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Only One Contingency Un
der Which He Would
Seek Re-election
Their Attacks May Yet Drive
Him to Ask for Vindi
cation at Polls
Special b\f Leased Wire to The Call
WASHINGTON. Sept. 15.— Here Is a
bit of news that oug-ht to be Interest-
Ing to those engaged in attacking all
the mores and all the motives of Presi
dent Roosevelt:
There is only one possible conting
ency under which President Roosevelt
would become a candidate for re-elec
tion: That is a continuance of the as
saults that are being made on him by
financial influences displeased with his
Some of these men, and the newspa
pers that speak for them, are hinting
that the president is adhering to his
declaration not to be a candidate for
the presidency again only because he
realizes that he cannot be renomlnated,
.and that if he were renominated he
could not be re-elected. This sort of
•talk, if persisted in long enough, will,
in the opinion of some of the more in
timat* friends of the president, force
him into the fight.
Reports received here from the far
west are that republicaps and demo
crats as well refuse to consider any
one but Roosevelt in the running. Re
publican members of congress, without
regard to section, want the president
to reconsider his refusal to run. be
cause they say he will aid them in their
districts more than any other nominee.
All republican representatives who
have been in Washington this month
say the republican convention will re
siominate Roosevelt and try to force
him to accept.
CHICAGO. Sept. 15.— Pursuing its
canvas of republicans of the country
in regard to their preference for presi
dential candidates, the Tribune prints
the resultß of Its straw ballot in six
New England states, procured from 520
men who are "really representative of
rh» republican party of that section of
the country." ' .-.;,•
The result shows Secretary Taft and
Governor Hughes far In the lead, with
Speaker Cannon, Vice President Fair
banks and Senator Knox "nowhere."
The fact that Taft and Hughes senti
ment plainly exists In other sections of
the country leads the Tribune, In sum
ming up the situation, to say that "the
MHtural inference and forecast would
be that Taft would be nominated for
ihe presidency, with Hughes for his
running mate, unless the Hughes tide
should rise high this winter, in which
case conditions might be reversed."
In the balloting for candidates Sec
retary Taft is the first choice of 289.
the second choice of 102 and the third
selection of 23.
Governer Hughes Is the first choice
for president of 133 New Englanders,
the second choice of 211 and the third
choice of 4S.
Speaker Cannon's candidacy is fa
vored by 15 New Englanders, while 35
favor him for second choice and 77 for
Vice President Fairbanks draws only
\u2666ugbt votes for the presidential nom
ination, is the second choce of .40 and
Th<? third of SS. . : ,
Senator Knox has six supporters
among the men who sent In replies, is
•• c second choice of 2S and the third
of 76.
. Other candidates and their votes are:
President Roosevelt, 84; Root, 19;
Crane, S; Cortelyou, 4; Foraker, 3;
Cummins of lowa, 2; Aldrieh of Rhode
Island. 2; La Follette, S; Littlefield of
Maine, Gray of Delaware, Hanley of
Indiana, Shaw of lowa and Chandler of
New Hampshire, 1 each.
Special b\/ Leased Wire to The Call
OYSTER BAT, Sept. 15.— Early church,
g-oers were surprised this morning when*
President Roosevelt and Mrs. Roosevelt
entered Christ Episcopal church at 8
o'clock to attend th* communion, serv
. ices. They received communion with
the other worshipers. The secret
service men also were surprised. Presi
dent Roosevelt did not attend the regu- !
la r services at 11 o'clock and the visi
tors congregated on the terraces out
ride of the church, many In carriages:
and automobiles, who had corns to get
a glimpse of the president, were dis
appointed. Several parties came in
launches. Theodore Roosevelt Jr.. Miss
Ethel. Archie and Quentin Roosevelt
also received communion.
Next Sunday will be the last oppor
tunity for the president to attend
church here this year, as he will leave
en September 25. As It is thought that
the president will leave here on the
Mayflower, no preparations are being
made by his neighbors to give him a
parting greeting.
Special by Leased Wire to The Call
BOSTON. Sept- 15.— "Ton may state
positively that my resignation is not in
" th« hands of the president and that
there is no likelihood of it being of
fered" said United - States Attorney
. General Bonaparte .today, at the Hotel
Somerset, where he spent the day
preparatory to his trip to Chicago to
take up the case of the government
against the Chicago and Alton rail
According to a dispatch in the morn
ing papers he had resigned on account
of the granting of immunity to the
Chicago and Alton by Morrison, who
had begun the suit against the Stand
ard oil, when Justice Moody was at
torney general. It was said that the
attorney general had learned with
amazement that Immunity had - been
promised In every other case against
- the Chicago and Alton.
WILLOWS, : Sept. 15. — A colored boy
who accompanied a party of Stockton
hunters to Green camp." at the summit
of ; tlie Coast range in western Glenn
county, left camp for a deer hunt He
did not return " andj searching parties
were organized «LEd for four days the
mountains have been explored, but no
trace of him has been found. The
hunters fear that he accidentally shot
himself or has starved to death In some
secluded canyon.
\ Avoid the "Just as good article' or the
'"kind I make myself; remember the
dealer is working for: an >pxtra profit.
Protect your own Interests ami' insist
on getting the advertised article %whicli
h** "merit." ' '
JcfeHart ? s Latest "^
Its Stellkr Place on Orpheu
James Crawford
For the first time In "a long time
there Is a topliner at the Orpheum that
fairly earns its place of distinction.
It is one of -Joe Hart's numerous
"girl acts," but In all that appeals for
commendation It overshadows the best
of Its kindred as thoroughly as the
worst of them eclipses the recent per
formances of ; Mr. . Houdini, who has
ceased showing our indicted fellow
citizens bow shackles can be shaken
off and straitjackets doffed with ease.
In this latest contribution of Mr.
Hart to advanced vaudeville are the
inevitable octet of '.female choristers,
the customary soloists and the usual
quick changes of scenery, costumery
and illumination. But the maidens are
youthful, comely and agile; the princi
pals — a tenor and a soprano — actually
sing with educated- voices of good qual
ity and range, and the spectacular ef
fects are both novel -and elaborate.
There are two scenes— a wistaria grove
and a battleship that seems to be in
tent on ramming the audience — and the
musical numbers are varied and catchy.
All the people work with vim. and un
questionably that has something to do
with the success of their "turn."
Mr. and Mrs. Jimmie Barry & Co. (the
"Co." consisting of William H. Barry)
present a sketch entitled "At Hensfoot
Corner." In which Jimmie plays a
ruralist and Mrs. Jimmie. a Manhat
tanese damsel, who does much laugh
ing, while Willie does nothing but cross
the stage and , say "That's right," jln
corroboration of whatever Jimmie Has
said and desires to have emphasized.
In dialogue Jimmie defends the country
and belittles New v York,' and Mrs. Jim
mie argues to the contrary. Their con
versation Is neither exhilarating nor
enlightening, but they make up for the
dull period by singing humorously and
then acting a streetcar scene that is
quite funny.
Inez Macauley, who.ts youthful and
pretty and chops her syllables a la Mrs.
Fiske, appears in a sketch that would
"go" much better if It did not come so
closely upon the heels of "Peaches,"
which It resembles to ' some extent In
theme and characterization. She Is as
sisted by Clarence Oliver, a > good s ju
venile man, and as Lorls Loverlng she
Special b\) Leased. Wire to, The Call
WASHINGTON. ' Sept. ' 15.— President
Estrada Cabrera ; of Guatemala, In
view ot , recent difficulties between his
country and Mexico, is unwilling to
give President Roosevelt and President
Diaz of Mexico a free j hand in arrang
ing details for the coming peace con
ference of Central American . republics
in' Washington. He has Instructed To
ledo Herrarte, Guatemalan • minister
here, to be unusuallycareful in follow
ing out any 'arrangements which^may.
be suggested by Mexico and to sign, no
preliminary papers, for the n meeting.
For this reason negotiations for; the
conference are at V standstill.. ,
All of the.' other? diplomatic'repre
sentatives are clothed .with full pow
ers to act, 5 , but Guatemala" is ' not will-;
ing to co-operate, In the same way as
her sister republics. < v . ,\.
Acting Secretary of State Alvey A.
Adee has requested ' the . : Guatemalan
minister to communicate with the pres
ident and arrange matters j so that the
conference, may proceedf on . a ; friendly
basis. » Thus far", no; reply has j been . re
ceived from President Cabrera/..
SANTA "CRUZ. 1 Sept. . 15.— At^ a.meeti
ng.of the city council.last evening.the.
liquor license of . M. ; Krilanovlcir of the
Old Corner saloon .was revoked.- "This
was a casefwhlch created much Interest"
and \u0084-•'. was" fought \u25a0.:' .bitterly.; It • was
charged *. that « he sold ; liquor to j minors.
The license [would have been revoked
two 'weeks ago but for the action of
Krllanovich,; In- obtaining ;an Injunction
from the superior. court;^restraining. the
city council 1 from acting. • Judge" Smith
dissolved i the .injunction', yesterday^ and
the v councilmen then met; and annulled
the license. -. V • i- : ; ; ; \u25a0-'. , .
. REDDING. V Sept\>ls.~Drl:C. v-..W.v -..W. Bry
ant, a " leading physician ~of \u25a0 Redding,
was" thrown from- a.-buggy yesterday
and'Ssustained> a: fracture of; the/leg."
The 'accideht't-h'appehed*- In . theV'moun
talns above. Shin gletown",'"4 s miles from
here. • ' \u25a0• /'• '-* V \u25a0\u25a0".:.
lis Impossibly ingenuous, while he :as
Fred Ridabock; is unusually sophisti
cated .in all .that - pertains : . to.'* horse
racing^ | just like Mary and . John in ' the
Hobart comedietta. But the horse that j
wins fortune 'and. happiness .for; Lorls |
and Fred* is named- Ladybird instead of
Peaches— and that is something of a
difference. .'
Also new on\the : bill:is Paul Barnes,
monologist. , Made up .as -a; genteel
tramp -he holds the -stage at least : 15
minutes, and during .all: that time
he; either talks or sings- and. really] ut
ters not more than: half. a dozen "gags"
that sound familiar. -He discusses' the!
effect of various brands ; of whisky,' 1 his j
favorite being the kind that- inspires
sentimentality, and what he leaves -un- \
said • about umbrellas has never' been ,
said . by any one else. :\u25a0;,.' • :
,'vTaken as . a> whole ; the { bill tls «xcel
lent./ In- addition -.to^ the act* herein- |
before reviewed are : the : neat and 'quiet I
acrobatic work of the^ Ruppelts. .? the \
pleasing vocalism of Mueller and Muel
i ler, the ' 10 colored singers and | dancers
In "The Sunny South," the clever sketch
in which .Charles Guyer \ and - Ida Crispi
appear and a motions-picture* that ; is
well j worth waiting to see, j inasmuch
as it shows how elepnants perform the
work of : woodmen. in the^teak forests
of Burmah; ; • '\u25a0- \u25a0 \u25a0•\u25a0'\u25a0\u25a0. . - : -\u25a0•"":
Three ring circuses are not the only
places :In which th* - education of
pachyderms Is carried oh. ' "' .-
"La Tosea" was sung by the- Milan
opera company to , a large .audience
yesterday afternoon 'at the. Chutes
theater, and last evening "Lucia". -with
Padovanr'drew. the biggest: assemblage
since the opening, rilght. ,* ;- ." .
• There will be\ no performance this
evening. v .but,' tomorrow -night ;,;"La.
Boheme" will be sung and ..Slgnorina
Llna Bertozzl, a "gifted / young vprinsa
donna, of -'.whom'- European .'"report 1
speaks highly, ..will appear as Mlmi.
Signorlna Fetrablni" is cast as -• Mu
setts, and', the .other; prominent- roles
will be sung. by. Parola, Arcangeli : ; and
Lombardl. It.will: be thei first, appear
ance this season of the last .mentioned '
artist.-.-^ '•..'. : . ':\u25a0\u25a0•;\u25a0 \\ \u25a0 '\u0084'\u25a0 :">.\u25a0';:\u25a0\u25a0\u25a0::- \u25a0 -.'-. -. ' : - r
Special by Leased Wire to ThelCall
: PRINCETON, N. J... Sept. 15.— Sitting
on the .veranda of *fil» home.this:after
noon, Grbver Cleveland talked f briefly "to
The Call correspondent, setting at rest
recent reports of : his ; serious - -
Mr. Cleveland had just re turned f from
a drive. He descended"from'the'!;car
riage without assistance and- walked
up, the ; steps' slowly, .leaning,- on" his
cane., " .-,.-" /'V : . ~
"Well, you can see how I am," "was
his greeting. "I am '-'crippled up' a bit,
bu t otherwise I am in ; ; pretty 'good con -
dltlon. I was .qulterillCearller.in Xthe
summer, but am* feeling all rightnow.'.'
'/Mr.; Cleveland^has'sthe ':. gout In his
right :foot and . appeared- 1 tpi'suffer.Cih'
walking.'^but whenMie.^sat : inVa'; chair
on - the veranda ; he i leaned back \u25a0 cheer
fully; and laughed- as~>he>talked of his
health/ ;:. .; ; v '
ptjHEl* AfMAN
lAj is out with a
hammer his liver is
doing; the^kiiocking;
\u0084 '• " Recomßwnd}^;(^i»: ";^y "
Bnnyadi X&mWates
Before Breakfast. *C| '
' A NATURAL 1 \u25a0 -•JH:
at the Springs.
Avoid substitutes^ .'
Great Quantities of Metal
Accumulate and Cause
>Lack of^Demahd !* p
Heavy Shipments ; of Fleecy
Product ' Denotes a
Large Supply
;;- .>\u25a0 :: v ;..-. .--7— \u25a0\u25a0:'_>- .-\u25a0';\u25a0: •-'\u25a0•'\u25a0\u25a0.. \u25a0\u25a0;".\u25a0\u25a0 vf:
* :' NEW -,TORK. ; Sept. .15.— A, number .> of
distinctly. .conflicting » influences' in ; the
financial sltuaUon/made'thelr.effect felt
in', the -securities market 5 last 'week, t the
action \u25a0; of ; the ; Jmarket^ reflecting fUlie'
dominance first ton 'qne'side..'and' then Ton:
another. '."- The disturbing jj effect^ of i the
condition ; of .the .'copper- Urade'and'- the
candid : acknowled gra.ehts .?j by;.';otHcials
hlgrh in authority upset' the '\u25a0\u25a0market'and'
overthrew r ;the ben«flts"..whichTh'ad^be-.
gun ; to j be*, felt f rqm • the ' clearing, money
outlook.'* the; success " of ;-.the i > New.; York
city- bonds and the shaping; of the^flnal
yield of the country's ''great ".staple
crops... '••'\u25a0? \u25a0\u25a0'\u25a0 . \u25a0'.. ".'{'\u25a0\u25a0",. .-.' i.,-.:. ;V.1;1.'.. : '".' ';.-
; The condition of .the copper market is
said \u0084to, to be demoralized. ....The demand
for.:that. metal' is; stagnant;; it- is
ported,' with no; point .of .'stability- in
sight .at which reawakened; - : buying
might .arrest the declining
Huge:* stocks Jof refined .copper already,
have been accumulated by, the great pro
ducers.' , The financial j burden tof | hold- 1
I ng. these \u25a0 great stores r of ; the" metal 'As
aggravated- by the ~ closeness 3 of : the
money market, andTcredence ';ls given
to reports ithat banks! were 'unwilling,
LfoXsxte^dSldanß^agalnst^^|»jaer^^iE^iL foXsxte^dSldanB^agalnst^^|»jaer^^iE^i
were, in fact, recalling ; *them. ; % The (iri
dicated intention to . cut down the; cop
per production seemed therefore to "of
fer'no occasion for surprise, 'but. came
as a shock . to sentiment'.: nevertheless.
/ The '. relaxation jwhichi has \ come \ to
the money, markets and # whlch has been
pronounced in all i the!f, great
was accepted .; as v a -. reliable "J indication
that'one great .factorjin .the* strain! had
turned the corner to Improvement." The,
success of the New ; York; city^'bond is
sue ,also' was accepted as -pointing def-'
inltely; to a better investment situa
tion.'. ;. : 'I,'-.-'-' \u25a0-':\u25a0-'/ CS- ',"\u25a0;'-::'.: >:...'-/ ;
.The tranquillity with. . which . the
money market met the \ heavy [ require
ment of the payment for. the ' Newi York
bonds and i' Union'; Pacific j convertible'
bonds. ' on ' which an installment of over
$30.000,000; fell due' on ; the same ,'day,
was . reassuring;: over/ the ; condition jj of
the money market. v ? The, redepbsitlof
the proceeds of; the bond: sale, further
deposits of government | funds ".by -ithe
banks/ the redemption' of the "Japanese
6 ' p«r cent bonds-^of ,whlch)the;Ameri
can holdings proved : to, be unexpectedly
large-^and the making of exchange by
the^outward flood ,of;, of ; merchandise ex
ports," are looked »to for" further replen
ishment of supplies in the money, mar
ket.. :, . : /-;: : '.\u25a0 .. ; ;^.^""v^..^-;;.' : -- ; : : : : : :.]
.".Fear over the money'market;has sub
#\u25a0-•-,' ;\u25a0''',\u25a0•;.' V Uptown^ Store :.'-" t "- '':'„>*•\u25a0 -" : * * - : *'^.' ; - \u25a0\u25a0\u25a0.'Downtown 1 -!^Store ; v . Oakland Store «
I^^ Fillmore and Ellis 730 Market Washington and 11th w I
rThirteen \u25a0-] Beautiful -Young
{>\u25a0'. Women Receive Shares
Relict of the Honolulu Man
: Is Given Possession of
./,; Big Estate 1 ; :
' */ By'Jth'e .'distribution of $400,000 among
13 daughters "the celebrated Afong
will r has j been : called- off and
Mrs. : ; Julia'^ F.*; Afong/ widow ; of , the ;lite
Honolulu . multimillionaire, ..will be al-,
lowed ; to ' enjo7 the 'remainder of the
i great Ff drtune Iwlthouti interference - on
the ! partof • h«r, beau tiful daughters, ac-", 1
cording -to Sword ; ! received., here; yes
;terdayj by.: friends .'of Admiral^Whitlngi
whose wife ; wasia ; Miss Afong,' and who
.will7receiye' - ; s3o,ooo ' as her." share : in ". the
distribution. - - : :\u25a0:\u25a0 "\u25a0: ' yZ. . ; ; / ;
V : This -."contest. > which - threatened to
becometa'cause-celebre," arose .'over the
provislonjMn -\u25a0 Afong's-., wiir; that -his
widow 'should* hold r the; estate , in .trust
for*he*r3 chlldren.-.'and""*: sensation was
c reated .when ; Mrs ." Carrie 8. , R 1 ggs , also
a'f daughter >\ of - Afong. to --i re
straini her .firibther^f rom '"enjoying "the
Income 6n,;property :held in \u25a0 trust for
'the-lS.girls.—'--^ -.Vv ;:;/..- ;'.•-':- ;--;\u25a0' :.-
5 - The 'size "of the estate and thi s house
otfslS:'^ beautiful daughters '.divided
against itself, 7 foV it our supported •• their
mother's "right ]i to Z. the ; property, ; con
.tributed Ho ; make ;1 1 \u25a0 • one -.of • the ; noted
actions 1 before^the'Hqnolulul bar,' while
the many 4 friends t 6f I the ; warring , sls-
Iters'tih,- SanJ Francisco' attracted .local
interest; 1 to | the \ suit.^; Negotiations ; for
aT, settlement iwere v begun . almost * be
iforeithe first; sulf was-flled, but the
various; proposals ."\u25a0advanced "did ' not
mcct >. the; wishes ; of one- side or. the
other'arid. tha;*case~twas'; about' to : go to
.trial .on its : merits. i \u25a0/ - % ; •-
.: A* ; demurrer- was \u25a0 filed * recently^to .the
complaint /of \u25a0 the ; daughters, ' but :; was
overruled ii. by *; Judge .Robinson f\in' the
Hawaiian^; court. This * brought 4( the
matter^ to tissue . and t ; "the • ° daughters
agreed^ to: accept \u25a0 $400,000 v as --' their . os
te,nsible;share In theestate.", What pro
visions 'hayelbeen made; for -the distri
bution : of' thaV remaining'.' ..'.millions,' 'of
,whlch^Mrs>; Afong now^ has undisputed
possession,', was not made'public in the
recent'cash"settlementr r -'" •*•"-" '.".-' ' •'.
sided largely, in consequence of the
new -/developments. . & The^ government
crop report, in spite of the deterioration
in the, grain:; crop's,":' has-.le.ft. a; feeling
.of; confidence i that a : considerable ;sur
plus i would Abe ; available j sbbh .' for « e"x
po'rt fat figures, gj The heavy
outgo | of ; cotton', also ; Is : reviderice "of
sufficient stocks of that;important com
mbdity-toi make, it^ have', an unusually
large., showing; in r the ; country "trade. : . '(
Tony. Trojomivoch An
swers Description" Given
by Gertrude Tavares
Physician Deems . Condition
" of Babe Is Serious, but
Expects Recovery
-i ~. OAKLAND, - Sept. 15. — Following the
attack * yesterday |on Gertrude Tavares.
the_: 6 year" old daughter : 'of Joseph Ta4
yares.-.who lives at 751 Campbell street.
Detective > Kyle and Policeman "James
Fenton r today." detained; Tony Trojomi
yoch,' a ; laborer, oh suspicion . of having
committed the crime. . ••, Trojomivoch
answers; the 'general description given
by -the child ; of her . assailant, and so
far has been unable to account for his
whereabouts at the time of , the crime.
Ihl; answer* to /the; questions of the po
lice, however/ the suspected man denies
all v knowledge of the attack 'on the
babe, but- is being held- pending further
investigation. . . . .
" Owing t to : the tender age and almost
hysterical condition, 'of ..the little girl,
the police. are experiencing difßoulty In
proving ttrue j.thelr -suspicions; against
TroJomlvoctC whom the little victim has
so far. been unable positively to identify
aa~ the man who lured her. from In front
of the home. of , her parents." : The sus
p.ect". was -taken to the Tavares home
today andlwasconfronted-with' the vic
tim ofj the :\u25a0 attack/ but "the child was
unable to 1 say. positively, whether or not
he" was the' right man- 5 She said, how
ever.' that he looked i like . the "bad man
who." had taken her , away.". : . • j
-; Trojomivoch was '} arrested in . the
West Oakland, railroad yards, where he
was .by Policeman , Fenton,
but -from the first he denied any knowl
edge of the crime. - A The police hope to
secure ia positive .'ldentification \u25a0when
the; little one* has recovered from the
effects of the attack- upon her. - '
-\u25a0• The; child is -under the care of Dr.
H. S.kergan, who said tonight that her
condition. -while still- serious, probably
wbuld.;not result fatally. The physician
declared ' that : : there was . little doubt
thati 1 a. crime had -been committed," but
he ; has been unable' to secure a clear
account of/the attack from' the child. *
The.^house' in which - the crime was
committed - . was located today, being
situated; at " Pacific ' and "Willow streets,
and a part^ofj the, story told by- the
child .was proven. true, as the arrange
ment of the basement is exactly as she
described it 'when "she told the story
of the attack to her mother. Policemen
on the case are. endeavoring to locate
some ! person who (saw the child being
taken- ; Into " th'e^ dwelling. S The a little
girl said thatj the man; had lured her
Into „• the- house by giving- her candy
after , he, had led \u0084he.r by. the hand from
in front, of ; the home \u25a0of her parents.
Is About to Retire and
Younger Men Need the
Experience More -
Believe "Fighting Bob" Will
Special bp Leased Wire to The Call
NEW YORK. Sept. 1 8.— Naval officers
on duty at the Brooklyn navy yard de
clare that Admiral Robley D. Evans Is
an Illogical choice for commander In
chief of the Pacific fleet. The reason
advanced for this opinion, Is that he is
about to retire, and the experience,
If the cruise is to gitoe officers experi
ence, as declared by the president, had
better be offered a younger man. who
might stand In need of such experience
later. They say also that Admiral
Evarg Is in such ill health that not
long ago he contemplated asking to be
sent before a. retiring board.
All naval officers believe that the as
signment of Evans to the command Is
a personal matter on. the part of the
president, who is fond of the admiral
and desires to honor his last year in
the service; .. also that the assignment
is ~ temporary and that Admiral ; Evan si
will be superseded by a younger and
more active man as soon as he reaches
the Pacific coast.
These officers expect to see, Rear Ad
miral Goodrich, now In command of
Brooklyn navy yard, sent to the Golden
gate to relieve "Fighting Bob,"* no mat
ter what the ultimate destination of
the fleet may be.
Melrose Clergyman's Remarks Punc-
tuated by the -Honking " of' the
Buzz Wagons
MELROSE. Sept. .15.— Rev. Walter E.
Tanner, pastor of the Melrose Baptist
church, preached an open clr sermon
in Fourteenth street near Melrose sta
tion this, evening, in which he de
nounced the reckless speeding of auto
mobiles through the highways of the
Melrose district.
With his remarks punctuated by the
honk-honk of the buzz wagons whiz
zing to and fro along the road, the in
dignant clergyman voiced his opposi
tion to /what he declared was a sacri
legious pastime on the Lord's day. be
sides being a dangerous form of sport,
'which recked little of human- life and
limb. » The clergyman urged the com
munity to assert Its opinion so strong
ly that strict regulation of the machine
would result. ' -

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