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Ihe San Francisco Sunday CalL
Elizabeth Haight Strong
Where, ©b where, hu th« Ice cro»ta tfxl
Departed e!ace rosaiacr becsa?
rcr tte caadr store* norr diow by tbe Korea
Tb&t Ute tee creun clrl la t ctsl
AND this surprising fact is a mel
ancholy oce for the Jokesmlth.
Physicians and savants, not to
mention the masculine consumers
of sweets themselves, have filched from
him one of his principal means of sup
port; for the young man who tries to
bvy his sweetheart sufficient candy and
Ice cream out of a slender salary (ac
cording to the humorist) to satisfy her,
has long been one of his most employed
subjects for Jest. It was a good annual
Joke; one that would stand for all sea
sons end endure mote twists and turns
than almost any other. Ut> to now, in the
masculine mind, it was one that- never
wore threadbare. Even the mother in
law Joke wss second to it. for now
end then one hears of a good nature.',
cayy going, kind hearted and generous
«7oznan who is a motner in law. But
who ever b«ard of a" girl who didn't
consume a liberal allowance of sweets?
And man in his self-appointed' su
periority has always Jested about It,
juet as no still tilts his wit at her
•love of dress and other feminine foi
All this, however, has been changed.
The venerable Joke has gone tho way
of ell things that have served their
purpose long and faithfully, for the
candy stores now have as many men
customers as they have women and
fCtMCTKO. Loofc, and convince yourself
tof the fact any afternoon. The tall
stools in front of the soda fountain
are the favorite eeats, but oy^S i o'clock
these are ucarly always ailed, and
the seats at the small tables at tha
back of the room are the second choice.
What has wrought this change?
Why this sudden craving of man for
candy, ice cream and other, sweets that
contain a generous proportion .'of. sugar?
The owners of the trousered legs that
bestride the stools at the soda fountain
and consume with the abandon of semi
nary girls tall , glasses of particolored
Ice cream soda, do they know, why,
beyond the fact that they are thirsty,
they are doing It? The staid busi
nessman, who, in his office, stealthily
munches a saccharine chocolate cream,
does he realize.w hat an excellent sub
stitute he is taking for the usual salty
geometrically baked pretzel and itsac;
companying glass of beer? What is
the reason, as it were, of this new
movement from the saloon to the candy
: Out of the east comes a wise man,
from the venerable state of; William
Perm, Dr. Abbott, chief of the bureau
of health, who explains the 'reason ; of
this masculine. consumption of : sweets.
And . many of, the doctors of San Fran
cisco agree with hlni^ (a) He ) says
that the^; craving for sweets and tha
satisfying thereof is one of the
healthiest indulgences men and women
allow themselves, (b) He goes fur^
' ther than ; that. He claims that a
moderate consumption of • sweets" will'
prevent an immoderate consumption of
alcoholic stimulants, (c) In: brief, the
e&VBXit and many physicians are claim
ing for candy arid ice cream. the iden-S
tlcal virtues, in -a" lesser degree, per
haps, of : the ' gold cure. ; : A ? more • benefi
cial one, too/they add,, for. it actualiy
supplies the; system • with" a^ needed food
and medicine. /It would } BeemV c in fact,
th&t this learneajman.; with {the aid -of
the doctors, and with^ lthe[ 'candy/stores,
as living illustrations ; of -his ''novVi
statements, had I turned .iwmefeve^day l
facts topsy-turvy; " ; The f ffi-i
r Juribus effects \u25a0 'of \u25a0 jcandy2 ' an^ x^other \u25a0?
s wee ts upon \ the j jtee thf an df s tomachTar c'e '
; no;
'eating' .'of sweets , should be fMcouiraiedli
that^ the 1 system may < obtain a -correct
lrj ; ; Sugar} Is ;a : , nerved food 'and' stimulates
' the i;; nervouaTf system. To corroborate]
tfth^lr?state*ment's, t ';th^
,HhaU sugar, had* an'important?. place! ln:
«ther- pharraacopia. of- the physlclansTof i
|^hej far^A |]lmth^earl yj eji t uri esiflnd]
out Europe,' but for many yean contin
ued to be a costly luxury and article of
medicine > only. The Increasing use . of
tea and coffee In the eighteenth century
put 1 1 on : the ' list of the principal . food
staples. ' Therefore,' men not addicted to
drink Instinctively eat sweets to obtain
the sugar. But' they are Just beginning
to real lze this. •\u25a0\u25a0\u25a0\u25a0'. That one of th a. first -
thinks, baby' cried * for was 'sugar; that
the School children . teased for dimes
with which . to buy candy; that he car
ried his sweetheart a box of bonbons
when he went I to. call ; and that ; he took
his wife some variety of sweets as a
diplomatic apology for r being late •to
dinner. . All these , little ' everyday . Incl -
den ts' man, up Ito now,; Has- regarded as
the eh ar ac te ris tic and '; feminine ,pr I vl- . \u25a0
leges of women and •' children ' and \u25a0 nor
that they were heeding an /\u25a0 instinctive
call Jof i their.} bodies , for medicine. Nei
ther i did 5 it : occur to him 1 that £ he,- too,
\u25a0was I yielding to the , cry. of his body • for
sugar and i was supplying it : from -. an
other- source, v That " is. • of ; course. If he
.was a' man who drank,' for. brewers, dls
tillers and r liquor -' makers ,as well - as
confectloners.V use large quantities of
starch i sugar." v In I fact, I a drinking.* or : a \u25a0
nondrlnking \u25a0= man satisfies - the~ ; craving
of his system for sugar. *: According to
'one candy store proprietor this is much
•morel noticeable the 1 past, year.
'•- ;"We have four: regular'; customers," he
v "sald,*^ as I; ho \ deducted r* the ,price\ of ian "\u25a0
Ice-cream soda from 50 cents and passed
I a'; man at Tthe ' cashijwindow ,1 the] change. .
""About * 3 t; o'clock S every ?af ternoon and
;.early^in| the*.; evening,* shortly^ after dln-*i
men" eating
Ice J cream ; soda ?or t ! buying* candy. *,; No, ;
* they} don't; buyltlie* candy Uo 'give-away ,
;-as^ presents.*?;:; They ;buy| small" bags of ;
iithelr ' favorite < kinds-, to eat '• themselves.
iThey^begin? nibbling^ before?; they, get
~out-the cloor.wiOh£yes, they eat the sun-
\ daes^tbo/S/lThVy^re j as Jfond \u25a0 of i the \ dif-Y
:;ferent!fancyjmlxtures: r as (women.*'-You"-;( women.*' -You"-;
{can't I make \ anything J tooj elaborate i for .%
the I men. . . ' : Crumbled S macaroons, 7 pow- '\u25a0•-
i all Vtheii unusual i'coinbina-}
Hions;2'y6u^can7itWnksoffSUhey;reV/as 5
\ pleasedlwith andfas] fond of as' a/chlld.
>\V r eVelaiTeddy.ibearJsundae^justinowJ;
,; that's jj made ;/quite% a S hit: \u25a0> with Vthem.
; .There^ goes one; now ; to a>xnan,"£and '< he£
ito I a-'dish • "of I rainbow J hues! that fc
\ being^'carried \io% a' grayj. bearded^
ster n"|browed j man seated \u25a0at i one r of *\u25a0;
small Itables|in|thelback7of/,the^room.^
ATdimlnutlyei.Teddy^bearimadeT6f chqc^
olate^claaplng, tight iihihlsfßugaf^ arms 2
aj tiny,,! football fof ? pink i.h cream i'S stood i,
sen tinel I* oyer^ia'^low/j pyramid Kof -Ice
cream y surrounded iby^ strawberries fi in*
syrupy and % decorated f.bn'^j its •',; sloping ;
A sides *by J slices f of | orange.' :; The .waiter .
|plajced|it^gßayelyibeforevtheix : mlddleV
I aged arid % flanked i. the a parti- 1
Scoloredf dlsh^wlthlayiglasstofCwater?^
|There|was : rnottilng;,unußual> or.' amusing I
laboutl hlsjcustqmeri toi him.^>. Familiar- '*
I 1 ty with similar , v sights % had ; lessened '\u25a0
the $ Incongruity ."of ' the "sever© looking "
Businessman eating a dish that raisrht
have been served at a children's party.
Grandpa eating a Teddy bear sundae,
father consuming an "angel's kiss." or
a young man munching a chocolate
cream , ' cocktail, as It were, are no
longer novel sights In candy stores.
Another confectioner grew more con
fidential. _,-. ,
•They come :In s here,** he whispered,
"when they go on # the water wagon.
Why? Oh. I don't know. Have to
drink something, I suppose, and they
want something cold. That bind gen
erally takes Ico cream soda.** j
;-..: If : .-the- candyman didn't know why
the' temporary, temperance worker
sought . his *• soda water fountain as a
substitute^ for sptrltoua liquors, a
prominent physician did.
•:\u25a0'; "The v reason ;is \u25a0 simple enough." he
offered' in explanation. _ "Alcohol has an
affinity for water, and when a man
stops drinking, that dehydrates the tis
sues and he Is thirsty. Sometimes, In
fact often, he takes another drink.
thereby consuming .more alcohol In
stead of water which Is what his body
needs. If, however, ' he's made up his
mind to stop drinking, he finds that
tee cream soda' supplies his abused sys
tem with \ what It's calling . for/ and.
much to his surprise, he discovers that
it satisfies. The reason for this he •
probably- doesn't know ' unless * his -doc
tor has ?. told him." vTo begin with, the
cold soda quenches his ; thirst, and * the
effervescence i feelst good to -bis Jade*i
palate." .. He , is hungry.', too, and so hei
takes. ice cream-*in; his soda, that. ha' v
may «* eat something, 1 ; for. -the alcoholic :
Btlmulant removed, his tody asks for "
; food-t: That j the^drlnk satisfies him Is
due^ to ; the sugar . ln v the cream. "which ,
furnishes: the required nerve stimulant,
the very reason for; which he .was in
dulging, in: alcoholic "drinks. « He didn't
know, v probably. ; that " all : sugars" are •
liable ;£to '!-. fermentative : changes," and,
under, suitable 'conditions,* suffer vinous I
fermentation;'? thaf is, 5^ they." break *up
substantially Into ._ carbonic >. acid and *
alcohol. T:,'AndKwhaf«is^ alcohol but ,T, T a ~
volatlle r orsanic body .constantly.' formed " :
during J the fermentation -of i vegetable ;
Juices V- containing * sugar ,; in ; ; solution ? '
Andjwhen \ it T ls:cohsideredltha>t ! alcohol '\u25a0\u25a0
.will '/even * absorb^ witer I from the/ at
mosphere; if jlef tiexpo"sed,;addedrto ' the i
factffthat i,itimixes> I wlth" water i In; all ':
iprbporti6ns.' i aridithat,f during the dllu
* UonT there i is; a^'considerable; amount {of '\u25a0\u25a0
'neat; evolved.Twhat } man,"/ arid * the' doc
tor' smiled f medicinally,^suffering ; from '\u25a0\u25a0\u25a0
;an JoyerindulgenceJ in Xthe^ Ycup/ . that -
cheers las 3 well r ;as Ji inebriates, * doesn't
f eel; the cold fslippery.'cream * grateful : to
Ia "> heated ?; tongue.""or ; the 'sharp," " cool
soda j soothing; to > &\ thirsty* system ? < If -
:h: he ;could : but : know;as"he' snuggles close'
to 5- the"i hu ge y. block Vof y ice \ that Xrests r.
upon- the^marblefcounter, 1 and partakes
bf/a"dlsh v that has! always been, called \u25a0''
'the \.-._ boarding i school ? A girl's l /favorite, .
what *aaj excellent : substitute; he's tak-
In sr for the sold caret An<s the man
who Invented the sweet drink concoc
tion." the doctor Queried, "was he In
spired, or how else could he tell , how
exactly an ice cream soda would fit tn'i
needs of the mas who bids the demon
alcohol farewell and takes the driver's
seat on the aqueous cart? Did h» for
a moment think that the "water
wagon" would ever bo known as the lea
cream water wagon?"
Bnt the savant of tue Quaker state
and tha doctors -of San Francisco as
wen claim for candy and other sweets
the virtues Tot mare than a . substitute
for strong.drlaki. They, claim It will
cure a desire for alcohoL
"Get a man t$ eat candy." said a
popular physician," "and he won't drink.
Good old rye whisky will taste to him
like brine. The reason for this Is that
candy Itself has tha required stimulant.
and when he attempts to drtnk liquor
at the same time he'll get an overdose
of nervous stimulation and that tends
to nausea. Nearly all fathers who ob
ject to their children eating candy,
claiming that It's Injurious to the!?
health, are men who drink. Naturally.
the candy doesn't 1 , appeal to them. I
now recommend candy to many of my
men patients. I tell them to eat less
luncheon and eat candy as a dessert.
These patients are men who- lead busy,
tense lives and whose nervous systems
need building up. I suggest the plainer
candles, of course. Chocolate creams,
old fashioned molasses and the different
Another physician used Germany as
an illustration of the much discussed
"In Germanyjmly the pampered chil
dren of the very rich get candy at all."
he : , said. "A glazed tart or a candled
fruit takes the place of the American
confection." Tna reason for this ts that
Germany,: is; a beer drinking nation,
andibeer has great quantities of sugar
and alcohoL Fermentation takes. place
through, ihe yeast fonsus, and that
thrives on sugar. Aaomer reason that
a man who eats candy I j benefited by
it is because he li>rartably drinks water
afterward, and none of us drink enough
water.' The reason that candy and ice
cream make him thirsty Is because
sugar is a saccharine aalt. Ib* urns
reason tuakes' a drinking man thirsty,
but he generally takes another ctriax.*
\u25a0 And . so, perhaps, as the number of
masculine consumers of Ico cream and
c%ndy," Increases, a , temperance reform
movement may unconsciously "take
placer- that will be minus an organiza
tion and whose platform 'will consist of
sweet* nothings.
'Perhaps science will accomplish mors
than^Carria ; Nation's : hatchet." and IS9
day may come when the workman iwlll
separate i{ himself from a\u25a0: part of i his
weekly,-. wage 'at-the confectioner's for
stick I candy.'c Instead \u25a0of f sending WI1I1 «
around « the corner vrWx th« eaa whsa
ho gets boa*.

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