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San Francisco Practically
Without Citizen
Opportunity to Secure a
Twelve Company Regi
ment Not Taken •
A retired officer of the national guard
of California in discussing the condi
tions of the state soldiery in San Fran
cisco said recently:
"San Francisco at this time is al
most without citizen soldiers. Two
of the local companies located here are
practically without an armory, while
the other two have an apology for one,
but when the companies want to drill
they are forced to go on the public
street, not a very desirable place lor
the men who join to be instructed In
the preliminary movements.
"Not long ago a prominent merchant
of this icity, knowing that I had been
'interested in the guard, said that this 1
city stood in need of a first class reg
iment of soldiers, to be composed of
the better class of young men who
•would be a credit to the state. He
said that if it were possible to induce
the board of location to put a 12 com
pany regiment in San Francisco the
various commercial bodies of the city
\u25a0would lend their support to the getting
• up of such an organization and asked
in© to look into the matter. I did so
with the result that General Lauck
eaid he would examine into the possi
bility of locating a regiment in San
Francisco, provided ' the commercial
I bodies guaranteed the securing of a
cite for the erection thereon of a first
class armory, not to cost less that
$100,000. I suggested that If the mem
bers of the several bodies devoted
themselves to inducing the men In
banks and mercantile houses to become
members of the proposed new regiment
Jt would be doing a great deal, and
that it could not be expected that they
should out of th«r private purses put
cj> the money to provide a building
•which ought to be'" furnished by tho
• state. The reply that I received was
that if the citizens of San Francisco
built an armory that. something along
the line of putting a regiment in It
•would be considered.
**The opportunity for a regimental
organization has passed, for I believe
that before an expensive armory be
thought of it should first be ascer
tained if a regiment could be mustered
in the city. I believe it could be, but
the men who would be asked to join
•would have to be assured that they
•would receive encouragement for de
voting a limited number of years to
the service of the state.
"There is no encouragement for
young men to get into the guard at
this time, for it is no longer a social
organization •with an occasional drill,
Just to keep up a soldierly appearance,
because, under the provisions Of the
Dick bill, national guardsmen during
the term of their enlistment must be
Boldlers Just as they are in the regular
army, except as to the routine of work
at post or fort- And that routine they
must learn, so that in case of being
called upon they will know what they
\u25a0would have to do.
"There are many young men who
enlist, but they are not ready
to do so until they can be assured that
they will be recognized, and when or
dered on duty that they will be paid
for services rendered and not be told
that "we want you at a minute's no
tice, but when you ask for your pay
you will have to wait two years for it."
The state ought to be sufficiently sound
financially to the degree that It could
procure money to .meet emergency de
mands in case the guard or any por
tion thereof is called out for duty and
not have to wait until the legislature
meets to provide for the payment of
the debt incurred. A few such cases
as that which we have had in the re
cent past will result in the cry being
raised, JNo money no national guard.' "
Part of what was expected since the
close of the recent encampment at tho
big guns in the fort defense* of the
state has happened. Company " C of
Petaluma and Company H of Xapa, the
former of the Fifth infantry and the
latter of the Second Infantry, have been
ordered mustered out of the service,
the former for^ refusing to go to the
recent camp and the latter for general
Insubordination. At the time the or
ders were issued for the camp Com-
Tjany C was unable to raise the num
ber of men without great Inconveni
ence, as all the men were employed
and could not leave their business.
The commander rather than go to camp
with a handful of men, which would
have subjected his command to the
penalty of mustering out for failure
to have a specified number of rank
and file, decided not to go. An effort
was made to explain that men in the
country who belong to a military com
pany cannot at certain seasons leave
their employment to go to camp with
out incurring considerable loss, but
It is evident that the upper office
looked at the matter only from the
military standpoint, which, however,
differs very materially In the national
Kuard from that of the regular army,
a.nd the company had to go.
s Company H of Napa was for many
years a part of the Fifth infantry, but
on the reorganization when 11 com
panies -were knocked out by the upper
office and the First Infantry was Wiped
out of existence this company was
made part of the Second infantry.
Neither the rank nor the file approved
of this and a strong effort was made
by the company and the citizens of
Kapa and vicinity to have the com
pany retained in the Fifth. The pull
was not sufficiently strong to have the
order rescinded, however, and the offi
cers and members became disgusted
\u25a0with their lot, with the result that the
master order was issued.
There are a few companies that are
tinder, the ban for neglect of duty and
insubordination, and the indications are
that they will follow Companies C and
H soon. "vThen these that are looked
upon as surely slated to go by the
muster out route, the Second end Fifth
regiments v,'ill probably become nine,
instead of twelve company regiments.
Then the national guard of California
will become a very small organiza
; lion.
BLOOMINGTOK. lIL, Sept. . 22— Vice
President . Fairbanks delivered an
address today at the laying of the cor
ner stone of the Young Men's Chris
tian Association building In this city.
CLtTBHOXTSE ROBBED— Berkeley. Sept. . 22.
The Cslimedlco club of the university students
at 264 C Dwigfct way reported to the police to
<!;r tbe lose of several earilen Implements, ' In
cluding a lawn mower, hoee and rake.
1 Stocks and Bonds
U«mber Stock ted Bond Exebinfe. 4&s Call-'.
taxi* *t. Pboa* Temporary ' t>ls.
k«ittbex S_ l< % i_cl»eo Miulag tiehtnj*. •
Score of Rich Ore Strikes on
the Lodes of the State
Sales of Properties Are Reported in Many
Counties Where Good Deposits Abound
The most interesting- news "re
g-a-rdins mining- in California ap
plies to recent strikes of ore in
widely separated sections of .the
state. Strikes of sold ore are reported
to have been mode In the Morning Star
mine at Badger Hill in Nevada county.
In the Murchie mine in Nevada county
and in the Prosper mine at Canada Hill,
which is reported to have been bonded
by Charles and Sibert Kistle to H. A.
A valuable copper strike has been
made In Calaveras county in a break* In
the mountain range, where the Angel
and Milton stage road crosses '..the
nfountalns, a few miles distant from
the Copperopolis copper deposits, in
what Is known as the Pool e mine. The
mine has been worked systematically
for some time. . The ore has been hauled
to Angels and then shipped to San
Francisco. The recent discovery Is in
a parallel vein that was encountered
while crosscutting on a low level.
• A 16 foot vein of rich grold ore is re
ported to have been discovered In -the
Gwln mine on the 200 foot level. The
Gwln mine has paid dividends for many
The geological survey Is Investiga
ting reported discoveries of tungsten
near Randsburg, which are said to be
Drift mining: Interests near Forest
City, Sierra county, are reported to be
Improving. The Mountain Messenger
A new era In drift mining In Sierra county
has been launched most auspiciously. In addi
tion a uew quartz strike bas been made at tbe
bead of Jim Crow canyon in tbe American bill
district, not far from tbe Cornish ranch. The
ledge la believed to be tbe feeder of the rich
placers In the old Emigrant and Nebraska
j gravel mines. Excitement ias been \u25a0 caused at
Forest by the find, and It Is believed that a
bonanza bas been uncovered.
A strike la the Young America mine means
a good deal to tbe old Deed Blue mine, oper
ated by the Dead Kirer mining company, which
adjoins the Young America on. the south.
, Tbe crave! In the Wisconsin mine Is also
Improving. A disintegrating mill will be
erected for the milling of the cemented and
auriferous gravel. \u25a0 . . •
Forest is the South Fork. Encouraging re
ports indicate the likelihood of a strike In that
property. The Maple Grove group of claims
adjoins on the same channel.
The new parties taking hold of tbe Blxby
group on Oregon creek just beJow the Lucky
Dog are planning vigorous development for this
winter and will open up the deposits of ce
mented gravel which carries good values.
Gravel mining is looking up in the neighbor
ing districts. At the Alleghany company's prop
erty at Chipps' Flat the dam for the McNulty
placer claim is being raised and the ditch and
flumlng. along Balsam Flat reconstructed. Tbe
tunnel for the Balsam Flat drift mine is being
In the Reliance claim near old Minnesota
gold bearing grave] is being opened In the Key
stone channel, and of which the Reliance has
1,000 linear feet that Is virgin.
It Is many years since th« Forest, Alleghany
and American Hill drift mines looked so well.
An electrical plant for the Alaska
mine at Pike City In the southeastern
part of Sierra county has been secured.
The. St. John mine In the same locality,
with a triple compartment shaft, will
operate soon. The Kenosha mine in
Nevada county has been -pumped out
and made ready for additional develop
ment. The Sierra Buttes mine In Si
erra county will open up new ground.
The mill is running with 20 stamps.
Forty stamps have been crushing ore,
but 20 have been stopped temporarily
In connection with the extension
Into new ground. The purpose is
announced to be to reach sufficient ore
to keep 60 stamps in motion. The com
pany has a large amount of ground to
Hydraullckingr will be resumed in
Trinity and Siskiyou counties as soon
as the rains come and there* is water
enough for the purpose. The hydraulic
mining near Mlnersville In Trinity
county Is reported to have been largely
prlfltable last year, with a fall of about
250 feet of water. Ditches and flumes
are being changed to provide for a fall
of 400 feet this year.
"Minersvllle,'* says the Redding
Searchlight, "is not a boom camp, but it
Is an old camp revived. The Unity
mine and the Whltelaw mine have long
since passed the experimental stage.
They rank now as steady producers and
will so rank for some years to come.
At the Unity mine the Butler mining
company is repairing* ditches and
flumes. The company will operate two
giants this winter. G. H. "Whitelaw is
shaping up things at the Mlnersville
and Greenhorn properties for the
winter run."
The Salmon hydraulic mining com
pany is operating at Summervllle, Sls
klyou county, with several hundreds of
acres of land and a good water right.
Eastern men have been large Invest
ors in Siskiyou mining properties lately.
The Mabel group of- quartz mines has
been bonded to Englishmen by the
Chase Brothers of Greenvlew. f*G. B.
Wood of Denver has a bond on the
Swastika placer mine In China gulch
in the Liberty mining district. Men
from Arkansas have taken ' in the old
fair association grounds near Treka to
mine as a deep gravel proposition;
Graves & Scott have taken a bond on
the Boylo quartz mine on Humbug
creek. The Jumbo mine on Wildcat
creek is owned by an eastern company.
The Black Bear mine at Deer, creek
has been bonded to James English and
others of Sacramento. The mine is
near Randolph Flat. *
The Republic mine at Granitevllle.
Tuolumne county, has been bonded by
William McLean to eastern men-repre
sented by F. E. Ware.
The Morning Star mine In the Ran
dolph Flat district, Nevada county, Is
reported to have been sold. The mining
ground amounts to 40 acre!. . A strike
was recently made in : the mine that
brought it to the attention. of miners
who wished to buy. No price for the
property has been made public.
The Brackett mine in Shasta county
has been sold by H. O. Cummins to
eastern men.
All the mines on Georgia hill. Placer
county, have been bonded, by Drum
mond. as reported, with the exception
of a property that belongs, to the Clark
estate. A mine formerly owned by the
California powder, company Is. included
in recent deals by. Drummond.
The Ozark mine in the- East fork dis
trict In Trinity cbqnty has been bonded
by Howard WV Hoimes'of Alameda from
D. G. Reid of Redding and others.
. A. company.; has been 'incorporated *to
operate, the. \u25a0 Williams. Turner ."&" Mason
mmmg 1 property in' the Fort.Bidwell
mining: district. , ; ... .-'
The North Confidence mining and de
velopment company^ has b,een incorpor
ated In Tuolumne. county with a capi
tal stock of $75,000. The directors are:
O. W. Price. M..E. Sanford, Richard
Chute. E. .- "W. Holland, ; D. E. ; Guerrin
\u25a0VTUliam E. Chute and William E. Gump.
The Yankee John gold mining * com
pany i has been incorporated at \u25a0 Redding
by James E. Isaacs,-; T.VV.s Scott; and
Mary Isaacs with a capital stock of
$200,000 to develop the Yankee John
mine west of Redding.
The slump in copper has caused much
uneasiness in, the Bisbee district- In
Arizona.' Four furnaces have been sus
pended . at* the 'Copper r Queen : mine (at
Douglas. Customs :„ work .will . be cut
down .to mcct r the; situation at thft
smelter, ; which'will affect the Imperial
mines at Silver Bell and ,the Shattuck
mines at Blsbee.whicTi have been ship
ping:, 200 : tons each • per day. t/ ,The : man
agement .of the Copper, Queen has 'an
nounced that there will be little .reduc
tion in the wotklng^ force; for 60 days
to come. A", large amount of develop
ment, work ; is in viewJ "After that is
performed the mining: force U'will .be
reduced and the production of the, Co
pper Queen will be cut; down to about
60 per. cent of the output of August. .
The Calumet and Arizona \ smelter^ at
Douglas has been kept running without
curtailment, but * the lead" of the \u25a0 other
companies ; may.: be,': followed. ; This
smelter has been" turning out copper. at
the rate of . 4,000,000 pounds a monthr/-';
/ The highest ' grade eppper ore that
has ever been -discovered -in the"north
ern . camps Jof Arizona is reported \ to
have been .' found : recently in the ; .Old
Dominion mines \ in the Globe district,
where a drift passed" through 18 Inches
of glance and native V copper' that ,iB
said to have averaged 40 to 70 per. cent
metal. ['-//Ci ;"\u25a0"?\u25a0 ;\u25a0''.
The Los Angeles Times says that the
40 stamp mill of ,the Consolidated'com
pany of Tombstone is turning out more
than 1100,000 a month, most of .which Is
ore that was formerly rejected because
it ran below $50 a ton and that Is taken
from old dumps. . \u25a0 \u25a0 V. " \u25a0
, A concentrator with 100 j tons daily
capacity has been contracted for, by
the Mineral Hill Consolidated copper
company, which is mining. eight miles
from Twin Buttes camp, in Pima
county. ",
A review of the mineral resources of
Calaveras county forms the theme of
a special edition of the Calaveras Pros
pect. "W8 I have the : mineral j wealth
unlimited," says the Prospect,' iand
then makes the following ' specific
statements: . :
In the San Andrea t district rich deposits of
gravel and quartz are v known to exist. -.- Three
ancient river channels of vast extent converse
In ' this vicinity. The course of ' these channels,
with numerous .branches, : has been so clearly
demonstrated by work done along . them that it
has been mapped and made a part of the offi
cial record of the state mining bureau. The
malngravel channel Is beneath a sol id, lava cap
at a distance below I the present surface . of 75
to 100 feet, and rarSes In width in various sec
tions. It carries auriferous gravel from \u25a0\u25a0 a few
inches to six and eight feet In depth. On both
sides cf this gravel channel He numerous quartz
mines of the great east belt of the mother, lode.
Most of the veins are of great width, carrying
Immense bodies of low grade ore with; many-d«
poeits of rich specimen ore. :
Arrival of . Police, Who Use Clubs
Freely, Saves Conductor From
Rough Handling
Consternation, and then fury, seized
upon some scores of persona at Mission
road and Russian avenue- last evening
when Mrs. Mary Liebecher was arrest
ed on a charge of having created a dis
turbance on a San* Mateo streetcar. Had
it not been for the timely arrival of
Policemen Bell yea and Hooper, the con
ductor of the car would have been beat
en and the woman freed.
Mrs. Liebecher, with a" 1 • year old
baby boy in her arms, ) was alighting
from a San Mateo car In company with
her husband, Joseph, the couple having
boarded the wrong car. when a. window
in the coach was smashed. The con
ductor made a grab for Mrs. Liebecher,
and despite her strong protestations
and the angry threats of the passen
gers detained her until the arrival of
the patrolmen.
By this time a large crowd had con
gregated, and it was only by, the con
stant use of clubs that the policemen
were able to land their prisoner in the
Mission street station, literally clubbing
their way through men, women and
children for a distance of several
blocks. Bail was provided for the
Birth, marriage and death notices sent by mall
will not be inserted. They must be handed in at
either of the publication offices and be Indorsed
with the name and ; residence of persons \u25a0 author-
ised -to have the same published. Notices re-
stricted simply to tbe announcement of the event
are published once In this column free of charge.
FINE— In this city, September 9, 1907, to the
wife of Robert E. Fine, a daughter.
SULLlVAN— September 22, \ I*o7, to the wife of
James D. Sullivan, a daughter.
Agruine, Helen 1 Lehmkuhl, Herman B —
Dalletto. Mary ...... 60 Maddocka, Howard . . 58
liJfchop, Mr*. Chris., 75 Maboney, Raymond. .* 2
Clark, Jane A 79 McKee, R05e. . ...... 75
Coleman, James. . . . . 75 McLaughlin, Margaret—
Corr, Rose A........ — Nelson. N. P.. 39
Crenlet (infant) O'Farrell,'. Aloysius.. 29
Daley, James M....65 Orella. Marie T. W. —
De Beaujardln, A/ G. 94 O'Riley, " Peter.. .:v. 48-
Decker, Hans M....58 Penco vie, Herman.. .60
Fitzgerald. Johanna.. 64 Perm. .Richardson. M. 81
Cale, Wi11iam...... 63 Sullivan,; E11en...... —
Harmon, Charles A.. — Sullivan, John . J 34
Harrington, W. 8.. e6 Thomas, Claude F... 32
Herd. Theresa .....". 88 Venable, , ' Ne11ie ..... 14 >
Hopper, Gertrude M. — Wesplear, Joseph H: 31
Kelly. I«abelle 10 Williams . (Infant)
Kolby, Louisa..'..... 4 Worner, Elizabeth... 28
Larson, Myrtle L. . . 4 Yonge, Helene : F,".. 50
AGUINE— In Frultvale (Melrose). September 22.
k 1907, Helen," beloved daughter '\u25a0 of \u25a0 John and
Eva Aciilue, a native of \u25a0\u25a0. Berkeley, ' aged 1
year and 14: days.-. \u25a0 \u25a0<,' . \u25a0-.. . '.
J*rlends and acquaintances ' are respectfully,
invited . to attend funeral : services .tomorrow,
(Tuesday), September 24, , 1907, fat 10 ' o'clock
a. m., at the residence in Bond street, Mel-
rose. Interment St. • Mary's ; cemetery. ; ;
BALLETTO— In this •city, September " 22," 1907,
Mary^'. beloved wife of Gabriel* Balletto, and
loving ' mother ; of John,' ' Joseph, * Frederick • and
Louis Balletto, and k-randmother <of Louis , Bal-
letto. a native of California, 'aged 50 years. "
Kemaius at the undertaking parlors of Gant-
ner Brothers, ~34U0 Sixteenth street.' Notice of
funeral hereafter.' \u25a0 • -•\u0084,'• \u25a0'\u25a0
BISHOP— In 1 San Mateo. Cal., September h 20,
1907, * Mrs. Christian , Bishop, widow of • P.V A;
, Bishop, dearly beloved , mother of i Mrs." Louis
Cooks, and grandmother \u25a0: of Albert, \ Walter.
Oswald, Edward. '\u25a0 Olga,' Mabel, ; Clara, ' Elsie
and Clarence Cooks, a native of \u25a0 Pennsylvania,
aged 75 years 2 months , and '19 days.
Friends and -are respectfully
invited to attend the funeral ; services .• to-
: day (Monday ) , September 23. at 2p. _..', at
'-'the residence of . her ' daughter, Mrs.' Louis
Cooks, 212 Grand boulevard, San Mateo.v Cre-
.. mation, ' private. :
CLARK— In Alameda, , September, 22,-1 007. Jane
Agnes Clark, widow of the, late Reuben Clark
and beloved mother of Mrs. Annie Pitcher and
• Mrs.J. H. Burnham, a native, of; New York,
aged 79 years. . ; ; \u25a0';- \u25a0- . .\u25a0;. -.-. .\u25a0\u25a0\u25a0..',:•',.<\u25a0 . \u25a0 --:•"..\u25a0
Frlenda and ; acquaintances are respectfully
invited to attend the funeral '\u25a0 tomorrow 3 (Tues-
day), Septembers 24,'t at r 10:30! o'clock: a: m.,
, from her late residence, **1321t Pacific avenoe,
. Alameda. ., Incineration. Oakland ' crematory. i :-,,\u25a0:
COLEMAN— In '] this «clty,-. Septemberi 21.V 1907,
James . Coleman,' dearly beloveds husband "of
. Anne Coleman, and : father 'of ,; John; \u25a0•: James.
William, - Catherine, Annie, . Helen, Evelyn > and
Sister. Rose. Coleman,) a: native of ißallnsclttle,
County Cork. ." Ireland,- aged -years. -\u25a0\u25a0•: A
: member of , Division , No. V. 6. l* A.> O.^ H. * , . .
Funeral will be held from 'his' late residence.
1030 Florida street. , tomorrow i (Tuesday), Sep-
tember 24,1907, .thence to St.; Peter's church,*
. where , a • requiem high ' mass i for • the i repose '\u25a0 of
' hU' soul will be i celebrated,' commencing.: at^9
'. : o'clock.-f ; Interment J Holy it Cross * cemetery \u25a0? by
' funeral car from Thirtieth : street and San Joee
avenue. WKmtßß^S^-' --"\u25a0 ''•\u25a0"! :- \u25a0•\u25a0'•\u25a0 "2 1 -"•"••"\u25a0 --'-'\u25a0"
COHR— ln \u25a0'; Berkeley, Cal:; ' September 5 21, 1907,
Rose * Anne, : widow rof the , late Owen - Corr,-
r and \u25a0 mother -of i Sisteri Mary '\u25a0 Baptist;'^ Charles
• ; Corr, vMrs." W.; O.' J Elmer,v Frank J. Corr.and
the later James .Corr.".-- -;'i-\ .. ' : •
, Friends '\u25a0 and .. acquaintances * are ;, respectfully
'--. Invited ', to •'. attend :*\u25a0 the , funeral? today?' -(Mon-
day),' September 23;: at 9 o'clock f a. ,. m.,*, from
: her.- daughter's '; residence,** 2438 * Spaulding • ave-
r: nue, \u25a0: Berkeley. \ thence f , to 1 St.'s Joseph's J church.i
: i where," a' requiem; high s mass ; for. \ the j repose of
; her soul will be sung,'* lnterment) private.'
CfRKNI .ET - !r ' f hi* city. ' September 22.' 1907, Jo-
. »eph," dearly beloved son of Joseph ' and Aanie
=\u0084 Crenlet, ; a native :of San Franctoco, aged 8
. dayg. - 1 \u25a0 CTBgy^ff^^'J'^9p ß^ffij^^
DALEY— in V this city, .September 19. l»07,
; .James i M. /Daley, beloved hnsband of leu:-
: «»»« Daley, - and - uncle -of r Thomas \\. an<l
I ;•;. Joun N. Daley,- ; Mrs -. T.- J. Burke, }' Mrs. I.
! . Oayln, vMrs. • James Lee, \u2666 Mrs. George Hanson,
Julia Hennelly. \u25a0 MaryTVrostello \u25a0 and the -late
! :. :; Mrs. =N. Kelly.' a nattve of the parish ." of
Shruel '\u25a0 PulbeeT County Mayo, ' Ireland.-- aged
! 65 -years; A • member •- of division No. v 2,* A.
: \u25a0°.-_5-' ; » nd -tne rlggersVand stevedores' union.
i Friends and acquaintances are respectfully
Invited •, to ; attend * the ; funeral today , (Mon-
day );•; September 2 . 23 Jat 9:15 a. m., from hw
late ; residence, 99 Manchester street, thence
to St.' Peter's church where a requiem ; hlgu
J mass- forithe '\u25a0 repose \ of hl» soul;. will be ceio-
- brated, commencing at 9:45 o'clock al'm. in-
- terment. Holy Cross cemetery. : '• ' '\u25a0'"
1; 'Division.-- No. "'-, 2 A O. H. — Officers ; and
members of the above named division are earn-
; estly - requested to attend the funeral of our
. late brother, James M. Daley today,. (Mon-
, day),', at 9:15 a. » m. sharp, from his.- late
: residence. 99 Manchester ' street. , By order of
THOMAS C. CONBOY, President.
D.HURTON.t Secretary. . - :
DB BBAUJARDIN— In Alameda, September . 22.
' 1907,'.-; Adeline Guidon 'de Beanjardin, widow
: of the late Theodor de Beaujardtn. aunt of
;: Mrs. John - Howard : Robinson and Miss^Estelle
Blals, - a • native of France, aged 94 years.
- Friends- and- acquaintances are respectfully.
Invited -to attend the funeral tomorrow (Tues-
day), ' September 24, at 10 o'clock a. ' tn., from
St.. Joseph's church, corner of Cliestnut street
and . San Antonio avenue. Interment strictly
\u25a0;"; private. \u25a0.- ;\u25a0 ' . -.--.- '• \u25a0\u25a0."•--••.'."•
DECKER— In this city, September 20. 1007.
Hans M. Decker, dearly beloved brother, of
Christian and Anne Margaretba Decker, a
native- of Denuiart. aged 58 years. \u25a0 '
-,;•' -\u25a0-. Friends and- acquaintances are :respectnilly
invited to: attend- the funeral today ; (Mon-
- ,day>, September 23, at 2 o'clock, from I. O.
O. F. ball, 1254 Market street, where funeral
• services -\u25a0: will 1 be held \u25a0' under the ausplcr vof
>Alta' lodge No. 205. I. O. O. F., Cremation
\u25a0 Odd . Fellows' \u25a0 cemetery. : Remains •at tbe par-
lors of H. P. '•; Petereenr 1042 Post street.
FITZGERALD— Af her late residence, Sol Chest-
• nut street. Johanna. \u25a0 dearly beloved wife of
the late Patrick, devoted mother of Mleha»l
/ J., William F., George T., John J.. Elizabeth
\u25a0 T. and the late Patrick and David F. ;Fltzger-
: aid, fa native. of>County Cork, Ireland, aged
: 64 years^ and 9 months.
GALE— In Hayward."- Cal.. September 21. 1907.
\u25a0 x WIHUm Gale, beloved husband of Catherine
'Gale. and. father of George W., John A. and
Thomas E; Gale, a native of England, aged
\u25a0'. 63 -yearn.', • •\u25a0• " .
Friends and acquaintances are respectfully
: invited to . attend the , fnneral today (Mon-
day), September L 23. at 10 a. m., from his
' late residence. Hayward, CaL Interment Ixrae
Tree cemetery.- '.
HARMON— In Larkspur. Cal.. September .. 20.
- 1907, fallen ..; asleep, Charley A. Harmon.
. brother of Annie L. Harmon and Edward N.
Harmon.- \u25a0•
iFriends are respectfully Invited to attend
the funeral , services today (Monday), Sep-
, tember 23. at : 1:30 p. nx., at S the chapel of
;. Odd, Fellows": crematory.
HARRINGTON— In Oakland, Cal., Septembnr 21.
.1907, Willard B. f Harrington, husband of the
late Emma A. Harrington, a native of Bos-
ton. Mass.,, aged G6 years.
\u25a0 Friends axe respectfully Invited to atten-l
the funeral today (Monday), September 23,
at 11 a. m.. , from the parlors of the First
/Unitarian church, corner of Geary and Frank-
I lln I streets. | Interment private.
HERD— In thls'city. September 21. 1907, Tber-
. esa < i Herd/: beloved • plster of Mrs. . Emma
Blucher, "Mrs. Jc*ephlne- Mutter, Mrs. Lea
Kink and Rudolph Herd, and beloved sister
• of Mrs. Lea Muhlfcoch, a native of . Phillips-
- burg, Baden,. Germany, aged 8S: years. A
: member of Third , Order of St. Francis and
Chrlstllche Mutter , vereln. ,
, - { Friends . and acquaintances . are . respectfully
invited to attend the \u25a0 funeral tomorrow (Tues-
day), at 8 o'clock a. m., , from her late resi-
dence, 8216 Fillmore street between Lombard
and Greenwich, . thence to St. Boniface's
church, Golden . Gate"' avenue between • Jones
and Leavenworth streets, where a requiem high
mass forithe repose of. her soul will be cele-
brated, commencing .;\u25a0 at 9 o'clock a. m. ' In-
terment Holy Cross cemetery, by carriage.'
HOPPER— In this city ,' September 19,' 1907, Ger-
trude Marion, beloved wife of Jean Georges
Hopper, daughter oft the late Dr. Clinton Mun-
•on, and granddaughter of E. H. Dyer of
Alvarado, a native of California.
•,-\u25a0 Funeral services, will be held in the chapel
of the Golden | Gate undertaking parlors, '2475
Mission street, at 10 o'clock a. m. today
(Monday). Interment private. .
KELLY In this' city,' September 20, 1907. | Isa-
belle Kelly, dearly beloved daughter of Charles
• and Mamie; Kelly, and loving sister of May,
Anita and Gerald Kelly. Mrs. Jessie' Faccinl
and the late Gracie and' Charles J. Kelly, a
native of San . Francisco, , Cal., aged 10 years
3 months and 20 days.
*-; Friends and acquaintances are respectfully
invited to attend the funeral today (Mon-
day),- September 23,- at-- 12:30 o'ejoefc, \u25a0 from
her parents* residence,- 938 A Greenwich street.
- Interment ' Holy > Cross cemetery.'.
KOLBY — In this city/September 22. 1907.'
Louisa, beloved daughter, of \u25a0 Reinharfl ' and
Gertrude Kolby. and. ; sister of Gertrude,
Rosle, George, 1 Henry. and Relnhard Kolby, a
native of San Francisco, aged 4 ; years. »
Friends and acquaintances-, are, respectfully
invited to attend the funeral tomorrow^ (Tues-
day),- at 10:30" a; m., from; the residence of
her parents,' s34 Mississippi street near Twen-
tieth. Interment Mount Olivet cemetery.
LARSON— In this city, September' 21, 1907, at
the parents' - residen«>, -' 2817 Twenty-fifth
street. Myrtle L.. dearly beloved daughter of
Charles F. and Julia Larson, and sister of
Harry and Fred Larson, a ' native of San
' Francisco, aged 4 years 2 months and 19 days.
LEHMKUnL— In this city, September 20, 1907.
Herman 8., husband of Mattie . Lehmkuhl and
father of the late Anna Lehmkuhl, dearly, be-
loved son of Mary and ' the late Herman B.
Lehmkuhl, and loving: brother of Mrs. R. .H.
Trenouth. \u25a0 Mrs. David Lane, s Mrs. : Rose Hills
and. the late Anna Lehmknhl, a native of San
Francisco, Cal. :
- -\ Friends '. and acquaintances . arc respectfully
Invited to ;. attend the funeral , today (Mon-
day), September 23, at 9:a. m.,;from the par-
lors of Mcßrearty fc McCormick; 915 Valencia
street \u25a0 near Twentieth, '\u25a0 thence to St.' • Paul's
. church, where a ; requiem high ' mass for.', the
\u25a0 repose of his soul will be celebrated, com-
mencing at 9:30 a. m. Interment Holy Cross
MADDOCKS— In this city, \ September 21, 1907,
Howard, beloved brother \u25a0of Thomos and '\u25a0\u25a0 Mer-'
rltt Maddocks, a native of Boston, Mass., aged
39 years. - (Boston, Mass., .papers \u25a0' please
copy.) . :\u25a0-'.
Remains at the parlors of IT. F. Snhr &
Co., 291!) Mission ; street between Twenty-fifth
, and.Twenty-slxth.' *, , » .
MAHONEY— In this city. : September 22. 1907.
Raymond Lao, beloved son of John and Maud
Mahoncy, a native -of San 1 Francisco, aged ' 2
" years and 5 months.
McKEE— In this city, September 22,"' 1907, Rose,
relict of tho late James McKee, a native of
-. Westport,". Ireland, aged 75 years. .
. Remains at tbe parlors of Mcßrearty ;&\u25a0 Mc-
, Connick, , 915 Valencia . street near Twentieth.
Notice \u25a0of funeral hereafter."- \ ./-j. . ,
MCLAUGHLIN — In this, city, September 20,
1907, - Margaret M... relict of the .late Dr.
- M. A. .McLaughlin, beloved ,- mother of Maud,'
-Ralph ' and Juanita • McLaughlln, and' step-
mother of Dr. Alfred McLau?hlin, r a native of
. Coleraln, - Coiuity : Derry,". Ireland,
t The funeral will , take : place today (Mon-
day), at 9 o'clock a.' m.r from her late resi-
dence. 1540. Tenth aveuue '' South. - tuence -to
• All ; Hallows church, : Sixteenth avenue, where
a solemn requiem 'mass for the repose of licr
' uoiil, will be. celebmted, " cominenclns 'at 9:30
'.o'clock' a. m.: Interment '. Holy Cross cemetery,
by special funeraV car. fi-om. Third and Tohu-
send ; streets. Kindly ; omit 1 flowei-s.
NELSON— At the Abbey h'ouße. ! ' Mission V road.
- September 21, 1907,-N. P. ' Nelson, dearly be-
loved husband of Emma' C. Nelson and * father
• of - Nela iH. Nelson,- brother ! of I Paul and r Bent
Nelson,' and brother in law of Peter Nelson, a
native of : Huof Soken; Sweden,, aged 39 years
\u25a0-; 7 months : and 17 days." .'.; \u25a0 \u25a0.-,.>\u25a0 r'.u '- -:""
FrlendsN and ,. acquaintances are : respectfully
\u0084.; invited to attend ' the - funeral services Wednes-
\u25a0 day, September 25, , at 1 :30 o'clock p. m.; at
B the chapel of Craig, Cochrani & > Co., 1180 Va-
lencia ; street near .; Twenty-third. . Interment
\u25a0Cypress Lawn cemetery,", by carriage.'. ,:\u25a0:"..;;
O'FARRELL— In Grass ".VaUey, 11 September' 20,
1907., Aloysius J.,- beloved husband of Rosina
•O' Farrell. . son of J. j; ; and , the f late Johanna
O'Farrell. and \u25a0 brother, of- Mother- Aloysius ; of
I St.' Mary's convent. Grass * Valley ."Jackson "and
-the late Anthony J.O'FarreU, Mrs.- C. Lowray
of San Francisco, Mrs.*. P. f J.i Watson and! Mrs.
J Alice Bowers^of Jxm Angeles "and Mrs.- James
L. Curran of * San Luis Obispo, ,' a . native 'of
>. Grass Valler, - CaL/ -. aged '\u25a0\u25a0 29 ;\u25a0 years ' and ' 9
•..-. months. A member of. Mission council No. 3,
;.-' Friends . and \u25a0 acquaintances ' are • respecTTully
• •\u25a0; Invited to attend the , funeral ; today '\u25a0 (Monday) ,
.'-, at'B:3o ! a. m.,, from ; the ; parlors ? of • Monahan
& Co., 1304 Guerrero street corner of twenty-
fifth, i thence ,' to » St;' ; Paul's .' church, ."where ? a'
-;: requiem 'high, mass f or ,; me ; re pose, of . his boul
\u0084 will .J be celebrated,' j commencing . at L ; 9\u25a0* a. ~ m:
• ; Interment .Holy ; Cross a cemetery- by 5 carriage.
ORELLA— In ;thls : city.* September j 22." : 1907/
;\u25a0-: Marie Theresa Wilson Orella.l beloved 1 xvlf e of
\u25a0'; Dr. P. . Orella,: daughter ; of 'William . F.
r.and the late Hannah C. Wilson * sister of .Fredi
•crick "A.v; Albert J.,' Harry -\u25a0'J;,'.- William '. F.
,rJr. and ,Tessle Wilson, 'a 'native > of- San' Fran-
.:. ..CISCO. -\u25a0.;\u25a0 '\u25a0.. j:' \u25a0\u25a0\u25a0\u25a0 \u25a0-.;• \u25a0..;-.', \u0084 .-. .\u25a0\u25a0
\- "jj Notice ; of '\u25a0- funeral j hereafter.
.O'RILEY— In this city. " September 21. \u25a0 1907/
- : Peter -, O'Rlley. devoted 'f. Uusband ; of ,: Mary,; E .
- O Rlley, : and : loving : father ' of : Thomas, > Forest,
,-Warren, -; George and \u25a0„ the -, late '1 Esther -O' Rlley,
; ; a - native ! cf j Fort ! Crossing, v Calaveras 1 county,
Ca A' ' aged ' 48 ' years 1 .; month > and : 26 ; days. \u25a0
" Officers 'and -members' of : .CourttßobJnsHoo»l
<\u25a0 - No.' : l."j F. iof r A:;» ! are ; hereby ' notified -to r at-
. tend the funeral " of our deceased ' brother, 1 , Past
\u25a0 Chief \u25a0 ; Ranger *E: :.- J.y P.V - O'Riley, .- today
;, (Monday), at 1- o'clock, p." m.t: fromiSt. John's
--'s church, : . St.' Mary's '\u25a0•'\u25a0. avenue y ; near , Bos worth
, street.^- .ALEX \ COCTTS,; Chief i Ranger. ' :
.: >A. ? J. . LCDWIG, i Financial} Secretary.- : I
PENCOVIC— Entered -\u25a0 into "/'rest/; In V' this t 'ei'tyV.
..? September .; 22,- -1907, \u25a0 Herman, •> dearly... beloved K
>i husband ?\u25a0 of y. Bertha . \u25a0 Pencovlc.'.' f and « beloved '
£ 'i father of =: Mrs. 7. M. j Mlzls. ' Mrs? : J.;- Raff .« and
Y-i Max,"- Perry, h Bernhard, 1 'Aaron.'? Albert, 7 David
and \u25a0Joseph^ Peneovic,* at native; of i Roumania,-
\u25a0;'; aped : GO \u25a0 years. ; .-; \u25a0 . . : \u25a0; \u25a0•'• \u25a0; ' :\u25a0»' iVi','. -\u25a0",\u25a0'", '--'\u25a0 ,:
. *; Friends 'nndf ac<iuaintan.?p».: are
Invned'tri ntteiifl .ihi' funoral" tomorrow ('Tupp-
Mir. Thomas H, Kullujian
Has returned from Persia, bringing with him s * -
Genuine Rare Anticjue iK^?^?
. Rugs and Carpets
1 Exhibition and sale at 1221 Sutter street, he-
tween Van Ness and Polk. < - , ">-" 1 -*.-
: Auction every day at 2:30 P. M., beginning i^^^^^^^*^^
Monday. September 23. and continuing the $4gh*'*:. .-~ *,7XSBjK'
following day?. This is the finest collection l&Tßflsfe-' r'^MM
ever brought to San Francisco. f „ p'^ '\u25a0 -\, V^^j »
- The picture shows Mr. Kullujian, who will- j^f^^^^^^sss^
lecture on the "Orient" every day at 2 P.- M.,
l at 1221 Sutter St.;. between Van Ness and Polk. j
Store Leased— Must Vacate
By Wednesday, September 25th.
Antique Oriental Rugs
Will Be Sold at Auction
Positively Without Reserve
MONDAY AND TUESDAY 0NLY.......... ...... .SEPTEMBER 23. 24. 1307
At .2 O'clock P. M. -
• \u25a0 . : :. \u25a0" ;--.:---•-.. -\u25a0-.\u25a0- \u25a0<\u25a0\u25a0\u25a0•- \ .- ..-•..\u25a0
LoverB of good Rugs will have a great opportunity .to buy at this sale
rarest and choicest Antiques to be found at. legitimate auction from a reliable
and old firm, established in this city In 1889. The buyers are protected against
spurious and artificial goods. The new tenant wants possession on Wednesday
next, so we can only hold two days' sale.
\u25a0. Don't : fall to attend this sale, as th« collection is noted for containing the
handsomest real Antique Rugs, in town. MIHRAN & CO.
day), at 2:30 p. m.. from tbe parlors of H. F.
Suhr & Co., 2919 Mission street betweea Twen-
; tr-flf th and Twenty-sixth. Interment Salem
cemetery, by 3:15 train from Twenty-fifth and
Valencia streets. V ' S
PENN— In Yountville; August 29. 1907, Richard-
. son M. Perm, beloved husband of Elizabeth Pepn
and loving father of John William Perm of St.
Louis, Mo., H. H. Perm of San Francisco, Mrs.
• Elizabeth Hoose of Fort : Wayne, Ind., and
Klmer.anfl Homer Perm of Chicago, 111., a na-
: tlve of Virginia, -aged &1 years 3 months and
;7daya. •:..\u25a0.-.. .-.., - \u25a0 . ; . . .
SULLIVAN— In this city. September 22. 1907,
Ellen, beloved wife, of the late Michael Sulll-
> Tan; and lovinp mother of William M.. James
•T., John E., Thomas J., George H., Frank A.
. and Kate A.-- Sullivan^ -i a • native -of County
\u25a0 ' Cork, Ireland..
Friends and acquaintances i are respectfully
Invited ' to attend the funeral tomorrow (Tues-
' day), ,- at 9 o'clock a.' m., from the 1 funeral
parlors of J. C. O'Connor A Col, 770 Turk
.. .street, thence to Sacred Heart church, where a
solemn requiem high mass for the repose of her
soul will be celebrated, commencliis at 9:30
: o'clock a. m. : Interment Holy Cross cemetery.
\u25a0 by ' electric funeral • car from Thirtieth street
, and . San Jose ; avenne. . :
SULLIVAN— In • Oakland, September , 21. 1907,
John J. Sullivan, beloved son of Mortimer Sul-
livan and loving brother of Mrs. James Dono-
van and k Mrs. T. Dunakln, a native . of San
- Francisco, aged 34 years.
Friends and acquaintances are respectfully
invited to' attend funeral services today (>lon-
' day), September' 23, " 1007, at 9:30 o'clock
a. m., from the residence of Mrs. James Dono-
van, . 6339 . Telegraph avenue, thence to Sacred
Heart church,, Fortieth and Grove ' streets,
where 1 a requiem high mass for : the ' repose of
\u25a0 his soul \u25a0 will be celebrated, - commencing at
' 10 o'clock a. m. Interment St.; Mary's ceme- :
tery...... \u25a0 - r ; -..., 'f . : /:; :
THOMAS— In this . city, ; September IS, 1907,
Claude F. Thomas, • brother ..of Oscar E.
Thomas, a native of . San - Antonio. Tex., aged
' 32 years. \u25a0 •
Remains : at the- mortuary : chapel of - the
~ Golden Gate undertaking company, 2475 ' Ml>»-
: \u25a0 sion street near ' Twenty-first, until today
; : (Monday), September 23.
VENABLE— In Oakland. September 22. 1907.
.Nellie, beloved daughter of Charles and Llnora
. Venable, \u25a0 devoted sister of Gertrude, Myrtle,
Edith. CKarles,. Rudolph. Lester and *. Esther
- Venable, . a native of San Jose, Cal., aged 14
years.- . • . ' .-\u25a0 • . j .
-.' Remains at the parlors of Cunha, Caporgno,
& Co., 1311 Clay street corner of Seventeenth,
WESPLEAR— In this city, September 21, 1907.
-Joseph H. : Wesplear, v dearly, beloved son ot
Mrs. J. Wesplear, a native of England, afed
31 years and 7 months.
Friends and • acquaintances are respectfully
invited • to attend . the funeral- today (Mon-
day), September 23, at .0 .a. m.,' from his
late residence, .229 Ellsworth street, ' thence
to St. John's . church, \u25a0 where a ' requiem high
.mass for the repose of his soul will be cele-
brated. ' commencing; ~at 9:30 o'clock. ' Inter-
ment Holy 1 Cross cemetery. - . >\u25a0; \u25a0
WILLIAMS— fin this city. September ' 22,, 1907,
Tomaseta. beloved daughter of • Cresensia -and
the late Thomas Williams, and sister of John
Williams, '1 a native ;of San Francisco, aged
;• 1 month and 15 .days:*
WORNER-McGEARY— In San Mateo. Cal.. Sep-
tember ' 19. 1907, : Elizabeth, beloved wife of
Ernest E. Worner, beloved daughter of Hannah
.and the late John McGeary, and. beloved sls-
.: . ter of \ Mary, Katherlne '\u25a0 and , Joseph \u25a0A. Me-
, .' Geary, vt a ' native " of San' Francisco, Cal., aged
- 28 years. ; A member of C. L. A. S. No. 10. B
Friends and . acquaintances * are respectfully
.: invited to : attend . the .'• funeral . today : (Mon-
- day). September 23, at 9 a. m;, from her late
residence, 226 Shrader street between 'Hayes
• and Fell, thence. to St. Ignatius church; where
h solemn \u25a0 requiem ' high . mass . for \u25a0 the - repose
of her soul will be: celebrated,; commencing at
. 9 :30 ! a.' m. Interment Holy \u25a0 Cross cemetery, by
electric > funeral car from Thirtieth . street and
. San Jose avenue. ~: \u25a0-- ; .
',' ' The officers and members of Catholic Ladles'
'"\u25a0\u25a0 Aid Society: No.-. 10 are requested to attend a
\u25a0 solemn requiem J high \ mass for the \u25a0 repjje of
the soul of our late sister, Mrs.: Elizabeth Wor-
ner. .to be \u25a0 celebrated this day \u25a0 (Monday), at
0:30 a. m.", at St. Ignatius church. 1 By order.'
; MRS. M. MOLETT, \ Secretary.
YONGE— In this city,* September 21, 1907, ; Helene
F. Yontte, beloved nif e.:of •• J. F. '. M. Yonge.
«nd loving; mother of Madallne H.,-< J. Duke,
Arthur D." and Ellen C.. Yonge. a native of St.
Louis,, M 0... aged 30 , years 7 .months and .7
days. .\u25a0;•'"' \u25a0 - : '.- ," .' : . •'. '\u25a0' 'V----, '.. "\u25a0-
Friends and acquaintances are respectfully
. inyited ;to ' attend-, the funeral, tomorrow. (Tues-
day), at. 8:-"0 o'clock a.*: m.; from ncr late
residence. : 2180 . Howard - street, | thence to St.
Charles Borromeo's church.' corner of Eighteenth
\u25a0\u25a0\u0084 nii'l Shotwell streets, where a requiem mass
.< for the ; repose ' of \u25a0 her > soul twill be . celebrated.
. commencing, at 9 o'clock a. m. . Interment Holy |
'\u25a0 .' Cross cemetery. •;. ;'. , _ . ;•, ; ... - ;',->/.\u25a0 .: . , |
city-office. ; , ' Market and
Grant Bidg. ' Seventh Sts.
1206: Sutter Street
. ; ; ", Bet. - Polk St: " and i Van 2Ve»» Ay.'
"\u25a0' .*\u25a0'-.' ' .. Telephone Franklut 1764. -\u25a0"
\u25a0San n Mateo St County.. 1 Finest and best
", equipped - Receivlng/Vault r and ± Chapel;
Masonic 2: Cemetery -Association. Office
illßfJO'FarrelliSt.-^^,'-:,^'- • .\u25a0',-.» \u25a0: ; . ..
**&$&£&& MEM AND WOMEN.
'• »*• * «i«j»^_ dlichart<«4nfUmmatloo*,
JB?Bp*gi:: Ounitttt si U trritatloos , or olearaUoo*
(\u25a0•Jf'Mi i» tutotar*. ",-,«( macoot aiobrutav
«±a •*««•«• Ct»u*ta«. f.inltM, «nd not ajlUdqsf
B2~iTmEVi«»CHtM<m.C». »ent or poltonouf. 7^
laß_ «w»— go witm fc «<»w by DranM*i:
'- C>. a. . : JKr ot wnt Id plain wr.npp«r,\
n~~flilTlii "' ' ' *>' •xprtw, prepaid, tot
\u25a0 *\ M > or 3 bottles s2.7s.
/•"aSKSßP^tr •*» Cimil»ri:nt ob nm*L
&& \u25a0\u25a0'\u25a0_Ss' . _S
Big Auction Sale of Horses
Brought to us bj- private famUles and business
flnns, •to b« sold without limit or reserTe. j They
will be at your mercy. | Toar price is ours. These
horses have been, at work dally and are to be
sold for the want of use. 72 head of horses and
mares for all purposes; also 50 vehicles, among
them boggles, surreys, wajrons and 'others too
numerous to mention: also 62 sets of single and
double harness. 16 saddles. 13 Up -robes and SCO
whips Sale at 665 4_ st., Oakland, W«dnea-
day, September 23. at 11 a. m.
&JI / J___
Don't for*<*t the big sale MOND AT, Septem-
b«r23. at Hermann and Valencia sts.. 11 a. m
1 will sell at auction 20 head of all purpose
horses. Also wagons, bcy^ies and harness.
, w.M. CLOUGH. —restock Auctioneer.
' ' Steamers Lear« Broadway
' /Qr^ t ~^Qs\ ~_rres
iji \r"^^ L J bates.,
v^\ w - for los angeles,'
santa Barbara. -
Santa Rosa.-.. Every Sunday, 10 a m
State of California . . .Ever/ Thursday. 10 a. S."
President ..................Sept. 24. 11 _ m .
.......Sept. 28, 11 _ — .
And Every Fifth Day Thereafter.
round trip, including berth and meals, $45.
City of Topelca Sept. 25. 30. 10:30 a. m.
Pomona .............Sept. 23. 28. 10:30 a. m.
C_acab ...........Oct. 7, 10 a. m.
PresWfnt Oct. 1. 2 p. m.
Umatilla .......... q cu 7
Spokane.. Sailing dates will be announced later
Right reserved to change this schedule.
SAX FRANCISCO— 3 Market st. and Broadway
Wharf— Telephone Temporary 492
'. OAKLAND ..: 86S Broadwty
San Francisco Freight Office— Broadway Wharf.
C. D: DUXAXN. G. P. A.. San Francisco.
Through Freight and - Passenger Rates.
• Elegant Steel Steamers.
Sailing every Saturday at 1 :30 p. m.
W. D. %YELLS. Gen. Agt.. Steuart St. Dock.
, Phone Temporary 68. •
S^'Co. and Napa Valley Electric
ft. B. Co. Close connections.
io^* 8 leaT * San Franclsc< > T:00. *9.45 a. — ,
12:30 noon, 3:15, 6:00. «B:3o' p. m. -
San Francisco landing and office. Clay street
Phone Temporary 406.
«Landa Navy > Yard direct.
Northwestern Pacific Raifroad Co.
\u25a0 '. May 5, 1907
•9:45. 10:15 and 11:55 p. m - ' - I*'1 *'
For Fairfax — Week Days— 6-15 raz
7:15. -8:15' a. .m.;, -2:45, 315 3-45 I Ii?
4:45 and 6:15 p. nu' Sundays— s-15- i' 3*
:.8:15 a. m. dany.i2:4s p. nV Sllv «
cept Sunday, and 8:15 aJm. r Sunday onfy
for Camp Meeker, Monte Rio Caiad« i«
and way stations.: * az adero
-9:15 a.; m. Sunday k)nrj-.and 5:16 t> m.
daily." except .Sunday for " LaiiirMti^"
*To ; Sauaallto , only. :
'7:8O,b:00, 9:15; 11:00 a.~-m:*'l*'is 7-ia
5:10, 'S^O. 6:30 p.,m. daily V*' ,';»°-
r: 7 :30 • m. , daily for -Petaluma: - Santa.
Rosa, Cloverdale Ukiah. WilUu, -She^
wa^sSlS^^ tiOa '^ len E "^° a^
v 3:30: p. •m.'f; dally .-for •Petaluma. Santa
Sebastopol and way stations. \u25a0 " i
: p.:m. T daily;for. Petaluma. Santa
Rosa, i Glen > Ellen. Sebastopol f and way
stations. :. ;,<;; ,<; \u25a0 . ~ \u25a0 ..
«-\u25a0? 9:15; a; • m. . Sunday only • for : Petaluma.
Santa; Rosa,. Glen .Ellen^and waysta-
tions.*-.. '. . . ..:. \u25a0,:.',.\u25a0/. ; \u25a0 •;*\u25a0 ...-,.:
•To Tiburon , only^ oaVweek daya. "
.-;.. Ticket * offices: t-;. Ferry', buildlnij ' and * jfeneral i
offices,-.- James •-: Flood - bnlldinir. :
* - ~» - 'JAS.! AGLER,* Grieral >f»nas«»r. .
J.'J.;Or:AUY.-.\f». Opn Pa-ts^ii'^r A Yr- J.i •• \- \u25a0••
.'.: ; - \u25a0' : ' .-\ ' :,\u25a0'\u25a0\u25a0\u25a0
hahwat tbat_
X^TiTjS. Trtiw teav« and an in*
y^JiQ^^v to »rriTe at
Ao/4^^jA San Francisco
X^jXV^ Foot of _arket Street
7.00 ft Kichmond, Fort Costa. Benicia. Sn>
sun. Dizon. Sacramento. and Way
Stations.. 8.28?
7.00* Etaira, \ieaville, Rumsey 8.23>
7.00 a Davis, MarysviUe. OrovOe— Rose-
ville. Red Bluif, Dunsmuir 3.28»
7JX)a Ha— Tird. NUes, Saa Jos»^ : 7.08 a
7.40 a V_ejo, Napa, Calistoei. Santa
Ron. Mrrtinei, San Ramon 9.25 a
7^o* XHes. Plea «an ton. Livermore, Tracy,
Lathrop. Stockton. 7.28?
BJJOt Shasta Express— (Via Davi»), WU-
hans. Willowy Red Bhif, Ash-
land, Portland and East 6.25 j
8.20 a Martinez. Byron. Tracy. Stockton.
Newm_. Loa E»nos. Me&dota. / 4.03 a
Eanford. Visalia. Porterville \ AAS9
8.20 a Port Costa, Lathrop. Mtrrad, Rsy-
. . mond. Fresno.- Ea&ford. Visalia,
Tolare. Bakeririd 4.48p
8.20 a Newark. Center viUr. Saa Josr.
Los Gatost Wrirht. 5.43j
9JOQ*. N2m. Livermort. Stockton (*Silton),
Villgy Spring, lone. Sacramento,
Eedßlufl 4.08s
9.00* Sonora. Tuortnaae and Asieela. . . . .' 4.03^
QJOCx Atlantic Express— Osden. Salt Lalts
City 72Sp .
9.COa Trackee.. Laka Tahoe. Reno, Tcno-
pah. Goldfield. Beatty 7.28»
O^MJa Richmond. Port Costa, Martae*. . .. 6A3?
10.00 a The Overbad Limited— Omaha.
Chicago, Denver. Kar.ar.a City . . . 8.28»
1 0.20 a VaEejo. Mare Island. Napa 1 1 .28*
10.20 a Los Aogdea Passeng*r— Port Costs.
Martinea. Byron, Tracy, Lathrop,
Stockton. Merced, Fresno, Han-
fort Visalia. Tvlare. Eakenfieid.
Los Anzfles.. 7JJBi
12.20p Niles. S_ Joss aad Way Stations. . 2.48s
IMS? Newark. San Jose, ba&ta. Cnu.
Lauri Boulder Creek^Dd Monte,
pacifio Grove 7.28p
3J3Op Benicia. Winters Sacramrito.
WoodLind. Knights Landioc
Marj—aio and Oroville. 10.48 a
3.20? Yosemite Valley via Raymond 8.48 a
3.20? Port Costa. Martinez, Byrca,
' Modesto. Merced, Frwno I2.O8»
3.20p Saa Leaadrs. Xiles, San Jcse 9.43 a
3j30» Via Tiburon, West Xapa. St^elena,
C_3«off» ....: 10.23*
3.40? Portland Exprea (via Divis). Wil
Earn* WiHows. Red Bluff. Att-
had, Portland aad East 9.43 a
4.00? Vall:k>, Mir tir.-s. San Ramon. Napa.
Cafistoj*. Santa Rosa 6.03 a
4.009 Niles. Traey. Stockton. LocS 10.28 a
4.20? Eastern Express^ — Ogdea. Pneble.
Denver, Kansas City, 3t. Luois.
. ' Marlines. Stockton, Sacramento.
Reno, Sparks 12.13?
AMf San • Leandro, Haywsrd. Xiles, f t8.28a
-. Pleanaton, Livermcre \t11.43a
B. 00? The Owl Limited— Newman, Loa
Banos. Mendoto, Fresno, Tulars,
BakersSeld. Los Angeles 8.48 a
5.00p Newark Smi Jew. Los Gatos. Wright. 8.48 a
5.20|» San Leandro, Niles. San Jose 7.48 a
\u25a0 5 A3? V_e]o. Port Costa, Beaicia, Suisua,
Sae^meato 11.28 a
6.20? China aad Japaa Fast Mail —
Ojden, Chej-enne. Omaha. Cbicajo 12.48»
6.20? Ravvard. Niles aad Saa Joso 3.43?
7JH)s. GoldSeld Pass.— Port Costa, Beairia.
Sacramento. Trackee. Lake Tahoe,
Wsdsworth. Eazen. Fallen, Tono-
\u25a0 pah. Coldnetd. aod Keeler. 7.08 a
7.00? V_ejo. Benicia aad Way Stations,
', S~ -. Sunday only >. . 11 .23 a
8.20 a >Orefan Express — Sacrameato.
*/. -Marysville. Reddinj, Portlaad.
\u25a0 •''-. Pujet Souad and East BA3*
L«avo. 7.00. 8.00. 9.00. 10.00, UjOO _ m.
12.00. 1.00. 2.C0. 5.00. 4.00. o.CO. _X). 8^0. 9.00 9. m
•' ' <g*<Third and Townsen«i StreeU)
6.10* Valencia St., Saa Joso aad Way
Stations..:. 8.38 a
JS.5O* Sunday Extroraott — Del Monte, Mon-
terey. Pacifio Grove 110.30f
7.00* Valencia St.. San Joee, Gilroy. Hcl-
lister. Pajaro. Watson ville. Santa
. Cnu, Laurel. Boclder Creek.
Davenport, Del Monte. Monterey,
Pacific Grove ._ 1 1. 15 a
B.ooa The Coaster— Saa Jote. Salinaj.
Paso Robin Hot Springs. Santa
Margarita, Saa Lais Oti.-po.
\u25a0 Gaadalupe. Santa Barbara. S&B
Buenavestera, Oznard. Burkank.
Los Angeles. .'. II ASo
B.oo* Del Monte. Pacific Grove. Surf.
Lompoc 11.43*
9.00* San Jose. Gilroy. Salinas. Pom
Robles Hot Springs. Saa Luis
Obispo— Los Gato?, Alma, Wright.
- Tres Raos, Saata Crua," Laurel,
Boulder Creek. Del Monte, Mon-
terey. Pacific Grove. 1 . . 4. 1 Op
10.30 a Valencia St, Burliagame, San Mateo.
Palo Alto. Saa.Jose 7.40 a
1 1 .30 a Valencia St.. Cemeteries, San Jose
and Way Stations 8.45 a
1.40p Valencia St.. Cemeteries, Saa Jos*. . .O.CCa
1.40? Sar.ta Cms. Laurel. Boulder Creek. 7.30?
3.00? Del Monte Express— Valencia St..
San Jose.. Gilrov, Tres Piaos.
v . Caitiovilla. Del Monte, Monterey.
Pacific Grove..... J2-Isa
3.15? South Can Frincisto, Saa Jose. Tre»
Piaos 10.35 a
4.00? Sunset Express — El Plao, Houston.
New Orleans
; Pijo Robles Rot Springs. Saa Lt_
Obispo, Santa Barbara, Loa
Anjdes 12:4©»
4.00? Del Moate, Monterey, PadHc Grnr*. 12.15?
f4.20? Valeana St. S— Jose, and Way
Stations *...-« t8.00»
4.40? Valencia St. San Jose, aad Way
: • « -. Stations. ..:.... 1.2 C?
f5.00> Valencia St. Burliazame, San Mateo.
Palo Alto. Saa Jose. Loa Gates.
Wrieht t9J5a
5.20? San Mateo. RedTrood. Palo Alto.
San Jose. Watsoavi_. Saata Cna 9 .30?
630? Valencia Sr.. San Mateo. Redwood.
Palo Alto, _a Jose— Saata Clara, -
Los Gatos. Wright BJOf
6.00? Near Orleaaa Express — Saa Jo**,
SaHnas. Paso Robles Hot Sprisgs.
Saa Luis Obispo, Saata Barbara.
LosAngeta. :....: »Joa
Demise Q Paso. New Orleaaa... 12.40?
6.00? Del Monte. Moatersy. Pacific Grove
Lompoc 11«45i
tS.IO? Valencia St. San Jose aad Way
Stations t*-*6«
6.30? Valencia St. South San Francisco.
San Josa. .". 8-40g
SJOOp Valencia St. Ocean View. Palo Alto,
San Jose 7JOj
_l 1 .45?. Valencia St. Paio .Mto. San Jose. . . t8.30a
1 1 JOOp Sacramento River Steamers. t3-00»
r T7eion~Transf er "Company arsti~(»nMt*Dazs3g«raad
cheeks on \u25a0 trails of Southern Pacific and deliver to
residence. They are authorized to check baggage direct
from residence. \u25a0 \u25a0 „
A for Mbrniag. P for Aftemooa.
tS unday oxeptaL SSimday oaly.
Via Sansali to Ferry— Foot of Market St.
Lv. Saa Fran. - "'.gga.--- Lv. T»malp«t»
week so-- j£%?mß(± **' yTTZS -
DAY DAY f££**tittftXM PAY PAY \u25a0
9:43 A 7:15 A I^^_|W -«A 7:25 A
9:13 A UdOA 1:40 P
"i:4SP" S: fe A mBP 4:liP
_TCK- 12:15 P Y^ 3 :10 P _TOU
datt MSP UssJltolMays *-M P dat
4:45 P 3:45 P B__rT— • «:40 P MOP
Toyo Kisen Kaisha
(Oriental Steamship Co.)
Have opened their permanent offle* at
Room 240, James Flood Building
S. S. "America Mara." Wednesday. Oct. 2,
;8. S. "Klppon Mara.** Wednesday. Oct. 3<\
1907. . ~"
S. .3. "Hongkon* Mara." Tuesday, Nor. 26,
Steamer* will lea v« .' wharf. . corner fl?«t' and
Braanaa streets. 1 p. nx.. for Yokohama arid
nongfeon*. calling at Honolulu. Kobe <Htoco».
Nagasaki and Stmngbal. and cosnectlnz at Hons-
kong. with steamer* foe Manila. India, etc. No
cargo received on board on day of salltnj;.
Round- trip tickets at r«duc«d rate*.
- For freight: and passag* apply at office. James
Flood building. W. H. A VERY.
Asststa<t General Manager.
HONOLX7LTJ— S. S. Alameda. sails Oct. 5, IX
- - a. ' m. Round trip. \u25a0 XI" S.
TAHITI, SOUTH SEAS— S. S. Martposa aa_i 11
\u25a0 a. m.. Oct. 17. Rouad trip, first dasa. $123.
KOXOLXJLTT— S. S. Alameda. saUs Oct. 76. 11
a. m. Round trio. |125. •
Passenger r Dflpt.;* 6.3 Market st. ; freight Office
53 Clay st. Phone T»mp. 1231.
Compagnie Geoirale Transatlantiqne
Sailing every ..Thursday. Instead : of. Saturday,
at 10 a. m.. from Fler 42, North river, foot of
Morton street. : -' % . - —.1 '#<•-• . >.
First class to Havre, $70 and upward: Mcood
class to . Havre, f 45 ana \u25a0 upward. GEXEEAL
ADA. 19 State at,: New York. 3. r. TTJOAZI.
manager, - Pacific coast, 630 Montgomery st.. San
Francisco. ' Tickets . sold b/>all railroad tick**

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