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Crowd Gathers at Railroad
Depot and Cheers
Chief Executive Will Have
Individual Conferences
With Officers
..StuHCHHBBUBpt 1 ' - *- \u25a0
WASHINGTON,- Sept. 25.— President
Hoosevelt arrived here from his sum
mer home at Oyster Bay at 5:57 p. m.
today, while Washington was at din
ner, yet a large crowd was at the
Pennsylvania railway station to greet
him. Most of the way from' "Oyster
Bay the special train bearing the pres
ident, Mrs. Roosevelt,' Miss Ethel and
Quentin and the executive staff fan'
ahead of time, and pulled in three min
utes ahead of schedule.
. A number of (e&al officials met the
president at his "Cfr and accompanied
him to his carriage In Sixth street.
Tvhere It was surrounded with people
who cheered lustily; After ordering
the top of his carriage lowered the
president saw his family seated and he
then conversed for a few minutes with
the two members of his cabinet.
Very little attention was attracted
to the president's carriage en route
from the station to the White House,
through Pennsylvania avenue, but an
other large crowd cheered the party as
it was driven Into the grounds. ' f*; : "
Announcement was made through
Secretary Loeb that no cabinet meet
ing would be held Friday, but that the
president would have individual con
ferences with those of his cabinet offi
cers who are here.
Special by Leased Wire to The Call
LOS ANGELES. Sept. 25.— Although
dying. Colonel John Bryson, former
mayor of Los Angeles, one of the old
pioneers and owner' of the Bryson
block, is making a hard fight for his
life at his home at No. 802 South Bon
nie Brae street. The burden .of S8
years has been borne lightly by the
j r ?d man since last June, at which time
the suit of his wife to have him de
claredtincompetcnt to manage his ex
. tensive property was compromised out
«f court.
Since stricken a few days ago with
•the serious sickness which now threat
ens to end his life, his sons have bc<m
frt-i-jurnt callers at his home, but Mrs.
" Bryson Sr. has refused to visit her
'h'jf^.Tid. This curious, condition of
r:fi"airs Ss due tq the pVesence in his
\u25a0\u25a0herns? of Mrs. Gladys Lamberton. "on
account of vrhom Mrs. Bryson recently
l>rou«-ht fuit to save the estate for her
Mrs. Lamberton is faithfully nursing
rtfe ild pioneer and doing all that is
possible" for him. Once before she did
lh',3 and Colonel Bryson recovered^
Then shr was forced to leave his side
tiurfng- the legal fight, " but after tho
\u25a0 •ouipromjse she returned and promises
to bp with hfm until ihplast " " '
Parisian Scientist Fertilizes the Eggs
of the Sea Urchin and the
PARIS, Sept. 25.— Remarkable experi
ments in the chemical development of
Ufe have been effected recently by Pro
fessor de Lage of the Sorbonne. :
•_ In his laboratory at RozofT, in Brit
tany, Professor de Lage placed unfer
tilized eggs of the sea. urchin and .the
starfish in sea water, adding a solu
, v;on of sugar, with a few drops of am
n.onia and tannin. In about an hour
segmentation, which is the first sign
of life, began, and the eggs produced
larvae. The great majority of -these
larvae soon died, but Professor de Lage.,
'by constant and minute care, brought
four of the urchins and two of the star
fish through the larvae stage, and they
are now healthy growing specimens.
Professor de Lage's experiments go
beyond those made by t»rofessor Loeb
of , the University of" California at
Co-Operative Commission Claims
That Companies Should Be Ousted \
Under Antitrust Law
TOPEKA, Kan.. Sept. 25. — Suit has
b,een prepared by Attorney General
Jackson for the co-operative livestock
commission against about 130 livestock
and packing house firms. It is ex
pected that It will be filed tomorrow
in th« state supreme court, and will
ask that the companies be ousted
from Kansas under the antitrust law.
The plaintiff company was formed by
independent cattlemen, and charged
that a combination had been made by
certain companies to refuse to handle
its offerings. T. W. Tomlinson of
Denver, secretary, is here and said to
day the action was prepared. The com
plainant company operates in lowa,
Colorado, Texas, Kansas. New Mexico,
Utah. Wyoming and Idahd*
NEW YORK. Sept. 25.— The following
Calif ornlans are In* New* York :„ r
From San Franicsco— Mrs. M. A. Cal
sot, at the Cumberland; C, FL^Ecklen
and wife,, at the Victoria; Mrs! W. B.
Frue, at the Navarre; W. W. Funge Jr.,
at the Seville; S.W. K<jrper, at the
Cadillac: J. McHenry, "at the Cumber
land; Miss Rogers, at the. Park Ave
nue; F. Shuman and wife, at the Flor
ence; F. Zak, at the Martinique: L.
Camp, at the York;xE.E. Potter.' at
the Astor; Dr. C. L. Rlchter, at the" Hol
land; W. Wertsch and wife, at 'the
Bolvedere. ' '2
From Los Angeles-— H. Beardsley arid
W. B. Sumderville, at'the Grand Union;
13. R. Bradley, at the Grand;. G. N. Parks
Jr.; at the Park Avenue; Mrs. J." J.i 15a
vis, at ' the Martha - Washington; " "R~.
Triest. F. Triest and K. Triest and
wife, at the Netherland.
From Redlands — Mrs. Allen, at the
Buckingham. .
From Oakland — S. B. Herron, at the
Broadway Central; W. H. Lovejoy, at
the Churchill. fsß&w3B&&m
PARIS, Sept. 25.— The following Cali
fornians registered, at the Call-Herald
bureau today: • Dr. , C. iE. Kruster, Mrs.
Jennie Marx and Miss Florence E." Marx
of Los Angeles; Mr,' and Mrs. Isadore
Cahen of San Francisco.
Ilolida.vs at San : Jo«e
Commencing September, 15 , Southern
Pacific will sell Saturday to Monday
round trip tickets to San . Jose at > $7.50
to those wishing to enjoy the week end
holidays among, the fruit'; orchards ; Of
the Santa Clara valley. Tickets include
ioard and lodginsr-at Hotel Veodome.*
Court: Severs Ties That B&inel
Babe to Drunken Fatlier
Want of Care Hastens
Death of Mother of
Neglected Tot
Like a dainty flower turning the nox
ious elements of its surroundings into
beauty and fragrance, unspoiled/by the
cruelty, she has .suffered and by the
rough carousing her childish eyes have
been forced to witness, is 5 year old
Louisa Riis, who was" legally released
yesterday from the t ties that bound her
to her drunken, dissolute father. . She
appeared in Judge Mogan's courtroom
with M. J. White, secretary of the So
\ciety for. the Prevention of Cruelty to
Children,: who. had applied for letters
6f guardianship for; the child. She at
Once won the heart of the, judge/ who
took her on his lap and asked about
her dolland if she would like a Teddy
bear. ,With: the -mother heart 'developed
early in', the neglected, child Louisa re
plied that she would rather, have the
doll as it was like her little sister who
was dead. N , '
The testimony sliowed .that Riis was j
guilty , of cruelty land neglect, arid as
Louisa declared that i she liked Secre
tary White and '-wintedi to "stay with
him, letters of .guardianship were is
sued giving him i full control of the
child. It was testified -that the father,
Alexander Riis, was an habitual drunk
ard, who beat his. wife, and baby, then
living at : 1151' Tennessee street. Al
though he earned good* wages as a car
penter Riis refused to buy. medicine and
delicacies needed by his sick wife, and
sometimes the. family did, not have
food in the house. At last; Mrs. Riis
became *so ill that she could not lift
her head, from the > One night
at . 10 o'clock the men at the Potrero
police station opened the door to find
a brown eyed flaxen haired child stand
ing in the darkness. It was Louisa,
whose tiny feet had trod fearlessly the
rough. road through the Potrero district
to call help for her mother. -
•The case was reported to. the Society
for the 'Prevention of Cruelty to Chil
dren, and matters were straightened
out for a while. Soon, however, Riis
went back to his old ways.. The deli
cate little woman, who had tried so
hard to shield her child, died from the
effects of ill use and 'neglect, leaving
little Louisa entirely at the mercy of
her father. He began to take her with
him to the Potrero roadhouses which
he frequented, and - her childish ears
had to listen to the rough; talk of him
self and his companions.
At last he placed? her with a kind
hearted . German 'family in South San
Francisco named Reichel, but as he
did not' pay for, her. and they were poor
people.. Mrs. Reichel w&s compelled to
surrender her to the Society for "the
Prevention of Cruelty! to'Clilldren: With
the kind hearted secretary and his
family the little girl . seems to have
found again the love she missed since
hermother died:— With-a-terror doubly
pitiable in one so very tiny she clings
to them and begs them riot to give her
up to "that man." Sometimes she* re
fers to lilm as '{the. mao- that was my
father," and she often .wakes up. in the
night crying with fear that he ' will
.take her awajv ' :^ '• \u25a0• v .Jw*
The White family, have become very
fond of the"wjnsonie : child, and they
hope that in time she may regain her
childish carefree disposition.* Secretary
"White says hfc' *haV?,rieyer :» seen -/.a"
brighter child^Of h.er,age.' A'warrant
has been, issued for. the arrest of her
fatTTer. but he has 'dot been heard from
for several moriths.,and his intention
of abandoning;^?, child is.-evident.
Government Decides, Upon a Rigid
Enforcement of '„ the Safety
\u25a0 Appliance.' Law \
WASHINGTON,.* -.gep>.V, 25.— United
States district" .attorneys .in various
parts of the country" we/c Instructed
today by- Attortiey/Geriefal- Bonaparte
to institute Suits: against' a? large num-i
ber of, railroad, companies ,tb ; recover
penalties incurred by_thern for alleged
violation of the safety appliance ;law.
The department of justice 'and the in
terstate commerce comhiission: have de-j
cided.upon a rigid 'enforcement of this
law. The alleged violations aggregate
287. ' -.' ' ' ' ''i'i^r- !
Among the lines made defendants are
the Santa Fe, 4l: : Rock Island, 6; Great
Northern,. 22; International and Great
Northern, 1; Nevada, California, Oregon,
24; Northern Pacifid. 36; Oregon Shtfrt
Line, 7; St. Louis and San Francisco, 2;
San Pedro,- Los "Angeles and Salt Lake,
7; Southern Pacific. 19; Texas, Mex
ican, 4. • - . .„ \
Does the 'dealer know than
you what* you need In y6ur home? If
not you owe -it ac a duty to yourself
to insist on getting what you ask for
when you- try to buy : an advertised
article. <- \u0084 . ,
WASHINGTON,. Sept.' 2 4.— Nine states
reported a commercial; production of
Slate' in \ ldO6— -Pennsylvania,- Vermont,
Maine, Virginia, Maryland,; California,
New York, Arkansas* and
named'in.the order-of rvalue of output.
The ; production for 1906 was:.valued!at
$5,668,348," as" against "$5,496,207, in 1905,
an Increase; in 1906 of .$172,139. Since
1903 . there .has been a , gradual \ decrease
In, the "number of squares^of -roofing
slate made 'in the United States and a
corresponding decrease in the I value of
the total product as well as in the price
per square.- This /decrease is .due to
several; causes, among/ them' a- decline
In, the export trade to the English mar
ket, where .American slate found con
siderable "sale for several years, .but
where it has been supplanted by the
elate from Welsh quarries arid;', by
cheaper,' small sized French- roofing
slates. -
ALAMEDA. Sept. 25.— Work "will be
commenced In a few days by the Oak
land traction consolidated = on the
broadgauging of ; Its" tracks. from Santa
Clara avenue along Park street to the
tidal canal and ; thence to* Twenty-third
avenue ~: In . East . Oakland,; 1 where - the
standardized tracks -will : coriectf,wlth
the East Fourteenth street ', line into
Oakland. ..The Oakland traction Con
solidated \u25a0 also plans to .broadgauge "its
line." In San' Jose "*a\'eriue,~, from Park
street to' Ninth and Santa, Clara avenue,'
and from Park .street east to High
street arid Central "avenue,- connecting
with the standard gauge lines at those
The sophomores . who T will * have ; charge
of Tall n -preparations " for. the/ annual
comedy ,-.were ; named'; by ; President \u25a0', B:
E. -Parsons of. ; Los Angeles.,; 'LI 1 ; G.
A very *of • Los .who \ has " taken,
active ;" part ; In - class^ affairs 'and . Is an'
assistant: editor on ; the^ college dally;
has f been - chosen to ; manage the \ show;
Assisting \u25a0 will be/ F._ F.\Munier : of • San
Diego.'^L. O.^MacOmber/of j Pasadena, VWV
P. Fuller/Jr.Tof • Sari! Francisco, 1 : Miss M.'
T. / Jlowell of Los ; "Angeles,; Mies C. SA:
Hanna of t \u25a0' Redlands*? and / Miss N. M."
Grave* -of Los Angeles.
Five year, old Louisa Riis, : t>ho was |
released yesterday from ', the con-X
trol of her drunken- and dissolute 7 father.
Want ofxareandlacl( of nourishment \
caused the death of the little tot's" mother ;
recently. \u25a0 ' ": " \ \i '
Protests Against Proposed
\ Plan Sent to Navy
Special by Leased Wire to The Call
WASHINGTON, Sept." / 25.— Protests
have" been filed against 'the proposed
shipping of American coal, for the Pa
cific fleet In -foreign - bottoms.- W." L.
Martin, one of the representatives ~ot
American _ shipping ; interests.'; says ' In
his'protests to the navY department* S
; "'American ' shipping interests main
tain that the. use ,of. foreign ships' by
the; navy- department" to 'convey coal
from; our Atlantic to our- Pacific^ ports
is a violation of the law.of :the United
States, ;- as indefensible and 'manifest
as any violation: of law by- .the Stand
ard oil company. -.American, shipping
interests "believe, , moreover, -that the
use of foreign ships" for\this national
service," because of the cheaper wage
rate, at which they are built and main
tained, is a complete' betrayal of the,
protective; policy; by a \; national admin- 1
istration solemnly pledged •to main
tain it." .'\u25a0\u25a0•'\u25a0•' " •
OROVILLE. Sept. 25.— -EmferjA Oliver,
dlvlson engineer of the Western facific,
who has been: working with Engineer
Jasper on -planslfor a levee for 'the city
of - Oroville, or/ a . modification of the
plans adopted' some time 'ago. has re
ported upon a system of > works that
will cost about $50,000 and : take about
six weeks construct. . The • plans 'call!
for a facing: of planks, 'backed up by'
red » clay, that- will b.e hauled free' of
charge from cuts along the. Western
Pacific road. " . v
TACblvrA.JSep't. ' 25:— Private advices ;
from authentic soui'ces report fa"- rich ,
gold discovery on: Valdez creek, in- the i
Sushltta -valley,- 25 miles from Copper 'i
Center, on the Valdez-Fairbanks trail,
SOO miles from Valdezi" Peter- Mona
han. the discoverer,; tookrout $30,000<|
two .years ago, arid during^": the" past
summer, .with inachinery.to ;.work the
bench above . the, creek, took out one
nugget valued at $940 and several run
ning from $200 to §300. .;'
..SACRAMENTO, Sept. 25.— With his
'stomach and \ two ribs crushed by the
hoofs of a frightened L horse, John j Fox
was removed to 'the county/hospital to
day In a dying v condition.? 'Fox 'was
asleep. this mornrnginthe'stable of F/
A. McManus. where he :is employed;
when" one of the large dray"' horses
slipped its halter : and ; began- racing
upland down .the aisle of the stable." : It
turned suddenly ; Into a Stalin In' which
Fox lay . and he was crushed- under
its hoofs.' "-'^-)K-':. --. \u25a0;>'-\u25a0 ' :-': -' - :--': --' L -.-->'^'---'
; BERKELB V,' Sept. 25.— Children' -^of
Berkeley, may have a j^public play
ground,' as the , town, trustees'" have
given Chief of 'Police Volliner power to
utilize'-' for \u25a0 this - purpose ': the Mathcws
tract land, j recently i* purchased tori ' a
park. The-land ;is bounded by Russell,
Mabel, Ward and ; Parker i streets. Base
ball and football grounds will be laid
out.'"' - '-'".:'' : . ;\u25a0; \u25a0 . .-' : : ; :~ -;...-..;,"-
-ALAMEDA. 1 Sept. . 25.— Meriibers of
the board of .^health'-: are) in 'receipt -of
leters- from a .'local; 'capitalist, who
writes that he Is prepared to -establish
a; model dairy to •meetfevery require
ment of. the city * milk\ inspector J" and
chemist. He *asks : forr the* assistance
of the- health: offlciaJs.' v ? '
:'\u25a0:\u25a0; LONDON. Sept. 25.^-The?i Countess'
Montignoso, ex-crown princess of Sax
ony, .^arid Si^rior « ToselH, • : tho/; 'master,*
were married 'today; at" a : registry ..'oftice
in^the Strand, this city./. ' , ,
3 -i SACRAMENTO, V Sept.'- ; 25: ~;i Sheriff
Gewrgei McAuley/of ,'Placerlcoun ty| and
F;£^A»":Forlow;?proprietor"ofja ? salo^m;iri
Rosevllle;, are > in;' this Tcity; searching
for !twolraen who:heldiuprForlow's?sa
loon*, last coin?
•When. the robbers entered! theif)lace'flve
men were ;at; the -bar. i They/ were I lined
up '.V against'!;*; the Swallt and -relieved rof
their, money and valuables." -"i - \u25a0'"} :
The Fleet Is' Coming
and^ you i can jlearn; all- about ;it v in tSun :
page ": lllustrations « show! the! principal
vessels of the'fieet ' . \u25a0 • \u25a0
Novoe Vremya \u25a0 Warns Dip
lomats of America's
Growing Power
: • - T — — \u25a0' \u25a0 /
Believes I Sending of Fleet to
Pacific Is Portentous
Action •
ST.- PETERSBURG, I ' Sept. 25.—Secre
tary-Taft's tour of -the world -is
followed- with unusual interest here.
The government is -.taking, measures to
syx round" the ' journey through Siberia
and European Russia with attentions
usually observed , for , the rulers of
states. \u25a0;• -":. \u25a0:.."\u25a0\u25a0 •'\u25a0.':-.\u25a0' ; - ," •' : : ."."::..; \u25a0 . .:-". -
:The. conviction* prevails here that war
between Japan and the United States is
inevitable; in r the ' distant 5 f uturel The
Novoel Vreniya today published Van' ar
ticle ; entitled "The \ New -World '* Power,"
picturing the marvelous ? growth of
America *as a sea i power.: during? Presi
dent | Roosevelt's administration, I warn
ing^ Russian ;i"not ; to be
caught .'unawares by coming ..events,"
and adding: '\u25a0 :-V c
"The .day when 'the United States
• fleet passes : out of J. the /straits of " Ma
gellan:, and? sweeps "proudly" into the
•water.s\of the- Pacific £ will "open a new
era>-for s the eastern ; world. . Offlclal
courtesies' and- the temporary lull in
war. talkrdo not- conceal, the fact that
America ; is reiching •_ out . for 'the mas
tery of the" Pacific and already, is strong
enough to attain it." - :
New York Union Votes to Call Out
Leased Wire Operators in Press
and Brokers' Offices ,
NEW) YORK. Sept. 25.— The New
York local of the commercial telegraph-"
j ers' union voted tonight to call out all
leased wire operators employed ; by the
press and brokers' offices in this city,
such action: to be;, sanctioned by the
national officers. Action by thel na
tional officers will 3 be-- awaited before
anything further is done. :. Itwas voted
also to ask the national officers to
issue -a. call for the brokers and press
telegraphers throughout;the country to
quit work. The demand upon the men
who \ are working u nder "contract | will
be made in the Interests of those 'who
have struck against the Western Union
and Postal telegraph companies.
\u25a0 CHICAGO, Sept. 25.— -The national of
ficers of the telegraphers' union de
clined tonight to express an opinion as
to" whether the>'* ; would sanction " the
strike voted by jhe. New. York local., "A
special convention -may called to
take ;Up the matter, when it; comes be
fore us officially," , said; National; Secre
tary Wesley . Russell. He,. added that
similar' action .had been taken by about
'lO.'locals In. different parts of the
country.; '' • ~ ;
vl%\ '•: for writlof; mandate
George D. Grayijill Seeks to\ Compel
Election Commission to Place
Amendment on Ballot ' \u25a0\u25a0
George D. Graybill, a •\u25a0taxpayer,-' filed
a petition In the {superior court: yester
day: asking . for: a 'writ |of mandate'dl
rectlng 4 the^election commissioners , to
place the proposes J amendment provid
ing that 15 'cents of ; the dollar, tax limit
be devoid .toward public .improve
nTents, on the ballot at the. coming elec
tioni'Thc; amendnient, was passed in
the board of supervisors by a majority
vote of .9. to 6;. and lit: was concluded
by the' commission* that; It should have
been passed ;bs'.aVvote' of 10., a majority
of the "entire board, to meet ; all -legal
requirerrients. 1
, Graybill \u25a0, sets' f forth in .his ] petition
that ;tli6* sraendraent. was; passed, by
the board \u25a0 of superViflorsonVAugust^?
and Jthat It- is thejonl j» means he has of
•6btalnlrig"lmiriediate relief before the
election takes. place. .
"The supervisors' .'artificial lights com
mittee decided ;yeitiferday to install! five
arc lamps -in Larkjn street; from f Mar
ket to, Su'tter iria'^took under advise
ment. the] restoration •of 30 arc lamps
In McAllister ; Street /from Larkin-to
Fillmorc.^'; The .'committed had 'ordered
60-arc lamps removed- from McAllister
street,;.-' which paused" a protest from
property/ owners/ ; . Th e"gas lamps..how
ever," ; will *be.removed"as the arc, lights
are considered 'adequate; ii)urnination. \
The : committees f, ascertained that it
would cost $2,170,^0 install lights, in
the vicinity V«f» point, and the
California^drydOfik^, company will be
askod to be'ari; tli^! expense. -
; -"Supervisor: SuVivan " urged that the
Mission be^g;y4n ( r jrt'ore lights and some
of the. lights oh -Van Ness avenue fofe
dispensed :with: \l ..'*\u25a0 7 -'
" _ F.'.j C.-5- Jones. "v deputy .labor, commis
sioner,? obtained \u25a0:' two.; warrants fj; from
Police- JudgtJvWeller; yesterday for the
arrest ;:of : ' Christopher; Jennings, ;.man
ager.,for.;E. P.Charletpn &;Co., for'al
leged violatio n ' of , : the i ch lid + labor) law.
The v accusation .- is \ made* that: Jennings
employed \u25a0 Rosie "yj ßatte and * Cassle
Hblden;, each . 15 ' years ; of age, ! without
keeping'. a'";- record lof the name, age** and
place -of., resiflence';^ of/ the. ; : girls ; and
without : havinga;certificate of age and
schooling, \u25a0 as ; required by law.
\u25a0 The: series of ' monthly .musical ser
vices, will, be resume-] at Trinity church,
at GoughNind Bush streets, . next Sunday,
eyenl ng, ; . September^ 9, \u25a0 at S o VI ock). The
program-; will? include Gounod's'"SC-Ce
celia; Mass," i. the \u25a0 L contra Ito:solo-''O'DI
vine; Redeemer"^! ahd ' Pa rry's '.'.'Hear l -My.
Words :Ye Peopl6."v Mrs. Glsh,: Miss'
-Price.7 Mr. , Trowbridge and Mr. Glen
will be the soloists. 7
Brief Local News
flf ty-Urst;- annual ~. me*tinK ; of i; the '. general " : asso-'
.elation sof 5 Congregational I churches , of j northern
California » will •be i, held fln 1: 8en0. ,-NeT., t» from
Tuesday. , October ". I, ', to ? Friday, i October j 4,-' In
clusive. ' .-'/;"•' \u25a0" :'/."\u25a0\u25a0; "\u25a0.\u25a0\u25a0-'. c/.- : '- \u25a0.'*.' ; " . :;' . '.-. ; ; \u25a0'
Baker, v United \u25a0 States V attorney 3 for * District "} of
Columbia, ?\u25a0. is ~, In < this V city { gathering ,- eTidence
in s ; the v Ben*on-Hyde-t)lni6nd \u25a0* land '-; fraud ; cases "
which: will? be 1 tried? In JAVashington, D. C, In
Norernbei. - ;\u25a0\u25a0 - , \u25a0
] FOR IMPSOVE3UENTS^-The ; Francbnla
Helsbtav Improvement J club 5 petitioned the.super
risors J jr*«terdaj\s to 1 isubli^ii J grades ; of ; : st reet3
In * tbo ? district Ito s boy * Und <t or * the j extension
of ; Tom»sa| street s from i Holladay^ arenue ; - to I San
Bruno I avenue i anil «= to-i Inst all % five * Hgbtg I in t To
masa. Isabel.t Joy.TAdaniß [and j Mayflower, streets *
v" F0R 1; PICKUTO'. LIVE f CHICKiN&ipor ) plcktniit'
they feathers f* frora^clllctens *». whilels they.^wwe
alive *! Ptrris'tl MoroUl, 4^ an>j employe [ofg a\ market
at i Fourth 'i aTeuueland S Clement | itreet.^t was | ur-"
rested 'last jnlght^ b.vlOtfl(^r! M.^ Edwarfls S of Ithe'
Society s for h the % Prtvenlton % of ji Cruelty %, to ?Anl-*
malß #and a charged # with;: cruelty ;;\u25a0 to si animals.^
Mobori », bad J been « guilty ?of | tbe fe practice i whlcb
led 5 to ! bU ? arrest- for j some J tuae.^ •\u25a0? • \u25a0..'.-\u25a0; >r^ :
f -^^Ck^^^^^^m * THE height; of good 'taste"J
When "Mrs. Klmball, Los Angeles,"
registered at the, St.^Francis ;she told
Chief; , Clerk James McCullogh all
aboutvher wealth and large landed in
terests. : . When she departed 'some days
later; she left a small: empty trunk -with
the \u25a0 hotel: in settlement of her account,
which amounted' to $96. - '
r "Stung,*; \ said McCullogh. * "Stung by
a middle aged, gray haired woman, af
fected .with ,a slight limp." ; The story i
was circulated through "the hotels and I
the clerks -were itold to keep a" look
out for. Mrs. Kimball.
•: Chief :-Clerk-~Gatley of -the
found -her in the person of Mrs.'Keiegh
of.Los Angeles, but not" until* she had
lived- at the hotel for two days and
Incurred a -.liability of $12. 'The. Ma
jestic holds;an; empty dress basket and
a., small handbag as security, for the
amount. . : , .? "\u25a0\u25a0 . ' \u25a0."\u25a0.\u25a0-,•.'• 1 .*»
: Gatley ,called up an Oakland hotel
yesterday on business and ."incidentally
warned',_the clerk -to: be; on the watch
fof c the ; middle aged,: gray '-haired- lady,
affected^with_a ; slight limp./ j ; * "\u25a0\u25a0
-;. "Yes,\we;are on the<_ lookout for her."
came .the reply, "we^havc. an empty'
grip here- as security/ for.*-ttri, account
she iricurred;here over a week ago and
failed tolsettlewhen^she left." -
, : Mrs. > Kimball, alias Mrs.-. Keiegh, of
Los Angeles, has been- patronizing, the
best hotels,; where she: demanded first
class attention, say the bunkoed hotel-
William Van Buren Swears .Out. War-
rant for Arrest of W/H/ Keyser,
...: Who "Made .; False^Promises
William Van^Buren, a young carpen
ter employed?', by E. A. 'Howard- & Co.,
20: Howard street. Is the viotlni of mis
placed, confidence to, tho extent of $315.
He; obtained ; a;' warrant yesterday from
Police Judge \Weller'.f or 'thfc arrest of
W.v H. ,Keyse>. oh a '•. chn r* c: of - obtai ning:
monoy.by, false pretf-nse-."'. C
- "Van Buren r says that •' while, they -were*
working; together /,on ; a huilding . last
May Keyser noticed that he had a bank
book in the inside; pocket of his coat.
Keyser. remarked that it was 'risky to
carry -around, a bank; book, "and asked
Van ; :Buren .how. much he had on de
posit: ; Van. BurehtoM him $315.:
"I'll tell you ; what to do," said Key
ser. : ".'Give ,me the- bank book and 'I
Avill draw out. tiie ,5315. . I ar.f a con
tractor', and have big contracts in view.-
I will have $20,000 coming; to m** in a
few;>veeks!from ..Texas and v/ln;n I get
it I will reimburse you and glv?"'you a ;
steady- job as carpenter at;s3 aday,"
I Van Buren gave him -the book and
' Keyser went toj the ban kiindd re w out
the money. ; Since'that'; time Van Bu'rrn
has". been waiting in vain for his steady
job,and the return of the'?32s.,
Hosts at ' Reception in the Af ter-
rioon and at a • Smoker in
v . the;Eyening ""'
The, San Francisco "/chapter of Amer
ican : bank clerks . kept : open: house' yes '\u25a0•
terday? afternoon at :the ",; new quarters
at' 32s : iKearny.; street.. During the day
the: members : and i tlic ir -wi v.es ac ted -as
hosts and in; the evfening a: smoker j. was
held.' * • " \ .\u25a0 " ", \ ~ .-\u25a0: ,
The afternoon program was as fol-"
lows : f.' ; yocal selection, Miss Claire \u25a0 Mc-
Dermbtt.'accbmpariied bS^Mijrs Madeline
Burnstead; cello solo, A. '^. Wallach;
vocal .selection, Mrs. H.j G. White, ac
companied },byi Miss \l Edith" Allen ;" vocal
solo;f Julian -Eiseribach. : \u0084 :".'
r' The- program in the evening, was as
follows :] jWords^of ; welcome, vPresiden t
H. i L«."Platt ;\ tenor solo^ Richard^ Hunt:
Chinese "s impersonation. Harry 2 Sheldon;
zitherisolo^T.llirAlkalay ;i recitation." J."
B. Waterman ;> Scotch ), songs/ Mu'rdo
McKenzie:"-;" " , \ \:\': • :.' '- '
Th© Wholesome
After having been out on strike since
the first .of last June,* boiler makers*
union No. 25, whose members are em
ployed at the Union and Risdoh iron
works, settled their differences with
their employers yesterday and will re
turn to work this morning.. By "the set
tlement, the men are to receive $4.30
for nine hours' work. •
;» The boiler, makers were the on!j
members. of the iron trades . council
who refused to ratify the agreement
reached between* the citizens' commit
tee and the employers in the strike last"
spring. : - -. '
Pass Through on Way From Santa
; jCruz. Where Depositions Were V :
~ TaWen, to Washington
D. H. Baker, United States attorney
for. thedfstrict-of Columbia, and Harry
Givens. assistant . for the same district," j
who have been'present at the taking of
i depositions in the case of Mrs. Annie
i Bradley, who Shot former Senator Ar
thur^Brown in- Washington. TD.C.. De
cember S.j arrived, at the St. Francis
hotel : last -night on the way to Wash
ington! ''• '
Testimony 'was taken et Salt " Lake
city tending to show the character of
Senato^ Brown. Several witnesses were
examined to pro»ve the. relations exist;
ing .between the parties before the
time of the shooting. \_
\u25a0 - Depositions were also taken at Santa
Cruz, where \u25a0 evidence was introduced
by members of the woman's' family .to
prove hereditary- insanity; upon which
ground. the defense is to be based. :
Baker and Givens- are; accompanied
by Attorney, O. -W. Powers,' who repre^
sented the defendant. \ '
Paul V. Garin Gees to the" Wall and
i-•i -• Many Firms Suffer
Heavy^Losses ; "
'One .of Uhe largest jewelry failures
known in this city in many years .was
announced v *ycsterday.; when the three
stores of -Paul V. Garin. in Fillmore
\u25a0 streef.and . Van : Ness ; avenue, were at- j
.tachediby his creditors ;for debt.- It is \
believed" that" Garin* s_; outstanding in- j
debtedncss will' aggregate $65.000. !
though the exact 'amount .is ~not * yet j
known.. . .r. r ' ;
.^Garin 'has, been* a prominent Jeweler.
irT' this city for a number of years. It
was' 'known -for ' several months that
he ,'was *in ; financial W straits, - but " his
creditors \ held »iloof. hoping that ;h-i
would r weather the - storm. He did , riot. I
and j the- attachments^ followed. The |
largest r losers are wholesale jewelry 1
firms with whom Garlh • had big ac- '
counts.^. - ; • .. •-\u25a0.-\u25a0: :" . r ' j
'Application' , fbr,* ; leave 'to raise a
mortgage of $300,000 on its Ireal prop
erty ;in : Market? street between ..Third
and Fourth" was; made ' yesterday 'to the
superior Ccnift bs* !the* California 'Acad
emy" of Sciences. "-The 'petition. .which is
signed by William, H. .Crocker, "presi
dent of the board 1 .of 'trustees. 5 sets forth
that a m, order to "6btain an, J adequate
iiicomo frora : the J property ,tt Is ineces
sary ;j . to ; Improvements .'; thereon;
The trustees have ascertained that they
can raise ; a,'loan,a ,'loan, of "$300,000 ?f it Is se
cured by>a r.iortgage'on the land. .
";. ; John \J. under sentence :of
two' years" irr>prls6n"menC but awaiting
ah: appeal/, died : last ;nisht in -the county,
jail": of : consumption.-;^Smith's motion
was to liaye'been Jn»ardnext .week. He
was 'of ? ; obtaining 1 money : by;
false! pretenfcs...;- \u0084\u25a0
I .Typewriter. Ribbons; regu- Cn**
\\ larly 51.00; reduced to.. wUC
| Wosmuge Semi Carbon; -fine oual-
i . ity: regularly $4.00 <gp Eft
[ per box; reduced to.
\u25a0 ' . i, W \u25a0
If you need anything A
Parent's tele phone tins l '• I ;
He'll send it along I Anything
With a smile and a / ig,??^
i -- - i Suppiies.
• song. ' ' \«* .
. ...... Franklin 1126. J
\u25a0 Parents Stationery Store
SIB Van Ness Ay.
A Wholesale House Selling Retail
Special Sale
$15.00 Pattern Hats. . . v. '. $ 12.00
$10.00 Trimmed Hats....". 9 7.50
$7.50" Trifnmed Hats". ..; . . f 5..00
$2.(X) Ostrich Tip 5......... f1.25
The Bdririer
944VanN2SS 1336 nitowfß
Hear Effe Street Near Eddy Street
San* Francisco, Aognst 2S. 190T..
TO WHOM- IT- iIAT. COSCEKX— Thi« la t«
certify that after . dpctorlsc a»a« year* oontlaa-
ousij- - without" toy relief— -my i»Hm«nta wex«
t Tarious and of such; a -character thai I could
hardly '-drag "' myself arocad. zuZating . latensely
all tb- " ~ ..-•'rins life, through pain amt s!ck- .
\u25a0^<':~, : ,.-V^^ * \u25a0 nes?,\ a mljertNa
• V^*J&MW&i§sV" the :«<ltlc, of *
// £?*%-• -• A MfsA l desalted
- "/%lislffiP^^^SV \u25a0 Dr - .Won* Him. who
. / e\ \ \ P\ ' b»» - <Jone aU b*
I / -'•'*i^*'Vrir.; \\< \ wiat*«<i for v,
| 't" I ,• r * lDd tow thanifal t
:| *\u25a0 - s* - . S im* to writ* •ad say
i\'*^s4*'» •* • I : '»«t .today I.amea-
\ \u25a0\u25a0 >^rfg : fe> ' / .'»yin* - 1U» -• aati
'• V2s^ffls^^^^^£^«/ • h«*lUlh «* 1Ul that ' one*
my IK?"- *' " a ™
. -\u25a0 , I took his treat-
\u25a0•"*•\u25a0' \u2666 -ment -of -Herb -Tea.
rot](>t«J iiis instrnencua closely and caa ; asata
do my w~-% and <ralk > wittftnt > any Ibcost«b>
tenet: WDlf-o* .pleased-to mwt aoy-ons U -
noubt- an.l t*»ll what Dr. .Woog Him h>« doM
for m*. , Your* trvlj. — MRS. A. M. WHITE, 213
Florida »t..\ San t'rancjsoo, CaL J
1268 O^Farrell Street
. , Bttweon GwffU andOctatla,
(Orsa&ixed 1903)
• , rftOMC'riOX: \u25a0 T Tt«e".act *of •• promotlas: ad-
Tano«ai«>t;'jEXCOUKAGEJlEXT.— Century Dic-
Th? ,Csllff>rala l*romntion * committee . has for
Its • object the raOMOTIXG of \u25a0 California as a
v.-tol*'. : -
: It. tas'rxithinK t<» wll. *
It* tv&rtit* arc deToted to fostering alt things
tlut tew? the AUVAXCEIIEXT of California aa
'^tl-fglxf* \u25a0 rrliaMe : lnforaialion on trety ' subject '
conntcttd with tlw fti*i«trle« of California. - ,
U gW*' ENCOURAGEMENT. to the ettabtlsh-
uif ri t of new u ißdrstries apt! > larltes < dotlraUa
iiriinlfrat.'f.n. ' '".\u25a0 ; %': T -' ' .• *. .;
»' It Is not .•».:> finploj-nipnt agency, althouga It
I clvps information recardin? labor conditions. . .
It [.resents the opportunltifs anJ needs in all -
i flchls of b'.i»in?s9 and professional . actirlty.
': .The U-onimlure •Ss sopp«irtf*l by., popular > »nb- •*
scrip; lon *aU makes na charge for any serrica
r»'"B«irre<i.V' ', ; :'~ -*,".*.'- !.- " - : . ' .' •'"\u25a0•* '" ' V
v "Affiliated trita .tilt connmittee are 160 com- '.
n:<rr-ix! ori-ani.THt!'ins of the »tate," with" a mem- ;
iurrsbip.of . over : 2O.o».»O. .- -\u25a0 - V , . .
>^MeetlnS»" are'held \semlannually;ia different'
parts • of ; Ca ll tornl j. where matters of state - la-
terfst. are dlsccssod. ' ;\u25a0 \u25a0 -: . "'..'".\u25a0? *--.'" ."i-V' \u25a0\u25a0 - \u25a0
Ueadqi:artPrs of tte committee are maiatilned
in'SaD Krancisco la California bulldlfls, Uaioa \u25a0'
"?. a *.v • CORRESPONDENCE INVITED. ;V -- ' .

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