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A lot of rulers have recently expe
rienced the sort of political earthquakes
that shake kings_ off- their thrones. ' A
good story, next Sunday, in
The Sunday Call
Reveals a Plot to Kidnap Abe Ruef
Harnman Is Restrained in Scheme to Grab a Railway
Secures Injunction
to Shut Out Votes
for Harriman
Illinois Central Fight
Is Carried Into Courts
Domination by the
. P. Receives
One Setback \
Scheme to Control Ail
Commerce Is Checked
CHICAGO, Oct. 14.—Stuy
vesant Fish of New York has
scored a partial victory in his
battle to prevent E. H. Harriman
from dominating control of the
Illinois Central railroad in the in
terests of the Union Pacific For
months Fish has been fighting to
secure proxies of stock holders
for use at the annual meeting of
.the Illinois Central. Arriving in Chi
cago Saturday night he lost no time in
carrying the fight Into the courts.
Fish today through his attorneys se
cured a temporary injunction. If made
permanent this Injunction will prevent
the voting at the Illinois Central meet
ing of 256.731 shares of stock of the
Illinois Central railway company which
-would otherwise be voted In the inter
est of E. H- Harriman. The writ is
. directed against the Union Pacific rail
\u25a0w a>" company, the Railroad securities
company of New Jersey, and the Mu
tual life insurance company of New
York, which combined hold 286,731
shares of stock.
Particularly interesting in the peti
tion for the Injunction are facts re
vealed in the recent report of the in
terstate commerce commission showing
the transactions cf the Union Pacific
and Karrlman. In short, the petition
charges an unlawful scheme on thq
part of Harriman and the Union Pacific
to control the commerce of the United
States by purchasing big blocks of
stock in transportation companies,
thereby dominating competing parallel
The petition signed by ex-Governor
and ex-Senator George F. Edmunds
of Vermont, John A. Kasson of
lowa, • Stuyvesant Fish of New
York and William H. Emerich of
Chicago, stock holders of the Illinois
Central. Is against the corporation, its
directors and stockholders, the Union
Pacific company, the Railroad securi
ties company, the Mvtual life insurance
company,. and a large number of indi
viduals .In whose names, it is claimed.
the Union Pacific railroad has placed
all of the stock which it holds In the
Illinois Central.
Aside from the temporary Injunction
sought, a final decree was asked de
claring that the Union Pacific railroad
•company and tho Railroad securities
company have no power, under the laws
•of Illinois, to own stock. in the Illinois
Central. It was also asked that these
companies be directed to sell their stock
in the Illinois Central within a reason
able time.
The petition sets forth _the names of
corporations whose ?tock It is claimed
the Union Pacific has bought, among
them the Chicago and '.Alton, Illinois
-Central, Chicago. '< Milwaukee and St.
Paul "and the Chicago and Northwest
j cm. 'It charges that these four com
panies own and operate parallel and
competing lines, both in and outside of
the state of Illinois, and that it Is un
lawful for the Union' Pacific company
to own ami vote stock, In such parallel
and competing lines. It is also charged
that the.acqufsition of the Illinois Cen
tral by the Union Pacific, which took
* place in July, 1906,* was concealed: from
, the public and the stock holders of the
Illinois Central and^ was first brought
to light by the investigations of the lrw
Continued on Pose 3, Column's
The San Francisco Call.
YESTEUDAY — Southwest wind; clear; maxi
mum tfiu;v< ratine, 74; rjin'.mtirn. "A.
FORECAST FOH TODAY— Partly cloudy; light
northwest wind. Tajse II
Stuyresant Fish \u25a0wins partial rlctorj- in Sglit
to pre Tent E. H. Harridan's domloatiou of tho
Uliuois Central railrocd In the Interest oi the
Union Pacific aad secures temporary Injunction
preventing: large number^of shares from bring
voted. Page 1 (
Standard official admits _ that oil trust dls
yulses branches as Independents to deveiv*
| eenfumers. Page 15
I.oa«i noisois on the Sapramento. l^ns* 1 B
Where Calhoun ami Dtrgie meet. ' Page S
Civllliatlon In Torto Kico. , : . ; 'I'ajre .8 •
' An un-worthy slcr en Scandinavian*. I*ace S
Grand jiirr learns full details ot • flc«r M '" J ' (>
plot by Calhcrai's agents to overpower Kuef's .
guards an«l kidnap the es-hoss to prevrntt-lni
from testlfvin? In fcrlberx trials; aljo of anot!ior
plot tr> rarrj- a witness away tv a lonrlr moun
tain hut. Page J
Judjre LatvlcT selects 123 from venire cf ">W,
and these vrlll fcrnl.*h jiTy for Ford, whose see
or<l trlnl will begin Thursday. » Pnpre 5
Uumors are circulated to the effect that the
grand Jury has roted Indictments for bribery
against each of the four members of the Jefunct
figbt trust. Page 3 1
NatnoK of 2. M0 refogees who have nn ricrht
to vote to be removed from repUter.' I'Hge 2
More than GOO union men organize for Tmv
lor-I^ansdon campaJsrn- I'asre 2
lndrpendfnt rv-paWloan club work for eJe-
tiMi of Mayor Taylor. \u25a0 " Page 1
f.anj^pc is hero of openln? rally of reptihllcan
campaizn vHh «lefenw» of Immtintly. \u25a0 Page 2
Traffic bur»»n to »M all bcsicrea Is p!sn
which tie Merchants* ri^nans*" J* t"ork:iis
oat. Page 7- .
By prohatir^ a letter Hurrjr W. Hu'ton s«>
cures *ctat» left by. liis wife. . Pace 7
\u25a0Pnp»C TS * ;'; ' r * ' jtW# iV iv<fla?i-l««fi«>:jr' i an»lvy -i*^'_ '
ordinance prantin? street \u25a0 railway franclilse
In ParWsMe anJ Mayor Taylor Trill «ls?n . It
toter. Pase;lß
San Jose lawyrrs testify rencernicjt the po-ti
liar coadoot oi Alexander YoeU, whese will i«
being eont^te-1. Pase 4
Proposed abandonment of city and oouuty
bocpltal draws vigorous objection from J^p^i-
visor Sulllvau against plan. - \u25a0 Pase 7
' Supervisors receive reports ..of . utilities com
mittee ngafnst purchase of Spring Valley plant
and revocation of trolley and telephone
franchises. Pase 3
Admiral Dewey writes that he will visit San
Francisco during tbe stay of the Pacific fleet
here and accepts offer cf entcrtalnisent by re
ception conunittee. I'nce 10
Aft«>r admitting error editorially lv his
Chronicle. M. U. de Younz persists in effort to
pral> {>ortion of Myrtle avenue. Page 1
Army officer? are studying plans for fortif..*-
Id? the land and water approaches to S;in
Francisco. \u25a0 . Pegelfi
Precldent'fi examination order, Involving &!
vere tens, Fends five prominent army officers
before retiring board. . Page 7
Divorce proceedings instituted by 'Willlnm H;
Talbct develop many sensations. - Page 4
Mrs. Emma Moalc of 1354 Fultoa street Is a«
*aulted and l^ft unconscious by lntn who gave
ber a -ride in trasgy. Page 4
Mob attack? Japanese lanndry in Fell «tr.H-t,
beats the proprietor and a fellow countryman
and is dispersed only after liberal application of
clubs by large^xjuad of police. Page 6
Controversy over water rights causes the
Lagunlta* company to begin suit agalnxr two
companies in Marin county. Page 7
Eccentric Calaveras miner, who claims resi
dents of. San Joaquin county are defrmnlhis
him, makes fruitless visit to the supreme
court. . . . Page 5
Man whose bankbooks show deposits of §30,i'00
found wandering by police.- • ' Tage 4
Snpers at the Alcazar theater jjo out on strike
when refused an Increase. In wages. Page 16
Womaji Is killed in fall from third floor jvin
dow and man companion Is arrested. Pai?e 4
Motorman fires Into \ crowfl»d car and . wounJs
two men in revenge for beating. Page 10
Attorney Clarence Heed wefls Miss .Estoll"!
Peterson Trinity chnrch, Oakland. - Page C
'Dr. Ernest F.- Victors' 'Wife snes for. divorce
on ground of failure to provide. Pase 8
Alameda county grand Jury summons Oaklnnd
women as witnesses, to ald^ investigation of al
leged milk tract.' . "", Page 8
Succefgfnl opening of bazafir for the beneflt of
St. 'Mary's parish in, Oakland; Page H
Student cast Is ready "for presentation of the
tragedy of "Samson and Delilah.' \u25a0 at the .. julvit-"
Blty Greek theater SatifVday evening. Page 8
Oakland plans wide thoroughfare alou^ the
water front to make It 'accessible : from :. every
section of the city. ... Page 10'
Chemist finds cyanide of potassium in stomnch
of <scad wood carver and "police are investi
gating. V. T; -, :;\u25a0 Page 8
Aged man accused" of blowing-up bnlldinjf in
Point Bichmoud to satisfy revenge. '-Page 0
World's pacing record for 2 year olds Is broken
by Slom Beaty. at. Newkirk, Okla. ". Page 10
Many Jockeys of note, will rlile at' KmoryvilU'"
track during winter racing wesson. -*\u25a0 Pnge 10
- Siaplamat club runners are praised for_ tholr.
showing in" croos ' - f ' country . race -on Hxxu
day. . . l'aere 10
Boxers Jack Johnson , and Jim Klvnn nicft lo
nlght to sicn articles -. for a. " \7, rrunri
bontl. ' •-\u25a0\u25a0* Pflgfi 10
: One-half of the. carmen who went on striie are,
working;' at other occupation^.. • Page 0
The amalgamation of local electrical vvorkers
will be. completed this wcrk. y~ ;.Pasc 9
Arnjjr trani«p<>rt I.ogan from Msijllh arrives
off \u25a0 the ligh»«hip,":bit ** a wall 'of . fog i holds':
the. istftomer.. outside .the. liarlior; untllVnfter'
sundon>i." .'•-.*. • I'uge'.ll;
MINING '' / \
- Floren;*. . GoldQeld - ConsollrtafSil _ ami . Coiiil>in:j- 1 .
tion " Fraction 'rise sharply, ami;- Ili-'ii as suddenly \u25a0 |
dKrliue. :r " Pnge' ls'
social \u25a0;
.* Engagcmrnt ..of. Mi*s Hllctba ' I!«rrl»oii v .and'
Curtis :. rvmb'rokc Sargent' uf,' I'ortlaail, - On*.: \*':
\u25a0 announced. : I'ase a
Lays Claim to Poftibri of
Myrtle AvenueVahd
Gity Demurs
". . ....\u25a0 •.• „. . . ,-.
| Chronicle's Explanation a
| Year Ago That He Made
• Error/ Is Ignored
Apparent Intention to \u25a0 Tr^^
for Possession: of
This is a tale, as told in the records
of the city, of a strip of land 275! feet
long and 17^ feet wide, part of Myrtle !
avenue, but claimed as his own, with i
all the legal phraseology employed in
makipg such claims, by. General M.
H.de Young. It is something over a
year ago now that title .'< to 'this valu
able strip of city thoroughfareVyvas de
manded by General de Young, and
when his attention" was called "to the
matter be promised, inferentially, to
be good and give it back. But .rib
move to that end has been made, Aln
/act.for allitl:at he i has signir\e4;ic.thp«'
contrary, he. purposes to battle in the"
courts for this strip of Myrtle avenue.
General- up [, Young's -assumption of
title 'grew otit* of the fire \>f April IS;
1506. ' This flre destroyed- many records
of property, and General de^ Young:, as
others did, filed notice of ; suit to quiet
title to various pieces^of land within
the city. Among the doughty general's
holdings was & pieced of- property that
fronts on-O'Farrell street for 275 feet
and runs back . 1 20; feet,' where ' Myrtle
avenue bounds _it on the north. But
instead . of- specifying 120 ! feet as the
depth of his lot. General. do Young,' In
his notice of suit, gave it a depth of
137% feet, which made his lot extend
17*4 feet into Myrtle avenue, taking up
half. of that thoroughfare for a distance <
of 275 feet. - i
- On August S of last year. The Call
drew attention to this .expansion of
General de Young's real estate. : It was
suggested that perhapß the heat of the
great conflagration had swelled the lot :
But there was no sign of .contraction;]
and again on October 12 : The Call re
ferred to the matter, insisting' that it
was not quite right- that a piece of the I
city's-. property should be grabbed. In !
response,; the Chronicle published an
editorial which was a combination of !
Jauntiness and evidence of injured feel- i
ings. It ran thus: '. - .
And a Request for Simple Justice to a
A morning contemporary yesterday
published a diagram of a piece of prop
erty owned by .; the .proprietor of i the
Chronicle, in which • the - dimensions
given lln a description which he | fur
nished carried the depth of thelot into
a rear street. " The ; mistake t was .so
patent that it: is astonishing that/it
should have \u25a0 attracted < any;, attention
whatever, yet It was promptly 'twisted
Into an attempt to grab'a street. 'The
intimation Is too; rijUculous to deserve
serious attention? yet a 'failure to cxi
plain may be construed into vim" ad
mission.-. >Like : numerous other/own
ers of real estate, in^ San Francisco^ the
proprietor "of the Chronicle had the
misfortune to lose much ,of his real
estate data. In .the recent fire. In his
effort to restore the plat book the error
referred to was ' made. ; . Under.-:no'fcir
cumstances' could the -mistake made
haveaffected the title, for^there* is ,no
question respecting the complete dedi^'
cation tojpublic usi 1 ! of/. the -Btreeti in
advertently;, encroached .' upon 'by the I
description. It is" just such. ah; error. as :
many other property .holders -twilli" be '
likely' to._ make in "'\u25a0 their ( 'efforts : to .re
store their plat books.' -The .work done
by: agents ;; is riot infallible;-and'^unin
tentional,-errors-are -bouiid to- cr*»epUn.'
If^tlie palpable ""rr, or -we; are 'speaking
of had -been, made;" by;' any; othor.-per
son . it ; woufti \u25a0\u25a0 not' have Jbeen notiend, or.
vt s l«ast, -no -fair > minded I person -would
have . \ placed r ; suchV.' an v^ interpretation
upon it as that whlchour contemporary
chose, to 'adopt. • \u25a0 V• , ,".'• ' : .
;Xo one. will dony.-to a.' newspaperman'
the ' \u25a0- jjiptlcc. • of- which; " ho, - fronorally.
stands: in n<j»d, but 'tlio^reoords 'at >t lie
cou n t y clerk's oflie'e : in'd i»:a t e ' tha i\ Gfii
•iral do ; Young wants just h-'<^ tjliis^K^"
ff-^t. of' Myrtlft.avcnuv.T I] is. claim" for i it
still is on] file ; unariioniled.-., Opposed; to"
iiy arc domii rrcrs ': li lod * b y . IJ.G. t Pla 1 1;
Cwntinucd on I'upe ,5, Column S
Mr. Ryan Addresses the Ryan I^j^^ie^s
Independent Republicans to
Worked Elect Taylor
Carried On in #11 districts.
George A. Van Smith
\u25a0An independent . republican club pledged to "Mayor Taylor and
good government will be. at work in every assembly district, in San
Francisco before the end- of/the week.; Preliminary organization
plans were last night at a meeting of the executive com
mittee of the ;.independent republican club .of "San Francisco, , the
organization built" around'-the minority that; left the republican - con
vetiqn.which.Ryan forced, to nominate him -for mayor. t ..
- The plan of the independent republican central organization, of
which Thorna S , j? : Haven is president^contemplatea a central body of
149 members., apportioned as were the delegates : to the Ryan v con^
iyention. ':- : -\V6rking with^ and under the* direction, of the central -body
I clubs composed of republicans are :to be ! formed in each assembly
district: : Thrqugh. these district clubs a regular republican campaign
for Mayor Taylor /and good /government \ will be conducted.
-\u25a0':\u25a0:', The • work of the : central \u25a0\u25a0\u25a0•organization", which was launched last
week,- lias ; progressed } in a. remarkable manner .;.••_\u25a0 Through:itsTpresi
" dent"- the independent^republican 1 .'-club 'announced- its purpose Vat; the
Taylor ratification meeting Saturday night: Nearly. 5,000" cards,
pledgingithe^sigriers, as republicans,. to' support Mayor Taylor, were
distributed;- at ; the ratification Cmeeting.^- More tlian^ 1 ,000 ; of \these
trict \u25a0in j San^>l^ancisco-have^alreacly^been* returned to the Jieadquar-l
ters, 1018 Fillmore street, -/rhe^bfficers of the independent club
cxpect ; -to-have:lo,ooo;,repuW under the Taylor and
good government banrfer before the end of the week,: an^. to show
before thes campaign ends;^by/ the signatures of republicans-affixed
to Taylor •pledges,, that a niajority: oi >the republicans] of San Fran-,
cisco wei'e opposed to the nominationfof -.-Ryan^-- arid want 'Mayor
-Taylor -in office. „• /. . x ', :' ~ \u0084- • " r
':r; "\u25a0'„'\u25a0 \OncJ oi- 'the ; most encouraging if eaturcVfof.tHc first- day's, work doneT.by.
j the ; independent republicans was ,-f the' spirit f with V which .'\u25a0; the rnenibers of
its^ finance ;comniittee \u25a0''were received " byi; the.' public. :; More than, $500 was
rai?cd in one /hour,; 'and Milton ;H- Esberg, •vvhb' presented, the" Taylor 'pledge'
cards'? to 21 republicans." received 21 1 signatures sand ;Vsl". .with each signature.
The subordinate.. clubs^in ; the" ; several" •• assembly"-; districts/fwill; ; n"ot'.'at{
tempt, for the" 1 most part, to -open hc'adqua"ftersyH'Each'club"%\\*illi v
Jiinvcvcr,;." h'pld - one j or ". more .;
subordinalpi organization ; ;m_ the thirty-ninth 'district will be completed >Fri-",
:day,; ingHtvamhJn^thej fofty-third 'district;; organisation "will be effected *to^
night: i '£ ' \u25a0 \u25a0y \u25a0 \ -
\; }- rrThc ; officers;, and v of ;. thc>centraliindependent'; republican (club
• arc : ; : President, ; Thomas })l. - Haven ; 11 rst Avice "Tpresiderit, • Milton - H. ; Esberg ;
1 second ' vicc-jSresident,' A;; G/ B6j?gs; tliindi vice president," CJ -A; Day;
i •taryifyoscpjn)|B^( r .uttcn; assistant secretary, Lester.^ G. Burnett^ executive
Impertinent (Question No, 20
What/ Is Moneys Anyhow?
See Page l^^Bottom of Columns 1 and 2
Cover ninent May Send
laborers to Coast
Needs of, Battleship ' Fleet Are
1 Being Considered
.WASHINGTON, Oct.; 15. — In connec
tion with the procurement of the large
amount of labor necessary on the Pa
cjflc coast to" ; make -the repairs to the
battleshlp^fleet when It reaches Cali
fornia' next year? the ;navy department
is' considering a proposition which will
undoubtedly cause a stir among the
labor unions on the coast. This is to
Induce eastern laborers to go there by
giving -. them ' and their ' families free
transportation, "provided they contract
to'v remain In tha government's service
a certain time. Of course higher wages
must be paid than are common In the
east, as a -necessary feature of 'the
plan. '. V •V- * X • \
".:\u25a0 BERLIN, Oot. i 14/— <A. correspondent
of th« I Tagebl&tt at Emden : telegraphs
that ; according 1 .to "a v dispatch received
from Borkum a spying yacht with En's-.
lish . ; naval officers ; on \u25a0; board \ had 'been
captured by two Wilhelmshaven tor
pedo-boats. The officers are suspected
of having taken and made
photographs In forbidden waters."-!.
i"-- HEADQUARTERS \u25a0->! -'- I • fl -?* 1.-1* \u25a0\u25a0- -^ Tt L \u2666
\u2666 1018% Flllmor* Stre«t nflPHPflnPni - H Pill Itl 11 1 Fcl 11 I Iflh !
+ Bet. Golden Gate Avenue ' lIIUIUIjIiUIIiI. lit JJIUjIIIQII VIUU \u2666
J.-- and McAllister Street - -'•"«"•-.>*\u25a0" \u25a0\u25a0 , - .;•. ' -. \u25a0 '"- * " *-\u25a0 • -J
,y L" . ;__^- . ; \u25a0 -'\u25a0'\u25a0 , "- . \u25a0 *,"'"".' ' - - '' . -J*. - " \u25a0 '-\u25a0'-'\u25a0"" . - \u25a0 \u25a0 *' \u25a0 - \u25a0\u25a0
* "I Hereby enroll'; myself^- as a -member of the Independent;*'
Club'of the. .V. . . '. . '..-.> <. .'Assembly District of I
•i.;-. . \u0084' ,• . '"-\u25a0-. '_ \u25a0\u25a0 \u25a0 - ' '\u25a0'/;'?' — . \u25a0"-'\u25a0 \u25a0''\u2666-
t- * . **i *. "V \u25a0" *\u25a0>.-•\u25a0'\u25a0 -f .- "x. y. — ".-•\u25a0- v - '*'"'». . ' .' >\u25a0* * ' \u25a0 -_ * ''*" ? "'r_ ..,\u25a0\u25a0.\u25a0\u25a0-_..\u25a0
\u25a0\u25a0''\u25a0-\u25a0*\u25a0-'\u25a0\u25a0 " 1 " - \u25a0-"\u25a0 r." .'\u25a0\u25a0*• .- ' \u25a0 " . » - 1
I, •'.' Cut out this' eonnon: and mall, to -bead quarter*. *
*---\u25a0. \u25a0: .;; - --. \ : :>. :.- . .., •.-, \u0084 .V:-: \u25a0- • \u0084 &OsW<- "\u2666!
E. T. Newsome Tells
of Plan to Steal
Abe Ruet >\u25a0\u25a0.•\u25a0.
Informs Detective Burns . •
and Plot Is Frustrated
Banker of N ewman
Given as Agent '
in Affair
\u25a0 •
Calhoun Detective Hires
Gun Fighters for Work
The almost unbelievable meth
ods employed by Patrick Cal
houn and his crowd of indicted
fellow corporation magnates to'
defeat justice and prevent their
own conviction received new
confirmation before the grand
jury ; : yesterday through the tes
timony of E.T. Newsome, a for
mer deputy sheriff of Stanislaus
From . Newsome and other
witnesses it was learned that the
attempts to kidnap Thomas
Lonergan , and Fremont Older,
which have been balked within
the past few weeks while the * -
plotters were attempting to put
them into execution, werew riot
the first of the gigantic scheme
to do away with the important
witnesses .against-, the. corpora-,
ion bribe ; ; givers/ but that a plot ;
was formed as far back • as ; June'
with an object oj.no llesss s magni
tude than kidnaping, of Abe.
Ruet himself; in spite of the'fact
that the one time boss was- then
under heavy guard in the cus
jtody of Elisor Biggy.
The testimony given the
'grand jury yesterday is so clear - ;
as to leave not the slightest;
doubt; of the identity, 'methods! .
or 4 objects of the kidnapers, asi
the essential' details we're given*
the jrrand jury in corroboratiom
** -, . \u25a0 .-.•\u25a0 \u25a0-\u25a0\u25a0\u2666
of a sworn statement made.. by
Newsome, \ who/ was;' himselfl-a ! -;
party to the plot.
•"Newsome, who was employed,
by^Calhoun's agents in June,
was so shocked at the intention?,
of his r employers : when . he found
Con tinned on Pase 3, Colnnm 3

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