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The queerest of all farmers raises alli-
J gators for his crop. An alligator farm
| would pay in California. Learn how one
; is run and see pictures in
Commissioner of President
Makes Pointed Inquiries
of Merchants
Trade With Orient as Well
as Coast Commerce Is
Uncle Sam's .Preliminary
Steps for Competing With
Pacific Mail
President C. H. Bentley of the
chamber of commerce has taken up
the task of providing the war depart
ment of the United States with all
the information available in San Fran
cisco that the department requires
preliminary to considering the advis
ability of putting on a line of steam
ships to compete with the Pacific Mail
between the isthmus of Panama and
San Francisco and other Pacific coast
ports. A committee has been ap
pointed by Bentley, with Captain Wil
liam Matson as chairman, and includ
ing George D. Gray and James Mc-
This information has been asked for
by Joseph L. Bristow. who was ap
pointed a special commiFeloner by
President Roosevelt two years ago to
3ook into the steamship service between
American ports, and Is now under in
strur^jons by th«; war department to
;>ro<*ee<3 further along the same lines.
•1 am advised by the secretary of
war," Bristow has written to the cham
bers of commerce of San Francisco,
Lcs Angeles, San Diego, Portland. Seat
tle and Taroma, "that while the service
of the Pacific Mail steamship company
has not be*n withdrawn, that P l£^, is
very unsatlf factory. He has advised
me to take a further Inquiry as to the
advisability, of the government estab
lishing a steamship line between' the
Pacific coast ports of the United States
and Panama. -
At first it was supposed that the In
quiry would deal largely and to a cer
ra!n extent exclusively with the ques
tion of- how much freight pro
vided by the government as a canal
builder end -in its capacity of furnish
irg' supplies for the great naval and
military plants to be located at Fan
Francisco and for the insular pos
sessions of the United States in the
Pacific would move by sea. Now it
[s developed that the scope of the pro
posed governmental line of steamships
is much wider.
Bristow has submitted a list of ques
tion* to the several chambers of com
merce of the PacMc coast regarding all
*ort» of freight that canbe' moved by
sea, as follows:
"What kind of freight originates in
Fan Francisco and the vicinity within
its commercial radius for shipment to
the eastern part of the United States
and Europe?
"What part of this freight could be
*uccesEfully transported by way of
"Are there any articles of such
freight that it would not be prac
ticable to ship by way of Panama? If
»\u25a0\u25a0>, please name the articles and the
reason why shipment by way of Pana
ma .would be impracticable.
"What percentage of the freight that
could be successfully shipped by the
way of Panama is transported by that
route? What part by th« EtraiU of
Magellan? "What part by th« trans
continental railroads?
"Please state in detail why any part
of the freight that it is practicable
to chip by the way of Panama, is not
shipped by that route.
"What are the principal articles of
freight shipped from San Francisco to
points, cast of the Allegheny moun
tains? What are the principal articles
of freight that are shipped from San
Frasclsco to the Mississippi valley?
What are the freight rates charged on
each of the principal articles of such
"What are. the principal articles of
freight received at Can Francisco from
Europe, the eastern coast of the United
Stat«s and th» Mississippi valley? What
are the freight rates charged on the
principal articles V
These are followed by a series of
other questions, . in which it is asked
pointedly as follow*:
- "If a large part , of the freight that
rould be shipped by way of Panama
is shipped by. other routes, please state
the .reason?";
"What. American steamship com-;
panles doing business on the Pacific
coast have;* vessels- that would be
equipped for handling efficiently cargo
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The San Francisco Call.
YESTERDAY — West Tcind; clear; maximum
temperature, C 4; minimum, 56. *
FORECAST FOR TODAY— Fair; lop. in morn
ing; light west wind- . ' rage 11
United SUtcs Mpnal corps . balloon win* the
Ivsbra cup by traTellns 500 mile*, from Mls-
BOttri to West Virginia, at high rat* . of
speed. . : rase 1
Copper Klnc Heinze is Mid to hare
lost • a fortune of 520.000.000 In '. stock
speculation. Page 1
Wizard Edison SB.rs an indestructible ; tbree
story cement bouse can, be built In twelve brmrs
«.t cost of ?1.000. . ." Page 1
Mechanic creates unr**t in Hawaii by claim
ing to "hare core for leprosy, many of tbe natiTes
refrnrriinp blm as » **>cond Messiah. ' Page 9
CalifornU limited on the SanU Fe 1r \u25a0wrecked
near Trinidad, Colo., and Pusrllist Tommy Buru*
is among the injured; sereral fatal •wrecks on
other railroad*. Page 0
\u25a0 Trade reported rery quiet, in tbe east and
crop* , are being held from markets. Page 7
W. G. Kockefeller testifies that Standard oil
company is beary lender of its surplus fauds In
Wall street. •' i .V Page 5
Frederick Majrill and bin wife ac<Tu'ttfed : of
charge of murdering Magrill's first •wife. Page 11
President Roowi-elt follow* j dogs through bouiF
iasa. Jungle and kills big black bear. Page 5
Priest reports att<»mpt to throw bemb at .Sec
retary of Wax Taft In Manila. Page 5
Grand Jnry of, San Joaqoln errants to inreati
gate charge ef graft in hospital manage
ment. Page 5
Oakland moralist describes himself. Pace 8
Tearing up 'the town. - Page 8
Tbe sorrows of Harrtaan, y Page 8
The farmer's riew of Asiatic" imini^ra
tica. . - Page b
Thomas Zaadt, erganirer for th« 'Ameri-an
federation of labor, will address union men in
behalf of Taylor ticket tonight. . Page 1
P. H. McCarthy addresses thick meetings in
the Mission district. Pace 3
Mayor Taylor and District Attorney Lan/don
address enthusiastic audiences in Golden Gate
park and Sunset districts. Page 2
Eighteen hundred persons assemble in Wal
ton's pavilion to bear speech by Daniel Al Ryan,
republican nominee for mayor. ' Page 2
H. H. B«?rg, gambling house keeper, commits
perjury after b«lng 6worn as Juror in the ford
trial and is ousted by Judge Ltwlor. Page 16
Joseph L.. Eristow makes inquiry . among coast
chambers 'of commerce concerning the govern
ment's plan to place a line of steamship's be
tween San Francisco' and tbe isthmus of
Panama . V , \u25a0\u0084 . . ; iy ..•-.<.. .". -.' • •_ • ; Page [ 1
Following the rescinding of a restrdufing
order, officials of the Maria water company, send
a force of workmen to the Berrt riccb to repair
the break tn pipe lines alleged hare been
made by, riral' Lagnnltaa' company. '\u0084' Page 1
Mrs.B. A. Healey- files suit for flirorce. al
leging.infidelity and asldag alimony.' :' Page/ 12
Mrs. 'H. A. Butters * pars $614.75 ' cuitoms
duties on . trunks brou;h t from Europe \u25a0 and ' Col
lector Etratton Issues ' statement concerning tbe
baggage. \u25a0 / > Page'l6
Board of health xnaVes changes in personnel of
emergency hospital staff. - Page. 12
Sapervit>ors finance : committee requests board
of education to utilize the money con
tributed by eastern children to . build j memorial
school. \u25a0\u25a0_ -, Page 7
Metropolitan life .Insurance company of New
York will erect handsome building at corner
of ' Pine \u25a0 and Stockton streets for its Meustre
cse. Page 7
Mrs. Florence Land May spends day be*ie?ed
by process serrers, wbo invade Fairmont hotel;
she files \u25a0 aimwer. to prior action, .'acousingr
Jesse W. Ldllenthal of an ""attempt •to
cheat. .Page 9
Mrs. Maud ,E. . Simpson sues her mother ia
law for JICCKM damages owing to alleged indig
nities put upon her by defendant. Page 16
Strike breakere in the employ of the United
Railroads will present their, demands for belter
pay. tonight to General Manager Black, tvijo
says they will be ignored. Pasre 16
Price of $1,000 is set on head of Chinese lot
tery king of Oakland by batchetmen of rival
tongand h» mores from Chinatown in feir of
death. . , Page 4
| Decision that adrertlslng company must pay
tax on -billboards in Oakland. . Page 4
Gordem Rowe, a handsome . accountant, is
acquitted on charge of threatening the lifo of
aunt of g^rl he was court i as, although a mar
ried man. Page 4
Little * ' Theodore LAndqcist Is killed ' by
Santa 'Fe train while trying to catch pet
chicken. \u25a0 "\u25a0 ; pp a ge 4
Her. O. R. Brown " of Oakland delivers ad
drrss on marriage and dirorc* before large Rith:
ering of coeds tn Berkeley. Page 11
. Semiannual annual field day of Academic ath
letic league will' be held this afternoon on Berke
ley cinder ; path. ; Page 10
Several home owners return \u25a0with their strings
from tbe Seattle campaign. Page 10
Rugby players of Nevada unlTerslty.wUi m«ct
tbe blue and gold team, at Berkeley this after
noon. Page 10
' Dnryea's Ben • Ban defeats the speedy. Brook
dale Nymph after aa exciting finish at Belmont
park. , '. Page JO
San Francisco yacht club members will enter
tain their , friend* at Sausallto 4 this »rt»r
noon. Page 10
President Williams , of the New California
Jockey club says be Trill Dot permit Sausal'.to
poolrooms ' to receive service from' Emeryville
track. Page 10
New world's record for 3 1 year old trotters Is
made at Lexington by General Watts. Page 10
Manager Al«x. Greggalns has his fbolc^j ot
Tbomas-Ketcbel or McFarland-Memsic mntcU for
November. . \ Page 10
Marine cooks' and stewards* axv^iatlon. nomi
nates candidates i<x >. delegates to, internatioual
couTcnilon. "• Page 9
H. M. Alexander of tb« typographical union Is
elected . president of labor council,, defeatinc; J.
W. Bweeny by a Tote of SS to 68. Page 9
MARINE ' i '
Bear ' Admiral Dayton's fiigchjp, the V\*i»st
TirplnU, with^ tbe . cruisers Pennsylvania, Colc
rado and ' Maryland, sail .[ for' Santa Bar- 5
b«a; „ Page 11
Japanese Uner Nippon Mara brings full car^o
but few passengers', from* far east. Page 11
MINING^:-; • •
Mlnicx •bares decline by reason of.bad:dsy
in Wall street, 1 where .many securities cay«
flump. . Page 15
.The Hopkins family, including three married
daughters, \u25a0will return from" San Matco \ to sniud
tbe winter 1 in tbe. city. ' ;.-!PagcS
Gossips dlscosf. action; of Sirs. Malcolm "U«»nrT
in jitteuding 'naval reception •without bavins b«W
Invited by.' Mre/ Funstoa. ' •': > Page J>
Wo rkmen Prepare to Battle
' With Representatives
of a Rival
Marin County Company in
Great Haste to Patch—
Pipe Lines .
Lagunitas Concern Accused
of Causing Threatened :
Water Famine * \u25a0
Taking immediate advantage of the
court's action in rescinding the re
straining order iesued to " the Lagu
nitas water company earlier in the
week, officials of the Marin county
water company rushed I a force of
workmen to the Bern ranch in Marin
county yesterday afternoon to repair
the break whichthey asserted Lagu
nitas company employes had made in
their lines. Speed was of the utmost
importance, as the -residents of San
Rafael and other- towns dependent
upon the supplies of the Marin com
pany were threatened with a water
A large number of men was sent to
the ranch by the Marin company,. as it
believed that a battle might be waged
for possession. conclusion was
based upon the assertions made by
A. E. Shaw, attorney for the Lagunitas
and' Spring Valley companies, that the
water sources .used by the Marin com
pany belonged -to the corporation that
he represents and that it meant to
keep interlopers but.
\u0084'TVe will put as many men on the
ranch as the .. Marin company puts
there,** en idjgjia vr, "and If this is' to be
a sort of Donnybroqk fair It will not
be our. fault."' '* - ",';,."•• -:r- v ;--- i " *~
Jesse W. LJlienthal,! counsel for the
Marin' • corporation; ' took - ; this as a
threa.t of trouble.. The : Marin . pip©
; line's army of protection" then .was or
ganized and dispatched.
Afterward". . LiliehthaV berated the
Lagunitas officials" for their "alleged' ac
tion-in cutting, off .the .flow of water
in, the pipe lines under the authority of
the 'temporary restraining order.
Lilienthal attacked, this move on the
part of the Lagunitas concern in un
measured terras, even going to the
length of saying, that the court had
been deceived as to the facts of .the
case before granting the order.' ' ~ f *L*
He. asserts. that. he,' as representati\"«
of the_ company, had not been served
with any notice of the granting of the
temporary injunction and that the first
intimation his company v had received
of the order came last Thursday Rafter
noon, when the flow of water through
the pipe Jines,- which are led over the
Berri ranch property, suddenly stopped.
Men : were sent out from the pumping
stations. of the Marin company to catch
the break in the lines... On reaching
the Berri ranch, boundaries they, had
been met by a force of employes 'of
the Lagunitas water company," who ex
hibited the court' order and compelled
the Marin representatives to leayethe
ground.. » '
Lilienthal further, said that 'as .soon
as reports reached him. regardlng^the
locality and nature of the ; break f in
the pipe lines he would take steps to
have indicted!- all responsible for.;. th<»
stoppage. of the flow.. He claimed that
for nineteen years his company has
been making use of : the water of the
Swede . George - creek and . had \ a deed
from the owners: of the Barrl ranch
property giving it' permission to cross
the property with their pipe lines^This
deed is dated IS7I. \, /-
When the employes: of the Marin
water company left San Francisco yes
terday afternoon- they were under In
structions to allow no lnterferenco
with. their work and to resort to ; force
if necessary. One of the pumps oper
ated by the Marin water company
broke down last Wednesday arid this,
added to'ithe unforeseen .'stoppage'; of
the Swede . George creek supply, which
amounts to about 250,000 r gallons a day,
had caused the officials of the company
great anxiety.^^S^^l^^^f,'. - ; .
In ' answer; 'to ..the "i charges . made
against /his company, -ShawJ said fthat
all his J principals i '.desired &'i fair,
price" for their the *• water
of ; -.Swede , George I i gulch ' : and pother
sources L oflsupply,lwhich' he alleged .the
Marin \water * companyj;has ? been? rnak-^
ing >.. use. "of "f for Vyeara-'; without Spaying
one cent , in ' return/^^^^^^^SflßflßflHl
: "He 'wants 1 It \u25a0 understood,"* he added,
"that i, the \ Lagunitas J company., will * put
as". many men- on " r the ranch -aslwlll^be
required V to ; ; • protect ' the
rights^ :Tiie> right "to '"the;|posses-v
sion of "the Berri^.ranch,belongs>to.lthlß
company," aridlwe^mcani to" standion ;our
right:; We; will bputC as: many^inen^bn
the; ranch "as "the, Mariri i company*.^ puts
there, and , if-vthcrc is a sort of;Donny- ;
brook "fair it \Will > not -bevour : fault,';
f 'Perry - r { Finds North P6le--23 \ Below and
Edison P^
Thingslior Biiire
Says He Will Build Three Slory
Cement House in Twelve
Hours for $1,000 ,\u25a0*-. T
Special b\) Leased Wire, to The Call
NEW. YORK, Oot: "i?.— The laboring
man .who makes 51.50 a'day' cca r ha.ye
an . indestructible three story, cenient
dwelling built in 12 hours at a cost ;of
only 'sl,ooo.
All the truck horses of Manhattan
will' disappear from the streets forever,
beginning in December,
Marconi . will,' send I,ooo '.'words 'of
wireless telegraphy a minute acroßs.tbe
Atlantic within'*a- few years." -•'"•' \u25a0 • j
These "statements were -made today
by Thomas. A.; Edison in his .laboratory
at Orange,- N. J., in the presence, of fa
delegation- of 300 members of the'Aiher=
ican electro-chemical society, which^is
holding its twelfth: general ' meetlrig;ln
thiscity. " ' "" ',',/' ' . ' ; '' **-;':\u25a0
Edison tooka.reporter to the second
floor of his laboratory, showed him", the
model of "a. Queen Anne cottage,>;and
said: "Next; spring. I Intend, to build
a house by this model. By, meansiof. a
system 'of patent molds it is possible
for any; contractor to; build a house of
solid cement 25 feet> wide sand^ 4s. feet
deep, threej stories : high" and^capableVof
(•omfortably houslngthree. families.for
?i,000.-^-..; ; /*-;. ; ; ._ . .'../\u25a0:: : '" .'
''The: most important^ feature .of f the
patent- lies, ini the; molds,; which r are of
iron, but ' the: material for the house is
to be? composed ' almost , wholly of ka,
new, composition; of mine, 1 consisting "of
one part of 'cement,- three parts , of ! sand
and 'five parts of 'quarter inch crushed
"stone."^ ', ; " / ; \u25a0*'-../' i. *
Edison was." asked how he > was
progressing his storage battery
f or* driving ; trucks. -
{''I - don't: mliid Celling you that I have
at . last ; succeeded? in „• getting the : stor
age ; batteryjtq ; a f condition* in which : it
Is v. of replied
'. '"Next i I", expect :to|. begin': sup
plying" arstorage-toattery for trucks -and
then 'Ut;_.wlll>b'ej cheap [ enough 'for.' ;ev"m'
albutcher to purchase UtT In 'December, 1
:when;iwe will " begin': to ;* deli ver*V these
baUeries. the, hofpe; of (Manhattan will
disappear:. forever.*'". :•.'*-' -*' 1 >
J Edison Xwas TBhown:;T 8hown : ; a , wireless . mes^
sage ". and * '. his i Vcomment \u25a0 was : -.'.'Give
Marconi- 10 : years and^he wiirbe-send
irig^l.OOOiwords^a minute by.l wireless."
He y won't need any duplex system to
do 'it, either." • .' . . .*- \u25a0\u25a0'\u25a0'. :\u25a0
Marconi's yTrans- Atlantic
Service Is Working Well
Has More Than Hundred Thousand
v Wori/s Waiting t o Be Sent ;\u25a0 }\u25a0
i' Special hv Leased Wire. to The Call^
; SYDNEY. rN.^S.V:Oct:l S:~Slgnor_ Mar-"
conl/said- to a -today, re
Continued < on:. Page^s,?. Column fa
| opper f ing Heinze's
Fortune Is Lost
Spectacular Operator Says He
JWiWLeaye Wall Street and ;
Go Back Jo the Mines .
Special by Leased Wire to The Call
CNEVV YORK. Oct' 18;— F. Augustus
: Heinze, "the 'spectacular, young copper
miner, •• whose : wealth until recently
was estimated at $20^000,000, is today
practically : ruined {financially. • -.
This .was admitted tonight by one of
hi 6 'representatives; ' who 'added ? that
Heinze blamed /Charles- W.. Morse for
,his downfall, butrhoped' to rehabilitate
himself in ; two 'years and win from
new*mln'es in the west a-* fortune larger
than-.the v o_ne he has just. lost.; _ -. . ;",
.«• Other developments of today .in :con
nection'.wlth the collapse of the Heinzes
are:^:' : «\u25a0 ' '"'• \u25a0- '%'\\ -'\-' : '-v'- \u0084':''\u25a0[. ':\u25a0
'The Mercantilo'bank's cash surplus! of
$5,000,000 ;Was discovered, to have .been
exchanged v for" United i" copper . stock.
which is now quoted^afa very low. ng
ure.-'-; \u25a0\u25a0\u25a0.:_, *J-'- : \u25a0.*' *•;•;£'^'L&t'*
;'. The clearing house, committee prac
tically. drivesT.out fthe^entTre r board !of
dlrectcrs, of Jthe . Mercantile ."national
bank, of .which F.^A. Heinze; was "presi
dent!! - \" r ,, -:'. : WV : - ; .';; /v \u25a0 ';\u25a0 ' '\u25a0'. \u25a0'• '
' "William B.'. Ridgely, "controller of^the
currency, acceptsUheip.resldftricy off the
bank/ \u25a0 The" salary; is said to bo J2 5i000.
Morse denies", he sold out ; his', asso
ciates, 'among -whom ,wer« the'Heinxe*^
inViny copper. pooh 'j; * . '. V?;^;
i ? ' ; Morse holds all \u25a0 Heinie's ' stock ; in ; the
Mercantile bank, , the \u25a0 securities ; having
been* hypothecated.'Jn his \ banks , by.
Heihzo .when! the latter, began speculat
ing in_the shar«s'of;United copper.- .'•;
"Heinze abandoned the .banking busi- '
ness and will'go back to the'mines. ;'v N
;' Guarg'enheim stocks /are under great
pressure in ; the' market? The price} of.
their 1 exploration'^ company^" shares
dropped 50 points. - : ' ,', *.'*'!--*f. !
• TheVclearlni house ,«ays the Mercan
tile is-* solvent 'and*^ decides '- to
back * it.;.. Tt -'a. dels , that : it has 'now'con
trol of the: situation -and does not^fear
for/any- other-local' bahka.' :
' Heinze's creditors will. meet on Mon-
day.;* He. will ask. for '30 to '6o r days in
which 1 tolsettle with' them. \u25a0'\u25a0*
.'/\u25a0 in the .supreme^ court *today..an- atj
tachment . was issued' .for « V} 105,075
against"; property .of i the^ State > savings
bank-' of "Butte, Mont., \ in favor of Uhe
Mercantile national -;bank for a balance:
alleged I ' to (beTdu* on-a demand note 1 of.
$ 150,000 v made'; by the .;. Stat e"?\u25a0 savings
bank on March- 5J . ' . \u25a0
p THE: .HAGUE, v Oct. , 3,8.— -Joseph H.
Choate. bead 04 the'Am'erican delesation,"
ion'ay \u25a0 the.jßnal j act* of- the peace
('onferenct •\u25a0 and the convention ad-
Sig^na 1 Balloon
Wins MBM Cnp
Army Men Achieve Remarkable
'Victory by Traveling 500 Miles
at High'Rafeof Speed
| . ST." LOUIS. Oct. IS.— Swinging through
the. air at ' a speed estimated at 22
miles an hour, the United States signal
corps balloon No. 10, in -which Aero
nauts J. C. McCoy and Captain Charles
D. F. Chandler of the United States
signal, corps \u25a0 ascended hare last even
ing, passed over Illinois and Indiana
last night and across Ohio today and
at -nightfall, when last heard from, was
apparently about to land in the vicinity
of Point Pleasant. W. Va. The dis
tance covered, on a straight line meas
urement-is. approximately 500 miles,
and' the voyage won for the aeronauts
the, Lahm cup. . . ' .'.
j The Lahm cup was instituted bv,the
Aero' club of America soon after the
international races at Paris in. 1906. at
which .Lletuenant Frank P. r Lahm won
the James Gordon. Bennett cup for the
Aero* club of America. -So joyful "were
the members', of the club at the victory
that the c,up ,was named for, the pilot of
the "balloon "United States" and lt'wus
put : iip' by 'the' cub to' be won by th<s
a'erona,ut -who traveled more 'than >403
miles, .[ the -.distance covered i by . .the
"United $ States" '.in the Paris • races,
provided the "start .\u25a0was ' made «* from
American soil. •Lieutenant;Lahm never
has held the cup and this was the first
time"" it 'ever" was' -won.
ir^r ir.-.>; ; .[:.V.»>.- 1 • .- ' •" • * :
. When- the' ascension was .made' last
: f ... - ' , -.'"\u25a0\u25a0\u25a0\u25a0\u25a0 - . -
Continued on Pace 3, Middle Col. 4
lois^Fiihnore street InnonorjnDnr itpnimlifan I nn
and MeAHlrtei Stmt : ; r •
-\u25a0 .••'\u25a0' ' . . _ \u25a0\u25a0'•\u25a0 \u25a0' .. :
' I hereby enroll myself as a member of the Independent.:^
'Republican Club -of Jthe.. . .„ .*. . . .^ . . .Assembly District of ;
the Gity and County of. San Francisco. : .
Residence Address. . . ... .i>S^^»S^|3^lilS!
Cat «at this eonpoa and mail'to bead quarter*. -
Impertinent Qtiesdwf No. 21
? What Do You Want?
See Page 3, Bottom Columns 1 aiioV2
Organizer for A. F. of L.;to
Deliver .Address to ;
Union Men . ;t; t r r ,
McCarthy is uneasy
Fears Growing Sentiment
in Labor's Ranks for
His Opponent
Expected Rally of Young
Men to His Standard •
Falling Flat.
Political Meetings Today
Xoeo — L'nlon Iron- workn.
1:30 p. m.— Builders' exchange-
Mrb t — AYaltou's pavilion. Golden
Gate a venue near ' Buchanan
•tree*. |
Mscht— MN«ion rlafc. Mlsaltm
street, between Xlneteeatb • and
Twentieth. - ?
Alcht— Bertsch*» ball, corner Vm»
elflc and Stockton streets.
.Mght— Daboce ball, 405 Dnboce
George A. Van Smith
Thomas Zandt. . organizer for
the American federation of labor,
will speak to union men on behalf
of -Mayor Taylor and the good
government ticket tonight at a
meeting of the good government
dub,;- organized within the cotin
cils; of c^jrpenten * ' union : 483, and
with which the members of the
carpenters' •"unions/No.' *1082_ and
the { miDmen : have affiliated/ \u25a0 t
;The j repreV*ntatives of union' labor,
who.ar* charged with th« brsranlza
tion * of , union men for " the cause- of
good government and full' dinner pails
in San Francisco, have pushed their
work -in a' manner that has alarilied.
, the McCarthy men. who have declared
persistently that the vote on Xov«m
ber 5 would show* that McCarthy and
his ticket had virtually the solid sup
port of. union Übor men.
The meeting of the union m*n"s good
; government club will be held tonight
at 677 McAllister street. The club w*s
organized in three unions that hav'e«a.
combined membership of approximately
5,000 registered voter*. It started with
a membership of several hundred, and
it was: then decided to throw its roM
open to all union labor men. It' is
confidently...^ asserted by prominent
labormen that fully 5,000 card holders
will be enrolled for Taylor. Langdon
and good government before the cam
paign- closes.
The magnetism of a youthful candi
date, upon which Ryan and his advisors
relied to attract the young men of San
Francisco to the Ryan ticket, has failed
to materialize. Tha young men of San
Francisco have declined to rally to 'the
Ryan " standard with most perverse
unanimity. • -. - -
The failure of the anticipated- army
of young men to show up at the Ryan
camp immediately after the "work of
the Ryan convention was finished was
not at first taken seriously by the man
agers, whose stock of optimism was
then almost untouched. They decided
that the young 'men of San * Francisco
were diffident, perhaps. Thanks to'th*
lnexparisnce' of youth j , they did not
know how to get on 'the Ryan band
wagon.'. . The way must be pointed —
made easy for the thousands of young

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