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"There is' only one woman who'Vpaints
?igris:on" skyscraper Vails, dangling upon
a rope. She does" it because it pays $50 "a
day, and for other reasons, to be found in;
The Sunday Gall
President Rebukes Dishonest Rich in Eulogy of McKinley
Professor Loeb of State
University Issues
Noted Biologist Is Confident
That He Is on the
Right Path
Thinks It Possible to Pror
duce Living Matter
From Inanimate
BERKELEY, Sept. 20.— Prof essor
Jacques Loeb, the,- famous biologist
of the university, in a bulletin issued
today from the office of the president
makes the statement that he believes
\u25a0 the germ of life can be ~ discovered,
provided the chemical reactions' sur
rounding the process of fertilization,
are investigated. The announcement
of Professor Loeb has been received
with great interest by the university
men of science as a distinct'; step in
the discovery of the production of
living matter from the inanimate. ;
The tiniversiiy savant takes the
stand that-all Jhat differentiates living
matter from the machines which he
has produced in the laboratories of the
uni\ ?rsity is the 'power' of 'the animate
objects of developing and'reprodbcißir,
themselves .Automatically. < All. that is j
therefore necessary*, Tri, rifOr-'st If-Xer;
tii e scientist to discover .tin: chemical
process which causes- the development
of the egg into the erabryo.
Prof esior. Lo^i makes ., the f. ollowingr
fctat*ment'in Uis bulletin:.. . • -\u25a0
"There may be a difference of.opin
ion as to whether, or not > it will ev.er
fee possible* to produce living: matter
from inanimate, but I think we all
agree that we cannot well hope to suc
«.fed in making living matter artifi
cially unless we have a clear concep
tion of .- what living matter is. Living
organisms have the peculiarity of de-
\u25ba r \ doping and reproducing themselves
automatically,, and it is this automatic
character of reproduction {md.deye.l-.
opment which differentiates them for
the t!»r:e being from machines made of
inanimate matter. Hence the answer to
the Question: of , what- living 'matter, is
will have to.be an aswer'to-th«-ques
tion what determines the phenomena
of automatic development and .repro
duction. Since all life phenomena \ are
ultimately purely chemical, the answer
must consist in pointing out one or
more series of definite chemical reac
tions, for whi%h it can be proved that
they are identical with the phenomena
of development and self-preservation.
It always seemed to me that the nat
ural starting point for a search after
this definite chemloal reaction or series
of reactions was the analysis of that
K process which' causes the resting egg
to develop into an embryo, namely the
process of fertilization." .
The admittance of oxygen .into the
fertilised *gs is declared by Professor
Loeb to be one of the - greatest Im
portance." "Without- oxygen he says the
. rgsr cannot develop. Of this point he
says: "The fertilised egg cannot de
velop or Increase- the number of. Its
nuclei unlos an ample t apply of free
oxygen i» ; present. As soon as oxygen
is admitted to th* egg which has been
deprived of it the synthesis of nuclein
and segmentation begin again."
A-r»p ' s.t the teachers, of physiology
In taken in the bulletin. Professor
Loeb declares that the. «La.t«nient that
the »ole object of oxidation in living
cUs Is the production of heat is in
tiqus-ted. He say*: .
"By way of digression I may mention
that this role of oxidation. In. cell; di
vision ' should \u25a0 ' indue** ; teachers of
physiology •to discontinue .the anti
quated statement that the- sole object
of oxidation In cells; is the production
of heat- Oxidations occur In plants and
animals "which, do not .need -to keep -up
a. constant temperature. . But In all
lh*se animal* •«•• synthesis* of nuclein
nnd cell divisions occur.". ._-;*.. * .
The tumming: : tip of the bulletin
shows that ProfeworJl/oeb" is working
along . the 11 n *>s suggested in his latest
•writing- H*»*says- that he has not i as
y*.t had time;, to 'continue the; experi^
rnents '. to ; discover.-: the germ zof v life",
although; he thinks h© Is in the: right
path. . In, the closing pages of the
pamphlet he- says:
"I have not yet had time to ; apply
these resulta to" the eggs of many,
other forms, but I believe "trom w!i«.t
I have seen that. we are now in'pb*ses>
sion of at * least, some of general,
methods aod principles of artificial
pa rthenogenesis. "•" It seems that in : gen
eral, the treatment of the eggs with
alkalis or, adds or,cert«4n' acids, ,tom«
tinw* with; sometimes without eubse^
quent treatment\.wlth; hypertonlc^seA.
water,' causes the' deveioomejit of un
fertlilKsd eggs." V
The San Francisco Call.
YESTERDAY— West "•'\u25a0 wind: .clear; maximum
temperature. 6<>; minimum.,. 52.~ V.- *• \
FORECAST FOR " TODAY^FsIr; fresh m :th
wst wind. . v v : pag^-u
EASTERX \u25a0\u25a0..\u25a0_-,.\u25a0\u25a0 .
President Rooserelt in an addr*M . stYtt^
dedication, of tb« McKinle/ mausoleuia at^ Can :
ton, rebekes .tbe: dishonest, rich. . . Paße J
Atlantic fleet 1» caaght in Ktnnn - off -f Cape ,
Cod, two of- crew are killed and two. vessels'
collide.. : ; : v.,-Pajfe : 2
Federal Jpdge Wbitsoa notJflos prosecution t'aat'
it mast present tMtlmonr connecting S»juior
Borah wltb . Idabo : land fraud*. Page 3
Sbont»-Xleftonilawler.^" interest* Trill »wura«
control of the Alton road «t.. the annual meeting*
todaj-. \u25a0 ": 7^;.^:;. .'-,'\u25a0 Pa ce ;a
I Standard oil ' irn»t *OJ . charge before ;• federal
grind JuTf that ctberWjlppers accepted .'rebate*'
of ' railroads. -r , •\u25a0', ''-'\u25a0' '.''Page 1
' Adnjiral Evaas*. batt!e«blp fleet will Tislt'iapan
after coming to 'tJiis'eoMt.'""; " : ' p age j
Mee. Wood moves in suit to a»V dirorce ! from
Senator ''Tom" Platt.'.whom ehe alleges i*be'
married. \u25a0 ' . -.'.>-'- v ;., ... ;;•\u25a0', page 1
President Rooserelt l ujlleus about Mih»"sh
eett»* support of Taft'boom. ,::' . PageO
; Trial of Santa Fe railroad*, on -charges
of, rebaUng- U begun iv Log Angeles federal
court. . Pacf,2
Depnty Bber](T and Indians • run '.down aad
capture murderer .In mountains'.' near •' Rby'o-
Ute - Page O
Ancient Indian \u25a0 massacre fcelJered to be shown
by unearthing c£ ; hundreds of skeletons ' in" 015.
Sing canal. Page B
'..To keep officials honest. . - - Pace 8
Bonaparte's logic. . . j Page 8
, A Japanese preserTe. f 1 ' Paste "B
How to get results. \u25a0 Pase*B
GRAFT.; , - \u25a0;.;\u25a0-..
Euef '• ; office boy tells of Tj«it paid loathe
former boas' by Tirey L., Ford' and Thornwell ;
Mullally two weeks after the' fire-* Page 10 ;
. . The grud : jury . iorpFtigateg trolley and . tele
phone bribery deals aao new indictments cay be
returned' today. ' Pajje IG
An* Inrestigatlon of the abduction of -.Fremont <
Older Is to. be taken up by the grind- jury 'wtUi
J a",'=\TleTT •\u25a0\u25a0". to" ,indictUis Jail, .tbe* guilty
j tldpatit!«. -•'"*\u25a0* .."\u25a0-' ' . ' '" ' .'\u25a0 \u25a0 * Page 4
ppLiTiCAi; V" ' .\u25a0^; < '- :^ x ;.
' I>epoeraUc^bo«tiltfy'^io ;ihe'."noariinatlOß>;.-of
Wayor" Taj-|of "iV^'asb'oijependent cindldau?-, ? J
tbe s ot xl ?OTerompnt -!f-«f ue'-raay ciu««'tbe bo-jr
bon municipal cop»eation " lit adjourn Ttonl^lit
.wltnoot naming • bead of Us ticket. : Pase 1
CITY.^ • ;
* Three girls escape from- detention 'boin-.'ty
lifting* rear door from its hingcy. \u25a0 Page 3
•Heir Admiral Lyon.'- commandant of Mare'
island, 'risits the 'fleet and 'equadron flagships
anchored in' tbe ; "" Page 4
-Action* on final passage of ordinance' gr«n:ing
the Parfcslde franchise'^'postponed one week by
the board otsupcrrlsors., . ; \u0084 Page 4
Board of cuperri*ors • T inrestigatft numerous
accidents and poor serrice on streetcars with ' a'
tl«w to improrlng condition*. \u0084' Paur 4
Paul Turow, popu^r- president of Polr;vehjiic
high school flats, dies «f injury tbat 'p'irzJes
physicians. \u25a0 I*age"4
DiTorce \' i* .granted Horace X. * Muni-o. '
tT.'.'S. A., from former \u25a0well knoTra sociely
woman. , * Page' 3
Two ""husband* would. /dlTorc« "wires, •vFhoax j
tbey • charge '\u25a0 TUit v dance • balls with " oUter
men. . . Page 4
Liquor dealers wUl.glxe John C. . Lynch, retir
ing , United . States - internar. revenue collector, an
auto as a token- of appreciation' for farorv' re
ceived .during bis administration..". Page 16
Queen Lir of Hawaii cables curt "Ko" to iuar
rlage pr"oposal"of Trince" Salman', whose ui»trcss
is. doubled by tbe gout. \u25a0 -• 'Pajje!3
New rules are promulgated for the guidance or
tbe* national gnard. ' Page 11
, "King'V'Albertus leaxeslfor' promised Uintf \o
establish ••Esperania," and faithful are Wt
behind. . ' L . ' ' ' " Pasxe'S
Commercial . organizations . object to action c f
Rutus Jennings-, in; naming, committee, to enter
tain . officers'* of.' tbe .. fleet and,' make • appeal .to
Mayor Taylor to select new "committee Page 16
Alcazar presents : a ; western pUy \u25a0 lad*n ; with
en artistic • atmosphere. '- f-/ : X Page 3
Myrtile Cerf resent*? b«ing called a dop and
ttriVes Fire' Commissioner^ Parry. ;. \ J,,P««jel 9
t Professor , Loeb i' of, Berkeley ..bellertV. germ of
life will be discofered by scientists.. ; Pasje 1
City cooncll fixe* , the .Oakland-* tai . rate
at,»l-22. . . \u0084 Page 7
Child tilnls . sugar. coited pills are cauJy
and di»s • in"' cchtulsjod* after./ 1 -. eating
them. : .< x ;Pagw 7
. A.' B. Kalston is sent to; San "-QuentiD: prison
for two years 'for, forging: the" name of Sllss'B.
M.> Kennedy/ to a "draft" for $230. V *>,':" Pasj« 7
Knights of Columbus and \u25a0. their many ; friends
attend' big' carniTalat'ldora-ipark. 1 -'^ Page 3
Stanford' students to unite In March for Chester
Sllfnt.'.tbe missing ' postgraduate.' - Page 6
' Tboosands, of giinmen \u25a0 r»sdy \u25a0 on tbe m»rs'a«?«
adjacent to Ban Francisco, for the opening'o'^n*
dnck season this morning... \u25a0 \u25a0'-.Page 10
" Detroit and .Philadelphia ' America na; play, a I"
inning tie gama. . ..; • "ll'.i Pace" 10
-.- Turfman: R.; F. Carman Mil ; race V string of
47 horses at Oakland. '" * * " Page 10
Kid Ketcbel and Mik» <Twin) SulllTto n,-ree
to-; meet' .this . < afternoon and \u25a0 sign* for." ; a"
flgbt.; N \u25a0\u25a0\u25a0';' \u25a0.-' I ', : ";P«*e i w
-£ Oakland^ »xA PortUnd-. wlir .do - f th«-. b««ei>ill
honors" here,' while tbe Angels "enteftalu" >: tue
Seals. . HBHHbs^^P* -*'\' - ***»« 10
' .. International -. ronrention of the iron * moldcrs
makes r srreral important; changes ' in the jwern-"
ing laws of organization; . \u25a0 Page 9
MARINE^ ;,'•..: ;-i^\'-r\
. Passenger .^ on . CHty , of , Pnebl*; bent , npon suicide
jumps L <rrerbb«ra 'tui [ lt', rejened ,hy . brare rallor,
who leaps after tbe ' passenger ' and holds ; hi m u p
aatflj ajsUtwce*; utlT*s.*'--"r 4 Page ll
MINING 1 . '''"^^ffWHH[[
'* rioranc* - GoMfleld •, mining , stork : adTances GO
etc tn a ' shar« In the local * mining stocks toe k bo« rd*.
Beit and -Belcher gains 20 polo t&. \u25a0 \u25a0\u25a0• Page 15
sociai;^: " - 7'S'£. y : : :r c t
'; Mrs. Michael- O'Connor and : Ming O'Connor, re
turn from' Pirls, ? accompanied " by •' Mr.' and *Mn«.:
Ci 1 rl»s f it Caxotte." l"'. -' . *• "" Page' 8
- - *\u25a0:' " --.•\u25a0-•. • •, - .•'\u25a0';
Roosevelt Delivers Address
at Mausoleum Dedication
Tribute of ;^l^atibn:\to\- Meni6ty"- : of
IVlartyr/Is U
Tnau'soleum, the tribute and; gift of { a nation -to the .; memory;; of .the
martyred } president, was^ dedicated this af tcrrioon \ in \ the presence of
hundreds of distinguished men from . all'; parts :; of the i; United l States, 1
representatives; of* foreign vcountriesj;arldja,crow
50,000 , persons* r :' A*, feature ' of the dedication -was the £ presence of *trie,
president of -the United ; States, Vice: President? FairKa^s.f'rhembers
of; the • president's cabinet, United States; senators' and "•governors of
several states^ \u25a0 H Addresses, were delivered by;Presiderif\Ro6seyelt,
Justice William R. Day, v McKinley's secretary of state, and Governor
Harris of'Ohior;)v}io acted as president of the da)% \u25a0 The program
ended with th^
Horstriian of Cleveland.' "'President Roosevelt ; and party' then yisited
the interior of -the tomb.' . The invited guestsiand the- general 'public
did likewise.-. ~ * ."•" '. ( .-.,\ '\u25a0:, -'\u25a0\u0084.\u25a0;:->• \ *
, , -.Thousands -passed; through sthe .tomb, which, rbuilt^at accost ;of
more than $600,000,^15 the donation of more than 4,ooo,ooo Americans
to the memory-- of .McKinley.*^ ;. : l .',,
;. : Th the presence 'of [.'in) imfnenW throng 'at 'the Pennsylvania-sta^
tion^' the train bearing/ President , Roosevelt and \u25a0 his;;,party reached
the city "at 10:15 6'clbck'thisjrnorning on"- schedule time. Upon leaAring
theitrain the reception; committee entered carriages and -accompanied
the^president^toithe-Ge^^Uhigh rschoK3l.;:r schoK3l.;: ,
' i.The streets'; leading from \the'Pennsylvaniaistation were. lined by
thousands, of spectators: .!; At [the: r railway -station the crowd was so
dense ; that tlie:presiden had some difficulty in^entering the carriage,
but.there >yas -n'o; material delay, owing-to the strict guard maintained
by the militiamen: : : '\u25a0^^^B : ''- ? - .' \* \u0084 :
The streets ;were foped Ojff^anddlie;crowd;;was;fqrced to remain
upoii the^sidewalk.-'i' Soldiers; -one": stationed ever} r 4five: feet, stood
at jattehtionioutside the' ropes:'- : The ( pavement was- kept- absolutely!
clearuor tliei carriage rand; escorts.; \u25a0\u25a0'* ;, \u25a0 V ''.\ >; r ; - i.;*i '.';'*
.'\u25a0'Airalotig : tlVe'line (of march'^^tb:the Central high school building; a
\u25a0distance'jofi'aboutfa;' Half 'mile
land^the wayifig : of^an^
iiear:tHe sch^lh^us^rstob^'^
i hat-in acknowledgment :6f [the \u25a0greetings:,/ \u25a0 ;:„ -. :
J r- As helheared^th^s^
and dressed to rrep^eserit^tneinatibhal^fiag^arosef in a.body and^sans"
."America;" -v;^h^presidentiaU party!" andlescort: counter marched \u25a0' in
front » .of v U
stopped a^ihVomentiwhile/^
They reurned'the. salute with) cheers:'
j4CJ ROM ;' the-; standpoint \u25a0. of our :_ material there ;is only .
: one other : thing '. as ; important -; as ) the discouragement .of a - spirit
of -envyi and -hostility toward ' honest ',% businessmen, ; toward
', of * means ; - this -r is » the discouragement of J dishonest ? businessmen, the \u25a0
war upon the r chicanery ! and wrong doing ; which are .peculiarly ' repul
sive, peculiarly f noxious, .when exhibited ; by r men who ; have . no . excuse .
of want, ; of poverty, of • ignorance,', for their - crimes." ; Men -of 'means,
andj above all, " men of great wealth, can • exist . in safety \u25a0: under the 7
; peaceful ; protection /of .': the state, only .' in r orderdly •: societies, where
' liberty manifests itself , through ariid under " the law. ' It r is ' these ' men V
: '.•'\u25a0\u25a0\u25a0-:-. •/*.-\u25a0.', v^"/-"-" : ";"." l: ' \u25a0\u25a0\u25a0-\u25a0\u25a0'•"\u25a0•" . \u25a0•••..•\u25a0-\u25a0' *'; \u25a0-\u25a0 , '' : . '•;. \':' \u25a0„\u25a0', "„:-\u25a0 \'\.,-*\ \u25a0' /
who,'more than any. others, 1 should .;* ' .*' '• * 'build: up respect
'.'for' the \dLS\\r-— President 'RoosevelU :'\u25a0\u25a0.-\u25a0'.\u25a0. . , .; /. ' >... "\u25a0, •-.,;'.
t4-'.SPEAKcn:-'-!t 4 -'.SPEAK cn:-'-! AND ;• THE : ,McKIXLB\%. TOMB
111 Other Shippers
Will ;Tell Federal -Grand I Jury
:/ Thai It Was Not Alone in
, V^Accepting Rebates
Spccial[b\f Leased lW ire to The, Call
\u25a0J CHICAGO/ Sept/: 30.-— According to his
counsel, James' A.-. Moffett,^ president -of
the "Standard -) oil company, "of - Indiana,
will give- evidence to; thej federal "grand
jury tomorrow'. which j wilY \u25a0 justiCy : the
statements made by : Moffett" to. the :"ef
: feet? that Mother}; shippers "in the^rieigh-"
borhbod of tnd.,* had' bflen .as
guilty^ofrebatink^withTthe railroads as
tho' Standard oil" company". of 4 lndiana, i '
'. It is said that the evidence -which will
be f given [bi\ >|o'ffett \u25a0 will : result I , in 'the
summoning' - " numerous r other -wit
nesses.'and- cause .the • government'- to
proceed against ; several ; other 'corpora-
Uons wrich- will^be r named.
Gn?L; A STRIKERS;fo : GIVE " \u25a0 v .
Casino; Will Be - Scene pf^ Event jSat-
Evening Jfor^Benefitxof ;
\u25a0-.' v -- - ; =• . '\u25a0\u25a0- ••' • •-r.Telegraphefs p. '
. Special by Leased: Wire { ifcThe Call
\u25a0 SANTA CRUZ, Sept: - .30.— The strik
irig^telegraphers; who : are- camping \ at
Feltonr.' seven ; '., miles .'from '-'.here.?, .are
planning '' t of; glj e : > r ba 11 at [ the Ca sino
Saturday^nlght. ; ,It : .will^. be .'a -.benefit
aff aii r , and ia. - large, crowds will attend.'.
c .'! There arfi^aboutilOO men and' women
at , the"; carnpJ- '"Among \ them'*a*re" the
wives ;of /many i'ofl the* striking jopera^
tor s,'?, who ?wil \\ r Vi'apV rone \t h e'j sts t ri ki rig
girl -telekraphers,"; who : " are , arranging
for r the. event. ; \u25a0', ''\u0084-'\u25a0 "^- I"-:."- ,-,, '."'r
: }SpKmlbyL^iedlWbyitojThe\Call^t, \u25a0.
' .': MpDESTO,I: S« p ij \ 3 0-"f--Th e;*c i t i zeri s ': o f
Modesto » havn ) decided , to \u25a0 erect /a * r-a n -
nlng"'pla^t.'.;At?a : : recent. meetlrig;Of' the
board 'of 'traded' resolution j -was adopted
advocating ..thV^'reHtlonfof ..a,"plant and
forvits 1 main tens ; nctC ; ;',Flnal plans
'\u25a0iriiff.fiei disVußßed '', &V a'i^eetlrigJThura
daj-;''iiighu\T;i*'--'~;';Vi: ;*. : '.'""•'\u25a0,' -'\u25a0- : -- ' :^ Tf:: ,
At last a suitable; occupation for ex
presidents has been ; found. Ex-J President -
: Loubet;of France found it. It concerns
The Sunday Call
Admiral Evans' Fleet
Will Visit Japan
on£ Object of Cruise Is 1 q lm
pressiUpon Ihe World This
Nation's Nival Strength
Special by Leased Wire to The Call
, .WASHINGTON". Sept. 3 O.—The hydro
graphic office of the navy department is
atTwork preparing charts and sailing
directions for' the battleship^ fleet, cov
ering a cruise that will circumnavigate
the" globe." .' \u2666
, While, no official statems'at has been
made concerning, the movements of the
fleet: after its arrival on the i Paciflo
coast, , it is becoming ' apparent that
President Rooseyelt^and Secretary Met*
calf/ have determined that the ships
shall visit the • Philippines. Japan , and
China and return to the Atlantic coast
via" Suez and - Europe. The purpose"- .of
the cruise, as it develops' in its larger
phases, is to Illustrate to ",the world the
fact that the • United , States now pos-'
sesses ' the, secondiklargest fighting. fleet
in the world '\u25a0:\u25a0\u25a0'\u25a0\u25a0 -
. During the; cruise, which Is destined
to/becc-me historical, the fleet will visit
the!, ports of the leading' nations and
thus repay the ceremonial visits of for
eign warships to the Jamestown expo
;'A month ago, in. response to an Inti
mation from somewhere "higher up," or
ders were. cabled to London ; for charts
and books containing detailed Informa
tion ' -regarding -the waters and
coasts /of. -the Asiatic coast of
the .Pacific- the Indian ocean and
the "route ' through the Suez. The
publications are .issued only- by the
British' admiralty. The material . ar
rived at the navy department today
and is'tb be'brought up to date by the
clerks; in the' hydrographical office.
Meanwhildt the force has been at ; work
on- ? charts and'sailing directions for the
fleet- from *;Xew York" to' San Francisco
;yia' the Straits of ; Magellan .and every
.vessel in th* fleetjwill sodo<be, equipped
>'vyith'the.inj'ofmation. '.-\u25a0-'' '' " : •...;.'
Slue "M^Plltt
Deposed > Boss 'May Be "; Called
; NEW y'dßK,' Sept. : SO.^Befo're Jus
tice ,'Seabury {of ' thY supreme court to
day* was -a--* motion entitled "Platt vs.
Platt." and the calendar stated that it
was a r motion to "frame issues" for
presentation .to a jury.
;\u25a0; "This is- the first move-in an action
for -absolute divorce brought by Mrs.
Thomas^ C." Platt, r formerly; Mac Wood,
against -United .States Senator'- Platt,"
said,; Joseph Day: Lee of Wall street,
representing, the plaintiff.
.; "T: appeared in the case as -local
counsel 'O'Flahierty &
Fulton, ; . lawyers.': of Richmond, Va.;"
he continued., "They claim that their
client -was married ' to Senator?- Platt, in
1901 at the Fifth avenue.' hotel" prior
to 'his / marriage to Mrs. ' Lillian \u25a0\u25a0. T.
Janeway. We expect that ithe • case
will be reached laSi«"ovember." '
John* . B.v StancKftVld; for Senator
Platt, asked ;that th'<? matter be. heard
in "private by. refe.rence.-N He.saldSena
tor> Platt -never 1 was married -to -Miss
Wood,^ and | therefore' there was.", no
ground. for. divorce. Decision-. was •.re
served. 'Mae 'Wood is said- to "i be In a
Michigan : town, ready, to come on .when
her v* action " haY" been: placed on ths
calendar. \u25a0•
\u25a0.\VIOHITA";Kans.,-' Sept. 1 30.— A special
to the" Eagle \, from ..Fort Reno." Okla*
says that ;the. camp of _th« Oklahoma
national guards; was destroyed -by fir*,
which . the _\u25a0 barracks* of the
government troops. ; The. loss " is esti-:
mated 1 at : $75,000. , The I fire, originated
in \u25a0 the prairie. - which is covered -yr Ith
dry grass. '"'The 'militiamen turiied.out
with wet .blankets -and r fought -; the
blaze./ ' Two', soldiers were .seriously
burned. " Corporals Maranvllle and - Ratt
line T of'Enld.^ s !• \ J '\u25a0'.' - .'.:,:', ' -
Impertinent Question No. 18
\u25a0\u25a0 • IVfef/s Graff?;
JjF^orithe most prigjival or wittiest k answer to this ques
. \u25a0 tionr--and . tne Briefer the Better --^The Call will j pay:
FIVE DOtl^^ five answers
;^^€a|^jl pay ON&DODIi^ each. : Prize
. ; ; winning .answers will : be ; pruitefJ next Wednesday
i \u25a0 and;checks jnailed to the winners at once. Make'
your answer^ short and address it to ,
Oppose His Nomination by
the Good Government ;
-.\u25a0• \u25a0 . \u25a0 .
Practical Politics Crops Up
in the Mayoralty. \u25a0
Neither Side Willing to
Abandon Position and I
V Make Peace
George A. Van Smith
•Democratic hostaity to, the
nomination . of Mayor Taylor as
an independent candidate by the
Good Government league may re
sult in the democratic convention
adjourning tonight without nam
ing Ithe head of its ticket.
'. The democratic managers and
the leaders of the Good Govern
ment league are at outs over the
manner 'irr which the name of
Mayor Taylor shall be put upon
the. official _ballot. The demo
crats j.want to be satisfiea
with thY democratic "nomination
ahd^a : place at; .the- head ;of : the
democratic -ticket.- The Good ; Go
vernment r leaguers want -Taylor -at
the head of. the democratic ticket,
and also at the head of their own
ticket, which will include only the
names of Taylor and District At
torney Xangdon. . .
It was given . out yesterday from
close to the democratic throneroom
that owing to the inability of the
platform committee to complete its
arduous labors no nominations would
be made when tke convention was' re
assembled tonight. The democratic
committee on platform might make an
excellent scapegoat, but the real rea
son for the democrats failing, to nom
inate, tonight, if they'; do fait, will noi
be: found- in • the delayed' delivery of «
platform. It will lie in the unwilling
ness oft the Good Government leaguers
to abandon their scheme for the nom
ination 'of Mayor Taylor as an inde
pendentl '
The democrats sidestepped long an.l
painstakingly before they consented to
the nomination of.; Taylor. When they
did decide to put his .name on- th«
ticket their patriotism, contained an
alioy. The democrats want the repuS
lican votes they expect .Tsylor to re
ceive more than they want Taylor.
T^iey object strenuously" to Kivln? Tay
lor the benefit 'of their nomination 'un
less they, are sriven the .or
having his name on their ticket only.
That is tha practical politics from ths
democratic^ side of the question.
The Good Government leaguers want
the democratic nomination for Taylor
and .the > votes which '-they
think that nomination will brins *to
the mayor. But* they. also want,to-b<»
in a position to save, for . him all of th«
votes* he might receive'as -an independ
ent. The /Good : Government: leaguers
figure . that thousands, of \ republicans
and; union , labor party meniwill vote
for -Taylor as an Independent, .but tu^t
a.' large percentage of -these /republicans
and union-; labor voters .will shy -at
Com tlnne*. on Pt^e 5, . Col am n 1

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