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Mr. and Mrs. GV. Anthony Will Celebrate.Today
Their Golden Wedding Anniversary at Santa Gruz
" SANTA CRUZ, Sept. 8. — Rev. C. V.
Anthony, one of the oldest members of
ithe California conference, and his wife,
\u25a0will celebrate tomorrow their golden
.\u25a0wedding anniversary, which will be at
tended by many Methodist ministers
find friends from various parts of the i
They were married In Santa Cruz in
the first Methodist church built in the
state outside of San Francisco and Sac
Dr. Anthony's first charge was at
Vallejo, .where he served from 1556 to
1859. Captain Farragut was at that
r tiTie commander of the navy yard and
pma a regular attendant and supporter
of the church and became a life long
friend of the young Methodist preacher.
From 1573 to 1876 Dr. Anthony was
pastor of the First church. Oakland,
the edifice at Fourteenth and Clay
streets having been built under his ad
ministration. He was pastor of Cen
New Year. Feast Celebrated
in Accordance With 4
Ancient Rites
Devout Jews gathered last evening
with many who are seldom seen -in, a
synagogue to celebrate the Rosh
Hashona, or New Year, according to
the customs that have been followed
in the Jewish synagogues for thou
sands of years. The feast was begun
at sundown yesterday, and in the more
orthodox temples services were held
at that hour, while the reformed Jews
met at the usual hour of evening ser
vices. The ancient Hebrew prayers
were read for the most part in the
Hebrew language, which is held sacred
5T3 that in which the ten commandments
\u25a0^•< re given, and Hebrew songs were
cT.anted to melodies that have been
hallowed by associations until they are
almost a part of the sacred text.
In the prayers offered daily In the
synagogues the Rosh Hashona has
been remembered for the last week. In
the same way in which Christians pre
pare for Easter during Lent. The two
days of the New Year's celebration are
set aside as a time for prayer, medi
tation and self analysis. The prayers
-all dwell on the transitoriness of this
life and appeal for a blessing on the
new year. An Impressive feature of
the services is the memorial prayer for
the dead, during which . those who
mourn for recently departed relatives
are requested to arise and hear the
prayers in the Hebrew tongue.
Tomorrow morning' the synagogues
\u25a0will again be thronged for the ser
vices, when the shofar or ram's horn
will be blown in memory of the giving
of the ten commandments, which were
proclaimed with the ram's horn.
A large congregation worshiped last
evening in the recently rededlcated
Temple Emanu-El, which was beauti
fully adorned with ferns and flowers.
Dr. J. Voorsanger, rabbi of the temple,
' preached on, "Theories and Facts on
Human Life." The music was under
the direction of Cantor Starks, and in
addition to the old Hebrew melodies
some of the cantor's own compositions
:' were sung by an augmented choir, ac
•companied by an orchestra. The ser
'viee.B, with the exception of a few old
/prayers and songs, were in English.
J>r.. Voorsanger will preach this morn
ing'on "A Glimpse of an Old Prophet."
'* At the Temple Israel In California
• -'-treet Dr. Jacob Nletro preached the
v sermon last evening on the subject,
/The New Year Greetings and What
They Mean." This morning the topic
will be "Our Moral Standards, the Old
and the New — Which Shall It Be?" Ser-.
vices will be held this evening and to
m*rrow morning.
\u25a0 'At the Bush street temple the ser- !
xices were begun at 5:30 o'clock last
'evening. The rabbi. Dr. B. M. Kaplan,
delivered in English the prayer, which
. was on the subject of immortality and
•was directed in particular to the
mourners in the congregation. The de
parted, he said, still live with us,
'through the memory of them which
Jived in our hearts. The chanting of
the Hebrew prayers by Cantor Solo
mon was a beautiful feature of the
services. The topic of Dr. Kaplan's
>ddress this morning will be "The Sig
nflcance of the Day."
• In the Geary street temple the cere
ihbnles last evening were carried on
accordng to the most . conservativev
customs, most of the service being in
the Hebrew language. Cantor Rabino
'witz was assisted by . 'an augmented
choir.' The rabbi of the temple. Dr.
'M. S. Levy, delivered a short address.
His topic this morning will be "The
Value of Prayer."- Rabbi Voorsanger
•will preach tomorrow morning.
i Refuse Substitutes or Imitations —
(let what you ask for. Insist on it.
SANTA CRUZ, Sept. B.— Mr. and Mrs.
George Archibald/ / -.elebrated their
golden wedding anniversary -at r , their
home in Soquel Saturday afternoca.
tral church in San Francisco from 1878
to 1881 and it was under his direction
that Grace church In San Francisco was
completed. He was its first pastor.
Dr. Anthony's last work in public
life was at the Ilif school of theology
in Denver, where he occupied the chair
of practical theology, returning to Cali
fornia In 1900, when he was placed on
the retired list. Two subsequent years
were spent in writing a history of
Methodism in California, to which task
he was assigned by the conference.
Mrs. Anthony came to California a
little girl in 1848. Her father, Silas
Bennett, reconstructed Butter's mill at
Coloma In 1849, after it had been
abandoned for a year after the discov
ery of gold. \u0084"".;/4.:%
The degree of A. M: was conferred
upon Dr. Anthony by the lowa univer
sity in 1872 and the degree of doctor of
divinity by the University of the Pacific
in 1888. V
Beth Jacob Congregation
Meets in New Temple ;
in Ninth Street*
OAKLAND, Sept. B.— The , opening
services of the celebration of the Jew
ish new year were held tonight at sun
down In the synagogues of the First
Hebrew Congregation at Twelfth , and
Castro streets and Beth Jacob at Ninth
and Castro streets.
Though the formal dedication of the,
Beth Jacob structure Is planned to take
place in about .two weeks, the -new
building has been so far completed that
it was possible . to hold new year's
services In its present condition. Rev.
Dr. M. M. Farber conducted the'serv
ices tonight and will preside at the
meetings held on Monday »and Tuesday.
He was assisted by-Rev. S. B. R. Gold- i
berg as canter. Rey. Ephralm Braser
of Chicago preached and will deliver
two more addresses, one in English on
Monday and the other in German on the
following day. ''vc?.-
Rabbi M. Friedlanderconducted short
services of prayer at |undown this
evening for the First Hebrew Congre
gation. On Monday morning at 10:45
o'clock Rabbi, 'Frledlander will preach
on "Predominant Evils of Todays and
Their Sources." Prayer services will
be held in the evening and divine wor
ship will be held Tuesday morning.
The augmented choir will render ap
propriate vocal selections at j all serv
ices and' the instrumental music' will be
made a feature. Arthur Fickensher will
preside at the organ.
Twelve MijlioiV; in United
States A^PHysically
Youngsters Suffer From Ail
ments That Are
Easily Cured
Special 65 Leased Wire to The Call
. NEW YORK, Sept. 9. — That , about
one-third of all the school phlldren In
the United States,?. or about' 12,000,000
boys and girls,, are behind their^ proper
grades because of physical defects that
could be remedied, is .the gist of afre
port made by. a committee 'of .promi
nent educators, headed by Charles |C.
Burlingham, former president iof 4 the
board of education of ' this ; city. ; This
committee has investigated 1 conditions
among school children, not only in New
York, but in Boston, Chicago 'and 'Other
cities. -\u25a0" : "\u25a0'.:-' s <- :::\u25a0:-< ,-yi'i
"Based on the physical defects and
home conditions of 1,400 school chil
dren of s New; York city," says *the re
port, "It is estimated that '12,000,000
of the children of the United States
have physical defects, more orl less seri
ous, which should^ receive , attention
from parents ; and physicians. ';.;' •; i
"If the percentages recorded > ; by the
board of health In New York should be
maintained throughout the country—'
and ft seems, likely that they .would be
— as impaired vision, malnutrition and
defective breathing, are found 'in rural
as well as urban schools — there must
be i; 440,000 111 nourished ; children,
5,615,000 with enlarged glands;;; and
6,925.000 'with . defective breathing ilin
the United States. In New York city
the estimated figures are: Malnutrition,
48,000; enlarged glands, 187.000, 1 and de
fective breathing, '23o,Boo, : a* total of
465,800. ' - - :\u25a0 - . \u25a0 -'~' % 7f.
"The defects Indicated arel". .easily
remedied, and manyeould be 1 prevented
by proper care, though, except tin*the
case of defective vision, 'the "causes
are not always easily determined.
Among the 1,400 children studied only
a trifle more than, 10 per cent areTre
ported to be suffering from, malnutri
tion, and of these fewer 'i than ~l4 -per
cent come from families where the in
come is less than $10 weekly,"
The annual coast championship ten
nis tournaments will come: to a close
on the Hotel del Monte ?' courts today.
Miss Hazel Hotchkiss, champion, will
meet Miss Florence Sutton, challenger;
at I:3o 'o'clock.- Upon the conclusion of
this match Melville Long, champion,
and Maurice McLoughlin, challenger,
will clash. / •. \u25a0 .
Both matches are expected .„ to be
close and interesting. Close followers
of the game predict-that at least one
title will change hands. Miss Hotchkiss
losing to Miss Sutton. The; latter, out
classes the champion a trifle and is
picked by a" majority to " win; Miss
Hotchklss'ls a 'clever'player, ; and' as 'it
has been her ambition for several years
to defeat the Misses Florence and; May
Sutton she will try her hardest *to win.
' Miss Florence . Sutton undoubtedly
has improved' in the' last 'year. '^' When
the touranment winner took -two
sets from Miss Golda Myer with-;
out the loss of a game she proved that
she was a remarkaoly. clever : player.
It is doubtful if Miss Hotchkiss has
improved .since she won* the title last
year. In this year's state tournament
she was given a warm argument by,
Miss Myer. \u25a0 :v."*~3*.
Young Maurice McLoughlin, the
clever Juvenile who received his early,
training on the Golden Gate park
courts, won. the men's tournament- In
an impressive manner and Is conceded
an excellent chance to wrest' the cham
pionship from Melville Y Long. Mc-
Loughlin defeated George Janes and'
Herbert Long easily and in the final
took former Champion Bell into "camp?
McLoughlin's easy, victory over Her
bert Long after the latter had disposed
of . Hal< Braly. proved the youngster to
be j possessed jof an abundance jof j class/
McLoughlin's sojourn \u25a0In the country^;
just prior to the tournament gave him;
a letup that he was much in - need of
and .-, restored him to •-\u25a0 his . best form:
When he met Melville s Long in the
state championship -* tournament he
made a \ miserable showing.' It was the
opinion ; of [ many . that'/McLoughlln ' was*
stale at the time, and undoubtedly, this
was the case. ; He has played "remark^
able tennis in the tournament Just com;
pleted ,and won from "\u25a0 as < high class a
lot of ' experts^ as : have* figured* in coast
championship tennis for years. ", -^
- While Melville Long is. expected by^
&:$ A few days ago we had r a dealer arrested and are nov£ r ; l&M
'Wm, \u25a0 prosecuting him for putting another— cheaper— -beer into our Wf]
MM Our yeast is distinctive; no other brewery's is the same. Wm
S It is developed from an original mother cell brought to this . p§
jStl country by one of the founders of pur business. ;> : . fe J
Wm Our grain and our hops are selected from the best that fei
'»g \u0084-.- is grown. AYe pay more than our "just as good" imitator tjm
Mi to get a quality better than he' thinks is > c good enough' 5 for^ m$
p$M 1 he theft of our name — giving you another beer when s-V-, r-|
Q you think you are getting Schlitz— is what robs us. .v Wi
Hiv- Y°Vi think you r ||p
may riot, ask for it again— therefore, we are most anxious IS
.^-—j^ .-•\u25a0\u25a0\u25a0.-." • jfS^r \u25a0 &Gssi \ h?if our hf*f*t* i*^^?!
a majority to 'successfully defend he
will have to play his best game; to -dis-^
pose of -the tournament 'winn'er. Long
has been -this*. summer ..; and
the man' who' defeats him will have" to
play; : great; tennis.' 1 ' McLoughlin; has
better strokes than .Long . and , plays" "a
more S spectacular "game, • but - lacks .the
champion's j headwork and steadiness.,
',;Both : boys from San \u25a0 Francisco
and are under 19 years of age.* 1 . They
met ;in. the finals; of the first juvenile
championship tournament at San Rafael
last' -year and Long \u25a0 was victorious.
Both s learned Uhe rudiments : of -the
game'at'the pat;k; and-took.a, finishing
course at ; the ./California club: .-Which
ever "wins 'the "title will : remain in San
Francisco;! and".' with t;" 1 the Golden Gate
and California : clubs. "/ -•' \u25a0\u25a0-\u25a0'::.,,}
: In'radidtion ! the.Ju nior -championship
will I remain''here,\ both; Harold m Getz
arid Robert Strachan » being • members
of the' Golden Gate; junior-clufi.- The
fact | that Coast ,' Champion .;" Long; v and
McLoughlin, -the challenger for the all
corners premiership, "^emerged V from
tlie junior division only 'this year indi
cates :th~e brand of tennis -that ..'is
taught! the .boys- on* the local courts.*' '•'.'\u25a0
'.\u25a0. \u25a0 -'Despite the; fact that . southern Cali
fornia- sfent'/an unusually ' strong repre
sentation .the honors > in both of r the
fflen's ; " events—^loubles- as well: as
singles^— will '\u25a0„\u25a0'' remain \u25a0' in ; San "; Fran
cisco.' . ; The * local v cracks .deserve \u25a0 great
credit for bowling --over .suchT experts
as • Braly, <Bell,'- Spauldlng; 'Sirisabaugh,
Bundy >andAHendrlck. v '?. The . honors i in
the women's events, .owing to the
presence* of -the ?Sutton : sisters, : prob
ably.will go to the southland.
"The .tournament { at , Del- Monte . has
been; a :great "success and the partici
pants are enthusiastic' over the treat
ment accorded them by the hotel, man
agement."- v '' :^-i
; SANTA BARBARA, Sept. B.—Passen
ger agents | from railroad offices J In' San
Franclsco,;Los: Angeles 'arid other cities
of the state are arriving in this city : for
a | stay of 'two "days," during .which time
they, will r hold their.L annual meeting
and (united In observing .the celebration
of day. • Agents- from : Los
Angeles Will be -matched against San
Francisco* representatives ' 'in \~ a ball
t game tomorrow,; and ; the delegates will
participate in various forms of; sports.
Members of the? San Francisco;associa
tion will. elect officers for the year.
The New San Francisco
'Fifteen full page. engravings, finished
in.: the t "duotype : process, from photo
graphs and architects' drawings of new
buildings ; in • course of \u25a0 construction ,or
contracted for, 'are shown in the Sep
tember-number' of, Sunset Magazine.
These are accompanied by a beautifully
Illustf ated; article: by- Ruf us-; Steele", on
"The Spread of, San; Francisco,", a story
of f the -.enchanted > garden : down thfi
peninsula and the > developments which
make it possible as a home site for city
toilers::-- ..\u25a0 \u25a0 \u25a0 : •
Six Hundred Feet of Track
: Torn Up Delays
, "REDDING, Sept. 8. — Spreading ralli
caused a disastrous freight train wreck
at 3 o'clock this morning between Ager
and Montague. Eighteen Inches of rail
was broken out, 600 feet of track were
torn up and eight cars were thrown off
the track, with one so badly wrecked
it had to be burned. All. the cars were
loaded with lumber. "Wreckers - from
Dunsmuir .J and Ashland worked' seven
hours.to clear. the track. The first pas
senger trains , got by at; 2 o'clock". this,
afternoon. Train 11 was tied up at Ager
and; train 14 at: Montague.*' ' - ... - '
POINT REYES, Sept. B.— {While fish
ing near the head of Bakers .bay today
a boy. named Avilla was drowned by the
overturning of « his 'boat... •_..:\u25a0*•'..-.
Home Treatment Said to Be Most
Effective in Bringing the Gfow
of Health to Sallow Faces
. The wash and massage as given in
the formula below comes from the noted
French dermatologist and is most sev
erally used among the ladies of the
exclusive social circles of Parts, where
powder and cosmetics of all kinds are
now scorned.
.Obtain from your druggist the fol
lowing: Two ounces Rose Water; one
ounce Cologne Spirits; four ounces crys
tallized Sartoln (skin food).
-Put the Sartoin In a pint of hot water
(not boiling); let it cool, then strain
through a fine cloth Into a bottle or
email fruit jar and add the Rose Water
and" Cologne Spirits. \
This will make a sufficient quantity
to. last for a long time and is an inex
pensive toilet preparation, at the same
time being the most effective known to
the profession. . The only thing to re
member In using it Is that it must be
well- massaged into the skin. If thin
Is done and it is used persistently It
ia. remarkable how it will restore that
enviable youthful bloom.

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