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Costlnctd From 1, Column 5
save Ti!r car, or with the .fear of his
own inexperience strong upon him. he.
pent the car ahead >at full speed pvhen 3
he wished to reverse its power. '
Despite all thecH-les.of the United j
Ray^nads offloials .51s to the cause of
the- accident, the result remains in the
body of young Budrow and the wounds
of the injured policemen. None of Uie
papprngrers 'was hurt. ' ;: - ; J:
• This, wagon was driven by JanieS.^.c^,
• Cornstock and belonged to. the central]
station. It had boen pressed Into.servjq
Jcj» to ass Jet in the transfer of ."-26 [
prisoners from the Bush street station)
to'the city Jail and carried half of them,
besides .the two officers in charge, and
the driver.
The- policemen, as well as the prison
. *?rs who figured in the tragedy, blame
Motorman Albert Cummings for the ac- i
cldent, and the latter was arrested -joi»~
, a charge of manslaughter. The «CP3:
ports submitted by both the injured.:
\u25a0patrolmen, which were corroborated by
the statements of , the prisoners, say
that .the car bell was not rung an<£
that the motormanf instead of trying to;
stop his cari increased its speed after/
he Jiad seen that a' collision was inrf
rvitable. The forward end of the j
streetcar was badly, splintered by the j
impact. l ' - l
Driver Oomstock was thrown f rora w
his -seat- under the canvas covering "of"
\u25a0 the .upturned wagron, but was prac
ticaily uninjured. Both horses wer?'
knocked do.wn. but before they could
rise- they were seized by bystanders
who -witnessed the- accident. The ani
mals were slightly scratched.
Th<? raid in which the men were ar
rested took place at 3 a. ra., the police
men swooping: dov/n on a back room of
the Ross hotel. 520 Hayes street, in
which a poker game was in progress,
and placing every one in the room un
<ser arrest. After bejng marched to the
Bush street station, where they were
booked, the prisoners were being trans r
ferred 'when the accident occurred at
s:ls' a. ra. The policemen had the
names and addresses of the five* men
who ran away during the confusion
end an attempt was made to rearrest
them yesterday. Only two, however,
were located.
Many Incipient Riots .
Quelled During Night
;• That the withdrawal of the boycott
against the cars of the United Rail
roads drd not settle the car strike was
demonstrated Saturday night and yes
..tcrday morning, when incipient riots,
• some of them almost serious, created
disturbances in every part of the city.
A score of arrests, all but seven of
them for misdemeanor offenses, were
made during the night and -one man
was .sent to the hospital with a- broken
• nose; received in a fight on the plat
form of a streetcar.
\ • The most serious disturbance oc- i
' currefl at Church and Market streets
and bef6re it was quelled several shots
had been fired by members of the car
crew and a riot call had brought out
a sqijad of mounted police from the
r Mission station. The trouble began
\u25a0when William Jones, conductor on a
> Fillmore and Sixteenth street car.
. struck- a passenger in an argument
•over, a fare. A mob seized the conduc
.tor and would • have killed him had
• not the motorman and two .other
i United Railway employes come to Ms
\u25a0 In the fight Jones* nose was broken,
half the windows in the car were
smashed and *four sshots •were fired
the car. Many among a large
. number of women passengers were
-' carried fainting from the car to finish
' their journey on foot. Policeman N.
Barroh was attracted to the scene by
the shots and after clearing the car
h»» ordfred the crew to run It out of
."the .'way. Edward 'P. Armstrong.
\u25a0•'Charles ' Trcgan 1 and' Samuel Ho«J
. Xfnited Railway employes, were arrest
ed and charged \u25a0with carrying con
cealed" weapons. John Spear, a
'plumber, was arrested at the same
.' time: for disturbing, the peace.
Another disturbance alrbost as seri
\u25a0^.ous^ took place at Twenty-fourth and
Valencia streets,' when a gang of men
'on the' 2 o'clock Valencia "owl" at
\u25a0i tacked. the conductor for insisting on
';tfollectin*?. a, fare from a passenger
\u25a0k who" declared he had already paid.
Guns were drawn by the car crew.
•Ro:ne 'one pulled the trolley off the
\u25a0.\u25a0wire and in the darkness several bricks
r ,verc thrown through the windows.
vJfO ffcot were fired, however, and no
\u25a0/one jwas injured. The police made no
- -*rrests.
Eight men \u25a0were arrested in San
.'.Bruno avenu* near the Five Mile house
Vfsterday morning for inciting a riot.
: /All eight were employes of the United
-Railroads and had left the barns in
{ Ean Bruno road to avenge an assault
'on' a car which was derailed near the
'Five Mile house Saturday, killing
•James Smith, a passenger.
.. The car had been attacked, it was al
leged, by a gang of men working near
the scene of the accident and the eight
\u25a0men were proceeding in that direction
they were met by Policemen
=lEwir.g,I Ewir.g, French and Malloney. All of
""them -were searched by the officers, and
\ stwo of them were found to have re
volvers. At the city prison they gave
\ their names as Gus Frapes, James
. TElcno, Myer Monroe, Harry ' Green,
I 'James Martin, William Miller.' Louis C.
I Delaplaln and Charles H>lnshaw.
. . Other arrests for minor disturbance*
Vere naade during the night. Hardly
V car line in the city but had' the wli}
. flows of some on* of Its cars broken. "r^Vs
fc 'c result many cars' were run. yesterday
S wicdowless and- some of them ,w.ere
v^cept in the barns all day to the in
convenience of patrons who w/>re^
forced to crowd Into the few cars Itja^
•were in use. «•"
Cable Breaks and Car Dashes - :
f Down Hill to Injure Women
r As if the cars of the United RailroadjsJ
had not done enough deadly work for
one day, another accident which al
most eclipsed all previous ones -Was
added to the list late last : night. An
jsccid^nt on the most dangrerous part of,
the streetcar lines in the city, the
more hill on North beach, resulted, in
Serious injury, to two-women. Half
yv&y up th<! hill the cable with which
kn'upgoing car is pulled by one going
<Jo"wn snapped and car Ko. 753, with
three passengprs and its. crew, started
vlth terrific speed toward the. foot of
the hill. ££*§& . " ;*
i Brakes* were applied and leA'ers >FOre
reversed in vain. At Filbert street the
car left the tracks and plowed through
the' strret, across the sidewalk and Into'
an •embankment, where it was over
turned and its women passengers"-ln
iured. They were • Mrs. .- Daniel Gavin
of 30 North Seventeenth street andMri
il. .Roether of 554 Hayes street.' Thr
third passenger, a man, escaped unin
jured and the crew jumped as, tbe^car
started on its mad dash. '
» Boththe injured women were taken
to the Sd Francis. hospital In aserlou?!,
condition. Although both . were badly
Hurt, it is thought that neither will
die." \u25a0 . : . '.
, The car on th* Atber end pt the cable
was nearer the bottom of the incline
and, did not gain sufficient, headway. to
i-un off" the -tracks. .When.it. came \to
lievel ground>it \u25a0was .stopped.*-.; The -lat-;
ter car' carried a.f ull lead .of,; passen
srers, and had .the position of the » care
Louis James as Falstaff Makes "The Merry
Wives of Windsor" a Cheery Entertainment
By James Crawford
* To Louis James, actor, . greeting:
If you must stick to Shakespeare,
away forever with his somber char
acters.- Let the shelving of your Bru
tus and your Othello be permanent.
Play Falstaff and the Dromios until
your public wearies of their. repetition.
Then try Malvolio — how I would like
to see you in the role — -or any of the
other masculine "leads" that the Avon
Bard conceived with intent to amuse.
There arc enough of them to enable
you to present a different one each
season until your hour haSj been
' 4 -'• • •
It was Mr. James 1 acting of Sir John
Falstaff in "The Merry Wives . of
Windsor" last evening at the . Novelty
theater that inspired the foregoing
preachment. So ludicrous was his wad
dle and so unctuous his humor that I
deplored his tardiness in finding his
forte and utilizing it. With such a
wealth of comedy in reserve, why on
oarth did he cling so long to tragedy-r
especlally as the ever dwindling size
of his .audiences showed that the peo
ple-of the United States were gradually
preferring laughter to tears?
Instinctively the man" Is a comedian.'
From his heaviest Shakespearean por
trayals came- occasional glints of an
innate sense of fun that a stately de
portment and dignified .diction could
not utterly conceal. So no such aids
as an exaggerated embonpoint,', a vio
lent rubicundity of countenance and an
elephantine gait were essential to his
fun mak'ing as the copulent Lothario.
Helooked llkea- lemon upheld by two
toothpicks, but his droll reading and
little involuntary byplays— his intelli
gent grasp of the character's psychol
ogy — alone sufficed to make . his ,Sir
John an irresistible appeal to the
Yet his fat knight was not the slouch
ily attired, rampaging old swashbuck
ler depicted in the Shakespearean
prints. Instead, he was nattily cos
tumed, as befitted his apparent belief
that he was a lady killer, and his
speeches were delivered with appropri
ately fatuous softness when he was ad
dressing the sex with* no less appropri
ate roughness when he bullied his tat
tered followers. He was a new as well
as an interesting Sir John.
Liberties taken with the original
text did not depreciate the comedy's
worth in the estimate of latter day
playgoers, liowever much It may have
Jarred the sensibilities of the Shakes
pearean cult. We were edifled rather
than afflicted by a liberal cutting, of
the; superfluous dialogue/the elimina
tion of considerable unnecessary sub
plot and the adoption of a ; Falstaff ian
speech' from "Henry IV," that famous
dissertation on honor:
"What is honor? A word. What is
that '.word? Honor. What .Is that
•honor? Air. A trim reckoning, who
"fcath it?' He" that' died o' Wednesday?
pothf.he feel it ?« No. Dotb.he hear it?
*Xb*.V Is it insensible, then? Tes, to
the dead. But will It not live with tlio
liVing?- No/.'* Why? : ' Detraction will
; nofsuffer It. Therefore, I'll none of It.
Honor is a mere scutcheon— and . so
ends my catechism." .
XluaTeed/ thejplay . could stand further
revision without impairment of : its
eomcdv chaxfn. More of the,; explana
tory dialogue In the first, act might
safely be dispensed with; especially, in
"the" "scene between Slender. and Mistress
Page, which is oldfasuloned humor; at
best. As at least seven-eighths of the
be"mv feverjed. in' appaling' death list
Would have resulted. :
Exeurslon to Montere'r — $2.00
Sunday. 1 October 6,, Southern. Paciflc
will run limited excursion to Monterey;
round trip $2.00. Special train will leave
Third and- Townsend 7:30. a. m., stop
ping at-Valencla St.; -returning, leave
Monterey. 4:30 p. m. Special train from
Oakland wllj.leave First and .Broadway
7:35 \u25a0 a.*7 mi;" returning, leave Monterey
Z :00 p. ;n». , ; ,;. :.„,.,.-• .\u25a0.-..,,., . " S Tc\-
C'.While "rldinjr:"bh^the wrong^slde of an
outbound Mission street car, last night
Thomas 1 KelTy/ a laborer, was struck
by a passing: car and • a pos :
rible fracture"; of • the\ skulL ; He wai
removed .to tjie central emergency hos
pital for .treatment. : . ,
' In fa. "collision between a . streetcar
and a buggy at McAllister, and Laguno
streets . jiesterday William Taylor y, of
All; Fell ; street was ; seriously hprt J.
his brother Samuel.; ?aged., ls, - ; .was
slightly' injured. The brothers were
riding in the ' buggy when : the /. car
crashed* Into, them and both^ were
thrown out to the street. .The:, older
Taylor -was taken 'to hisv-hoine In an
the : s^y M^^ciscqf^
American public seem to' seek' amuse-J
ment as well as -instruction' In the
theater, and as Shakespeare In the
original cannot' strictly be; adhered to
any^ray, pruning and patching, of ."The
Merry Wives" by Mr. James would be,
both legitimate and profitable.
Of \u25a0-' the people supporting the star
nothing but nice' things: can' conscien
tiously be said. Aphle James as ' Mrs.
Ford and Ida "Werner as Mrs.* Pape.
are fully, equal to' the requirements "of
their, respective characters, .and Eu-.
genla • "Webb - plays -Mistress' Quickly'
better _than I ever saw it 'played bef
fore. .Her dramatic ability "is Im
measurably aided by a pretty face, an-1
a, melodious voice '.and. in every ? scene
her. 1 work is : reflective" of earnestness'
and adaptability. ;..'. \u0084 . -~
That fine old actor, Frederick Paulr
ding, makes* very -much ''of the role ; of.
Jealous Mr. Ford, because it; fits well
his voice, figure and acting method. J.
Arthur Young as Pistol and William
Chrystle Miller as Justice Shallow-are
capable. '. >"\u25a0
\u25a0Old English -music between acts and
incidental to- the -play is: helpful in
maintaining the atmosphere.
. _.. ._ . -cqtoxiAfTHTEATER " "
The Colonial theater was ; reopened
yesterday afternoon* ; with- the- i appear-,
anceof Richard & Pringle's; real darky
minstrels. A good, sizedr.a-udlence
greeted the dusky entertainers; and
'was quickly put into' good liuhior by
the many r gags and the Jovlalty of th«
end men. Some of the gags were not
new, but if you did not meet-old
friends at a minstrel show you would
be disappointed. Clarence.. P,owell. as
principal "comedian, upheld -his -repu
tation and gave ample 'demonstration
to the' audience that his month was
large enough to hold a watermelon,
end on, at least. .S \ \u25a0
Good ballet singing was done by. Dan
Fraser and ottiers. .One man /with -a
singing voice like ; v a loose sto^in ?a
pipe organ sang "Asleep in : the freep."
He "bewared", and. "take cared"'- the
sailors" .'lives,- until the only- two'jackies
In the audience 1 beat* a has tyj retreat.
Clarence \ Powell aired . himself; of a
topical ; song' entitled .V'Never." :lt "-.took
a grip on ithc" audience, -probably, be
cause It attempted .';;foi-throw, light on
the streetcar/ /situation, 'something
which only a. minstrel would, try.--, v
MItAX \u25a0COJn'A.VY'S LAST \VEfejC
"Cavalleria" -'/aniJi^Pasllaccl" were
sung yesterday, 5 affc?r noon .to a, big as
semblage in ther.cSute^itheatpr by the
same casts -fha*Li "made , the .^.po.pula'r
operas such charmirig' treats ;last Tues
day evening-. "Vado
vani as Violettarvwas; repeated-; last
evening/ and; the /large :a}idle"nc^ jwas
unstinted in,;expresslon' -of "Aia .admira
tlori of the diva' and" 1 her stage asso
ciates. \u25a0\u25a0"•"\u25a0- '\u25a0 \u25a0 '' y :- : ''"•"-.': ~" \u25a0•;\u25a0\u25a0'\u25a0"• : '.
? Ther« will h*- no'.nerformanco this
evening.; \u25a0"Alignon"\ is, announceji; for
tomorrow, and nights 'and the
Sunday . matinee, 1 ' with \u25a0•Padovaril/ Ber^
tozzi, Parola 'and Wulmah s ln ; the \u25a0 cast.
For. .Thursday*, J. night arid? tlie^Satur
day matinee an, elaborate' productjori'o*!
"Faust" is promised," with Fcrrabini, I
Parola, Pimazzonl and Lombardl" under- |
lined." >-"Trovatore" : will-. bo j
Wednesday, night, .the. double !bill|Sat- I
urdar /night/ {arid- foritho'.fafewelljper- j
formance.Sun^ay night a progrfrn'em- j
bracing!, bits of ; the , most 1 successful I
operas, of the,, season and '^introducing '<
all I th e X big singers is in course of pre- ;
paratloh:/^:r'?,.yv,*j i;/ \u25a0 '':'';[i^ : T . r,;:; .:
ailtomobileV and /placed ' under, the^ care
of ]'\u25a0 a physician; who; pronounced^ '.'him'
hurt; internally. 'The;buggy;,,was de
molished .\u25a0 •': ana • ,; the':: horse ? killed)' out-;
right. : Motorman /.Fred , Gontosa ; -was
arrested, :charged d .wlth,batterj'. ' " :." .
. Arthur*^ Dunri,*/a '\u25a0' clerk ; r livlng7 at - 610
Bush ; street, Hiram j 'Bell! ofj Sickle
avenue and :' Mission '<\u25a0 '-'streeti. wej-etj-liurt
when" an Mission .^car crushed
Into i , the;- rear Lend .of.' a -truck' ats? Six-;'
teerith* and' f Mission 7 ; streets vlastf night;
Both men •: wer« i ridiri g : oh-.ttiefstejy and
were -dashedt-tOithe^ ground.": ,15 uun«had
his scalp' la'd. open \u25a0\u25a0 two>lnchesraboye
his right lear \u25a0 'an'dj was ;f otherwise^cut
and -brulsod.. . pellVfius^lned^a^dlslo
cated hip. . . .•"'",*..
Joseph Fry, a conductor [on;: the'Uoop
line,-, died ' at', the. * St.V: Fraricis"s hospital
last , nigh<t ifrom '{injuries' • receiyedvin ia'
streetc.ar. ;t accldent. i -;.'.On \u25a0 the? evening: ;:'of
"26• \u25a0\u25a0 I^ry' -i SVas P pvi tti ng:/: the
t f oiley )}q n .: tn e > 6 V erhelid [ w'i re h when \an -
other;;caTi'smasb©d';;irttoi ; .hJsCcar^ahd
pinioned j, him | ibetweentithel'.iwo.'B: His
legS;Werercru4he,d*sb|badlyj;t i hat!lt J '.w'as
necessary,Ho*arnputated*them,'* from t the
shock" of which' ho diedr"-v^ •;*„:•:•:'-: *
segretaroart: calls
Continued From PngcJ, Column 7
of>the:;Methodistr church: In ' "Japan;
i caned. ? VllQ;'ajid,Taft*dlsoußßed the. work
! aad statvs.-of ;the<Anierlcan .mission* In
• Korea. .' '\u25a0 '.I -'.- •\u25a0' '
; of;S«*cretary Taft'f audience
with .the, emperor" has beon changed to
iV/ednesday, because that date Is more \u25a0
\u25a0convenient for:thr> cmp?rpr - f
; Taftl will dol!v>rr his only "public ad-, j
dress whlN'vat the bnnquwt In hl» honbrj
to bo giyen tomorrow, niß«t Jointly hy
I the, Tokyo 'rn"ii"niclpaHty nnil thft chnnlf.
her of ; , commerce. In this addroxs he
] p?ans w tojdisou9H ' frankly^ the relation*
between thp uvq no'iintrles. '. . ; , \u25a0• ' ; - '\u25a0\u25a0 ,- . r.
.; Speaking Uo a: Call correspondent to
day Taft; said he regarded tulk of Vvnr
as a; crtme. " H*> interidod frankly *n<l
bluntly-to Bay" so to organizations en
tertaining'him. •\u0084 \u25a0'•* \'lsj|!p|P£
"-.•'•\u25a0Secretary r "Taft 'has accepted ian invi
tation /, to. dine : with- and >nddre«s the
Americans^of ShangKai. :. It is expected
he e will; outline. -there the attitude of,th«
United "States -'toward current Chinese
<iuestions.;:- ;* <: :\u25a0'; "*•.•\u25a0\u25a0'•\u25a0•'.'\u25a0 ':\u25a0''', \u25a0 ' '" ; ''\u25a0'."\u25a0"':\u25a0\u25a0':\u25a0 "'". \u25a0\u25a0
liyiPrelimln'ary ;to ; these /days of ; social
and; diplomatic, activity .Taft \u25a0 and ; , his
party : spent Ta'gulet Sunday resting- in
> the-;p v alaVe \ of ; Shlba.'an > anclent^and
.picturesque' rosldflnco belonging to" the
:,imperi/tl:;farhily. "i Numerous Japanese
-dignitaries, androfflclols called upon the
eecretary.^.severalf" being 'accompanied
by Jthdf^wivesr^'X : • :!; '-.--.' : \"y-th
\u25a0*- iYoung, Charlie Taft organized abase
ball : r game on the famous lawn of the
castle f.with^ several; Japanese' youths.
It ;\vas i Intended 'to playtoday i but his
father-objected and caused a postpone
ment until - tomorrow. . ' '
The -Citlem Across the liny
; Sun Vet: Magazine 'for, October con
tains a sixteeh^page article on; '-'Oak
land Vv and - Roundabout," 'beautifully
illustrated >In two colors. Send it to
your. eastern friends..; • •• \u25a0 -•
Contlnaed from Page - 1, Column 1 1
lVsched up"iii ther^ with that. bunch of
cattle?" "\u25a0.," '-'. \u25a0
"That's what you are," said the ser
ffeant., 11 ','You are not any" better,. than
the rest of them. 1 ; .... '•'.
About 4 o'clock Sunday morning, £asey
was bailed oiit by Att6rneys j Qrifflth
and tV'hi te of; the .^United Rail roads.; He
then went to'the~emergen.cy hospital to
have his 'wounds- treated. r At the hos
pital ''-he -presented a", Horry " looking
sight.'^ His face and" the front of his
clothing- : yi*ere covered .with "blood,: bla
clothing f w-as{ disheyeled and' torn, there
"was a^ deep : gash [ over his' left^eye, an
other:'cut on his lip and his^ nose was
swqllenVand bruised. AH these .injuries
were*' received' during: the fight he had
with Case in" front of the' police station.
• He told "a wild tale to the hospital
surgebns about "being held- up by a
womahand a male* companion who had
assaulted and .tried' \o rob hini. l . ; He
said that 'the man"' struck him several
times' ' With a bludgeon and that the
woman fired' three shots at him when
he' resisted. .Upon being treated by
'the physicians he left the hospital and
nothings was seen o£ him by, Case until
yesterday; afternoon at about 2 o'clock.
"Case ';says..\thatl shortly after .\u25a0\u25a0 1:SO
yesterday afternopn he received a tele
• ptiorie^ call; ; purporting jtO;_- have come
,f com Xhe ,Gasjn.o i withs directions L to %go
*t6*.~tJ>at- plac,e. % fpr.a. -partyiWho .wished I
a ride!r* s He';dr^ye'to the .Casino in"; his
macliine..''^ust*as he' stopped. the mot6r
.gar .in 'the . autompbilQ shed ' and - was
descending. *t9 the. ground.. he was i con :
'fronted, \u25a0 he ' cay's, : ' by VCase'y: .and four
'other jn'en. It was at that . time that
the ;C sensatipn,al ; fighting ... began-, in
which revolvers and blackjacks figured
prominently. \u25a0 ;J ';'. \u25a0'
.-•"Case 'saya that one of the, men struck
him 'on v the" head : with a ; club, that
another drew a revolver and . began
.emptying lead at him and that things
were made very,* warm"- for him. ; Case
then \u25a0: drew jii s) revolver" and \u25a0 began to
da'' a '.little cannonading :'. on "' his • own
account. 7 When. the assailing :party. of
five," led by Caeeyi . saw that 'their in
tended', yictim ; was. .armed and showed
a : disposition.] to "shoot "they becami
frightened: and beat;; a, hasty , retreat
toward, a* big touring car into '\u25a0 which
they Jumped and made their escape. :
A park, station policeman heard the
shooting -;and arrived .; a : minute or so
after' Case's .assailants j hadj left in the
machlrie..'. Beyona 'aifew; bruises Case
was not injured. .Case told; the police
man' that he believed; Casey "Intended
to'kili him out of: revenge ;f or. the '.beat
ing he -gaye- him jinl front of ' the police
station Pearlier in the day." 7 " .
;Both Casey and- Case were taken into
custody-, and "-.locked, up in the city,
prison on. charges of Dassault with in
tent," to -kill. ;\u25a0 Case. ; was later^.released
on 'bail.'lbut at ablate hour >la»t : night
Casey, j had been-; unable .to 'secure his
freedom. >; The: police ;are\ searchingf for
the pother. : four participants : In : the'flght
and ; have warrants ;f ori their, arrest. C • :
«v- ICAN ? CENTLEMAN-S';,WHISKEY ' \u25a0 g
! Sr^^iiC* OVER so^-EARS OF 7 *'', ' "'t J
IMi'r " "POPULAR' PA VOR • *
j| •//.;.;--.':' -Ij
ig- ' :: .-\u25a0: \u25a0; :^:'^-} :;-;::\u25a0 . ;g
[X '• Charibs M t Rrrj*Qi-DS Comfant, • \u25a0 ja;|
tf Ajfnti for Californii «nd NrrtHa, \u25a0 G-
S n 9'''-9t4 Foltoa St.San Fr»Dcj»co, Cal. ' .-.. Ci
II 1 * a . \u25a0 \u25a0\u0084,'. '' ' \u25a0- • ,:\u25a0\u25a0\u25a0' 2 1
Where the -American SReal Estate Company sold 74 1
lots :Siinday, c Septembe;r 29, 1907.
I^l^K^ftejmS;- -are .^rigKt^aijci because the Southern
Pacific of the Bay Shore
Gutoffi" ' ||^ :' _. ";*:\u25a0\u25a0;' ' . '
Be oiirl g^e|itfnext Sunday.
T of the lots won't last long. • ,
$125 arici iipr-stO down and $1 a week. No interest.
: on the Peninsula.
GQrrie; t6 oiir <df fice today. Make your plans for next
Sun^a^ the greatest success of the
year.- Yesterday we made the record— 74l lots.
~~ ' - COUPON
£°§L I yf &^L^mC B^^ 1 t8 fill is, cut njL'T and mjlil this osder
..\u25a0>,-\u25a0..;..... - ' . " t -^ - \u25a0 . - ' BIaAmNIC TODAY
• ' '"'" : ' '--. "m'ljML '' m. -r» ' <TBCik jsi jlx A MSA&Gk. 5ept...... 1307.'
: '^m''H - Ba. %L^B^ i^k '7 M 7' BIT American Real Estate Company.'
fi%^f^&Ea/ &!gf%j} & Jt*Sk A SsV 836 Market Street. San. Francisco. Cal.
\: " " . Send me photographs, maps and circular
•..\im. \u25a0'jajJ « ««« A -p. m^» m and full particulars of DUMBARTON, where
S^^«^^iO M^k 741 lot 3 Were 80ld Sunday « September 20. 1307.
636 Market St. l c » 8 - a p dres3 — -^ ••
I Telephone Users i
II AtSentSbn *"",;,';' |
I The City Department/ 1
I including tlie Collection 1
I and Contract "Depart- |
irments of tlie Pacific I
I Telephone • an^ Tele- |
I graph ' Company, have 1
I been -moved from ?the 1
1 fourth floor .of *the |
I i'Shreye Building to the 1
I fourth floor of the Com- 111 1
I pany's Exchange, Buil- | !
jif ing at 445 Bush street; 1
: ;; -; : ";TEA. \'\ ;-.; ;
'Every pound Schilling [s|
Best; is a free: sample ii
you don 't like it.
."** \u25a0\u25a0 ' ff«. : - \u25a0•' .' . * " -- .•'.'\u25a0".'\u25a0' , \u25a0 "
f '\u25a0 :-•• Your grocer, returns' your 'money if you
,don'|t like; lt; we pay bim. - \u25a0 -
\-:->>;:^v/ :\u25a0•"-.:"\u25a0 ."' ; \u25a0 -/\u25a0.;---\u25a0 .•.•\u25a0\u25a0- \u25a0• . \u25a0,-•;\u25a0 . i
; ' "Before I began tisin s CMcarets. T hsd a bad com- I
plexion. pimples on my face, *nd my food was cot |
cigpsted as it should have been, howl »m entirely
Tt-ell, and the plraples have all disappeared t rota my •
fnca. -I can tnithfolly tny tn»t Cftsenrets aro Jn*t
as adTtrtlaed; I hnvo takrnonlrtwo boxes of them."
:,..-" ( . ..,, Olareneo R. Grilliu, Sueridaa. lad. •
f The Dowels \u25a0 : \u25a0 \u25a0
CANOV CATHARTIC /';** 1 .^^gg^.
' Pleasant, 1 Pulytablo, Potent, Taite Onod. Do Good,
'Herat fitciten, Weaken or Qrtp«. 10c, So, 50c. Kercr -
•old in bulk. Th« genuin.4 tablet at«mped C 0 0.
Guaranteed to cure or your money back - : <
'" StetHhg Rem edy Co.t Chica«o or N.Y.\ 600
:(Orginitefl' 1003> %
TipHOMOTION:: .'.The act of promotingr ad-
vancement; : ENCOURAGEMENT.— Century Dic-
tionary.; 1
;\..Th«'. California - rroraotlon : commlttes' has , fcr
Its -, object % tbe : PJtOMOTIXQ of CaUfprnia', n» ,"a
""K-hole. ''.l;.':'-:.--:-'-'.;'. 'V>.V'-- -• ' -;":.-" " ; - : ' \u25a0 \u25a0 '.' - ' *..
!-AltMiat nntntng r :;to:sell.*. T-"- ' • ;-•- -.'\u25a0*\u25a0 '\u25a0 ' .-'-.-. -, :
•:, Its energies are devoted ; to. fostering »1! .things
-that naTe the-ADVANCEMEXT of California ,a«
.their, i object. 'w. ; •'.\u25a0"".•"'-\u25a0 nl .v'.: : -' \. \u25a0\u25a0\u25a0•'
*•;'• If* Si*? \u25a0 '.reliable - information on eT*ry mbjoct
«*otinf>cted-wlth*tu<>4afl<H'trle!« of Calif ornta: ;. v
z\iii Rives i ENCfIU RAQEMENT to 1 the ; wtabllsh-
ine-i^t -<new /icdustrit-s anrt In.Tltea .dejir.ible
immiitratlon.v'JiS--;'/: ". t -."- '"-., .' . . ->-\u25a0\u25a0' i, '-
;-«It - is-npt: an i employment agency.' altbouph It
jives' laforvnation ; wgaf dlnx ' labor. cond!tton«. y '- .-
f-'lt" nresentsi the 'opnortvultl*'ii : and needs in »I 1
tfeldß.of business' and- prof eB»ionai;actlflty.-.. •\u25a0 .'
' O The v commit tee - is \ supported ~ by i popi'ar X pnb-
BCriptlon :and mat«a ; no ;ch*rge for * any .; Mrrlce
renijered. ' i . *>--\u0084 >*.?r" C^i'u-. -!'•". \u25a0 , '.V.>" : ' \u25a0 \u25a0\u25a0
V Affiliated iwlth > the ' commltten : are -100. Rom-
DicjolaroTganizatlnnii of .'the ; state,": with: a' mem-
bershlp' of i oxer] 2o.ooo/'. ".\u25a0--..-\u25a0- :A" "\u25a0 . r" .
- ; ; -Meetings ? are ? held s nemiannually ; in - dLff eretrt
part»-of4Callfornta.'iWber»' matters j of; state in-
terest' are? dlscnsscd;;/ ;; : ...'\u25a0;
.» Heßdquarters f of the committee are maintained
in San .Francisco In California building,- Union
• Mqr Doii
n^^^^^^S :"^ 9 note^ Doctor
if ; |l^^^^^'!j Chinese Empire
766-76o°'a3y ISirwt1 Sirwt
&B3»ii^l^^ Su FraacUco
With ' knowledge . Inherited through ; mtsq '
generations, cores all ailments that tha hu-
man system \ Is subject to, by ' taesas of
Teas and csreroUr selected Herb*. Con-
saltation dally.'
L- Manuf acturlnp Jeweler." 1711 Broderiek . I
st. bft.'Bnsh and Pine.' \u25a0' Tel. : West 6784. M
I ' t • - -^
A representative list of first class Hotels where patrons are. assured \
of courteous* treatment and the best accommodations. Streetcars . pass 'i
each one of the Hotels mentioned day and night. Buses meet all "trains. ;
No, difficulty will be met with in reaching any of these Hotels, no. matter j
what time train arrives. Rooms can be reserved either by telegraph or letter i
\u25a0\u25a0\u25a0 \u25a0 , Cor. Sntter and Goush Stu. .
'\u25a0American -and -European plaa. GU3T.VV
MANN, Manager. .
Suiter St. Cor.' Goushi
'- Rates— European. 31.30 and np; American plan.
$3.50 and up. -^ CHAS. H. MADISO.V, Hit.
/ StdcfctonVSt. ' Abore Sntter
European Plan. $1.50 a day up; American plan,
Is 3 a dayup.'r HOWARD T. BLETHEN; ll»r.
Cor.* 4th and Howard - St*.
Kates 75c. $1.00. 51.30; wltn bath. $2. (
All modern . conTenlences.
: -'X- •^'\u25a0',-'': v ;TsS;Howiirff:St.''. N . -
1 'Rates per day. 50c. 75c. $1.00 and $1.50.
'. ..- Kearny and : -Waahlaarton Sts. '-
i 3Ttßte».3 TtBte». $1 per day.";. Rates by week er;s:eatn.
; First -class In" all .respects. , ;\u25a0
Cor. Valencia and Iflth s»t».
!•' Rooms," "5c to $1.50.' Oars direct to all parts
city. Tonrists' »trade solicited. • . •
:'S." E.. -Cor. v Ctl» and -MI«»lon^> s|».
' European " plan; - rates. 50c *ip • $1.50 ' per day.
\u25a0 Cars' i from *'. tlie : ferry ; pans -. tne ; hotel, and all
lines transfer to ' Mission r- st.
;.'•,'. HOTEL REX fe
.:->/; 838 Thtrd : Street. .•
Q. G. HOWARD," Manager.- - 150 roena^ Rates.
$1 ; up. - Take any car rrom ferry - er
to Sd St.: -
. A reward of 5 cents will', be paid for
every rat. dead or alive, delivered at
any of the following stations of the
Health Department between the hours
of 8 and 10 a. m.:
-Portsmouth Square.
Bay street nnd .Van >"e»s sveane.
Thirteenth arenne and Lake street.
>*laeteeiith and Dolores streets. .
Sixteenth and Bryant streets.
Third street between Foliom mad
' Howard. .
O'Parrell street near Scott.
They must be delivered to the sta-
tions In tightly covered cans, labeled
so as to show In what neighborhood.
they have been caught.
Caution— Do not touch with- . the
hands, but use tongs or a long stick.
Traps should be picked up with cloth
saturated with kerosene. Drop rats
Immediately Into kerosene, or. In the
absence of this. Into a bucket' of water,
where they should remain for an hour,
after which they may be placed In tha
cans for delivery. , .
. FUlraoTe «nd Golden Gat* Art. :
$1 per, day and 09. Tak* McAllister st. ear /
from ferry. - :\u25a0 . . |
001 Eddy St. Xeir Gong Si. J
European plan; $1.30 per day np. ~ >
1015 Van ?f eas Are.
Take. 3ntter st. car from fsrry and Q'7amH
St. car from 3d and Townsend sts.
' Van N'esm and Fulton ,
Ratal. 11.50 up. TsV» McAllister or Haixbt
st. cars -from ferry. . Sample rooina for com-
mercial men. .
. 82S ElMa St.' Xear Van Xess At*.
' Enropeaa plan."sl d*; and np.
JU. H.-McCLURE. Pr«p.; C.J3. QAXTBH, Mjr.
* Cor. ;Fos)t "and ' Frnukllastj.
$1 np: American plan. $2.50 up. ' • :~: ~ '.•
. CH.IS.. E. COO?BB. VjcA
• " , 1191 Geary Street.
Rates. $1 np. MRS. J.* MACK lE, proprietress.
cor. T«n Kess ar. and Geary, st.
154 Third Street., ..
75c to $1.30 a dai. $3.50 to $7 * week. Hot
and cold water 4n, ail .rooms. . ... 1 r. . .
' 1043-1045 Marker St." • l£
123 rooms from 75c to $2." ' '
1559 ; Post . St. at F 111 mo r • *
Eort>p«aa. Rates $1 us.'

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