ne of the approaching .consistories.
The pope will "hold a*, consistory, soon,
but only Italians will* be^named to fill
the . place ' made vacant by the recent
deaths of cardinals."
Fifty Reported Buried
by an Avalanche
SANTIAGO, Chile, Sept: s.— Fifty per
sons are said to- have ; been .buried alive
by a 'vast; avalanche of < snow that -has
rolled 'down'; the'; mountain- side and'ob
literated the Chilean 'custom house at
JuncaLf ' This 'station* ls .on ;the: Argen
tine frontier, hlghaip in the Andes.
Japanese succumbs - to kick
HONOLULU, "r S f ept. \ 5.— A 'Japanese
prisoner ; In ;the ;Kauai jail, djecT today;
from : the, effects of /a": kick .administered
by the jailer. There is. some apprehen
sion of :an.uprising of Japanese:planta
tion laborers on account of:tlie'prison
er's death.; \u25a0 -?v- \u25a0
WASHINGTON, Sept. s.— William II:
Abercrombie.*^ formerly'- United 1 ' States
con 8 ul at * Nagasak i." J apan, .'. co m rii i tied
suicide by., asphyxiation' at . his ;.' apart
ments :in , Stoneleigh ';. court -'-, today. \.X He
was 65 yearsold. ".
Wliiflinf Wheel Hurls
Oirl's lover to Death
young Engineer's Coat Caught
in Machinery and His Life Is
PoundedlOut on Floor
Special by Leased- Wire* to The Call
.SAXJOSE,' Sept. s.— Oeorsg T. Parks,
a young; >pr!j?inecf i»i- the Western .-Dis
tilleries company's works," near.'A'g
news, the. son of a frell" known family
here, was hurled to his death:by a fly-
ing shaft. wheel In tvhich his coat be-
came entangled tonight. Parks was to
have been married to Miss "Laura
Goranta next Sunday. '•
In some way ..the young_ woman
learned of the accident soon after It
occurred, and -waving aside all" re
straint, rushed to the place where her
dead lover's, body lay. Arriving there
before the coroner, she' caught a
glimpse of ' hla crushed and mangled
body and created a pitiful scene.
Parks was oiling some -machinery
\u25a0when' he was killed. ; He was caught In
the machinery.' thrown 40 feet ;In' the
air and - whirled Ground and round: the
shaft : wheel clothing tflnally
gave, way and dropped : his lifeless body,
to the ground. ; The accident' was wlt^
nessed by a number of his fellow; work
men, who were powerless ;to render as
sistance. An inquest will ber held, by
the coroner tomorrow morning.
German Traders Will
Seek Big Memnii^
Special by Cable and Leased \u25a0 Wire
to The Call
'\u25a0: BERLIN/ SePV.^ B^The statements
made by three*' German merchants who
have^Just returned from- Morocco re
garding the extent, of the injury 'done
to ' t orel gn ; commerce tlnterests,t Interests , there as
the ..result ' of ~ the < military . operations
indicate that the" indemnity claims that
France" will be called uporito settle at
theconclusion of the campaign will sbe
considerable. .: . '\u25a0\u25a0
According to 'these merchants, ...who
\u25a0were "'engaged in the export and Import
trade"; between^ Morocco and the father
land,"'.' the German businessmen In Casa
Blanca have' suffered -ruinous .losses. ' In
addition to the" damage directly 'due to
the." bombardment; the invasion, has
caused ,a *suspepsion.',of trade .which
threatens to be ; permanent. - In effect,
every.* German trader, in* Morocco, with
out is said- to be entitled to
claim damages.' .
Herr. Ficke and his, colleagues declare
that; these conditions were «1 avoidable,
being due", to; the /hasty, and: needlessly
d ras ti c t charact er of; th e French i' opera'-;
tions. "The '" returned "merchants have
had ;an -audience with Foreign Secre
tary Tschifechky, 'giving him a detalied
account., of .their ; claims.
-. WASHINGTON, ; v Sept. ;.; 5.-7-The ; navy
department" has; decided* to christen; the
,20,000 • ton -battleship: No." 29, a'sister
ship"; to ['{the Delaware, the ; NewrYork.
This can be" effected by changing* the
name of ; the armored cruiser of^that
name, to {the \u25a0;.-* -\u0084- - , - -.
ROSTOV-ON-THE-DON, Russia^ Sept; !
s^-Six men: were:blown,;to pieces.'here ;
today by the accidental '."discharge'^ "of l
two ; bombs .which; they, were, carrying j
'ttirough J the' streets;/; ' '" ; - r'V;-!
Goudy of Denver Will Head
Irrigation Organization
Luther -Bti^flic'sr7a//c is the Day's
\ Feature dtS^ramtt
Martin Madsen
v;-SACRAMENTO,\ScpV-5.—-Gifford Pinchot- had'Xut a, good
\u25a0 ":i;--?^^£"Hvsi ; fSj^fS' .:; ;.;' i :*--;:--^-j-i\" < ''- ! ' i-i '-* ir .>''-. \u25a0\u25a0 \u25a0••-•* \u25a0. \u25a0
big ; 'stick from \u25a0•isonsewhefe up^:' on a. rocky cliff,;.where the growth
is t6ughest,> before lie came to'Atlie' national - irrigatiori congress,
and, fnuch'in the fashion that his friend ' Roosevelt employs, he went
after the delegates today, to have them elect as he; desired thY officers
of the organiation f or the ensuing year. ;The "committee on per
manent •- organization, which reports: a ticket that \u25a0 the convention
merely ratifies, met this afternoon and a \u25a0 surprising demonstration
was "given of the interest that the chief forester and his associates
from ,the- reclamation service takein the ; personnel of the offices.
Here is the ticket that. was made up by the. committee "unzini
mously/'/ ostensibly, ' but the cause of - some ,' painful disappoint
ments tonight : ;• :
President, J. C.Goudy, former xohgressmanMDenver; first vice
president, George E.- Barstow, Bars'tow, Tex. ; second .vice presi
dent,; Judge yjbh"n^ E. \u25a0\u25a0 Raker, Modoc '• county, Cal. ; third vice^ presi
dent, WilliamJE." Straine, Montana; secretary, B. Fowler, presi^
dent water, users' association, Phoenix, Ariz. •\u25a0 \u25a0'"-'\u25a0
\u25a0v l^The^report of ;the:con]mittee .will not be/ made until /Saturday
forenoon;; but there is _"-iio;, probability that any- changes will
be made. \u25a0"/ " • • ' . -
\u25a0 That' Gifford Pinchot heldhis big stick poised was .manifested
in the race for -the secretaryship, in which there were three aspirants,
convening . of -the "committee
did Pinchot' betray himself, -and then- he' injected; Fowlerinto the
fight as;a'n-eleventh\hour 'candidate: The others were'C; H. Ander
son _: ;.of * editor' of ? the ; Irrigation Age,: .wHo'^has held the
office during; the last year, and Blame PHillips > of 'Boise, ; Idaho,
who; has r been -Idiligently telling; the delegates ;that .the^acquittal of
HayAvoodVas pa 'triumph of. justice,' and that- Harry; Orchard lied
even ; when he said that :he had killed ex-Gbvernbr Steuneiiberg.
Pinchot Jwas determined to de- 1
feat^nderson,v -It appears that j
the i rrigation editor, has been bold j
enough. .to criticise - the forestry !
bureau " : and the reclamation serf, I
vice.* \ says .he .meant |
nothing:by it, for he : was" heart I
and soul in the work, that the goy- \
ernment was doing. But Pinchot f ]
asit TisTj explained tonight^does; as ]
Roosevelt does. The »mildieditor I
had found fault, and; therefore, He i
was an enemy to be put but of the |
way..' ' ' ' "'.' '. '-. - ' \
The story goes tHat the head of '•
the. -forest: service"; turned
lips-as the man with whom to|
beat' Anderson. -^ .
, The young man from Boise had
al ready ;'an noun ced -hi ms el f ras - a
caiididate, and / did : . no "• little de
nouncing ;of the -kicking- farmers
who were making, chargesj against
the goyerhment;; All was -going'
well; for} his, candidacy {until .early
this morriing.v- \u25a0It;isin6tfclear why,
\u25a0Pinchot dropped /Phillips; so sud-;
(Jenly /-.but Vine suggestion "is made |
th"atUhetlouclfch^mpi6ning;6f thei
Towler/of ; Arizona^vthis^ forenoon
tqiaskhim^tb^become a- candidate i;
forf^thet' 'secretaryship. 5 The Arizona
man is* a \u25a0 warm " f r i e*n d , b f And e r s o n and
jretused^^^S|Se^wld ; have '"a ta iW "wftb
Continued ; oat ~ Face 2, Column 4
'.At Stanford and at the University of
California -they are now picking out the
Greeks. \You will find .this a matter worth
reading about, in
The Sunday Call
Impertinent Question No. 15
;For the moSt original or wittiest answer to this ques
tion—and the briefer the better—The Call will pay
FIVE DOLLARS. For^ the next five answers
The will pay ONE DOLLAR~each. Prize
answers will be printed 1 next Wednesday
and checks mailed to the winners at once. Make
your answer short and address it to
\u25a0' • • -:. THE GALL.
Prize Ansrrers to "What la Aa Automobile!**
- $5 prteito E.-,Winter, »92 Pia« it., city. "'•'
A good thing; push' it along.
' -," ;.'.sl" prise:.' to Gr«ce ; Hibbard, 1359 : Sacramento st.,' citr.
A machine v,'hich enables a rich man to.toot his own horn.
11 prize to Gertrude Thomai, Los Bass*. CaL
• A-toot-toot,.a farewell; . -!WV'
- - A ibig noise-arid a": bad smell.
• "-\u25a0•-• -•-\u25a0 -• *v'»i *iii lQrnwwf"'^T7**Bi'''riffiiiiMiiMi^iß|HlM||
. 51- prize -to. J.. A.. Jon«>s, \u25a0 ITI3 Sasc&cx St., city.:
v It's a long; way from being - a water wagon.
$1-prise to J. Liunan, 2322 Warring St., B«k*lej. Cal.
'• The" quickest way into and out of trouble.
v $I_prize; to : Robert "sladison., 1819 Fourteenth St.. Ocklaod, CaL
. .-_$ Something. out of the reach of.the poor except when'it'hits
them. . .\u25a0\u25a0•
£Tine Others Hurt in
Runaway Accident
in Mountains
Driver Abandons Seat
and Leaps to Safety
Passengers Declare
Conductor Showed
Doctor and Mother of
Infant Badly Battered
Special fep Leased Wire to The Call
SANTA ROSA^ Sept. s.— After
a "short runaway the Pieta stage
overturned on a steep mountain
grade -17 miles from here this
afternoon and tumbled down a 25
foot embankment, and 1 0 passen
gers, including several San Fran
ciscans, were injured. Two of the
latter, a baby and a physician, arc
in a serious condition. They were
thrown under the vehicle when
it hit the bottom of the gorge.
The injured :
Dr. M: W. O'Connell, San
Francisco, wrenched back and
legs ; serious.
Infant son of Mrs. L. White
man, San Francisco, head and
hips hurt ; serious.
Mrs. L. Whiteman, badly
Agnes E. O'Connell, San Fran
cisco, cut and bruised.
Mrs. Stephen Bernal, San Fran
cisco, bruised.
. C. O. Bugge, deputy internal
revenue collector, San Francisco,
O. Gaugh, Santa Rosa, badly
shaken up and hands cut.
-. Robert Graham, Hay ward,
scalp badly cut and elbow injured.
Andrew Sorenson, Hayward,
hip and leg bruised.
B. H. Flier, Santa Rosa, back
The accident occurred about

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