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Grayhaired men remembered how In
their youth they congregated there
after a race between " Thad Stevens and
Kitty P-. or some other notable hero
or heroine of , the Bay District track,
and spent their' winnings or forgot
their losses In,, wine. The younger
freneration had - j'ouirsrer memories of
the place. All Ttnew -it. Strangers re
constructed It* through postcard prints
of the place. - ' / '\u25a0
Thecaptains of the peanut and pop
corn Industries plfed their trade brisk
ly yesterday. Handsome Harry and
his troupe of canaries, with West Point
educations entertained' their usual co
teries. \u25a0 ." .-
James M. WfTkins, the old time man-
B.ger of the place, remained in his little
white cottage overlooking the site,
slowly recuperating from his terrible
experience within the burning build-
Ing. He talked entertainingly of the
place from Its "horse anS buggy. days
to' the present. He talked of the late
Adolph Sutro's interest in the tavern,
Bnd his and Dr. Emma Merritt's desire
to make 'the house a popular resort.
Mean in its patronage and liberal, to
. its patrons.
Wilklnß could throw no further light
on the origin of the fire than w.as
available Saturday. . He discovered 'the
smoke of th« blaze, cornipg from, a hole
In the floor of the dining room, but
could not trace it to the source.
"Sutro intended that the place should
belong to the city," said Wilkins. "He
took a great interest In the spot. The
place may burn, but, as he used to say,
we have something here that cannot
be destroyed. 'Wilkihs,' he used to say
to me, 'the waves will come In and go
out, come in and go out. for thousands
of years after we are gone.' "
Com I nurd From r«sc I. Column 1.
him. He, In turn, started to hunt them,
and the three met at Post street and
Grant avenue. Seeing the man's con
dition the officers made.no effort -to
rapture him by force, but succeeded In
calming him down with flattery and
blandishments. . T
He still refused to give up the gun,
but at the entrance or Thompson's sa
loon, where they had asked him to
take a drink, they suddenly pounced
upon him, Welch hitting him over- the
head with a revolver and Hyland
snatchlng^away the weapon which Ja
cobs held in h}s hand. •
He. was taken to the city jail and
locked up on a charge of assault with
intent to murder, but to the last threat
ened to kill the girl at the first oppor
Jacobs is known as a desperate ex
convict, having served three terms, at
Joliet penitentiary. During his fitay
here he has been spending money freely
in extravagances of the wildest kind.
The police do not believe the name
ff.'ven by the girl Is her right one, and
the general Impression "is that she be
longs to some reputable family in Chi
cago, and did not know of Jacobs' pen
itentiary career until a few days ago.
Fred McDonald, an inspector for the
United Railroads, lies dying at the St.
Francis hospital from a fractured
skull: George Carroll, a laborer, and
James Fleruming. a bar tender at
Eighteenth and Castro streets, are un
<ii?r arrest for disturbing \u25a0 the peace,
and Michael Donohue is held in de
tinue pending the outcome of Mc-
X»onald'» injuries — all as the result of
a bar room fight, which a policeman
tried to qufll. and the subsequent ln
terfefenoe of McDonlad. who ran to. the
assistanoe of the patrolman.
Flemming and Carroll fought in the
saloon at Eighteenth and Castro streets
over a trivial difference. They con
tinued their struggle on the sidewalk.
Patrolman Higg'ns tried to stop tbe
' men and was having trouble when
McDonald came along. The policeman
accepted McDonald's offer of assistance
and turned-. Klemming -over to him.
A crowd gathered and jeered the rail
road man- Michael Donohue \u25a0 stepped
behind him and delivered a stunning
blow behind McDonald's ear. He fell
senseless to the sidewalk and several
men jumped on him. kicking him In
the head. Higglns drove them away
with his pistol and when assistance
arrived managed to capture Carroll,
Flemming and Donohue. At -the St.
Francis hospital late last night .the
physicians held out little hope for the'
Injur.ed man's recovery. ; ---T""-
OAKLAND, Sept. S. — John Breen,
aged 23. a building contractor lfvlrig
at 1563 East Eleventh street, sustained
probably fatal injuries when a motor
cycle which- he was riding struck the
exposed root of a tree near Trestle
glen this afternoon and was hurled
over the edge .of a cliff beside the
road. Breen fell 30 feet to the rocky
bed of a creek. His back was broken.
Only the branches of a tree through
which he passed checked his momentum
sufficiently to avert Instant death. •'
. Breen's accident was witnessed _JSy
several persons and th 6. police^'"veere
notified. Breen was taken to the re
celying hospital, and later was.remoypd'
to Providence hospital.
It is presumption to say you haven't
a raind of your own, yet that le wnat is
said to you when you ask for an adver
tised . article and are offered a substi
tute by your dealer. . . -. -- •
A new enterprise with ostrich farm-
Ing as its principal business, filed arti
cles of Incorporation with the county
clerk -Saturday. The concern, will
raise ostriches In California and will
have 4ts head -offices In this cl\y. The
capital stock is $200,000, a nominal
part of which has been subscribed.
Horace Wilson, C. EL Wood, F. A. An
derson,' E. B, Hedenbergh and & Mc-
Lean are the five directors. of -the con
.nrarinw — :—: — m — /•\u25a0
ALAMEDA, Sept. B.— James W." Mc-
Klnney, an employe of the Oakland
traction consolidated» was arrested last
night at Webster street and Lincoln
avenue upon complaint of Ferdlnando
Cerrutl, who alleges that. McKinney has
alienated the faff^cUpns of Cerruti'a
wife and' has endea^rpre"d;to';break tap
his home. McKinney,was found by the
policemaa- wlth'Mr*. Cerrutl 'in, the lat
ter's house.; McKinneyvip,. 26 years of
age, and y gave hl^*residence._as 1379
Fifth avenue, , East-l Oakland.! 'He has
been charged ( with:-: disturbing the
peace arid his bail" has \beeif. fixed by
City Justice R. B. Tappan at $200.
temple, the home of Philadelphia aerie
42, Fraternal Order of Eagles, wa»
'damaged by" fire' today. -The .loss is
given at $100,000.
Five Dusky Couples Make Stage o^ GfpKeum
Smoke with Dancing of Sunny Southland Style
_-- IFlve colored belles and an equal com
plement of dusky gentlemen, whose
combined terpsichorean efforts set the
stage almost smoking from friction,^are
the best of the newcomers at the t>r
pheum this week, though they have
been relegated, along with a mediocre
moving picture film, to the goodby end
of the program. '"The Sunny South" is
the billing of the act in which the 10
lively ones exhibit their strenuosity,
but the scenic effect that is supposed
to accompany It is lost sight of en
tirely behind .a bewildering array of
frantically waving legs and arms. Each
of the dancers is accorded- an opportu
nity for an individual disjplay of dex
terity which proves unique and clever
In every instance and then the whole
half -score get to work all at once in. a
breakneck mixture of buck and wing
dancing, clogging and cake walking,
to 'the accompaniment of a medley of
darky shouts. When they are not busy
kicking the rosin out of the -stage floor
the members of the troupe "pass, their
timeJn dashing into and out of several
changes? of costume and warbling tune
ful- plantation melodies In a pleasing
manner. ) . , •\u25a0 '. - v \u25a0 v ',
It's necessary to close up all the win
dows and stuff up the cracks -when Ida
Crispi takes the stage with Charles
Guyer for a singing and dancing stunt,
for she's so ridiculously slender and
seemingly insignificant ..that a good,
strong zephyr off Ellis street, might
blow her clear through the back drop.
Indeed, her burly partner,- whose stock-
Iness .. is -accentuated- with- a -striped
sweater and. a "dinky" icap, makes: hfr
diminutiveness the subject of his entire
crossfire 'of bante.r, asserting '\u25a0 that [ her
visible means of support, which waver
uncertainly down from I the high, hem
of a ehort white skirt, look like- a No.
11 pointed on a front door. Miss Crispi
sings a> little and then dons a change
of apparel that converts her into an
excellent, likeness of a tadpole. Guyer's
OAKLAND, Sept. 8.-f-Don Morris, pro
prie.tor.rof a ''clothing store at 1062
Washington street, was the victim yes
terday of a forgCd check passer, who
secured clothing and an ftvercoat valued
at $45 |f of a '; worthless check.;" The
check" was* drawn on the Canadian
Bank of . Commerce .of -San. Francisco in
favor" of ,1"A. -.Hammond," ..• ; and was
signed "ET/-T). Thornton." The \u25a0 swindler
picked out one "of the, best suits in the
Btor^..an(l also "phose a. handsome | over
coa.t, ;whlch he'took away with him. i
Only -\ a 'f ew^flay is ago Morris fell" a
vic{l*rritb : three forgers, who passed ga
check-'Jor $67»5(f on ; him,' but he was
convinced- that the check presented by
Hammond- was genuine) .and only when
it was. returned- marked no funds .did
he.;reali?e that he had again been
duped. ; - ; ' :'•:
"Hammond", is described -. as -.. being
about r» feet 10 Inches In height, of slim
bulldj ..arid V f air . ,. complexion. ; .' He . was
emboth" shayen and .wore a ~, gray. 'suit
and^light' hat. Morris Reported the case
to the police this morning.
The three; men were atso successful
in passing forged checks on other merf
chants. .The checks were drawn* on- the
Central trust company of San \u25a0 * Eran-"
Cisco on' blanks: of the Thompson-Star
rett company, . contractors. . A total Vof
about $500 Cwas 'secured : by ' the.: swin
dlers. ' 'Among - the , losers r, were _' C'.'r. J.
Hceeeman,:M.-J. Keller company.- and
Charles Smith &" Co.' /, The checks in
all cases were for $67.50.- V . .\u25a0 "
Man Said to Be-His Brother.' in; Law
Slashes Him on Head and
;/;\u25a0' .\u25a0.-;';.\u25a0.;. .\u25a0\u25a0Neck/;."-".v ."-;
OAKLAND, Sept. B.— Samuel : Smith,
formerry" sanitary Inspector of this
city, was slashed, on ;.the head and neck
this afternoon, with' a knife :*: * In ".the
hands of a rhan" said to be. a brother
inldw of Smith:/:Th%'pollce'were!noti
fied, but when • Muigrew
reached the house'. he . was ] told .by, MrV
Smith that the trouble '.was* the .fault
of - her * husband, . and ; that -he\ did not
desire to.c ausey thieT arrest: of - as
sailant.- -;\u25a0\u25a0.."-.* ," : \u0084 ;',\u25a0"'; . ~ ; .';.'.•\u25a0\u25a0 \u25a0.-,-: .- " A- >:
; Smith r acknowledged "- that * . he V V had
drawn the \u25a0knife' i wlth.'whlchlhe.,was
cut,' and said that he' had^laid'it ; dowh^
when l^- his -brother? in" law* picked ; it -.up
and * cut him. y Neither,, Smith' nor, "his
wife would » tell the- name 'of S the j man
who ; inflicted- the ; Injury, 1 and" the : latter
had';- left .the ;. house when the officer
arrived. *. ;' *. " '\ ;
5. F.: Veterinary -College Opens Oct. 1
Fort catalogue , apply - to" Dr. -. Charles
Keane, President,- 1818: Marlset BU' ,* -
principal part of the act consists of a
pantomimic dialogue with a 16 gallon
beer -keg, and as-a grand finale >he
thrbws Miss Crispi promiscuously-about
the stage and creates : ; such : a rough
house that the curtain falls on a scene
of wreck, with the two actors and every
table, chair and decoration in ; sight
piled in an indiscriminate heap In" the
center. \u25a0 / ' . . i"
Frank and Will' Mueller, two exceed
ingly handsome young possessors' -of
good voices, complete the list of the new
stars in the Orpheum | firmament. The
brothers appear in faultless -attire, and
In addition to causing palpitation in
the. hearts of the matinee girls, 'give a
sweet, rendition of imany of the old
favorite songs. " '. * ( \u25a0"•• • ~ '
. Houdini, the handcuff king/ added a
new wreath of. laurel - to \u25a0 his well
stocked supply at the matinee:yester
day and once-moie^prove'd himself the
top liner of the billiidespite his; extended
stand. Two determined sailors J with
several hundred feet fof; half inch rope
upset his plans/for freeing-hirhself from
the, straps; and- chains of al-.beda 1 -.bed .con^
structed f or;' wfsane patients by " Insist
ing that hfe>^ubmittoL having himself
tied in a ch^.ir, and :so" give .them. 'jftri
opportunity t6 win a wager. Popular
approval- wad with the" sailors, and
there was /an; Interesting ,15 minutes',
exhibition of^.the-jackies'; mastery of
knots while, Houdini , was " tied down:
In spite .of; a ! hangman's -noose"; about
his neck *aW j huge ; coils J of 1 the tough
rope swathing his entire body; the. man
who scoffs at restraint freedhimself in
full view of r the; audience In "less; time
than it had taken. to tie him.- - ... ..? -\u25a0•\u25a0-;"\u25a0
-The Ruppelts.\'in .their '.'equilibrists'
feats;. Chris Richards, in his; eccentric
singing, dancing, contortion I and"- Jug
gling>pGclalty;^the Farrell -Taylor trio
in the; ekit ;. entitled V "That ' Minstrel
Man," 1 and Fred ,and : his well Uralned
monkeys are the other \ h'oldovc'rs ,who
complete the bill this week. ' 7
OAKLAND; Sept. 8.-4-Declaring- that
his wife has: ekiped' with another 1 man
and has: taken 'up* her- .residence i in this
city, Harr> v -8.-<Price, who; lives at vista
Granda' Park, :iin San -Mateo ; county, " has
asked the police -to aid :in ; locating; the
woman.. "-^'--T ' »™ v ;' •
According^to "". the " story ' , of \u25a0 the ; de
serted \u25a0 husband,--^ Mrs; ,-j Price j'. lefti hla
home September. :.- 6; .taking" with her
their 3 year old dkughter.;. Price; traced
the woman to 1 this \u25a0cltJO/aridf.finally
found her'- trunks at the ' office i of *, the
Oakland : transf eri v company at'Broadi
way. and. Twentieth; street.' -V: \u25a0"' : J
He hassecured iriformatibni he-says^
which _, leads *to i the belief « that ; Mrsi
Price came to Oakland ' in company/witlj
aman. named Ben Davis/; arid- Price- says
he' believes that the pair^' are ; now- toi
gether In- Oakland.-*--*-'^ ;*.;". '\u25a0; ..v; : °
• / WINDAU, Sept."! B.—^The Windau ( I ri% i er,'
\ which is at flood* level,'' is"carrying vßea-iv Bea-i
ward ' ?250,000;:worthUof ; timber: .^ Largo
"rafts v are r - being t-acrossl^tho
; river; to '\u25a0 catchr the ; logs /.arid | if-^theso'
•are atol e -to ;; wi th* sta hd « the ;\u25a0 enormous
strain" the? timber ) may; be - saved, f." -V.v -;\u25a0',
Portieres.. Had 'Lace Curtains
vAn^makes~all >sizes— all prices]£: j
; AE'^; : BRO^E|^^
•threes odd-|^ifsS:M&^ED
President Roosevelt. ~ and
Secretary Straus; Are '
Criticized _
Late Denis Kearney's Right
Hand Man Predicts ;
War With Japan
President Roosevelt, Secretary Straus
and Governor [ Gillett were sharply
rapped; '-war- with Japan in the near
future was: openly predicted/- and' steps
for. the reviving of the slogaif i"Down
with the Asiatics" were taken at the
meeting 1 , of ."the" 11 Japanese, and Korean
exclusion league yesterday, j- President
Roosevelt was 'accused of gross ignor--
ance/ion the, oriental .question, at least
as'fa'r. as California was concerned.' ]-'"' --
.".'"Roosevelt "kriew^yery little whereof
he > spoke,'* said George V B.\ '. Benham,
delegate to. the league, speaking of the
message', sent; by ;'\u25a0 the president during
tlie time of the Japanese school trouble
\u25a0'inlSah; Francisco.'-",. "At the - time it ap
peared that"^ his motives were malicious,
bu£ | developments ' have led me to be
lieve that they* arose from ignorance.^"
j."No one on the entire coast outside of
corporations, will d^ny: that the Japan
ese "are .undesirable citizens, and that
sooner or later; they, must go. Already
the sentiment \ of the working ' classes Is
being . taken up. by . the • merchants upon
whose business" the Japanese, are enf
broaching,* and in the next, legislature,
there is not the. least doubt, laws will
be passed to restrict Jheir pouring Into
this "country." ". .".'•\u25a0.•".. > -
''It Is said -to the the shame of our
people r and -to , our state," -declared
Charles A." Gildea, another" delegate,
representing ' the v Iroquols ' club, that
Governor Gillett W fell before the pres
ence of President Roosevelt that from
the walls ; of our _ state capitol at 1 Sac
ramento ;jhe sent word to the. president,
in answer to a telegram, "There will be
ho legislation against the Japanese this
session." " r '£'':
The presence . of. the United States
fleet fir Pacific waters, where It would
soon be, could mean but one thing, de
clared' Hugh McKevitt, right hand man
0f.., Denis ; Kearney, in • the . old fight
against Chinese. War with the sub
jects "of , the Mikado would follow their
arrival and the Japanese at the present
time were daily intrenching themselves
so as to be: prepared. V They were al
ready : in ;a_, position - ..to: seize ,: the
Hawaiian-islands, McKevitt said, and
the- only thing.., .that prevented them,
f rom doing so, was the knowledge that
in. their, crippled; condition financially
they 'would not^ be able to hold them
after they were: takenr
A published interview with Secretary
of Commerce:; and Labor Straus, in
'which Straus quoted ag : having
-said that' Japanese immigration should
be encouraged, not ; dlscouragert,
brought down the wrath of O. A.Tveit
moe,' .president/ of the league, and : a
plan was; proposed -'.whereby, a letter
should be sentto the secretary calling
him to account/ A rote in the matter,'
however," -failed to carry,'- and ja ; second
one^was 'taken, 3 .; in;* which ' the league
went on record .-i as -holding the secre
tory^ r«roarjk3- In disfavor. \u25a0• •'.\u25a0.* . -
" . In /the > near ft uture •}. an';; active j cam
paign against^ihe 'Japanese; will be-be
gun-by.th« league, and meetings some
thing; li.ke ; thq | old time j sand lot gathV
erings will be If eld, according to;a reso
lutiph;. introdVc/cIV- yesterday by An
drew ;j.. Gallagher,' who proposed that
the executive committee of; the, league
join with 1 the 'corresponding- Icommit
tees of- the. labor, council and the build-!
ingr ; trades.' council ; and .arrange for •: the
meetings, '-which; will. tiOj thrown open to
the public. .- V\' -.\u25a0',.' - . a ' '- '\u25a0 '\u25a0 \u25a0•.-•
'Statistics/ recently : cbrnpiled "by. the
league,', aided , by "reports from allied
leagues -in : other parts; of the country,
show,* that-* the . influx -of - Japanese Jls
steadily increasing,; and it Is charged
| thatihMexlco^a'regular. system :of re
lief \u25a0 -station ; ; is ii k malntalned ,~ by ; "."stu-'
dents" to aid Asiatics who" seek ; to come \
in on foofover, the'border line indirect
violation (of ', the immigration ; laws. The
report k follows:v v " "'"^ -,\-'- ;;;.- o^v'4'i i
Number of Aftlati<v enteriu* the United States '\u25a0
during July from the orient— Chinese, \u25a0 118; Japa : j
nese 1,724,-as against. 1.643 fer the corresponding
month. of 19WH gain. 81. ..-\u25a0 : .-- "- "\u25a0\u25a0 \u25a0\u25a0'--\u25a0\u25a0
'.- Arrlred between April \u25a0 1 and June 30, ;, 1,119
Chinese: (departed.^ 049 Chinese; net sain,
Of '. Japanese there s arrived during . tbe ., same
period 941 and departed CSB, leaylng a net gain
of 253. ' "> '--'\u25a0 . ' " : .\u25a0-...-;•-:.<-\u25a0 v
• jHpanefte r population of 'San' Francisco. 13.653.
" -Japanese immlßratlonifinr: 1006.- 14.243;; Japa»
nese . immigratioa- <\u25a0 for,.. 1007, 25.5G2 ; - increase;
li;ei9. -.;. \u25a0•<;'- \r:':. :>; : :v \u25a0'\u25a0.-\u25a0\u25a0'. "i--.;>" : " \u25a0'' -^V-
Japanese population Jiy counties— Trinity, - Jap
anese' 0,' I ' CUtnese^ 100; Maripona; «\u25a0 Japanese';' 0,
Chinese \u25a0 100: - Humboldt, > Japanese 2, Chinese -0;
Tulare. v < Japanese , 2. Chinese? 33 •pn ( assessment
roll; Slsfciyou, Japanese *0, . Chinese 263; -Volo,
Japanese ' 100. Clilnese" 40 ; 5 Laweri," : Japanese 12.
Chinese lrMarln/^Jnpanese 100. "Chinese- 100;
orance,:>Japiaprßo:Soo' v to -.1.f100,-- Chinese 50;
Slerr*, Japanrsei o,- Cli lne»e 200 ; - Sonoma, \u25a0 Japa :
nese . »O0. ". Chinese 2."i0 ; .. El_ Porado, : Japanese
numerous., Chinese 1©;1 ©; San Bfnlto.- Japanese 500,
CUtaeeei.-150; r Ukiab. \u25a0* Jipaileiie : : (approximately)
25,'OUine^e' 23; iSan Mateo,'- Jariancse 20, Chinese
25?' Santa- €l«ra-;' Japanese -3.0W ; t0 4,000, "Cbl-
Jie6e_ , 1,000; «an ': Jooauln,VjJapancse ' 348, Chi
nese < ','647. '~.11-'[. ; .'^;^. ';,"-'' 'J>'" '-.".'\u25a0-'\u25a0 ;' \ -}%U\t
J. OAKLAND; ;v t Sept:" -iS.^Mrs." \u25a0\u25a0.; Edi
Br.oQks,j.who .-Itves -. at §59.;^lghth street, :
reported" today \ that f she x had been
robbed rf of i }2sp i In^cash '} and ?< four ; dla^.
mondlri£gs>iPbllcernan ; Feeley; was sent
to the.?; house I ioX Investigate, } and ; after.
a« long-;. sqarch- found 1 the -imoriey. , arid
jewelry^Tin a heap of 'rubbish 1 -which
had'' been swept from' the house '.by
Mfsiyßrooka.: . ; The> rings _were. >the
property -of Miss Ida' Brooks, "a daugh
tef^of-.Mrs.;Brooks. . ,>' . I : ;; v
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co^u [\j.-£. Col Van Ness Avenue and Pine Street Request |
OAKLAND, Sept. B.— Mrs. L..X Camp
bell, whose home is at. 1917 Lafayette
street^; hifts" asked : , the /police to aid: in
locating Iherj 16 •: year old son, James P.
Campbell, 'who' has been "missing from
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Cemetery- lm pass-
the property. Agents on the ground every
his home 9ince yesterday morning.
Campbell Is 6 feet in height, -weighs
150 pounds and has brown hair and
eyes. Ife is of light complexion and
when last .seen wore a dark coat and
trousers,- a tan shirt and a -soft black
hat. Mrs. Campbell ia at a loss to ex
plain the disappearance of the youth. -
Jack's Rotlaserle
lias .reopened at old location. 613
Sacramento street. Uptown place. 1023
Golden Gate avenue, running as usual. *

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