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News of Four of the Counties About the Bay
Title of Baron Helps Him
to Pass Custom House
"PYr4P>f^irirtnQi v •
.OA.KLANDI 3fept. 27.— Alfred yon d«r
Hopp, former manager ©f the Selby
smelting works, has arrived .from a
long European ( trip on which he se
cured a" home 'for his family, on the
shores .of , L*ke Geneva. Switzerland.
Yon der Ropp In Europe took his-hered
itary title of baron. lie is a. nephew .of"
Baron yon Rosen, the ambassador of
Russia <o' tUe-' United States. Baron
voa der-Copp Jaa, Jt»ost democratic scion
of robllity. tile l«.'a member of the
Athenian club.^i 'hall fellow well met,
jelly and good natured_
Ke i» a metallurgical expert, and la,
that field enjoyed, a wide reputation as
tht head of the' Selby nraelter. Hi* •
home In Oakland for many years was j
tbeecene of much entertainment.
The baron put his title to jsrood ?erv
\u25a0\u25a0lce when lie landed among the customs \u25a0
Inspectors et New York, in? name ap
r^al^d to one of Uncle Sam's diligent
fcearcher*. . i . . . ;., .
"Are you attached to the Germsn em
bussyT*- queried tlie : customs officer.
"No.", replied the baron.. "I am not,
but I am a .nephew of Baron yon Rosen,
the Russian ambassador, and out in 1
California, where I !}ve. I shoot ducks i
and play pok*r with-. Victor. Metcalf. i
secretary or the navy."
With these credentials Yon der Ropp'e |
luggage 'and other ; perfrtnal effc-^ts j
passed expeditiously through the In- j
At the'tfrn* of President RoofcvflO
viplt to Oakland some yrars ag-o the
Vrnron assembled ,al! of the children In
the Yon der*Ropps* neighborhood in the
Lckepide district »t his home/H* ftllrd
the yard, the front uteps. the window*
*nd th* fences. . Thenrthe jovial Rus
sian strung a banner ejcroan the front
whirh read; "Xo Rac« Suicide Here."
It Is of record that when the presi
dential party paired by a heartj' laugh
and a wave of Roosevelt's hand were
the reward thet the baron enjoyed. '
Baron, von der Ropp will remain here
this winter.
Continued from r«gf 1. Column 1
the l*xr was violated. Their defense
will be that the interstate commerce
<-ommission itself winked at the prac
tice of cutting under the published rate.
The reductions were necessary, they
assert, to cave the trade of the orient
for San Francisco and this was why
«.he commission condoned the practice.
Dunne's explanation is that in 1904.
*t the time the matting was shipped to
America from Kobe, a furious rate war
tvas being xrag-#d between the Pacific
Mail and lints routed through the Suez
canal. ,
"Cut rates went Into effect sometimes
;n the space of an hour," he said. "It
«!cY>cnded on the quantity of room in
the hold of a steamer.
"During the height of the rate war."
the Southern Pacific's attorney went
on. "it looked as If the Suez lines
would hsve all the carrying trade' to
this country, the eteamermen N say.
Freight intended for the Pacific coast
v/EP being landed In New York and
lirought here by rail. It was to bring
it back to the San Francisco ocean
route that the law was violated.
"All this happened previous to the
r>assage of the present law, or when the
Klkins act was in force and which com
pelled the transportation lines to give
three days' notice before changing
their rates. It was Impossible to cable
the rate, as that -was too expensive in
face of the fierce competition. Bo when
a steamer arrived in port the purser
at once went to the railroad offices, pre
sented a lag giving the rate at which
the freight was taken and this intelli
gence was wired at once and a letter
sent to the commerce commission in
forming that body of the rate. The com
mission silently acquiesced because It
was no fault of the railroad company
that rat • slashing was taking place in
the orient. . \u25a0 ,
"Then, to strengthen the position of
the railroads. Commissioner Prouty
wrote an opinion on the natter in
which he said that.it was not -the in
tention of the commission to harass
the railroad companies. The commis
sioners knew, said Prouty, that the
railroads were doing the best they
v George Clark, assistant United States
district attorney, gives little weigLt to
this explanation. He said that at least
two of the owners of the imported mat
ting had their main offices in New York
and if they had not been offered a
cheaper rate than the Pacific Mail's
competitors would give they would not
have shipped via San Francisco. To do
this the steamer company' not only re
duced Its published. rate without notify
ing th« commission before or after, but
pledged the railroad to^ continue the
_ same secret cut on the reshipment from
\u25a0 this port to inland destinations.- In
• this way the ehlppers were enabled to
: obtain a rate whose secrecy practically
chut out other roads from competition.
' ' \u25a0\u25a0 \u25a0 \u25a0' .;
Dr. W. T. Thrasher Fatally Injured
by Traction Cars oh the San
Leandro Road
OAKLAND, Sept. 27. — Dr. W. T.
Thrasher, a retired dentist living near
San Leandro, was struck by an Oak
land traction company construction
train this morning on the San Leandro
road near Davis street and fatally in
jured. The victim's skull was frac
tured. He was removed to his home,
where the attending physicians gave
no hop* for.hi* recovery.
Dr. Thrasher was crossing the rail
way tracks to board an Oakland bound
electric car. when the construction train
approaching on the opposite track
came upon him. The bumper. of the
first car knocked him to the ground
between the tracks.
For several years the retired dentist
has engaged In fruit raising near San
OAKLAND. Sept. 27. — Announcement
; was made today by Pcesident M. Meyer -
Teld Jr. of the Orpheum Circuit com
pany, who Is organizing the staff of
the Oakland Orpheum theater and di
recting the arrangements for the open-
Ing next week, that the management of
•he new playhouse Is to be intrusted to
George Ebey, who succeeds J. L D.
Frazier as resident manager. Ebey
served the Orpheum company in other
years in their eastern theater* and on
the coast, but, for some time has been
occupied with newspaper work In San
Krancisco' and Oakland.
Pee the Colcman .Tract on Sunday.
, Conveyances \u25a0will meet train? leaving
city 9 a. zn. and -10:30 a. m. at ilenlo
Park depot • . . •
Yell Leaders Chosen
to Lead the? Gar;
dinar Rooters
VEJtSITY. . ' - • > \, .• *
The executive committee of the asso
ciated students of Stanford university
have named the yell leaders who will
head the cardinal rooters at football
games and other athletic events of the
year. At a special" session, last night
E. J. Swift of Santa Cruz, a senior In
the law department, was elected head
yell leader and P. R. Johnson, '09, of
Lios Angeles and G. H. Richardson, '09,
of Piedmont were" named as "assistant
yell directors. These three under
graduates were chosen for the im
portant positions- as a result of the
showings made by them in the tryoutfl
during the week. They have taken
part in undergraduate affairs of the
campus community.
Swift has been a member of the
varsity glee club for four years, and in
leading the songs will be. in his ele
ment. He has taken an active part in
dramatic affairs and at present is stage
manager of the Sword and Sandals so
ciety, the university dramatic club. He
is a member of the Kappa Sigma fra
ternity and Skull and Snakes Honor
society. His assistants are both glee
club men and popular undergraduates.
Richardson is as member of the Delta
Kappa Epsilon fraternity. Johnson be
longs to the local chapter of the Zeta
Psi fraternity.
Oakland Florist's Defense
in Suit Brought by '
His Uncle
' OAKLAND, Sept 27.— The cold muz
zle of a revolver thrust under his nose
would have Induced Gregory Symaco
pulos, to sign. any sort of a document,
according to testimony which he gave
today rln Judge Ellsworth's court.
Gregory was defendant in a suit to
recover $2,900 on two promissory notes
brought by his uncle, Nikkolas Syma
copulos. and admitted ' signing' them,"
but claimed he was forced to do 30
by his relative in order to save his life.
He claimed he was invited by his
suave uncle to vislthim in his room,
but once there Gregory testified that
Nikkolas drew, a revolver and ordered
him to sign the documents. In fear
Of death in case he refused, he ad
mitted that he wrote his name on the
notes. The sum of fjlOO in cash was
also- demanded and acceded to" by
Gregory, to be paid next day, but when
out of range of his uncle's revolver
he boldly ' refused to be further im
posed upon. .
The elder Symacopulos said the notes
were given him by bis nephew In pay
ment for his share -in a florist busi
ness which they Jointly conducted in
Broadway. Nikkolas said he contem
plated a trip . to Greece and arranged
with Gregory to take, over the entire
business. " The cas» will be resumed
You exercise your own mind when
you ask for an advertised article, there
fore insist on getting what you ask
for "when making a purchase. The
flealer. who substitutes relies on -bis
ability to make you change your mind.
He . will give you what you ask* for if
you refuse r a substitute.
Street in "Heart of Richmond" Is
Built Up in Two Days From
. . \ Clay Sediment
RICHMOND. Sept. 28.— The great
dredger of the Point Richmond canal
and land company, which. Is dredging
the canal extending inland from the
bay of San . Francisco, 1 is now working:
day and night to hurry tha completion
of this waterway.
The dredger .; is of , the", suction type,
but,* in addition to the machinery usu
ally used on dredgers of this character/
this one' i« equipped with 'revolving
knives that bore • into the clay , and
break it into, email; lumps at the mouth
of the suction pipe. Thus the dredger
is able .to work ; faster and throw ; on
the land a heavier.: percentage of sedi
ment and clay." The dredger, by work-
Ing the.two forceß, wili:pui»p 6,000,000
gallons a day. When It Is; realized, that
20 per cent of.this solution is clay one
can readily feee "how -quickly- a fill can
be m--le. One of the streets in /"The
Heart of Richmond" was • filled/ in and
built up in two" days last week. *
OAKLAND, Sept. 27.— The congrega
tion of Union Street V Presbyterian
church has extended a ; unanimous .call
to Rev., Joseph Newton Boyd of IVen-l
tura to become ' pastor of " ; the church.
He will succeed'Rev.:Dwight-E. ; Potter,
who'reslgned last Juneto taketcharge
of the foreign missionary board work
on the Pacific coast. The call has been
telegraphed to Dr. Boyd, who. It is ex-.
pectedV: will "accept, 'after the presby
tery has formally sanctioned the choice.
GERXA2TS TO GIVE BALL— A lamed a. S«-pt.
27. — The German Jgesanjfevereln in preparlnjc to
girr a.bsll.ln Harnionie hall on the, evening: Af
October -13. . The- committee ; in cbaree;: of the
dance consists of ; Fritx Braemcr. : William ,'Lach.-'
man; Henry Hahn and S. Ruf. Fred O.^cbuman
totl Fritz Br»»m«x will act «« floor mans get*. >*}-
Help to Make /Success rof |
. , Show Whose BillsjThey ."
ucStioycu • v .
SAX RAFAEL, Sept. 27.— As. a fitting
finale to the bloodless. war between: the
Ross -Valley. : 'and"San Rafael ladles' im»
provement clubs on one: side ;atid*two
San Rafael dramatic olub? 'o'n^tlie ; other,"
over the pastins nf posters on Jlsrin
county trees.' whlclv'w'a* settle^r-riy'ar;
bitration yesterday, the 'ladies -of ."the
improvement "clubs the \u25a0 per
formance of "The Mikado' in a^body.
tonight..,.:; • . •. /-!>":
(An unusual flutter and stir." ran
! through the, audience when the ban«i
,of limprovement club^. la difs . marched
j down tl?^ center aisle of the harden
: theater and took- their pe.ats .well up
", toward the front. . ,The performance
i had already beg:unJan<l the three little
maids -were in Ahe act. ot : > helng-- ?ent
away one by one by. the grisat Yen How,
tlieir master.
: For 'a. minute r th* entrance of the
j visiting ladles was thought io be a' sign
of renewed hostilities and for a minute
one, of the little dancing . girls forgot
her lines, but very f«\v of the audieucs
noticed. Thereafter; the three*; inkids
• danced th«ir prettiest, Xankl-Pooh per
formed " his funniest tricks and Koko.
| behaved as any villain should. \u25a0 Every
I one; voted, tlie. pprformnnce a: -success
land the women who had. worked hard
est to stop, the ad\'ertising of.the per
fotmance declared themselves j the "best
pleased of ail. An "all ' round .hand
shaking and a general love -feast fol
lowed theringingr down of the curtain
on' the Jnal act. *
Thousands of Persons At
tend Festivities on '
:. the Campus
\u25a0 BERKELEY, Sept!^ 27 .— The annual
Pajamerino rally, one of the big student
events of the football . season. , drew
thousands of people to -the university
campus tonight. The .festivities, began
in the Greek theater, where an audience
of T.OOOperspns packed' the tiers. -
The Pajamerino .tonight was a de
parture in style from former events of
the kind. In years gone-by the college
men garbed themselves in pajamas,
nightgowns or, other nocturnal regalia
and disported | themselves in outlandish
fashion for the amusement of "^the
townsfolk and. visitors who assembled
to: enjoy, the antics. Tonight the- 1;600
men students -wore the fantastic carni
val ; costumes in which /Jhejr are to ap
pear :. at I the :. Alameda - county .' carnival, 1
Idora /park,/ tomorrow '-, afternoon and
evcriing/:: ;. fr.j .:;-\u25a0•, -r*:-'--'--- -\u25a0"\u25a0 ,^; i^f-^\s::^-
In the Greek- theater speeches were
made, songs were sung and' the collage
yells were flung to the sky. -Bernard P.
Miller, a r graduate of the university,
the director of the Alameda county ex
posit ion and- carnival, 'spoke to the stu
dents. He stirred up , much enthusiasm
for the ..football teams* by recounting
tales of: prowess performed by old-.he
roes^of the gridiron whose names were
writ high on the, college roll of fame
in his student days. / '
After. the, speeches in the Greek the
ater the : students, howling, yelling, and
singing, headed by.' the band,
serpentined down to" the lower campus',
where the freshmen- had built a^ huge
bonfire that shot flames many feet: into
the air. An impromptu program of
dancing and singing completed the
evening's "doings.". The -outburst of
college enthusiasm tonight is calculated
to put spirit into the college- football
heroes of the- freshman class when they
meet the cardinal team in the annual
freshman game on October 12.
OAKLAND, Sept. 27.-^<3eorge Cash,
for several years a deputy in the office
of "County Expert Sabin,. died today r at
his home in West Oakland of heart dis
ease. Cash was stricken Wednesday
evening- while addressing; his lodge and
failed to regain consciousness.' Previous
to moving to Oakland, Cash lived in
Suburban Brevities
AUTISTIC THIEF; AT WORK— Oakltnd, « Sep ti
27.— A thief, who eTideDtly has an appreciation
of the classic In art, stole " a . bronxe statue of
Dante from the*' home of R. -E. - Leach ISB7
Broadway. ;
meda, - Sept. 27. — Police Sergeant Albert Kamp
who is in charge of .the police ; office an<J- city
prison darins the day, has retarnei) from a vaca
tion of 10 days in California and
Mexico. • ' \u25a0\u25a0...\u25a0 .--.-- •
: SAILOR " HELD UP— Oakland. . Sept. 27 —
Thomas McDonald, a discharged sailor from the
United States transport \u25a0 Thomas,' was \ held up.
beaten, choked and robbed of $00 and a fraternal
pin by a I lone footpad last night near the Em try -
Tille racetrack.^; : . \ «-_". .v \u25a0 .
Sept.. . 27. — Articles of ; Incorporation -\u25a0\u25a0 were filed
today by the ; Berkeley : undertaking company.
Walter A. : , Gompertz, ... Frank .'\u25a0; W. Durgln »nd
David F.J ones are "directors. 1 '- The capital stock
Is #10,000 with. |6.ooo paid in." :>! , -V
27. — While in this city ; to take Leslie Crawford
back to Watsonvllle for i the • alleged ; rlipft . of a
blejrcU Deputy Sheriff , R. \u25a0:\u25a0 Corr discorered •J.
O'Brien, ' an escaped member of ? th« Santa Crur
chain gang:.' Recognition . was mutual ' and
O'Brien was arrested. - \u25a0 '\u25a0 V- " ' t~ : "" \u25a0'\u25a0"."
- WOMAN FOITND INBANE--6akland, Sept. 27.
Mary Cahtll. a school- teacher \u25a0 0/ Castro Taller
was found Insane today lln Judge ; Waste's court
and was committed for treatment to the hospital
at Napa.. . Her brother; William. <an<Pber. sister.
Elizabeth, testified that she had been ; derasred
tor more than a year, v \u25a0 '' . ;•
-MAN STRUCK BY.; TRAlN— Oakland, gept
27.— Walter ; Cerr, 65 . years iof aje. - liring ', at
Seventh and Franklin \ streets. - was struck <by ft
locomotive at Seventh utrfet and Broadwa.r ibis
morning. V He : was thrown \u25a0 10 ; feet," but ; suffered
only a severe contusion of the back and was able
to go home unassisted.' '' - \u25a0 - >, x '
Sept. -. 27. — Assistant; FFie.r c. Chief ; Frank i X.- ; Mtll
inetop v has discovered ' ; that ! a • number :of : flre
alarm boxes throughout the city have ) beeo j <jam
ajed and in Mmc lnstanw* put out of trorkiag
order, through the placing of sand.' gravel,* mortar
and \u25a0 other substances in . the ; keyboles, meting it
Impossible to operate , the boxes: r v 'l ; - -
Sept.'. 27.— Winifred | Gallagher,-; in* behalf -of her
ulce • minor ; children, 'has , filed : suit - for '\u25a0 {50,233
against c the \u25a0 H. \u25a0' C.s Maeaulay 1 foundry > company
as damages for the death ' of . Patrick . Gallagher,
husband; of - Winifred and ; rather ;of itbe nine
.children,', who was ; killed by accident In - the com
pany's plant ' on 'April Jl'of i tbis;year.-' <-4-_~ -.• -•
:~ BEGIN v WORK tON £ ROADWAY— A lameda"
Sept. , 27,-^Actual ; work t o the i Improvement of
the west", side ..- of the -.Webster ! street ; road war
has - bc*n begun b y t \ he •; Pacific^ IJassa m \ paTlnir
company./ The Oakland '; traclion v wnsolidatetl
has , a" force ; of ; men employed *. la \ ballasting ; the
roadbed ef - its double ; track . system in ; the t-enter
of the roadway : and in bringing vfce ; rails uo
to the official grade. ~ > ? -.-' •; •"
The' CUlem thef Bay -
\u25a0"':. J-unsef Magazine-.; for "'October con
tains a >slxteen ; papft article mi s,'Oak
landiiand":-:.Roundabout. I ,*: -beautifully
illustrated in 4 two colors. \u25a0 Send * it ' to
your eastern' friends.; .: \u0084 " • :
', Thousands of Knights of Pythias in- Uniform Attend
Alameda County; \u25a0 ; Carnival and Exposition in Oakland
-\u25a0' \u25a0 \u25a0 TKRS. --"\u25a0.\u25a0 -,' 1 .' - -..-"'\u25a0'" 11."1 I ." \u25a0' '" \u25a0 . -"".'-.\u25a0'- \u25a0- '\u25a0'\u0084. ... •• " '.. .'' .' _ .'\u25a0'.'\u25a0-', \u25a0\u25a0 \u25a0 -"* —"'
• OAKLAND.' Sept.; 27.— Garbed in the
glittering uniforms of the- order, thou
sands -of .Knights .of : Pythias, accom
panied bjvtheir. iadies and^friends. vis
ited "the Alameda county exposition at
Idora : park-Hoday, the afternoon .and
evening being; especially devoted! to the
members of/the-Pythian lodges of Ala
meda county; and San Franci^£o. .^ Add ed
to, the visitirigknights and ladies >were
hundreds of 3 visitors from \u25a0 Llvermore,"
Pleasanton* and; other interior towns of
the county. ';
' - The visitors from- the interior 'of' the
county arrived In Oakland* this morning
on' : two -special trains and. forming / in
line at and First' street,
headed .by" twoV bands, marched* out"
Broadway- to -^Telegraph avenue, where
cars, were takenl for the park. 'A^gen
eral holiday ,. had ;.been declared in-. Llv
ermore - and ' Pleasanton to' allow -the
people of those "towns: to visit the- car-:
nival,:. all^* the*. schools and 'business
houses having,- been- closed -for the day.
Th«r visitors / spent | the f and
evening 'i in"; an \Jnspectiori .of , the exhib
its and; enjoyment- of the. shows.on the.
"Gladway/'-rsmalning at the park until
latelton^ght^r:, / r';'',^? i ;-^ : V;:.^^ v^>'>^<;'-'v>
r-Figufes>- secured \u25a0£ last V>night^i showed
that nearly 25,000 people had passed
through the gates during the day. •;\u25a0
\u25a0 The . feature ; of the "celebration was
the ' competitive drill - held^tonight ?on
the ."Gladway",, stage, in which'Jlve. com
panies of- tho. uniform; rank' of the order
were x entered.- the 'competing companies
being:McKinley company No." 8, of ' San
Francisco/ commanded • by : Captain J.-' KJ
Ritter; Liberty company No. 11 of bak
larid.commanded by Captain Charles Bj
Hood ; /Stockton compag»y .;'j No. ,42 :of
Stockton, commanded ; by- Captain IJ. I F.:
Haddow; "Washington company No. ? 49
of Vallejo, commanded' by Captain C. A.
Prach t, ; and : San r Leandro : company ' No.
69 of Ban Leandro, commanded by Cap
tain-A. J. "Lloyd. It was announced; that
the winning company would "receive: a
prize of $100 and that a second prize of
$50 had. been providedbythe committee
in charge" of " the exercises.:- "*" * :\
The exercise* of ! the knights were
SqcifelY in tte Cities Across the Ba y
OAKLAND, . Sept. . 27.— The . marriage
of .-.Miss Alma 1 Brown • and Charles
Tower, 'manager of "the "Standard oil
company in the 'San Joaquin ;. valley,
will take placed during - the t; middle of
October, although: the date has "not
been arranged definitely nor theplans
for the wedding completed. "It will be
a . home 'ceremony, taking place ; at ; the
residence of the : bride's ".parents, ; Air.
and Mrs. .Albert Brown, in Alice street.
Miss Brown has been ; a*, much f e,ted
bride-elect. An attractive home^-ih
Stockton will be occupied by Tower
and his bride.
\u25a0\u25a0«'•\u25a0\u25a0•--• \u25a0•-\u25a0;.'_ .>'"
.Miss Helen Button has issued cards
for an informal dance, on the 'evening
of Thursday, October 1 3, -at Uhe ; Button
residence in^BerkeJey.; In ; the Invita
tion has been included a coterie of the
younger set: from . Oakland and' from
the college town.
Mrs. James Tyson 'will be a hoatess
of the coming; week. ; entertaining a
number ,'of" guests, at- an informal after
noon at her home: Cards will furnish
the diversion -of the hour, which r will
be • followed by . a supper.',^
The most delightful of the large af
fairs .of the -month was 'the* tea over
which Mrs. : \u25a0 Samuel Taylor r . and ;her
daughter. Miss i Margaret \Taylor, 1 pref
sided as hostesses this \u25a0 afternoon [at : the
Taylor -residence in Linda; .Vista, in
honor ; of Mrs. \u25a0 Taylor's 'sister, -;Mrs.\ D:
W.\?Eberts, who! has just', returned
from ' an extended ; stay in : the east, and
Mrs. H. J- Wasson.^Assisting; the host
esses in thY receiving; party^»ere Mrs;
Edward M.Walsiv Mrs. E. ,A. : Heron;
Mrs. George ; W. i: P«rcy, M r»." F. ", j; VVig
gins, Mrs. B. S. ' Hubbard,- Mrs.VEdward
yon "•\u25a0' Adelung, Mrs? George ?&•$ Golia,
Mrs; A. F. Coffin, Mrs. A. M. Grim; : Mrs.
John Gilclirist, Mrs. D/R.l Ray, ; Miss
A K. Munson,'Mlss Maripn Walsbv Miss
Clarissa Lohse, Miss Virginie : vonVLo
ben ' Sels," Miss .Varinat Morrow, ; Miss
Marion Morrow. "Miss Fanetta: Davis.
Miss? Sarah Drinkwater.vMiss rFiorence
Goddard, "<>\u25ba Miss V lsabelle Percy," - ; M iss
Leila McKibbeii. MoreUhah' 150. guests
called Vat the home during the
reception."-' ''\u25a0
): In '\u25a0-.': honor.? of MiSs Bessie . Coghll J,
whose marrigetoTJohnTreanorlwlll be
solemnized' on a theTevenlngi of ".Tuesday.
November ' 26,' ; lR: St. Paul's ; Episcopal
church; ab one "of theXelaborate cere
monies of the sfyeaivi l»er.^ grandmother;
Mrs.^J. A. -Stanleys entertained ;at an
Informal tea /this afternoon at .her
home" in -Jackson street.: The guests
included • the girls' .i-who will attend
Miss. Coghill?intthe ? bridal >r party, -Miss
RosY Kales.i Miss"* Sevilla \ Hayden,- Mies
Edna "Prather.Vi M iss ;v Florence^ Tread f
well. \u25a0 Miss'-Alice i Ho j't.-; Miss ; Fay. Chap^
man.- Miss : Mattio " Treanor land a dozen
or ""\u25a0 so intimate friends. * . -.. .."{-_..
-: r\u25a0 . . \u25a0\u25a0 \u25a0\u25a0.-»•.\u25a0-\u25a0"-•" \u25a0 • . . ' y\u25a0 . .
,',-.' Ur.-rand^Jlrs.va^F.^HughM _enter^.
conducted under, the. direction of Judge
George -Samuels, past grand chancellor
of ' the : grand '.lodge: of California/ who
introduced^asthe orator, of the day, R.
F." Burns. \u0084 : \u25a0'
- The .winners, of . the competitive dfiU
held last night by. the Knights and:La
diesybf *the Maccabees were announced
this afternoon. -The -flrit. prize of |50
was; awarded to Golden Gate -camp- of
San Francisco, the second: prize "of $25
being" won-- by . Oakland' camp. The
members^ of Oakland circle of the Wo
men; of -"Wbodcraf t' were 3 awarded" the
first prize? for/ the competitive drill : of
the teams " representing , the feminine
branch of the order.; . ;
''Arrangements were , completed todaj"
for the award^pf . prizes to the' best dec
orated/booths ' of: fraternal and charit
able ? organizations. ' and !'i also l^the '.» best
decorated'» commercial" or industrial ex
hibit, at * the? exposition. \For,u the. best
decorated: charitable or, fraternal -booths
a. first "prises of ?SSO has ibeen^ offered,
with:a' second^prize:pf .s3o ;and-a/third
prizelof $20.;. Theimembersiofi. the com
mittee of^award •are\William\T.";Baccus,
O. H.f Fernbach and jGideon. Davis.?* For i
thai comnierciar' or manufacturing ex- :
hibits three' prizes wlir be awarded, the!
Judges iof award being Oliver Ells- j
worth, Ben F.'Woolner and W. H. Jor- !
6krL':'-T^l-i^J-' s : , : \. : '
Following : are 'the "; members of the
committees in charge of the various !
booths at the. carnival. today:,
: ': Oakland .club nqTeiiy .booth — Mm. Lily Cole,
Mrs. B. B. Webster/ Mrs. W. A. Bt««ord. Mrs.
G. : W. Harrisoo.'Mri. \u25a0M. h.' Wooley, Mr§. F.
Kendall, Mrs.. F. TP. , K«ller. Mrs.i Ferris Htrt
mao. Mrs.-8.-N.' <!« L«oq and Mrs. N. Nelson.
) I West : Oakland f bom* waffle booth— D. Roberta
and F. McLean. .. /„ ; \u25a0 "
\u25a0Royal Court i Oakland 'assembly. Ko. 25, wheel
of fortuß«— Mrs. C. Pritchard. Mrs. M. Xaismith,
Mrs. F. Parrott/Mrs.- JT. K. Bourn, J. E. Bourn.
A. S. Onnsby, C. Alrord Tobty and Charlea
Pritchard. " . • . -
Woodmen of the-WorW cafe — Mrs. A. L. Mil
ler and Mri. 0. • Bjljtti^jgS^B&l&is&fe'&fjij&g&g
Rebelcahs,. District "No.- 7— Mw.S. J»bn. Mrs.
W. Goldston*. Mrs. E. Katppler, Mrs. A. Rosea
tamed- at afi '"informal musicals and
dance ion - evening last, a
score of clever, folk being their guests
for a delightful \u25a0 hour. A supper
rounded out the evening's pleasure.
Mr. and Mrs. F. M. Smith have re
turned from the east and are at home
at: Arbor Villa, which, gives promise of
being .the, scene of extensive social
activity this winter. /
An interesting bit •of } news comes
from Denver,-; Colo., telling of theap
. . ... ; , .. .... <\^ |||i||Hwmi||||H| - \u25a0•\u25a0:•• , . [ - —
McP^™ EASTERN CiTiET 66 * B "^^^
Chicago . . . $72.50 St. Louis . . . $67.50 /gM
Omaha. . . . $60.00 Memphis . . . $67.50
Wg|k Kansas City . . $60.00 New Orleans . $67.50 JmW
'\u25a0\u25a0 '•' ' vBBi MORE RATES TO OTHER POINTS «RiP^
ft Overland Limited 1
J& \u25a0 .Drawing room-state room sleepers — select dining service.
jr. \ Parlor, observation car—library and cafe through to the lake city
/:^H W " TICKET OFFICES^ nSl %^iWl
- ''\u25a0 — ffinJWlEßflr "\u25a0\u25a0•*•• s# MANX, DIM. Pan. Agtat \u25a0'. .\u25a0:. \u25a0: .* .[jCuv'J "SsSi?' nnnAii ':\u25a0'** • .
', .(S^^BBfo SR4 Market St. Sh« FrancUy ;?j " * "'«' "^,'lTt! ! S " x=^^*^
b*rg. Mrs. 1.. WlllUmx. Mm. L. J. Som«rs, Mrs.
J. E. Allen. Mrs. G. Meyers and Mr*. K. t.ilien
tbal. \u0084 \u0084 - X :
l-adfes': relief society — Mrs. J. Campbell. Mrs.
Virginia dp. Fr#m»ry. Miss Mary <le .Fretne-ry,
MIA Eleanor de Fr^nxsrr, MU» Matilda Brown
and Mrs. A. Tasbelra. - '
: Kabfolt boipitat — Mrs. D. K. Eastertrook. Mrs.
0.. W. Dornin. Mrs. Gordnn Stolp. Mrs. Felton
Taylor. Mrs. Char!**. I.oYell, Mrs. A. I). Wilson.
Mrs. I. N. Millar and Mils , Helen Dornin.
West Oakland i home. , peanuts and popcorn —
Mrs. J. W. Umphred and Mr«. Cnarlaa Thomas.
. Fraternal Brotherhood No. 819, Alameda — Mrs.
Townsrnrt. Mrs. W. M. Dlron. lil»s Herman. Miss
Pine.* Miss' Florence Kayaa, Mx. Rat cliff c. Frank
Curry and W. M. Dlxon. - .— - -
Won relief, corps. No. 6— Mrs. A. Wlnk!«r and
Mr*.* E. S. Tbajsr.
v Oakland New Century club— -Mrs; W. \u25a0TV Har
ris, Mrs. Eastman. Mrs. B. Stone, Mrt. W. L.
Jaekaoo-and Mrs. Noyeles. -. •
Berkeley Order of Maccabees — Mr*. D. E.: Bar
ber, Sirs.- Jennie Qntckenbush, Miss Miy Bir
num. Miss Mary We later. Miss Elsie M!l!er.
Fountain lodje. I. 0.0. F. — Mrs. James Kiley,
James M. Kilty and M. M.ver. -
-St. Mary's refreshment booth — Mis* Josephine
Lyons, Mias Josephlna Clark,' M[«i Kathrya Bar
ry ..Mrs. M. A. Jones.» Mrs." A. D. Thompson,* M lrs
Alice Murphy. Mies Nell Eealy. Miss Nora Clark.
M i«s - lona ; K«ef*rdorf. ~ Miss May Dowlinx. Miss
Sarah D«srnan, Win Ellen Dinean and Mi« Mary
Sbe«han;-.:-.— '- '.-a', \u25a0"' • - ~— *\u25a0\u25a0---\u25a0 r- :
, Laiilcs' reH»t ' refreshment booth — Mrs. A. I*.
Cor*y, ;. Mrs. * Irrinf Burrell. . ' Mrs. M. - 8. \u25a0 Orrick,
Mtss Marian' Al«l,l»*in, -Mis» *Hfld* - McllTain,
Miss Edna- Ralph, Mis* Ida Grosmeier and Miss
VWlan Freeman.
Oakland club refreshment booth — G. J. Marst
ly, Mrs. M. la. Broadwell, Miss Bessie Broadwell
and Mrs. Fannie Gray.
' The of. the University of Cal
lfornla-will own the carnival and expo- ;
\u25a0ition tomorrow and a number of amus
ing features have been planned. The
students, garbed in fanciful costumes,
will assemble on tha college campus
early in the afternoon and will march
In a body to" Center street in Berkeley,
where: they. will board special cars for
the park. Arriving there the procession
will re-form and will proceed to the
"Gladway," where the burlesque carni
val "queen" of the students will be
crowned with due ceremony.
. One of the best features on the "Glad
way" is the circus of the Reliance Ath
letic club ot this city, which is In charge
lof EddU Smith and W. H. Lhereux.
polntment of " Ray, Coyle. _;th« young
son'of Dr. Robert Coyle and Mrs. Coyle,
as -professor of biology in the new
Westminster university. Coyle re
cently graduated from Princeton with
high 'honors.
Holidays at San Joae.
Commencing: September 16 Southern
Pacific will . sell Saturday to Monday
round trip tickets to San Jose at $7 50
to those wishing to enjoy the week end
holidays among the fruit orchards of
the Santa Clara valley. Tickets include
board and lodging at ; Hotel Vendorae.*
Santa Clara Valley Senda
Throngs to Carnival in
College Town
— »
PALO AI.TO.- S«pt. 27.— "With th*> «r
rival of the rnlddl^ forenoon trains peo
ple from outside points In.. the. -\u25a0 Santa
Clara vall*y bejan to gather in Palo
Alto: today for the opening of th«
autumn. festival, and the streets Qf th^
ordinarily quiet university town took
on a truly carnlvat appearance. Th
\u25a0 cry* of the barter vied with the no!.**
of brass bands and the laughter of th«»
throng -.-rivaled the fun making 'of the
end men. in the side shows.
The carnival started with an autt*.
mobile and vehicle parade' at 5 o'clock.
Lucas Green /was marshal. - H« was
follow^ by th«» Boys' Cad<ft band, dec- .
orated automobile, the Unlvarstty tj»an4'. !
and a lonar line of decorated .vehlele.H«
The "pfizs far the best decoratetl auto-,
mobile, $15. was won by S. Sterna Tti>
winner in the - decorated vehfeta- eia>s
was the rig of Dr. Margaret Evans.
The prize was $10." An obstacle race
for automobiles proved' exciting. Sack*
of < shavings were strewn so thickly
that only with expert driving could
they be. missed. Dr. C. C. Wilson of
Palo Alto Irs an Autocar runabout cans*
throuKh with a perfect score, as did
E."Slgnor'of the; Stanford paraara \n
a Ford ' runabout. Signor was two
minutes longer in coverlng-'the roure«»
than Dr. WJlson, . who won tha $10
'prize. t
At Stanford fi^ld the crowd Uned. th
fences and walks on hoth sides for *
block; patiently awaitlosr the Inflation
of the balloon Aurora and the corre
sponding: parachute .Irop. A half hour
passed, and all was about ready: when
a huge rent .appeared In one of th»
canvas lune* of the balrnon.- which was
quickly followed by another. Th»
crowd filed away to no Interested by
the efforts of the side show men ami
the brass -bands, which livened- things
along the avenue until the dinner. hour.
This evening there was a grand
illumination of the avenue and a pa
rade of the Stanford students. led by
their band, _which was th« largest of
the day In point of number?. . Circuses,
side shows/games of skill, concerts and
a dance alLholped. to. amuse. At tlw
rink on Bryant street counter attract
tlons called the more staidjmembers. Of
the throng. An address by" Mayor J.f)v
Parkinson, selections by the Stanfoc?!
Mandolin dub and a scarf drill by 10
Palo Alto~glrls under th» leadership ot
Miss Mary H«rdman wer» th* feat urea.
! Pony Drill for the Children Will Be
Special Feature of the En
PAN RAFAEL, Sept. 27.— The grap«
festival which will tak» place this
afternoon at the spacious grounds of
Mrs. A. E. Kent, at Kentfleld. will, it
is- anticipated, exceed in " attractions
anything: -heretof ore, given by the'di
1 rectors of . the- Presbyterian L orphanage,
among .whom are • Mrs. Ai .W. Foster,
'. Mrs^'P.' B. " B»own;'- Urs. A. E. - Kent
"Mrs. N. B. Rldeout. SlraT O. " A .' Thayec.
Mrs. L. C. McLaine, Mrs. J. C. Ford,
Mrs. S. A. Kelly. Mrs. John Dollar and
Mrs. Robert Dollar, -who is president
of the board of directors.
A great deal of interest ha 3 been
manifested among the children over
the announcement that prizes will be
'given by the management for the most
attractively decorated pony rig. and
some 50 or more of tha pretty » little
turnouts are entered.'
A pony drill will be participated in
by 30 little girls and boys who for sev
eral weeks have spent hours ' prac
« A number of the younger society
set, will preside over the various tables
and booths. The ground will be open
from 1 to 6 this afternoon. J
- OAKLAND, Sept. 27. — Diamond rings
valued at $200 and 14.50 in coin belong
ing to Mrs. R. P. Fowler of 1515 Central
avenue, Alameda, were stolen from
Bushnell's photograph gallery. 532
Fourteenth street this morninj and the.
theft of the rings and the cash Is puz
zling the police. .
The -attendants at th»; photograph
gallery suspect that a woman patron
might know something relative to tha
disappearanca of the rlns:» and cash.
ALAMEDA, Sept. 27. — Through the
explosion of a large oil reUning boiler
at the plant of the National Dryanthin
company on the north side of the tidal
canal near Fruitvale avenue this morn
ing at 4 o'clock the destruction of the
works by flame* was threatened for a

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