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During the wrecking of the steamer
San Francisco, with terrible loss of life; a
faithful; record 1 was kept. It has/ been
found and will be published in .
A r OLIJ]\rE Cn.~NO. 109;
Protective and the Union
... \u25a0 \u25a0 \u25a0 \u25a0 \u25a0 . i
Mutual in Serious
J. P. Transue and Ferd X
Rule Involved in
the Scandal
Sensation Promised When
Light Is Turned on Los
Angeles Concerns"
Papers were prepared yester
day by Attorney General U. S.
Webb for two sensational suits
to be directed against building
and loan associations in Los An
geles. The attorney general, act
ing in the name of the people of
California, will ask the courts to
throw the Union Mutual and the
Protective building and loan asso
ciations into the hands of re
ceivers. Men prominent in the
financial and political affairs of
the state will be involved, and
while criminal prosecutions are
not planned at present a thorough
investigation into the affairs of
the two corporations will be
lii the application to be made by the i
attorney general for "an lajunctioa -to
prevent the preeent'dlrectors from con
11 nu i d S-^-to tra"n«ac*t .; business | -for :tbi
corporations, the "methods employed by
the officers of the associations will b«
called Jnto question.' Among" the di
rectors who have' been accused ar©
Fred K. Rule, former president of the
league of republican clubs; Assembly
man J. P. Transue, who Is serving as
a building and loan commissioner; * "D.
W. Field, former building and loan
cornmlssioner, and R. Carlton Knlg"ht.
The Union Mutual and the Protective
building: and loan association are close
ly affiliated and practically are under
the same management. The concerns
are comparatively, new In the Lot An*
seles field. They were prosperous at
first, but of late their ( affairs have* be
come seriously involved. "Last month
charges were brought by the minority
stock holders against tbe management
in ."«"tnca Rule, Transue, Field and
Knight were vigorously assailed. It
was charged that Rule and Field had
manipulated the affairs of the company
to their own advantage and that Knight
was an ex-convict. '
The matter was taken! up by, Build
ing and Loan Commissioner Llndley
*and Attorney General "Webb.' An In
vestigation .showed that .the .two .con
cerns were In a bad tangle. Differ
| ences among tbe stock holders had
"driven business -ai"yay and tbe financial
standing of both' associations was
seriously impaired. .Webb decided to
tak<* «t«*ps to. throw the enttr* matter
into the courts,' and accordingly suits
will be instituted today. These suits
trill* ask for an injunction to restrain
the present boards of directors from
carrying on the business of the cor
poraiions with an alternative request
for the appointment of a' receiver. '
For tome time the minority stock
holders' have been peeking to oust the
present officers. Rule is ; president of
both companies ayd has come in for a
large «hare, of the denunciation. Other
officers of the concerns have also been
accused of mismanagement and Incom
petence. It is charged that fraud "has
been practiced by some of the officers
. of the associations, that the corpora
tion* are practically insolvent," that the
real financial condition of the com
panies has -been concealed and that
ther«» has " been a wanton -waste' of
The cases will be taken up tomorrow
in the civil courts of Los Angeles. A
representative of the attorney general's
office willtak-s charge.
LtndJ^y'and Transue, when asked
l&£t.nl"6"Bt In regard to the action Ho
be taken \u25a0 against the two companies,
declined;.to discuss the matter.
Jew Outrages Resumed
ani Two Are Dead
ODESSA* September' -16.—Notwith
standing :th«' proclamation of «tbe .p re--'
feet of Odessa/ General Novitaky," out
ra gres In the etreets • here were resumed
today on- theloccasion of the funeral; of
a police \u25a0 official; '; The .black'; hundreds
fl red revolvers ' reck! ess 1 y all ' day, broke
Into the houses,". pillaged ftnd cruelly
beat their occupants. -Two 'Jews were
killed and many -were* Injured. Reports
are reaching:. this city;- of. raids, rob
beries and' murders in other. places. "
The San Francisco Call.
XESTEKDAY — Clear; maximum temperature,
68; minimum, 56.
FOEECAST FOR TODAr—ClonflT; fresh south
•winds la morning, changing to westerly. Paso 11
Millkinslrej, lncladlng \u25a0 Rjun, - Rockefeller, Jr.
and others, plan to open heart of Congo : Frae
SUte. . . Pace IX
H. H. : Rogers, fi> ld general cf ' Standard oil
company, «n£fers paralytic stroke. ' Page 3
Oakland woman claims boy she reared Is t heir
to, Prince, d* Chlmay, whose wife,' she-*H*ges,'
changed children In cradle. • Page 1
Brooklyn preacher denounces the religions,
actlylty of ' John D. Rockefeller. . , Page 3
Rear /Admiral John G." Walker . dleg suddenly
while visiting friend*/ Pa je 3
Pop* Plus X attacks modernism in latest
encycUcaL - .' Page 11 |
General strike ' in • Norember may tie nperery
railway in England. \u25a0;^ Page 3
Jew outrages are resumed in streets of Odessa
with many acta of ' croeltj. Paga 1
Mexican rexolotlonltts are freed to face mnr
der charge, on which they are rearrested. P. 3
San Joaqnln ' county grand Jury will make an
lnTestigatioa into the killing of stranger who
shot, at -rail way conductor at Tracy on Sunday,
aad an Indictment for murder may result. Pi 1
Decision rendered In a suit for water rights
affecting Tirtaally the entire : Tulare lake bot
tom. v Page 2
Alex Franco, a cellar . boss \u25a0in Fresno winery,
sacrifices bis life in an attempt to-sareao
«mploye in rat." * • Page 1
Tbe struggle for Chinese markets. Page 8
BooseTelt's choice . o.r Hughes. Page 8
Mr. Hurrl man's apology not accepted. Page 8
Republican local nominating conTention will
organise in WalKm's parlllon tonight and great
interest centers In the appointment of ; a
committee, to confer on. the mayoralty, situa
tion. Pago 1
Six . mea cootrolllnc majority of ' union labor
delegates bare combined against Thomas F.
Eagan. • ' page 2
Receirers asked for two loan associations. P. 1
Railroads decide to charge shippers for.tack
lag adrertising banners" on cars. Page 16
In bearing of ' case against plumbers*, union
Judge Van Fleet says boycott, is illegal. Page 4
Jobs A. Fox, special director of ' tbe national
rirers aad harbors congress, deUrers address be
fore boslsess organizations of city. Page 4
Mineralogist "Anbury finds that makers of
fraudulent nonmlneral affidavits are held by
federal judges to be goilty of perjury . and "car
tain , men ' in ; California 'are in peril. Page 4
Chief Biffgy appoints Sergeant J. B. Cook Vs
property', clerk- ia piace.'of Lieotenaot r WUllam;
E. pipaa.;,.;'.'.'. )\u25a0 -:'X ... ' C..V .•!\u25a0 v-i'/V ?**? *
. Friends of Ell wood - Cooper are waging bitter
campaign to bare him rewlccd as state horti
cultural corccSsiSooer. - t \u25a0 \u25a0 Page 16
r Mrs. Lu<s wig £ tißcber.^hirgeJi ; Attf»j»y
R. ] B. ; Treat., tried to i bribe \u25a0 htr not to" • «mte?t*
filrorce ; suit; • ; :i .'\u25a0'\u25a0\u25a0'. \u25a0- •' ',\u25a0 ,P»»i'lS
James. Danpby . answers . wife's diTOrce. inlt
and denies be Is . a millionaire. ; . ' Page 5
Superrisors consider-; resolution a to- establish
public retail' markets as relief frora extortionate
chmrges for food supplie*. i _~. \u25a0 • -Pace 5
: Superrisors -reccl-re minority .». report , faVorlug
grantifig ' of . Park side street railway franchise
and \u25a0• will ! act' thereon ( next - Monday. \u25a0 t Page 5
Alberta Sieb* obtains a dlrorce from; John F.
Siebe, son of ; ex-Assessor John D. Slebe, on the
groond.of failure to pro Tide. • < Page 4
• Snperrlsors cut- $95,000 from resolution S to re
pair east and central wings of city haU. Page S
E. O. Brundage, . a master painter,, brought
salt*, against seTeral labor leaders and -labor, or
ganlzatlons yesterday to restrain ' thenr * from
continuing to denominate him unfair, v " Page 4
\u25a0 City Physician T. A. HotUnsl and Ai.J.
Adler 'are \u25a0• ousted by - board of \u25a0 health, '\u25a0\u25a0which
clres position to Dr. James Watklss. Page 9
• Cartler" wbo~ Is' mysteriously missing is sough t
by grief \u25a0 strlcVen' wife and '\u25a0\u25a0 friends, who ; offer
reward. '- '- -< 'r~ \u25a0 : Page^lfl
Financial . Secretary F. E. . Miller of the Young
Men's ' Christian ' association ' is "suspended \u25a0 from
his . potition pending an inquiry into alleged
trregnlarltles In tis accounts. Page I
Members of the present grand^Jury ask/to'be
reileTed- of their duties next month. ' '\u25a0' Page 16
Eighth Jurors' are- accepted to try Tirey lit.
Ford ', and the day's proceedings are enlivened
by accusations and counter accusations .by coun
sel that hired gun' fighters are employed y by
either side* to sit in court. | Page.l.
\u25a0 \u25a0 Policeman ' set • upon by gang of • Chinese
gamblers roots them with bare bands and cap-,
tnres . three.' : : . : Page I
Julius Krattschnltt lr-; heir of millionaire
railway magnate, works >as surveyor for state
mining bureau on small salary. ' Page 16
Attorney General Webb " win begin suit today
to wind I up affairs of two building and loan as
sociations of ' tat.' Angeles . B Page 1
Andrew F. -Powers' scheme to drum up 'hotel
trade in * X/xi -.'Angeles ' not ' accepted -by local
msnage.'s. BSK^K . . Page 2
SUBURBAN. -.•,'\u25a0 X :
'Alameda county ;»nperrtsors fix tbe county* and
state tax rat*. Inside *t $1.58. .with t4o^ cento
more for the ouUid* road dlntricte. Page 6
' Oakland \u25a0 society women, take possession- of the
Playter: mansion- to i establish a dub for-'Vage"
earning girls. ; . /."'Page 6
Alameda '- county grandjury drops inquiry; into
hsll Jof ' records "methods.', when" a- protege. 1 of
Treasurer Kelly resigns. 4 'Page 4
Unkind tones " cause elgbt Alameda,, Vcall"
flreme*n -. to j strike and' : refuse to obey ; orders \u25a0of
assiktant chief. „ \u0084 , '\u25a0'.. '..'. ' : '-'Tkg* t
Mrs. ': tida Zlngg • of : Ala raeda •Is chosen ; <jrieen
of. the Alameda county carnival. ' Page 6
Detroit* Americans', shut < cut the Chicago
t** m ~ pBjRfIBPRHBS Page 10
William. ; X.' Vanderbllt - Jr. \u25a0\u25a0 prerents : granting
of \u25a0, permit jto \ tb« s Metropolitan" automobile asso-'
clarion for : proposed road race-aext^month.",", P. 10
' Chauffeur •' Ernest R. " Kellyj,succumbs'"tp"'.ln
jnri«s recelred 'in a": motor > car .; race at Sicrs
nn»nta -'. v .;.'.-; '£$-'\i4*,'.- l \- - y '*« 10
Dandelion beats Runolsg;. Water * a In
the . Oriental r bandlca'p^ oii • tbi^?<i>penJtrg;,'day •' *t
Grarese nd. . * \u25a0\u25a0'- s"*.' I , a" , „ ' \u0084 * "\u25a0'-." Pay* 10
Pacifle" athletic ' sesoclatlon*"' will*, bring ',- off »' a
handicap; meeting; in {October.;" '." f Page 10
Stanley Ketcbel, \u25a0 i. the . Montsn* boxer, * has
offers "of .'. matches - with Joe Gans^and- Joe'
Thomas. \u0084 ." ,<-*:Pag* 10
. .Elerator : t cr>nstrn-itors close triennial int*nss- :
tlootl cooTeßtlon'Witb^high Jinis.' Pag© 9
MARIN^ ; " : :' • V \u25a0--. . v- ; -"
-. Engineers who took; little steamer President
to . r AcaJntla' decline : to \u25a0; serre in^Salrador's i n*.vy
aad ' return on . City 'of . Para. ' ~. • ' v Page 18
! r Arnry transport ; Sherman *. encounters i tail v end
of typhoon between itagasaki and Honolulu.' P.", 11
MINING^ ;'; v r
i- Sajes s ,of 'eOTitb»rn \u25a0 Kerada stocks' are ]•« ie
rolume than ' it 'any.'; precedlngV" tirce' in
- Wedding 'of. Miss AJki'/PetersT to Frederick
John s Blackburn was prettycVfcmony • vtltnpss.-«1
onl/'t'y'cloeeet' friends and relatives.""'' 'Pago '8
Y. M. C. A. MAN
Financial Secretary Miller
; Suspended Pending ;
Investigation [
/ ; • . \u25a0 ... . \u25a0
Discrepancies Are Numerous
but Only for Small
Amounts '
Grave Accusations Are Met
With /Explanation' of
Lax Methods
. Felix Ellis Miller, for 10 years
financial secretary of the > local
branch of the Young Men's Chris
tian association, is under suspen
sion from the organization ' pend
ing an investigation of irregulari
ties in his* accounts, which were
recently brought to light by other
officials of , the association, but the
exact extent of which has not
been ascertained. The order of
suspension was made scveraldays
ago by General Secretary fH. J.
McCoy and -the formal- investiga
tion is . to be. taken up ; by the
board of directors Thursday.
Failure to account ' for sums re
ceived^ as membership fees, dis
crepancies between the amounts, paid
for certain supplies 'and 'the -account of
the same as In' the assorta-,
tion's', books and other Irregiilaritiea
of a i similar," nature;* are . Ithe X. thliiirs
'charged*'to "Miller; -H« ; has already: at-,
.tempted /to explain away any;.culjia
bil ity in ;\u25a0 the* . "matter," al legin g : *that * ail
gende and 'carelessness =on his part) but
his 1 statements /have .not been* accepted
as . conclusive of : his Innocence^ f or.-the
formal investigation lias been r ordered.
although every' effort ; has been ; made
to keep . the \ scandal secret and prevent
knowledge of it f rom ; becoming public.
Pending the outcome of the ; Inquiry
Miller has placed $1,000 on deposit ; wiVh
the association to cover any * deficiency,"
should any be" divulged.'' • *
score: of discrepancies
The discoveries- which led' to the sus
pension and filing of charges against
Miller, were- made' by. Secretary -McCoy
and .Educational Director.^ E; E. Esdon
of the'assoclation;' who haVe unearthed
nearly a score of • financial discrepancies
which demand explanation.'. .
The incident which 'first directed the
attention of the.other' officers; to. MiN
ler's • methods : of \u25a0_ handling the associai
tion's accounts was the discovery about
two weeks ago .of a. ; member - of • the
association -whose name did not appear
on "the". rolls and' whose payment of
membership' fee was: '.'not entered t-'upon
the books. Inquiry developed, the fact
that the fee . had been' paid to Miller,
and then several other cases of a simi
lar kind came , to. light.' - ..This led ;to
a quiet investigation, which was' ; start
ling in Its results.^' 'Among other 'things,
it was- found' that; a. voucher/made "out
to . an Instructor; of tha " association
Bhortly after the fire had been cashed
without . his ' knowledge? The : fire
caused the \ services- of =. of , the
instructors- to be ; dispensed with.,- but
later \u25a0- it was •; determined to. pay , them
certain' amounts' on', their, salaries. One,
whose nsme was withheld, did/not se
cure • his voucher for Jf 25 •; at' the time fit
was issued, but later demanded It : and It
was ; found that jit.had:j it .had: been : cashed" and
a. receipt given by*Milleri \u0084 .> ..-.-\'
/Cash ; tags from- stores /where jMiller
had, purchased supplies for 'the' associa-'
tlon / were found on which t the sums
had evidently .been erased and changed,
and" numerous ; other" Instances ; of
parent* irregularities were unearthedf
When faced with the 'charge; "Miller
denied -that he had ever intentionally
withheld any money "belonging > to I the
association. 7' He : explained the niissing
membership c fees , by Vstating • th'att'he
might have negligently faiiedrtofmake
out -the \ proper; receipts aJid'; credits'.'
though Vthe rules* of '\u25a0 the -association
positively- require this to : be done, /and
that the mpney t might .have":. become
mixed witlif that* kept-'on hand by him
and used for other association expenses.
Miller; pointed 'out : to_; his '.accusers' that
since the fire . thel unsettled conditions,
and , the \u25a0 fa ct that ' the V various offices'
of ,the association . have -been ' scattered,
have made i it necessary i f or; the! receipt'
books -to be " ; taken; out '; of his , office- at
times for ;the' use of ;the book-keepers
and that . consequently he ; has - noti al
ways t been able tot furnish) feceiptsTat
the i-l proper- ;. time. ; * \ Miller ' i* ' ' said': to
have admitted that* he: changed 'the
figures on. certain*, purchase .tags, -but
Continued ' on ' Pasre ' %\ ColumaTe
\u25a0••Scene in Judge- Lamlor's deportment '
*c? the. ; superior court \u25a0 nhen Francis ' /.''
\u25a0 Heney, the \ assistant district 'attorney, \u25a0
charged .that : the United Railroads' em-
- ployed^ 1 desperadoes' to haunt ["-.- the
.- courtroom' during the? trial • of . Tire's •"£•
Ford'^for the alleged bribing] of -ex-:
Supervisor Lonexgan. (\At the left are'
Earl Rogers of • counsel for the 'defense .
and i his client, - Tire J? .: L. • Ford, former .
attorney general " ofi California and no© •
I, attorney for the United Railroads. The
-' standing figure •is ' /Aai . of Francis \ J.
Heney. • Judge William P.' Lavtlor.'.'oc
'.- cupiesYthe bench, v ' i. '}<[,:•
Jflf£ Will Investigate
Killing at Tracy
Authorities of _ San Joaquin
,: -County Decide to Probe
Into Stranger's Deaths
Sfiedal by LcasedWiteiofheCall
STOCKTON," Sept. 16.— According to
information : obtained 1 todays from the
local" authorities, ,the San Joaquin"coun
ty grand jury .will summon : Dan^Daniel
of>424:j'W'aller^ street, ,' Sari Francisco,
to'appear. before': lt : as soon' as possible."
The ?jijry J wfll ; makVan ,- Inyestfgiitioh to
detormine /whether ( or ; noti there; is evi
dence sufficient > to Indict Daniel, for : the
murder of, the unidentified passenger : 'of
the' north"; bound l.llmited Vho was'killed
' after ?: having, \ shot >'at' ; Conductor. : Jeff
Gage, , who" had- ejected . hlm-i from* the
train- near.; Tracy \u25a0 Sunday afternoon.
Daniel', ls ' under subpena to'appear be
fore, the 'coroner's Jury tomorrow, and
fie i will -be required \u25a0 to , remain- within
the" jurisdiction of the. local courts.
\u25a0- At^first'it was 'stated that no inves-,
tigation ..would be : made with, a view
of .maintaining^ a criminal prosecution
against those who had shot: at the^flee-
Ing passenger. Statements ''obtained
from' eyewitnesses to the affair; seemed
to indicate -that -the passengers 1 and
baggagemen were- justified in their ' ac-"
tion;-but later it. developed that the un
identified man had made no attempt to
injure any person but Conductor Gage.
His fight was with .the conductor, alone.'
The autopsy, also developed that>the
man' had been shot in vthe back wnile
running away from * the train. '• Thej au -
thorities ; secured '^possession of ' all [\u25a0 the
weapons • used onHhe and Cor- ,
oner Wallace has the "bullet , which was
extracted from the body of the \u25a0de
ceased. ;It is said that the bullet ; is
from'; the revolver owned by Danlel. ; • \u25a0\u25a0] :_',
Late -tonight '\u25a0 visitors ." at the . morgue
stated that " t h e I d ead ; was ; Thomas
Lane,- a Western^ Pacific Vof kman.'This
identification has not\been .verified; ; 7i
Claims Oakland Boy Is
, CHICAGO, . Sept. ! 16. — One of the
strangest . of the many . stories", : true or
falser ; whlch\ have' been; told >' of -Clara
Ward, one <time wife, of -the Prince^de
"Chimaiy.-'of Belgium 'and* heiress /of the
Mililonaire • Ward estate .of Detroit
Mich., has " : eorrie to light- in Chicago
•and met" with denial from , Thomas R.
Lyon, -72 /Astdr street, an: executor' of
the estate. "-'The', story, was to .the effect
that the rightfulthelr of ?. the -princely
title' was not recognized by his rela
tives 'but " was being- feared by v Mrs.'
Mary^lartlri' of .Oakland, ;Cal. '; \u25a0;
The narrative. which^related'Jthat the
Princess ; de sChimay \u25a0 when ; th<% - child
' was Iborn, substituted' a. girl' baby,- thV
daughter* of r a , poor -Irish' woman, in its
steady was credited to the-: woman.' who
was: in Chicago •yesterday; accompanied
by .a : boy, 16 .years old; whom/she is
s'ald^ to ;.have, declared^ to! be i, the ;eldest
child' of Clara Vrard and 'A the ; titled
foreigner. .'.,"\u25a0»' «
' '.'the ; -story r- originated ..with this
woman, -whom I; have. j never, seen nor
ever \u25a0 heard \ of .until she "wrote ; to i us
i askin g\ money -- for j the child's • support,"
*said: ? Lyoh,': who ;Is an uncle .of *._ Clark
\u25a0Ward, V today [to :a,reporter. . :.;; 7;j.
..V ''There \u25a0 Aa\ absolutely .' no \u25a0 truth ; in the
claim. \u25a0;M; My • niece,'; "who is - : now \ the i.wif «
of., 'Gftfseppe^RJcartaT^of' Naples,, h^d'two
, the Prince , de Chimay-^a
girl ; and *' a '< boy— and they , are being
cared f oriby" : theirff athen* Mme.' Ricarta
is not , in America now,'; as ,stated,ubut
Ronts Gamblers' Gang
I Si Bare^ Hands
Policeman Set Upon by Chinese
Forces Jhem to Flight and
: Jakes Three to Jail
' : OAKLAND, ;;:'Sept. : 16.— Attempting to
force, his- way into. a Chinese gambling
den at 254 Second street" this after
noon, - after having . become convinced
.that ;al fan tan game was "in prog-re-js
in- the Iplace, \ Policeman John '^ Gardner
was (set :-jpon: by half a' dozen' enraged
ba-ttle vfreed]himsißlf. frornVtheirihands.'
The . officer.. wa3 compelled vto^ flghtithe
'an'KryJChineie .; withihls fists,-asJttie.at
,tack. on "! Hi*ny was;-; jo j: sudden * k'nd\i>-i :
fierce +wii; r . the \ asiault :\ th"4 tVGardner
had> no" time Uo draw.eithtriclub/orlre-'
voiver.' • - ";'~s* ;•; .\u25a0\u25a0"• ' \u25a0 . :- 1 \u25a0' '. \u25a0' '\u25a0\u25a0\u25a0' *' " ;
- Gardner. had ; been watching the gam
bling; den', f orVdays) \u25a0- and * this \u25a0 afternoon
he^ slipped up close \u25a0 to'the:door unper
ceivedbyi.the;lookout.';:When the.door
was. opened ." to -admit a visitor, to tho
. place^Gardnermade a dash ; f orj the en
trance . and reached \u25a0 the door 'bef or'er It
could.'be; 1 closed. -' He forced the heavy,
door,' In the face > of \u25a0 the guard \u25a0 arid
leaped inside.. "Without warning. ~t!io
: man in charge -otJ'th'e'door'Athe lookout;
: and ;„ several [<. other . Chinese ,' attacked
the V- policeman. • Grasped -by" a' dozon
.bVnds,', : Gardner was '/'. forced?"back
against -the - wall,*- and then' began the
battle , for • mastery.
.-7. -7? Freeing his arms from the grip ; of
the «\u25a0: Chinese,! the ; ; policeman \u25a0' knocked
down\oneof the gamblers who had r at-*
'tempted;" to grasp^hirn i by the -'throat,
and .thus ; gaining roqm .to \u25a0 move, V went
at j his assailants : hammer, 'anrl torifs.
The : battle lasted but'a short ;time,.'the
Chinese quickly. realizing. that. they. bad
undertaken /a - .. contract .tlian
they could, "carry.- obt.\. ..One after' an
other; they were felled 1 to, the floor by
;'the«"Tblo'ws ';.' of- : the * policeman, and
finally, ; when", three' of .'them . lay'"help
less,f the : ..'others, 'fled.** The|,-flghf had
lasted, long enough',*; however,'' to allow
the * patrons \of } the' gambling den ito
ePcape.V Gardner: was compelledto-con
,tent^himself^, wlthj making prisoners' of
\u25a0 th«: three. men' he had ? knocked 'out dur-\
ing' the battlej >it-. the 'door. •"i" i - -'
;*.; The. men .'were* booked 1 aKthe central
police station < on ; charges -of gambling^
Later.' they Trere - released ""on .'ba*.l V f ur
hished". by;* fellow 1 'couritrymetr. .- 1 This is
thet first' time "In * the^histbry- of > this'
city that such-ja- desperate Attack than
been , "made; on, a, policeman ? by, Chincse
gamblers; althoughattempts have often
been ; made'itb "•preventt?entrance«into
the gambling; dens.; --..
B©roi<;aily Sacrifices
Life in Wines Vat;
Special by Leased Wire to The Call
i FRESNO, '<, Sept. 16.^-Alex '% Franco,'
a ';...-.; cellar; . boss ' ... in . * the ..employ •• of
the : Italian Swiss "winery -at'lClngs-;
bury, .heroically saucrificed \u25a0), his . -life
in an unsuccessful attempt to^rescue an !
employe afternoon/ - 1 He J had -'in f ;
structed^Damino- Asborno- to ' clean ' out
one 'of * the •; large i wine Vyatsl '-:• Asborno
and t ' a • companion ; named * John '. Need
went into .'the empty -vat i: without * the
precaution '< of. te^lrig v th e ; air with a
candle. V^The : vat -had . been ; fumigated
with^sulphur. some^ time-before,. but was
thought ; to, be' safe. Necci barely sue-,
ceeded,in*gettlng'outl ? Knowing. Asbor
no'.was^ inside Franco started : af terhim:
Bystanders .warned V" him * not ; to go
but ; he 'merely t laughed 'and "started" \u25a0- i
-..' '\u25a0:. Both' > men were suffocated .by .the
fumes ' i n the vat. C Fellow employes : suc-^
ceedM4h f getting; out the f men ) \but',too
late to** revive' them." * '-" " .*" ' .' '\u25a0/.
— ___ ___ __ . _ - - -
China's wonderful old Empress
»isi brirjgmg her reign to a voluntary close,
f^hf accurate story of things this rcmark
Charge That Gun
Fighters Sit in
Accusations by At
torneys Enliven
Ford Trial
Progress in Selection
! of Ford Jury
Edward W. Bender, law book pub
Nells Mortensen, contractor.
Oscar Ferguson, lqwu ranee scent.
Florence Drlscoll, i plumber.
John" Olsen,' shlpptagmaii.
Edward .W. '\u25a0 !* image, . jeweler.
Frederick _ M. Morcbm,.art •. dealer.
'A'rthVr^.'\V.;'Jobii»on, srrocer. - •
. CriAliliEXGß
Daniel. Kelly. Insurance broker..
James . Kennedy, ! retired i merchant.
Joseph "- D. Cut (en, '\u25a0- produce ' mcr
. •cbant.V V- >'\u25a0 "\u25a0 'V- ' . • '
\ 'Gun- 'fighters and 'detectives
were; the subjects .yesterday of
the liveliest argumentthat has de
veloped'thus far in .the .trial of
Tifey.L. Ford; the general counsel
of the United Railroads, charged •
with the bribing of ex-Supervisor
Tliomas :£,onergaii in the interest
of the , corporation's " trolley, fran
chise.}'. The gun fighters did not
perform with their artillery, but
afforded the. embattled at
torneys \int the case an opportunity
to exercise their eloquence. It
was -Earl Rogers;. for Ford, who
detected the detective and started the
trouble talk/, Francis J. Heney re
sponded 'for the state , and named
three men whom he. called "the most
desperate characters in California."
. .. Hencj-'s nominees, for the ;hall of
desperadoes -were Dave . N"agle,;.Bog:ie
O'Donhell, bouncer for Pratt & Tier
ney '.when ttieirj joint "< was in Mason
street; and the .'•Banjo . Eyed. Kid."
Harry. * Lorentzen, who . has been : a
ever since local politics
was i invented. _'./ Heney charged:, that
these- "desperate characters" • had
b'eenj brought * into the courtroom, .by
'Patrick «Calhouri's '-men, 'and -with
them' hV bracketed -Sam" Leake, -Luther
Brown: and .a man' named Spencer.- . '\u25a0'\u25a0\u25a0\u25a0
>.* While^the" entertainment in the main
arenaVwas progressing. Patrick Calhbun
and * James \u25a0 Foley, ;" one of ; Burns* : ;irien,'
whosej appearance in the' courtroom had
disturbed^ the .'defense, , were, haying ;a
private ; colloquy > of two \u25a0 sentences.
Continued ' on- Pajfe 2,*-eols". . 3 and 4
Impertinent Question No. 16
;V:; V: f |Mfl^^cMa«^!^ You?
[ For ;the mosti original Jpr wittiest answer to this ques
tion— anH; the -briefer the better—-The Gall will pay
Fl^^D^ answers
The Calliwill pay ONE^CDLLAR each. Pxoe
\u25a0:):winning answers^ will be printed next Wednesday
, and checks-mailed to the winners at orice. Make.
'i. \u25a0\u25a0>; your answer short and address it to'
- \u25a0* * - ' 1 litLi X* t\ I\* Li.
Evei of "Convention
Brings Rumors
of Deals
Great Interest Centers
in Mayoralty Situation
Efforts to Secure
a Nonpartisan
Good Government league
Is Battling for Taylor
George A. Van Smith
The first crack in the thin po
litical ice will be made tonight by
the organization of the republican
local nominating convention at
Walton's pavilion, in- Golden
Gate avenue. The union labor
convention will organize . on
Thursday night at Dolores hall,
and the democrats hope that the
first meetings of the dqminant
parties will result in ' shaping a
situation that the' bourbons may
convene to juggle/ with.
On the* eve of the republican
convention < the : political atmos
phefe.is. surcharged! with_ rumors of
alleged political deals and. combina
tions."" These alleged deals' sierve to
keep. the tongues, of. the political seer*
wagging and furnish a fruitful field
•for' speculation, most of which is as
; wild as the' rumors, but the public's
real interest is centered in th«..effb&s
to secure a conference to get- the
co-operation : of the three parties' . in
the* nomination of \u25a0a .. nonpartisan
ticket.' The leadership in this move
ment has been assumed by the mer
chants' association, the Good Govern
. . . . - -• .
ment . league and the nonpartisan
league. The scheme advanced by^the
merchants* association is radically
different from that favored by the Good
Government league and the nonpartisan.
league. The merchants' association
desires an agreement whjch will result
in the nomination of a single candidate
for mayor. The other two associations
want a single candidate for mayor and
district attorney' and have selected
their candidates— Dr. Taylor and Dis
trict Attorney William H. Lansdon.
, The merchants*, association has no
candidate .for,, mayor.* It V, 1 ? 1 be satis
fied with any candidate who caa: **\u25a0«
cure the nomination of the \u25a0 three par
ties. .The Good Government , league In
aists upon the -nomination of ' Mayor
Taylor; and District Attorney La n gel on
and decided last night 'that in'theeyent
of the refusal of any party to nominate
Dr. Taylor the league .would put him, la
the, field as"' an independent candidate.
No such contingency 'attaches to.lth«
candidacy • of : District Attorney Lang -
don. whose nomination* by the. republi
cans'- is assured and whose nomination
by the democrats is not improbable.
Two definite, but widely different
steps looking to' the nomination, .of a
nonpartisan. candidate foe- mayor wer»
taken ' yesterday. -The merchants* : as
sociation ; formally "requested the ap
pointment of {conferees by the several
conventions »and the • Good Government
league requested the* appointment of
five conferees 'from, each convention,
whose business; it should be , to me*t
with five .members of the Good Govern
ment league "and '- : igfe« to - nominate
Mayor Taylor and District Attorney
Langdon. ,'~ ..\u25a0;..
The resolutions adopted -by the mer

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