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America will be discovered tomorrow,
when Columbus lands from the Santa
Maria at Santa Gruz. • An interesting ac
count of the big find will appear tomor
row in
VOLUME Cn.— NO: 134;
Men Representing All Inter
ests Will Address
Great Crowd
For First Time in City's His
tory Partisanship Is
Laid Aside
Will Organize Auxiliary to
Work for Cause of
Good Government
George A. Van Smith
Leaders from the fields of organ
ized labor, commercial organizations,
the professions and both of the old
political parties will participate in the
launching of the Taylor and Langdon
campaign tonight at Dreamland rink.
The monster mass meeting will be
z departure from the accepted thing
in San Francisco's politics. For the
first time in the history of the city
candidates who represent an issue _and
Yut political parties will be presented
to the voters and their candidacies
'.vill be urged by men of all parties
and of all classes.
The Initial meeting of the Taylor
< arapaign •will be distinctly a people's
meeting; It will be conducted by the
people, addressed by citizens repre
senting all the people and the expenses
will be borne by the people, hundreds
of whom have contributed mites or
v.iore substantial sums to the work of
ticctirrg the good government ticket.
Men who have never before taken an
cctive part In c&mpalgn work -will par
ticipate in the meeting es speakers,
officials and>vlc* presidents. College
:nen, organized for the campaign for
pood government, will act as ushers.
Worklngmen and their wives and sis
ters, capitalists and society women will
give tbelr Indorsement to a campaign
'.vaged for the governmental rehabili
tation of San Francisco.
The final arrangements for the meet
ing were completed yesterday. It will
he preceded by a band concert and the
program of speeches will be inter
spersed with musical numbers rendered
by the band and & double quartet.
OreaniJand rink will accommodate an
4 Trrnen6a crowd. -but the managers of
' - meeting have overlooked nothing
for the comfort of the big audience.
The corps of ushers will have a total
•trength of 160 and a special reserva
tion of 500 seats for ladies hts been
The lEO vice presidents for the meet-
Ing will represent the bench, the bar,
* united press, the professions, capital,
commerce and organized labor, as well
fk all of the political parties that help
shape Ess Francisco's municipal fate.
The speakers .will ba Mayor Edward
Robeson Taylor; C H. Bentley, presi
dent of the chamber of commerce; Dis
trict .attorney William U. Laogdon;
Walter Macartbur, editor of the Coast
Seaman's Journal and labor . leader;
Frank Gould, ex-speaker of the Cali
fornia assembly; Dr. A. 1L Glanninl,
candidate for supervisor on the demu
rritie, good government and republi
can tickets; M- J. Hyaes. candidate for
public a.dm!nlstrator, and Percy V.
Long, csjsdiC«-te for city attorney.
Dr. J. Wilson Ehiels will act as tem
r9f«T chairman and v Introduce !>£
John Gellwey, who will preside over
the meeting. C. H. 6entley*s will be
tn* first speech* and the meeting will
t>« closed with Mayor Taylor's keynote
rpeech. "Walter Macarthur. Frank
Gould. District Attorney Langdon and
Dr. Glannlni will follow Bentley In
tha order named.
The following eitlzrns will act aa
honorary vice presidents:
Judg* Jam^s V. Coffey, Joseph E.
Tobtn. John D. Epreckels, Halph Mc-
Leran, Jesse 'W. LUlanthal. M. H. d«
Tocng, Michael Ca«ey. Klchard Spreck
«ls, Charles 8. 'Wheeler, Leon' ;. 'Sloce,
Charles W. Black,, Judg« Frank Mur
fsky, Horace Davis, E. B. Pond, Alex
Ct. Ha-wea, R. L Bentley. Walter .Mac
arthur, Sar^ford Goldstein, 1* H. Foote,
J. Dalzell Brown, G«orge Stone, , Fred
W. Hall. A. W. Soott Jr.. Albert Castle.
Norton C "Wells, John P.. Young,; W. J.
MeCabe. BigTonnd SUm, R- O. Crothers,'
I>ouis EIoFS, Joseph D. Grant, Fremont
Older. P. N. I/tlienthaV Alfred B. Rass,
C. W. Hornick, Daniel -Meyer,. George
Lent, E. & Simpson. John , Sweeney,
James Sweeney, W. J. Barret, Homer S.
King, A. Carpy. Judge James A. Sea
well. George P. Fuller.- George H.
Plppy, James K. WUson, Charles H.
Foster, E. J. Molerb. I. W." Hellman.
Joseph Ho wall,. J.; A. Hammersmith, M.
.T:hrman. C W. McAte*. Dr. T.% ; W.
iluntlngton., E. F. Delger, Alexander
Hamilton. Kenneth Melrosa, Alphone
Judis. Wakeflcld Baker, H.-V.Ra'ms-
Continued oa Fate 6," Column' 1
The San Francisco Call.
TESTEBDAY— West wind; clear; maximum
tenap«r*tur«, 64 ; minimum, 58. r/;~ s . M
FORECAST FOE , TODAX— Fair; fresh south
urst wind. . " . \u25a0 'iVi ; Page 11
Helena paper elirge« that Red^aaron placer
dine* we» «altea.'-. /; ". V, - : Pas* 2
' Episcopalian* plaa to ' make ' remarrtagea of
Clrorcea persons, ranch harder by cloee scrutiny
of appUcaota. w : '^ Page 3
A«rooanta fear fall Into Lafc* Michigan In
rac« from St. Loals October 21 for the Bennett
cap. ' ''./ s^.; V V " Pa«e 3
* Crisis la condition of enperor «f Anstria la
expected this morning. r; Page 3
John Brysoa. pimm capitalist . and former
mayor of Los Angeles, dlta and family and
hocj» keeper tare contest for possession of his
body. Page 1
AH San Jo«« i» raenaeed by fire tn ho«lne*s
district, wiilch Is beyond control of firemen and
at mldnlgbt has caused $500,000 loss. Pag* 1
Santa Fe railroad la fonnd »uUty at Los
Anfeles of jltUis, rebatea to cemant com
panj. . Pag« 1
Baby chow a great attraction at the, country
fair under the direction of tb« Santa Ko»a
women** club. " Page 2
Delegates from all parta of eoait TrtU attend
meeting la Seattle to discuss exclusion of nri
enUl*. > , Pasre 2
GoVeroor Gin«tt ootts Ellwood" Ceopsr as hor
ticnlrural «omtaiesloaer and appoints ,3.\u25a0 W.
Jeffrey :of ' Loa Angelea to tbe Tecan<?y tbns
created. J»agre 3
Negro bellboy in Lo« Acgelec sends ' thr«« In
fernal machin«s to voman proprietor of hot 4l
who discharged him. Page 3
A street railway parallel. Page S
A concerted moTement./i*..^' Pasre 8
An unhappy obliquity. • Pap-e 8
Midwestern tl«w of sulphured fruits. «' Page 8
Taylor- Langdon campaign will be' opened ct
Dreamland rinlc tonight with monster mass
meeting. Pag© 1
Futloa of republican . committee and Hearst
forces in Kew fork Is distasteful to rank and
file of G. O. P. Page S
J. G. Pbelps Stofceo, millionaire socialist, is
coming to this city to dellrer political
addresses. Page 6
President E. H. Hani»»n haa instructed tb«
g;seral manajr crs of - all tin J Uces to cut •! jtitj
eipeases and baa also countermanded the ] prosa
rutloa of : any v irork"'that. has -not- been l bejfua.
This' mean's' th«* lajing off of probablj- 20.0Q0
mea la thirteen western states. ' Page 1
'liuildlcg commute* of superTlsors recommends
approprlatloa to aid !In fcitildJng . niemorlnl
tchoolhoose. " • ' /\u25a0- -. Page 10
' Mrs. MarU Caidlnell, who . receired* Jewelry
obtalsed by Henry Leroy on falsa pretpnsr««. is
arrested for. embezzlement. , , Page 15
Grand lodge of Masoas elects George . M.
Perine , as grand master. * ' Page 2
" Poliw Captain" Mooney and R«loon K«*iH>r
Pratt bar« words before police commission.
Commissioners permit tenderloin saloons n ran
as restaurants. Page 11
Justice of tbe Peace Alfred Lawson issued br
wlf« for divorce. Page 9
A traffic bnreau to be attached to tbe M*r
chanta' exchange, which will be backed bj all
commercial organizations of the city, will he
instituted n«xt Monday. . Page 1«
Supers i«or Thomas . Mi gee __ wrl tr* letter de
fending .hli acrioa on Parksid* franchise
matter. Page 6
Judge Carroll Oofc la a lengthy "ptaloa boM*
uaconstitutioaal th« amendment of tbe pnnal
code adopted by tb« last legislature which pT<v
Tides that when os« Judgx has retns;J"
a . . writ of habeas corpu* another may not
grant it. . Page A
- William K. Dargi« ficalry compelled to give
•Tiaer.ce befor* commissioner : in libel ' suit Of
the First national bank against th« Oak Usd
Tribune. - Pace 3
California Promotion . committee plans to . in
duce many Italian laborers to come to this
state. Page 9
Arm? . officers wCI at once Install wlrcltsa
telegraphy ~ plants a* all \u25a0 th* posts ' -on bay
here. : . Page 1«
Members «t th» ' D«trtscber Kriecer Terlen ioa
«•• warpath ft* men wbo turned toward th«'waU
pictures of Germaa rulers. Page 16
. Ke». Bradford , Learltt addr'ssea meeting and
szjfc that majiy ' citizens ar« ehlrling their cirlc
duties. Page 6'
Mcsfe of BobemJaa dub** mldscmmer jinks la
successfully repeated la th* j Van Ke«s theater
last oight. Paga 9
Woman's •' club* i from , f«nr wan ties eotnpl«te
plans for aanaal meeting 1b Oakland. Page 4
Boi-rrt Ourtin, who kiUtd John Albert Titus,
oa Terg« of meataj 'breakdowa. . , Pago 4
D. B.'- Beekmaa.* bulldiag^coatractor . and real
**tats ; eg«»ut. - arrested 'oa . charg* - ' of *Cssa
b'fxllng xaontj giTen him 'to build;' a bua
gele»w." 6 ;.",". I: Page",4
- Jacob ' Oppeabelm*r,~ lacorrigtbl* Ban '_, Quratla
crwlet. co«Tlrt«d of aa assault m prisoner and
xnsst '\u25a0 pay death peaally. ' •"\u25a0 Page 4
Alameoa connty : dairymen** sssoeUtioa - plans
to resist toguir j ' into *Us sffstrs by tb.« rrand
jury. FB « a *
Trainer Etmg ;, win , point Lcffstilla tot t the
WaterbooM ccp. Page 10
.Thirteea plajers ; Vatef ; tb« •women's vratcb
singles toaraameat for chsmpionihip of tb«'bar
couatie*.- .' • \u25a0'^'-\u25a0\u25a0\u25a0' '\u25a0:/'\u25a0\u25a0; /..PagailO
Sonoma Girl; wins tha^Traasylvaaia stake and
1907 ehamplonshlD for aged trottra. \u25a0/\u25a0\u25a0 Page 11
* Uck ' and ! Lowell football \ teams will ,mcct| on
the grldiroß : today ;; at i AUmeda. , : ,; Page 10
Berkeley, aad Stanford fresh mm wIU mr-^t to
day . aad contest for Rugby . honors. ; Pas*' 10
Chicago again take th» Detroit Americans Ib v>
camp by *' scot* of Bto X.*) 'i- ; ' , Page 10
AlexiGrrggalns Ujglyra'-. th« flgbtiptrmlt! for
Sorember - by; tb« superrteors* % polios i commit
tee. - .V---, -'.>,:,\u25a0; ::;: ; . iU';iV^Page 11
Rtttllßg Kelsao rstaras bers from Montana aad
confirms . th* ; rumor : that he 'sod \u25a0 Manager I Billy
KoUa bsr* asparlatea. ; '. * ; Page 10
Drug clerks* tnloa srrangea for an.umtr«nary
banquet. :. ; -J ;.';; .'; I :\u25a0. \u25a0 - ' _ v ,:'r', : Page 9
; Betail elerts to w*g* erusad* fur *sarly clovins
la tb« Mission. : Page 9
* j Nine deaths \u25a0 \u25a0 occur among . AaJatie i cannery
hands : . taken '\u25a0 north 'by \u0084 th* . , salmon ',;\u25a0 «hlp
Btaadsxd, \ whlc* '\u25a0 arrlir** her* yesterday '."f rum
Alaska."/' ."\u25a0 .rlPage'll
. Eastern stock market depression is felt
heaVUy In ' Bush strpet and merger sharaa Fell
down sto - $5.02%,- th«V lowest In i their Jhis
torr.-;- \u25a0 : '' ' - Page 15
'•i -Announcement Is Tuade of the. betrothal ..*»f.Ml(w
F&nule'Boblasoa" and ElcharU Wulica. '\u25a0" Page 8
Firemen Win Hard Fight
to^Save Church and
Bank Property
LOSS IS OVER $700,000
Department Store Totally
Destroyed and Endangers
Business Section ;
Crowds Ready to Move the
j Funds of Bank and Li
brary of Jesuits
(Special by Long Distance Telephone).
SAX JOSEJ, Oct. 12, lt3o a. m.— Chief
i Tonkin announced a frir mlnntes ago
| that be bas the fire under rotitrol and
that neither St. Joseph's church nor tbe
Garden City bank, to nave which the
firemen concentrated tbelr efforts, will
be deatroyed." The total loss approxi
mate* *750.000r v • i ; - • „".
Special by Leased Wire to The Call
SAN JOSE, Oct. 11.— Complete de
struction to the business •enter of
this city is threatened by, a mysterious
fire which broke out in the Arcade to
night shortiy after 9 o'clock. ,At
midnight it is estimated that the dam
age already, exceeds $500,000, and vthe
fire is still beyond control. Despite
heroic efforts by men of the fire "de
partment, the fire is spreading by
leaps and bounds, and has already en
veloped more than a third of; the block
bounded by First and San! Fernardo
streets. . r;
; Several . firemen-h ave succumbed . and
have * been carried unconscious from 1
the burning 1 buildings! ">'; • /-;\u25a0?'
' When- Xlgh't * Watchman •''W'hipple
; first j detected 1h« v fire,' the i entire : In
terior of th? Arcade, , near the north
west corner'of First -and San Fer
nando avenues. Jin ' the heart of , the
business district, was a mass of flames.
The fire department responded prompt
ly, but by th« time the 'engines 'Were
in sefrlce the fire, had spread to Jthe
Cahsh drug store.^ The futility of sav
ing the Arcade quickly /was \u25a0c'en, and
efforts- were 'concentrated to check the
spread of th« flames to the buildings on
the sides and particularly 'ln the rear.
"Directly behind \ the Arcade Cis St.
Joseph's day. school, a Jesuit lnstitutJon,
and a few minutes after^l l • o'clock : the
east> wing of this building caught fire.
Little hope of being able to save this
structure Is held out.' x. .^
Close tto St. -Joseph's ' school -is the
Garden- City bank and it is feared that
this,' ;too>' will' burn. -.Great excitement
prevails.'-'" / j;-
When the bank's officials arrived they
turned out In full force -to remove all
documents and money before the fire
enveloped .the bank. Bystanders as
sisted In the rescue. and it is believed
that before the fire can reach this point
«»11 safes and vaults will \u25a0 be , empty. .
Before St. Joseph's church. - half, a
block away, « tremendous crowd ' ; has
assembled and stands ready; to daeh
Into the famous library, of : the church
to* retnore Us many/T treasure*. This
library Is one of the "most complete \in
this -. section and many •of Its volumes
are invaluable." : Its 'destruction would
b«;t- great calamity. - not • only ; ; to Ean
Jose, ' but to . the " entire bounty and
stat*. •\u25a0\u25a0-,' ;
j At; midnight the following report on
the progreistof the -flames and, theide^
structlon they, have wrought^wms' made:
The Arcade/ owned by} Canelo ' Brothers
tk i Stockhooae compaßy, was completely,
destroyed. The stock on hand approxi
mated ' SIBS.OOO. ; The Calllßh ' drug com
pany and the Hod Sk Kayser, shoe" store,
6lreetly» beyond .were gutted'^ Stuart A'
.Wllllains, ; ladi e«' ; outfitters, V la't total
loss.- 'The damag« thus far < exceeds
$500,000. The origin of .the conflagra
tion Is unknown. ;'.'- , ,'.-\u25a0''
Enos IBrown, ; Well .Known! Real^Es
: tate ' and Comrnercial \^Writer,
Expires at Hla Desk %\u25a0"'\u25a0"
v . Enos \ Brow*n, real £ _ editor of
' the Chronicle, , dropped dead from heart
' disease 'While • .workl ng at his • desk -at
6 o'clock last evening.; He wasunmar.
rled aiid- 60; years of ; age^i- He had
been employed on r the Chronicle for
six months and formerly . wai 'connected
with" other San Francisoos papers. \ln
earlier years he] edited; a'^San' Francisoo
commercial J paper.'; His ; only frelatlyes,
two sisters, .live outside; the state. ?;}
COUTJMBUS, a, Oot li:--The^ body
of Mrs. Cassle Chadwick, who i died in
the -.women's -ward, of itheiOhlo^ peniten
tiary last "night, was- taken to .'Wood
stock. Ont. r , * the place -of her birth,
for burial. The body was accompanied
by .', Emll : Hoover,' sou; of ilt*h Chadwick.
! Jury Returns Verdict in
i Sixty-six Counts in
\u25a0\u25a0\u25a0\u25a0•\u25a0\u25a0\u25a0 ' : W%El88l$kB&!&W&
Judge Renders Opinion ; Fa-
vorable to AH Con
tentions -
Maximum Penalty Is Twenty
Thousand Dollars on
Each Count -
Special by Leased Wire to The Call
LOS ANGELES, Oct. ll*-By\ a
verdict rendered in the United States
district;'; court thisJ afternoon the
Santa Fe railroad 'was convicted of
giving , rebates to * the Grand Canyon
lime and cement company, a wealthy
Arizona, concern. .\u25a0\u25a0 It 'lies \ within
the power of ) the court to Y impose a
fine 'of $1,320,000 on the defendant, a*
the jury brought in ' its verdict of
guilty on each of; the ,66 counts. ; The
minimum fine on each count is $1,000,
the maximum : $20,000. : The railroad
\u25a0will appeal the case, its counsel -stated
this evening.' •
Judge Olin Wellborn, In his ruling
on a motion to strikeout. the testimony
offered by the defense and In his abla
charge' to the Jury, took 'an advanced
position on the~ interpretation of ' the
Elklns law and established a precedent
in hi«Jbroad c construction 1 of the inter
state' commerce iact.^ ~ ;
r.; The .court holds that a railroad,can
not offer ."evidence- of compromises :'or
adjustment of claims for alleged dam
age "to offset- positive^ testimony •of re
bates. In : , conclusion.) Judge • Wellborn
makes this assertion: -\u0084"I hold that Jthe
acceptance by the - defendant of a less
sum of :' money * than that : named ' In : the
tariff -for r the" transportation' of : the
property .described . In - the 'Indictment
waa- a departure . from the, legal . rate,'
and. that ltjwas ;nov justification; or. a
defense to prosecution that the acts of
the' carrier were : done .-In; compromise
of a claimffor loss/of property'ln' tran
iltr . \u25a0 , - ' / \.
; ; Corporation lawyers declared this
statement -.went-ahead ?of : , any similar
opinion- uttered \by federal; Judges -on
Questions i involving; rebates.- ..r'
- The: trial. C Just-f ended , '.-.lasted two!
weeks:. - ;It was ..enlivened^ by i frequent
gashes jbetween "the jgoyernment 7 attor
ne'y^s aLn4~cbunsel for the^railroad. Twice 1
United States* District Attorney Lawlor
threatened \u25a0\u25a0 that he would ; seek to ob- 1
tain indictments against^ the railroad
oTlVtsTofflclalenbecau'se of -the 01 1
th^lawyersjnjr^thw- defense. r. \u25a0' , y... -^,,;. •
,-, At' the opening of' today's • session !
Judge v Wellborn % announced -/ his V dccl-; J
sions on •theipointsitnatjhad ; arisen^in J
thejtrli^^^lln^ every ; instance upheld
the j sTover^e^^^; -
'. fT he mos t ";] jj m pp r t v ; poi nn t './ ii nn y bl ved j
roadt cornpan y at»d cement company re
pwjted^iby^^^lMj^J^-'^^"*"'^*^^ 8 '
-j^: Coatluued on f Page _\u25a0 3» Column 2 k<
.'The upper [picture \u25a0', is^ofjlAfrSy'Cladys Lambertson, companion
k and house keefajor* John Br&piit
" died yesterday; Bry^on}arid'his{Vfif Ctlfrom' i»hom-hc-^ds' separated,
arc bclbiv. : . : ;:'-I'V : /^:"-'.,; " vT-*\';\ '\u25a0 \u25a0 '• \u25a0r.:v. 1 !v."" \u25a0-.'.'.' \u25a0 \u25a0. -\u0084 \u25a0
I John Bryson^s Family Wins Contest
for Possession of His Corpse
Former Mayor/of^ Lbs Angeles HasEyentful Life
7 LOS 'ANGELES, Oct. • 1 i.-^John! Bryson,- former mayor of Los
Angeles, pioneer resident arid capitalist, died at 3 :2o<this morning
atißo2 :SouthJ ßonnie' Brae Weet^V^e^on^'peraons at his bedside
were ; Mrs. 7 Gladys - I* Lamberton, • his
physician, I hi* \ nurse a»d »\ male :y alet.
Bryson Trent "to New, York early in Hhe*
summer, to .B«ek ? relief Vf or nU 'eyes,'
fearing • blindness If • he ) neglected them
longer. •/'= ,While there r he*- appeared to
enjoy 'good " health/; bat «.' 'shortly T/jsfte?
returning « to Los Angeles ,-*ras \ stricken.
down .; and \u25a0' an ; abscess , of . the
was \u25a0responsible - for 'his "death.'; Ar
rangements ." for the » f dneral.- have - not,
yet been made, owing; to ' a -bitter^ con
troversy .betweea • the \u25a0 members j J of t the
f a/nlly and . Mrs.'; Lainbertson,' who •' had"
TongTdominated" his : affairs." She' /\u25a0 'hajd
determined, it is claimed, 4 to ibory 1 the
body/*' quietly \u25a0, today, 'hat his; sons •' se
cured V.it against > her \u25a0...will : 7'and
win?! have 'r at- the., ]wid-'
'ow's "'i: home I ; and * place '. It.- ;in.j .'the
family^; V vault., :"; -It '^'appears "'^ that
when J the i old 'man ; reallxed : ; the/ end
wm \u25a0 apprcichlng^lie^-e^ressed 'a •de
sire S to ' have " ' his < -body; - prepared -;f or
burial *by ", B:,CS. % Orr," a \u25a0' pioneer;, under
taker. Upon learning 1 that* OrrV was
dead. Bryson decided ' that Bresee
'b'rotKers % were > ; hiij; next '^cholce.^. '• Hls^
body was taken there early/ this more
1 n ig.. Later vlt \u25a0 Is l said : that^torecover
liohment'and totake it-to;thatrof(bfr;
'&% Edwards i- an : ; injunction i; eult.ys the
'papers;! of ftwhlch' v -.were\ '^not"' filed, | was
threatehed. ;it--* . 'C-. V;' • : : '".'-.^:A\f
i Vi- Relatives *of the •• dead iman : declare
Contlnaed on < Page 3, ; Middle Col." 4
llp^^^virien'dress;girl,\withbut'ahy' spe^
rtiijftrz^Ang, make her way , in San Fran
"Alright girl who has just gone
f through the experience answers the
[•'question in*
[jirffifoE SUNDAY, CALL
Impertinent Question No. 20
; What Is Money, Anyhow?
tFoi^tHe>moit original or wittieft answer to this ques-
the better— The Gall will pay
FIVE DOLLAR isve answers
'^ fhe ail^llpay^O^ each. Prize
winning answers will be printed next Wednesday
and check mailed to the winners, at once. Make
y^ 111 ! aLnB^ er rt allc ? address it to
ijT. •;\u25a0:': :\u25a0'„' \u0084* >;*/' Prl»e _ Antwert ,<o]*fWli«t*a- aa ' AWaltyr*
'.:. . ;:.s3j|)ri»,to;Mr».;Botonn,' .PlsesrrlUal'Cay.," "
'.<\~.'c : - "* ," excused ' *.: • :
vlUipriseitoineanw'BUkW'ttliFstr Orts stnM*. city."
\u0084. ll t \ - $1 priae'to'Floirtnos pliwr,' 1796 Market ftreet. etty.^ . ' .
-' . , \u25a0^yr.'7SomcT6neiwHo'lujhard ; to"Jtn'd, 4 but^easy ! to" fiud otn.
,:.'\u25a0:.\u25a0 -A soul storm. SEI^SBH
..' V:":' '. $lpri»eJtOi Marie BTeTett.;4o9 SUUeuth" street. O«tlinil.
= J^ ; ' • ", \u25a0 "} $1 priie " toi B. -P. \ Wetsitl," eo«aty Jail \u25a0 K». % 2, el ty. • *.. •
"Affair v exchange
Retrenchment on
All Roads Is
In Liiie With the Plan to
Discredit Administration
Expenses Must Be
Cut and All New
Work Stopped.:}
Means the Laying Off
of Twenty Thousand Men
Order* ha t^ been received by 4h«i
local official* of the Souther* ParlSc 1n
line with the Wall afreet plan to dtw
rredlt the RooaereTt administration In
the weitern atatea.
Prealdeat E. H. Haniman haa wired
tfc« general maufm »f all hla roada
that they must, rrlthont delay, cut
down expemaea la every department
under tbelr control. Ilia Inatruetfeaa
are explicit and are gtven oat la this
form t
"In addition to rednelax trala aerrtce,
the company la forced to retrench by
rednctna; ahop force*, better-meats aa<t
all other expenaes other than mainte
nance, oa account of the strtngeqey of
the money market." - -
, Few people -realise how far reaching
is /the application.' of. th!« orderj for 'tt
will affect 13 western states and terrl-'
tories . and will include ev«n ths re
public of. Mexico, to say nothing of th*
railroad*' . under . Harrlman control
which pass through states in the middle
west and along the Atlantic seaboard.
This order applies also to the various
steamship lines owned or, controlled by
Harrlman, ; such as the Pacific Mail and
the lines of steamers from Galveston
and New Orleans.
No new work Is to b* started- All
work which has-been begun, which It
Is absolutely necessary to complete,
will b- . carried through, but 'th*
branches that. have been proposed and
the extensions which have be»n »ur-|
veyed-will not be built until the times!
are more propitious.
It l.i impossible to say horr • m*nr .
men will be dropped from th» payroll:
of tlie- company, bat It will run fntoj
the thousands, and many thousands «f!
dollars'will be saved In wages. Th* 1
economy is to be thorough. Harrfman*'
character is too well known by hla :
general managers for them to Inter
pret his orders loosely. Where var a
man can be saved he will be discharged.
There will be no distinction mad*.
There are about 259,00<) miles of rail
road in the. United States, and of this
the Southern Pacific and the Union Pa
cific have a mileage of 18,000 and em
ploy about 80,000 men." This mileage in
in "Washington. Oregon. California, Ne
vada, Utah. Idaho, Colorado, Nebraska.
Kansas. Texas. Louisiana, New Mex
ico. Arizona and Wyoming and the re
public of Mexico.
: In all • these staz*« th«r<» has t>*«n
much new work planned, which' will b«»
dropped for an Indefinite tJiixi*. P*er
instance. In Washington Harrlrnin h*»
been preparing to spend several mil
lion dollar* for »n «ntrane« to th*
sound- This construction .work j«
\u25a0topped. In Oregon there are practical-

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