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J^e San Francisco -Sunday i CalLv
~7> Ceztfx&i ef SaS^o^c-Ciba^bs
Herbert M. SergatL
"Creiz TkcStstyd^ Pcjan." bs ßealncz
'Abbic Am," f»3? Gccrgt - Madden Mcr&C
" Thz Ovaviaa.*'' fcj l/pftxi sbclcir.
"Thz Bcd&r.£ Book" J?p HdeiHas W&inzs.
"The House cf the Vanp'xc": fcr Cesrgc
"The rHdfe Mecfcaff.** btfJcujucsFvirdic.
"High Urixgz Rtdpa JT<m \ Southern JZliina"
cctr^led by Mrs. Norman McLaeh: ~
*7fce Campaip cf Sanfeie de'Cate**
X=C2=t * O-. GSet^a. Ttr« Tt*s=«,
U per «t. *« •?\u25a0'. ''?•).\u25a0'\u25a0
BESIDES being "the s-stior, ef th« -
r«ro *ealc» abcre sotei. Co^»«l
Sirrest U captals In tie'Seecafl
ca.v»:rT. ~- S. A_ -was * colocel
!a tie Firth Usited St*tW.T«lcatecr la
ftitrr Ccrlrg tie Spa=l*b-Am«rlc*a
n? «afl *Je=te=»st colcael of *ss* T^* 3 '
tr-=lrth United £ta.tes volcr:t*«r i=-
> ff ..«jy «rrt=.g tie oyerxtio^s . Ja tie^
Pk^Jpp^e*- He Is tber*fcr« w;»l! <:cal
l£*£ to discuss tie cE-=ro*lra cf.Siatl
ip-"V:- C=ba- Ttia history he ias coa^
4es*s2 Sato tiree To'rrses, aad it is ti«
= c«t ccac^» tri eiDlicSt rtite^eat
w>-'ch h&» «.7^eareis of that iatcrestlne
Mziod. "-* - -
Ttcrsh at tie time "' J^.^f^
;:-•**« Sta-ies volc**eers, a recinerit
J^« tvrslT.% Trbea Shatter Treat tn
el=t!«o. tii« io=s fr ftA= .7 '•' ie !L^:
•tt rtrcx^e =aY« i:=s «-l tie more
rr= .- >e te = .t \u2666» frrite in accurate acco-uac
*Cclois»3 Eirceai's v«r ratara.l • «i*
t£**r& ti« regra*' sra:y crop* cp Kft
tm •> *r» p^c«. K:s t«OKt of the
P«rt pUred tr tie S«veatT-£rK New
tZ'X «:aate«rs tt ta* battle ©S S-n
Jcia ta rsort cafavorafcle to that reri-
tie fact ti*t later tfc« brare^r
ef ta« ff * taca -way pet to the tert
end net ferad w-£at!as be!a«r -ca-te
ICtsere^.* He irfvc? a fair account off
i£jT*»tr-Jessn*ss of th« Hough -7e*der«
at t=« assault on MC«ui*,,fcHl. whirb
made prlnrJpally by- the I First.
Ninth f~* Teath csvairy aad Rorga
tslt-^sjst 1 ''o'clock' when
g^ Jrsa nIU was taken. Tfc* trenches
rrtr* lm=:*ciat«lT occupied and a brisk
*r* *«ra« «"?*---*'3 cpoa the . JSeelnsj;^
•\u2666^a^aris. w*re atteaiptiag ?o *
t=« shelter -eff ,th«?ir second -lire.
«— c «»« «- *^ Tares behind San
-rraa TtCl.' Scarcely fcad - the infa ctrr
r9mf^ r .M the *lop* of San Jutn hi".:
tfe« :ea«-alr:- pa K#ttl« hC-'fttr.:.
•« »e'Tayg to attack t=« portion" T.ff.
eT- jesa "!s<!gtts Just "ncrth cf the
w ycro-Sastiago road. "Cnfier th« gal r
•a=* •e*fier* I h'p off Eusarerand JRoose-
ta^'»* they rcfhed across th« fcterrenlng
iJihey la the face off a destructive fire.
«Ersbea tie heights and - drove - the
«r«=y fre=» St* iatrencamejst.
roaowter c* above Is a clear and
fsUrtwtlrg descrlptSoa off the precarS
2a sltraticrr «1- the American troop*
I^r the- capture eff San- Jean heights.
eon£itsoa cf the' xaesc «o
clew lo the Il=e off the enemy, with no
;££,.„ to ffsll tack «pen, and General
g-arer-s as* to whether he
,-e^ia bold Lis raea as they w«r«; or
•withdraw -his Hn« nearer, to. his base
c" rzroVL** at Slbcaey.
Teat there was a blundering and •
c^fcaioa eff crders at this , point the .
rtMjEl^g jrcbUe knows caly • too wetl
SlTscerns as iff it *« a fatal d«
7^-r that led Llaares to opeathe Taattle
Eacv tmpcrtaat event detanea ts,»o»-|
. Vr a chapter off comments la :
v^ea Colonel Sargent gives the reader
izxzr laterestiss: pctats-anfi :a, great'
A«ttl o* usef zl infonnatJoa ' as . to * the
toe ?e^ls os the Calted SUtes was ;
«^ Vr-arVd for war. \.Tbe , rsarrelous ;
2at Geseral 'Shaffter .should
tof succeeded at .11: and;he, never
"-uls have, fcafi the Spaalardt at San-,
tlMro b«ea properly handled. .
Colonel Sargenfs rema-ks^ s*^.
fimmrxl S^-a'ter ar*- worth \u25a0 cuo**-g oe-
SSTrf S. t»te««t we ia , SaalFraa-
S^ tar, alwayi tad injtbe man a^d
• T^zr ct r. Also they Rt>:to r ahow how
Se author rtailes and estimates a
character: - *' ...-'* - „" *\u25a0-•» •«*.* * ' :
Ehiiter i* .a. .very . Urge,
•exhy saa'cf'SaCoißjtaJßle, rugged ea
errr- EcU ». strong type, off 4 a bl-^nt,
Svt easier. It 1« rU hah^to call^a.,
«£~tea. t-it -Si-sjrett^etsd.'of-icestata:
sense. He has pluck.- He !s a fighter.;
He «* keiHo Santiago ta<do a cer- \u25a0
tain thing, aid. ..despite the most un
favorable conditions, he did It. 1 He woa
the b«ttl^?"Of SI .Caney ana Saa r Juan,
and Tdv *o doing drove Cervera"s sciuad
ron ©lit cf tlse fcirbor to meet- de«trt:c- .
tloa. He \u25a0-srastraccessfol because he,
Jsad a"cJ*s*T."coiaprehe*ssJon'.of the prin
ciple* off -irar; : because he- had made:
a study cf 'previous campaigns, in the
XC<trt Ir-die*: 1 bec*tcs« fee-was nrm.'xm-".
tlriTs? arid "<!e^lded;"b»e»'is-"he had a"b3«
«tsff officers t*> assiyt him: -becaTt?* !he
had a well dlsrfpl*ned : •ndMborbughJr.
trained' arar'to "do -his and
tHsca"C»«. he - vczstopptrgr^^to an- adr»r.
nu-y~Trfco.-wiih tb» exception off brav
ery. powes»ed cone of -*he ea.ring equal
ities cf a soldier.* He made mistakes
oJcwrJt.: -Everybody, makes mistakes.
Soldiers are no more : Infallible than
other, people." " , -' ':. " / . '
-;. Colonel 'Sargenfe style .is «o fasci
nating that one is- tempted to -Quote
more than r space • allows ; r^Tout what . he
hasto »ay of the battle -ot/Saa- Juan
hill and El Casey can scarcely be left
r oct: ' . [ : " ''*\u25a0"'*'.. ': -; -"t". -.
-Linares concentrated ; ca these two
battlezeld* barely 15 per cent- cf -the
IS.6S& soldiers and- sailors: which were
at and. la the "vicinity 'off Santiago: aad.
less than « percent of the ; ».2lS troop« :
\u25a0which were""nsder Tdls : immediate 'corai J
masd in the-'district.' la other worfi*.he
fosgst th« ; batt3e» off : July "5 with less
than »- per ceat^of -the SStSSS' 1 Spanish
soldiers la Santiago . proviacev and ; wits*
less thaa-1-^per. cent *ef*-t*ae.-IS6.sr«
Spanish soldiers -on ithe; island, yThes*
Hgzm • tell \u25a0\u25a0 the '- tale 'off '\u25a0 the ;" Americas"
victories;. aad'the ; marvel of -it Is : that
'though Lanares'foccapied \u25a0 strongly-.la
; trenched •. pcsltlens.'- which : . increased
eaormouslF the .fightiag'potrer. off "Ms
troops," fes *ffaCed <to • bring .' sxiCclfst
ffercea on « tie" battleCelds 1 toehold -. the
enemy . in jcheclf- It may be : $2.1 d with -
out * exaggeration^ that- oae. soldier be-r
*alsd the intfeachfljeats-off SI Caney-or
-San 'Jsas-.Toiil waalecual to;t*se Cghtlnc
•>ower of » six* or* eight soldiers advanc
ic gto "attack him. » Tet with this ,eaor r
rnous advantage .LSsares allowed -his
tfocps at'El' Casey to/ be. outnumbered
- 12 .to *v and.the- trosps" off^ his' first .llae
©h Ean ) Jean f hill^to : b« > outnumbeced
, 16 " to -Jl. , There * was , nothing whatever
la -the way t off clrccmstsn&es thatJoocld
even partlally^lustifr * such; a - lack ; !of
' f oresl ght * end t cna eraUhlp.**." \u25a0- ' "* "' : ' :.\u25a0
' So rsaasy- figures raadJdeUfls' raar^* •
tlrlnfj.to sismr readers, bat;that^rtale
1 me-t "cf positle-a^ a»a * HTi=i*>eT« . fives
: tie best '* p.e*nr*l«f :ttol*axay- t-t "the
:tlae -of . those battles '. that..has : ; yet t ap—
peared.-. •\u25a0',.\u25a0 ' '•\u25a0' "- \u25a0 : : " '-''-*:»-,-: -.V'----' -;'" 1 * -V-*!.: ?
The story of : the destructloa of lC*r- a
vera** \sqnadron |is | partly ; . told V ln^. th ft '
tilegrrams and other omcial "correspond- .
ence oZ Admiral Cervera,: Captain XSera-"
eral -Blanco and the Spanish J mhilstar.,
of marine and ; minister . of ' : war.'V; H«r«j
are two of the" telegrams printed: B **£
• ;**The- .ccmraandant*" general %of % =^T/t :
yard (Maaterola> itojthe adsalralf CCer-;
vera>: Tt<* mSalster tells<me T to order
. atnmunlt ion ' by number, ' Jelass; and ' eal^l
lb*r., ladi-j*»7o3>o thatlyoa'saay;!*^
, : sas> knew \u25a0\u25a0 -srisat r ca' jfe^ulre.**.' ' - *_" '" ; \7
-To.thls'comet the despalrlar airrre*
v froas^Cerrer*: - \u25a0-\u25a0•\u25a0-'. ;^-r^. ",# %-2fj~'\2^-~~,.% -2fj~'\2^-~~,.
fThe"- squadron b»lc«*>Talockaaea : acd
the clty_ ' invested. ~ It- Is ~ too V' late i. to
order asiaiunltlcn. fort *«rhSch vl^hare
s ent . many; reques ts ; to 4 Spain: c s^ It ; can
not arrive r in '; time, \ stec*-t3«^^uestlea
I must . b* ; solved - within - the'-isext yf w
- \u25a0 days. r-Elx-sevenths ' of i the" £.5 \ Inch" am
munition - is ' us.ele«s.-Ithe r feses \u25a0 are? not
reliable and we have ao'torpedoea.";^^:?
Lite" most ' mill taryitaan;- Colonel ; Sar
gent believes : that : f OTj s^nasloaito? live
lap*ace it.has'.to*be -prepared- roT,wsx.
The book contains ; several good maps
ana \u25ba although- the - author^was -assisted
by -the war and : stated departmenta-ia
"obtaining valuable ;""daiav' from: ;, the
- Sjiksisb* "gtJvernßae-it'as to esndltions at
." Santiago- durlEg :\u25a0 the •; campaign. \*ia ano
. sense *Is t the history aa ".ofacial j uttex- t
- ace« «f ,the United -\u25a0 States, > -The '; author
idesigaates : It* as'a^aply.; an : honest T «x-
: of his p«raonal;Tlnra;ane,;Of
.'.2clal "orCotherwls«,^they ,ar«"mo*t';la-
' \u25a0'".:\u25a0 J'^-.-^X. "^"i' i: '-.':.^')
i "Grel : ; tfee • SJoiT; d^a Pagaa^
' ? ; 5 T ' Be*tric* MtxtJe.' ~ ;; r P£l*iii*4 ' ty ' tii* '- Cea
1- .\Jj «BBs*sy. \SeW "Tße*.v ? .Prtet;«*uSC.-:V; s
' * *Thi»' .book's •dvassce cite ceJlsllt-fe
l • freshingly- out" off;; theT orSlnarr,*"-
- "and: the ; wary /reader.* bearing J In
" " mind'- the* .."countless ? number^of *dis£p
:~" joiaiments j following'!. ln'; the^wike ;of
- nbch " t Satteriag*' y rboo£ts,T-.'::- approach^
["Gret'wafnyT v* \u25a0-:'"- : ' :^ ; '.'f
•6 "It needs ; but a chapter, to decide one
i^torreadythl* book- without akippiag.
I Gret " Is i new ' to* 2ctloa. v *"W"«| nave ! : had
1 * the* Innocent f and? Ignorant : coT>nti-y "girl;
r^but this srirl'of the humble caanp off the
- f west Is almost. nv*&; Her. 1 aettlag Is dll
t - vl vifl *\u25a0 ana • real J Chatf on> -i tetla c almost
; like havir g 'lost'V t rlecd .trfcen' the book
tU "-"- ; £". v ' r -•'"' !° V" "" V;V - -
:\u25a0'\u25a0 *. TJrt« r eeea» : «? ! - <i* I srtory' ls 'mainly; at
1 ?*-sa»r!*? *-sa»r!*f »^^Camrr J* Utrsnb'er ": cats:? fef
» *thil: ncrtSi****:. -v cwae4 r ; :: by, - 1 ; GreTs
;'fath'ex.";3,- Th« : -.:-, author .-.; mvs t : ;" know * aad '
Uov«7every. lnch'ofr the i country 'she. is '
; dCTscribiag, i for :' seldoiat- dots' \u25a0 oae'tj Cad
Ucch'.- splendid- de»crlj>tio*as-." which' cae
I Peels -instlnctlvelX;aTe \ failhfal ; to', na-
The - characters^ are" all;as care :
if ully. drawp, too, and eTery one -of theia
felsiinecessary,' to tbe _development : eff ;the
>lilot.';:The tale |g the lire story cfGret.
:.*d«€ghter o f : th e » lumber.; raa gnste.- Wal
• ter^SHwar. He ha s grown -aw« y ' from"
£bS«A wife . ind^ 'children -and •>p*ads; most
fbf : - his I time '• lal Portland, to.
'transact' ; larnbe*-..--f buri^ess.'.^.bot? really
- beceuxe-h* is'nbt happy- with;h«s wife."
jlEbe.'ils'J.j-a.^ refined* »j«ntlewenian,'4 but
1 his neglect stej has grown .very,
T'Mlf -centered "and"- has. lost -Interest even
I la^her^chndrea/ieoaseQuently : Gr*t -1*
i permitted :' to'isrrow^np^llke'ra; wild'
' flower^ In r the "; inldst f of a lumber caxsp.
iGret lores the campand all nature with
- the~pas^onate Jove/of .a'.paganrand «he
\u25a0'leads^'a siavle.-l'-whblesome ;llfe. \u25a0\u25a0""".•The
* jaen in* her : father's feasap ;'• worship', the"
I'gTOuad : she ; walks -i'oiCi' without ' seati
i* mentf but they^would; ,oae! and all,* iisk
1 their -live* fcr.h«-.^.The story.ls not all
I one "of culet." aneventful camp llfe;lt is
I ailed- with 'dranatiCf Incidents- and 3 , yet
none of them! strain ; the credalltlea. '.lt
\u25a0>!»" is fine i*fomance,"' l coav3ri<dag and'.la
!-itereEtlagJT:':" .-,'.«- -1-. -.•.-'\u25a0 :'*"".; »-T> \u25a0
\u25a0 "A6bie 7 AM"\-':I '
' '\u25a0*-' By G~r?z* Sl»3flra MartJau- *athor «f "Eicßry
\u25a0 '-'VJ- --two." eic.-PBbli»i>»^ : t?' : -ti» ; CMSti3y i>cesa
.';;.>^;-ptsj-I :*Sew . T«r3L.>-^Frf«' ; **^9- -' -\u0084: ,. . - .- ; : ••
- « : h : • Everribpd y.-Joved ' .. Enm-,, Ixsu.
'3lUtie^Eiamy;-l<o«.'f.e* J .'3 .AbbielrAna is
f ' another' very" real.* very . human^ and de^
\u25a0'llciously * lovable little^ girl l^rixo has
r "icome • to stay.^Abble-' A*an-r-rO«cied' slJ ter ;
V ; her,': two ; stately,: old * asata--?aaa ,, ea«er .
- - eyeT iusd red.^ red ;curls: and- la »plt» ' of
\u25a0f her 'untrained' 1 love "of > finery - and' ftaah-'
'A tag temi>er;ex<^yb»ay love* b«r aad'ahe
i.i lov^s ;evefyW>dyr--ae*rly«*^rS t r: .; s^" ;'- ;
' - Tee story of Abble Aaa'«.TiTsmotheT»d
r '"llf c" s la -rCoai; CltT^ her/ going -.'••iray ;-!to
lj school: v her'- experiences' there, andf the
• r .fcecne«omin*TS0 t Coal''CSty.i» doneiwith"
V'- the \ s«m» ; tejader. ~~ ayaipathetlol~ touch
* \u25a0•which'- made * the -JEmar; L«u**.t stories
s''5 '' co irreslsUble; rf and' grownupe ' as Tfell
»> a»* youngsters;, win * xaake" friends " with
II Abbie ? Ann.7 j;^^ fTly' '-'.1--' ' "\u25a0* ; r *
[flliß Ot»iian"K --
- ?"etcl - PifljEstud Ter • »c»*a**4«y. ; P«g» * CSx,
; ; '''•;:* \u25a0- KtWiTert.'.* Prto". » cexta, -?, y-;r;:\-. ;..v '. i ''.
t ; -" It *"li 'tepoM»I«; --to ; eoac«lT* , o* ; trro
* \u25a0'; TclTOine*^. *aoT« '?. cri«sSlt«"; to. \. »tr!» i msA
'\u25a0'-.' '\u25a0 ' \ .•...--\u25a0-. . .- \u25a0'»" - \u25a0 - \u25a0- . • \u25a0'*\u25a0' \u25a0
\u25a0- - \u25a0•\u25a0\u25a0.\u25a0 - -^-- -'•- - • \u25a0 \u25a0 \u25a0 ' \u25a0• •' \u25a0
s.a.tore - thin Sir.'-. Upton ; Sinclair** l.faro
book*. I The ; Jungle" and ,Tfce ~,OTer- |
: 'i2an."* VM Ti:e Jcrgle*. Is one oltbe rcost
Tlrld - picture* "«J - materialisEa -»»a - its
*\u25a0«•* nl ; effects, -"The OverzaaaT- a. : spirit- !
•u&l tantMrr. \u25a0 & .mcst^calQneifrapneat;
cf literature, unlike anythia^ "els* : of
il:e present day, and- unllk« any other
•vn-k -of \u25a0\u25a0 the ' sans aßtkor.'- v - \
Th« Uttle book Is the talt
yStl an Espllsh j ra-asiclaa, i- -who
li* I -w-recked \u25a0upcn % a-t- desert
island and : lire* j for 29 years
kloae.'-':" Ko strange ta2e.of.ad-:'
ventnrea or, Robinson? Cnisoe
expertences; ''Is'/.-- Riven,'; b^:t
: c.'. tale~"ofii;»plritnal develop
| t=ent. v B«'-re=axkail» ' that •; a-t'
' ; firit':One "Is '.laclin&a 5 to s.^r«e with the :.
IsdentiSc -\u25a0'\u25a0 brother,^ who"' finds c.the V lost "
; one" af ter > a long ; search, -that ; the ; poor -
".man's > mind sis ; unhinged* from.^ neglect
'. \u25a0- "\u25a0.' ; '.'.' ' 'f.- ' '\u25a0\u25a0\u25a0 ''\u25a0' \u25a0'-*•.
•\u25a0-;.-The m-usJc'an^: had. I ', in the busy world.-.
\u25a0\u25a0 ajways;b*en a dreamer," and "was totally -
-; Incapable ; of ; d oin g .";l the -. aiany ;. '_ little..
- things '' for .himself : that; a tnaa3 with -
' *oine mechanical' ab-illty ' and \u25a0 materlal T
\u25a0 isticu* teadet^cies*.^ 'co-aid Shave," accoa-:
\u25a0 / plished ••' . when > left - alone 7: oa^ fcJ. desert \u25a0
;' island. '.\u25a0"-: y,y : - \u25a0 \u25a0.. . -\u25a0- -.';"- ......'-.:•\u25a0.-..'-\u25a0
s :, He managed -to pick up enough Z&&1
'to - sustain t ilf c.V and - by .s dreamlagf of .
•i.fci? inuslc "and. '\u25a0 later, ..ccncentratloaiOf
"i his s oiiad on«.the iln visible i farces \ of ; a"
\u25a0 spiritual /weriai : *ae> became J cognixant
of theni.whlle yetin human form. 5 "
*t: When' the : great laia lof . ands
'\u25a0 -, M3I brother,-' he; ';of - : courser 1 thinks ; the '
latter" wQI; be overjoyed;, to taken
-\u25a0'. back \u25a0\u25a0to'; the ; ; trorld; ; ? bu it oa ? the ;.' coa^
:- trary.'the lonely- island Is^just the place^
i for « his meditations : io be : \u25a0on-disturbed.*
: he y has'; forgotten "the : . world , and^
" does* trot : , Trtsh"; to -be . • reminded ; of '~ it
•';\u25a0:" -\u25a0'--r'^" >;-*'.> r "-^ - 1 . '\u25a0\u25a0 - -\u25a0'-;_.-•
"t *\u25a0.- j-The icoaversatiDn' between the. splrit
*" xial brother^ and the materiallsUc o:e
*l* - most- : Interesting:::- -The Xapiri tual
' brother : finds * it P almost * Impossible i to
•-' nick t wcrds l which i can i convey * to- his
•• inatertal brother lthe beauty ;of his life
1 while in* his ] stated of f exaltation, r "
1 He has"* »ort \ of . Byapathetle : later
\u25a0 course i, with' % some ibeiags . which ~hs
/- cajmotafiniit "are) human.: ;: .^, L>'." - M
' \u25a0\u25a0 "They •\u25a0 have"^ paasedf entirely- beyosd.
•L acythinf;' Iwhlch- thott -words .. can' rj«xa
>- I© itaVi »•'*««*«•" •'\u25a0;- \u25a0"•'—- .-:\u25a0 "\u25a0 "" ISeJS^KJ
: '?:< &xt- th«/ p»er,'»dt«stlfie - fcTcther,
\u25a0 : ing: spent.. all: hi s .life l digging up-. fact*, t
does-so iran£ so^"eifact- to. start with t
that., en : every* : subject "he"; .becomes i
dazed," saying:n g: "And their, names T" But i
? they..-ha%-e Jao \ same. : and - there it ;ao
help Jhixa. . ]
>\u25a0 Overman"* mows ": throcghsut :
the touch "of the artist. It Is oa«* of i
1 the"- o<wt -'delicate' portrayals ' of - taaa. i
huajaniand halfjdivlne, to.be fpaad i
: literature.-- :• " ,-^;, \\
- "Tfee ßedtime Boer
' PcacJi izA Jo4r- E«efc."" ets. PctJ»i^ t?
-' DtSfteld \u25a0\u25a0* Gu Xf» Teci. Prfc« fi-*9. v
Another \ book by Helen : HayJPThlt
ney.- with ': pictures by. Jessie \TOlcox
"-- Smith/- reminds r one"- that the - holiday .
sa&sorfis at -hand. " These 4ittle rhymes
, are"' as Tpleasing for : the ; children as . the
•things^ this -anther, has given ,us» la. the
• pasUV a^d "the - illustrations \u25a0' are : most
artistic \u25a0\u25a0*\u25a0 They ; are - reproduced •la .sev
| eral oojors. "AH-the" little poems la the
book are- oa the'various subjects oM2
'terwtUothe - small, person— rSleep."
-^%.-anties/^rtHcles.~. -Scales.". ln.whlch
?we are .treated, to" tie youagster'i epla
- lon - of,' 1 piano ; practice. >- *7»oah's ; , Ark."
: -etc-- There ; ar*T always - a^aay - hemes
r waiting f iir-booKi lik« this, and printed
- and as" they, are \u2666 nowadays
. th'ey^have a.real;edu££.tlcnal'".valae.
Hoase oftliß Yampfre" i..
- By " G««rpe^» Sylrwt-r * 7 -Vier*ci.:- K=tit» *c*
f> "••VlseTrtj tad rOt3»er--"r Ot3»er--" roeias." * rtc PbS»
" \u25a0 iiAri *y - McSat," " Xzri J tt C=l. " S*w; T«=k.
: PrinJLSL /_ v.'' v'i-C
". : George. Sylvester ."yierecjc ls;aof con
tent ; with*" the' laxrrals^ b« is -'wlanlnff j
asr a % poet. \u25a0 but s raast •' needs - tarn |to i
fiction. I His* plays, wera. really, short
stories', given". a.' drasatic settiaß. Bnt
th*-ss:iall'- measure- of Upraise" accorded
Iheia should- have warned^ the aathor
to v stick to -verse, which: Is plainly, his
forte. - i ... ';-i . - ,
"This -little tale has a psychological
background and H lake* a- asore skill-"
ful*hand.thaa ilr.-yiereck's to .-handle
nls • theme - soF that the . atsdieace i do««
not see and hear the machinery". :
The vancplre'of this tale Is aa aathor
who -gathers 'aboat him,' oae after an
other.- the yonng genlases of the day
and- draws * from -them, all » their, ideas
and Inspirations and "cses;it as_hls own.
The . victim* of } this asental- vampire* Is
sqaeexedTdry as th«:victini-cf stha
fabled physical' vampire ; is , prostrated,
and is incapable cf . any other . work.
Th« plot i« r grood, not - absolutely or
iginal, bnt* this 'a-ath"orVeenis' incapable
of I properly - developing psycholog
ical ralaes. 1 S«ae places la the. book.
especially^ la tbVcliinax; are the cheap
est klna- ; of- claptrap "melodrama aad
ose is mceh disappointed that so clever
a.* theme •- should* lose T »« srtrcli. la. the
handling. .-.,..,.,*,. \u25a0-."./" » . - ;
"Hie Blkißg MacMse*'
- Bt ;»r;rM ratret!*.-; Tzba«i»a Tar Doii.
Me»a & Cot," Snr Tssk. r Price $li3u
'Jacques 'Futrelle.'" aalhor .*cf : "The
TMafctaß Machine.- Is t near rival to
Conaa - 3>orle aa ; a. writer . of - fletectlre
•torlesl 7 H»- "ha* ! -wrha-t : I>ot!« lacka.
-. t«nbr, a.«lir!tise» bis Cescrrptlfla of tit :
principal "tmaracter la sthr "ccUectioa
r of »* short*. stories that -make^-Tip-th*
'volume: ''...-. - . ."\u25a0" T .-.-"? ... .-••\u25a0 .1
:rpractleally all" the. letters. ressalalac,
: in the" alphabet after;August«-S.:r,X.
' VaV-Dusea was v named* were^if terward
acquired ;by Ji that geatlemaa Ila , the
course of .-.a . brilliant 'scltartlnc - career,
and * b*ing .honorably^Vetuirfd,, wera
r' tacked' b'n u th*e"" other :endJ<r**i* : t%>*l-- 'At '
; 1 east \SS years •cf .the" TdaJf ceatury -or
?o ;of liis I existence - had Sb^ea \u25a0devoted
- exclusively, -ta'ipraviag^.tfeat two "and
,~fro ~ always - ec^ial four.** except ' In *aa- \u25a0
: Tisual I cases," where they v equil three \u0084
- •' -; ". .
„ ; Sherlock : Hotoes , depended : upon •: the
scrutiny "of rbutwardj^ and visible" signs -
; tn ; solving ltheicrime- problems brought
to' him. : ''\u25a0\u25a0 Va n' Dusea >mploy» logic ) and .;
dednctl oa" almost" •' entirely. •:- : -H« 2 thinks
rhis^way vO^t^of : diacultle*.v. This -Is "
/"deajonstraied t la i the : first "\u25a0 *tory.x**The ' :\: \
1 TProbleni'Qf-'Cell IS.**.! *During;a discus-,'
-'sioh-'-with" frle33ds-'a.s..to~.t3ie potency .'off \u25a0"
. mental I concentration; :Vaai-r>Ußec- as- .
•^serts"tt»3*t T .ifi"ixnt r Jn a. cell' such as con-
*df barf .-"murderers :_lare V. c«nfia.ed I in. _
\u25a0 \u25a0 with !t'ta"e^ usual " number \u25a0of «af eguards
-slgaiiist escape* to combat.* he canttalnk*
. 1 himself '">ut i in ". a", .week's , time. .' He * is^
: ; put : In a cell,, dressed In ordinary attire
r except for.acoat'aad "vest aad : provided r .
'-\u25a0 irtth a." five -and-* t^a'donariblU.- some ;
\u25a0r. tooth * powfier.-^aad i.wiai*- his :i ahoea *
1 \ freshly, polished." « He*r his .: ns ' tools ,*r,
; .'weapons \u25a0of ?&ny £ 'kiadr-^ That ceil ,;1s : or;
: "ebacfete.'i'B.^itxard 5 - paces -'the 1 , corridor.
.VasfJ thftre 1 !* aaetherln'thft'Taro, whlca-..
a til as : lspassa&e i*«-all [ a-ocad! !L\^T«t . .
~ oa the 1 trealir - rrenHefl, * Via »*ji*=.
caralr^ f rom th«? str*»t.. steps lats Ct«
oQce o? the" warden, whorls posltlx*
that he has si-ea him in his cell bat a
f ewv minutes before- ' ;
; Thsr other stories deal with Vaa
r»sea*s.' success in unravellag' srtm»
mrsteries. Some" of them ax* » Ctt34
strained • ana far~ fetched, bst saTtr
thelesa there -Is la every oae cf thea
aa engrossing mystery apparently las
possible 76f" solution. . .
The" stories are well -written.' bright.
sprightly a»T >1 ear cut. » "It ls-e-rtleat
that FutreUe speads much • One «a his
work. for. his output Is small. , A little
more than a year ago he attracted at
tention with. The"" Chase of the GoLSta
Plate^.. a: story, of .love, 33ystery. re
rr.ar.cß and adrentnre. x ~The Thlalclag
Machine** is his second volrase.
"Slgii liTing— Kecipes Frca Scorn
era dimes"
. Ce=?3rf Sir Mrs. Ifsrssta . MeLtrea. .P^v
! Itabed by Pa«l Elder A Co.. £«a Fr«3e!»ea
f»aa Krw Teri. Prfc« 75 cents.
' "High- LJvinir." that excellent ' ccm
pHatloa l>y Sirs.; Kcrmaa ilcLartaAof
redpes from soaih-ra.cltaes. has Ja»t
csiae.ont in aa Improved dress far Its
second edition, the £rst. havlag »old
well and fal22led its mission of help
lag, the settlement work that for sev
eral years had been carried ea so rae
cessfnHy ca -Telegraph MIL The
reasoas for ths first" edltloa ha.T» aot
entirely disappeared, bet other neeis
: and -wider eysapathies have growa. out
of the reoear disaster, aad so the pro
ceefis of futare saleVwlU be distrfirated
throrgh the ageocy of. th« "Winiaif cir
cle of KiagTs Da'cshters. A scaiew^at
* more dependable bladlng 1 has b*ea used
: for the secoad edition and some color
awl additional designs have add?d to
\u25a0 the \u25a0 attrxctlveaess of 'the book.
Gasp if Book arf Pe»ffe ik tet tea
. "The FroshcJe". is li* *nxgv9Hy
uoa of th« \u25a0 coTzs.trr yfila. la Es«r
brlds*. K*at. wiser* E. V. Lacas 1» at
preseat xrcrklas -oa his " f ortacoalss
aattoloyy of chlldrea'a rerse.
• - • .c
\u25a0 - Jtzae* Mors«-3.' author of a f-orthgßaa
lay.llf* of Roo»erelt. has Ja»t ret=rae<s
frcai racatloa^ia Geraaar. aad Is
aow living ta'Bostca.
* . • • - - •
: "Jeaa- leather Leas 1* besy ca a ae-ar
novel for tie Macialllaa co=3paaT-'' r al ! »
eagased, la llterarr \u25a0crork ilr. L«2X.
who is a lawyer by * prof esslca. gea
eraUy r»tl*es to oae" of ta« rsbarbs
-of FJjHafielpria, -srhere ke I» ' extresatly
hard to fiat!.
LSllaa rviiitia? has retcrarfl trczo, aa
\u2666xteiH!»d'trlp"to Italy. wh«r9'«h» Ob T
tai=ed fresh Tnateri=l for her fartaeon:
ins: book, -Italy. th» Ma^lc X-aad.",ta*
which she itei ts pres«at allvlar
paaoraaia of the csiaparatlTely nsisn
past of Rocs. - k \u25a0 \u25a0
• • •
-Heary C. Eselley has la yreyrattsa
•.-tt>lza3« <atltle<r "The Lif • «s4 Ttaes
cf Joha Harvard."
* • ' ' • \u25a0 •
. .Booth Tar tin sien 1» .saw ta Kew
Toxic, barlay " rexafued froxa , aa. aata
raoblle trip- thro-cgh Strops. H» : haa
wrlttea » play \u25a0 fca eollai'Oratloa with
Harry i*oa .xnisoa.- anthar cf -Ti»
S«eker«^ which. xrHl be profirced this
-: Professor Gebr?? Herbert Clarke haj
for several years pa-st made his host*
la Maeea...Ga,. where he has gathered
together material which I* n«w pub
lished la the form of a booklet under
the tltl* ""Soin^ Early? "Letters sr.d
Reminiscences of Sidney TLaaier."
Bogas Received
"TV CoGßirrKre**'." Jay ArsbrM* mtt; B. T.
Tessa Si Co- Xrsr Tort.
"•lfera^y.** fcy~ Junes TT£l:?e=J> E2«j: tb»
£:**»- SJerri3 - mowuT, la<il»B«?oJl»
"Lot* of Life." kx Jaci Lewlas; ti» !£»?
•*"»• Trai* »f .w*:i»23»«*.~ fcy.Mtisas Ccgea
E*trU: I». App>too & <>.. Sfw Teci.
- ~H!» " Owi - Pwj*."" Vy t Boxi- Tsrktartaa;
Decblrf*T, rrps *. C^, Xfr Terfc.
•"E»U*iaa a»4 Hir.rrr Faiths.** fcj Ot» Pfirf
««rr: B. TV. Hsrbura,- Xtw Tcrk. *
- *Tl«3rat» «>? Ei3e<*sr.~" . l<? G«KT* U"ll2aa
Esrter; A-aerJeia «nsrr* ar. **""» Tortc
**TSe "Way «f • Man," irr Ess-rues FlocrrS: t*s»
©rtiss joteUsiits f<a?i3T. Nt York.. -
•Mraadltii'r's Tt>s i-* r.a3jc!al Day*.** CT
J*t*tj* H. -S-w^et; Ucl^icjilia 2rsiier». Kew
\u25a0 "GraateetiwT''* . Tr>« .ft rMacia". IHr*.** fey
Fraik H. S*rr«t; Jicl^rj^na Ercti-r*. JCcr
**Stsri*» of tbe EJw ar.*l tl* €*^y»"* fe7 Franx
. H. S*c««t: Mc-LoosiilS" Itartlwr*. St» Twt.
-Toe Bop* ta tfee I-aad •* Cettca.** fey Z. T.
•To&2-s«es: Locfcrvr.-Lee.'* SfceptrS ca=!?a=j.
- Lotirs-J.- *>• & SSr?*rl ; «=?aay, Coras.
**X£» Bar« tf Pieces Casr-.*" > V Marti*
;•=»«; l^thr;?. *>• A Whuff* m*7*z?, BiwSbb.
- ,-EBta ErsViaV* Sea.**.*? **?«3i7"; T.fffamß»
I^« *.Sl^»r^ coess«sr. B9rttcs -^_ „ _
»"Soes» of it* Arrrir* Xsa.*r. fey Smj WmUrr
Tern: Isßthia*, X*» fc Sk»?trt ese=p*ar. Bastoe.
"Defeofilas Hi« FUr.*" *T EH»«=tl Btrate
tstyer; Lctlir«»?. L»* * Sbe?«r« easspaar. Bestoa.
-~B*r» Llr« ef tic Aitm r»9l«*.** 3 'OtS-, fey
'Jowpb P. .tnaaer; r«u 4c l?«a»Es esajtsj.
•JCeTr Ycrlc \u25a0•..-.'- T -\:"1 \ 1— _
.rstarn •£ t>» ©p«a.r .Ijj -M*>ri WagsaCs;
riak & \u25a0w»SBaE» «*«»p«K7. Sew Tart.: .
-Lori Ca»3BfTip!s!l»"i St-errt.** lay B«r7 E«c«J
tr«TT *\u25a0*"**. Bro»-» i Co.. *s«»Sea. , .
"**P»trittr» aad" SccJ?tKv~ t»r E«er9a Car;
DatSeld A Q> r ***\u25a0*» * T «rk- ' • '"
rGrxadswtfcer.** iy L*« E. gfc-S«rfli; D»s*
&:« £ Oa_ Do«=ib. ; " - '
= •Tie Lrre* ef Pd*e»« «ad.Ett*rft 1 ~-i!T Z«ea
Gal*: Ute MxinT^f cp=a>«-^r. >"r» Tcrfc.
?5? 5 -O«U»s»4.** **.* 3iay E.-So«iTc«eti; ti» Goc
\u25a0- X*7f»fft, 3CSTXA. ',--«; . - - 1 -- \u25a0\u25a0
*-Ti» B*tr»aal *f Eljjfiit^ate.**' by H«l« -ft.
' JUitJa:. tt« C*st«y : ceeapwy.-. Xew Teri.
- - v Ts»e*n Ci3®»w!.** t7 U»i Cfexlsxt; ti«
Cttisry CMSJ>»S7. S*» Tort. * -__,
—&S: Ci» Cestcry c«e=s*-ir, S»w Ysrfc.
' * *rri» ISes's :t£a».*f Tay JOctxr» Tstasti ft»
Ss*£»»-*«tc=2l eocjsaj. ; TctffirrayTTi.

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