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News of the Local Labor Unions
's-CgSZS^SZ*!*^ T* 16 International
TgAijs !^ffimwi> convention of ele
vator constructors,
- which closed t * its
triennial session In this city last Satur
day, elected the following officers for
the current term: Joseph H. Murphy
of New York, president; J. Fltzpatrlck
of Chicago. F. B. Hambridge of San
Francisco. H. D. Walters of Plttsburg.
Edward Coppers of New Yorhr F. W.
Doyle of St. Louis and William Scott
of Philadelphia, vice presidents from
first to sixth in the order presented ;
Thursday tvening, Sept 19,1 907
r:^Mr. C. Arthur Longwell
•\u25a0 VI: ot New Tork City.
•: •;'.- " *t tbt PUao.
[\u25a0'Mr. Frank Hemstreet
.- '. (Barytone)
V ; ; •\u25a0' OJ New Tork City.",
f . •'\u25a0 Coartesy cf
-' •! Too eafl yonr friends are cordlalTy tnr'ted and
' ' '; We hope yon «S] arall yota»elTe« ol the oppor-
'-(. teslty to hear these two artists In concert re-
\u25a0• ' '^rtcire. There win be no charge for adiais-.
' . • elon.
;. : . S:l5 O'CLOCK
£a b'oheme^-tohight
•'•. Aad Scadsy nights, Saterday Matinee. With
-.. Bertozri (.first appearance). Ferrablnl, Parola.
•.. -rArcangcU *Dd LombarOl (first appearance this
\u25a0 \u25a0\u25a0 petson).
\u25a0\u25a0y ' RIGOLETTO — Tomotrovr and Friday IClghts,
: - Sunday Matinee. Wi-Oi Padoranl, Canzlo, Parola,
• . -Arc^npel! and Wnlman.
tl- TEOTATOEB— Thnrrfsy and Satcrday
\u25a0"•\u25a0\u25a0• Nights. With Gonzales. Pezs«tL Slgnorini and
: - "Plmazzonl.
'' • Seats en sale at Shennan. Clay & Co.'s. Van
\u25a0" : .Ness aT. alwre California st. and Geo. H. Myers.
•"\u25a0 : 57 Montfomcry ar.
\u25a0.;• Reserved Seats— s2.oo, Jl-50, fLOO, 500. _
', :[ Geaera.l efiralsslon — 50c.
k" VAN NESS T " s.^J£?
. m .\ I Jll 111 I*%MiJ Phone Market 60a
Henry W. Savage OCers
•-. . Pttley and Lifters' Comic Opera Hit.
"Vas Ton Efifer In Zlnrinnatl?"
.' -• Big Beacty Chorus — Seats. $1.50 to 50c.
Xext Monday— "SALOMY JAAE*»
Snnfiay at the fJc-relty, "The Three of Cs."
\u25a0 -X EUKEST E. HO WELL.. Proprietor aad Manager
' - Market and Eighth streets Phone Market -777
Home of Melodrama
: Toa!«ht and til the Week, the Greatest Melo-
. drama of the Year.
> Never Too Late to Mend
PRICES— 1 5c, 25c and 50c"
.-\u25a0\u25a0•. Next Week, beginning Monday eight, the O»ren
'• Daris spectacular play.
:'... ' BeUsco & Mayer, Owners and, Managers.
:The New Alcazar Stock Company in
;; "ON parole"
Louis Shipman's Military Drama.
Matinees on Saturdar and Sunday.
. PRlCES— Nights. 25c to (I ; MaU., 25c. Sse, 50c.
:'• Next Week— "The Other Girl."
' .Ellis at. Near Fl'liaore. Samncl Loverlcb, Mgr.
BRIKDAMOUB — Handcuff King
Jessl« Seller Tronpe, Three Oliphaots, Ralph
. -dimming! tc Company. Mlse Bardic Lanpdon,
Little Slajor Doyle, Princess Motion Pictures.
MATINEE daily at 2:S0; prices, 25e and 10c
XIGHTLT PERFORMANCES at 7:*5 and 9:15.
• • Prices. 25c «.nd Ssc; bar seats, W)c; penersl
' . admission, 10c . .
.^ _ , _-.
A"bsolct«ly Qass "A" Theater Bnjldlng. .'
Joseph HART'S CrtcTstt* with KATH-
' • *• CO. in "AT HENSrOOT CORNER":
RUPPELTE: New Orpbeam Motion Pictures
and laet week -ot tbe versatile Crojls,
Frlce*T-ETenins«, 10c, 25c. 60c, 75e; b«x seat,
$1.00. Matinee (Except Sosdays and Holidays),
10c. 25c cad 60c.
;-. PHONE WEST 6000.
*^ Eteinar Street near . Sntter.
Under tie Anapices ct the Sao Francisco Lectnre
Committee. . i
• GENERAL ADMISSION BOc. Heserred section ~si
Seats on sale. -- beginning Monday," Sept«rmher
16, at Eberman. Cley & Co.'t. Van Ness abOT«
CkUfornia. ". Phone Franklin 1226. •
Ull }? m Toun « of secre
tary.treasurer: Frank Peeney of Phila
?3 h » , was selected as the eonven
ton s delegate to. the American federa
tion of labor.. The next session of the
SffiSSiJ' 4 WUI be held in Phlla*el
.^^SSfce- night: of the closing day of
vie session, which lasted four days,
during which time the delegates trans
acted a great deal of business of gen
o^, i n , ter «st to the order, the officers
ana delegates were the guests of the
fean^ Francisco union, local No. *8, at a
high jinks, in Jefferson Square hall,
where there was presented an enter
taining program of vaudeville num
bers, a series of amateur boxing
matches and addresses by the newly
Installed officers and by P. H. Mc-
Carthy, president, and O. A. Tveltmoe,
secretary, of the building trades coun
cil and Charles A. Nelson. This affair,
well planned and carded out, was un
der the direction 6t F. B. Hambridge
as sire of the Jinks, C. D. 1 Jump, L>
Connors, D. J. Murphy, Charles Fltz-
Patrick and John Buckley.
The officers mdv delegates In their
talks on that evening expressed them
selves as well pleased with the recep
tion they received on their arrival and
during their sta> in the city, being
particularly pleased with the automo
bile tour of the city to all points of
interest, also the excursion on the bay,
wmen gave them a more comprehens
\u2666I 6 Of what San Francisco bay is
than they had ever, acquired by read
ing and hearing descriptions. The of
ficers expressed themselves strongly
in their belief that there\ Is an exceed
ingly^ bright future for San Francisco.
Several weeks ago F. J. Waterman,
about 80 years of age, an old time
member of typographical union No. 21.
met with an accident, fracturing a rib,
and- was taken in, charge by the union.
We sent him to the best hospital." said
Will J. French, secretary of the union,
yesterday, "and had him in care, for
a month. In the meantime we made
an application to have him admitted to
the union printers* home at Colorado
Springs. The application has been favor
ably passed upon and in a short time he
will^be sent there, where he may pass
the remainder of his days ,free from
care. This Is one of the instances that
show the value of membership in a
union like ours. The old man has no
one to care for him, and In all probabil
ity he would have been sent to the city
and county hospital, and It Is/doubtful
if he would have received the attention
that he did In the one we sent him to.
It is a pleasure to note how grateful
the old gentleman Is for what was done
for him."
• • • ; ,/t
The garment makers' union anounces
that the recent agitation In favor of the
garment label has already
borne fruit In this, that the more than
SO workers In the factory of S. N\
Wood & Co. will be obligated into the
union next Thursday night.
Barbers* local No. 148 at |ts meeting
last night rescinded the resolution im
posing a fine on members who shall
ride on the cars, but continued the
strike assessment. Several candidates
for membership were obligated. Secre
tary Koch reports business Improving
and barbers scarce. The new offices of
this local. In the Muirhead building, at
Market and Larkin streets, are being
fitted up.
Secretary Beban of coopers* union No.
65 announces that members of the
union who desire may ride pending
action by the union at its next meeting
in relation to rescinding the fine re
cently voted on.
Amalgamated carpenters' and Joiners*
branch No". 3 elected the following for
the" current term at its meeting last
night: Thomas Maxwell, president : H.
Playford, vice president; J. Dowsett,
check steward; W. Ellis and J. Salo
mon, sick stewards; J. W. Cassie, door
keeper; J. W. Cassie, delegate to the
district council of carpenters, vice J.
B. Heldorn, resigned; G. A. Raymond,
delegate to the building trades, vice
Heidorn; G. Robinson, delegate to the
Japanese and Korean league.
I The branch voted for Charles A. Nel
son and William Fyfe for delegates to
the American federation of labor. Fines
for riding on the cars were declared
off, but assessments to the strike fund
were continued. . v .
The janitors* union at Its meeting In
the labor temple- last night took the
preliminary steps to arrange for an en
tertainment and dance. Four candi
dates were initiated and two applica
tions were presented.
• • •
In a letter addressed to the labor
organizations the American federation
of labor says:"
The trade onions are tbe reflects In organ
lred, crystallized form of th« best tbougbt, ac
tlrtty and bopes of the wage, workers. They
represent the aggregate expression of discontent
of labor with existing economic, social - and
political nji*rule. The trade nuions are exactly
what the wage worker* are, and can be made e>r
actly what they may please -to make tfcem.
ActiTe or sluggish; keen or dull; narrow' or
broad gauged, Jnst as the members are lnteilec
tual or otherwise. But. represent as they may
either of these alternatives, the trade -«n.ion Is
tbe best form of organization for the. toilers 'to
protect- their present Interests, as well as to
work oat tlielr salTation from all wrong.
The report of W. J. K. Kenney, named
by the court as receiver of the electrical
workers' union of Manhattan some
months ago, was made public recently/
It shows that between December, 1905,"
and March of the present yeau, the
total Income of the union was $35,833
and the total expenditures $36,712. Of
this (19,298 went,to certain officers. of
the union, cays Mr. Kenney. He adds
that ""it would be useless to pursue the
men responsible for the diversion; of
the funds by: civil suits/ they being de
pendent, on their earnings; hence,
judgments would be worthless."
•The international glove workers* as
sociation has voted to Increase Its per
capita tax of 25 per cent The purpose of
the increase Is to organize unions in the
smaller " cities. . ; > . \u25a0\u25a0"-: '.''-
The; international marble .workers'
union, while a small cmc, represents an
almost absolute organization of the
craft. ;' : .
The application of the box , makers
and sawyers for a charter in the ' Ame
rican federation of labor, has; been :re
ferred to the office' of^the amalgamated
wood workers tor consideration.: If
it is found that . the Jurisdiction
asked for does. not clash with. that'- of
the woodworkers the charter will In all
probability be s granted. -..
K. of Lv Iron furring ; and , metallic
lathers at Boston., Mass.;- had -their
wages Increased' recently • from =43*3
cents to 47% in hour. '
Horse" shoersVunloh. of. Boston,; Mass.,
has won its increased scale for. thVcur
rent year," and all the men ."have \re
turned to work. ;
Auniversal price-list and v the gen
eral eight" hour.= workday in every sec
tion of ;thelUnlt«d.- States and .'Canada
is the', plan, proposed by ' Boiston. Mass.;
steel and v copper plate printers' union:
- •/?" • . \u25a0 • \u25a0\u25a0 \u25a0\u25a0• \u25a0 .'.<*• •-•\u25a0•
Judge Cochrane, In thY United States
federal court', at : Coylngtonl Ky., re
cently upheld "the law, prohibiting cbmi
mon : carriers" , J from" \u25a0'; dlscrlrnlna ting
against labor organizations. !. j!
El Plxmo Beacli ' .
- On aoutbern •: Pacific's r coast -line;
finest surf bathing on th<3 Pacific coast;
100 miles r of . level ocean ; shore : low , ex
curficn rates via Southern Pacific. *
Proves Its j^opulanty Strong as Ever
James Crawford
Our old friend. "The- Prince of PII- ']
sen." wears well with • Now in i
its sixth season, last- evening at. the
Van i Ness theater It* provoked hardly
less enthusiasm than marked } its first
San Francisco ; presentation four years
ago at the Columbia.
•That, too, despite the fact that. alf"sf
the principal people Identified with, the
original cast have successors by whom,
without a single exception, they are not
eclipsed in magnetism. -' \u25a0..--• :. V '
. It speaks Well for the intrinsic worth
of P!xley*s book and Hiuders',; score that
their popularity has outlived a complete
change of interpreters. ..It "shows that
their work helped more- than it was
helped ljy those supplanted. :
But we miss Jess Dandy as Hans
Wagner, for his personality had much
to do with making the brewer from
"Zlnzlhnatl" a .striking character cre
ation. The. new man In the ; role, Dan
Mason,"- is comparatively: lacking ; ,most
of the qualities In'whlchMr. Dandy was
strong.; Chief of . these was a^- natural
unctuousness of manner: which Mr.- Maf
son does not possess and seemingly can
not acquire. Something more I than*, an
English twisting dialect and an exagr j
gerated: Teutonic disguise is : essential
to the making of Hans Wagner as.tun
ny a' personage as Mr. Dandy made him.
Mr. Mason rolls, his *~r's" until". his
speech savors ; of croaking, \ and he ef- :
fects more ludicrous genuflections than
M»."r Dandy could' effect on' account, of
his embonpoint.- ! But the lines given
Mason to speak and sing and the "busi
ness" allotted to . him arc -sufficiently
amusing to prevent dullness.
Miss Reba' Dale, who plays the
Widow Crocker, Is a, plump ''young
woman, with a winning, smile, a vlva :
clous temperament and a defective, sing
ing voice. Miss Qctavia-Broske, as the
Vassar girl, is, •\u25a0.wlnsome'ly> wfllowy of
form, knows How to make the best of
her splendid ; eyes and \ teeth \ and , has a
church choir soprano that Is admirably
adapted to the of such
melody as Mr. 'Luders has : put "into
"The Message of the /Violets.',' "Miss
Vera Stanley,. in'.the . role of Wagner's
daughter. : exploits a rather' light voice
that shows good schooling. ; The other
lady principals do not matter.
.. Leading "the "male Is, a
tenor, Robert ; Mallory,' who *.. sings ac T
ceptably: and acts execrably. ..; The title
part, played by Edward "Mo ra,> is about j
the* best' sustained, 'both vocally Vand
dramatlcaJly, of the lot; ;wjiich'lncludes; wjiich' lncludes
the lordllng; who. ls a camera fiend, and
the frightfully French
waiter.' /*' '.' : , ; :; " /, : '-."". •'•:",.• '\u25a0'.'. • ,-'^ ::
The chorus, '.however. Ms ; just as at
tractive as of 'yore/ : Show (girls 'and
"broilers'; : are; shapely, : nimble and ' loud
voiced." . *" . .
.Nor Is. the' newness /confined!; to -t the
cast. /The' scenery.; and 1 costumes ;look
as if they had i Just; left the; Savage ; fac;
tory. This ' f reshnesq of :.the .(Inanimate
accessorleis Is 'lnteresting, "as fa-n: Indica
tion . of ; Mr. Savage's T*. belief ?A Jn'ilthe
strength . of "The* Prince." %If he were
not pretty certain; that the piece will
be a drawing (card for> half ' a dozen
seasons 'more "he 'would j have \ kept * the
original "production'? -ln/^Qvldenjce'^as.
long as it could ; ';\u25a0. withstand ( the
and " tear ; of . "the % road." ' \u25a0 Many> once
gorgeously; mounted- stage ''attractions
are ; retained In; active "service simply, to
wear ,' Out the k "propß''\wlthf which .ttLey
were launched. ' That's!: why? we occa
sionally see ; faded . and frayed • finery fon
tbe .'.actors': In Itinerant ?shows-^espe
cially musical (comedies^fand dingtness
In their scenic environment. -• :.
vA'b **\u25a0' spectacle; "The. Prince of ' Plisen.'.'
Is entirely pleasing y from" the' op erilng
choru*. 'Of ; the ; first act" until • the " last
act; finale. And/as'l have already
remarked,^ Plxley'sbooki and
muslej'{aj«.:(Btrengyenouih"rtO;;Mrry i '!;a
much; weaker "coterfejor principals Tthan
.that; at the VanjNess. -v '-"^ \u25a0\u25a0\u25a0}."\u25a0'' /,'*'
> "It's Nev«r.To'o Late- to Men4'!iopet}ed
the'new.we^Jiat-.th* Central J*Bt:nigrht;
and \u25a0; If I the*; assurances '{of the' theatrical
fap counts for anythinir/ithe beet^nieio
dramaV-Of V-jthe ', eeagen- • was V W{trjess»d.
to. a iscenft xfiun^ t&ji sometjjJnir < good at
: has been. splUedMn* the .right plice;,* and
True' Boa>dman.;ls;lnspJredf ; t6Tthefi'ex
ten t that ' he " can '\u25a0 ' njake', you \u25a0\u25a0 for yet > that
-hQ-ls;notlHerßchol:Mayall; >;::>- s.'.'-'/V v '\u25a0
/.. ? "It's ' Jfever.^Tooi Late",£iß ; a ; drama of.
salty, br lne^Tou ; can bear, th e r wind
low? hlss \u25a0of I the? vjliaJnJ.'T.'.' N.< Jf ron,;
as jh>, eni«r^eß^f rpm^thej^rpw'srnesttor,
, the. (coalfecuttleTfaf curie )uppn^ his Hips
and -an!asßortift^htfof- plots ; at- hand j.by
.whlcHs he 'VflW^'einHZ the ; f ship {or ibury
honest iDlcktralrfa?7atTsea.^y; Before' it
Ava67half ,'over^thej curtain £becarne|ng
buoyant -as 1 a"; cbrkXand^rose^tojast many,
encores ;'as -ever* \u25a0 greeted \u25a0fa^'flrst'-fnlgrht
success. ; ' ,' ' •;-'.:\u25a0'. '.' ;\u25a0;"."••'. '\u25a0\u25a0 ii r~-]r ~-] r .'-Z^ >-^v i v ;
7 We arc again jindebted.to^O'w^n DayJs
.fofithjsjthrillerjof^thejseaj'; Mr.; Davis \u25a0
Has besfun* at?* the ''Central' where tbe
immortal Kremer left Off. He Is a good
man ' and probably, , , stronger • than
Kremer, as he: takes a grip on you
from ; the very start -Mr. Davis is :a
timely man -and has -saved the Central
from -what It most (dreaded, another
season of grand opera.
The Princess theater,' which opened
two" weeks ago next door to the Or
pheum, with one "afternoon and" two
evening performances dailyv announces
a new policy, effective ( next Monday.
The daily; matinee will _ be given/ but
there ; will be but one evening (perform
ance. ' Instead of the offering , being
strictly: vaudeville,; as at. present,' high
class musical comedies (arid the best
vaudeville acts- obtainable ' will be;pre
sented. '-. Smoking will be permitted. The
prices' will be 10 cents. 25 cents, 35
cents and 50 ' cents/ :t: t ' . : \u25a0-\u25a0-'
\u0084T.his week's bill. ls a good one. Brlnd
amour, the handcuff kingr, continues to
mystify the audiences/-/ The great'min
strel,; George Thatcher, ; who has; had
theworld on the grin for. years, is con
vulsing the patrons of the theater with
his; 'witticisms.- There are. seven Euro
pean bicyclists, the Jessie. Keller troupe,
who perform some. startling feats; Ma
jor Doyle, the diminutive comedian/and
Ralph \u25a0•Cummings and company,/pre
senting the comedy success, .'.'Her Seal
skin Sacque," are "drawing attractions^
Hardie Langdon jis ,a „ pleasing, come
dienne. The three Oltphants, Parisian
eccentrlques/llve.up to their name," and
the, motion I pictures are"; Interesting/and
amusing. / The afternoon performances
begin af2:3o and the- evening perform
ances* at 7:45 and 9:15. \u25a0 '
It wa»—a^, responsive; audience that
greeted Thais.;, Lawton ana .Bertram
Lytell.'i supported by the' ,new Alcazar
stock company" ln^.the four '/act* play,
"On Parole," ; last evening. It cheered
the pretty; scenery.*, the- familiar melo
dies played by the orchestra, the witti
cisms, of « which i there" were many, " and
the tender sentiments, of which there
were -even more. 1 It cheered : each and
every* one J; of the 'players "upon en
trance, v* It/greeted .with hilarity- the
transformation* of [Walter Belasco and
John Maher:lnto,very.convincing dark
les. .It cheered jto the echo Thais Law
tonand Bertram Lytell and^would 4 not
be satisfied before each' of the two had
made \u25a0a^ speech. \u25a0 Miss ; l,awton :l fairly
staggered ; under, the weight \u25a0 qt the
flowers that /were handed over the
footlights:;;.;. ..-,: -\u25a0;_. , - r -i /??*:\u25a0\u25a0*'*
; . Louis ; Evan . Shipman's play has all
the elements that make .a' popular play.
It ; is ; a ; story ; of war - times, , and while
it? is" not- startinglyi original, it* deals
with: the .elemental .emotions ; of ? war,
love, "hate ; and the ;confl Jet of geqerous
minds j between^ passion and duty; Thais
Lawton looks .and; acts: the part ; of the
beautiful ; southern.' girl.." . ; \u25a0 > ;
>,; Bertram ;Ly tell .'ls'; thoroughly '.'at home
in •'.the^part :of "the > gallant ., northern
officer. \u25a0 * The -\u25a0 others % contributed .to * the
success of; thei production.' / ,f • •- \u25a0-
Anonymous Letter Written to Judge
Graham Suggesting Line : >,
.; ; of/ Questions : ;: v . :/ .!\.
According to' an anonymous letter re
ceived ;yesterdayrby* Judge Graham, itha
'divorce >" action 1 '\u25a0<: Instituted * ;' by • Amalle
Bens -.' against i George 'f Bens was ' 'not
started ; inT good " faith." The 'writer of
gether'i at : 79.: Rondel' place, " Sail Fr&n»
ic{sco."f and' that :Bhel washes and 'cooks
fOEihlm.V It \u25a0•; is 'further stated in "the
leiter'that it is nibst' likely: the divorce
actionl is '; brought sso .'that the 'woman
raayj be •mi a t position (to 'S marry- - gome
man I*vith7 property't'ithenTdo him f or ; it
and ? return -to', her ;husband.lVßens ; i8 "-'a'
.tooi^in^the^handa/of "jhis^wife.'^if
WrJterTofUhls*' letter ' may .be Vbelieved.
A ; line ;'6f t questione ' f or '•\u25a0 the ; judge" tot 'o "ask ;
iSTSUggeetedr; \u25a0\u25a0.\u25a0-'. : ; ; ';^' : \u25a0:"\u25a0* -'-;\u25a0;-'. i
..••\u25a0"Applications^.; for;' building- ; " permits
continueltofpour ; into", the ofßce.of 'tha
board lof \ public 'works.; r Four " petition"-"
ers lye'sterdayYaisHed* official; feanctioii' to
put^up^structuresjtb¥cbsti more 'than
$20;000 each:f XThomas B; Pheby^Jr. pro
pdsesf to -in : Market
street ;neaf| Second i to Vcost;s24 1 000r*J. <i
Carroqi. asked" forJtheVpjrivnegeJof fcon-5
str iicting fa^Sjull ding a thY; soujH west
cornei-;: of \u25a0 Guerrero
turc oni : the T : northeast; corneriof fStev*
ens6n{anV]lThirdjstfieets; san(j,Thomas'G;5 an(j,Thomas'G;
Jaylor^voulfit^rGctia ;f23:ooo;buildin^Un
the .v-'eat --side of i Beala '-\u25a0 street-n ear
Mieeisri.vrv*.;^- V'-;- "':':^--' \u25a0 . :,':: ,': ' ;\u25a0\u25a0 -\u25a0--,
Schmitz Appointees Ousted
and Board Names New
X City Physician^
Allows $5,000; a; Month for
Campaign Against
; • ( the >Plague \u25a0
Dr. T. A.' Bottanzl and .Dr. A. S.
Adler, city . physicians,- were..' ousted
yesterday from \ the jobs wblch former
Mayor,; Schmitz "'.'grave ; them, ; and : Dr.
James OCVatkins, former health officer,
was 'appointed to fill- thetr' places. The
action has been contemplated forsoma
time by ; the board of . health and caused
n.o % yesterday .when ' after V an '
executive '; session " Dr.^Ophuls,' president
of the board, announced , the: ; change.'
; Dr. ' Rottahzi asked why he had been
ousted. 'He : had been 1 told / to . resign,
but I refused , to ; do so,- and asked . for . a
reason. ' , He. was told "by Dr.* F. Dudley
Tait of .the. health- 'board;: that the
change [was made to Increase the effl
ciencv.of the' department. ' |
It was announced " at the nieetlngf of j
the health board _ t that - the board of
supervisors had appropriated $25,000
yesterday; to. defray, the expenses of
the health, department during . Septem
ber.".; The money, will? be expended un
der ? ; the 'direction of .the health board
and :; Dr. " Blue of the federal hospital !
service. V.r'.-.',.; \u25a0•'\u25a0'\u25a0:-. U?~: \u25a0-. >.oV,V; -;,-'•?. .- ' -
Dr. Blue; told the board of super
visors that, s2o,ooo a \ month would be
needed | f oi* probably five months to
Carry on the . work of exterminating
infectious "diseases in this city and to
stamp; out .the last \u25a0 traces of thd\ bu
bonio plague. To this sum the United
States government will add $5,000 a.'
month and ,. thus '; provide a : sufficiency
of funds to carry on. eifoctive work. .
Chief .of Police Blggy was at the
meeting' of the : board : of health, . of
which he is. a member, and assured the
ofßclal physicians that \ the police J force
would co-operate with them in the^
extermination of the rats which are~
the; coiiveyorsi of germs.-/
Up to : yesterday there were reported
30 -.'cases': of the plague, 18 deaths and
17- suspects in /a period covering over
a month. . ' ... *""'. C",;-'r':
In Railway Circles J
"Tell me," said a young and a loveiy
womanao the director of elevator:traf
fic in the Flood building, "where are
the offices of the Northern -Pacifier^
"They are nothere," was the reply;
"Well/ \u25a0 where : are, the offlces of the
Chicago Northwestern?" I she j I snapped,
with an: irppatient tap ! of ; her heels.*:- :
"On . the Market | street side, -but as It
is "Saturday, afternoon the offices are
all closed.? : ;v; ' t ~ " '
\u25a0"How Inconsiderate of these railroad
men." she said, '.'especially as I want to
buy a ticket .at once.": ,
" :-'}*: Where^ iare you going, madam 7"
asked 'thedirector submissively.
"Any one/with, a grain of intelli
gence,'^; she 'retorted, ''would : have
known; that I wanted to buy a ticket
for Sonoma": frohf'-. the questions I have
asked,":and'she swept out*of. the Flood
building with \u25a0' muttered- remarks about
the denseness .of -men In general, and
especially of so called railroadmen. k
X E. Stanton has his right arm in a
sTing and -a sad -smile 'upon: his face.
The , -last ; time . he ;' dislocated , • his
shoulder f he^was "posing 'as a statue in
order . to ' prove .that < all ;heroes must , be
necessarily; 6 feet 6 In their, stockinged
feet and. weigh: about- 300 .pounds. ;. This
time % the dislocation', might haW-, been
serious - and " Stantdn '\ might have ' been
drowned had it'not : been. for a beautiful
young ?.woman;who£noted his/ distress
and % hastened *' to his "% rescue. t Stanton
was swimming off .the shores of Santa
Barbara \ and^ was _ about a ' mile , In the
offing racing a ; : scow - when suddenly
the; shoulder: went out.of place."; -
r , There ,was Santa Barbara, miles away.
He k thought of - his ' home, \u25a0 his a Ins and
of his past ilife" and' he : shudered . at tha
thought of the tuture, when his rescuer
arrived. She • hauled him : back to shoal
water, and- therf'dtsappeared In the surf.
Stanton ' says: he f did: not i have ' : - a card
about' him to 'give, the young, lady; and
she, too, was similarly unprovided. He
thinks ithe; shoulder will be all right In
about a\week. ' :; :: \u25a0 . , .
W. B. Palmer, vjee president and gen
eral • manager of the .North western Pa
cific,' has returned.jf rom the *\u25a0 east and
was; at his office yesterday. * VIS '
, "We are building tHree miles of track
north of >Willlts,"" her said, /'and we
wiahito/ge't this 'work completed before
the rains set ini'as it is difficult country
to|iWorkilnVafter.' the land has been
soaked," Jbeing ;', sof^ --and' spongy. V-"V*y"e
are :also bulldiog eeyen miles' of track
BOuUiSfrom! Shlveley Jahd we v are" also
planning,' extenSlonsVout ''of 'Healdsburg
to the- timber, country. ; All : I can cay is
that we \ are : preparing \ to, do. a great
dealof : worklafter the ; first of the year
and we s expect to make a good showing
after ; we get "well : ."
. i H. E. .VeTnon; chief clerk.of the Santa
Fe,-~ returned •: yesterday.; and ?; says S the
northwest "' is ? exceedingly 'prosperous.
He "was :' surprised at i the "excellence of
tha 1: frtilt 7 raised Uin^ British.;: Columbia
and ideclar'estthatUhe: pears, apples' and
plums ; can favorably with any
grown elsewhere. ' tesftfibfijßt^n^
/ ifV'-'- - \u25a0,'=:\u25a0;.\u25a0» \u25a0•: ;\u25a0* ,•'-..•
V; John \u25a0 A." 1 Gill -and Amos '.Burr of the
New York Central j lines : have"; both re
turned .'from an* exploration ; trip : ; of
norther'niCklif ornla; and both/ are; con
vinced estate) never, 'looked: so
prosperous/,^: "Everybody % is>. happy in
the ; north and '\u25a0? so '.l are : Amos ; Bqrr 3 and
myself .v And ;tben, ;. think ?of ? it, * Burr
lives \u25a0at Fr ultvale,",; remaked GUl^as he
TOade" Ta dash for the train to Palo'Alto.
" Z F. 1 5- Howard and \u25a0 C." 8. , Seeley. of the
SouthernVPaciflc' are; attending a fate
meeting.' at Kansas" City.; - ' > \ - -
V' Bruce Norton of ' the Union Pacific^
with headquarters at ; Fresno/ Is in the
city/- : '7>:- \u25a0\u25a0.•':\u25a0\u25a0:'.'\u25a0\u25a0•.-\u25a0-\u25a0 \u25a0/ ; :- " \u25a0 \u25a0 " \u25a0 •'
(• ; ;'"E1 • Paso," i observed Fred : Shoup, who
has returned , from [a;^ tour jof ;th« V couth*
\u25a0 :\u25a0 The Wholesome
.r?«rr. I Por Infant 3 and Children.
Kma You Have ;
in .. „,,.,,,_ . — ...- \u0084r.,,; — _i_^i 1 flllßUj W vUU|>lll
; /^egetahlePreparatbnfbrAs- « • ' * *1
linilhkStoinfidssaiHlßoiWaSQf m t^OflTC! Tnf* \u25a0 •
. PromotesTH^esUoaClcexful- j & f%( \r
ness andßest.Contains neither m A-P Mfi^^r
OpiumtMorphine nor >£D£raL » , Ui. §1\ \ V Ifgl
KoT.N^HJcbfic. 1
\u25a0 \u25a0 -/jfiSSS*-::'':- ' ' W' lA* In
; §S^3^. ) I l\ i Ift '. \u25a0 "
\u25a0:v;-.«as=J- .>\u25a0\u25a0\u25a0. I /k-JT Use
Aperfect Remedy for Conslipa- If | (F ww
tion.SourStomach.Diarrttoaa, g I \hT » 4%
Worms .Convulsions .Feverish- I 1 JM r*u filfnV
i ness end Loss OF SL3E£R 1 \J* * TUI U¥ul
Tac Simile Signature of J ' § , -_
y^#^^ X Tnirfu ipfirQ
v Ni^r^^^^^l .Illllljf ICalO
' 'V>g*r >Ty '*f> 11 *'' 1 1 ' ' iMfft*™^ - TMtCtr»T»UR COKHTT, Ni«TOm CITY. .
" ' '- - \u25a0 ' • . ' - ' - -- \u25a0 ~*. *\u25a0 - "^-x^^^Tivm
; \u25a0 \u25a0_\u0084 «3p%»^. - ' Ssn Frurvcisco
- Reopened Sept. Ist-
\u25a0 :\u25a0:-:-•.*\u25a0\u25a0 >*
/S^^^^o^^^t^ Under the Old Management*
W^^^^^< p i^? -;-^^|^4? ** E ur °P ean plan, $1.50 a day up.
r^^^' :^o%^^3^^M-W'' American plan, $3.00 a day up. Spe-
i^^^^t^^"ffCf'"?^"^' ' c ' a^ mont hly rates. 110 rooms — all
pl^9^^S^^? outside — every room connecting with
.|^3^^^^^.S|3 |S^ bath - A hotel °* r unusual class with
%HitisfMri s5 iil rr ~ r- 'Sr ' " every modern convenience. New
- -brick building. Sutter street cars
JlvffiflllHglSSaEs?' direct from Ferry—all cros3 town
H^^SjfT^^SfsiSiV^ai linCis transfer t0 Sutter s£ r«t.
*^^^^^^^^^^& Howard T. Blethen, Manager •
Stockton St. above Sutter. Phone Temporary 4754
Monadnock Building
\u25a0 - - \u25a0 .. . \u25a0—
west, s "ls the deadest town In. the coun
try on ' Sundays. ". .A*/ wave :of reform
struck; the ; Inhabitants and they deter
mined that there should be no liquor
sold" on Z the' Sabbathl' The saloonmen
then } went to work and decided i that /f
they 'could not sell anything on *a Sun
day no one else should. The. result Is
that it is, the 'most tightly closed town
In the west: You cannot buy a. cigar or
a loaf i of bread, or; a flower, and; the
butcher -..shops are only open till 10
a.^ra.: It is -about, as bad in Turoa. ' All
the gambling places are closed, and the
tinkle of the piano is no: longer heard
In the dramshops. From "what -I could
glean- In my . .conversations •_. with the
residents reforms as practiced In • the
west Is not pleasing to the majority
of them, especially In the cities that
are' scattered- along the line of the
Southern Pacific from- Tuma to. 151
Paso." : ~;'"'; •'. .•' - '. ' .
M. J. , Costello, • genera] industrial
agent of the Great Northern. .who Is
in i this city, says the northwest is in
a/, prosperous^ condition. "The Great
Northern,"! he remarked,* "is developing
a"*: large section ~^'of ''country;. In eastern
Montana,' and: western North Dakota,
which is being rapidly settled, and
which i will ; . soon? be ; a wheat, country
equaling; the; famous. Big Bend section
In .Washington. The opening, of ..the
Flathead reservation will also, attract
a ; number; of 'settlers. This rich land
will be ready i for entry next summer."
J; The, next .three months will be busy
and \u25a0 anxious ones for the transporta
tion companies^ "There 'Is a big de
mand- for.; cars' already, and ;the move
ment of hay,, grain.; potatoes, canned
goods, dried fruit, prunes and : grapes
promises" to ..-be extremely./ large. The
railroad lines i will ibe. . hard v pressed 'to
furnish '^equipment for all this business.
the large offerings of
lumber : f or ; - the^eaatern market;, .<- De:
Bplte [the increase 7of , business" railroad
men" say 'i that the senice ; .is' much .su
perior, to what It \has been "for the
pa'st r six ; months I'and "that It is better
than ? what i the : most ". sanguine ; of them
were led^to^'expect.' : ".' * .*
a^^J^ by 1C
/Mj^^P l^ la V»th l^i!^' and
I ' c *afJ«mea'» watcl><*a
I tbe tendency I* niticeabiy toward tij-»
" j . "tbla watclies** and the sqiaJler *tj«s.
Most* of the Utter h«i»e Swiss taor*-
meat».>^*«B | agatepßW»lßß»aBga*fl
The 41»Is are ((raid. «ilm and. en-
'- am*l. and cone are richly ornamented. '
' Arabic numerals \u25a0 ar* b«lng n*«ij mor*
. than the 01.l stj!» Roman.
We take special prtd« la onr chow.
Ins of watcb«s.
/mipEßSnillH J GO,
I •(Formerly Ham oersaitJj 4 Field)
I Goldsmiths-Silversmiths-Jewielers
j^ m hess [kmta eddy st.
,' GJbb -'LVPII 5
Tooth {Powder
vGleanses, preserves and
beautifies the teeth, and
Purines. the breath,
>A; superior, dentifrice
.for people of. refinement
I in 1866 by
. Bet. Edd jr a«3 ElUa Sts.
; Will ; Be Opea r V n til ' 1200 a. 'm. '
; lastruutrntal atft! Vocal Muaie -
The -Weekly Cal
$1.00 Per tear

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