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Two Carloads of Sam Hildreth's Yearlings Arrive
Aifter Taking a liead With
; Three, ' They Present
Two to Angels
Oakland, 414 1 Los Anffele*, S.
So same at Portland) rain.
Won. Lost. Pet.
?,ft»- An«cHrs SS «S 1564
Saa. Francisco 92 7T .545
Oakland 84 7» .515
Portland 55 .85. .367
W. J. Slattery
-The O*.ks had a lot of luck -when they
went against the Angels yesterday
afternoon, otherwise they would have
been banded the big package, instead
of getting away with the game, 4 to 3.
After having it tucked away in their
i «£t pockets the Oaks indulged in some
more of that bone-headed baseball that
they have such a liking for. In a
twinkling the leaders put a couple of
runs over, and. had they been playing
tticlr usual pa me with the stick, the
contest would have \>een settled with
• out furthc-r ceremony.
There was hardly any reason why the
southern stars should have scored at
all.-but'so long as their opponents in
sisted on. slipping them a few runs
they probably figured that the only
thing to do was to wade In and grab. :
" Hftd they«n£one a bit stronger at the
right moment the finish would .have
been different.
Oakland started the scoring in the
first, with two to ,the bad. Van Hal
tren and Eagan picked off safe hits and
Uien got away witb a nice double
steal, both scoring on the two» bagger
that- Heine Heitmuller ripped over
third. Xo more runs showed until the
f.rth. Then Haley beat one to third.
' was sacrificed along by Van Haltren
iind arrived on Eagan's long single to
.That made it 3 to 0 for Oakland, and
it looked 'like a shut out until the
rough work showed in the sixth. Car
lisle landed on Haley's boot and a sim
ilar play a moment later gave Cravath j
a life. Brashear flied to left and Smith
made the prize bone head play of the
day with a wide throw to second, when |
he could have come in and handed the
ball. This advanced Carlisle a bag and
he .went all the way around on Ellis'
single to center. His running mate.
Cravath, beat it home while the Oak
lend outfield was busy giving chase to
Dftlnias* double to deep left.
The Oaks saw their danger and
started to get the run back in their
hAlf Of the . same inning. Both Bliss
and' Bigbee soused the ball safely and
Devereaux sacrificed them along. Then
Wright dumped one down in front of
tae pin. Burns picked up the ball, but
. in. his anxiety to nail the' runner at the
pUte he pegged it so wide that Eager \
could not handle it, so Bliss registered
the run.
Even in the ninth the Oaks were not
out -Of the woods. Ellis opened with a
double and. Wright passed Deimas,
after putting two strikes over without
a fealL Eager forced Ellis at third, but
Bernard came in with a drive into right
thit chased Deimas home. Carlisle
ended the game by skying to Bigbee
when a hit would have tangled It up.
AB. K. BH. SB. PO. A, E.
Gfroart, 2 b.... S 0 1 <» 2 11
C4ru>le, 1. f 41 1 0 1 0 0
imipa, ib ..4 0 1 0 15 s 0
or»»itij, r. f 4 1 0 0 1 0 0
Rnuhaear. Sb 3 0 0 0 0 5 0
Ellit.' c. t 4 0 2 0 10 0
r*lteiM, h ....3 11 0 8-70
Kt*#r. c 3 0 O 0 10 0
Burfia, p 4 0 0 0 0 3 1
T6ial» ..34 3 8 O !* 18 1
AB. R. BH. SB. PO. A. E.
.6i*ith, 1. t 4 0 0 0 2 0 1
lUlejr. 2b 4 110 13 2
Vftn . Hal twn. c. f . ... 3 1 2 I*2 0 0
R*i:*n. m 4 1 SI 0 6 0
H*ltttuller. r. f 4 0 1 0 3 0 0
BUm, c 3 110 2 10
B!*!*«. lb 4 0 1 0 13 4 0
IV>T*i*a.ux, Sb 3 0 0 0 2 1 0
W£«*t, p 2 0 0 1. 2 -2.0
Total* ...31 4 93 27 17 ~3
L/*. Acgeles 0 0 O 0 o*2o 0 I—3
Baseblts .000202 00 2—62 — 6
0.-.kland 2 0 0 0 1 10 0 xx — 1
Basehits 3 0 2 0 2 2 0 0 x— 9
Two be«e hita — Heltmoller, Dclmas. Ellis.
Sacrifice tats — Van Haltrea. Derereaux, Wright.
First baae on called balls — Off . Bams \u25a0 1. eff
Wright 3. Struck oct — By Burns 1, by Wright
J. • Hit by pitcbw — Carlisle. Time of game — 1
bnur and 40 minutes. Umpires — Moore and
Baseball Notes
Ragan - gsre the ball aa unmerciful souiU&x,
making -tl» re* tits out of four times vp, two
of l&cm ffoins up against the right field teace.
Papa ' Van Haltren bad only two chances In
tbee-eoter garden, but, as they were the hard
est I of . the day. the fans agreed that the ven«r-
Kble: leader ef toe Oakland • tribe bad earned
bis salary.
•**». - - • • •
*,Bisbee played m graad game at first, getting
aw *j . with 17 cbaaces without a clip. : He was
110: over the field thrpaybont the game an! cat
off * a couple ( of runs by making remarkable
thttif c to second and third.
* v tf h*a the Seals went north on Sunday ulgli t
fire'ot.' their number — Joy, Esola, Strelb, Speocer
ard Sawyer — were left behind. Long has, quite
r. buncli oa bis salary' llet cow, so. be 'did i'ot
cjire to carry too mucb excess baggage on the
lons - Journey. -*
- "E>ery time that fellow Qoigg starts a ball
Bktok I think I am up against a prayer meet
inf.? ."mused Chief Esola as be sonned himself
Jb • thi " grandstand yesterday afternoon. "Havi
you noticed that when Quigg starts the tall
rollisg be announces the batteries and tbta
uys, 'Let os play' la that sanctimonious voice
ef bis! All the gang imagine he is saying,
•Let us pray. and on Satu rday Bllde lorjot
himself aad started to kntcl."
Oakland added a new catcher to the list res
terday. when Frank Agur. who bad caught ell
season with the Battle Creek. Mich., team, blew
In «t>d anaoanced that b« was In need of work.
Van Haltrea looked ' him over three ; times cud
then told him \ to ' select a uniform for himself.
Toe new catcher is out here on a visit. It ha
makes good he probably will , finish ' the season
witb the Oaks. . No purchase, release or \u25a0' any
thing like that figures In the deaL He Is said
to be an Al man, both with big stick and
the big mitt.
MONTEREY. Sept: 25.— The Pacific
company, is negotiating
\u25a0with San Franciscans who wish,to'pur
chase 75 acres near this city upon which
to: erect a cottage city and a new
casino, the latter to cost abopt $250,000.
SANTA ROSA, Septlj 2s:— Miss; Amelia
Astl, an Italian girl of 19, died from
Route ptomaine poisoning here last
night after three hours* convulsions. 1
She had eaten heartily of pickles, beans
j*e~4 %f-n% f-n ou m ti»r».Sßßt
White Sox Given a Setback
in Their Game With;
Clubs— ; * . . - Won. Lost. Pet. '
Philadelphia ..82 54 .503
Detroit .....;. ........85 BC
Chicago S4 59 .687
Clereland \u0084.'...... .Si 61 . .570
New York..". : ......... 64 73 -.467
St. Louis..... 60 81- .426
Boston ..........'............. 5S S4 .408
Washington 45 93 .326
PHILADELPHIA. Sept. 25.— Philadelphia to
day took the second came of the final series
with Chicago and thereby temporarily checked
the pennant aspirations of the visitors. Plank,
who was In, the bor for the locals, had Chicago
at his mercy, not a solid hit being made off his
dellrery after the opening Inning, when Hahn
placed a single to left. . In the fifth inning
Dougherty beat out a slow bounder toward third
base which . Collins was unable *to field .in time
to catch the runner. • Plank was glren perfect
support and the world's champions did not hare
an opportunity to score. : The rooting of the
crowd was eten more noisy than on the preced
ing day. Score: - •
R. H. E.
Chicago ...• .. 0 2 2
Philadelphia ....;...... 5 8 0
•Batteries— Smith 'and Sullivan; Plank and
Powers. rt/-: -:
NEW YORK, Sept. 25.—^Joss w»« entitled to a
shut out of the local American league team to
day and had it not been. for Birmingham's muff
of Hoffman's fly •in the .• first inning he would
bare been creditwl with one. for the New Yorks
made but one safe hit off his delivery. Score:
Jt. H. E.
New York 11 S
Cleveland 7...-. .........3 .8 4
Batteries — Manning and Blair: Joss and
BOSTON". Sept. 25.— Today's jrame was a
pitcher's battle, determined in. the. tenth Inning.
Cold weather and the 1 wind ' blowiDß, across tie
field made good ball playing an impossibility.
Score: \u0084 ; - -
R. H. E.
Detroit 4 7 3
Boston .: '3 7 4
Batteries — Killian and Payne; Winter and
Shaw. '\u25a0:.'.*. 'i'.-'^:-:>
WASHINGTON. Sept. 25.— Washington made
a rally In its last turn at the bat today and
scored two runs, defeating St. Louis. Score :^
-V': , '\u25a0 R. H. E.
Wasiiincton ft 0 2
St. Louis 4 11 3
Batteries— C. Smith and Blankenship; Bailey,
Hor.-ell and Spencer.
Clubs— Won Lost Pot
Chicago 102 • 41 .713
PlttsbiTrc 86 55 .610
Stvr York 81 • fi3 .562
Philadelphia "."i 63 .543
Brooklyn 64 78 .451
Cincinnati 60 S3 .420
Boston 54 SS \u0084356
St. Louis 45 98 .315
CHICAGO, Sept. 25.— Chicago and Philadelphia
broke even today. The last game, which was
called at the end of the sixth, was marked by
the poor playing of several Chicago players.
First game— • R. H. E.
Chicago .5 f» 1
Philadelphia 0 5 1
Batteries — Overall and Kling; ' Corridon and
-> ...
Second game — \u25a0' ' A R. H. E.
Chicaso 1 . . . . 0 2 - - 3
Ph!lad\?lphia 6 .-..7 0
Batteries — Fraser and Moras; McQuillan ' and
Doom. ' '.;:~:. \u25a0
CINCINNATI. . Sept. 25.— Two errors by Hug
clns In the first Inning counted ' heavily against
the locals today. Score:
R. H. ,E.
Cincinnati .v. . 5 6-2
Boston : 9- 9 8
Batteries — Ewlng and McLean; Dorner and
Bell- , \u25a0 .:'-:-'^f.. '-' \u25a0. \u25a0
PITTSBURG, Sept. 25.— 1n one of the stormi
est games seen in this city this season the New
York team made its last appearance here today
and was defeated. 14 to 1. Score:' ' '
'- - R - TT V "
Pittsbur* .14* 16* 6
New York .: 1 -7 5
Batteries — Maddoz, Lynch and Gibson; Fergu
son and Bowennan.
ST. LOUIS, - Sept. 25.— Lewis* muff |of - Alper
man's toss In the seventh - Inning today cave
the St. Louis Nationals a victory over Brooklyn.
Karger and Bell pitched brilliantly. Score :'
R. H. E.
St. Louis..". S 4 2
Brooklyn .........,..:............ 1 5 2
Batteries— Earger 'and Marshall; Bell and
Bitter. \u25a0\u25a0 \u25a0; \u25a0 \u25a0 \u25a0• \u25a0 "- -
Special by Leased Wire to. The Call
LOS ANGELiES, v Sept. < 25. —^Thirty
days' racing at Ascot park, in the face
of a bitter fight that 'will be made to
prevent it, and then a jump to ' Arcadia,
"Lucky" -Baldwin's new sporting pre
sort, is the, program announced yes
terday by George % Rose. He. Barney
Schreiber and others are bending their
energies toward the completion of the
new track at Arcadia by December 1.
Stables for 600 horses are being con
structed, scrapers - are grading for the
track and an Immense grandstand is
going up. The* contractors are under
heavy bonds to complete the work by
December 1. ' » •"• •..^-,
Baldwin, who Incorporated the town
o J Arcadia in- order.- that he might run
its "wide" open," plans -to make -lt-ithe
Monte Carlo : of : the . west.: .-The race
track will be but one >of many gam
bling features. . Opposition to even
a limited season of racing at Ascot,' in
view of the. fact -that the track now is
within the citylimits of Lbs "Angeles,
is certain to be strong, but" Rose says
the attempt will>be;xnade/^
NEW YORK, : Sept] 2 s.— The NeV
York yacht ; club, at' al meeting ; tonight,
declined the challenge : of - Sir /Thomas
Llpton" for a" race' for; the /America's \u25a0 cup
next year. The. conditions /imposed by
Sir Thomas were' regarded as unsatis
factory. BSBS^^I
NAPA. ; Sept. , 25.— The quarantine
which State .Veterinarian Charles Blem^
er . recently :,; established Jon all f horses
qnartered _ at ?.the new/reservoir ; site . on
the . Napa state 5 hospital grounds rer
mains^in force, ;and"it;will be at. least
80 days before; it I can: be raised. A
number • of ; animals 1 have » been killed
and more . : than ;a V score : i are J ; seriously
affected with glanders." ; .There • are sev
eral hundred >. mules ? and \u25a0 horses * under
restraint. .The disease is of : tbe - most
malignant form known to^' veterinary
science. . . " - » .
PETALUMA. ~" Sept.- 2 s.— Co in pan y* C,
. recently mustered out^ ;held an auction
sale of: its property^ Monday ; night.' : It
was sold at * good? prices - for souvenirs.
\ A" set of 1 photographs, of presidents 'of
; the United States'' was; presented | to',the
»board v of education^for. use in' the local
schools. "A= big "eagle -.was; presented to
the board of, education.-; The trophies
and * the flag ' will Igo \u25a0 to the local Car
negie library. *, ?evera_r . members ot
Company" C have r^fjuested to i be trans
ferred trom that command to. Company
:' of . c :>Mta nnsa. '
I ' ' ' \u25a0 :- " \u25a0-\u25a0'•- -\u25a0 \u25a0 )
ffHE "SAJ^^AM^CO C -1907:
Part of the Hildreth Ship
: ment Left i Behind in •
• After having floured In a* train' wreck
In Colorado,' two carloads of valuable
yearlings, shipped by S.C Hildreth
from New York,'.? in • charge ;of John
Lowjp, arrived' at the: Emeryville race
track yesterday and .: were ; assigned
stalls in "the two stables ".that will be
required to shelter the .big: strinar^of
thoroughbreds that Hildreth • will race
here. . A third carload, which; it was
found necessary to leave behind tem
porarily on account of the smashing of
the car,, probably will arrive today.
Trainer Lowe is hopeful that none of
the youngsjters will show ill effects" of
the. accident, but .is. .by no means cer
tain that this" will be the, case, rrfe is
anxiously awaiting : the appearance of
the car: to which those left behind , were
transferred after : ; the 'mishap.
Hildreth; is expected to leave NeT(
Tork-about the middle of October wiU
the remainder of his stable, including
Montgomery, his * candidate ' for : th<
i Burns \ handicap, for Iwhich* •" he paic
J13.000 at the Herz dispersal salea few
days ago, and his^candidate forth*
California derby, the 530,000 Star Shoot
colt. Uncle. The Hildreth stable wii:
shelter 29 yearlings and 16 horses 01
more mature age when all shall havt
reached Oakland. Hildreth is negoti
ating for the : services of a competeni
jockey to do his riding during th€
winter. Notter/: one of the best boys
of the year, . is said to be
whom he has his eye. ... Pending' Hil
dreth's arrival John Lowe will" develoj
the yearlings.
President "Williams' action' in adding
Martin Nathanson'to the list \of officials
of the Oakland track will not resultjin
the ' displacing of Horace Egbert as
handicapper and. . programmer, as many
turfmen have been led to believe. Sec
retary Percy Treat of the New Califor
nia jockey club is authority ifor; the
statement that Nathanson will ;\u25a0 succeed
Egbert in the stand as an associate
judge, but that Egbert, who is: slowly
recovering, from the illness that com
pelled his premature return from Seat
tle before the close of the racing sea
son there, will continue to discharge
the duties of handicapper.
_It is reported; although not officially
admitted, .that John. Dinue, who has
acted heretofore as entry clerk, pad
dock judge and timer, will be relieved
of some of his responsibilities. It is
believed probable that Martin Nathan
son, who has achieved a' splendid repu
tation as a competent and popular offi
cial, will discharge the duties of entry
clerk. -
Dr.S H. E. Rowell, who trains for
Thomas, H. Williams, will ,. have full
control of Jockey "Walter Miller during
his California engagement ; next winter
and'will select hismounts. Rowell is
desirous of disposing of the contract
he holds on Jockey Tommy Sandy,
which has two, years to run from Jan
uary 1 next. The Williams horses that
have been campaigned in the east will
be shipped. \u25a0 back to Oakland \u0084at .the
c?iose: of the Brighton "meeting, October
5i 'Aside from the good colt Firestone,
the stable is not" of much account at
present, but before it leaves ; the east
it is likely to be; strengthened by sev
eral good horses, for which Williams is
now looking.. The- full list of -.the
horses in the ', Williams ' stable, Includ
ing, the- yearlings purchased- at the
Burns & Waterhouse sale/early, in | the
summer, which are being' shaped at
Oakland for the 2 Jyear old races after
January 1, is as follows:- V"Tv>vvV
Alta Rose, ' Altadice, Altanero^ Creation. Fire I
stone, \u25a0 Huerf ano, . Humero, Prejuicio, Roalta,
Rosal. Talentosa, Walter Miller. >--.
Yearlings— Black filly by \u25a0: Eddie Jones-Miss
Bowena ; The Drake, eh; c.,by Altamax-Duck
ilng: . " Maxims. \u25a0 eh. c: by ; \u25a0 Maznic-Sonomis ;
Quake, eh. c. by Altamax-Shiver; Rosevale, b. f.
by Eddie Jones-Sweet Rose; -Prudent, : blk. c. by
Colonel Wheeler- Prejudice: Who, b. c. ! by Eddie
Jones-Hoolou; Don Jusn, ;br. c. by ' Eddie Jones-
Juanita; \u25a0 Rollicking Boy, br. , c. by ' Altamax-
Recreation. , . >.-/::
\u25a0 Two year olds that have not started— Hitamo,
b. c. '• by Altamax-High Hoe; Olou, b. f. ' by . Al
tamax-Hoolou. ' ' •
The "Drake Is a half brother . to Adi
rondack and Eduardo. Prudent is ; a
half brother to Perjuicio, which won his
maiden ' race at 'the j recent ; Saratoga
meeting. - Who is -a half-brother to
Homage, a' frequent winner. Rollicking
Boy is a full brother to that good per
former, Rockaway. }-: :
James who made
Jockey , Walter * Miller's ] engagements
here-last winter, \u25a0\u25a0will freturn \u25a0 this fall
with ; 10 , horses, .= including - several that
he is training , In f addition to -his "own
string.- Fitzslmmons. will bring Jockey
Brussell, whose: contract he ) holds. -
J. J. -Walsh, who has been : racing on
the .^Cana'dlanV circuit, has shipped his
stable *to .Belmont park ; andl'at,- the : con
clusion of I the I fall I meeting , next' month
will ship " to California, with' the inten
tion •of racing ; at : Oakland T all j winter.
Walsh campaigned his stable, at v Ascot
park "tlast "* season. v , He - has ?• -several
clever in his string, includ
ing- Sir Edward, .which; he (purchased
from G. M. Van '• Gordon 2 last 7 spring.
Walsh's won': $3,000 at the j re^"
cent Toronto \u25a0 meeting. •;
R. \u25a0 F. M Carman, who' broke into , the
racing game at 'i Los ! Angelas^ last
ter, has signified his intention {of ; rac
ing "his horses lat Oakland* this ,' season!
Carman has collected . a '} stablo]bf fgood
ones ' and has . been j cutting fconsiderable
of a figure : on .-\u25a0 the metropolitan^ tracks
during ; the} summer. !; " James is
training ;. the- Carman) horses^ and I the
stable^ has \u25a0;&' contract ? on ~? Jockey, Guy
Burns, :; brother; of >,the ; noted \ Tommy.
Carmen • bought the ) filly Jane - Swift : for
51,000 at the recent: Herz' dispersal sale.'
•:\u25a0' " ' \u25a0 \ \* ' *
Dick Williams,, a recent' arrival! at
Emeryville f rom ; the 'east^with" a" big
string,; wiir ; not "remain • here to . face,
it is understood, : but -will move " : '. on "'to
southern ; California.^ J waaMn
trouble > here z tw6 * years J ago, 5 but ', sue-"
ceeded •in having \u25a0 the - ban t against \u25a0 him
removed' last . ' ' :
Sam f Hildreth's : crack i"o"6lt,S Uncle,*; is
said to^ have ; been ; palpably; short! in! the
Junior: champion ?s takes, Unr.whlch? Jane
R. i Keene's <, Commando colt, -Celt,' ; took
hislmeasure; after'; Uncle; ; had: shown
brilliant speed . into ; the? stretch. ; ! Uncle
ran: In heavy A bandages. '; . "" '
\u25a0-. .Tod Sloan; < the once ; famous ] jockey;
and i Julia : Sanderson, ;. the "'. actress, {were
married 'at \ New-. York ? a f ew^days^ago
and spend' their, honeymoon- in'Eui
rope. »' Sloan'; is ' reported*^: to j hay had fa
successful; season :,'\u25a0' en' \J the ; New r York
tracks *af ter.s aY period .: that ". was ; any
thing; but prosperous. V' ;'* -/::'' ". ;
Iv«I v« Frank §, Skinner^, has .;: returned : from
twhere i h« Tofflclated 'as [pre
siding Judge at v a 1 five' day.; meeting" after"
the""closefat> Seattle.J r-'v'-fv.'t-*^----".- " r ;^-^ :
It ; is announced' ,t liat '.; Pliil Chirm \u25a0of
Ken iucky^wi 1 1 Jiis ; horses ikt^pak
1 an (l ; nex t l,\vi n tor. " ? Ch f 11 1 f ? lias \u25a0, s<Ty era \
noted',* perfonuers,' ;iH«.MiidinV ; liie good
handlcaT>'.,ho_rp?;.i'Pr^ ; Tv.r7"3inM .; '..- , ;:>.,>:
R. A. Smyth
Wrangle Over Division of Biirse
Pitts Crimp in Proposed Match
Joe Gans, the lightweight champion boxer* of the world^.and
George -Memsic, i whom he- will : ! meet *in a 20 round battle: in .Los
Angeles (tomorrow night.': , . .
. I Seeing that there is - little <or ..no
chance' of : making; aJ; match >; between
Joe Gans and \u25a0\u25a0 Kid J Ketchel, promoter
Jim ?Coff roth .attempted last night": to
si gn ; Ketchel r ; and ; Joe '.Thomas.- Hera
he failed again.' for 'the, reason that Joe"
O'Connor, the man who: is looking after
the ' Montana-whirlwind'sa -whirlwind's interests, in
sists that > he \u25a0•; receive- a*l6-:;. per ;cent
bonus out of : the winner's ; share" of the
receipts. Thomas > would" not . stand for
this.v so the ' men .parted i after, having
argued; for a couple of hours. ; " ,-'
"The "weight : , questions, was vthe/ first
to'come ; up. . After a>wr'angle ; of nearly,
an ' hour O'Connor .'gave* -way.,' to : Thomas
and; agreed to V take him 'on ;at .154
pounds. XlCoffroth^ thought -othat~" the
match was made, ; butj O'Connor Z had a
I little joker^up .his. left' sleeve and' when
he 'unloaded ,it Coff roth r dashed out of
j the** room and left [. Thomas .to ,do ,tha
honorsy"'"»vv.v.:.\ : ~:''?--"':^}, : *':'\u25a0'\u25a0".'\u25a0\u25a0'?'\u25a0 ; "/'\u25a0\u25a0y
' was willing to , give Ketchel
a, bonus of '6'pe'r cent.' but ; when O'Gon
nbr heldout"for!ls Joe' refused to stand
for*: the* raise: .\u25a0.•\u25a0'."."\u25a0"'.\u25a0•. ":.". "..'.' \u25a0' ", ". ::
-: iThe , : men ' agreed ; to J take 1 55 , per cent
of "v the ; gross : receipts I and;! divide
60 per j cent to '; the and ,40 to the
loser. ;? This . suited ",Thomas, :^but '\u25a0 be ; did
I not | see* why he \ should 1 give i O'Connor
a"':big bonus. ; The ' men will meet again
this _evening 'and: the 'match "' may. be
made. ";- ". .•" .;,.;- ". . ," " * v' .':\u25a0>}{
; Thelittle talked: of Gans-aie'msic mill
will : be brought ; oft \u25a0 tomorrow ) evening
inf. Los;' Angeles, f^j Nobody £\u25a0 concedes
Memsic < a .chance," and • as } he " i s ' fl gh ting
for^s2,oooVagainst : :$8,000; ' win, - loseyor
draw, 4 everybody.' figures ' that >he must
be short^of changes rr';vY v' "
.*.- Gans isa 3; to ;1' shot in: Los Angeles,
-no*, takers. ;*. Nobody; has
, triedit'o" make abet here, but" from ' cur{
.rentAalklGans (figures": a sptoH5 p toHl 7 chance
'\u25a0 wi\h\thes; local! followers f of J the ? game.
MemsiC;has never fought' in this, city,
-.ft Squires. j and;-? Sullivafi>; have i about
completedtheiri training : for ; Saturday's
. battle, ; and, ; aa" usual/ sbotht report? that:
they fare's f eelin'gr^'better }\u25a0 than v eyerlbe-^
fore"? in stheirlliYes."t ; Sullivan vwllldoT
his last iboxihg^at the?beach\thisafter
noon.; l ;i,»HeJhas .announced) the* event [as
ladies'^day f and ' : hopes Ito ; spar -before ?a"
large i hVusef vl 'ot « the f ai r ; admirer s of
; the: game:' ':"\u25a0';; *-• ~ \u25a0> • '~*
I 5 Betting "on the outcome of, the; battle
has ibeens slack.T"; Sullivan' rules !f avorite
at|loHo? 9,*- but * no"| large Kwagers| have
been made ? and \ _the i priced has E hardly
had! a ,f alrjchance itol change.Vj It i is j ex
pected Jthat ! the {wagering . will .look \ up
\u25a0 a bit \u25a0 today \u25a0 and ', tomorrow. \u25a0•\u25a0 \u0084 . ' : - . \
;. 'Jim Fly nn,;; the '\u25a0-. man", .vvho lias ..inet
both: Burns~and?Siilliva"n';j>liV\v; in -from
\u25a0PuebkV's 'Colo.'i Mast ' higlit^ifor . tlut pur-
r pos«;of;bfiiiig-^at'tlio v rinf^idc aiidSchal
\u25a0)_*** arm W-; th e '*. \vl n nff - : of I !> n •* " yd \u25a0.\u25a0 ba-t-'
Kid Ketchel Demands Big Bonus to Fight Thomas
| tie." Flynn is a: husky looking; fellow
and ; has • the reputation "of being ' a" real
live fighter,' .He lis under the 1 manage
! ment of tfrank McDonald, Gans' i old
i trainer, \u25a0% and {that he will be
matched with Squires. or Burns.
; Flynn 'recently knocked : out Dave
"Barry in? seven -rounds and \u25a0 won^on- a
foul from; Tony,Ros« r ata.'like distance.
He earned one decision' over Sullivan in
Lios rAhgeles ?and -fought va" draw with
the \ Twin "at the same place. He also
fought a draw, with ' Burns,; but the last
time \ they, met the - conqueror of Squires
hung It on him in 18 rounds. ' • ;
1 :In the two stakes to be run at Ingle- I
side ..coursing, park 'on Sunday 64 grey- i
hounds will .start. >.: The •-drawlng> last j
night ; resulted : as follows :
Class BUke— Nora > Alto t«. Creole Sue; Goldea I
Feather ts. y Ottawa; . Tralne Lad • v». Fetterlew; :
Black ~ Tom ! ts. : Real Rocker ; Little • Wood ti. !
Bnrton ; i Cousin rjack ts.- Inglewood; Eilbe Eoynl
I ts. • Bill - MullaUy ; V. Lady : ; Leeds ts. . Prtactu
Trixie; Myrtle ts., Enssell ;, The Roman ts. Tr4
lee Girl; - 'l'ralee's Best ts. - Clyde; r Lady Kelp
vs.- The. Crowd. v: ;> ; -r : .\u25a0-\u25a0.-.: .T* \u0084»
Open stake— Mealo Bpy ts. Highlander; PeJlir
| Baun ' ts.'.. Buffalo Bill; Rowena Belle \u25a0t« ' Tim
} Fits; t Onlda ;>tb.w Sea Lad; Toong ' Acrobat tg.
I Jim j Madden; * Ragged Acrobat . ts." Fair Maid:
! MayiGranard ; Ts.^Yonng.Johnnia;.Syra Alto ts.
! Bright < Flower ; Ina ; Clssus : ts." ' Brewery Maid ;
! D sßlts.*! La Rosa ; Qneen of •\u25a0 the : South ts. - Ory
! Baby;;Peter>PaniTS.iThe ,Mist; 'Fairmont Lad
\u25a0 vs. ;. Gertrade ; -• Ironhonse tn.> St. Francis ; > Priiai !
| rose '\u25a0 Ts..t Presto; \ Gallant : Tipperary ;i.n.>. Sebas- '
', topol; I Sampler ts.' Fair Flying; Miss Nealoa ts.'
Toung {* Geraldine ; '; Footsteps to. "' Young Rockor;
Pagliacci ts.* Frank "C; , ":'\u25a0 -/- ' -:.- ••;-.- '\u25a0- '\u25a0;. :.'..>-,;!
The catise of Eczeiaa is a too> icid condition of the blood. The itch-
ing 1 , burning eruptions axe caused by^tHe outpouring" through the pores
t and gl^fe orthe^Ha/ o^tae fi
[is] loadeiV ;; This acrid^ / inatter;|comiig V in " contact withlthe delicate
;tissues^and fibres'with^whicli the skin is so abundantly supplied causes
irritation and inflammation ; and oftenVexcessiye discomfort and "annoy-
ance.^ While^ * erternal^ applications^c^^asTs^^^shes," lotions,
etc. , are soothing. and cleansing. they ; are* in ; no wise curative/ because
never cure Eczema ,-with ""outside treabcaent ; the blood 'must be purified.
' S;TSy S.*as thie best treatment forlthe,<iisease. i'ltVgoei 'ItVgoes rdown : into" th*e
: cifculationjf neutralizesthe (acids ; andjhumqrs .with which" the blood is
infected, 1 aad mates the blo^^urrtmt fj^h'a^
:offieiy,"acndmatUT oozing out! through ttepofes^d glands; ifritat-
\u25a0 ing the cuticle,- the skin -is nourished by/a rich; cooling/ healthy "stream ;
of blood. ;S. S.\ S. removes \u25a0 every itrice of jtheTdisease; and when^ the h
jCt^is^mplete^^'slunH^ leftl^o]ith;
fßobk:on'Skin ! 'Diieases:and r ah'y-'mfedical advice furnished free of charge
to all who write, w THE SWIFT SPECIFIC CO., ATLANTA, 'GA.
Captain '; McNeil Expects to
'Send Strong Team Into
' the Field
William Unmack
'^Captain McNeil and several mem
bers- of -the St! Mary's college Rugby
tftini'. attended , the weekly . practice of
the" Barbarians^ in Jefferson hall Tues
dayvrilght. Special scrum formations,
screwing ot the ; scrums, "-dribbling
rushes and other f ormatlons^were gone
through for the benefit "of the college
boys... They paid close attention to
everything ' that was shown them and
seen^ed;to.ba apt scholars at" packing up
the .points of the game. . "
The* enthusiasm for Rugby is great
throughout "the colleges.. This "seems to
be the. case not only at St. Mary's, but
at 'every school or college that has
taken;up the' game. The enthusiasm
gains .ground at. each-daily practice.
i Captain McNeil says that he has some
first class material- and expects to send
a.good team Into the field on" October 5
against" the Stanford freshmen. Stan
ford has agreed to let the collegians use
four? of, the Barbarian ;players. . This
naturally will strengthen the team, but
Stanford will have the benefit of at
least E a .month's training and schooling.
; jArrangements virtually have been
completed by St. Marys--' and Nevada
university for a match early in Novem
ber.;:,^ iv -•-,'-,
/California university's football car
nival,, to be held at Idara park on Sat
urdiy,*is attracting public Interest." Use
of the: park has been donated to. the
varsity for the entire day arid allsorts
Of stunts are to be brought ,oft. It Is
probable a game will be, played by two
class i teams during the., afternoon. A
burlesque on.the* recent push ball game
Is scheduled.
"This is the largest scheme of this de
scription the students have ever, tried,
and from appearances.it is T^rtain to
be >a success. The proceeds will form
a fund fyr the special training of the
football jquad.
Athletic Relations of the Two Uni-
versitics May Be Severed
Stanford ..football men are incens*d
over the attitude assumed by. the man
agement of Rugby affairs at the Uni
versity of Nevada, and athletic rela
tions with ; the" sagebrushers maybe de
clared off by Graduate. Manager Guy
Knupp of the student body. After hav
ing been given to understand that tho.
varsity . teams . would ; " meet in two
games, Stanford . has been notified
without sufficient explanation that all
dates are ] off. ' ".
-'"Thai outside influence has ' been
brought to be&r upon the Nevadans
has- been ': suggested. The sagebrush
mahager-has'made an offer which can
not^be* accepted. In lieu "of the games
aeKedulefl ! .for; October 19 and 26, he
suggests November 4 and 16. -The v lat-<
ter^date 'comes after the big game with
California and.Vls; undesirable, as the
rtatch * with Nevada'. 4s considered -'.'.- a
preparatory" game.' " The other date of
fftfed^b,y. Nevada 'is that set aside • for
tne*\visitlng Vancouver team. Outside
of .these dates, says, the .'manager^ f the
Nevadans.- no days ar£; available.
It-is known that ' w the- University of
California, has, succeeded in obtaininsr
a game with Nevada' f6r.October**l9.'"
V Not^only football 'relations butbasa
ball negotiations between Stanfoctl and
Nevada\wlll be severed unless peace be
patched up. gfWtff i *te
Lowell," Lick and Wilmerding to
Clash .for. Football Honors
.'* At s a. *r football meeting held :at the
WHni*rdlng school yesterday the sub
league schedule for this side of- the bay
was arranged. Only three high schools
will compete, the others having become
devotees of Rugby. "
,-x Lowell and Lfck will play the first
game on Saturday,* October 12. Lick and
Wllmerding ' \u25a0 will " clash on October 19
and Lowell and Wllmefdlng on Otcober
26. -JBnpRBHIHHHBBBB \u25a0\u25a0':\u25a0\u25a0 -
Grounds' have not yet been selected,
but^ the league'is " negotiating for the
baseball park on Valencia street.
U -PALO"? ALTO, U Sept. 25.— Stanford's
sentojv Rugby. 15 defeated the juniors
this .afternoon,' lS'to.O. This was th^
first match /f the interdass series. The
sophomore,. 15 I will meet the winners
netx week. for the championship. J -
" SANTA ROSA, Sept. 25.— Alfredo
Santinl of; Glen J Ellen. ,who was \u25a0 con
victed *of : ; having: participated .In the
dynamiting of fish in Sonoma creek,
near ;Glen ; Ellens by a jury last night,
appeared ! before \u25a0 , Judge Emmett Sea
well in, the superior court this morning
for : He .was fined 5350 or
175i:days in .the^county jail. Louis
Xarci so, his companion. , had entered a
plea .of guilty. * Both willserve time in
the "county, jail. ,
, OAKLAND. Sept. . 25.— At the Reli
ance club's boxing; *\u25a0 show " Friday night
at"the~ new quarters ? in * th« Piedmont
pavilion 'the " main ' event will " be a . six
round V bout between Fred Ward ' and
Dick "*' Cullen. ;.' Jack • Burke :of Sacra
mento) and Dale .Gardner, of Denver are
scheduled f. to travel • six rounds, as are
Jim . Homer "and tM. J.^Angelo. vThere
will >be a : four \u25a0 round mill between the
heavy; weights, .Tat 1 Riordon and Jack
"i Jennings will leave New York
for/ Oakland with : his horses on Satur
day. -
Many Cars of This Year's
Model Being Sold on
the Row
R. R. l'Hommedieu
,The Studebaker Brothers company of
California reports the sale of a 35
horsepower Studebaker automobile to,
P. D. Mothorn. Among the owners of •
Studebakera who have been enjoying: '
touring- of late Is J. H. Leggett of Oro- !
vllle, who was in this city tho first'
part of the week. On the way to San,
Francisco he found the roads In good
condition. ; He had to ford two streams, '\u25a0
the bridges having: been taken down '
for repairs. N. B. Kooser, one of the \
new owners, ran up from his home In
San Jose the first of the week. ,
". .* * •
Cuyler Lee has received a message •
from the- east to the effect that a!
Packard car won the 100 mile race In •
Philadelphia ', on a mile track, maklnsr
a world's record of 2 hours 2 minutes
46 seconds for the distance.
• • *
Among the late purchasers of 80
horsepower Cadillacs are Clarenc* R. ;
"Ward, who bought a touring car. and :
Dr. H. V. Hulen, who received a run
abcut. *"\u25a0'\u25a0- .".^ »
• . •• •
The Boyer motor car company has
engaged \u25a0 permanent quarters at the- j
southeast corner of Golden Gats and
Van Xess avenues. ;
*^" • •
Vf. :E. Palmer, the banker, has ar
rived at Los Angeles in his six cylinder
Franklin touring car. He had an ex- ;
ceedingly good trip, the only stop hay- j
ing been due to a punctured tire.- He'
wtll return home in about a week.
•• • \u25a0
Tony Nichols made a record run tn
the" endurance run to- Del Monte. ..Ha'
was stopped at Salinas on account of a'
punctured tire and then made the run ;
from Salinas In 31 minutes. Nlqhols
drove R." Masson Smith's 12 horsepower
Franklin runabout.
"... • • ", •
The Homer-Boushey, company has
sold a Pope- Toledo car to the board
of health for the use of Dr. Rupert
•. • •
The Auto vehicle company has re
ceived a shipload of Tourist cars from
the factory at Los Angeles. ,„
• • •
C S. Howard of the Howard automo
bile company has written to this city
that he has visite&phe new factory at :
i Flint. Mich- where the Buick car's are
| built. The factory will turn out 8.000
| tarn the ecrnlns: season, an Increase *of
I 3.000 ever this year. ; The Howard com
j p?.ry rfN.-eivftl & carload of four cylinder
I Buick i touring vo.rz yesterday.
: Tlie.Pionrcf slut3:r.obtle company re
j ports the sale, of a Thomas Flyer 60
I horsepower touring car to 2lary A. Lee.
"of h'an Mateo.
. • - •,
Quite a showing in th? automobife
line Is mad? af the Oakland carnival.
Among the cars to be seen are an Olcls
iroolle runabout and tourfns car, 'a
StuUebaker. Kelson's Thomas 70
-car, a Pujlman. a Ford, a Rambler, a ;
Mitchell, a White steamer, an Autocar. '
a Leinbert friction, drive, a Babcock
electric, and a Pope-Hartford.
• • •
-', W. F. Culbersoti of the Mobile car
riase company arrived home yesterday
from his eastern trip.
• - * " * /
The Steams Six also will be made in
runabout: and touring car type, and Is
rated at 7ft' horsepower, with 554 inch,
bore: sliflinjr frear transmission; four
sp^f-ds fonv .xrd and one reverse.
Few \ tobaccos suit all tastes.^
The one that can, most justly, ] \ %
by claim to that distinction — ' j
being an exquisite blend of ; :
' choice flavors, is the famous \
1 Sliced Plug Flpa Tobacco
M Cured by a secret process— it
ai does ' not bite tho tonyna. i
Q Burns well, gives a long, cool,
Jj swe;t" smoke, without waste. , z
|a Pocket size, tin box, 10c / I
\u25a0 ' >
f^^, Until
N A I jipA/f
The Leadlae Specialist. V -" *W ,
For \u25a0 over 1 17 • years I * h»»a confined my
practice to tbe special allmrnts of men.
For such diaortters as SPERMATOR-
EEFLEX DISOROEBd I use methoda
which absolutely and for- all time
CURB." These . methods are strictly
\u25a0 original • with <me aad knows to so other
. specialist, t? ijown* mhvmmq/mmmmrti
Weak \u25a0\u25a0 and nerroos . men, or those tut- -
ferlng . from any , private disease. - should
call on me at once. . I make - absolutely
NO CUAROS for a friendly talk, aad .
my adrice - will be -valoable, whether
treatment -to begun or not. .Writ* 1*
you \ cannot call. \u25a0 \u25a0 Botws: 9 a. m. to 5
p. m.; eyeaings, 1 to 9; Sundays, 10 to
1 oai3r " ' feHMBBBH
Df. lies & Go.

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