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The San Francisco
Sunday Call.
Sunday Magazine
Part I.
THERE will be a marriage before
long of two distinguished per
sonages of widely separated
islands in the vast Pacific ocean.
One of these personages is former
Queen Liliuokalanl of Hawaii and the
other is Paea Salman, prince of Tahiti.
A cablegram from Honolulu several
\u25a0weeks ago told the world of the re
ported engagement of the deposed ruler
of the Hawalians to the Tahitlan prince,
and the gentleman himself has been
one of San Francisco's visitors recent
ly, and indicated to those in close
touch -with him that xredding bells
would ring for him ere many more
moons had passed.
AX his Island home, far away in the
south seas, the prince. "• who has an
abundance of riches and who owns ex
tensive lands, is most popular. He is
known as a "good fellow'Vand prob
ably, the most casy-goiftg of all the
big chlefp-ins of the islandsJ- Accord-.
!ag to advices from Tahiti, little, ;lf
«.r.ythlng. Is known there of 'this affair
of the' heart of Prince Salman. In that
land of extreme quiet and utter dearth
of excitement, where . medicos \u25a0 would
starve waiting for patients suffering.
with "nerves," and where bulletin
boards and extra editions "of news
papers are unknown, quantities, news
travels slowly. Consequently, there will
be no signs of sorrow or unhappiness
. vv*
for some time among the TahJtian
maidens, any one of whom would have
been honored to have become the Prin
cess Salman, .over the fact that -the
prince went to a distant- land 'to seek
Down in. Tahiti they rail him Aril
Ta<?a Salman, •'Aril" being Tahilian' for
prince. And prince is not the only
title this gentleman is V«lC3sr-<". with.
There are many islands in the Society
group and each island has a title for:
him. "I have enough titles to fill a
big page," said the prince, indicating
the sire of the said page with a wide
sweep of his hand.
A Mountain of Flesh
Prince Salman is a remarkably large
man. lie stands six feet two inches
"in his stockings", and weighs 300
pounds, all ol which lie carries s?pl«*n
dSdly. He stands ere<;t as any soldier,
and, notwithstanding hits great bulk,
\u25a0 - Zt l \u25a0 '-• -*,'.-\u25a0 \u25a0
gets about as actively as a healthy
youth of IS.
When sern in his apartments at .a
hotel not far from Van Xess avenue
the prince was dressed in a blue serge
eack suit of good material and up to,
date cut. He wore a neat shirt with a
Flight indication of pink stripes running
through it, and a white cravat It was
remarked to him that he must have
some difficulty in' obtaining in cmer- '
Cenclcs, of course, sliirts to fit him.
-Tea," hf replied, ;*.'l wanted' shirts
right aCter I arrived here and a snirt
ja&kcr ti2ie no to the hotel with a
number of shirts, he liad in <stot.k.
Well, he had me Working lianlcr than I
have for years trying- to. fit tHose
ehlrts on me. There wasn't much lea
of them, . however, wlicn he got'
through," and the prince laughed
heartily over recollections of the In
The big Tahiti chieftain was suf
ferlMT from a cold. "It's the only un
pleasant thing I have encountered," he
eald, "since arriving." Then somewhat
In a. disgusted ' tone, . "I cough a great
' deal; but," h« continued, with great •
j optimism, "I guess I will be all right"
]«oen. M
j Prince ' BaJman'^ itpeaks * EneUsh r. flu- \u25a0
'«aUx aid \u25a0 c^ctUeatly.. : '\u25a0 Sii x cfcolcje oi
words'was surprising, and it all - w.ent
to indicate that he-had been carefully,
and thoroughly educated:" He uses a.
low tone,,. thus ' adding a charm to his;
conversation. HeUias. the appearance,
of a man of between 55 and 60 years
of age, and lie looks the. typical/south'
Sea Islander. There- Is not *a wrinkle'
in lii« face. and. he continually 7 brams
good nature. . San/ Franciscans, who :
know the prince and have iived in *hls I
native home,' saja he; is always 'even;
tempered and always kind to- high and i
' Npt ; the Public's Business
When asked : as to the truth of the'
report that : he would soon claim-.the*
former Hawaiian ' queen as a bride" a
broad, smile; enVeloped the "features of j
the prince— it, was- a, happy, smile, "a'nd'l
there .was love ; In '• his eyes, - too. 1- He'
hesitated" a ; moment* before replying,'^
and his mind seemed during f that; brief '•;
period to Ibe occupied *\u25a0; with' .=. pleasant ;
thoughts -of >'the .queen. . He 'toyed* with V
» : piece ?of i twins - «wd, .". almost \ baslw
/ully'said, "Notv,^rcalljii^l.doiVt. HkeJto'S
discuss the ;niattcr. w "lt is liot'fof mo to
say. Affairs^. of. the heart "are"; not . : for> :'\u25a0.
the public. '-Do ; you^think] so?' V .. i :
"But Uho ; queen has-been- solongfln ;
the;publ(c'eye,;and;the'rcportscoKcern-: '
'ingithc*'cngagenient*" have 'been .".spread:
, broadcast, throughout.- t!ic \ world, .'and .'
'liavc. interested 'the public in you. -It i« •
only.- natural 'that :the;: curiosity ; of all.,
'should- be aroused and" the' desire"' ere- \u25a0
• at'cd'3. to -'knoV? '".whether i, or . not these ;
statements are. to^be" credited." V . ;
•,-, Prince Salmanv.thoughtV a\ V| moment '
.' again, ' and; with/a* i rnerry.*Httle j ; twinkle ,(
.alone 'will; tell."'y"^';^ '^^'^t:
jH The ' pri hce'[ came* to^San > P*ranclscoToh" '
r the iOceanic fsteamshjpfcompany'fl t liher.-t
- jMariposa; > He * was % accompaniedH, by
"Henry '?R^jde^Wltt.t"a^B : eiglan;^who^has"V
• been t. In.' Tahitljf or|.lsj* years'^ and /who '?
ris: an . intimate) frietidJofJthVi blgATah'i^'i
i tlanl-'* ?"De i * Witt * is' ) "a. I good | companion c
'^and •* knowa \\ things, 1 ';? Is -i thoVway '?> the V
i*prjacef put l it '\u25a0 4Ucr j only.- a'^cek'^Tstaxf
;in ,: the asked r : ©•\u25a0'WSttv
,to vto i Tahiti Jfor"? «, : (numb»rsof I
; traveling ; accessorles r and ar tiolei ' of . ap< ';>
) parclM arid f -aiscTvf or) •omej" of Itht '• njttlv* ;
: perf ume!^|v *:_>/• i^.^ '^-. '/;/[ ,*.. X:/? .'I '\u25a0 ;v^
—\u25a0"You ,t, t sender your -companion : ; aji ;I; I the Y
/ way/, back Uo .^Tahiti ttofi tl}6's,e'^thlng:sl"r
\u25a0.•\u25a0" ( Why U 'couldn't V you^:' Jif 6hase v^"the*m^
•here?",'- i^)^:y : f;'^ -:.*trV;';'-. y: r^ v: '*"•' \u25a0\~-' : --'->
i? in ";tuirn^^askedrii'Bvrt ikwhy : V
\u25a0we ; spend"« more rmoney ?" v and the \u25a0 added, I,
Ivit" won't^itek^| (b'ng-v to? get i \u25a0what ?we|
i:r :y • ;.T', .. *• . • . -<; / ;i; i
: Has vTijne ,"to' Burn" >> ! ; '. ' ( ,'s
r :^.Tlme« Is jno/b^ng |to/a^ manj like] Paea}
H« wlllrb«:eontdnt^to^walt:for.!the ; artl- \u25a0'
clejn hi >. wants, '\u25a0> iand [Uhat^means^thlnkcl
of ilt^^t]lwt^2Btdays:f^r^Mr4de: ; "VVitt •
toTtn^6"it^«;Y6unditrlp.y.--"-.v i^lyh _'\u25a0;:'\u25a0 '-'\u25a0
7"/'l'Wayt,theyperfunie as mu^h as any- '
'thin^'eise/^saWjthe^prlncel'S'Trn never '
.without % it. • .' He re,*, take\u25a0k c\u25a0 a I whiff/'-' and \u25a0
the } prince": passed ; "over/a/small J bottle,* '.-•
frornt which,}the 'cork; being Tretnoved^a '
delightful fodor^femaliatedjV-V i ; .;^ V > v ;\u25a0
: '"This*; iH'thV- last : i bottle ; rlj have,'"? the;
: prince^ wentfonui^ "I /i had i.aj r dozen ..or •'
more^' and v all*,- have^ been >; given';' aivay. "
Tjieyiadlesy gb^ln^
NotWng!soJßweet'and*seductlvejas/thls "
scent Hhey'^ have 'it oundf jnj trils
The perf ume V- Is]i made f rom aY "flower _i'
'qultV xolnm'o^Tin^m^
: tljafdoubie i 'graHeaiat &i& ila '( cile<l 'ivoi'i
, Hara' or.Tahltl, :which^meansUhß;flpwer^
;-\u25a0;•;;'-'."\u25a0'• '\u25a0 \u25a0••'\u25a0[ '\u25a0'''\u25a0•'< ; --V; 1 ' '* *"*-;' v"'
jl^ Here; the prlnceJwasisHent.fbranhn-;.;
i stant. "' He, seemed to be thinkiqg .again .,
•ofvthe^bride^elect^'altinßr* v f6f.lhiia7in*|
the i shadeX of. the i'sheltefing ; palms *of j
'.ttie'paradlse^of the Pacific.'} Continuing,
\u25a0 he" said': ;"lf' hope .' to ihavc; this; perfume' .
into the ' United ?States^'*l
" aniicertain-it-will become .very;: popular.
among "the Uadies'."/
'cij- "The* ;la*disk' '-^-slowly .and ;'^ softly ,
- spoken."' '.The prince uuquestionablyf has ',
very high • regard , 'for -the. gentler
'sex.- * Here: he vouchsafed" the ; opinion'
f that I s the : ]San ; 'Francisco*:-; women .were .
'the; most* attractive]. he ,'had/ever" seen?
: "Their "faces /are - beautiful, and '- they
r have ff m uch ', beau t y; o t . f o rm. ' '' And" t h eir;
coior^'superb! /" -Lake ''the" beautiful
' roses! '•Really," I haye^keptrnyseirbusy,
* admiring ! £hes beautiful •.\u25a0women . of ''"your
-fntere'sling.city/ . JT; " ;" \ ' : . '' .
-Stowingi ? Away;^Our. -Fruits ;; : 4
V V- ; l*wantt to ', tell I you ; of , another--; way ,-
' I ; h\ve ;.beenVoccupled,'*and that is with ;
[something/ eiie^beautiful, jj too.* ; : Tour,;
i Sjini [ttuits. r*Ah,\l \ t e£i jyjltv « ' o a,, tjltial f
- Stt.\ z Polntlns >to a box , about " 13x13
' inches % long , arid ; S : Inches ; deep, "rvith
*DeiWitt*l"havY bean .'eating a box, lik9
ithat"flJled^Vlth frwits every, day. , Such
v grapes, "apples, pears I . 'As 'soon as I
morning I proceed to my
* box* of^ fruit;'; I have no 'desire for
- breakfast,' nor for ; luncheon. Only th«
cult.7 ' I some, "talk a * -walk, ' and .
.'come.back.'for. more, and so it goes.
\u25a0jNo' 'breakfast, , no luncheon, only , fruit.
,, CC I 'take t only' the; ons meal •.day^-dia
r^ner.-/.'.;..•*. 'r'%
Aril \u25a0 Paea Salman said he had j mad»
numerous' journeys about the city In
. an automobile and^that'he'hugaly^en
t joyed I that 'method ;, of transportation.
i •.'Especially 'thejblghrate of speed," ho
\add*ed h^nthusiastically.\ "It reminds me
of the sensation of -surf : riding at .home.
-'There 1 are 'only ; .tw*o^'"automobiles V In
; Tahiti. , but; I never had the .pleasure, of *
In. them. My 'first experience has
been - here.t arid ; I { must say \ that I like
Tit/; Undoubtedly {the, prince^ will ihave ;
his own automobile when ha goes back
* toj his I Island f home/ t and .;ti;ere i Is ;ii© '."
; question .that • it twUl t be a":fp4»djj • aaV
V-r -.\u25a0'.:: ?§Yi ' U-^%

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