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Children of nearly all the races are
natives of San Francisco. Many of these
types have been photographed and the
pictures . will* appear in
The Sunday Call
Anthony Brady's Disclos
ures Rival Those in In
surance Scandal
Metropolitan Securities Com
pany Robbed of an
Enormous Sum
Charges Involve Thomas F.
Ryan and Late William
C. Whitney
Special by Leased Wire to The Call
NEW YORK. Oct. B.— Seated be
tween Commissioners Wilcox and
Eustis. District Attorney Jerome, a
spectator at today's session of the
Tnterborough-Metropolitan inquiry
before the public service commission,
listened to some of the most start- ;
ling testimony he has ever heard
given under oath outside of a crimi
nal court. He saw Anthony N.i
Brady, one of the wealthiest of New
York capitalists, take the witness
pt^nd and heard Brady virtually ac
. use Thomas F. Ryan and the late
William C. Whitney, both of New
York, and Peter A. B. Widener,
Thomas. Dolan and the late William
1,. Elkins. ail of Philadelphia, of hav
ius looted th»? treasury of the Metro
politan securlti** company In a single
transaction in the sum of f 115,652.78
So far a* the record rt the inquiry j
stnn«js nothing tangible in explanation
or extenuation has been offered to
warrant a milder characterisation of
Brady's narrative.
Bredy in lESS acquired control ©f the
property and franchises of the Wall and
Cortlandt street ferries railway com
pany, a paper corporation which never
had laid a rail. imi. which. .Beady, re
garded as having franchises sufficiently
valuable to make It a good Investment
at a cost to him of about $250,000. Then,
as now. Anthony N. Brady was a pow
rrful factor in the Brooklyn rapid tran
sit pyttem across the East, river bridge.
while William C. Whitney was then the
moving spirit in the Metropolitan street
railway system of Manhattan.
A'-'-ording to Brady's testimony,
Vhitney came to him in 1902, suggested
that the Metropolitan Interests did not
relish the idea of Brady obtaining
Manhattan railway franchises, and of
f«=red to take the Wall and Cortlandt
street ferry railway company off his
hands at cost In behalf of the Metro
politan eocuritles company, and Brady
h greed to the sale rather than cause
friction with the Whitney Interests.
When the time came for settlement.
Brady testified, he received from the
Metropolitan securities company a
'•heck fgned by Thomas P. Fowler,
then its president, not for the $250,000
or thereabouts which the purchased
franchise had cost him, but for $965.
\u2666".'"•7.19. Brady identified his indorsement
upon this check, proving that he had
raFhed it or deposited it to his account
In conformity with an agreement
previously made he then drew his per
sonal check for these sums: to the or
der of Moore and Schley. brokers, os
tensibly for brokerage charges. $134.
025.52. and to Thomas F. Ryan, TTII-
I.am C. Whitney. Thomas Dolan, Peter
A. B. "STldener and William L. Elkins.
#ech t111.652.78.
No reason appeared In the testimony
\u25a0why this division of more than half a
million dollars at the expense of the
securities company should have been
trade to the five capitalists named.
According to Brady, he derived no
profit whatever through the transac
tion, but merely received the amount
of a loan negotiated by him from the
Central trust company for the purpose
of purchasing the Wall and Cortland
Ftreet corporation, together with the
added Increment of accumulated In-;
terest upon that loau_ amounting in
all to about 1250.000.
A* the l amou* traction syndicate. ;
well known In the surface railway af- j
fairs of both New York and Phildel
phia, the five men named by Brady had i
been closely associated for years In
financial affaire. With most of them,
and especially with Ryan. Brady him
self had close corporation affiliation,
notably In the consolidated gas com
jiany. In which he and Ryan have been
generally regarded as controlling fac
tors. . ' •. ;
Before tbe death of Elkins he and
Widener jointly controlled the traction
\u25a0interests of Philadelphia and other
cities. • . >
Thomas Dolan has been one of the.
leaders in tbe United gas Improvement
company and in other great corpora
tiens capitalized high in the millions.
What motives may have- prompted
Continued on Pace 2, Middle Col. 1
The San Francisco Call.
" YESTERDAY— -West wind; • clear; tnaxlmsuj
temperature, 62: Toltiireum, M.
*riad. ' '.' , ' \u25a0 '/Page 11
Tostirylr.g At the In terborough -Metropolitan
6tre«t rallwgy Inquiry ,In New \u25a0 York. : Anthony
M. Brad/ cbarges ibat the Metropolitan securi
ties companj treasury vis * looted ot nearly
$1,000,000 In one deal by Thomaa F.-- Ryan, " tbe
late WJUlem C. Wnttaey »nd other WaUs'root
financiers. ' . Psge 1
' PresidenU of tbree railroad t.^etenis lst.u> re
ports Id Trbleh new rate lawa enacted. by state
leslslaturea are deprecated. ' • Pagf 5
t.'ulon Pacific aecrets ' are r*T«&led at m^etln?
of director* In Salt L*l>* City. Page 3
, Denver cr&aV seoda io.'emaj machinea by maiJ
to Gorernor Bocbtcl and four otn*r protntnent
men. Page 3
. Secretary Tsft entarUuied at EhanghaJ and
speaks for "open door." Page 2
Grapevine 700 feet. long wlilcb yields half ton
barrest Is discorered near Acampo. _ Page 4
Grand . Jury of Santa Barbara county • topics
lnTeftlffatton of alleged malfeasance of snper-"
riser." \u25a0;.'\u25a0-\u25a0,: * -.-^ .:\u25a0'.: ' Page 3
Woman truest mtm San Dirgo hotel from
second attempt* of Incendiaries In sis
montbs. Page 5
Offlcers are elected hy tbe high conrt >tt In
depeadent Order of Foresters la t-ettha at Santa
Rosa. Page 5
VTbr the laws gorernlns rallrcadj in Cali
fornia are • dead letter. Page 8
Road making In San Joaqala. Page 8
A cockscre expert. \u25a0 Page 8
Judge r*vl?r pats an end to latest dilatory
tactics on tbe part of the jraft defendant* by
ordering • the sheriff to ; return a trial -Jury panel
of 300 names, j j Page 16
Mayor Taylpr's campaign will be opened »t
tbe Preamli»nd rick, where a mass meetlnjr *rl]l
be held Saturday • nlsW. • Page.l
Daniel A. Ryan's caarass as outlined call* for
large expenditure of money. Page 1
P. H. McCarthy falls In effort to secure in
dorsement of ! carmen's union for union labor
ticket. Page 1 (
E-rldenc* taken by the grand Jury yesterlay
Involves Porter Ashe, Calhoon's attorney,- In al
leged attempt to bribe Juror Olseo io tbe Ford
case. . . Page 1
Mayor T«ylor names William H. McCarthy
as fire commissioner, and will appoint a suc
cessor Ito President Mario 80110 for - political
actlrjty. I ... \u25a0\u25a0 I - •; . . " • Page .4
\u25a0 Warrant •ia t . Issaed : for^ arrest •of blriejackf-t
who •Is ," missing ,' . with "cruiser ."-. Colorado's
canteen, "fniuls'.. 7 -r_, '-: \u25a0• " 3 ;: P«C«4-
Trlal of former Mayor. Thomas of Oakland de-
Telops amusing scene In federal conrt.. - Page 4
'of etrik« ' fuiid; flees .with $1,500 con-,
trlbatedtby carpenters* \u25a0 baloho ~ '. '..: Page 4
Nnmerons robberies are reported to the" police
from' various sections of the city/ .. Page ' 4
. Leroy Anderson' of the polytechnic school, San
Luis Oblspo, 'accepts professorship of ajricnlmre
at CclTerslty of California. • Page 9
Rer. . George -A. , Cbarnock of Altaras acqulftoj
of charga of stealing Chinese woman's ear
\u25a0ring-.- .....'. \u25a0 * • . Page 4
Golden Gate park crowd sees norel battle be
tween a hawk and a giant parrot. ' I Page 16
Sara" Allgood, greatest actress In Ireland, mny
be Induced to come to this city. Page 7
Max Ettllnger, m mining stock broker, shoots
himself In .his office because of heavy
losses. c-Vv^ -.' '\u25a0\u25a0U'-' Page 16
Attorney Shortridg* testifies that ping In key
hole barred him from entering home ' In Broad
way one night last rammer. ' Page 4
Bellboys trace $600. diamond stud to hotel
asbcan and Bare it from tbe frarbige
min. Page 16
Engese B. BtodOard, manager. of the Jeffer
son square garage. Is paid to bo short in his
accounts and w 111 be ' forced to rest jrn
position. ' Page 1
• Funeral ©f Major Gilbert B. Oteitou Is held
«ith military honors at the Presidio. Page 4
. Revelry on house boats on Marin county sbore
results tn Issuance of order for nmoral of 100
of the arks.' Page' 16
Mike O'Connor, lottery ticket agent, sen
tenced to 15 days In county jail. Page '4
.Dr.'Adolph Gerber gains divorce on \u25a0 testimony
that wife would' not accompany him' from Ger
many to America. Page 9
Mrs. Levy U unshaken la her testimony as
Yoell case witness. Page 16
Aged refugee woman dies and bale of worth
less stock .la found among her belong
ings. I Page 16
Oakland city cqandl will declare war against
Hsxrlman unless j* abandons bis policy of . an
tagonism to -the city** comsterdaj inter:'
e«ta. Page «
Graduate . students of state nntrersity will
hold .a . reception amd daac* In FTearct
haU. V Page 6
Regular republican' organization of AlamedW
county amaxed by actions of District Attorney
Brown. Page 9
Miss Bess 4 .*: Pratt Merrill, daughter of Pr*t
master Merrill of Berkeley, will h* marrlej to
Erdmaan rreszel tonight. : Page 6
Wedai eg of Wesley Martin sbiJ Mlm Maud
McMn wiU b* c«lebraUd at horn* of bride's
parents. Page 6
President Elliot of Oakland city council Intro-,
duc«s ordlnaJ3c« to - lncxeas* . cost ot . saloon
Ucensea. : - Page 6
Deputy Auditor ' Croil of Alanseda ' refuses ' to |
audit bill for feast of board of health \u25a0» asd I
Mayor Taylor. Page 6 |
James Dunn i denies that b« . gar* option ', for
less than he asked city on proposed -playground |
sit* la. Alameda. . \u25a0'/.-/.' .:'\u25a0'; Page 6
'' *-\ -' *
6ch*dulc la - arranged for the season of cskc
datlon football. - Page 10
' Turfmen arriving from the, east , say : followers
of th* Metropolitan racing game are "California
mad" and there wOl , be an unprecedented num
ber of ea*ttrn«r* \u25a0, la attendasc* during the Nf-w
California Jockey club season.,. -, :;.Pagell
S&n Fraaclsco. automobile ';' show will be held
daring tbe second week \ ln : December. : Page 10 i
O* Viand Ukts a game from Pan Frac'cisco ard '
Los Angeles shuts out Portland;-. Page 10
Big Jack JobDson wires, that ha Is on bin -way ',
her* to meet Flyna. . Page 10 |
Electriclacs declare strike off. ; Page 9 ;
Alaska . fishermen complain of ' statlODary fish !
C-ear.aafl traps.-. , 'Page 9;
United Btat«« crulaer Torktowo j returns froai !
Central' America.*- where' It; has been; playing po- i
ileemas among Quarreling republics.. ;\ Page.ll ;
'. Maay visitors Inspect .thftwaxshlpj. West ; Vir- j
yinla ; and ' Pennsylvania. ':-\ - » . Page 11 !
Mining.' stock market has a setback "and < tbe |
prices, for lcafling shares decilDe, ;Pa'ge*ls
xUemblj- club will site 'firtt *.«jf . tbc ;«intpj
ldaacM.lasaueallt.o~on October 20. . Page S
Eugene E; Stoddard to Re
sign as Result of Revela
tions Made -'^
Association' -With Men of
Expensive Tastes Causes I
\u25a0\ His, Ruin
Books Show. Discrepancy of
$1,000, Say Employers
of Accused
Eugene E. Stoddard, manager of
the Jefferson square garage, ; part
owner in that company: and one of
the best known automobile and club
men on the Pacific coast; will -be' re-!
moved \ from his position, within a day
or two because of an alleged shortage
in his accounts. ,
Stoddard is said to have misappro
priated more- than $1,000 of his em
ployer's money. His past history has
been investigated by : the directors iof
the Pioneer auto company. The start
ling revelation has been, made that
Stoddard is an ex-convict with a rec
ord of a year and a rialf/at Sah'.Quen
tin to his credit. • \ . , - \
'' Because •of ,;the part Stoddard ' had
played during , the past two .years !ln
the night' life of the city he had come
to be recognized '/as* a \u25a0 thorough 'bo-,
henilan and a good. fellow. /.He. mingled
with the best - classes and was gener
ally looked up*to' and; respected/: His
friends ref ufeed -to > believe the i stories
that were Vclrculated'.about . him- more
I'tuan.a,. We"ek;.ago. l V',,"'-V;V-", :\u25a0' - r \u25a0'"\u25a0';";\u25a0 ' ; 'j'L.
•"\u25a0'''.•'Mr." Stoddard .^shbrt Snhlo accounts?"
some of ;themY gasped 'bb . 'scandal
: carrying tongues passed the' remarks.
. Sto*ddard told [ his". friends, ' It \s said,
that', he '-. had overdrawn » his . salary : ,ac-.
count to spend .the- money. In holding
the trade of the firm.' -\u25a0 ~r, \u25a0' . \u25a0 j .
Stoddard's alleged, peculations com
menced, according' to - r the members of
the concern -fori jr which he worked,
about eight months ago. No * effort
apparently, had been made to cover up
irregularities" of amounts varying ;in
size: from $75 to $150 "debited 1 to - his
personal • account. These irregularities
total to date between $1,000 and^ $1,100.
- Auto rides at night,ihot birds and a
cold bottle r with men whose 1 . Incomes
were thousands a month;" repeated auto
trips and luncheons, with • the opera
singers . whose season in this city j ha«
Just closed, \u25a0 and this on the- meager
salary of a garage manager, could not
last Btoddard- did Just as he had done
three years ago, when. he was a trusted
employe of Dunhanv Carrigan & Hay-^
den, hardwaremen. .' He: overdrew- his
account. In small sums at first and
gradually in larger ones. .To offset
this, it is said, he cut wages of the
men in" his ] employ 'and kept the fact
to himself, although" F. D.Spaulding,
chief stock . holder; in Stoddard's con
; cern, would not affirm this point yes-
I terday.' .- - '
His alleged shortages^ were discov
ered a short' time ago, his books were
experted and Stoddard . was summoned
before the board of ,To them
be admitted his guilt: when confronted
with the evidence, together with dark
chapters of his past history. ' He" gave
the same, explanation he had given to
his friends, and promised to make good
the money he had taken. \u25a0 As his share
of the stock was worth more than the
amount he was in arrears no action
wai taken toward ' prosecution and the
matter wa« laid aside temporarily.
. 81 nee - then. ; however,. Spauldlng has
taken a more personal interest in the
management of affairs, and it is said
Stoddard has made preparations to give
up his: position.
..Stoddard was 'prosecuted for embez
zlement by; Dunham, Carrigan & Hay
den in October, 1904, and began a sen
tence of one and. a half, years in. th«
penitentiary. - A year later hi» applica
tion : for • pardon was .' denied by Gov
ernor « Pardee. .: , He was, however*,' ad
mitted to ; parole, - and in 1906 : was re^
stored to citizenship. " 4 ; *. ' -
Through personal . : friendship be •wr%n
put ; ln ; charge at' the 'Jefferson garage"
\u25a0by , Spaulding. A short ;,tirne'- later ;he
entered Into, a partnership with Max
Mamlock, tsie '. boodlirig supervisor, and
a~ falling out, between the two : fol-i
lowed'; \\u25a0 f - \u25a0%\u25a0 \u25a0\u25a0.".'_•\u25a0:: t '-\u25a0 '•'\u25a0 r-'-'r -'-' '-lXl X \u25a0. [\u25a0•[' \u25a0'' \u25a0! .'
, All the gossip j about: Stoddard : 'vu
confirmed ; yesterday, by, Spaulding, .who
said that Stoddard would b« removed. . . ;
STOCKTON. 1 • Oct.':. B.^Worlrmen • . be
gan' today the cons t ruction \ of L an; eight
story building forHhe'eto^cktbnyiavings
and loan "society, ;'the !; first t'stone'^ and
steel : building of V any" sire toj.be* erected
here. The 'structure' wilj Jcoßt"*S26o,ooo
and V ill be ' one o f h^ fl n e s t ;' o ii j j di n g- s
inTthis;scctioa--ofUh^'sLati»^'-.^£,:''' : ;-- i v-;ii::
Ryan's "Gooseberry" a Heavy Load to Cajry
P. H. McCarthy's Vain Attempt to Secure
Indorsement of Carmen for His Ticket
Cornelius Leads Fight
for Langdon Against
Union Candidate
Refusing to support a munici
pal ticket . which did not bear;, the
name of District - Attorney 'Wil
liam H. , ;! Langdon , the I ''carmen's
union turned a deaf ear last night
to the importunities : of P. H. Mc-
Carthy, O. A. Tyeitrhoe^v James
H. Bowling arid ' other labor lead
ers and repudiated [ the bunion
labor ticket ,by a, vote of!apprdxi
mately three^to^orie.. ' ;v
' A highly significant development 'at
the beginning^ of "the- campaign -was
the refusal of ' the' - carmen ; to indorse
the -union labor-ticket. . The decisive
proportions- of ; the lyote by which .the
Indorsement was refused *rls' taken -as
indicative' of ; the- defection of ,; union
men from the .McCarthy ticket and
prophetic of defeat for the candidates
nominated by McCarthys 'convention! ;
The storm] did -not' break : until aft cc
James H. \u25a0 Bowling, secretary of tha
carmen's* union, had made a' speech in
ifc' timllar > vein. • ; President ; Cornelius
lid \u25a0the fight' against » the resolutions'
carrying -the : , indorsement. .He sa.ld
that he, tn common ' with ; a 1a 1 majority
otv the : carmen,; had believed 'that i'.Xn]
supporting them the members the
building; trades brg-anlsation had ibeen
actuated by loyalty to union principles.
He Insisted that . had," ; sufficient
faith tn the grekt;, rank and : file *of the
building 'trades ?\u25a0 to £ believe that \u25a0 they
did not; give^ their strike: contributions
from' political considerations, nor as the
prio« of - votes f or . McCarth y; ;He was
convinced; he; declared,: that the great
body of "t the ; building, trades men did
not -f care : ' : whether } the carnien ;\u25a0 voted
for McCarthy. Tor not.' He ;_Bald,', that
the carmen . owed •\u25a0 np fealty to^ a ; ticket
' which did not .bear 'the name; of. Dis
trict r Attorney V ; William . H. i tangd on.;
TorLong4o|>i;'! 1*;1 *;i l! *! < ' > belonged : the
'credit'.'^br'TtiiV' :{ P' o * c^ t ''* > °i'.?^.'- : ? a *? I '^ ll; '
Calhouri; and ; other 'capitalisLs ac
cused i'of^bdbelgiying.;; ; ' ;' ;. \u25a0 "
" Hie r election /would ;b« ; an :; Insurance
of ?*Y continuation of \u25a0 prosecution
and 'the Amoral -VFehabllJtatlon" >of San
Francisco. . The/; carmen* in - common
wit b : the ; Vreat * majority f of -.urii on ." men;
Cornelius' [declared, ; : wanted:; good gov
ernment; the- defeat -....; 0f -.Laiigdoh
would .be notice- to :the the
union • men 5 of:, San ",-Francisco /did not
want a : clean ; c lty ; .{ r the ? cartnen^ could
not. : consistently <andj; would ;t not -'sup?
pc^V:^"a^•tick«y : •f..\h'e <^ele'ct^^Vi^'o* ¥ .;wbtch"
l ontluuetf fou ,< rag«| 3.":, SJiUt «1 Column ' 3 l
Mayor Taylor to Open
His Campaign With
Big Mass Meeting
George A. Van Smith
\u25a0 Mayor 'Edward Robeson
Taylor will open the good | goy
erhmentv campaign ;at \u25a0 a; : great
mass f meeting Saturday ; night at
Dreamland";' rink,' ' Sutter. and
Steiner streets, ' ; :
The keynote of the campaign
which the good * government
forces ' will make C for Mayor
Taylor "and .the. ticket nominated
behind htm'"will be sounded by. the
mayor. The other principal speakers
will; be s William JP. McCabe, late sec
retary of : the r; labor; council,'! the • good
government, candidate- for county .clerk,"
and. Walter Macarthur.^well known [or
ganized labor leader and* editor ' of
the Coait Seamen's- Journal. " " ,
TheJ decision -'to open* the ; campaign
with Dr. Taylor as, the -principal speak
er 'i on ; Saturday \ night :is ; . a *• radical
change -from" the' "plan
adopted by- the managers % of . tbe ; Good
Government \u25a0" league's > campaign k - and
was made at th,e re<juest'"of^ the-demo
cratic comrni ttee. . which 1 will co- operate
with: the leaguers' in a , meeting; which
Is expected to .eclipse . all i previous key i
note "^meetings. \'; \u25a0\u25a0'\u25a0 ' ' '\u25a0\u25a0' '\u25a0'- \u25a0
, ,The -league's ,plan. abandoned yes
terday in so farj as it Involved the open
ing .meeting contemplated > the presen-,
tatlbn.^of '•' the '• mayor 'at his 'first 'big
meeting .: on- October,, 1 9." . --.The -..- demo
crats'^plan contemplated only : two* big
meetings, for Mayor .Taylor— the 'first
and/" last \u25a0 meetings ':, of the, campaign:
If .both plans ; w'ere ."carried i.out indet
pendently it would ; have ;entai!ed extra
meetings ' upon "the .' mayor ''and -.tended
to, interfere 'with- the 1 league's; plan .to
have Dr. Taylor * appear.; f oonr n short ad-"
dresseß;attma:ay;district meetings. It
Is "'probable now that' only : two -big
Taylor, meetings will be held 'and ;that
they will " be . promoted j under the; Joint
auspices of the ' league • and democratic
committees/ * ; -;' ,:\u25a0\u25a0'\u25a0\u25a0 ' ' : v X'A
S Owing to -the -shrewdness ? of P. H.
McCarthy the -closing; rally /for '\u25a0) Taylor
and .his .tickets;, can ,^notbe_ held ?at
Dreamland , rink 7 and ; the . .committees
have.- .'not \ decided : y . whether^. It > will, be
heidtat , the ''Auditorium? or iin* tile open
air": in- some ; ;centra!: : square.' ;^ : '* ' ' \- '~
" jThe •-' [opening "meeting:;, will .' be' t pre"
ceded iby * a->':.b'an d « con cert and Dr. » J.
Wilson * Shiels ;of the - Good '.Govern-.
frfent league, campaign corrirr.ittee istex-*
peeled *to "preside. ' : . : ;;..'.' &•\u25a0*'\u25a0 1 -'•',.
Th#«^angest-racc ever held in Amer
out to occur. Eleven huge bal
«HS5nSiwill"race for the blue ribbon of the
air. All about it in
The Sunday Call
Ryan Maps Out Canvass
That Will Require
Good Sized Purse
'Dan Ryan, and' his campaigners
in the", third corner of the munici
pal campaign .'all deny that there
is any -barrel ; behind their' fight
and then go on mapping: out a
canvass' that' calls for. large re
sources^. \u25a0
Platform work and "person
ality*' will .be . only , a \ feature of
.Ryan's- chase % after the office for
which •he nominated himself. ' '
"V;lfubllq«%r: for' Ryan and .' his ' ticket
• w 'll. be sought" In all the avenues gen
erally >used by vote and trade hunters.
In addition' to the dead wall, bill board
andj \u25a0campaign' card advertising, the
Ryan campaign . will be called to the
attention of, the public by several thou
sand "dollars' worth of brightly hued
\u25a0baners. .'with . th« equally bril
liant McCarthy. . Mulcreyy and other
union labor candidate*!' banners, which
are in; 'evidence in places of vantage
from' the water front to Twin peaks.
Continued on ' Page 3, Column a
Impertinent Question No. 20
What Is Money, Anyhow ?
por tne mo^l original or wittiest answer- to this ques
tion—-and the : ' briefer the better — The Call will pay
FWE DOLLARS. For the next five answers
The Call will pay ONE DOLLAR each/ Prize
winning answers will be printed next Wednesday
. and checks; mailed to the winners at once. Make
your answer short and address it to
WB& "•\u25a0' ' '' THE CALL
Prime Answer* to * r Wnathi in AfflnJty t"
$S prize to Mrt. - Batoon. PlaetrrlUc, C»!.
$1 'prlieTt© Eleanor rßlafce,^r Blafce,^ 431 • F"alr Oaks' street, city.-'
' ,: $I , prize" ' to. ri«rew» OllTer. t79« Market street, city.
/ rjV: Some one' who ]Js;hardi,to find.Vbut easy to find out.
, %] I .prlr* to M. r ;B.YwnUunsV' 427 Ljoo street, city.
- • ;A: souk storm. «- j
;,^?1 prire to Marie Erera'u. 408 Sixt sen tb strwt, OaSland.
•Cupid'sVonetbesttbet. "
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Calhoun's Attorney
Is Implicated
by Evidence
Tailor's Employe Tells
of Plan to Reach Olsen
Says Bribe Was to
'Be Paid Juror
as Wager
Further Investigation
of Older Kidnaping Case
' "You are not keeeping .your
agreement with me. I'm a very
busy man and my time is valu
able. My man won't work unless
he is paid* for it." — Statement
which, I according to A. Bramah,
was contained in a letter from J.
M. Richards to Porter Ashe.
"I see -Johnny Olsen is on the
Ford jury. There ought to be a
piece of money in that for me."
- "Ashe is going to put through
a deal and there ought tc be
$20,000 in it for me."
- "Ashe only wants to pay $1,250
and. my man wants $1.500." —
Statements. attributed by Bramah
to Richards. -
'. Testimony; tending to Implicate At
torney R Porter Ashe in the alleged
bribery of John Olsen. one of the Juror*
in the' trial of Tlrey L. Ford who voted
for the acquittal of the defendant, wa*
given- before the grand Jury' yesterday
by several •witnesses claiming to hay*
knowledge of a deal which was ar
ranged after Olsen had been selected
as a Juror, but before the jury was
\u25a0worn arid locked up at the Fairmont
The evidence, secured yesterday Trent
to, chow that the alleged bribery of Ol
sen was planned and executed by Astn
with the assistance of %. M. Richards,
a tailor of 7 East street, who is de
clared s to- have nctedUas go between
for the Juror and the member of Pat
rick Calhoun's counsel' and to have ar
ranged for the payment of the cor
ruption money through a fake bet on
the outcome of the trial. The most
damaging testimony was given to the
grand Jury by A. Bramah, a- former
employe of Richards, in the 'shape of
scraps of conversation, -which he claims
to have overheard between Ashe ami
Richards, and in statements made to
him at different times by Richards. lii
addition to this, several' other wit
nesses corroborated- some of the im
portant parts of -Bramah's testimony.
Bramalu who proved to be the most
Important witness called during the in
vestigation of the alleged bribery of
th«, Ford jury, was in the employ oC
Richards until last Saturday night. In
formation given the prosecution by a
prominent Oakland man caused suspi
cion to b« directed toward Olsen and
Richards and turned the inquiry Into
the channel which has led to the in
volving of Porter Ashe. already under
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