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Baltimore Fighter May Be Backed
Into 1 to 2 Favoritism
R. A. Smyth
Joe Gans and Jimmy Britt will enter the ring at Recreation park,
Valencia and Fifteenth streets, at 2 o'clock today in what gives
promise of being a memorable battle for the lightweight boxing
championship of the world, which the Baltimore man has defended
against all challengers for the last five years. If Britt can win he
will upset all the traditions of the ring even more thoroughly than
he did when he defeated Battling Nelson recently.
If Britt is fairly fighting for his life, Gans is doing the same. He
wants to retire to his hotel business at Baltimore at the end of the
present year with the prestige of the championship, , and his every
move in training has been with this object in view. The betting odds quoted
last night showed that Gans was still a strong public choice at 6% to 10.
So many large commissions remained to be placed on the Baltimore man
that it was predicted he would enter the ring at odds of 1 to 2.
The men have devoted especial care to their training and are pronounced
as fit as the hands of man can make them. To the student of condition an
incident at Gans* quarters yesterday speaks volumes as to the condition of
the. Baltimore man. Gans wanted to g*o uptown in Alameda and went to
board a car. As none was in sight he walked a few blocks and then un
consciously broke into a little run. As he felt In the humor he decided to
take his road work then and there, although this was farthest from his
.thoughts when he left his quarters. His trainers missed him and were sur
prised to see him some time later sprinting up the road. They had to make
hasty preparations to give him his customary massage, and thus he com
pleted the most conscientious course of training he has undergone in some
years. If Gans were run down he would have had more thought of resting
\u25a0yesterday than of running. -
. Gans expects to awaken this morning half a pound under the required
Weight. He will breakfast on chops, toast and tea shortly after 10 o'clock,
and will take no other nourishment than some beef tea until after the bat
tle. . He is betting heavily on himself and has advised his friends in the east
by wire to have a bet down on him. In discussing the fight yesterday, he said:
•."_•'. "If Battling Nelson can outbox. Jimmy Britt, which he surely did when
they met in this city last month, there is no reason. in the world why I
Should not make a still better showing with Britt. It does not seem possible
tiiat I could go Back 6o far as to have Britt stand a chance of beating me. In
fact, I do not figure that Britt is in my class, so I am in for a big surprise if
he can beat me. I can tell In the early stages of a fight if my opponent is
going to run me closely, and in the past I have always been able to change
my style to suit that of an opponent I am the best judge of pace in the ring
today, and I know at what speed I can go for whatever number of rounds
the fight Ip scheduled.
'"I believe I am the best all around 133 pound man in the world. I
can outbox and outslug Britt, and I am sure that I can stand as much pun
ishment as he can. Britt has talked a good deal about the wonderful body
punch he has developed. If he takes down his hands to try for my body, he
must leave his head unprotected, and that is the only chance I want;
"I feel as good today as ever I did, and I would be willing to meet Wal
cott, Mike Sullivan, McFadden or any of the other' tough men I have fought
in the past at my present weight. When I fought Erne I weighed 132%
pounds; for Walcott I weighed 135 pounds; for Mike Sullivan 134% pounds,
and for Nelson, at Goldfield, 130% pounds. I expect to gauge my weight so
accurately for Britt that I will be just at the 133 pound mark and will be
as strong as a bear."
Britt has nothing to desire in the matter of condition. It is the con
sensus of opinion among his friends that he is better now than at any
previous time since he took to the fighting game. He will apparently come
in nicely at the weigh£. The only work he did yesterday was a short run on
the road and then he submitted to the skilful massaging of Roger Cornell,
the former Olympic club trainer. Cornell pronounced him absolutely fit.
Britt will leave San Rafael at 11:30 o'clock this morning and go direct- to
the ringside when he reaches this city.
The Gans-Britt battle will bring together the fastest two men seen
in the ring here for years. For a long time the majority of the matches
have been between a slugger and a boxer. It is said of Gans that he is
such a great boxer that "no one has ever been able to muss his hair." He
has always been a tremendous hitter and seems to have retained this power.
. It is also said of him that he can see an opening quicker than any man in
the ring and can take advantage of his opportunity. His friends expect
to see him punish Britt severely if the latter lowers his guard to hit Gans'
body, which some believe is his weakest point
When Britt met Nelson recently the Hegewisch man slowed down so
much that Britt was able to set himself whenever he wanted to* hit It is
not expected he will be able to do this with Gans. The latter will have
spread of arms than Britt. This reach will be an advantage in keeping
spread of arms than Britt This reach will be an advntage in keeping
Britt at a distance.
A peculiar thing about this fight is the fact that half of those who ''are
betting on Britt are doing so because of the showing he made against Nelson.
The other half take a different point of view as to this showing and are
betting against him.
Manager Jack Gleason has perfected his arrangements for the handling
of the crdwd, and there seems no reason why the police cannot admit spec
tators to the grounds without confusion. There will be three entrances
on Valencia street and one on Fifteenth street. Spectators cannot approach
the runways leading into the grounds without having a ticket, so there
should be no crowding.
The boxers will weigh in the clubhouse used by the ball players. The
ring will be 18 feet square, which indicates that Britt will make a rushing
fight. When he met Nelson recently the ring was the full 24 feet allowed
by .the Queensberry rules.
Jimmy Burns, who is matched to meet Gans in Los Angeles in case
the latter win today, will be a spectator at the ringside. Frankie Neil also
will be there. Packie McFarland, the Chicago boxer, has sent on a challenge
to fight the winner. George Weeden, Harry Pollock, Tex Rickard skid
others came across the continent to see the 'fight. A large attendance is
expected from the country. Some of the Native Sons will come up from
•San Jose on the morning train and will return to the garden city after
the affair.
Qnly One of the Former Advisers
of the Ruler Is in Receipt
of a Portfolio
Special fcj; Leased Wire to The Call
\u25a0 TEHERAN, Sept. 9. — The cabinet
was formed today as follows: Slochir
"El DowJeh, principal adviser of the
shah, without a portfolio; Mochir El
.Saltane. Interior; Said El Dowleh, for
eign affairs; Majed El Molk, commerce;
Murton El Memalek, finance: Kavan El
Dowleh. war; Mochir El Molk. Justice;
Mohtacheg El Santane, instruction, and
Moliedis El Memaleh. public works.
The latter is the only one who was
In the late cabinet.
Nesam El Moak has been appointed
governor of Teheran, instead of Vedir
Mahsousse. who has resigned.
" SALINAS, Sept. 8. — A life preserver
from the steamer Columbia, wrecked
recently off the coast near Mendocino,
was picked up by R- Sterling near. Moss
Landing, about nine miles from here
today. One of the straps had been cut,
and it apparently had been used by
•some passengr^|a«HKM
Champion Gans Defends Title Today Against Britt
Will Construct Line From Acapulco
to Coyuca River on Ninety
nine Year Concession
Special fcj? Leased Wire to The Call
WASHINGTON, Sept. B.— Consul Gen
eral Gottschalk of Mexico reports that
on July 27 the Mexican department of
communications and publio works
granted to the Mexican -Pacific com
pany a 99 year concession to construct
a railroad from Acapulco, southeast to
northwest, via a point called Piade: la
Cuesta and to terminate on the River
Coyuca, the surveys to be begun within
cix months. Five kilometers are to be
built the first year and three years is
giVen ; for the completion of the road,
which is to be broad gauge.
SANTA\CRUZ, Sept B.— Park Warden
S. H. : Rambo is back from the 'Sem
perviews Park '(Big Basin) and re
ports the Influx Of visitors this . season
far above, expectations. '.\ More than
7.000 have visited' " the big pleasure
grounds to date. There is "talk 'of 'a
hotel being erected within the park for
next season. . •
Principals and managers in today's battle for the world's lightweight championship at Recreation park- In the center are shown the
two boxers, with Champion Joe Gans on the right.] In the upper left hand corner is Willus Briti t while Manager Jack Glea
son is shown in the right hand corner. f \
Man Who Has Fought Them Both
Says Gans Should Win
Battling Nelson
When asked for an opinion as to who would win the fight and why,
of course, the question : to be answered first' is, "Will the fight be on the
square"? When- 1 was around yesterday gathering news' l heard that some
of Gans' most intimate. friends in; Oakland haid mortgaged their houses and
homes and bet the 'money that Gans would win.. I also got it from good
authority that Gans bet a neat little sum, which is goodenough for me.
The last time they fought. I .backed^ Britt to win and lost $1,400, and now
that I am convinced this is on the square I am going to get even or else
lose another bank" roll.^ . . .. !r5! r 5; -'\u25a0•";;• ; \u25a0'. 1 ' . .'. .
. At the time I bet on Britt and lost I made up my mind never to back
but one: fighter, and that fighter is the Battler himself, as any time he is
out I am certain to get a run for my money. , \u25a0 j \u25a0 •
My reasons for thinking that Gaps will win are these:., First of all, he is
without a doubt the greatest 'boxer [in "the. world; .second, he. is as hard a
hitter as there is in the lightweight classj.third, he is a good, heady fighter,
cool and.as accurate as can be with his delivery. \ , /
.Another thing-that makes it safe to bet is the fact that there is a good,
honest referee that everybody can depend on to do the proper thing, as Jack
Welsh thoroughly understands his business. He won't stand to be worked
by either fighter, \u25a0 and I am "•• sure : that if the fight : ends unsatisfactorily and
there is anything: tha^ looks suspicious , he will protect air the bettors with
his own judgment, which is a sufficient guarantee that" we will have a fight
that is ort the square or we won't lose our money.
Of course we will allow that Britt has youth on his side that stands him
good. He is also possessed of stamina and is gameness personified, but what
is gameiiess when' you can't deliver the knockout punch? . Nothing.
r We will concede that Britt did more to me in 20 ! rounds than Gans
did in 42irounds, buf the: condition; of my stomachSvhen I fought Britt and
when I fought Gans was -as different as night from 'day.
Well, -I have; traveled all the way. from Hegewisch i'tcrbc at the ringside
and challenge the winner in - person. Britt is the man .whom I ; really, want
to fight, win or lose, as I feel thatl have to do something to redeem myself
with the public for;the miserable showing that I made with him on July 31.
I expect to fight Britt about -Thanksgiving, regardless of whether he wins
or loses/and I expect to win, and by a knockout, too. If I lose to. him
again I will be satisfied that it is time to retire for once and all and let
Packey McFarland take my place as a fighter. He is" surely the. corning kid:
Of course, if I should win from Britt I would want to fight Gans for. the
championship ;in case he still retains it, as I am positive that I can 'beat 'him
again. ; I made him , quit - cold at Goldfield and cry sufficient after he \ had
delivered his best licks "for 2 hours and 48 / minutes'\u25a0s '\u25a0 to ho avail.
Every fighter has one ambition ; in life, "and that is : to '^>e the ; best in his
class, and I have " been striving hard for . it for ; the last 10 years and Ii am
not ready to give up .without ;one more : good try. It ji is my sole ambition
to retire as the undisputed lightweight champion of. the world and Hegewisch;
\u25a0 NEW YORK; ' Sept. • : B.— Brigadier
General Samuel JM. ; . Mills, ; U. ; S. ;\u25a0 Avfre-r
tired, died this "afternoon at Gallleet
N. J.., soon- after being stricken' with
apoplexy? ;*" . ; '.." * ;
, NORWALK, Conn., Sept. B.— Paul
McCormack or New -York died : tbdaiy^
as a result of .an automobile! accident
here on ' August : 15, '. In which' his wife
wasikilled.v • \u25a0 ' '
Concedes Native Son No Chance
to Take Measure of Gans
Billy Nolan
In my opinion Joe Gans should win his bout with Jimmy Britt com
paratively easily— under wraps, as the horsemen term an easy victory. In
the first place I cannot figure out a single advantage the local boy holds
over the Baltimorean except that he is six years younger. Gans certainly,
lias much the harder punch, is more scientific beyond the question of a doubt,
1 is longer in the reach, and'/ last but not least, will make 133 pounds ringside
easier than the Californian. Making this weight in San Francisco is identi
cally the same as making 131J4 pounds in the high altitude of Nevada, or
133 pounds there with fighting togs on.
'\u25a0-_. You can depend upon it that Joe Gans and Jimmy Britt are meeting
under the equivalent of weight conditions that prevailed at the Goldfield
battle. Any one thoroughly conversant with the game knows it, and no
one knows better than I how easily Gans made this weight. True, Gans,
as he admitted a few days ago in an interview, had , to "con" people 'about
his ..weight, which he succeeded in doing for years. He tried to carry it
on again with the doctor at his training, but for some reason or other Joe
found this would not; do and no medical reports were published.
Nelson met Gans and Britt, and I think I know as much, comparatively
speaking, as any one about both of them. The last battle with- Britt was
one that must be thrown out, as I know well that Eddie Hanlon, Freddie
Landers or Bobby Lundle could have done the same thing to Nelson on
that night. '? Nelson showed that he was not anywhere near his true form.
Imaginethe Dane having an opponent all but out at the end of five rounds
and then "blowing up" 1 Does that fit Nelson's well known qualification,
endurance?/ He was overconfident and did not pay proper attention to him
self, and' he dearly paid for his - negligence.
\u25a0Britt has as much chance of beating. the Dane in good condition as he
will have to beat Gans today at Recreation park, and the Britt end can
name the size of a wager to prove that my confidence is misplaced.
' One thing I. am thoroughly satisfied with is that no. lightweight of the
boxer type will ever beat the colored boy.: It will take one of the bulldog
style who will never give him a chance to set. . Nothing would suit me better
than to make the winner.: take all in a meeting .between Nelson and Gans
tinder the conditions that prevailed at Goldfield, at any time up to and
after next ; Thanksgiving day. \A.ll the Dane needs is time to train, as he
has . been kept pretty busy for two years.
But take it from me: This is where the short enders have their finish.
Assailant " Escapes After Plunging
' Knife Into " Opponent's : Back,;
' ; ; Inflicting : ;a\ Fatal Wound, \u25a0
;. DUNCANS MILLS, Sept . B.— George
Lambert, a well ; known • young ; man of
this place, was stabbed ? fatally In an
Italian dance hall here last night by
Ai,Cantorl, ; an ' t Italian, 'in : a dispute
over v money. V The .; men had; quarreled
previously,* and when . they met : last
nighti ght ?; there iwere v: further.*:: words ';\u25a0 and
as Lambert " turned- away". Cantorl ; drew
a3 long 'knife land 'stabbed *him ': ; In> the
back,^: the > point fof the .weapon : ; passing
through 'i one <of j his ; lungs, v Lambert ; Is
still «allye, r :but'.win; die. The | murderer
escaped r and< is still at large, f
Sheriff and ; Policemen Open Fire on
Mob and Riot Is Quelled
Just in Time
JUNCTION CITY. Kas.. Sept- B.— A
mob of nearly . 50 soldiers of the far
riers' school at Fort. Riley came here
'about;'. l ; o'clock this morning for the
purpose .of 1 releasing "a comrade who
\u25a0was 'confined ; ; in the : county' Jail. ;
The sheriff apd city, police force were
notified of -their ' coming and • from . posi
tions "In windows above the Jails
opened a fire that qulckljr dispersed the
mob. , The - authorities at , Fort Riley
placed guards } at the . jail and are aided
in* the ? effort, to find the members of
the"' mob. . Two arrests \u25a0 have . been' made.
No Tone was shotT. '
Champion Not in Doubt
as to the Outcome
Joe Gans
LJffhtwelstit Champion
I FEEL mm apry «» James R.
Keen*^ unbeaten two yea*
old, Colin, and I have every
confidence In my ability to defend
my title to the world's lightweight
championship. I would be slad to
enter the ring this time with 'Wal
cott, 5 nil Ivan. McFaddea or any of
the great men I hare fought la the
past, and I would have no fear m*
to the outcome. I feel suro that
I can outbox, outhlt, outfight or
outslug Britt, and I know I caa
stand -as much punishment. The
publio will «et an honest roa for
Its money, as I have always prised
my , title to the championship
above all Other things. The best
evidence of this Is the care with
which I have defended the title
since X won It from Erne. I want
to retire from the ring at. the end
of this year with the title.
Britt Expects Victory by
Knockout Route
Jimmy Britt
I AM willing to concede all the
qualities as to fighting and
boxing credited to Joe Gans,
but I still expect to wta the cham
pionship from him on Admission
day. I feel that I have Improved
greatly on my previous form and
that I have more strength snd
vitality than at any time since X
first entered the ring. I am one
pound under the required weight
at this time, which shows I have
had no trouble In getting down. X
am not taking this fight any more
seriously than I have my other Im
portant engagements In the past,
and I expect to be perfectly cool
when I face Gans In the ring. X
will fight to win, and I expect to
be declared the victor before the
limit of 2O rounds Is reached.
Referee's Task Should
Not Be Difficult
Jack Welsh
THE flsht between Joe- Gans
and Jimmy Brltt should be a
satisfactory one to referee,
aa berth men, know the rule* and
hare seldom been known to In
fringe upon them. I do not ex
pect any trouble, as I have been
In the ring three t linen with each
fighter. I refereed for Gana when
he fought TValcott, Mike Sullivan
and Herman. I officiated for Britt
when he fought Canole, Sullivan
Of Baltimore and Kelson for the
second time. There will be no
ending of the fight on a foul If I
can prevent such an outcome. I
hare talked with both boys, and
I am sare each expects to -win a
clean cut victory. Thin U the
only way a championship should
be won, and from the great skill
possessed by these boys I look for
a strussrle In keeping with the
coveted boxing honor which la at
The . rundown of the class stake at
Ingleslda coursing park yesterday
nearly "broke" the talent, for out oi
the eight races In the first round seven
outsiders scored at fancy prices. RoyaJ
Gold, the- stake winner, was the only
dog that trent to the rescue of the fa
vorite players. The son of Bright Gold
has been a consistent performer and he
was liberally supported In his four
races, which he won handily.
The Crowd, from Louis Lagarmlsino's
kennel, looked to be the goods in th«
feature event, but the son of Red Rock,
a 1 to 3 choice, went out in the fir^t
round \u25a0to Burton, which had all tha
, luck of the race. \ The favorite led well,
but after the turn the hare left him
and he had no chance.
After outrunning The Roman Boy In
the first round. Royal Gold came along
and defeated Myrtle, Burton and. in tin
final. May Boy. Bradbury's entry had
the speed and never gave hij backer j
any concern.
Lady Kelp, from Ed Preston's kennel,
! proved an easy winner In the open
I stake, winning the final In v romp from
i Lady Fleldwlck. which sold on tin
short end! at 3 to 2. Favorites raa'
closer to form in this event than in th«
class stake. In the rundown only
three outsiders scored In 20 race*
Opea stilt*. Cist round — Xlldare a bra. M!§*
Alice withdrawn; Pedlar Baua • bye. Servant
Girl withdrawn; Sjt» Alto beat Cblppewa; Fall
Maid » bye, Menio Eoy wttb&rawa; Peter Pa»
b«at Brtwerr Maid; Kerry Plppta a bye, St,
Francis withdrawn; The Mint beat Bu»y Boy;
Princes* Trtxie beat Pongenle; Queens Beantj
beat Toon* Johnnie; S«bastopol beat Cry Babr)
ralrmontTLad beat Footsteps; Creole Sac N»nf
Tb« Mist: Roman Girt a by». Yonng Geraldti*
wittdrawa; Latij Leeds beat Razzed Actor; LaUj
Fleldwlck beat Miss Nealon: Nora Alto beal
Young ClOT»rdale; Frank C beat Gallant Tl^
perarr; Ironaouse beat Cousin Jack; Fetterleai
beat Sampler; Lady Kelp beat Black Tom.
Second round — Pedlar Baua beat KUdarel
Syra Alto beat ' Fair Maid: Peter Pan ben*
Kerry Pippin; Princess Trlxte beat Tbe Mint*
Queen's Beauty beat Sevastopol; Creol? Sne beat
Fairmont Lad; Lady Leeds beat Roman Gir'<
Lady Fleldwlck beat Xora Alto; Ironnouse bea!
Frank C; Lady Kel» beat Fetterless.
Third round— Pedlar Baua beat Syra AUo»
Prlnceaa Trix!« beat Peter Pan; Creole Sue beat
Queen's Beanty; Lady Fleldwlck beat Lad)
Leeds] Lady Kelp beat Ironnonse.
Fourth round — Princess Trlxle beat Pedlal
Baan. Lady Fleldwlck > beat Creole Sac ; Lad]
Kelp a bye.
Fifth rouad — Lady Kelp beat Princess TrUies
Lady Fleldwtck a bye.
Ftoal— Lady Kelp beat Lady Fleldwlck.
Class stake, first ronnd— Mlsa Emily beat Tr»
lee Lad; May Boy beat Billy Jlallally; Etir*
Royal beat Trale* Girl; loglewocd beat V.'llf
Gns; Burton beat The Crowd; Ottawa beat Ajj!U
Spurt; Myrtle beat Little WedgewooU; Ro;-a
Gold beat The Roman.
Second roand — May Boy beat Mis* Emily • - In
glewood beat Eli'oe Royal; Burton a bye. tittawt
withdrawn; Royal Gold brat Myrtle.
Third round — May Boy beat lnglewood; Eoj-j
Gold beat Barton.
-Final — Royal Gold beat May 80/.

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