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. Do you speak Esperanto? \u25a0 The -out-.,
come of the recent international
tion ; and' the' growth - of the -common:
language in America are told aboutjin-
The Sunday Call
\u25a0 . \u25a0 \u25a0 -\u25a0' . • -.'-\u25a0\u25a0
Secret Books Disclose Rebating by Southern Pacific
Body of Chester Silent, Missing Student, Is Found With Skull Shattered in Felt Lake
T>iscover Body of . Chester
. •• S ilent Floating on
? Lake's Surface y
Belief General That the Stu-
dent Accidentally Shot
v -: Himself
Until Weapon Is Found a
Doubt Will Remain as
to Foul Play
2.— The body of Chester Siltnt, with
the head shattered from a shotgun
charge, was found this morning by
tyro of his fraternity brothers floating
;an?.ong the rushes at the edge of Felt
iake, z. natural reservoir in the foot
hills two and a half miles from the
•university campus. The discovery
solves the mystery of Silent's disap
pearance 12 days ago, which has kept
the student body on edge with exdte
rnent since it first became known last
Saturday night that he was missing,
bur as yt tlif secret of the time and
thf manner of his death remain un:;
Wolvtc. BHbssHsßsH&l K^'
. A searching- partj- BOC Etroßg... ?Q«? % '
r»ofe?d of college^ students' organized for
.the task "at. tfie sugrgestidnof. P're'sldent"
:l>avjd Starr Jordan., was preparing, to-
If-aye Er.c'.na hall to scatter through the
foothills in search of some trace of' the
..rnics!ng fraternity man when the news
that the' body had been" found by R. W.
Harbough and W. H. Hill, two of the
deceased's \u25a0 fraternity '•brothers and
closest •friends, reached the campus. The
searching party disbanded and the sor
rowful tidings were carried a.t once to
Judge Charles Silent of Los 'Angeles,
the young man's father, who has been
directing the search eince Sunday from
Palo Alto. .
"••Felt lake, the scene: of the tragedy.
ties among the foothills" in the edge of
the Stanford estate, two and a half
miles -southwest o* the university
I'air.fus, close to the road which runs
westward from May field past the ro
mantic old brick ruin known as French
man"* tower. The lake, formed by the
convergence of two mountain streams,
is dammed at , the* outlet to provide a
reserve reservoir for the university, and
its edges are thick" with tules and
rushes. It spreads over several acres
in a little natural amphitheater among
the hills and is from 20 to 30 feet In
In this lonesome spot, a quarter of a
rr.ile from -the nearest road, the two
students who have been searching- since
Saturday night for some trace of their
friend, found the body floating at the
surface of the water, close to the rushes
of th» east bank. ' Further from shore;
toward . the center of th* lake, was an
old skiff •without oars, which" Is usually
kept moored at a little .-clearing, on
one of the banks. The evidence of the
tragedy were unmistakable, for it was
found when the body was taken from
the water that almost the entire skull
had been shot away/ There was, how
ever, no sign of the'shotgun from which
the charge muet have been ftfed, and it
is supposed to lie somewhere at the
bottom of the. lake. Until this gun has
been recovered and identified it will
be impossible to determine* beyond all
doubt whether foul play was committed.
A careful consideration of all the
circumstances surrounding the mystery
has led. however, to the general dis
carding of " the murder ". theory, .-and .»it
is believed thit Silent either "ehot him
self accidentally while paddling about
the lake or that -death Tras, ; due to sui
cide. While a few things tend to
strengthen the latter" theory, no,reason
ably accepted, motive for such an act
has been' advanced and. the finding of
the coroner's jury Will probably be* that
Silent came, to accidental death by bis
oven band.
Since Sunday, when Judge Silent, who
is one of Lk)6 Angeles' most, prominent
capitalists, .came .to Palo Alto ; to taKe
active charge of the search, every* effort
liad been exhausted" to find j?ome^ clew
that would lead •to t he discovery of the
young man's whereabouts. The . bay
shore and, foothill district in every di
rection from the. university \u25a0 had/ been
CoutlaurfTem Page 3, Column a
The San Francisco Call.
TE?TERDAT— KorthTrest " wind : dear; rjasi
01081 temperature, 76; 'xslsimom, 56."
FORECAST FOB TODAY— F«ir; trr.m'n; Iljlit
nortli wind. \u25a0 \u25a0 Pace 11
\TOU»», P. DavaiJ appointed a major gea- y
eral to ermj OTer heads of s!x ranking brigadier
seaerals. lacloding Fnnston. . ' Page 1
- Telp^raph companies ordered \u25a0by Kew Y'orfe
supresi* court Jastice to show cause trby llwy
should not be proaecuted on \u25a0 charge of forming
unla\r.*ol combine. Pagel.
I President IlotweTeU ?: dellrers speech In St.
j Ixr>ls and continues southward Joorneyby htjam
boat. ca , MSsslsslppt". : ; Page C
i United State* Senator Borah acquitted -.en
•••harge of conspiraer to defrand soTemment "lint \u25a0
of Idabo timber land?. . . Page 3
Stcretary Taf t on er^ of departure for . Kobe
declares- there Is deep significance : in the tone
of the reception tendered him by the" Jap
anese. Pasre 3
| coast ••'..- ...-.- x -, ' ;'.
Bloodhonnos fo'low., the trail of former Sheriff
Dro'mi's Mayers at Baker City. Page I
§ Large portion of business section of Tub* City
ib destroyed by are. \u25a0 \u25a0 \u25a0„. .' Pajre 3
Odd Fellcnrs' grand encampment in ceit.flon ct
Santa Barbara - elects officers. . Page 0
Pacific coast lumbermen : begin battle in United
States courts to prerent increased freight rates
going. Into eCect. P*sre 3
Hearst, Darjie. Wilson, Coffey. PageS!
The cook . and the professor. . Pas; e 8 1
SidellghU on Schtaitz. * Page 8
Who c-T.as the fieet J [ Page 8
Prosecution rests case, in Ford triai without
placing Abe Raef on witness stand. . Page 2
Porter Ashe, Luther' Bronm and -Andrew ,AVll
son secure bonds for release from . mt todj \u25a0 under
indictments against them, but. M.W. Coffey goen
into biding aud cannot be found. Page'l6
Demorratkr <-waTection,bolds session to corn-1
plete ticket and glTes one plam each to repnbll
canr and- oalon ? lafcor* teen. ! . . *-.*.r-r.. ; '\u0084 pejfe B
' *'Bt«(. - Six", '• giTeR - \ labor * uominaUcn* '\u25a0'- -to
Trrcbig. H«>rten, . Burke, "StuJse, \ MnDousald
»"nA.'tVaJsi.T-'**.*-j '. r • '.•*-\u25a0 - -. ':'/? >«««'•\u2666
An UtTestication. began yesterday by Interstate
; Commerce Commissioner . Lcbe ' rerealed the ex
istence of 20 secret books, containing the list of
illegal rebates granted by^ the Southern \ PncUlcJ
to prominent Crn:s ia the state. Indictments of
E. 11. Harriman. officials of the— road and tl>e
beads of the firms . wbo hare been' the recipi
ents .of the. special rates probably.^will
follow. Pagel
SuperTisor • Sulllran " will : amend ordinance . ex
tending time for placing of OTerbead .wires nnder
ground.. ;* ; "Page9
1 Chief Biggy canses sensation In police", circlf s
by transferring two captains, ; six lleutenints,
nine sergeants and three' corporals. . Page C
P.olla V. .Watt* or Snperrisor . FaymoaTllle
likely •to "" succeed ' Parry as fire '-,coiaails-*
sioner. ' Page ' 15
SeTere \u25a0 cross ' examination by Attorney.- Illram
TV. • Johnson almost driTes Sirs. Kmlly-Dnhu j
to tears. jjffl^j^^liJfflttpß^pgjffl^Page 6 [
E.- 1 IT.; Hexriman. orders," the expenditnro .' of
JI.CiOO.OOO by the - Pacific frnitV express to t>»
used \i bulldicg ice plants near Sacramento and
Lcs Angeles." " . ',\u25a0' - Page 5
' Testifying , in a . bapkruptcy case." 'A.. F.
Chamot" admits that be got away with $70,000
worth of curios. at looting of Peking.' '. Page C
-Mrs.' riorenee Land May. . prominent - soctety
woman; of ; San Francisco, is sued \u25a0 \u25a0 for * note
giren on purchase,, of raluable . oriental
rugs. . - , Page 10
Charles •J., Ahlborn, who.killed his. wife, in
their • Capp . street home, conricted of murder}in
the second degree.' • \u25a0 • - \u25a0"' Page O
District coort. of appeals confirms sentence cf
George^ D. CcIIIES.-.to .14 - years' \u25a0 imprison
ment. v^wQpSSl Pnge 5
; Woman >In battle with bnrgla r . nse» • rerolver
after being struck In the face. -P«ge"l«
The body of , Ciesler Silent, '\u25a0; the •;. missing :
Stanford student, la found with the skull ; abat
tered by shot is Felt lake In -- the foothills near
the ,oniTersity. . ;,».'...;•'. Page 1
: : Prof. A.'. C. : Miller, of the stale nalTerstty taya
western student* . hare not • the . Intelligence ;• to
understand Instruction ' In economics '•\u25a0 and that lie
wlllijot teach th«m next year." .'^ /*'.*..> Page' 1
• Stndent* at Unirersity of California reriTe tut
of . boxing and organise club. " \u25a0 Page 7
"' ' Question -of Jurisdiction l . of : Broadway J wharf
raised again • between the city of , Oakland ; and
th« Soothtrn Pacific.', . . '- .. . , .. ; Pag* 7
Valuable prltea to be awarded maskers *t tbe
mardi • gru that will ; close < the Alameda . county
carnlTal Saturday, night. \u25a0.]' -. < Page^.7 '\u25a0
" Call, firemen In Oakland would add [ILSTOfa •;
month to clty'i payrolL • Page" '
; Actomobiles . that made perfect scores ; in the
run- to. Del- lionte may compete In" a -.trlpito
Witter springs. . ' Page 10
'California freshmen defeat Santa Clara' college
at',Eugby,' 29:t0 S. V^ -1 I Page 10
Jack Atkin will not manage the sew racetrack
at Arcadia. Page 10
.. Mallard ducks' bring $5 a pair in the local
market ,a» a. tfsalt of the law .limiting.to <;'-5
the - number of -birds in poasesjion of ' a «' pervon
at-«>ne time.* . -.'v-Page'lO
~ : Detroit . claches '* ita hold •on -.. the \u25a0 American
league pennant by I winning •double-header from
Washington,'. while Philadelphial.loses^to^Cleve
lacdyV \u25a0 .''..'PajKe'lO
i Jack ;. Gleascn - captures the iboxing/match-l<
tween; Ketchel ' and .Thomas and will stage , it : a t
baseball ; paik""rhank*glTlog'd»T. "Page 10
; -Union* of , electrical workem do \ not \u25a0 approVe
amalgamation" proposal. »Pag«T9
Slrtyjone'-- ton 'steam; trawler Xewlngton, ell
the '^wa'y-.lrom'' Hull, England., pcts^-intto tnls
port " replenirii its ; supply i of ; fuel and ' reeuincs
Toyag« '. to Britieh^Colombia." '," 'Page;ll
"_ '.Capta in Goldr "of - Japanese liaer ' J'Amerlea
Maru etop's, bis ship to "oblige belated lady pay
! For the" first time In, months. Goidfield/Coii-
GOlldatcd * Mines fall ' below ?G i in ; stock ? board
I v Miss ; Kdttb Rosa '\u25a0 Mt-Cabe and ; Ernest '- Ludlock
I M^cQorgiick' to ; beTmarricd ' Tiicsdaj f f Ptigi 8
Dflvall Becomes Maj(>r
General in Army
Promoted Over the Heads of
Funston and Five Others Who
With Him
Oct. 2.— Ey \u25a0direction
of the president,- TTilliam P. Dtirall*
was appolnted^today] to bo v major gen
eral in ; the cray, vice/ Kajor General
TTilliani' llcCaakey, .theJ-preßant xom
rnasder, of. the .department* of . the Da
lretaa.''. \u25a0 Colonel^ "W. W. - Witherspoon,
Nineteenth infantry, now . - acting- as
president of the war college In r ] this
city, will : b« : appointed , brigadier 'gen
eral -to fill the vacancy. caused* by the
promotion of General Duvall* ."\u25a0
. One of .the roost interestlcs contests
of recent years Is ended '-- by <-' General
N. .\u25a0 '— *-'\u25a0'-\u25a0.'\u25a0 .-\u25a0\u25a0\u25a0.-•-'\u25a0 \u25a0-.-.-\u25a0--\u25a0..'• - -i^< .. •
DuyaH's appointment, {which .) is notable
from the fact \u25a0[ that" no -less "than sis
brigadier generals were" passed'" over,
although they Vere General' Duvali's
seniors. ' They, were Generals- Funston,
Carter, . Bliss,' Barry, Mills and Edg-eriy.'
It is: a curious fact that General -Duvall
was - either Instructor ;: or,*driliH master
at" "West Point ; to" 'eacSrof- 1 these : officers
except Funston. '. :>- \u25a0'•\u25a0-*- '. "" "\u25a0 \u25a0\u25a0\u25a0\u25a0 "' \u25a0'\u25a0- .'[
Besides official acts (which -had^their
weight in' bringing about: the' promotion
of General Duv&ll, it. is known. that the
president .and Secretary ,Taft:. regard
General Duvallj as one'of thejf ablest
of the general -officers \ of ' .the army,
whose record of - service ? both^- in' the
line" and the stafCrlsrexceptionally^flne. I
; General - McCaskeyv^:wlll^-*make^ his
home at San .Diego, Calif.,
Bloodhounds on Trail
Identity bl^MenJNhoMuriered
Fornvsr^SherifiatJ Baker
City May Be -Learned
\u25a0PORTLAND^^ Oct. '2.— A. special.f rom
I Baker City", Ore., ''says s that "''the Identity
i of -the men -who planned and executed
' the horrible death ot Harvey . ; K. Jr .Brdwn,
I former .'. sheriff and detective, is some
what nearer, solution. v The bloodhounds
owned by > Henry Draper of < Spokane
have .scented* the trail' oit : the : ituisassins.
-':'\u25a0:. The assassins were^ traced by the
; dogs:to the railroad,- along:- the tracks
S for. 100 feet.v thence around a ' ware
i house and mill 'building and back across
| the j tracks to -Auburn ; avenue V and to
Sixth 1 street, where thetrail was lost ,'•* \u25a0
The county court of Baker county
! offered a reward of $5,000 today for the
capture of the murderers. ':. V
New Think Line Will
Center at Coos Bay
Special by Leased . : Wire to] The Call ;;
: ;TAcblIA, f Oct.-; 2^-p.^, H.^ Jloffatt, a
Denver banker and* railroad -builder, is
acquiring '.terminals? for, another? trans
continental 1 railroad at Coos bay, on the
Oregon coast. \u25a0 Last month Moffatt sent
a large \u25a0umVphmojiey^toTtheiFlrst'na-.
tional bank of • Maxshfleld ; and 'engaged
Major '\u25a0 Klnney, a. .' prominent 1 organiser
In' that sectlon,\to ' look 'after; his" Inter
ests. • "\u25a0' \u25a0\u25a0\u25a0\u25a0\u25a0.. ... : ';\u25a0-•\u25a0•-\u25a0\u25a0\u25a0 \u25a0\u25a0 : ' .. ' ''. ;\u25a0 .\u25a0'. '.\u25a0'
'.- Btisinesmen .; of j-. Marsh field i who \u25a0 are
now. here, say, Kinney;ls .trying (to job
ta.!n a' franchise 't or • proposed -'belt
line';. /railroad" -through l";^ Emplre^'City,
.^orth"; " Bend j'/and;; f 31a rshfleld.^V These
towns are strategically/located on Coos
bay, ' .which eventually *: must l form an
outlet for; a. great area'.of; timber, coal
and agricultural lands in; western Ore
gon. ' .
It'is supposed%thatjiloffattis acquir
ing terminals T for -the Denver \u25a0' North
western - and -Pacific ; railroad, which he
is ! building to V Salt*L.akei I " ;
Declares ;» Accusation' off Perjury Is
"ah , Infamous Outrage" amd \ Mrs;
Qentry Is Indignant ?Als6? Als6 ;
: : LEXINGTON; Ky.,;Oct. J^Caleb! Powi
ers/ now: in Georgetown i> Jaiiikwa.it lng'
his fourth, trial for the "murder •'\u25a0 of .Wil
liam Goobel.^when told of .the \u25a0 charges
mL the.. indictment for subornation: of
perjury by the » Franklin - county"^ jury
said: ' \u25a0_• '"\u25a0'-'-, ' V **- • .""'
"It Is-. an infamous 'outrage."' I, *arn'
ready, and demand a trial on 'these
charges._ I may give: out \u25a0 a written
stateiment'later."*. .-'.,. ' : ' fc \u25a0
: Mf»4iGeritr^'fiwho) is ; als6;;:indict.ed;
brands as falie i the'e^teinVntsitliat^Bhe,'
Vi th* poTs-^B^aunJ
spired to fasten- the killing 'of , ; Goeoel
on.Hone^AßTouUey/; Both s Powers land
InterstateiCommercc'Cdmmissioner Franklin- K.' Lane '.{left up
'Peter'F* Dunne, ait6rnes if orllhe Southern .?.-!.\u25a0;
or|eredrlnto Gotift;
New^YorkjS" Supreme^Justice
[- : tdj^ionduct* Hearing
Charge of^Combining
NEW^YORIC, 2.— The '-^Western
Union \u25a0 'telegraph; 'company "arid "the
Postal" telegraph: company \u25a0 were ordered
today j by.-" Justice >Ford- of the •supreme
court \u25a0; of ' Newf,.Tor_k: to : Ehowj cause 'on
Frlday ; why jttie" state's. attorney general
should 'not? be j permitted; tof sue rthem
for forfeittiro" of, their ; charters- on ; ;the
ground; that -i they* have*- formed a "com
binatlon" to 'lncrease* tolls.'^;' :
irf Attorney .'General < Jackson .In »his ap-^
plication 'alleges ; that \ the • combination
was made"' January 'I,^ 1 907,'^ and "that a
new " and <} Increased » schedule ; of V rates
was i put; in to' effect j and »thei companies
agreed : to maintain^ joint offices 'at \u25a0: cer-.
tain points^ and the v profits 'Jof
the busineWreceiveditlierein. ._.',
j \u25a0 .? LOSES; GEMSf IN: ROADWA^
Diamond } Theft « Follows
Dinner^ Given * by 3 Navy - Officers
/. , and > Spouses . ;
VALLEJO, Oct: /._ ; 2.-l Mrs. ; liucien
Young, .-lyife of^ Captain .Young, who" is
stationed - ! at \u25a0 Mare r' island .in*, charge /of
the \u25a0 court vniartiaj, lost' ?300v worthy of
diamonds ; today ; through" a , mysterious
the ft:': v . '- : •//.' ''\u25a0•-•\u25a0 ~ : \
Mrs. .Young; .who is "widely known.' in
naval; clrcles/^lostHheigenis, which.wero*
set \u25a0 in*a. fancy };belt,* while 'on 'the 7 way
in j from 'a*. roadhouse"> three." miles
here. In ,the party .were; GaptainfFrascr.^
Mrs. ,>Fraser,'-aiid^Captain ; .Youij{s:. ' . Se-"
crccy^'wasjmairitained ;by'aU:concorned,"
but the, fact, leaked. out. today." that/the
belt.vvas ;lostv:afte'r v -artdinrier^'at th^
roadhousc..; According- to the story.' told
the -police the ; belt; . >of -'the
gems, ; was found, inj" the; roadway near
.^^^SSrS^^ngfsaid : sh'e''had:"lbst' : it.\
No «.trace \u2666\u25a0 of ;' the .-^d'iamonds lias 'ijceiV
foundry^; -' ": ' ."%>•." ».:'-'" '\u25a0'-\u25a0\u25a0\u25a0.- • ; * * .]\u25a0\u25a0' : -{i
-ALBA NT. N. V., .Oct.*. 2.~Su Spend ed
from va> rafter, the 1 body vbf*katih*erTno
DargatzAwife of John A. K: r-Dargatz, wao
found^today in a barn.ln the rear«of
pargat*'sjhomefatjLongvilfe. : ". Near by
\u25a0was'^h'elbqdyTo^fltheirgSjyearjoldjadopt- 5
ed I'son^ hi s § head | crushed |witi t h |anf a x?
af ter-'-^jTlie "s" s husband j.was? placed % under
.fir res L^i^SSßSSSßm^: . . '• :
Pnfes^iMj^^Gbes^m Strike
Roasts] His (Ciass^r
V.: BERKELEY, ; Octiyk^-On,.- account : of
.thelf allure Tof^hls': class 'in 'economics.' to
answer/ j" a '* 'which # he ; ; :\u25a0 pro-^
pounde'dV-^Prof. ~;rA.vj.C. : _ 'Miller 'sTofj-t'the'
economics, department 'of • jthe | university
said?,today7that T he"w6iild';never» again
teach I a. h class jof .'"undergraduates »•» • in
economics. KnowledgeYof \ the {subject
which ; a , Russian boy \ p*ossVssed, - he
asseVted,* would' put"an:American;boy; to
shamel'^Helsaid^further/. that', western
boys' were, deficientiin 5 thcir^'studies and
he ' is r alleged: to* have . referred to'west
ern* people^as^bourgeols.""' '\u25a0_'\u25a0 \u25a0\u25a0 . '•
"<>The flecturing which Professor Miller
gave'tlie men^andLWomenof thecourse
created:-' a> sensation. v' The- savaut has
been* at the~state'uniycrsity about ; four
years, ; having ; come \ from" HarA'ard." He
is ', regarded* as* the " : foremost* teacher of
economics' on S the i coast 'and:- as ah>au
thoflty onfall-" sucli -subjects... He • said
to * his class « this; morning: ;»•; : -^.- \u25a0
':Teachlhg''a : 'class;inJec6riomics*at".the
Unive'rsi ty" of: Calif ornlaV ls -like"; taking
a doglby^the; neck, {opening, his niouthj
pouring!- in ; some .dope /and '/forcing it
down 'his J threat. i • While^ you ; ' have
poured *it y in, ; you '* have-not '-, the satis
faction.' of ; knowing • whether it ? went
down*or;not^- -\u25a0 • .-
' V'A: Russian* student -.would put an
American '. student \- to . shame in. his
kriowledge ; of . economics. ;• The ; west is
so ; f ar ";' behind ? that - we '{ are {not even
living yin ithe {twentieth^ century. We
are\ so; far ; behind" that iwe.v like .some
clergymen, {do not ' knowi that"; Darwin
lived; so^years ago. . .'\u25a0' \u25a0\u25a0..'"..' .»»\u25a0--;;
<\u25a0 *"Even^a •freshman- entering anj east
ern-university •would' know .' more about
the study s'of economics .than any stu-
of ;a westcrn s university. ..- In , fact,'
westerners: are -.
«''l have made.up^rny, rriind that I -will
not teach '; af class : ot -in
economics ; next ' year." /.They have ;\u25a0 not
the i intelligence? tojgfaßp*> the subject."
Decline ' Nominations
Given by/ flosses
J; j CINCINNATI,;: Octr 2.— A political ; seni;
Wtiog|"de%'eiope'3 today when nine of
fth^ jtljw 1 d i d a t e s named yesterday at
'the : democraticw municipal -; convention
refused 'tojicceptUhe places given r them
[onlt^ej^^jtet/. : | : \u25a0• , ~
MMa^^^pPf a ff. Auditor Culllna and
sJV^Uer^w-ho had '\u25a0 been . re
'^__.. t p .^ji i. iWfT'tJmu 'i |J '~ 'mwjf^' f > *iJJir* uu' 'uJM"*'ißpii^
nominated, headed the list of declina
tions, .i the others \u25a0 including /four* can?
»••.•--* *£ *=' ? ' " i'\u25a0 '\u25a0 r/vr /v .'- s"-. *\u25a0\u25a0-'*".•'\u25a0-\u25a0\u25a0\u25a0\u25a0\u25a0-'" "\u25a0•*-..--- \u0084-*">.\u25a0 t \u25a0*-* > *m*aß&&
didates for council at - large and : two
for ' \u25a0 tiie board 'of public service. The
U^fAfv.s'A"**,*-^. :•*--.\u25a0 ;• v \u25a0'•-\u25a0'.\u25a0"•\u25a0\u25a0",'" \u25a0?*. \u25a0-;\u25a0- \u25a0'-\u25a0•---\u25a0
reason-siven for. Uio; refusal 13 ;that, the
imethoda; that controltca^the ; selection- of
L'MI ~W 111 n JHlil|i l '"llill T>l "Illljil IWI >llMll* l l3Wy^il* l |J' ' 'i * *. \u25a0'<*
delegates to :the convention Trerev too
autoc^^^^d^^K^^er^^ra3:too much
*wcr^foiect^|^vx?fyear3 ago" in a cam
*ii> i ii riiMiiiiiiiiii jiiM^wnpunii ill urn >~* " \u25a0.*-<. - \u25a0\u25a0--\u25a0.\u25a0..\u25a0 \u25a0 :
pajgn.against' such practice* '\u25a0:.'\u25a0 , .:,
V €)vr* fi'gerkeley |b big painting has
>transformed a jffhoW school. How the
episode came about
The Sunday Call
Evidence Is Submitted to
Lane Disclosing Favors to
Many Shippers of State
Indictment of Harriman and Other
. ;\u25a0 S./P^ Officials and Big' Firms %
-- May Follow Very Soon
Firms Thai Are Liable to Punishment
( ..' M?HE following firms were involved in the rebate exposures yes*
- terday and. are therefore' liable to punishment under the near .'
; rate lat> :
,\, Union .Ice Company
\u25a0";.'• California Development Company. .*
California -Pine; Box and Lumber Company
." Colorado iPuel and Iron Company
i California Sugar and White^ Pine' Company
El Dorado Lumber Company fiHj
: Pen Fruit k
\u25a0 Miiler^lLux^ ::. •
: What the lap says] on~fehatesz "Every person or corporation^
tshether carrierZbr skipper •rvfko~~shall kno&mgly offer, grant or give,
or solicit, accept or receive? any such rebates! concession or discrimina
tion shalL be deemed guilty of a misdemeanor ; and on conviction
thereof -shall be punished by a fine of not less than $1, 000 nor more
than $20,000; provided that any person or any officer or director of
any- corporation subject- to: Jhe^provision* of this act or the act to
regulate commerce and, the Iqct^- amendatory thereof ', cf any receiver.
itruslee,^ lessee,'. a'genL'6fSpenoli:ac&g for .or employed by any suck
corporation : &ho shall -be-convictedzas aforesaid .shall, in addition to
the ; fine j herein provided /or; r be liable to imprisonment in the pemUn- '\u25a0-
iiaxyjor, aAerm. of hot 'exceeding too years, or both such fine and
: imprisonmenU\m'the discretion of' the ccurt"-i'
,'•;\u25a0\u25a0 ;^?^^^ E *. H." HarnmanTand^other officials of the
Spj^Herp -Pac^c, comply will, :in allr probability,, be iii
dJ?^J^^^|^/|^?^^^?? al rebates, as; a result of
tl * e ~ searching 'investigation ibegun here yesterday before
Franklin K. Lane of tKe^interstate commerce commission.
' Fdrthe first time 7since its creation the commission
has succeede<i- in securing: -and placing in evidence the
secret ; books' containing; the record of illegal rebates given
to shippers ' favored: by ; the Twenty of these
books, sho wing^that had paid out in the shap«
of rebates ni^e *
pOOjsince the"fire^wefe ore
sentedin evidence-when yes
terday morning's session be
gan; They are known as
-". -\u25a0 - - ' \u25a0 \u25a0 - - \u25a0 ' \u25a0 -
blass "A" voucher bookstand
show : that :\u25a0 since^ April \,,30,
1906; •) just 1 after ::; the fire; 358
shippers had: be^eri secretly
favored by the company.. Of
these^ some 50, whose names
are often repeated, make up
the bulk of eh tries".
.Among- otHers. mentioned
during the investigation . the
folio wing i came • in '\u25a0> for the
largest-share of attention "of
the attorney, for the . com-*
mission, John:' H. r Marble;
Impertinent Question No. 19
For the most original or wittiest " answer -to this ques
tipn-T-and the briefer the better— The Gall will pay
mVE^'D^ For the next five answers
The: Gall will -pay ONE DOLLAR each. Prize \
winning /answers will be printed next Wednesday i*
-and cheeky mailed to -the winners at once.> Make
yoiir answer short and address it to
- I ft r^ 4%. • f-\ I I *
Prlif Anincrs «o **AVh«t - I*-, Graft f?
, »5 . prii^ \u25a0• to Msb«: G. Butapiit", 337 EI?!lt"l St., OaVUad, C*!.
- Not what ; it used to, be. . .
_]tlfptl2+ to A. M : ; StrijVr, " C3S Fort-f-fiftii Are., Cltj.
' ?1 pri«»;to*TV.- X. . RoTriandi, 409 T. S»-;eate«ofa . City.
;: An underhand way of granting an overhead trolley franchise.
il\ prise to JuU« M.Eastfy. SW South ScTfmli St.. San Jcg>. Cat ,
. .Making. the other fellow "pay the fiddler."
. $1 prize, to T.']O. Oorrton.: Hi Howiirci St.. F»-«iio, C*J.
\' ( The latest^ improved method of changing checks to atripes.
fl;prii«'tu.Tim Jones, * Fort Bra?^." Cal. <P. O." box . 342.)
• First, you get : it in the pocket; then you get-it in. the -neck.
• . . . — :—:: — : — \u25a0—\u25a0—\u2666
aided >by Attorney S. VH.
Smith :
The Union ice company,
the California development
company, the California
sugar and white pine \u25a0cora
pany, the Colorado fuel and Iron com
pany/ the California pine box and lum
ber.company; the Associated oil corn-
P an y» .the El Dorado lumber company,
the -Pen fruit . company. Miller & -Lux.
20 smaller companies and one or two \u25a0
private [ Individuals."
;;One of the main points proved by th~*
attorney for the commission was : thatT
while a majority of : the rebates ] shown
to have been given • by the -class "A"*
voucher books \ were V for shipments
wholly* 'within California, they Tw«ra
given for- the purpose -of. Influencing
the ; interstate shipments o£ >. the : bl*
flrmi, for whose = business the Southera
Pacific was anxious.
"Witnesses testified. that for ."years, the'
company -. had . been - s ia";. the habit el
granting rebates to favored .shippers,

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