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Nature's oddity, the birds which can
not fly, are to be saved from extinction
by the New Zealand government. Photo
graphs and an interesting story in
Cannot Appear Among Su
pervisorial Nominees of
the League
Good Government Body Has
Not Power to Make
All Parties Will Have Their
Orators at Work l Be
fore the Week Ends \
By John Taylor Waldorf
The disqualification of .Cyril L.
Tobia leaves the good govern
ment league ticket one supervisor
short. Instead of 18 candidates it
has 17, although the democrats have
a full list When Tobin, who had
made himself inelegible by voting
ence from his country home in San
Mateo within the last five years,
put in his resignation at the elev
enth hour the democrats substituted
the name of William Broderick, but
the leaguers, having done their
numlnatlnK^by petition, had no power
to make a substitution. Although the
-league will Indorse Broderick his name
will not appear In Its party column.
Of the 32 candidates presented by .the
democrats be alone will have but one
place on the ballot. la order that this
state of affairs will not cost him any
votes the league 13 expected to call
ospec!al attention to his candidacy and
: oquest its members and friends not to
\u25a0overlook his name.
All the political parties count on
ravins their campaigns' In tnll swing
before the week ends. The union labor
county committee \rtll meet tonight
. r.n organize at Its headquarters in the
Arcade building. Thomas F. Finn of
the **Bix Six** is slated to succeed
Thomas F. Eagaa as chairman and
James A. Wilson is to be elected secre
tary. The campaign committee .also
-will be named. Formal opening of the
campaign Is to take place "Wednesday
night, when P. H. McCarthy, nominee
for mayor, and Ills associates on the
*.abor ticket win address a mass meet
>!(? in Walton's pavilion.
The democratic county committee
win meet and organize tomorrow nlgfct
In Sierra hall. Native Sons* building.
Chairman Hickey la to retain his place.
The campaign committee will be ap
pointed and the date of the opening of
the campaign announced. '
Daniel A. Ryan, republican nominee
for mayor, returned from Byron Springs
last night. He will confer today with
;<ristrlct leaders and the campaign com
mittee will be named tonight. Ko date
for the meeting of the county commlt
t** has been eet. The first mass meet-
Itss of the campaign will be held
Wednesday or Thursday evening.
"I met many Taylor men at Byron.**
:s&ld Ryan to his friends at headquar
ters; -but," he added, "all of them vote
in. Alameda county." *
The straw vota man was in evidence
yesterday et Ryan's headquarter*. One
poll, said to have been taken at the
Risdon iron works Saturday by George
.Cavanaugb, time keeper of that Insti
tution, ran as follows: Ryan 297, Tay
lor 120, McCarthy 66, Reguln (social
ist) 60.
Another poll was labeled Pope & Tal
bot lumber yards. The figures were:
.Ryan 25, Taylor 8. McCarthy 7. scatter
ing 10. It was presumed that "scatter
ing" meant Reguin, the only other caa
' Followers of P. IL McCarthy when
told of these straw votes laughed and
called them fakes. Ryan men said that
the Taylor vote at t&e Risdon was
larger than they expected, but cr r
plained it by saying that Captain Tay
.lor. brother of the mayor, was man
ager of the works for many years.
Residents of the :thirty-sixtb assem
bly district have organized a Daniel A.
Ryan club, with the following officers:
President, Eugene PfaefSe; first vice
president. Charles Mayer; -second vice
president, -Walter S. Pierce; third vice
president. .Charles Baker; secretary.
Otto Cramer; treasurer, Fred Bates;
sergeant at arris, John Bingham; "cam
paign committee —^William Steinha us
er. A, Gilfeather, Henry Jacobson, John
MeEwen, Charles Duncan, Louis Silver
man and Alfred Stroath; executive com
mittee—Arthur Clack, George Mayer.
Joseph Blarney, George Matherson, Wll
•Hara A- Davis, O. J. Liillestol, David;
Rurk, Samuel Adler. Charles Huf
rr.hmidt. Dr. Winch, Emil Stroath,
Tames Bonney. Harry Fitzgerald, -A. j
George Fauser, Robert Rock-*
witz, Joseph Laurlcello, A- Dolllngei\
Frod Juip.lllna, Edward Wands. Fred
Cou tin ued on Page 2, Middle . Column' 4
The San Francisco Call.
YESTERDAY — Cl*ar; maximum temperatara,
64; minimum, . 66. -
FORECAST FOE TODAY— Fair; light v«t
v. - \u25a0--.!., -\u25a0'\u25a0\u25a0;
wind. Page 9
Mac Wood produces two letters alleged to bo
from Sjnator ' Platt in Trhielr marriage la re
ferred to by the writer. • Pase 1
Negro desperado «who shot policemen Is kicked
and shot to death by mob in - Cumberland,
Maryland. ' • - - Page 3
Fairbanks cocktail episode 'leads German-
American association to _ score Methodists 'as
narrow minded. • Page 3
Camden police fall to solre the mystery sur
rounding the murder of little . girl wto»e body
was found la a thicket.' ' * Page 3
Company that supplies poetofflce department
witb stamped enrelopes accused of having de
frauded the gorernment of 1425,000 by using
an Inferior grade of paper. Page 1
' Pot containing 6,000 pounds of molten metal
Is OTerturned upon workmen la a - steel plant
and many, are borrlbly burned. Page 0
Japanese immigration thus . far this year Is
doable that of 1906 and more inspectors are or
dered to Canadian border. Page 3
Europe Is far ahead of United States in solv-
Ing problems of aerial navigation, la opinion of
Wellman's assistant. . js Page 3
Sob of Mormon leader plans to break power
of hlerarcsy through new "American" parry of
malcontents. Page 9
- Charles M. Maxwell Jr. must .. face Jail for
refusal to pay alimony If he wishes to share in
big fortune left by his father. Pace 3
Hew York speculative market is quiet owing
to disposition to await clearing of «n«n/-tiii at
\u25a0moephere. . Page 8
Famous Texas hunter Joins % the president's
party and will lead him to where bears are"
plentiful. Page 3
Great Britain win pay Bandit Ralsull $150,000
to secure the release of Caid - Sir Barry Me- 1
Lean. ' Page 3 ,
Earrlman and Gould lines prepare to fignt the
Mcffatt road In northwestern Colorado. Page 3
Japan wilrce reasonable. Pagre 6
. X water front realty boom. . Page 9
Clearing the groend to punish rebaters. Page 8
GRAFT. . r
Grand Jury will inreetlgate accusations of , the
us* of brib* money in an attempt to procure the
acquittal of Tirey JL. Ford. .. Pace 6
Same of William Broderlek, who saeceeds
Cyril I*. Tobln as a superrlsorlal nominee. of the
Good Government league, cannot appear npon
that party's ticket: | Page 1
Halsey's confession In connection wiuV the
telephone bribery cases is awaited by tb* prose
cutors.: Grand Jury Is ready to start an tirres
tlgatlon into tbe charges mad* by . Ralsey
against Attorney Bras S. PlUsbary. - Page 1
Two sailors of cruiser St. Louis who lost
their lives while on duty buried at Yerba
Bueni. Pace 7
Yeggmen ara arrested after an attempt to
break the safe in a piano store* Page 13
John Darh&m, a blind man, is held up by fear
highwayman. Numerous other robberies are re
ported. Page T
Former Congressman Magntre.wiQ be asVed to
advise "unfavored** shippers bow they can se
cure redress for losses suffered through Southern
Pacific's discrimination against teem. " Page 1
Mob attempts to wreck Saa Mateo ear which
strikes John Cunaa. Page U
Thousands of • citizens pay farewell visits . to,
fleet of warships, anchored In the bay. Pase 13
Sailor of Maryland's crew shipwrecked while
naking pleasure cruise on Barbary coast and
pirate makes off with uniform. Pase 7
Feast of the rosary la impressively observed In
the Catholic churches of the city. Page T
Elopement of Captain William E. Gunn from
New - York j with a beautiful stenographer sur
prises friends la San Francisco, where be for
merly lived. Page 12
Masked highwayman robs a summer garden
resort In Ban BaXaal and compels victims to
drink with him. «. Page 13
William CnUders of Berkeley ctabt son, Ed
ward, because he Is refused admittance to their
home. • Page a
Steady demand for. home properties li tfat
feature of Alameda eousty real estate. Page 4
First Baptist canrcb of Oakland holds monthly
musical service. Page 4
Trolley pole - pelted off wire loads to car col
lision in. which youths who are said to have
caused accident axe severely hurt. • * Page 4
Complications In . case : of ,Ererett B. Taylor,
missing automobile agent of Oakland, . delay
legal action. . \u25a0 P*ge 4
Fire In St. John's Episcopal chorea, at corner
of Elgntb and Grove streets, Oakland, causes
$2,000 loss. Page 4
Soctn San Francisco committee completes ar
rangements for celebration *of opening of Bar
Shore cutoff. Page 3
Unidentified woman is decapitated by a
Southern Pacific engine in Oakland and her
male companion disappears. . Page 4
Racing crew of > the cruiser Maryland con-
Unuea Its victorious career by ; defeating v the
repreaentatlvea of the St. Ixrols. Page S
Pitcher Henderson or Stockton shuts out Oak
land state leaguers without a hit, while, Whalen
Is touched . for 17. - Page 5
Edward TroUer another eastern turfman who
has decided to race his stable at Oakland, p. 5
nugby team of PaUr Alto high* school engages
Spence of the Barbarians to coach it Page B
v - White steamer, with Ross B. Main at Wheel/
scales Mount Diablo, 3,800 feet Ugh. Page 7
McLoughlln, Long, FoUsy and Gardner '\u25a0 reach
the semifinals in the bay counties singles 1 tennis
tournament. VugH 5
Miss Emily captures the Eclipse stake at In
gleslde coursing park. Pace's
Steamship ' Strathnairn . brings ! largo cargo ;of
coal from Newcastle."- . Page 9
\ Preliminary ; report of United States geologi
cal Burrey dlsc&ssea diamonds .. and -other gems
found in Oallfdrnla. . I 'Pose S
SOCIAL -. [JMi'" 1 V -
• Club women -are i-.preparlnp for cotnln^busy
tscasoD .b/ taking rest during. tem porary
lull. ,>, J Pase C
Will Meet Today to Form
Plans- for Vigorous • ;. \u25a0
Ex-Congressman Maguire Is
to Lead Them in the
Coming Battle £
Opposition to District Attor
ney's Handling Case
Incensed at the disclosures made by
representatives of large shippers '\u25a0. and
by traffickmen of the Sotuhern Pacific
to Interstate Commerce Comrnisiorier
Franklin K. Lane, a committee com
posed of representatives from many
independent concerns doing business
in this city will meet this ' afternoon
to discuss ways and means for secur
ing redress for the losses they have
suffered. Congressman Ma
guire will be asked to attend the con
ference and also ..will >be requested to
act as attorney for the small or "un
favored" shipper. Prior to his de
parture for the east Saturday after
noon Commissioner Lane was consulted
by representatives of many, firms in the
clt- as to possible steps for - securing
redress. Owfng to his official position
he^ was unable to advise them regard
ing their course of action, but he sug
gested that their attorneys be consulted
and steps ' taken -at their advice. - The
matter being; one which undoubtedly
will affect the entire state, as well, as
the city of San Francisco, the commit
tee determined- to proceed-c autiously
and:: as .-secretly^ asrposalble,jin ordeVf
to avoid possible interference from ..the'
railroad. '\u25a0\u25a0£/' "">•-.] .:.'''" "/'." '':*/.&'';*'•'\u25a0 .
Recently \u25a0 the Potrero commercial and
manufacturing -.traffic - association -at
tempted to secure ; the 00-operation of
many of the larger firms In the city In
the formation of a . traffic association
which would materially reduce rates on
transcontinental \ and . state } shipments.
In this attempt the movers were foiled
because the very, largest flrmaj on whom
they, were to; a measure compelled to
rely,- refused to join in the project.- The
reason then given" was that' as the
firms '.alreadyV had | traffic " r managers' of
their own it would be 'useless. for. them
to enter Into such a combination. Re
cent developments have" shown : con
clusively why certain large corporations,
whose : names were brought out in the
evidence presented to: the 'interstate
commerce commission, did hot care to
enter into such an agreement. They
were getting bedrock rates, far lower
than they could hope to secure by any
natural process, ; such as was suggested
by the traffic association! " • • <
More than a little friction between
erstwhile friends'in the business world
has been developed because of the rev
elations made to Lane. As was stated
in the published reports ; of the inves
tigation, most of the rebates were glvsn
solely for the purpose of influencing
interstate shipments, although given
on' state business. 'This is a matter
which, the merchants,; say,' should have
been known and met by the. state. board
of railroad commissioners. What this
body .has done, 1 * it \u25a0 hn» • doae^ anything,
is pot public property 'nor do the men
most vitally concerned know of a single
act during tha past (18 • year*, they «ay<
by /.which! the . state] board has \u25a0 tried to
protect th© smajl shipper from the ra
pacity ,of the j railroad and • its friends.
With this f idea in i yUtyr-, today 1 * meef>
ing> of- the ; committee will be devotoU
largely to .planning; how,'. if possible,
the ; present board jmay, be driven '.from
office, or at ; least '* f bread .^ to f ulflll the
functions which are legally, laid upon' it.
, : Shippers little and big; doing ; business
In -the state have been " infbraiedVre
peatedlF by the [ secretary of the" board
that the board had not in its possession
the state rates; = that -it • did s not ' know
them and Jif information was deelred
the shipper must go . direct to ' the road
which .was. cutting his {throat.; Efforts
will be made ito \u25a0 secure * special ' 1 egisla
tion during the coming session", of *f the J
legislature and the, . 'governor will i. be
asked to Include 4 a statement -on the
situation ; in his . annual message ta the
law making body of xthe state. -- .i'
' 'For months the men .behind the Traf
fic, association 'idea*'' have j been in": com
munication ; shippers; from interior
points and a massjof evidence has been
piled up, , which, , the .; lnvestigators say,*
will [ startle ; the ' state ; when* it comes to
light.'* The records of ' transactions • over
the; Southern 'Pacific; prior) to.? the fire
were inTtnat"*catastrophe, said
the; lawyer si- of -.the! rood >bef ore ? the in
terstate commission^ recently, itout there
ar e bb t h e r ways and \ mean s' 'of ! 'oh itai n In g
it than r through the railroad and " these
Continued oi> Page 2, Middle, Coluuso 5
Rumors That Bribe Money
.Was Used Instigates
Inquisitors 3w
Alleged Sale of Votes for ,
. "the Acquittal of the
:^^: : - ..-\u25a0\u25a0\u25a0— ._-
Angered by Statements At
tributed to Attorney
-•; ; Earl: Rogers /;
Persistent rumors to the effect that
bribe money was used freely in an
effort -to procure an acquittal for
Chief Counsel Tirey L. IFor'iToi the
United Railroads in his trial,' which
resulted Saturday in a disagreement
of the jury, and that several' mem
bers of the jury were tampered with
by agents of the defense be
fore and after ; their, acceptance as
jurors, - are ' to'fb'e investigated ':. by the
grand jury "at a meeting .which has
been 'called for tomorrow. Rumors'
that the Ford jury was, "fixed" gained
broad circulation during the last'days
of the trial, apd foilqwing the an
nouncement of the disagreement open
charges were made In certain quarters
that money wak passed, the names of .
the .jurors alleged to have sold their
votes being mentioned. While. the pros
ecution , refuses ;to discuss any matters \u25a0;
pertaining to' the Jury, and has carefully
avoided any reference that might look
like" a' reflection "on- the integrity, of
any jiiror,-it ; is nevertheless true; that
the, prosecution has" evidence , In, its
posseeslon which Js deemed o|^ suflleJent
importance to liead to an inquiry. ; This
[~*.j-P ' be--- pjti'ceS^ -before • the
grand" Jufry \Weeki «^%vi . >• ' •.
; -**.1-.,-.. 1 -.,-. t- ;:••.•-\u25a0 \u25a0-\u25a0jX.. : i*i»" \u25a0-\u25a0rvv..-!. .-• -- - \u25a0 '. -
. * District ; Attorney. Lahgdpn an d Spe
cial Agent_ Burns chaye_ refused abso
lutely, to discuss the rumors of -jury
fixing. Asked directly If they had evi
dence against any.' member -or' mem
bers of the Jury^ they remained silent,
but they 'did not' deny,? and .this very
silence allows of an explanation of the
failure of : the, prosecution to put Rucf
on the .witness stand In .the Ford'trlal,
as was originally^ intended. The Jurors*
who ; voted .' for-; an' acquittal -attributed
their, opinion to 'the r f act that Riief was
not . called. If - the !"3rbsecutlon . feared
prior 'to . \u25a0 the conclusion .• of • the trial
that members of, the jury had been ap
proached, the. reason for keeping Ruef
off the stSnd : was apparent.' V
\u25a0 The ; second : Fofd' trial will be begun
a week from today- and there. Is. little
doubt >that .< Ruef. will^ be ', called as -a
witness this time, though the - prosecu
tion; etili believes i that the case against
Ford, \u25a0\u25a0 even .without Ruef's testimony,
is a«perfect one. ' " '.'":'- . \u25a0 .
* "I ; decline vto make ' any fcommsnt
about* the Jury," "sald^Burns yesterday,
"but I am absolutely certain that with
an honest jury to : try Ford-there can
be no other" verdict -than that of
guilty."-' :' _- . i.
Burns was highly inoetised yesterday
over the statement attributed to Attor
ney; Earl Rogers j6£; the defense, in
which he referred to Burns as a subor
ner ]of : perjury. .When Rogers' , state
ment ' was mentioned he expressed hie
entire 'contempt J tar . th« source from
which it originated, and made a declar
atlonVrefli'otlnißr on Rogers" habit*. S H«
continued:. /
;> "Roc«rs' -. methods, are .well known,
and so | far as I ' caa ; learn he never did
win a ' case '\u25a0 on r ttsTTf merits, : : but ' alwaysj
through bhicanery. I have been •„ told
by people . of" Libs ' Angeles,' • where he
lives, that *such is his reputation in that
city/-- :\u25a0' \ : :^- : "\u25a0\u25a0/;'\u25a0''\u25a0\u25a0_\u25a0 ~jsMk
'•His statemint' virtually amounts to
an open charge, doe* it not?".' Burns
was -asked.'.; 2 - \u25a0\u25a0:--V'rT : -:. \u25a0";.:.\u25a0 , \u25a0 . :. .; ;,
, ."When . he ; says I\u25a0 am a suborner : of
per Jury -he; is a. liar,'*,.; was the answer.
-"I defy .: him 0r ..." anybody, else 'to show,
that I have ever bad any hand in such
a.thing.:. thing. : ' I \u25a0 suppose he \ bases ; his stats
ment^ on .what; Boxton; said onithejwit
ness- stand '"'in -^ the - Glassy trial V about
befng". told . by. m* : to'* deny r that ,' he. \ had
"confessed : taking money, i That was" «x
plained-by Boxtbn : himself, later;' andlit
Is * clear "to everybody'- that at the 5 time
of 1 the occurrence ; referred ; to we ware
making^every effortitb keep the -con
fessions f fom i the 'newspapers, and \u25a0' I
advised the -supervisors not* to '> admit
that^they had confessed. • 1 \u25a0\u25a0'\u25a0•;
. '*Tnere isn't anyj abuse, however, that
comes from • any •of \ the defendants > or
their friends, or anything^ they can ';'ia"r
orJdo.^that^wirrdeteVme'frbrn -perform- 1 ,
ing'my.dutyV^Ro'gers sWys the Irish"'are
quitters. -\u25a0 I'll - leave -• it to the „ people
of San \u25a0 Francisco ;when -we are
with '-. investigatibn,' .whether) Tmjra
quitter.-andSl'milrlsh'.'at'ithat ; ' ' :
,' "I "understand ftti'at- Porter Ashe has
Contlaucd on" raff's. Middle Tcluma 3
Halsey's promised Confession in Phone
Bribery Is Awaited by Prosecutors
S. Pillsbury, a -well known attorney , who is accused of
complicity} in the telephone bribery cases (upper) , and : Theodore V.
Halsey, who, in the 'of saving : himself and his brother in * law.
Louis Glass, is ready to give the grand jury (he details of the corrupting
of 'the .supervisors; • ... • ~\ \ ",
Ik Wood Says Platt
Admitted -Marriages
Produces Two Letters
to Have^Been Written;by:
-.-/the Aged Senator- ] W
Special by Leased _. WireJoThtCall |
NBW^TdßK?*,qct.. 6.^-InVhVr.sult
againtt-lUnited'-Ststes' Senator- Thomas
jC^Platt^ Mac .Wood ' that ' Platt
wrote -her/ the following letter: ; . !• •
'\u25a0\u25a0\u25a0 *'"\u25a0'*-" \u25a0; : : "Decenfber^T 12, , 1906.:
My Dear ,j Mae: ,; I am vwilltng to, admit
you are» my legal-; wife and: will:, »lgn
\u25a0uoh \'*{ stat.eraen't' B . arid: do'- Irrevocably
and nnoon d|tlonallr,jwalye y my rlght'un -
der<tbe .law-'to via .in- any>wiae ; the
papers \u25a0 signed '- by ; you t in > October,* _ 190 3,'
as X know the same were * illegally ob_
tained through : fraud and duress. Fur- 1
ther than '} tils, i l -am unable'^to right
toW',wrbnis 1 -you',have**sufferedr Lr Be ,pa-.
tient *ri'd'iUeat^a;ltttle longer^ when' ail
will -be : well," 'and ' believe me,- yours
truly," .V r " ,
* The senator says he never .saw, much
iessTpenned!such,a : letter; and*' declares,
the only knowledge he has of it'is conf'
tamed In \u25a0 veiled references f made by
Miss .Wood in 'her cbfrespon'd<sace;. Next
to • her marriage ; certiflcate," which; Platt
also declares 2 to be • a f orgery.i Mlsa
Wood thinks tn"e letter; is her strongest
proof.'V-'^'---V-'^- : 5-"'V' .-\u25a0,:'...". ,\u25a0\u25a0 /•• " ; ' *: \u25a0
'.trXhbther of.- the k papers * "which '; Miss
WoodT has been ' v to ~flle -for the
inspection * of / Platt's £ counsel i purports
to be^ an ? autograph* letter, from ; Senator
Platt;writteniNovernber.B;tlflol; the'day
before '< the 7 alleged * marriage • ceremony ]
was i performed^ at-< the :* Fifth 'Avenue :
hotel. i ; The- letter jreAds: - ,: \u25a0— •
,X- ."Friday.^ Nov. :
"bear Katherlne: -Jit : may" be that I '<
may":; not?' arrive': at ,V i th'ej hotel — till I 6
o'clock*: ti You occupy,; your r rpbfn
(158); tlli!l r conie; arid; signal ybujthat I '\u25a0
am v occupying $ next* you.'? :j Dinner >*.will
be ! ready; at \ 6 : 3 0 , and \ we } will \ be 7 ready
tor. it.". f l sent you a,card ; by note to you ;
this'afternoon telling / you;that ! : l i expect
ed- you'at"* o'clock. ~ J Sincerely - yours, .
\u25a0•'. ' r :J:* : ; '-'i-^-"' * '\u25a0\u25a0.\u25a0' .\u25a0-•? '?-• \u25a0 -'"'\u25a0 •'--;'*'\u25a0**'.; "-".'\u25a0 "?/'"'
;.;c6ncerning| this 'letter,^ Miss • Wood
says:: " ; v'-"-/'o^a> \u25a0' *•\u25a0*; ''\u25a0\u25a0•\u25a0•\u25a0\u25a0-=' ~'}V;-'-~'- - \u25a0\u25a0\u25a0^'\u25a0,
VI kept the made, in this
note h from ithe isenator. "j, : The. fobin,' No.'
1 58.S was lin I the ;Fif thf Aven ue~ hotel j and
adJolned^Platt's^suite.'^whlch, consisted;
of j ,a' 'parlor,* aTsleepingfapartment; and a
\u25a0 bathroom,\au'mbered & 1 59 f and " 1 60:yi v We
.were if married i ; , lnl< myii rbbmu Saturday !
eveningjand vT:' renjAlaa4j until ;tllS T fS I "
lQwinffjMohday.'?; ;* : \u25a0 \ ; ' >
-'\u25a0 . - -.*-\u25a0. ,--..\u25a0-.'
Recent excayationji in Palestine have
confirmed the bible and explained many
strange things about the Canaanites. See
: the article, next Sunday, in-
Accused of Defrauding
Company That Supplies Siamped
r * Envelopes Uses Inferior
Z ':'\u25a0 '...; r - Grade of Papei • >
\u0084 "WASHINGTON", Oct.. : 6.— Postmaster
General Meyer. has suspended the pay
ment: of •Tnoneys* due" from i his depart-.
ment t to : the; Hartford
company of Hartford, Cojin./ ; and' has
submitted: the -matter to the. attorney
general 'for > such' further action as may
be deemed. proper^ ,' '.''.
The Hartford • manufacturing -.com
pany,^ up' to v last, ' supplied tha
'stamped , envelopes " , and ' . newspaper
. wrappeiiis^sold at postoffices. Chemical
analysis of 'samples hare disclosed that
the^ oomposition "of ; the envulope paper
has' been bslow^th* , requirement of the
; contract, and, aocordlag to the compu
tations \u25a0of the" experts: of "the poatofflca
•\u25a0department itheV'company^ has '\u25a0 in* the
['last four;" years" benefited l to, the' extent
! of about $425,000. --_.
.One! of ' the manufacturers \u25a0 who snip
plLed'paper to -, the" company has ad
mitted •' to \u25a0' thei< postmaster \u25a0 general's
agents : that his firm*, furnished" dlffßr
ent\and cheaper material than specified
In. the contract, and that it was origin
ally - so- made .at the instance of , the
Hartford ''manufacturing/ company. '
• -.--' "••\u25a0 ,--\u25a0\u25a0 \u25a0 \u25a0 \u25a0 1 • \u25a0" in*' ; '' \u25a0•\u25a0\u25a0\u25a0\u25a0\u25a0\u25a0-\u25a0 _
Impertinent No; 1?
Wftaffs an -Affinity?
For the- moitj original or wittieit answer to this c(ues
.bonr-rand thebriefervthe better--The Gill will pay
F|VE' : DOLb^% five answers
The Gall will r^ONEDpLLAR each. PrW
::rwirinirig; ;^'hswers;wll;''feVpmtca next Wednesday
and; checks mailed to the winners at once. Male
; your answer -short and address it to
v \u25a0•*- \u25a0 \u25a0 . \u25a0
No Promise "of Immunity v
to Be Made in Return
: for Testimony
Louis Glass Is Not Likely i
to Profit by the New
Docs; Not Come Forward to ,
Deny the Charges -
""Against Him ' :
Theodore V. _ Halsey's promise •
to break his long silence and tell:
in full the details of the bribery of,
the old board of supervisors which'
he, as outside agent of the Pacific
States telephone company, exe
cuted in its behalf may turn the
batteries of the prosecution on
Evan S. Pillsbury, clubman, capi
talist, corporation attorney and'
member of San Francisco's most,
exclusive society set. If the ac-j
count given by Halsey to mem-i
be'rs of his family and which ;he!
proposes to place in the hands of j
the prosecu t iorr-fe*" true, PiHsbary |
is implicated in the Pacific States;
telephone bribery, to an. extent;
th,at ; means quick indictment. 1
Halsey, says that it was Pillsbury,!
as j general counsel of the "cdrn-J
pany, who ordered him to pay the :
bribes to the -supervisors, and:
Pillsbury who derided him as a
bungler when his plans were up
set by. the more successful bribery!
plans of . the Pacific telephone torn
pany's : rival, the Home. '
. Halsey's story, as told members of
his family and a* published in The Call
yesterday, paints E..S. Pillsbury ia un
attractive colors. Plll3bury has lonar
been known in San Franelsoo as a**"
leading member of the bar. a. corpora- 1
tlon lawyer- who has handled th»is-,
tf rests of such mammoth' concerns as ,
the Standard oil company, and otb*r
great > corporations, and a prominent
society man. His recent marriage intf>
a wealthy family, was an event' is so-'.
cial circles, and he ha j but lately com
pleted a. magnificent new residence on.
Pacific heights. ..,"'..'.
• On a. Call representative telephoning
PHlsbury'9 residence yesterday after
noon, asking If he was there, th© an
»*-er cime: , ....
'"I will call him.":'
• vA ! few moment* * later the question
,was asked: "Who wishes to speak with'
WmT* .
"A Call representative."
•TTait a 1 * momenta pleas*.", said ths
vole* en the other «ad of the wire.
Then, after another pause, came the
aanouace msnt: •'
,' '"He, i« 'not at hojns." .
.. Halsey's promised conresslon has nok
been placed in the hands of-thft prosa-'
cutors. When It is given to" them n»
time will be "t" t lost in bringing it before
the grand Jury with. tha object of se
curing PiUsbury's indictment and that
of .any , other official, of ' th© company,
whom it* may . tend .to Involve la th»
company's crooked work. Halsey hat
but .the "one desire to aave himself an!
Continued on Pas* 3, Colnma 3

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