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Bold Attempt Is Made to Rob
Vault in an Assay Office
l^pril Disaster. Upsets the Plans of Daring Crimi
nals to Tunnel Under Strong Box
j A bold and daring effort to rob the
vau|t of the Selby smelting and lead
:onipany of the vast amount of bul
'loa and tpecie which •was stored there
prior to the big fire was brought to
ll— ,\u25a0\u25a0\u25a0.\u25a0- »!\u25a0\u25a0— I-
Suffered with Cuban itch, and Sores
Covered Body from Head to Foot
—Would Claw Himself and Cry
All the Time — Could Not Be
Dressed — Mother Advised to
Try the Cuticura Remedies.
, "My little boy la the Spring of 1001. when
etly &n Infant of three months, caught the
Cub&a Itch rrem one of ray neighbor's babies.*
Bores broke out from
y6jt\ - his he« 4 to the bot-
fly torn of his fe«t. Ke
~ & 4 m. \ \u25a0 would itch and claw
\. — y himself and cry all
\+f the time. He cou!d
" not sleep day or night.
f£ >gSyrsv-- -load towheej Main
V"./C£*i^ his carriage most all
y&UTKV|3m, the wh2e to keep him
j /* 73^ T still. He could not
£<sS I bear to hare his doth-
r-u^r -u^ I © V, lnr touch him. and
V > JC I 46* ody a light dress is
H all he could wear. I
' \u25a0 / i^^Lj can't begin to speak
Tjj ; In words the suffering
\ ] r . the poor child had to
• a *^ t ftr endure. . I called one
i I I w of our best doctors to
I | I / \u25a0 treat trim, anci he said
1 111 he had the Cuban
' ; •\\ ly I I Itch, and his treat-
jjpt ment did not do any
V I • "- 1 -- \u25a0 food. \u25a0He seemed to
—1 \ I / ret worse. He suf-
' \u25a0\u25a0""" Vjs %J f ered so terriblj; that
yrei' my ihusband said he
a j\ 03 beliered h« would
: -J. CLTIT have to die. I had
' almost riven up hope
«tea a lady friend told me to try tha Cuticura
Remedies. She said she cured her little cbTs t,
ear. which vu nearly eaten up with the
eczema. I rot a cake of Cuticura So^p and
one box Cuticura Ointment, and I washed
him all over with the Cuticura Soap and
applied the Cuticura Ointment and he at onct
Sell into a sleep, and he slept with ease for
the first time since two months. When he
awoke I applied it ajain, and it gave him
much ease, and after three applications the
, sores began to dry up and improvement began
to show, and in a few days the hide frora tha
bottom of his feet and inside of bis hands
began to peel c 9. I only used one cake Cuti-
cura Soap and one box cuticura Ointment to
complete the cure of the dreadful disease, and
la Just two weeks from the day I commenced
to use the Cuticura Remedies my baby was
entirely well. Tha treatment o&ly cost me
75c. and I would have gladly paid 1100 if I
could not have got it any cheaper. I feel safe
It. saying that the Cuticura Remedies saved
his life. He is now a boy of 9re years, and
to as well as any child you ever saw. Mrs.
Zaaa Miller. Union City, R. R. No. 1. Branch
Co.. Jticiu. May 17. X»6i."
SoKthroerhosttbt wild. Part*? Tint t Ch™ Corp..
Bom Prcp*^ Boatott^Mu*. Drpau: T.i=dcn, J-'ewt-rr, J
Chtrtcrbeun «ij. ; F»rii. Robetti, S Hut di U Falx.
•T-Xilird r««, "Soot oo Et*utjr » 3 <t Purity."
property.sb appropriately named' CIi\GMbXT, which has just been placed ,- GIIQ fi^i©VoilOlk ' T FIC6S 3TICI I ©FITIS . /,
oh" sale. The demand for lots in.CRAGMONT is insistent, the people ap- : CRAGMONT rests in an" amphitheater formed: by the high! hills -by / "Lots range from $500 upward, according to the location; payments-
parently- realizing that this is a chance, of a lifetime to secure an- ideal home .v.-hich it is partly surrounded,' thus being protected from the cold north winds 10 per cent cash 'and the balance in. monthly installments of 1 per cent of
site" at prices and terras such as liave never 'before been offered on high and the heavy .winter storms from the southeast. The mildness^ of the air and \u25a0 the purchase price of^the lot. For- example, -as little a3 $50* down and;ss
. • \u25a0\u25a0\u25a0-• \u25a0-• , jr. • .:\u25a0 . - - " the. evenness -of the temperature' as compared with' other, .locations add in ; per .'month secures a $500 lot' -for "you. and you~ pay no interest orjaxes for
.class property ot. this desenpuon. . _ marked degree, toi its desirability.; It is swell drained,;owing:to its' elevation, • 3^ years/ OuK'prices defy< competition, our terms place a'lot within [the
-.^ Our offices have never been sobusy as they have in the last week, on , and free from all unhealthy and unpleasant conditions. . reach of all/
account "of the vast amount of .sales made an CRAGMONT. The buying .\ .
\u25a0^^^i^^g^^^a^m^^^^m^^-^ WM^ : tt : .. Investment* • \u25a0
amouniing: to "over $200,000.00. . \u25a0 .. * T * -*****^T S*!*^ \u25a0.•***. *^r ** \u25a0 -• ~'. -v
'" Especially-significant isthe fatt that scoresiof residents of Oakland and; v.^ln addition: to being convenient W two independent : car, nines.' the vKey V " This is the most wonderful opportunity ever offered to invest wisely and
i : C-C -' .\u25a0 .' . - . • . • • . , , , : . Rmitp anri SniVtViVrn ' Parifir fprrv <iv4iems' are""within 'less than ten '• minute^'- ' profitably in, Berkeley real estate. .We , were on the ground early and sectirea
Berkeley/intimately fam liar with the property, have purchased lots/ thereby Route and, bouthenv :^acihc^ terry, s> stems are witniniess tnan ten minutes > j a^i^J vu n A ;„ hefnv* the nrtV« 'henn'tn -soa- "Rv
\u25a0•\u25a0 - - \u25a0\u25a0 - - . . =•:•;-\u25a0;\u25a0•:.•\u25a0 from CRAGMONT, thus assuring ample transportation' advantages. .'the best unde\ eloped land m • Berkeley betore thepnees Degan to soa». ay
expressing their admiration for-the location and confidences the future of San FranciscoTcan be reached iH forty-five minutes and -the business center -acquiring this beautiful^tract as-a- whole^are ablcto subdivide it- in lot*
this— the most magnificent of all properties. v __ of Oakland in /thirty minutes. -A "right of .way for a -car. line through the : ranging in frontage from 50-feet, upward. and in depth:from 100 to 200 feet,
This'is the' most convincing and conclusive argument which we could/ property has been : reserved/ it/being •understood that this will>bc bmltfas ;™* to sell at prices far belowjhat pi^^ioining : property not_ so ; well situated.
«.'" /. n ,^w Alw , , -\u0084;-.. -'•\u25a0•/-\u25a0 - \_ ,' , '."\u25a0 <;oon as conditions warrant ' ".' '-' We are spending many thousands of dollars on this property and want
offer. CRAGMONT speaks for rtself-it must be seen to be understood and ; soon as ; conditions warrant. . || . . tO;becomc 4 c of^^^^ It cannot ;
appreciated — therefore we will not attempt an extended description, but will , __ . • • : ;. : . -i tj C othenvise. '\u25a0\u25a0•' • \u25a0
content ourselves with a few. general statements. " -f '"\u25a0 ' - x - CRAGMOXT will double and treble. . ;
•: W'^'^^-^^-A.^.-*. yy ise ; : 'building., .restrictions . will ; insure and maintain ; a ;highi character, ; It may do itin twenty months;.' v:
L^OCCItIOIi of improvements. Our aim in this respect is not. that buildings, should 'be _.. An. investment of $5 a month will in a short time make you the owner
CRAGMONT lies on the gentle 'sloping and ever beautiful hills directly - c °^> ; butthat , they should; be. artistic and in keeping with; the ; y pieced of) real;es^e]cohs^^^^^lu^ ; _ .
.... . '-..- . . • j- *- *- r *i_ *i.. : j j " ... \u25a0 - surroundings. . .. • The-opportumtv we are giving at CRAGMONT to those havmz only a
a^^^^^^^^^^^^:McJJ^fl ;:We;a PP reciate\hefaa .mall amount of; money to invest; and who want :it proSably^i,
S^hi fam^s G^^^ : of-realrestatemore thanextensive^building, so w^ ; .
The. picturesque seventy, foot automobile and carriage boulevard follow- -, \u25a0"'.- ..-•: ..-. \u25a0 , : t - wish to take advantage \ of this exceptional opportunity, let us urge ; you^^to
ing the contour of. CRAGMONTS. favored, slopes w has- already become \ ' , Prices oflots.will include sewers, water mains, macadamized' streets, .. do co at once, for the chance -will last' long '\u25a0 : - : . ' -•' ':•;
famous. Trom every foot of this superb road: there is -spread before the eye- and on the, boulevards. curbs, gutters and cement sidewalks, free to the . . *-. somethins : a b out it todav— vouV-ill-V ' •» •
"of the' enraptured spectator a. landscape -and marine view of exceptional .purchaser. Our' plans: have taken: into account everything which may' tend ' . . : . . *. . - V nc er regret it.
beauty.': V &;?. \u25a0 .'. * .; -to the ultimate beauty,' healthfulhess : and of CRAGMONT.'., Remember that our automobiles are -at -your service acd ;we'-are -pre-
By turning "to the north and then >to the south we obtain a matchless : \AlUbur. streets^ decribe' graceful^ curves and^in : no, case is angle . P ared to^show you every courtesy. . -
and unbroken view of the .shores of .San Francisco Bay, for miles in either- /found at, the intersecting /points. ''-They : form- picturesque" "ribbons through . r- Our office is at^the Berkeley: Station of .the Key; Route and \u25a0•Soathern. \u25a0
.direction. To the east of CRAGMONT are the beautiful. Be^ .Pacific ferry systems. . . r . . .
u-ooded slopes and gentle cunxs lending to the eye an •'enchanting effect. which add, to its attractiveness. ;J \u25a0' V ' / • ' Ifyou are unable to call, on; us,, send for .an illustra ted 'booklet
\u25a0'•*'\u25a0- - . \u25a0 - .\u25a0..'."-"\u25a0•\u25a0 \u0084'\u25a0;\u25a0\u25a0 ;r; r i\u25a0 ' "...,\u25a0:\u25a0;\u25a0- fc \u25a0 ' r.-^.':-ir .-^.':-i' J • -.•'./ \u25a0\u25a0-\u25a0 *•\u25a0'\u25a0"\u25a0\u25a0" ;^ :1-\u25a0'"y -5 "'\u25a0-".. "':.\u25a0"\u25a0 ;^'--- '\u25a0. \u25a0' - ""***— "' ' -"jj*?'X \u25a0" ' \u25a0 \u25a0\u25a0\u25a0\u25a0\u25a0"\u25a0.- ' \u25a0 \'- '\u25a0 ~ " '* • - _"- " . ' ;'/ . - \u25a0 . • •^•^r^ _W."
\u25a0 > \u25a0."'- •'"""\u25a0 B . v^iiH_lL-^_i___rllj ;_ ..- '\u25a0 -'A -.' if. i \u25a0\u25a0in. ..\u25a0\u25a0.-\u25a0\u25a0i ' ' i \u25a0\u25a0\u25a0\u25a0\u25a0\u25a0\u25a0 \u25a0 ' * '' • *• • ' ' • \. .
lisrht yesterday, by the discovery of a
secret tunnol, which etopp'-J within a
few feet of the vault. The indications
are that the attempt was foiled .by
Eonie unforeseen event. The presump
tion Is that the thieves v/ere forced to
cease their Becret work by the flro.
Workmen ensajjed in reconstructing
the building yesterday came, across .the
tunnel, and following it up found that
it had been dug to within four feet
of the vault. * its total length being
about 45 feet. Had it not been for the
April disaster it !e probable that the
country would, have been ctcrtlod by
a robbery of such magnitude and dar
ing that it would have overahadowed
the looting of the vaults of the csatne
company a: few years before at Port
Costa, when $200,000 worth of bul
lion was taken and dropped in the bay.
The tunnel Indicated months of la
borious work performed by some of the
cleverest crooks in the country.
While workmen were reconcroting
the floor of the basement .yesterday it
suddenly, caved in and the secret tunnel
was found. The tunnel started from
what was formerly the basement of
the living rooms, of Fannie Kosenthal,
who conducted a cigar store in Mont
gomery street near California, adjoin
ing the old offices of the Selby smelt
ing ar.d lead company.
The two buildings had been divided
by a brick wall, and In following the
tunnel it was found that the bricks of
the dividing well had been removed
and replaced. The tunnel was large
enough for a man* to crawl through on
his hands and kneee.
The thieves had dug about '45 feet
when the work was brought to a close.
The tunnel ran along the brick wall
toward the vault. A few more days of
labor would have brought" lt under the
vault, which at times contained thou
sands of dollars' worth of specie and
bullion, as the company stored much
of its treasure in the vault after Its
experience at Port Costa.
The plan of the thieves, according to
the theoryof the detectives of the com
pany, was to dig underneath the vault
and then bide their time until they
knew that an unusually large amount
of bullion was stored In it. To obtain
this knowledge was simple, as they had
nothing to do but the office. It
was the custom* to haul the specie and
bullion in guarded wagons, which
backed up against the sidewalk. The
valuable packages were then taken out
and lowered on an elevator which ran
from the sidewalk to the basement, and
then placed in the vault.
The whole proceeding was in. full
sight of the public gaze. Xo bribing of
officials was- necessary; no undue
amount of watching required. The
thieves had only to watch^the bullion
unloaded from the wagons .to the ele
vator. The safe .was guarded by two
armed men.
- -That the watchmen did not discover
the plot while it was in operation is
by: no means unnatural, inasmuch* as
the- would-be thieves had taken the
precaution ; of digging far below the
foundation, so that whatever noise they
might make would b.e deadened by* the
solid mass -of concrete above them. -'It
Diagram showing' tunnel dug b$ bold criminals who had
planned : to rob the • vault : of the » Selby smelting and lead company,
in the old office in Montgomery street. 'Entrance was '\u25a0 gained by
taking out the bricks in the partition wall: and' then digging underline
basement of the building to within- a few feet) of .the strong box.
-.••\u25a0- -
was just as easy for them towork by
day as by night.
Henry Atkinson, one of the work
men who investigated the. tunnel de
clared that it was possible- to /knock
down the loosened bricks by; simply,
pushing against them. ' On account of
the large army of rats with which the^
tunnel was crowded a full ; examination
of the work was made extremely diffi
cult. The tunnel will be filled in.-
Husband^ of Mrs.' Maria White Sues
Lantry Sharp Company for
Alleged Responsibility
.Alleging that he has been deprived
of the services and association of his
\u25a0wife owingr to the fault \u25a0of the Lantry
Sharp contracting company of Kansas
City, S. A. White brought suit against
the concern claiming $1,000 damages,;
and yesterday the case was \ on .' trial Sin
Judge Hunt's court before "a jury." The
accident occurred, on August 29, 1905,
at Wendling, Mendoclno county, -where
the contracting company -was blasting
out earthin the construction of a rail-r
way. •" . ' . \u25a0 " . !\u25a0;'.' y'\. ", . -
F. H. Flynn, the suspended police
man, was instructed and arraigned; in
Police Judge Cabanlas' court yesterday
on a charge of grand larceny and the
case by consent was continued till Oc
tober 12. His bonds were* "fixed at
$3,000 or $1,500. cash. Flynn is ac
cused of taking, ?400 from -Mack Mc-
Leary, a counterfeiter, after arresting
him on September 18. . " '.'':'
Behrend Joost, the Mission capitalist,
was arrested last night for having, re
fused to pay his fare •-- on a Filllmore
street car. He was taken to tfre city
prison, .where he'was charged withdis
turbing the peace. . •;
Barnesbh-Hibberd Company, . Mulcted
to Amount of $90,000, Is to
Have Another Trial;
Judge Seawell/ said yesterday that
he .would .grant the application of the
Barneson-Hibberd company to set
aside the judgment of $90,000 obtained
against it. by Gregory B. Drisen'and
Henry Zuckerman by default. Affidavits
were road setting forth that the attor
neys', for tha : defendant had failed to
appear because of the neglect jof a
clerk to , enter ,th« trial In .an office
diary. 1 --•:\u25a0'--\u25a0.::•:;\u25a0. v. \u25a0-\u25a0\u25a0 .:.•:•\u25a0.-; ,".;;-
Attorney'Tlmothy Lyons, 1 for Garret
"W. McEnerney, the attorney for Drisen
and Zuckerman, . r asked, that, as a con
dition of the .granting, of the applica
tion to set aside judgment the defend
ants "be' compelled .to ' stipulate that
John '- Barneson . ; agroe to ' glv« ;\u25ba his
deposition. Three times they had tried
to get this deposition, .said Lyons, but
Barneson : had escaped them: :
"What haa it to do with tK'ts mat
ter?" asked the Judge.
"To.: be plain ; about it," answered
Lyons,; "we wlshj'to prevent Barneson
fixing up a statement for the court?' >
"Attorney Nathan Frank, represent
ing 1 'the Barnesbn-Hlbberd ; company,
hotly resented the remark as altogether
uncalled for, but" Judge Seawell ter
minated" the; discussion by ;: taking the
matter under advisement. .
Santa - Crnz ; Service
"Winter service resumed September
25th. Santa Cruz trains - leave South
ern Pacific ; Third; and Townsend 7:00
a; ,m., 9:00 a. m.,. 3:00 p. m. and' 6:oo
p.;m. -Dining car on 6:00 p. m. train. •
Will Combat Encroachment
Upon San Francisco's
* * \u25a0 . \u25a0 . -;\u25a0\u25a0\u25a0 '\u25a0 " \u25a0'\u25a0\u25a0" ?; - \u25a0%\u25a0\u25a0\u25a0\u25a0\u25a0\u25a0(..'.\u25a0.\u25a0
,v • ",< iraae Area
Seven' Hundred Business
Firms Are Back of
. ' Movement
Seven, hundred large commercial
houses in San Francisco, including vir
tually all of .the leading wholesale
concerns and representing 'fie manu
facturing and shippi njr interests of the
city, have pledged" themselves to pay
veg-uiarly for; ti-.'e establishment and
maintenance of a traffic bureau for the
chamber .of com:nerce, of -San Fran
cifco. \u25a0 With this is lmpii(-d. says Fresl
daiit Bentley of the, chamber of com
me.rfie,":a great struggle to recover for
San Francisco r the trade territory that
has been wrested from it by other citie3,
and the^result will be: a gain of mil
lions of "dollars annually.
-X / "Thi^ '* will not \u25a0 be any . half hoarted
experiment, 1 ' said President Bentloy
yesterday. "The movement has all .of
tlie substantial interests of Sa.n .Fran
cisco back of it. A' bureau will be es
tablished ; and- maintained on a;scale
commensurate ., with"' , the .' needs and
growing importance of San Francisco.
"There, is sufficient finarcial backing
already in sight to place it in a posi
tion when the organization is completed
andjthe proper officials are in charge to
take up all controversies relating to
land and: sea transportation Hne3 and to
bring cases before the interstate com
merce commission in behalf of the
"From this it is evident that the bu
reau, will have a' large and important
work : to 'perform. It, will he unlike the
old traffic association 'which was in
existence; some years ago, in that it As
not formed. primarily, :to establish -lorn-,
petitive lines of transportation. There
is j need for immediate action. ; Chicago
arid St. Louis and other eastern points
are /pushing ; farther and farther into
the trade territory of San Francisco by
means of favoring rates. Portland and
Seattle are doing the same. A. tariiT
had been formulated to go into effoct
at once that would give Los Angeles a
chance to trade as far north as Goshen.
Visalia and Hanford in the San Joaquin
valley. This tariff was based on milt
age, and Ignored barrier \ot the
Tehachapi mountains. .The chamber of
commerce has telegraphed to Luce and
Chambers, . representing' = .the; Santa Fe
and, Southern Pacific lines, and. has ob
tained from them delay in putting the
new. tariff into .force. , ::.....
"The encroachment: of the outside
trade centers in* the" trade area; of San
Francisco has been growing: more men
acing ever since' the disaster^ of 190t>.
The businessmen ( have seen the neci>s
sityr-of a strong Jand concerted pull to
gether in their own j interests, and .they
will act as soon as the plans are per
fected." • . .. ; x •
Murine Eye Tonic for the "Auto Eye."
Makes weak Eyes Strong. Soothes. •
At Hale's New Market Street Store-
Second Floor —Gratifying assortments of the
New an<J correctly fitting models— the
V latest styles— made of Panama and
Chiffon Panama — - 1 every one priced U^
exceptionally low.
We make a specialty of stylish Dress Skirts for Women — they're
models that please— possessing that trim appearance — tailored as
good, serviceable skirts should be -made. i .--: ;
At $5;00
Cluster plaited; made of -fine quality Panama. An excellent value.
At $6.75
'Full plaited front; made of fine quality Chiffon Panama; back and
hip panel; yoke effect at top. Very dressy.
There are hundreds of other skirts — you will be pleased with our
assortment of colors, styles andmaterials — $2.95, $&95, $7.95, $10.00,
$12.75 and $15.00. - : \u25a0...\u25a0:;,-.
Dainty; Scrim Pillow Unbleached Pillow Cases
Ruffling ; and Sheets, at Sav-
65c and 50c values for 35 c ing Prices
Correct length for pillow ruffles, Unbleached Pillow Gaaes— Made cf
being 4»^ yards long by 4J4 good grade muslin, 45x36; worth
inches wide; has draw string, to 12}4c. At 9c each.
shirr. The bright, pretty Shades
of red, green, yellow and violet Heavy Unbleached Sheets — For
make them a most attractive pil- single beds; size 48x81; worth
low trimming. *, I'A- • 45c each. At 32c each.
« 8-Hour Store--Opens at 9— Closes at 6
978 to 987 Market— 25 to 33 Sixth

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